Street of Chance (1942) - full transcript

A nerd discovers he's wanted for murder, after escaping death from wreckage plummeting from a skyscraper. Passerby Frank Thompson wakes up in the street, believing it's his lucky day, then rushes home to be told that he left his wife a year ago, with no explanation. Raven-haired Virginia is thrilled to have her sexy geek back in one piece. But as fearsome Danny Nearing, the amnesiac's the target of a city-wide manhunt. Thompson's forced onto a black path of fear, delving for the truth about his lost year, and his sudden amnesia which almost caused his bride to wear black. For the past year, as Nearing, he's carried on a torrid affair with a phantom lady, sexy blonde Ruth Dillon, who has no intention of letting him go back to the wife he claims he has. Is he the brutal killer ? The meek Thompson can't believe that, but how can he counter overwhelming evidence, when he's a small man lost behind a black curtain ?

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Hey, you!


No, just badly shaken up with
a little scratch.

He'll be all right.

Lucky that big piece there
didn't sock you.

All right, it's all over.
Break it up, folks.

How about standing up?

Come on, get going.

I'm all right. Thanks.

Like to come with us for a checkup?

No, I better get home to my wife.

She worries if I'm late.
-Name and address.

My name is Frank Thompson,

169 North Rutherford.

Stick around. We'll have to pick up
a few names of witnesses.

Remember now, if you don't feel so hot,

drop in at the hospital
and have yourself looked at.

I will. Thanks.

Hey, mister.

Don't forget your hat.

Oh, thanks.

This isn't mine.

Sure it is. I seen it on you
when you fell down.


Don't you know your own hat, mister?

OK now?

Wait a minute.
There's something wrong here, officer.

This hat and cigarette case
don't belong to me.

He had it on when he fell down.
I seen it.

And he took that out of his pocket.

Beat it.


What part of town is this?

22nd and Tillary.

What am I doing here?
-Don't you know?

I've never been here before in my life.

There's no reason why I should be here.

I can't even remember how I got here.

Sure you don't want to go someplace
and lay down for a little while?


I'm going to get away from here.

How can I get home?

How can I get to N. Rutherford St.?

That's way uptown.

The 'L' is three blocks over.

The East Side subway is
down the street there.

Or you can get the Greenline bus.






What do you want? Who are you?

Why, Mr. Thompson, what are you doing
around here?

Thinking of taking your old flat back?

It's vacant again.

The last tenant moved out
only a week ago.

What are you talking about?

What's happened?

I'm sure I couldn't say what's happened.

Your wife didn't take me into her
confidence when she moved away.


It was only this morning that I said
goodbye to her at that very door.

Are you sure you're feeling quite well,
Mr. Thompson?

Where has she gone?

Tell me where I can find her.

-Tell me.

She's living around at Anderson St.

Second building from the corner.

Apartment 4A.



What is this?

What's it all about?

What happened?

This apartment.

Your name over the doorbell.

Your maiden name.

What did you do it for?

Why did you move?

What reason?

What possible reason could you have had
to do such a thing without telling me?


Virginia, stop it.

Frank, I...

I went home. You weren't there. I...

Mrs. Webb told me that...

Tell me, tell me.
There must be some explanation.

It doesn't make sense.
It's like a bad dream.

You've come back, Frank.
I knew you would.

Why shouldn't I come back?

Come back?

From where?

Why do you say that?

When I left for the office
this morning...

Did I say or do anything that made you
think I wasn't coming back?

This morning?


You kissed me goodbye,

you called out after me,

Are you sure you've got your muffler?
It's cold out.

What are you saying? This morning?

I moved here over a year ago.

The weather alone
ought to tell you that.

It's warm out.

You're not wearing your muffler.

Or even your coat now.

You left me in the winter.

And now, it's spring.

We've both read of cases like this.


On your way to the office
that last morning,

something must have happened to you.

Some accident, some blow.

Just like what happened tonight.

You just didn't know
who you were anymore.

Forgot where you were going.

Forgot to come home to me.

What must you have thought?

What you must have gone through.

Darling, you're back and
that's all that counts.

But you...

How did you mange to get along?

I got a job.


Modelling, typing in an
advertising agency.

I did very well too.

Of course, I haven't been working lately

but there's enough in the bank
to keep us going

until you get started again.

Did they ever call up from the office?


I told them you had a nervous breakdown.

