Street Hunter (1990) - full transcript

Ex-cop and Vietnam War veteran Logan Blade, who always wears a slick leather trench coat and an imposing cowboy hat, works as a New York bounty hunter, who along with his pet doberman catches dangerous criminals and delivers them to the police for a reward. His latest catch is young Angel, the leader of the Los Diablos gang. However, Angel's personal bodyguard and top mercenary, Col. Walsh, a Vietnam War vet suffering from delusions of grandeur who lost it and became a killing machine obsessed with famous conquerors from history, especially Alexander the Great and Napoleon, since he sees himself as one of them and Los Diablos as his future army, gets him out and kills a bunch of cops. Since one of the killed police officers was Logan's personal friend, Logan takes this personally and goes after Angel again. Los Diablos are expanding and their main enemy on the streets is the Italian mob outfit led by Don Mario Romano. In an attempt to make sure that he can get Angel alive, Logan tries to convince Don to avoid clashing with Angel until Logan's done, but Romano won't listen. Meanwhile, Walsh realizes that Logan is a worthy opponent who won't quit no matter what, so he decides to set a trap for both Logan and Don. He also sends a Los Diablos hit squad to take out Logan's girlfriend. Will Blade realize in time what's going on? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Well, what do you say,

Think we can take him?



Come on, come on, hurry up.

LOUIS: Well, well, well.

Que pasa, Angel?

What brings you around this
neck of the woods, huh?

Que pasa, eh?
Que pasa?

Romano, you got
no business here, man.

Why don't you just tell
your old man to go fuck off.

My old man?

You fucking leave
my old man out of this,
you got that, scumbag?

Let me guess,
you came here tonight

to visit your fucking
mother's grave,

and you just happened
to stumble across
our stash, right?

It's a very stupid move,

Stupid, huh?

Stupid, you're gonna
call me stupid?

Stupid in front
of my friends?

(LAUGHS) Well, doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

That's right,
it doesn't matter.

Because you and the rest
of your fucking scumbags
are going to die now anyway.

So it don't matter,
you're dead.

Five dead scumbags.

Hey, boys.



LOUIS: Who's this?

Oh, shit. All right, guys.

I take that back.

Hey, Louis.

I want you to meet
a dear and close
personal friend of mine.

El Colonel Walsh.

Farewell! Ahhh!




Nice, nice, nice.

I'm impressed, man.

You turned my little posse
into a serious death force,
you know?

You know, you're almost worth
all the money I pay you, man.

Don't touch me.

Okay, okay.

There's more to it
than the money.

It's the taste of triumph,
the ecstasy of glory.

Understand that, Angel,

the fortunes of world
will be with you.

Sure, sure,
you're the Colonel.

So, what's next?

You have one more
to exterminate.


Angel, don't shoot.
I don't have a fucking gun.

Don't shoot me, Angel.
I haven't got a gun.

-What are you waiting for?
-No, wait,
I want to play a little.

Play if you must,
then kill him.


LOUIS: Angel, there's fucking
no need to get violent, okay?

You know what I'm saying?
I mean, all you got to do

is talk to my old man
and he'll pay you.

He'll give you
whatever you want.

He'll pay you,
trust me, trust me.

Well, your old man's
gonna fucking pay
for it, motherfucker.

He's gonna pay for it
when I'm through.

'Cause you're not gonna
call me stupid anymore,

I'm sorry!

You're the one
that's fucking stupid,

-you garlic-stinking,
pepperoni motherfucker!

-You stupid motherfucker.
-Ow, fuck!

I'm sorry, please don't
fucking kill me, man.

You're gonna be fucking
stone-cold dead, man.

I mean, I'm gonna piss
on every fucking one of your
fucking graves.

Come on. This ain't right,
man, I can do whatever the
fuck you want. Anything.

-You like...
-Here, take my fucking watch.

You like Walsh's work,
huh, Louis?

He is a fucking
mercenary, man.

He went to Angola, Beirut,
Salvador, man.

He turned my Diablos
into a fucking army,
you pussy.

That's right,
I'm a pussy, man.

What's the matter,
little pretty boy?

You scared now?

Yeah, I'm fucking scared!
Don't fucking kill me, please!

Please, I don't want
to fucking die.

You can take whatever
you fucking want,
you scumbag.

I swear to God, you won't
fucking get away with this,
you scumbag.

My fucking old man'll
have your balls tomorrow!

Shut the fuck up,
you asshole!

Please don't do it.
Angel, please.



ANGEL: This city is mine.



That's quite a mess
you made there, Angel.


You guys look like
garbage men,
why don't you clean it up?

What the fuck is this,
a block party, man?

That pile of brains
looks remotely like
Louis Romano, hmm?

That's him.

You know, old Don Mario
is gonna be very,
very pissed.

You're taking his coke,
killing his son, his only son.

Tell you what. Why don't
you let me do you a favor?

Just come back with me.

That way you'll be
a lot safer in jail
than in the streets.

Logan fucking Blade.


Fuck Don Mario, man,
and fuck you, Blade.


Come on, Angel.

Look, you got a job to do,
I got a job to do, right?


You coming or what?

You got some big cojones, man.

To stand there empty-handed,
expecting to take
me in, right?

That's a fucking good one.

Look, wait, wait,
I'm frightened, man.

Look, I'm scared
shitless. Oh!








Munch, down!


Beef jerky, Angel?

Go ahead, take them.
They're good.

Now then...



You coming or what?

Don't let your fucking dog
bite me, all right?


Munch doesn't bite people.

He eats them.

In a continuing administration
effort to curb drug traffic,

the President today proposed
another increase in aid

to Columbia, Bolivia and Peru.

Speaking before Congress,
the President vowed to
escalate the war against drugs

both home and abroad.

