Street Girls (1975) - full transcript

When a middle-aged father searches for his dropout daughter, Angel, his quest takes him into the underworld of prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts and thieves. Angel has become a dancer in a topless bar, and her dealer boyfriend is turning her on to heroin.

(honky tonk music)

- [Man] Goin' hop down the table. (laughs)


- You know, I would never send a girl to college.

What she gonna learn?

- I dunno, things.


- So you're gonna spend good money teachin' her things?

- If she wants to learn.

- You know what the trouble with college is?

VD, it's proven.

The higher the rate of education,

the higher the chance of VD.

I read that.

- [Sven] You never read anything in your whole life.

- Well then somebody told me, what's the difference?

- Well, I don't have to worry about that,

not with my Angel.

- Well, maybe not, but the point is,

Angel is in a high VD area.

Now you tell her to be careful

and stay off of public toilets.

- You dumb ass, you don't get that off of toilets.

Besides, Angel always puts paper down first.

- I never told you this.

But Ted's wife caught the VD off a toilet.

The doctor said so.

And the point is, the toilet was near a college.

(laughing) - Whiskey!

- To me and to my daughter.

(funk music) (crowd cheers)

- [Announcer] Gentleman, the Club-A-Go-Go

is proud to present

the exotic, the one and the only,

Angel, for your viewing pleasure.

Come on boys, let's welcome Angel.

(crowd whistles) (crowd applauds)

- [Man] Let's go, come on, come on.

- [Announcer] Let's give these girls a hand,

come on boys, let's give them a hand, come on.

(audience clapping)

(audience cheering)

- Shake it. (audience cheering)

- [Announcer] Come on boys, relax.

- You look good. - Yeah, came in good.

(lips smacking)

(woman giggling)

- [Woman] You'll never believe this

but I've never done anything like this before.

(woman laughing)

- [Sally] Angel and I might catch a film after work.

So don't worry if I'm not home.

- Bye. - Ciao.

(horn honks)

(horn honks)

- You see her, right?

Hey, little girl, hey, little girl.

Is your name Sally?

Stop, stop, stop.

Wait a minute, stop.

Sally, it's Rico.

- Rico. - Sally, how are ya, oh!


- Oh, Rico.

- Oh, beautiful, oh.

- When did you get back into town?

- About a week ago.

- It's cold out here.

Get in my car. - I know you must be freezing.

- [Rico] Come on, we'll get in the back.

Make sure you're staying, yeah.

- Whew, what a palace.

Oh my God, Rico, I thought you were a john,

trying to pick me up.

- No! (laughing)

- So what element have you been up to, huh?

- Oh, honey, I got in trouble out here.

I had to go back east in a hurry.

- [Sally] Oh, yeah?

- Oh, but I got me a whole bunch of beautiful broads.

Man, did they work for me, honey.

Really, they made me a whole lot of money.

Bought me this beautiful car.

Got me a chauffeur, and they just.

We're gonna visit the gang.

- Great.

- Hey, what are you doing now?

- I'm working for Irv. - Irv?

- Yeah. - Honey, I don't like that.

- Oh, I'm just dancin', I don't do any tricks

or anything like that.

- You sure of that?

- No, ever since I met Angel, I ain't doing that way.

- Angel, yeah, I think I met her at a party

I attended with Mario.

- Mario?

- She and, yeah, married, together.

- Mario? - Yeah.

- Oh, she's probably just hustlin' dope.


- Not you. - I'm okay, Rico, I'm alright.

I gotta go. - Okay, honey.

- Hey honey. (lips smacking)

I'll call ya at the club, honey.

- Oh, great.

- Okay, Jimmy, let's go.

(dance music) (crowd cheers)

- [Sid] I know that 18 months ain't a long time

but it's a concrete jungle. - Sure.

- And I wanna get laid a lot. - Okay.

- Mario, this is my friend Sid from Chicago.

- [Sid] How you doing, Mario.

- Mario has a little bit of my local action.

- [Sid] Oh, look at that, isn't that fine?

Oh, Irv, can I have it? - Fine.

- You like it?

- It's for me tonight.

Hey, Jimmy, can I have another drink?

(crowd cheers)

- [Announcer] Come on boys,

lets hear it for Angel.

(crowd cheers)


- Got Amateur Night

coming up in just a few minutes, now.

- Hey.

- Hey, baby, you've been paying an awful lot of attention

to Mario, haven't you?

- So?

- Well, so, I don't like it.

I mean, that's not what we came here for,

that's not what we're doing.

- Who cares?

- Come on, come on.

- I have to do what I want, maybe I need a man.

- Shit.