I was too proud to let anybody know

I didn't know where you were.

That you'd left me without a word.

Oh, poor Virginia.

I wonder

if there's a chance they'd take me back.

I don't see why not.

You were the head of your department.

Mr. Clark was always
terribly fond of you.

I don't know. I don't know
which way to turn.

What to do or what to think.

I can't think.

I can't remember.

You will.

But don't worry about it tonight.

Just rest.

Hold on to the things you're sure of.

You're home.

And you're safe.

And I'm with you.

Take the elevator three going up.

I must say, Frank Thompson,

you don't look much like
you've had a nervous breakdown.

I'm all right now or I wouldn't be here.

Yes, sir?

Mr. Clark says for you to go right in.


Well, well, the return of the prodigal.

Come on in, Frank.

You better familiarize yourself with
all these new accounts first, Frank.

Then we can pick it up from there
and you're all set.

All right. Thanks, Mr. Clark.

If there's anything else you want
to know, just give me a buzz.

Extra, read all about it.

Get your paper. Extra, extra.

Get going will you? Get in the car.

Don't stop! Don't stop!

Sorry, mister, red light.

You didn't have any trouble getting
organized at the office today, did you?


I said, you didn't have any trouble
remembering today.

I mean people and things.

The way they were before you went away.

Did you?
-Not a bit.

That's good.

I'm sure you'll be able to recall
what happened in that other time.

I hope you're right.

It's so lovely out.

How would you like to take
a little stroll somewhere?

Or maybe go to a picture, huh?


No, I...

I don't want to go anywhere tonight.

All right.




Just a moment, please.

It's your office.


Oh, yes, Miss Peabody.

I was working a little
late tonight, Mr. Thompson,

and a call came through for you.

Someone wanted your telephone number.

Who was it?

He didn't give any name.

No name at all?

No, he just said that he was
a very old friend of yours.

He saw you coming out of the building
tonight but lost you in the crowd.

So he came back
and made inquiries and...

You didn't give him my number, did you?

Well, yes, I did give him the number.

I hope you don't mind.

No, not at all.

Don't give it another thought.

Good night.

Frank, there is something
you're keeping from me.

No, darling.

It's only that I can't remember.

I can't remember.

I'll go around the back
and watch the fire escapes.

Virginia, wake up.

Now, don't be frightened.

We've got to get out of here now.

No light. They might see us.

There's no time to talk. There's not
even time to get dressed.

Just get in your shoes and hurry.

I'll get your coat.

Where's your handbag?

In the top drawer.

Frank, what is that?

No time now.

The fire escape.

You all right? Let's go.

It's locked.

Next building. Come on!

Frank, you've got to tell me.
What's this all about?

Keep going. We're not out of this yet.

Make a break for the corner.

Sorry, darling, but I'm all in.

Just hold on.

Get in.

I want you to go to your mother's and
stay there till you hear from me.

At least whatever happens,
I'll know you're safe.

And don't try to get in touch with me
in any way.

I don't know who they are
or why they're after me.

I only know that I've got to keep you
out of this.

Please, Frank, I'm not afraid.

Let me see it through with you.

No, when a man falls in quicksand,

he doesn't reach up and pull
those he loves down with him.

Goodbye for now.

I've got to find out what this is

before I dare come into your life again.

If you love me,
you'll do what I ask you.

I won't have a moment's rest
until I see you again.

Until I hear you say that
everything is all right.

Please God, that won't be long.

Where to, folks?

Around the park for two bucks.

The lady will tell you where
she wants to go.


Goodbye for a little.
-Goodbye, darling.

Here we are.

Tillary Street.

Somewhere down here is the answer.

Someplace there's somebody
that's got to recognize me.

Remember me.

Say hello.

Nobody I ever saw in my life.

Nobody that ever saw me
from the looks on their faces.


That's what I can use.


Say, could you give me any...

Oh, this again, huh?

Why? Is this the same place
I've brought it before?

I mean, all these pawn shops
look alike to me.

Three times you've been in here
with this now.

To me, this is the best known
cigarette case in the neighborhood.

Do you keep the ticket stubs or whatever

they're called after the article
has been once redeemed?

Sure. What address you gonna give me
this time?

What address did I give you last time?

A phony. A vacant lot.

Say, who did you think you was fooling?

I looked it up.


How much?

Four dollars.

And I'm losing money.


Yes, sir. You're next.