He cited the latest polls
that reveal Americans believe
the drug problem

to be the single most
important issue facing
our nation in the '90s.

The polls also showed that
an overwhelming majority
of Americans

blame drugs for the breakdown
of law and order
in our streets.

The President urged Americans
to co-operate with law
enforcement officials

by reporting known
drug dealers to local
or federal authorities.

ANGEL: Get your hands off me,
you slimy old pig.

I've got an army behind me.
They'll find out
where you live,

they're gonna find out your
family and kill them all.

All right, move it.



Let me out of here,
let me out of here!

You don't know
who you're dealing with!

You got families, huh?
You got families?

I'm gonna kill them all.
I'm gonna kill
all your babies,

your mother, your father,
all of them!

I swear to God,
I'm gonna kill them
in their sleep,

I swear on my mother!

Son of a thousand fathers,
they're all bastards
just like you.

Come on, let me out, man.

Come on, let me out of here,
let me out!


Let me out of here, damn it.
Let me out of here!

-But I...
-No, no. No "but's."

Out there on the streets,
I'm the boss,

I call the shots,
you understand that?

Yes, sir.

You know that guy?

Logan Blade.

He's a damn good cop.


Well, they say he was set up.

He was acquitted,
but he resigned anyway.

To become a bounty hunter.


But if he was innocent,
why didn't he just stay
on the Force?

Because they questioned
his integrity.

And I can't say
that I blame him.

Well, just as well,
the guy was always
a lone wolf.

You could take
a few lessons from him.

Great job, Logan.

They kept Angel
pretty well hidden
there for a month.

I'll have the department
process your reward
first thing in the morning.

Now, you see, that's what I
like about you, my friend.

You cut through
all the red tape and the BS.

-And I thank you very much.
-The feeling's mutual, buddy.

What you gonna do
to that boy Angel?

I'm gonna send him
to the city jail.

We can nail him this time.

Drug trafficking,
suspicion of murder,

and about a half dozen
of other charges.

Angel's into some heavy jelly.

There's more to him
than these charges.

Yeah, like the Romanos.

What you got for me?

Multiple homicide.

Louis Romano
and six of his goons

over at Holy Redeemer


Automatic casings
all over the place.

Yeah, it was quite a massacre.

-You were there?
-I thought you guys'd
never ask.

We're asking now, Blade.

Angel had a little help
from his friends.

He knew what they
were doing, too,
very military.

-One guy was a mercenary.

Oh, what a crock of shit.

Now, who do you think
you're kidding there?

Uh, let him talk, Wellman.

Put a check on a guy
named Walsh.

Ex-Special Forces.

Angel called him "Colonel,"
but I don't think

he's been in the army
for quite some time.

-CAPTAIN RIVERA: You're sure
about this, Logan?
-Very sure.

Oh, this is just great.

(SIGHS) The Mob versus
the Diablos.

Thanks, Logan.
I'll be in touch.

Hey, wait a minute.
Where do you
think you're going?

-Better chill out
your partner, brother.
-Uh, Wellman...


If you got more to tell,
mister, you better
start talking.

'Cause I can cite you
for obstruction of justice.

Take it easy, Wellman.

I'll be talking to you, Logan.


I don't trust him, Captain.

Well, I've known Logan Blade
for long time and I trust him.

I don't like him
or his attitude.

He's a goddamn vigilante.

Oh, you're afraid
he's gonna steal
your thunder?

-No, I uh...
-You two have nothing to do?

-We got plenty to do, Captain.
-Well then, get to it.

Come on, Wellman.


Just because you were
once on the Force,

don't think you can do
whatever the heck you want.


They say you got framed.

You know what I say?

I say you got too goddamn big
for your own good
and needed to take a fall.

-Hey, come on, that's it.
-No, no.
Wait, wait, wait.

If, uh...

You're not careful,
well, I think you'll be
knocked down again.

Just get your reward

and keep out
of the Diablo-Romano war.

You hear me?

You know, Wellman,
you always had a lot of balls.

Make sure you don't lose them.

-Hey, Wellman,
he's not kidding.


He's a cop.



Hey, hey, come on, Wellman,
what are you so concerned
with this guy for, huh?

Come on, take it easy.

How are you feeling, cowboy?

You headed Angel
off at the pass.


-Jannelli. Che se dice?

Hey, listen,
that is one bad boy that
you're babysitting, okay?

He has a lot of friends and
they're mean mamajamas.


You never change,
do you, Blade?

Still paranoid.

Just cautious, my friend.

-You sound like my wife,
for Christ sakes.
-How is she doing?

-Still breaking my chops.
-You deserve it.

-When you see her,
you give her my love, okay?
-I will.

All right. You be careful.

Don't worry about a thing.

I'll have this scumbag
over to city jail.
No problema.


Just watch your ass. For me.

-I will watch my ass.


Get out of the way.

Team one.


Team two.


Move out!

What took you so long, man?

I said move out, Angel.
That means you, mister.




You come here often?

Oh, not as often
as I'm supposed to.


Have you heard her before?

LOGAN: Oh, a few times.

What's your name?


-Nice to meet you, Tracey.
-Very nice to meet you also.

Would you like
to buy me a drink?

Uh, yeah, what would you like?

Beat it, little girl,
before I clog you.

You're gonna get the man
in deep shit.

Do you see that
beautiful woman there?


That's my lady. Sorry.

Yeah, okay.


-Maybe some other time.

LOGAN: Maybe.
I'm sure it could be nice.

Welcome to Days and Nights.

Ladies and gentlemen,

will you please welcome
the very talented and
very lovely, Denise.