- [Angel] I, I've just been feeling dirty lately.

I can't help it, I don't know what it is,

I've just been feeling so dirty.

- Dirty?

Listen, I care about you, you know?

And you're important to me, you're all I care about.

- [Angel] Maybe I don't care.

- We can talk about it later, okay?

- Sally, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

- [Announcer] And now, ladies and gentleman,

our first amateur, let's hear it for Darling Clementine.

(men clapping) (rock music)

- [Announcer] Come on boys, come on.

(crowd applauding)

- [Announcer] Come on, don't be bashful.

You may be an amateur, but you're alright.

She's alright, isn't she boys?

All right.

Darling Clementine, she got a six on the meter.

(crowd cheers)

Gentlemen, here's Dixie Chicken.

Come on, Dixie.

She's got some fringe benefits, hey boys.

(crowd applauding)

- Come on, get on the horse. - Ye haw.

- [Man] Boo.

- What do ya say we get together now,

see what that's done for us.

- Sure.

- [Announcer] Dixie Chicken.

(crowd yelling)

Keep trying, Dixie.

Diane, the fabulous Diane.

- Oh my God, my God. (crowd yelling)

- [Announcer] So boys, let's hear it for the lovely Diane.

We got a winner.

(crowd clapping)

Oh boy.

- [Woman] You know ol' Irv,

he'll sell 'em off for a female word.

- Yes it's Irv. (laughing) - Yeah.

- Man, shit, I got another row.

- Man. - Man.

- Don't worry about it, I run five pair a night.

- Gonna have to find another man to pay me some stockings.


- That would be nice, huh.

- Alright, everybody out.

Listen, after the show tonight, we're gonna have a party.

How 'bout it?

- I'm sorry, I'm busy, maybe some other time.

- Look, I want you to do this for me.

(body thudding)

(crowd groaning)

- [Announcer] Gentlemen, last call, please.

- [Man] I'll have one for the road.

- [Announcer] Drive safely and have a good night.

- [Woman] Free beers, who wants that?

- [Woman] Diane.

- Listen, I'll see you later, I gotta go do a trick.

- Where you running, Chicken?

- Irv.

- Yeah, I know

Be cool, I mean, you're walking, it could be worse.

Still got your health, Chicken.

- You're right, I keep getting myself

in these terrible messes, though, blah.

- When you gonna give up and go back to the woods?

- Freezin' my ass off.

- Hell, a hock is plenty cold, alright.

- What's a hock?

- Cold, baby, nothin' but the cold.

You'll be alright though.

You keep moving, you'll keep warm.

(laughing) I gotta go, baby.

- I just can't make up my mind about you.

What kind of party?

- What do you mean, what kind of party?

You know what kind of party.

What, are you gonna start asking a lot of questions now?

Angel had that idea, too.

- Is Angel coming?

- I just spoke to her.

- Well, what's in it for me?

- 50. - I want 100.

- Okay, now you're a whore.

- I guess that makes you my pimp.

If you try anything, I'll cut you from top to bottom.

- Take it easy, just a little joke now.

- I'll meet you at the bar, what's his name?

- Sid.

Hey Dave, cut that out in there.

That Angel skipping out before the party

really pisses me off.

She needs a lesson, matter of fact, she needs a beating.

Well, isn't that sweet.

- What do you want to do with her?

- Nothing right now, but you're gonna build her up

to a big habit real quick, then we'll see.

- Okay.

(blues music)

- Gotta get going. - Okay.

- Not you, you stay here.

Fuckin' Irv finds out that I'm helping you out,

he'd have my ass.

- You're not afraid of Irv, are you?

- Shit, no.

- Before you go, you think I can have a little taste, maybe?

- Nah, you're getting too loose on that shit.

- You said you'd take care of me.

- If I'm gonna take care of you then you gotta do it right.

This is the way you do it right.

- Why.


But let's do it together, all right?

- Like I told you, I gotta clean up.

No reason you should be denied.

(mournful music)

- Funny the way things are.

I was seven-years old,

my father thought I was smoking his cigarette.

So he taught me a lesson.

Made me smoke a cigar.

I threw up in the fireplace.

When I was 14, I used to have to be in at 10:00 p.m.

One time I was 3 hours late.

My father beat the holy shit out of me.

Feels so good now, Baba.

- I told you, she doesn't live here anymore.

- But where is she?

- I dunno, I think she's living in the city.

- You think or you know?

- Look, I don't even know why you bother.

I mean, your daughter's a dyke.

- What do you mean, dyke?

- Well, you know, she likes broads, you know?

Hey, I don't mean to make it sound bad or anything.

I'm just telling you what it is, you know what I mean?