I haven't been in here lately.

You been here before?

Sure. Don't you recognize me?

We get a lot of people here.

Yes, sir, come right in.
Sit down. No waiting.

Come in, mister. No waiting.

What do you mean, no waiting?

All day long, walking up and down
this cockeyed street.

I'm dead.

Not a peep out of anybody.

I've got to get out of this.

I've got to find something that will
help me remember.

Maybe if I had a drink.

Maybe a cold beer.


The usual.

And what would that be?

You ought to know by now.

What do you want, mister?


Why didn't you say so
in the first place?


Danny, you crazy fool. What are you
doing out on the open street like this?

Well, I was...

Watching the fire.
-Have you lost your mind?

Come on inside before somebody sees you.

What are you trying to do,
throw yourself away?

Don't you know crowds
are the worst place for you?

Get in the apartment quick, hurry.

I'll look around and see
if anyone is tailing you.

Danny, where are you going?

Well, I...
-What the matter with you? Go on up.


Danny, better keep away
from that window.

What are you doing
in this part of town anyway?

Don't you realize
they've been watching me too?

I had to come back to find out things.

Haven't you been reading the papers?


Sure, but you must know more than I do.

All I know is that Joe Marucci
has sworn to get you.

Joe Marucci.
-Oh, Dan.

Dan, darling, you don't know
what it's been like these past few days.

Aren't you going to kiss me?

Why are you so worried about me?

Why am I so...oh, you...

Why do I love you like this?
You're no good and you never will be.

Dan, what are we going to do?

You gotta help me.
-I know.

I know. I've been racking my brain
trying to think how...

Give me a cigarette.

And let's just be happy
for a few minutes anyway.

We may never have another chance.

Wait. I want to make a wish.


Want to know what it was?

That they'll never get you.

That they'll let me keep you
like this to myself forever.

Forever is a long time.

How long has it been now?

I seem to have lost track
of time a little.

A week.

Just one little week.

All our plans, all our dreams

gone simply because...


Oh, let's not talk about it.

But I want to talk about it.

I want you to go over
everything with me.

So it'll all be clear.

So I'll know where I stand
and what to do next.

What a strange thing for you to say.

What is there to go over?

There's a lot of things to go over.

I think what we both need is a drink.

I'm in to that.
-Help me up.

Have you had your dinner?

Well, I haven't. Let me see
what's in the kitchen.


There isn't a thing to eat in here
or to drink either.

You know how it is using this place
only once a week on my day off.

I think I'll run down to the corner
and get something and bring it up here.

What would you like to drink?
-I don't care.


All right. I'll see if they
have some on ice.

I better lock this after me.

Afraid I'll get out, Ruth?

Oh, no, Mr. Nearing.

Afraid somebody might get in.





I heard her come in
but I guess she went out.


Oh, good evening.

What do you want?

You think you're a pretty smart girl,
don't you?

Meaning what?

Tipping your boyfriend off last night

when we were going to move in on him?

How would I know that?

Besides, if you'll take the trouble
to check

you'll find that I was in
New Jericho last night.

Well, if you were then
you can't be living uptown

and under the name of Virginia Morrison.


Virginia Morrison is the name over
the doorbell where he was hiding out.

You mean, he didn't mention Virginia?

He doesn't know any Virginias.

Oh, no, rats like Danny Nearing
never cheat.

They may carve up helpless old men

and steal their dough but they
never, never know any Virginias

when they're going around
with dames named Ruth.

I know that one, that old jealousy gag.

Boyfriend chisels. Girl, wised up by
sympathetic officer of the law

burns and tells all.

If you've come all the way down here

to shake the moth balls out of that one,

you've wasted your time.

If the commissioner wants
to see me, fine.

But off the record interviews are out.

Oh, this won't take much of your time.

I know just how far the law
allows you to go

and this is as far as you're going
without a warrant.

You're just making things
tough for yourself.

Good night.

Take your foot out of the door.

I think I'm going to have you picked up
as a material witness.

Fine, get Virginia too.

Here's your beer.

Oh, I see you found the clippings.

I've been saving them for you.

Anything there you haven't seen before?


Quite a lot.


You don't believe that
I killed him, do you?

Danny, I wasn't there.

Where were you?

In the bar mixing drinks
for Bill and Alma as usual.

Bill and Alma?

Yes, he was in the sitting room
also as usual.