* One last chance

* To feel the magic

* Before you disappear

* When you hear
that haunting music

* That echoes through
the years

* One more time

-What's up brother Daze?
-Hey, Blade.

-Same old same.
-(SIGHS) Yeah, it is.

-You know, your lady's been
sounding extra sweet lately.

* That romance

* It's not too late

* For this one

* last chance

She's pure gold, man.

-And gold is hard
to find these days.

You know this.

Yeah, I know this.
I can't argue
with you on that.

Gold's the future, brother.

And you better invest
while you can.


*...was all you needed

* Just one

* last

* chance


Damn. That's a bad van, man.

-Yeah, let's get it, man.
-No way, man.

This belong
to that dude Blade.

He's a street hunter, man.
I mean, he's a bad

I saw him blow some cat away.
Serious, man.

I don't give a shit who it is.
We could take this shit
and really party.

No, man, come on.
Put that back in your
pocket, man. Come on.

-Man, shut up.
-What you doing? Wilson!


LOGAN: It's me, baby.


It's Logan.

Logan who?
I don't know any Logan.

Come on, baby, let me in.

I'm sorry about last night.
I'm really, really sorry.

-Can I come in?

Hi, I'm inside.

Okay, I'm just closing
the door, putting my jacket
down, get comfortable,

and I move my left foot,
moving my right foot.

Look at my new shirt
that I bought so you can see,
you can be very happy and...

You don't really care, do you?
Okay. Look, I'm sorry.
I deserve it.

But look, I didn't even talk
to that girl at the bar.
I didn't.

That girl? What does that
girl have to do with anything?


So, what'll it be tonight?
My place or my place?

-It's not funny, Logan.

You live in a van with a dog.

Okay, Denise,
if it'll make you happy,

I'll start looking
for an apartment tomorrow.

You're missing the point.
Things have got
to change for us.

Our situation
has got to change.
You have got to change.

Babe, I don't know
where we're going.

Honey, I've told you before,
this is the way I am.

It is hard for me
to change that quick.

Five years on a roller coaster
is long enough.

(SIGHS) Babe, what I mean is,
you're a college graduate.


You have experience
on the Force.

You could start
a whole new career
if you really wanted to.

What do you suggest?

-You could start
a security company.

Or you can work
for the DA's office.
I'm being very serious.

I know, honey. Look...

My old man was a cop
and I always wanted
to be a cop.

Oh, here we go again.

But the Force
just didn't work out for me.

So, I am now doing things
my own way.

Now, it is not
perfect out there.

And the cops
can't do it all.

But, if I can take
at least one low-life

off the streets
to protect people
like yourself...

Then I'm just doing my bit.

It's the way it is.

-Even if it is just
for one night.

That's very noble, Logan,
but what about me?

I do hear you.

Yeah, until the phone rings.

I care about you a lot.

And I'm here.

And now... It's our time.

You son of a bitch.

Come on, man, hurry!

WILSON: What you looking
at me for, man?

What are you calling me,

What the fuck is
a street hunter?

Man, he bigger than you.
He'll kick your ass, man.

Yeah, well, his ass will be
hunting for a subway tomorrow.
I got his ride.

Come on. Just hurry!

-Stop being so paranoid.
-I'm not paranoid.

Man, just come on.
Put the shit on.



Nice doggy.

Nice motherfucker.



So, you tried
to break into my van, huh?

I'm sorry, Mr. Blade.

I promise I won't do it
again, man. I won't.

I ain't no lawyer, brother.
But that's breaking
and entering.

And unless Uncle Sam
has changed the rules,
that's against the law.

Please, Mr. Blade.
Please, man.


All right.
It's your lucky night.

I'm in a good mood.
You wanna know why?

-I'm with my lady.

Look at her, behind you.

-Go ahead, take a look.
Isn't she beautiful?

-She's fine, ain't she?
-Yes, she's fine.

Tell her she's beautiful.

-You're beautiful, baby!
-Tell her she's fine.

-You're fine! Yes, baby.
-Look at me, look at me now!

-What's your name?

-Real name.
-(STAMMERS) Melvin.

I live in the projects
down the block.

I know who you are.
Pretzel, Melvin.

-I know who you are.
I know your grandma.
-You do?

Yeah, you have a sister
named Diane, right?

Yeah. Yeah, Diane, right.


Melvin, Melvin, Melvin.

All right. Tell you
what I'm gonna do.

-I'm gonna trust you, okay?

Now... Oh, I'm sorry. Here.
Care for a beef jerky?

-No. No.
-Go ahead, man.

-No, no.
-They're good.
They're good, brother.

-No, my stomach isn't...
I'm messed up.
-Yeah, I wonder why.

-All right, tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I want you to take
your friend there.

Go down to the Third Precinct.

And I want you to tell them
that you tried
to break into my van,

and you want to
arrest yourself. Okay?

Yeah. Yeah, sure, anything,
Mr. Blade.

-Yeah, you law-abiding,
ain't you?

'Cause if you don't,
I know where to find you.

And you'll be dinner
for my dog.

-Did you meet my dog
by the way?

LOGAN: Nice dog, ain't he?
MELVIN: He's a nice dog.

-Go ahead, pet him.

-You told me he's a nice dog.
-Nice dog!

-You both know each other,
don't you?

-Yeah, we go way back,
Mr. Blade.

You and I understand
each other?

Word. Brother, word! Yeah!

You give me your word?

-Mr Blade!

You give me your word,
I'll give you my word.

You don't have to go down
to the police station.

-Thanks, Mr. Blade.
-I ain't finished.

-You still in school, right?

-Senior year?

-You planning to graduate?

I'm gonna come
to your graduation

with your grandmother
and with your sister.

And I wanna see a diploma
put right in this hand,
right here.

Is that a promise?