- Where is she?

- She's living in the city with a chick named Sally Kendall.

- Where, what address?

- It's Smeade Hotel, okay.

- Yeah, yeah, okay.

- [Woman] Bob.

- Go in the house, will ya.

- Feels so good now, Baba.

(blues music)

♪ So you come down to the city

♪ Just to see your little girl

♪ And you already know that she don't live where ♪

♪ You thought she did

♪ Have you thought on what she's doin' ♪

♪ In the place so far from home ♪

♪ Gonna find your little Angel

♪ Gonna see your little girl

♪ If you get to this Smeade Hotel yeah ♪

- [Sven] Could you tell me where the Smeade Hotel is?

- [Man] Down three blocks, across the street.

♪ Yeah, when you get to the Smeade. ♪

(wind whistles)

- Smeade Hotel?

- Geez, no rooms available.

This is all that's left of its outward form over here.

- Oh, I see.

- [Albert] Interesting bottle I got here.

Really trying to find another bottle, but, look at all the.

- That's very interesting, very nice.

Listen, I wonder if you could do me a favor.

If you could help me, I'd certainly appreciate it.

I'm looking for two girls named Sally and Angel.

They used to live here.

Angel's my daughter,

and Sally was the girl she was rooming with.

Would you know anybody that might know

where they were? - It's really too bad.

You don't know whether they could find each other or not.

Sally is my sister, left this, she left.

- Oh, I didn't know that.

- The problem is I really can't, I'm really tied up here.

My bike is busted, you're not a very good mechanic

and I've got tires. - Well, look.

If your bicycle's broken, that's no problem.

I'll fix it for ya, please, I need your help.


- Okay, maybe we can find somebody up the street here.

- Oh, fine, thank you very much, I certainly appreciate it.

Let's go over here by this bike.

- [Albert] It isn't very good weather to exist in.

You have cold, you have either or.

The warmer you get, the more multiplicity you get

'til you get to South India, where you get

God with 1,000 Arms, James Klee's guy,

Avalokitesvara who was a transsexual

by the time he gets to Japan, but anyway.

In addition to that, he has 1,000 arms

so it's good, on the other hand, on the other hand,

on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand.

I'm involved with a small, experimental college

that had had two students.

Delightful, last one was a founder

of a bohemian church, I think, or something.

- [Sven] That's very interesting.

- [Albert] There's an interesting junk shop over there

with lots of old locks in them.

I have a lock that doesn't have any key.

You just keep fingering it tactilely until you get it open.

It's a very old lock.

And there's a lot of things you have to finger

and imagine and see for a long time

and go through a lot of hells to find your way through.

It all isn't easy and direct.

(Angel thuds)

(Angel thuds)

- Albert, what's happening?

- How are ya?

- Good. - Fine.

- Good, what ya doin' in this neighborhood?

- Well, I was really looking for somethings for Sabina.

- How is tricks? - Fine, okay.

By the way, this is Mr. Anderson here.

Do you know where my sister is today,

do you know where Sally is?

- No, I haven't seen Sally, man.

But she's probably at the club tonight, though.

She will.

Check her out there.

- Gee, that's quite a while from now.

Sure you don't know anybody who would know where she is?

- Look here, man, I got to split.

So I'll check with you, huh.

You check around, you'll probably find her.

All right.

- Who was that guy?

- He's a very interesting guy.

Still really trying to figure him out.

(men mumbling)

- [Albert] There's a lot of interesting buildings

along here where we're going.

All kinds of people I'm wondering about from time to time.

Sort of like parts of Dante's Inferno.

(blues music)

- [Customer] Say, man, what you been doing?

- Same as. - What you got there

on the street?

- If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.

- [Albert] You've got all forms of opportunists

at the gates, and go on and on.

- Hey, what's with you?

Come on, we got other business to talk about.

- Like what?

- Like what, what'd you do about Angel?

- Yeah, yeah, I took her clothes away, just like you said.

Got her off on the smack too, she's nice and edgy.

- Good for you, where's Sally staying tonight.

- Got her right here.

Okay? - Okay.

Hey, come on, don't tie up the lines.

Fuckin' perverts, I hate 'em.

(blues music)

- We have a dollar cover charge please.

- Sure, sure.

Hey, is the girl with the big tits here tonight?

- [Announcer] Proudly presents Stag Night.

- Uh, she might be.

- [Announcer] And our first entertainer

for your edification and pleasure

direct from six weeks at the City of Hope

ladies and gentlemen, proud to present,

the exotic, the beautiful and the lovely

Miss Nan Landers.