They swore they heard you
and Diedrich yelling at each other

all the way upstairs.
They couldn't have.

I was in the next room
and I didn't hear anything.

Dan, if only you hadn't run away.

But that was my fault. It was the worst
possible advice.

But I thought...

That I did it?

Dan, it doesn't matter.

I don't care whether you killed him
or not.

Then you will help me?

You don't have to ask me that.

I love you.

I'll help you get away if it's
the last thing I ever do.

You really mean that?

With all my heart.



Could you hear what Marucci was saying
to me out in the hall?

Yes, some of it.

Why do you look at me like that?


Who? Virginia, yes, I heard that.

Whose apartment were you hiding in?

A friend of mine, I mean a girlfriend of
a friend of mine.

Her name's Virginia.


She wasn't there. She was out of town.

He let me use her place.

That's that name over
the doorbell, Virginia Morrison.

Is that all she is to you? Just a

name over a doorbell?

That's all.

All right, Danny.

You ought to have
a good sock in the jaw.

Go ahead, sock me.

Danny, I'd go through
anything for you but...

Never lie to me.


I didn't kill Diedrich.

I couldn't have. I'm not a murderer.

The me that's inside
wouldn't let me kill anyone.

I gotta find out.


I'm going up to New Jericho.


Danny, you're crazy.

Sooner or later the police
are going to catch up with me.

I've got to find out what I can
before they do.

No, I won't let you.
-You're going to help me.

You said a minute ago,
you'd go through anything for me.

All right, prove it.

But Bill and Alma...

Don't you see they're trying to
pin this on you?


Well, you know why. Because

they'll inherit everything

if they can keep suspicion
away from themselves.

You mean one of them did it?

I don't know but...

Who else could it have been?
It was only you and me and the cook.

We'll find out whether
they did it or not.

Somewhere in that house
is the right answer.

And I'm going to find it.

We've got to find it.

I've just come from there and tomorrow

is my day off. What'll they say?

You'll have to think up something good.

What trains are there?

One at 9:25 I think but...



That's the one we'll be on.


I don't think I should answer that
question unless my attorney is present.

That's your privilege, Mr. Diedrich.

Bill, don't talk like a ninny.

After all, this is just an
informal little get together

to help me, as district attorney
of Jericho County,

tie up the loose ends of my report
to the grand jury.

I have nothing to add

to what I've already told you.

You ain't told us
very much, Mr. Diedrich.

For example, I'm still not quite sure
where you all were when

the crime occurred.

I was getting ready for bed.

Brushing your teeth and what not?


How long has it been your habit
to brush your teeth

in Mrs. Diedrich's private sitting room?

Look here, Stillwell!

Deposition of Ruth Dillon made

in part

Young Mr. Bill was with Mrs. Diedrich
in her upstairs sitting room.

They told me to go down to the bar
and mix two bourbon highballs as usual.

They also asked me to look and see

if Mr. Harry Diedrich was still
in the living room.

Now surely, Mr. Diedrich, in the light
of what you've just told me...

She's lying.
-That would be perjury, Mr. Diedrich.

That there is a sworn statement.

She'd do anything to protect Nearing.
She's crazy about him.

We've ample proof of that.

At the moment , though,
let us confine ourselves

to the situation in your home
as it existed

prior to you brother's murder.

The situation?

He means you and me, Bill.

Alma, you don't know what you're saying.

Oh, yes I do.

Bill and I have been in love with each
other for a long time, Mr. Stillwell.

Of course, it's all been
perfectly proper.

I was on the point of
discussing a divorce

arrangement with my husband when he...

He didn't know then.

Oh, no.

No, we've always been extremely careful

not to hurt him, I mean.

And yet, the day before he was killed,

he'd instructed his lawyer to draw up

a new will cutting you off
with a dollar.

I wonder why.

Of course he was dead before
the new will could be executed.

Poor Harry.

You're familiar, I suppose,
with the amount of the estate.

More or less.

More or less about $250,000.


Money, money, money.

The root of all evil.

Especially if you ain't got none.

What's that?

Oh, nothin', not a dern thing. I was
just phlosiphisin' at myself.

Tell me, Mrs. Diedrich, have you ever
discussed this matter with

your late husband's brother?

You don't have to answer
that question, Alma.

I don't intend to.

I think you're rather exceeding your
authority at this point, Mr. Stillwell.

We're not in court, please remember.