Promise, Mr. Blade.

I promise, man.

-Get outta here.

Come on. Wake up.
Come on, man.


-Come on.

-You better do
as I say, Melvin...

...'cause I know where
you are. I'm on the streets.

Mr. Blade! You can trust me,
all right?

-All right. Come on.

You're beautiful, baby!
Baby, you're beautiful!

-You're beautiful, baby.

DENISE: You know, babe.
I think this dog is jealous
of our relationship.

Just relax, Denise, okay?



Logan, let it ring.


Look, don't worry, sweetheart.

I'll just tell them no.

-Now hang up.

Logan, come down
to my office immediately.


Oh, come on, buddy.
Look, I'll see you
in the morning, okay?

Angel's escaped,
and nine good cops are dead.

Be right there.

Denise, I gotta go.

You're right, Logan.

Our guys never had a chance.

They're all dead?

-Jannelli, too?
-Blown to bits.

Fucking ambush! (SIGHS)

I'm running a make
on this guy Walsh.

See what you can find out
on the street.


You must have seen
something else
at the cemetery, Blade.

Wellman, will you cut it?

I'll call you back.

Did you, Logan?

Did you see anything else?

Riley, I told you everything.

-Oh, man, can you
believe this guy?
-That's enough, Wellman!

Blade's on our side, remember?

-If you say so, Captain.
-Yeah, I say so.

Now, get back to work,
both of you.

You realize your reward
won't be paid now, right?

To hell with the reward.

There are nine dead cops,
and Jannelli was a pal.


Now it's personal.

I'm sorry, baby.

-Had it!

I lost a friend tonight.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry.


I have to go do
a little legwork.

I'll get one of the guys
to bring you home, okay?

Thanks, honey.

We still on for
tomorrow night?



The strong shall eat the weak.

The weak shall know
the wrath of Caesar.

You are the strong,
they are the weak.

The city will be ours.

Tonight proves that
we are invincible.

I have molded you
into a fighting unit.

A team that thinks
with one brain.

My brain.

As Alexander the Great
led his army into the East.

As Genghis Khan led his
hordes across the Tundra.

I will lead you to glory
beyond your wildest dreams.

To the wealth
of 10 life times.


Right, we got a lot of work
to do in the next 24 hours.

So I want everybody
to get some rest.

And no spanking
your monkeys, all right?
'Cause I know you guys.




Boy, you can really talk, man.

I wish I could talk
like that, I swear.

You know, when this
is all through, I'm gonna
help you run for mayor.

Come with me for a moment.

What for, man,
what's the matter?

Oh, come on, you're not upset
about those 20 kilos, are you?

I can get another 100 kilos
like that next time,
I swear.

It's not the drugs.

I don't care
if you're selling whores.

It's not about money.

If it's not about drugs,
money and whores,

then what the hell
is it about, huh?

It's about the triumph
of the will.

Come with me, Angel.

What for?

I just wanna talk with you.

Just talk.


Now, what do you think
of this colonel now, huh?

He's got his
shit together, man.

And we fucked
those boys up, man!

Yeah, but...

You know, let me ask you
something, homes.

What the fuck
is he talking about?

Half the time,
I don't know what the fuck
he's talking about.

Yo, I don't know
and I don't care.

I got more money
than I ever did in my life.

We do what the man says.

We have more money,
cars and women.


(SNIFFS) Women, man.

I tell you,
when this is all over,

I'm gonna buy me
a fucking island
in the Caribbean.

Maybe I buy
my own island, too.

Someplace nice
like Switzerland.

Conyo, man.

That's a nice fucking island.

Lot of women there, too.

You know, I like it
when women play it rough.
You know, put up a fight.

I show them
who the fuck a man is.

What, you got
a personal problem
or something, man?

-You talk to me if you...
-I told you not to touch me.

I'm sorry, man.
I forgot, all right?

You wasted time
at the cemetery.

You wasted time
when I freed you.

That is not what I taught you.

That is not professional.

You must be alert
25 hours a day.

Caesar kept sentries on
around-the-clock vigils

against the barbarians
of Gaul.

I don't know no Caesar, man.

I must trust you
to follow my orders,

like Philotas followed
Alexander the Great.

I don't know
them guys either, man.

I will control the city
with you, or without you.

You waste my time again...

I waste you.

-Yeah, man.
We'll do it together.

I'm pleased we could share
this moment together.

LOGAN: Hey, partner.

-What's going on, man?
-How you doing, Jamie?

-Yeah, I'm doing all right,
you know.
-Getting any?

Well, for a man
of my age and stature,
I ain't doing bad.


Hey, how's that
little woman of yours?

Eh, she's still mad
at me, man.

I'm driving her
crazy doing this
bounty hunter stuff.

-Hey, you gotta take care
of business, you know?
-Yeah, I hear you.

-Hey, listen, man.

I don't know about you,
but this city
is falling apart, man.


I got stuck up
six times last year.

I used to carry
a baseball bat.

-You know,
just to protect myself.
-I hear you.

-Now, I gotta carry this.

You got a permit
for that, partner?

Well, I got...
Well, not exactly a permit.

But, you know,
with the violence

the way it is
and the drugs, man,

-this city is coming apart
at the seams.

If it gets any worse,
I'm gonna need a bazooka
and a yellow tank.


You know, like that thing
that happened last night.

-It's all over the papers.

And that's exactly
what I came here
to talk to you about.

-Looking for cop killers, huh?

Jamie, if there is anything
that you know, man. Tell me.

-Look, this is strictly
between you and me.
-You got it.

Eddie's seen the whole thing.
He ain't going
to the cops neither.

Hmm. The crazy boy, huh?

Well, he's gonna be
my next stop.

Thank you, Jamie.


-Whoa! (LAUGHS)



Oh, look! Look!


Who the fuck?

Oh, shit! Blade! (CHUCKLES)

You gave me
10 heart attacks, man.

Why the hell didn't you
ring the bell, dude?

I did, dude, for 10 minutes.

Of course, with these
two exquisite young ladies...

-How are you today, girls?
-We are great.

LOGAN: You look great.

I really can't blame you
for not answering the door.

Hey, this is breaking
and entering, man.
What is this shit?

Well, you go ahead
and make a citizen's arrest,
crazy boy.

I'd like to stick around
and wait for the cops,

amongst all this

discount merchandise
that you sell.

Hey, wait a minute.
Chill. Chill.

I'm just a small businessman
trying to make a living
the American way.

-You know what I mean?

Yeah, I know exactly
what you mean.

Would you ladies excuse us
for a couple of minutes?

Why don't you stay and play?

Yeah, there's plenty
of room for all of us.

You know,
boy-girl, boy-girl.

(CHUCKLES) Shit, man.

I finally get a chance
to do some tingling
with my ladies,

you come in
and cramp my style, man.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, well.

A minute with me
or five years with The Man.

You call it.



Keep the bed warm, ladies.

Man talk.


What about that CD
you promised us?

-The microwave.
-And the movie role.

Yeah, what about
the movie role?

Maybe we'll talk... Talk
about it later, all right?

We'll talk about it
later, hmm?

Next bus to Hoboken.

-Movie role, huh?

-Hey, man, what the...
-Now, you listen,
you little weasel.

I could bust you
with just one phone call.

One phone call.
So don't break my balls.

Now, I want the truth.

What did you see last night?

Okay, but only for you
'cause you're cool.

Cut the crap. Talk.

These dudes were tight.

They was jamming.

Look like something
out of some John Wayne movie.

You know, Iwo Jima and shit.


It could have been
Martians for all I know.

They were wearing gas masks.

Angel's dudes, they got
their thing together.

Anything else?

No, no more.
I don't know nothing.

-Where's the phone?


This is heavy.
You gonna back me up?

Try me.

Word on the street
is Angel is backed
by the Columbians.

Big boys, Blade.

Big boys.

You sure about this?

It's the truth.

Oh, boy.

Don't sit.

Why you sit?
Who told you to sit?

I came to collect, Benny.

You owe me.

Yeah, I owe you.
I know I owe you.

Every time I look up,
you're in my fucking face.

What, huh? What?

I need to talk to Don Mario.

The Don?
Huh, just like that.




Do you know
what happened last night?

This is a big fucking favor
you're asking me.


I kept you out of lockup.

You owe me.

Okay, I'll get you
an audience with the Don.

Anything else?

-Then we're even.

This is it.
This is the end of it, right?

I don't gotta look up
and see you

spoiling my meal
anymore, right? Huh?

Huh, Blade?
We're even, right? Huh?

-Then get the
fuck out of here.


Where's my pastina?
Bring me my fucking pastina.

And put some anchovies on this
goddamn salad, would you?

A world anchovy shortage
or something?


Yeah, what is it?

meets with the other dons
tonight at his coffin factory.

How convenient.

There's something else.

I'm listening.

It's Blade,
I'm worried about him.

You're a cop. You're supposed
to be our pipeline,
take care of business.

He could find out about
my involvement with you.

They call him the
Street Hunter.

He didn't make up
that name himself.

You fight a weapon
with a weapon.
Terminate him.


You know better than
smoking in my quarters.

Oh, sorry about that, man,
I forgot.

Study, study, study, huh?
That's great, man, you're
always studying.

I wish I could be like that.

Strategy plus mind
always equals victory.

Well, it sounds like
you got a plan, huh?

The Greeks fought the Trojans
in a 10-year war,

and won on a simple,
ingenious device,
the Trojan horse.

A horse?
Who needs horses, man?

I don't know nothing about
horses, man, my boys don't
know about horses, man.

-We're from the streets.
-Let me explain.

The rolled the Trojan horse
into the walls of Troy,

sprang from its belly, and
slaughtered all the Trojans.

That's what we're gonna do
tonight to the Romanos.

Great, man. That's great.
'Cause I don't care if
I have to pop out of

the fucking belly of a pig,
as long as they're all dead.

Listen to me.
And follow orders.

Blade, get your
fucking hands up.

-Check them out.
-Wider. Come on.

What you got?
Anything under there?

Ooh, that feels good.

I'll just stick my fucking gun
in your mouth, let me know how
good that's gonna feel, Blade.

That's some fucking mouth
on you today, Blade.

Don't be fucking cute.
What are you,
a comedian today?

-Is he good?
-Yeah, he's clean.

Put your hands down before
I stick them up your
fucking ass.

Shut your fucking mouth.

Mr. Romano.

You got 30 seconds, Blade.

I'd like to find
your son's killers.

I take care
of my own problems.
What do I need with you?

You're a businessman.
Blood is bad for business,


Well, I can find them quicker
and cleaner than your

-Is that right?

And what's in it for you?

One of them has a price
on his head, and I want him.

You want him?
He was my kid and my blood.

And you want revenge?

What are we, fucking related?

I know we ain't cousins,
'cause you're dressed funny.

What's really
on your mind, pal?

I mean, why should
I give him to you?

What's in it for me?

No unnecessary blood
will be spilled, sir.

What are you, a fucking
Good Samaritan?

Mr. Romano, in your business
you don't kill cops.

These animals do.
Let me find them.

I'll tell you what
I'm gonna let you do.

I'm gonna let you get the fuck
out of my face and stay out of
my business.