You misinterpret my question,
Mrs. Diedrich.

Do I?

Perhaps from now on, you better
address your questions to our attorney.


As you wish.
And thank you so much for coming.

Hello, Joe. I thought you were staying
down at the city tonight.

They're just the people I want to see.

It's very late and I'm very tired.

There's a couple of questions I want to
ask you about your maid, Ruth Dillon.

Mrs. Diedrich and her brother-in-law

have just declined
to answer any further questions.

Except through their lawyer.

This is her night off, isn't it?

She's supposed to be in town?

I just saw her down at the station
getting off the 9:25.

Any idea why she'd be coming back?

Not in the least.
-Good night, Mr. Marucci.

I still say that dame ought to be picked
up and held as a material witness.


Mrs. Diedrich maintains that if we allow
the girl to move about freely,

she might accidentally tip us off to
where Nearing is hiding out.

There's some logic in that.

You're the boss.

Got a gun up at the house?

Keep it handy.

And lock your bedroom door.

You mean there's apt to be trouble?

I hope so. Quick and plentiful.

I'm getting sick and tired
of the way this case is being run.

If that will be all.

Yes, until I can get in touch
with your lawyer.

Good night.
-Good night.

When the Dillon dame got off the train,

she caught a ride to the Diedrich house
on a truck.

So what?

So I'd like to find out if she finished
the ride alone or

if she picked up somebody further on.

It's all right. They're out.

Where do you think they are?

You know them when they go out.
The country club or just park somewhere.

Having a little talk about life.

We've got lots of time.
-Let me see that light.

What now?

I just want to look around.

Now that we're here, what do you think
you're going to find for heaven's sake?

I don't know.

Now this would be
the living room, of course.

You ought to know
after all the months you worked here.

I get a little confused in the dark.

That doesn't make any more sense

than some of the other things
you've been saying.

Is this the front door?

That's where it's been
for the last 50 years.

The bar and solarium and the
alcove over there where...

It happened?

You certainly don't want to go
back in there, do you?

That's just where I do want to go.

You'll go alone.

Only two things would take
anybody in there.

A morbid mind or a completely
hardboiled way of looking at life.

I don't happen to have either.

Oh, I'm hardboiled.
-Or insane.

You wouldn't have come back here
if you weren't.

Tell you what, Ruth, go to the bar
and get me a shot of brandy, will you?

I'm not feeling as hardboiled
as you think.

Right now I'm not so sure what I think.

No lights remember.

Don't go too far
and don't be gone too long.


What is it? What happened?

You heard me.

How could I help it?

Do you suppose if there had been
anybody upstairs they'd have heard it?


Do you remember

You said on the night of the murder,
you didn't hear anything from the bar?

But Bill and Alma swore they did
and they were all the way upstairs.

Proving what?

Proving that they're lying.
Nobody yelled at all.

Do you mean to say that

you scared me out of a year's growth...

Just to...You, you...

What's the matter with you?

If you're going to
fly off the handle this way,

you're not going to be much help.

What do you expect me to do
when you play tricks like that on me?

Oh, Dan.

Dan, don't do a thing like that again.
-All right, I promise.

You see, I just had to try it.

Now how about my drink?

I ought to mix you a mickey.


There's an old woman in there.
She saw me.

It's only Grandma Diedrich. Here.

Grandma Diedrich?

You're certainly not worried about her?

She'll tell everybody she saw me.

What is the matter with you anyway?

Ever since I dragged you in
off the street this evening

you've been making
some of the strangest cracks.

You know the terrible strain
I've been under.

I know but getting all upset about
a harmless old woman who...

What is it?
Tell me what's happened to you.

I get frightened
when you say such things.

It's sounds like you're cracking up.

All right.

All right, I'll tell you.

I hadn't wanted to tell you because

It's not easy to believe.

But on the street the other day

I was hit on the head.

Oh, Danny.

I did I swear.

It was something from a building.

And you haven't been able to remember
anything since.

To a certain extent,
that's exactly right.

Especially about the Diedrichs.

You gotta believe me, Ruth.

I do.

You gotta try to help me remember.

There are certain questions
that will sound nonsensical.

Sure, any little thing you want.


Too bad you weren't hit on the head
before Harry Diedrich was killed.

Oh, Dan, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.

Forgive me. Kiss me and forgive me.

I've got to look around some more.

Don't be frightened.