'Cause I'm gonna personally
rip their hearts out.
Time's up. Come on.

it one of the bloodiest nights
in the city's history.

Expressing outrage at last
night's ambush and massacre of

nine New York City
police officers,

the mayor has offered
a $100,000 reward

leading to the arrest
and conviction of the

In a related incident,
Louis Romano, son of
reputed mob boss,

-Mario Romano...

-...was gunned down at
a gang shootout at...


Word's out you wanna know
about Angel and the Diablos.

Meet me in an hour and I could
have something for you.
If you pay good.

I'm not interested
in old news.

Hey, hey, I'm cool.
I got what you want.

But I can't have none of the
Diablos see me talking to you.

I'm an indio.
So let meet at...

I'll say where we meet.

The abandoned theater
at 13th and Third.

Enter through the alley,
in 15 minutes.

Not bad. Not great.
I don't see a future in it
for you or nothing.

You know what my father used
to say? We only get one chance
in our lifetime.

We only get just one chance,
man, and this is your chance.

You wanna prove that
you can stand with us?
You wanna be a Diablo?

Yeah, that's what I want.

-I wanna be a Diablo.
-All right, man,
then you show us.

What you gotta do, is keep
Blade occupied, right?

You don't flinch, you don't
move, you just stand.

Armando here will take
care of the rest, all right?

-Do you wanna be a Diablo?

All right, man,
you're gonna be a Diablo,
all right?

Yeah, all right.

Over here.

You're late.

I, uh, I had to be careful.

I'm indio, remember?

You're a scared punk.

Now, business.

What do you want to know?

You called me.

Well, uh, Angel and those
Diablos, they're behind
the killings.

Already know that. Where?

-Where, what?

Wait, wait.

All right, man.

If I, uh, if I tell you where
they're at, you promise not to
let out who told you, right?

Talk now or I leave.


Now you wanna talk?


Now it's my turn.




I'm telling you nada, man.
I'm Diablo.

Hector, Hector, you're indio.
The Diablos used you.

They would have
offed Blade and you.

No way.

And even if it is true,
I still ain't telling you

You can't hold me.
You got no charges against me.

Well, I guess, we could take
him down to the basement,
huh, Captain?

Yeah, Captain.
Let us play 20 Questions
with this slimeball.


Get this crybaby out of here.

No crybaby,
I'm gonna be a Diablo. A man!

Not a sellout
white boy like you.

Don't you talk to me
like that, motherfucker.

My name is,
Ralph Motherfucking Rivera,
you hear me?

Ralph Motherfucking Rivera,
Captain Motherfucking Rivera.


Get this motherfucker
out of here!

Okay, let's go.


Well, we're back
to square one.

I got this crazy commando
killing my cops.

Innocent people are gonna
get caught in the crossfire.

-How can I help, Ralph?
-We don't need your help.


-Chill out, detective.

Here's the dossier on Walsh.

This guy is a real
piece of work.

He was the best
and the brightest.
Honors at school.

Distinguished service in
'Nam, a lot of top secret

and then he starts
to get a little warped.

Why the dishonorable

Well, he punches out
two US senators visiting
an army base near Saigon.

It wasn't political though.
One was a Democrat
and one was a Republican.


He managed to be out of 'Nam
before the trial, shows up
in Angola next.

He left the US army
as a captain, right?

But some African dictator
makes him a colonel.

Trains the locals, does a few
missions, then onto the
next war.

Does the same thing in
El Salvador, does the same
thing in Lebanon.

Now he's here.

Well, we'll get him,
all right.

Yeah, first we gotta find him.

Whenever we get close to him,

he packs up the Diablos pronto
and they move to a
new hideout.

-Like an army on the move?

Well, the word out on the
street said Angel is part of
the Columbian cartel.

He's their man in New York.

-And something very heavy
is about to happen.
-What's that?

I don't know yet,
but I will find out.

I'll be at Denise's,
if you need to reach me.

-Yeah, take care, buddy.


I hate this fucking guy.
I'm gonna nail his ass.

You will,
don't worry, you will.
Everything in its own time.

-I'm gonna follow him.
-Hey, come on. Whoa!

Look at you,
you look like shit.

Go home, take a shower,
take a bath.

Get some sleep, I'm gonna
do the same. Come on.
It's been a bitch of a day.

Yeah, you're right.

-See you in the
morning, partner.
-Oh, hey.


-Don't be a wise ass.
-Can't help it.

Yeah, hello, operator, yeah.
I'd like to make a
credit card call.

Yeah, the number is, uh,

2341. Right.
This is a call to
Medellin, Columbia.

And the number is,

Okay? Thanks a lot.


-Get the car.
-Go get the car.
Pull it up.

-Did you call the florist?

We ain't got all day,
you know.



Get our people out there.
Find those Diablos and
burn them!

I'm proud of you all,
my soldiers.

Each day we grow another
head like the Hydra.

And each head
makes us stronger.


Soon, we'll be the
ultimate victors.

The ultimate masters.

Unconquered, unvanquished.

We are the future!

We can share the thunder!

It's Year One.
Long live the new order!









So you like to
play rough, huh?

Tell me something,
where's your boyfriend?

Hmm? Hmm?

Oh, you're gonna be so sorry
he's not here.

(GRUNTS) Bitch!


First, I'm gonna teach
you some manners.

Come on. Kick me again.
I like that.

Come on.

Come on.

The nigger!




I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

I'm sorry, baby.

-Everything all right?
-Right on time, brother.


You know, Blade, this has
been a long time coming.


-Where's Wellman?
-Wellman, who's he?

He's another dumb
shit cop who

puts his ass on the line
every day

for a pension to spend when
he's too old to be banging
hookers on the back seat

-of his squad car.

You know, Blade, you'd still
be on the force today,
if it wasn't for me.

Get his gun.

You're the son of bitch
who framed me?

I was making top dollar
working for Don Romano.

-Dirty dollars.
-Dirty, clean, what's
the difference?

I had a fistful.

But you, you were the cop
in shining fucking armor.

You got the glory, the fame.
Me, your ex-partner,
I got bullshit.

You're not the only one who
knows how to take care of
business, Mr. Blade.

You got too close to me,
I had to stop you.

But you belong to me now.

-And Romano?
-Who needs him?

His homeboys
are the new winners.


These three boneheads
couldn't even stop Denise.

Oh, yes.

That brings us to Denise,
doesn't it?

You know, you're much to fine
for that motherfucker, baby.

Adios, brother.

Riley, you talk too much.




No! Let go!

Damn it! Leave me alone!

-Come on, move!

-Shut up, bitch!
-Hold it, Riley!

Let me out of here.

Hey! Thank you very much.


Logan Blade, bad man.
Come on, Logan.

"That's it. My, my, my," said
the spider to the Blade.

"Come on in, and catch
this shade, huh?"

Come on, Logan Blade,
Street Hunter, hunt this.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, I got you
doing it right here.

Come on.



RILEY: Goddamn you!

Get in here.

Goddamn, Blade,
I should've killed you
a long time ago.


You talk too much.

LOGAN: Denise.

It's okay now, baby.

Stay, Munch.

Yes, Mr. Blade.
It's okay now.

I've got her.

you're a worthy adversary.

I appreciate that.

I wanted to meet you.

But now...

Now the hunt's over.

WALSH: Shoot the mutt.

Sorry, jefe.

Remember, men,

in the field,
you can't afford to miss.

Here we are, Logan, huh?

It's you, me,
my boys, your girl.

We're all here, man, come on.

Why don't you just take me?

Come on, man, take me.

Come on, why don't you
fucking take me, right?

You've been chasing me
for a whole fucking month!

Come on, what is it?

'Cause you're not
with your dog, man,
is that it?

You're not with your dog?
Or you're afraid we're gonna

hurt your girl?
Is that what it is?

We're not gonna
hurt her, man.

We're gonna be
nice and gentle with her.



Come on. So you,
so you coming or what?


Come on, man,
you're coming or what?



Denise. Honey?


Let her go.

Your concern for this woman
surprises me, buddy.

She's been your downfall.
Achilles heel.

Perhaps you've forgotten
you're a soldier,
a warrior like me.

Oh, man, I'm nothing like you.

You're wrong. We're brothers.

-The difference is you have
no respect for law and order.
-You're wrong again.

I respect the law.

The law I create,
administer and judge.

It's the only way, Blade.
Order doesn't work.

That's why I created
my own here,

because order
is only as good
as those who control it.

Look what happened in 'Nam.

No, man, don't start that,
I was there.

I know.

I did my homework.

You know they didn't
let us win.

I also think there was
a little bit more to it
than that.

No, man.

They fucked it up.

They didn't let us win.

Glory was denied us.

And now,

now there's no more wars.

Nothing to fight for anymore.

You know that, Blade.

There's nothing to fight for
but the fight itself.

Only in war can you
find your soul.


Is that what all this
is about for you? Hmm?

It's about the consequences
of strength.

I am strong.

Yo, man, you, uh,

may be strong with those
two goons behind you,
and, uh,

may be strong
with a fistful of lead
in your hands.

How strong would you be

Mano-a-mano, huh?

you know what I mean?

Tempting challenge, buddy.

And one I'll take you up
on our next briefing.

Perhaps after we
explore that challenge,

you'll want to join with me.

Perhaps I can change
your mind about
the state of things.

I might take you up
on that preposition.

If, uh, you just let Denise
go free, okay?


I need more of a commitment
than your word to let her go.

This woman means
nothing to me.

Angel wants her.

If he does his job
in tonight's operation,

I'll give her to him.
The spoils of war.


Come in.

All set, jefe.
I did everything
that you said.

Good job, Angel.

I've enjoyed talking
with you, Blade.

So I won't kill you.

You're not gonna
waste him now?

Oh, man,
I'll take care of him.

-I'll take care of him
in a heartbeat.

I want him alive.

He's the only one here
who knows what the hell
I'm talking about.

I should finish you off
right now, fucking Logan.

You want to finish me off?

Go ahead.
Finish me off.

'Cause if you do,
you funny-looking
little midget,

your fruitcake leader
over there will slice
your throat from ear to ear.

He said that shit?

That's all right,
'cause I'm not going
to need him after tonight.

'Cause I'm sick and fucking
tired of him talking
about the fucking past.

'Cause I don't care
about the past, man,

I care about today
and tomorrow, man.

He thinks I'm fucking stupid,
we're gonna see
who the fuck is stupid.

And dago, you are stupid.

I got just the right thing
for you, man.

When I go
to the Romanos tonight,

I'm gonna get
a fucking pine box for you,
that's what I'm gonna do.

-You like that?

Keep dreaming.

I got big plans
for your bitch, too.

-That's right, baby.

Angel, get off her.
Get off her!

(GROWLS) Baby.

-That's right.

-(WHISPERS) Baby, yeah.


Yeah, baby. Mmm.

-Angel, stop it, man.

I'm gonna let you watch, man,
before I bury you alive, too.

Get off her, man. Hey!


I'll see you later, man.
Hasta luego.

We'll be talking.


-It's all right, all right,
all right.

I know, I know.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Tonight is what
we've been training for.

Our show of strength,

-our show of force.

I told you
I'd take you to glory,

like Alexander the Great
at Arbela.

-Don't disappoint me.



I don't know what these dons
are talking about.

I don't understand
this either.