I won't hurt you.

Do you know who I am?

Danny Nearing.

I want to talk to you.

Harry Diedrich was your son, wasn't he?

I didn't kill him. I couldn't have.

I want you to know that.

I've come back to this house
with the police

practically breathing down my neck

to find who did.

I don't know where to start.
I don't know what to do.

I need someone to help me
and there isn't anyone.

I'm sorry.

I didn't realize.

You can't talk.

You would help me if you could.

Is the light too strong?



You understand everything
I say, don't you?

You mean you do.

One blink means yes?

Two blinks could mean no then.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Mrs. Diedrich, I'm going to ask you
a lot of questions.

You can answer yes or no just like that.

One blink for yes.

Two blinks for...

Danny, what are you up to now?

What's that lamp lit for? Are you crazy?

Wait a minute. That's all right.
I've drawn the blinds.

I've just made a discovery.
I think I found a way to talk to her.

-We've worked out a system.

One blink for yes and two blinks for no.
Now watch this.

Oh, Danny, leave her alone. She's sick.

Would you like me to turn your pillow?

It's a shame the way they neglect her
since Harry died.

She really ought to have a nurse.

I don't know what she'll do
now that we're leaving.



Once you've satisfied yourself
that there's nothing

in this house that can help you
and if the police don't grab you,

we're going away.
I know a place in Colorado that...

The only chance we've got
to get to Colorado

with every road in the state
being watched.

We can do anything with enough money.

And I've got some. I saved it for us.

Listen. What's that?

There's a car coming up the drive.
-It's Alma and Bill.

Now we're in for it.

I'll put the car away.
Do you have your key?


You might have a drink ready for me
when I get in.

All right.

What's going on in here?

Oh, good evening, Mrs. Diedrich.

What are you doing back from town?

Well, I have something
I want to talk to you about.

Must be tremendously important
to bring you back on your night off.

It is.

As soon as you finish fussing with
Grandma, you'll find me in the sun room.

Good night, Grandma.

Oh, Ruth.

Yes, Mrs. Diedrich.

Ruth, how did this happen to be here?

Oh, I'm sorry, that's mine.

The reason I came up here tonight
was to tell you that I'm leaving.

You're leaving?

I hope you don't plan
to go too far away.

Because the police
might not approve exactly.

I can go anywhere I please.
They have my statement.

I'll sneak you through the kitchen into
the yard and join you as soon as I can.

Better turn out that light. Be careful.

We'll it try again later tomorrow
the first chance I get.

Oh, good evening, Mr. Diedrich.

I'd heard you came back from town.

Who told you?

Joe Marucci. He seems to be quite
fascinated by your movements.

I can't say that I blame him.

Mrs. Diedrich's waiting for me
at the bar.

Oh, do you mind if I join you?

How did this happen?

Oh, I dropped it.


I was getting a little brandy
for Grandmother Diedrich when I

I heard a noise that startled me.
-What sort of a noise?

It sounded like a crying
that came from the alcove.


So you helped yourself to another drink.
Two of them.

One was for your mother-in-law.

I see, of course.

You're a clever girl, Ruth.

I always suspected as much.

What is all this?

What was it you were saying
a few minutes ago about leaving?

Oh, it's just that I'm getting married.

Really, who to?

After all, Mrs. Diedrich, that's rather
my business, don't you think?

Who's going to be the best man?

Danny Nearing?

I don't have to take that sort of thing
from you and I don't intend to.

Shut up, Bill.

You're quite right.

I'd like to go to bed now,
Mrs. Diedrich, if you don't mind.

Very well.

As to your leaving,

I'll naturally expect you to stay
until I can make other arrangements.

And if I were you, I think I'd
tell the police where you're going.

Thank you, I will.

Good night.
-Good night.

Maybe you'll give me a short synopsis
of what this is all about.



I found this in the hall.
She said it was hers.

Well, smoking cigarettes
all over the house

and breaking glasses.
She's been having

quite an evening
for herself, hasn't she?

That's not the point.
It's not her cigarette.

It couldn't be.

What makes you think so?

Because she always wears a little
lipstick and there isn't any on that.

I wonder if that's what Marucci meant

when he asked me
if I had a gun in the house.

Maybe we better phone the police
and have them search the grounds.


I'm only thinking of you.

Give me the sheriff's office.

The line is dead.

But it can't be. The operator answered.

It's dead now.

You'd better drive into town
and get the sheriff.

And leave you all alone?

My hero.
-If you have any sense,

you'll just go upstairs and lock
your bedroom door as Marucci suggested.

You'll stand guard outside, I suppose.


I think I'll take a bath and curl up
with a nice warm revolver.




Danny, they suspect something.
You've got to get out of here now.

It isn't safe for you
to stay another minute.

I'm staying here
until I find what I came for.

Danny please, if you love me,
get away from here before it's too late.

Use your head. Go back to town and wait.

I'll check out of here tomorrow
and meet you.

We'll pick up a car and start west.

It's what we always wanted to do.

Where will I stay tonight?

Danny, you're a stubborn fool.
-Where will I stay?

All right.

There's a greenhouse at the end of
the garden. No one ever goes near it.

On the grounds?

But you said they suspect something.
What if they phone the police?

They won't.

Not tonight.

All right.

Good night.

What a lovely day.

That girl's smarter than
we gave her credit for.

There she goes back
in her regular routine with Grandma.

Just as though nothing at all
had happened last night..

Yes, all the months
she's been working here,

I've never been able to
get anything out of her but

"Yes, Mr. Diedrich" and
"No, Mr. Diedrich."

Not that you haven't tried.

If you cherish any fond hopes
of leading me

and the bulk of your brother's estate
down that long red carpet,

you'd better start disciplining
that wandering eye of yours.

Oh, behave.


Has the man fixed the phone yet?
-Yes, he just left.

Are you going to phone the police
or are you going to drive down?

I'm feeling rich and lazy.

I think I'll phone.

There you are, honey,
nice and cozy in the sun.


Are you there?

I thought you'd never come.

Stay back. They'll see you
from the house.

I brought you a sandwich.

It's all I could get.

They've been watching me
like a pair of hawks.


Did you get any sleep?
-Oh, sure.

Sometimes for as much as
15 minutes at a stretch.

With my head on a sack of fertilizer
and my feet on a lawnmower.

What are your plans?

I'll stay here till it gets dark.

It's the only thing I can do.

The police are liable to come.

That'll be nice.


Do you think you could
go back to the house

and get me a pencil and paper
without attracting attention?

What for?
-Never mind what for.

I think I've discovered something.

What is it, Danny? Tell me.

I'll tell you later.

Can you get me that paper and pencil
or can't you?

Yes, I think so.
If it's that important to you.

If it wasn't, I wouldn't ask.

All right, Danny.

Now you be a good girl till I come back.

Whatever you do, stay out of sight.

Don't worry, I will.

Mrs. Diedrich.

Will you talk to me with your eyes
if I show you how?

Listen carefully.

Now I'm going through the alphabet

When I come to the letter you want,

you blink once.

We'll be able to spell out words.



Do you know anything about
how your son died?

Do you know who killed him?

Would you tell me?

Why not?

You mean you want to spell out
your reasons?

All right.


You mean the first letter
of the word is 'A'.









Is the word, 'after'?

No. All right.

We'll try again.







A-F-R-A-I-D, afraid.

You're afraid.

Who are you afraid of?

Danny, get back.
-Wait a minute.

Marucci and the sheriff are here.

Did you bring that paper and pencil?
-No, there wasn't time.

I thought it was more important
to warn you.

All right. You've warned me. Now leave
her here and go back and get them.

You're out of your mind.
I've got to take her back to the house.

They might come looking for me
and find you.

No, no.
-I'll see what's going on.

For heaven's sake whatever you do,
keep under cover

until you hear from me.
-Come back!

A minute or two more won't matter.

She was just going to tell me
the name of the murderer.

All those shenanigans last night
add up to just one thing.

Nearing's around here someplace
and the girl knows where.

Why would he be sucker enough
to come back here?

That's easy. You say she's given notice.

He's got all that dough he swiped
when he knifed your husband.

They figure on beating it someplace

and they just think New Jericho is a
better jumping off place than the city.

Not that they'll get very far.

No siree, we'll get out a posse
and surround the grounds.

No siree, we won't get out no posse,

and we won't surround no grounds,

we won't do any snooping around here,

and we won't bother our girlfriend
with any more questions.

Do you mind telling us just where
you intend to go from here?

We're going back to New Jericho and
we're going to sit tight until tonight.

Then, about 8:30 tonight...

Oh, Ruth.