They should send me
to take care of these guys.

You? Just you?

You're gonna walk in
and take care of the Diablos
by yourself?

-That's right, just me.
-I'm with Vin.

We don't operate that way.
We don't operate on our own.

I'm gonna send your
widow flowers,
how's that pal?



Thanks. Thanks for coming
on such short notice.

Don Mario.

Allow us to express
our condolences

for the untimely passing
of your son, huh?

-Thank you,
thank you very much.
-Two losses in one year.

Tsk, tsk, what a shame.

First your father,
and now your son.

Thank you,
thank you, my friend.


Gentlemen, I appreciate
your fine sentiments.

And I, uh, appreciate
your loyalty throughout
the years.

Both for my father
and now for myself.


-People live and people die.

Especially in our business.




And now, I'm gonna
have a little fun
with your lady, yeah?

Don't touch her!

LOGAN: You hear me?

Leave her alone!

Leave her alone!




Cut the ropes.


Don't be stupid.


Good, now drop the knife.



Denise, baby, it's okay.

Son of a bitch!

We could've been
killed, Logan.

-All right, Denise.
I'm really sorry.

(SHOUTS) You're sorry?

Honey, honey.

Just stay here, okay?

-I'll call Daze.
-I can take care of myself.

I got to go stop them,
don't you know that?

Baby, look, I promise,
when this is over,
we'll work this out later.

I promise you.

Here, now...

Hold onto this

and wait until Daze comes,
you'll be safe. Okay?

-This is it, Logan.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm really sorry.

So am I.

Damn it.



Yeah, well, looks like
it's just you and me, partner.

Just you and me.

LOGAN: Daze. Logan.

Do me a favor, brother.

Pick up Denise
at the abandoned church
on Garnett Street.

Can't explain now, but...

Looks like I really messed up
with the lady this time.


Why don't we go get
some calamari?

-Who's buying?
-You're buying.

All right, let's go.
Come on.

Whoa, whoa.
Nobody's going nowhere.

You got a job to do,
you're staying right here.

They're up there talking.
We stay right here
and do our job.

Nobody goes nowhere.

Gentlemen, I called you
together this evening

to discuss
a serious problem.

A problem that not only
concerns our business,

but it concerns our country.

The name of the problem
is Diablos.

These fucking foreigners.

They come to our country...

They come to our country
and muscle in on us.

Instead of staying
in the fucking jungle

and taking care
of the supply line,

they come here
and try to muscle in on us.

Well, it's got to a point
where we got two choices,

we either buy them out
or we blow them away.

Give me a light, Ronnie.

Surgeon General says
smoking is bad
for your health.

Who the fuck is this guy?
Who is this
fucking crazy bastard?



My soldiers, the day is ours.

Alexander of Macedonia
took 50,000 infantry
and horsemen

against King Darius'
250,000 Persians,

Parthians, Bedouins and

Alexander broke through
the line against
overwhelming odds

and won the Battle of Arbela.

Today we have won
the battle of New York.

The day is ours!


So, Angel...

You coming or what?

Now is the time.

I want him alive!











I got a bad feeling
about this, man.

My mother called me up today,
she told me...


He's good.


He's very good.


They're here, man,
the blue balls are here, man.

I, I told you
I had a bad feeling
about this, man.

Let's get the fuck
out of here, come on.
Let's book, man.

I think we should split up.
What do you think, Colonel?

I won't stand for

Whatever you say, man,
you're the colonel.

So where are we gonna
to go from here?


We'll be at the hideout.

You hear that, Blade?

I'll be there.

So, Angel...

You're coming or what?

I've had it with you, man.
I'm gonna blow you away
for good this time, man.

You just won't learn,
will you, Angel?

I told you I want him alive.

Too bad we couldn't be
on the same team, Blade.

I could've made you rich,

you could've made me
more powerful.

Yeah, well...

It looks to me
like you made
everybody dead.

Hey, man, I didn't make
everybody dead.

I took care of business.

They weren't able
to do their job.

They weren't able
to follow orders.



Tonight I called you
a worthy adversary.


Prove me right.

Choose your weapon.


That's my favorite
form of combat.






You're crazy, man.

-You think I'm crazy, Blade?

They thought Napoleon
was crazy, too.



You're Benedict Arnold, Blade.

You know about
Benedict Arnold?

The books
call him a traitor.

But he was the greatest
military general
in the Revolutionary War.

It's true, Blade. I know.

That's my favorite war.



Benedict Arnold
was maligned, man.

He won battles, man.

Ticonderoga, Valcour Island,
Saratoga, Saratoga, Blade!








Come on, Blade,
let's finish it.

I was just having fun.

I'm very upset
with you, Blade.

If you won't finish it,
you leave me no choice!

Last chance, Blade!


I'm still here, Blade.

Let's end it, Walsh.

We should've been
friends, Blade.

WALSH: I'm gonna miss you.





Can't say the same about you.




My nose, man.

You broke my nose.

Good. That way you won't put
anymore nose candy up there.

Hey, I used to be
so good-looking, man,

and you had to bust my nose.

Look, I'm tired,
my lady is very pissed at me,

it's because I've been chasing
your skinny little ass.

I don't care, man.
You busted my nose.


Now it's fixed.

-It's cold-blooded, man.

You might as well kill me,
man, 'cause I'm not
gonna go back.

Oh, no, no.
That's too easy.

Besides, I'd rather see you
get put away for life
without parole.

So that way,
you can rot till you die.


Get in there.

(SIGHS) Good boy.

You know,
you skinny little monkey,

the more people I meet,
the more I like my dog.

I'll get you, man.
I'm gonna kill you, Logan.
I'm gonna...

Shut up.
Let's go, Munch.