If Mr. Marucci or
the sheriff's office phones,

tell him we'll be at the country club.
-Yes, Mrs. Diedrich.

And I hope we don't find

cigarettes and broken glasses
lying around as we did last night.

You won't, Mrs. Diedrich.

So far so good?

So far.

She didn't get wise, eh?

What was there to get wise to?

We're going to a dinner party
at the country club.

By the way, Marucci, if you'll allow me
to make a suggestion.

If you do happen to run across
Danny Nearing,

take my advice and shoot first.

You'd like that, huh?

OK, folks, get moving.

Tail them.

If I'd have had to stay there
another five minutes,

I would have gone stark raving mad.

I know.
-All day long. Hour after hour,

sweltering in that shed,
not a drop of water,

every nerve in my body on edge
and nothing happening!

Something's going to happen now.

We're taking the other car
and getting out of here.

Everything's ready. The bags are packed,
dark glasses...

No, Ruth!

Danny. Danny, please don't say that.

Believe me, I know what's best for us.


We'll talk about it later.

Come on, Danny, please.
There's food in the kitchen and

while you're eating, I'll get out of
my uniform and pick up my bag.

There's nobody going to
interrupt us this time.

I want you to tell me
who killed your son.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I promise the moment you tell me,

no matter who it is,

I'll phone the police
and have them move in fast.

I'll give you the letters.

You signal to me the way
we were doing this morning.





Mrs. Diedrich.

Listen to me.

Open your eyes.


You're an old woman.
You haven't much longer to live.

Do you want me sent to the chair
for something I didn't do?

I couldn't have done it.

Was it Bill?

Did he want his brother out of the way
because of Alma?

No, it wasn't Bill.

Then it was Alma.

To be free to get his money.

It was because she wanted a divorce
and he wouldn't give her one.

No? That's wrong too?

You're not telling the truth.

It must have been one of them.

Who else was in the house?

Who else could it have been?

Well, I hope you're satisfied.

-You certainly asked for it.

You didn't...



He came in, found me taking money
out of the drawer.

He hit me.

There was a struggle. I...

I reached for the first thing handy.

It happened to be a knife.

But how did she know?

Yes, I knew she saw me.

I came running in here afterwards.
The door was open. I...

I knew she'd seen me in the mirror.

Did you realize she couldn't talk?

You ran back to the bar.

Yes, that's right.

Is it...

Is it going to make any difference?


You and me.

It couldn't.

Oh, then I don't care what happens.

You love me. Nothing else matters.

I was trying to get that money for you.

For us.

You always said you would never
marry me unless we had some money.

I didn't mean to kill him, Danny.

I'm not bad.

I'm not a killer.

Neither am I.

When the police catch up with us

who are you going to let them arrest?


They're not going to catch up with us.

We'll hide.
We'll get out of the country. We'll...

We'll fool them somehow.
-There isn't a chance.

We can make a run for it.

I'm not running.

I don't have to now.

You're going to let them arrest me?

What else can I do?

I've taken a lot from you because
I loved you and I thought you loved me.

I don't love you.

I've only known you two days.

I'm not the man you think I am.

I'm not Danny Nearing.

My name is Frank Thompson

and I'm married to Virginia Morrison,
that name over the doorbell.

She's my wife. I love her.


That's what you've been building up to
all along, is it?

This trick memory stuff this

not remembering things
at the house and all.

I tried to tell you.

There was an accident and somehow
I became Danny Nearing.

I built up a life as Danny Nearing.

And then with that blow
on the head the other day,

I became Frank Thompson again.

What it really amounts to is...

That you met this other woman

and you're trying to brush me off
with this phony alibi.


After all we've been to each other,

after I stole for you,

killed a man because I loved you.

What kind of a love is it

that would send me running away
from a crime you committed?

That would have stood by and let the
police take me to the electric chair?

All right, Mr. Thompson.
I guess it's my party from now on.

I'm sorry, I'll help you all I can.

I'll handle it without
any help from you, thanks.



That isn't the answer, Ruth.

Do you know a better one, Mr. Thompson?


Danny, hold me.

I'm going to die, Danny.

Hello, Marucci.

You're a little late.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Danny didn't do it.

Ask Grandma.

All right, I'll ask Grandma.

Isn't there something we can do?


All that business
about you being married.

You were only kidding, weren't you?

You don't love anybody but me, do you?

No, honey.

No one but you.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.