(crowd applauds)

("Mother's Bad Luck Child" by Muddy Waters)

♪ You know the gypsy woman told me ♪

♪ That you your mother's bad luck child ♪

♪ You know the gypsy woman told me ♪

♪ That you your mother's bad luck child ♪

♪ Well, you know you're having a good time now ♪

♪ That'll be trouble after while ♪

♪ Well, you know I went to a gypsy woman ♪

♪ To have my fortune told

♪ She say son go back home

- What are you doin' sitting out here?

- Locked out of the office, somebody lost the key.

- God, so what did you want to talk to me about?

- Angel's gonna turn a trick.

- Oh, come on, that would be a miracle.

You tried to do that two weeks ago.

- Don't get smart.

Mario's got her strung out and she'll do what she's told.

- Oh.

- Maybe you could stop in and see Angel.

Help Mario keep her in line.

- I don't need Mario to help keep her in line.

- Maybe you need Mario to help you

find the key to your office.

- Strictly business now, aren't ya?

All you young whores are the same.

Turn that holey hole into a money hole.

That's all you think about.

- Oh, fuck off.

("Mother's Bad Luck Child" by Muddy Waters)

♪ And I went back home

♪ Took the gypsy woman as she said ♪

♪ I peeped through my keyhole

♪ Found another man was in my bed ♪

♪ You know the gypsy woman told me ♪

♪ That you your mother's bad luck child ♪

♪ Yeah you know you're having a good time now ♪

♪ But that'll be trouble after while ♪

- Mr. Anderson?

- Sh, sh, sh.

- Excuse me, Mr. Anderson.

- Sh, sh, sh, this is terrific, this is terrific.


- I'm in a conscious reality I can't transcend.

- Hey, wait a minute.

- [Server] What will you have, there's a three-drink minium.

- I'll have three whiskeys and three beers.

- All at once? - Sure.

(blues music)

(crowd applauds)

- Freezin' out here.

- Yeah, I'm only gonna be out here for a couple minutes.

- Yeah, it's a real day.

- Say, Irv's being really uptight.

Somebody's asking questions about Angel.

- Yeah, whole world's uptight.

I mean Irv is, Irv is a giant kinda character.

But Angel's all right, she's cool.

(crowd yelling) (rock music)

(crowd whistling) (crowd clapping)

- [Announcer] Let's hear it for the girls.

Come on, let's hear it for the girls.

- Hi.

- Hi, I was wondering if you have an opening for a dancer.

- [Irv] What's your background.

- I played Sharon in Finian's Rainbow.

- Oh. - It's a musical comedy.

- Yeah, I know, what do you think, I'm a dummy?

Hang around, I'll test ya after we close.

- [Announcer] Come again, if you can.

- Thank you. - Don't mention it.

- Whoa that comedian is really funny.

- Yeah, really funny, like you, you fucking rummy.

- Hey, Mitzi. - Yeah.

- [Sally] I got the bread together for your stuff.

- Hey, there's some trick out there in a gray coat

who wants to see ya.

- [Sally] (laughing) I bet that's not all he wants to do.

Hey, mister, did you want to see me?

- Oh, hello, I've Sven Anderson, Angel's father.

- Whoa, my God, shoo.

What are you doin' here?

- Your brother, Albert Michael, at the Smeade Hotel,

told me I'd find you here.

Where's Angel?

Oh, God, Mr. Anderson.

Let's go somewhere else to talk, it's so noisy in here.

- Oh, all right.

I had quite a trip finding you.

I've been to the National City Bicycle Shop

and Lucky's Tavern and Club Cigar,

I've been all over this town.

Where can we go to talk about her.

- There's a place I know where it will be quiet.

- Oh, fine, I've been 600 miles, did you know that.

(door shuts)

- Sorry to keep you waiting, honey.

What's your name?

- Adele.

- Take your clothes off, Adele.

- We got a problem, Mario.

- I don't follow.

- Angel.

Slip out of those panties, honey.

The only reason to turn her on is to turn her out.

It's taking too long.

You got nice hair, do a little dance for Uncle Irv, Adele.

- I know all about that.

Just don't think the time is right, you know.

How about a little shimmy, huh.

- Now you're learning.

The time is right tomorrow, Mario.

And I've got the perfect trick for her.

Something that will just suit her personality.

- Look, Irv.

- Adele, you're not a junkie, are you, honey?

Let's see the inside of those thighs.

No junkies work in here.

- Just don't feel we should do it now.

Let me turn her out slowly.

- Look, she starts paying her way tomorrow

or I'll ship her to a whorehouse in Detroit

where she can turn 30 tricks a day.

- Alright.

- Better yet, I'll sell her.

- Sell her?

- I met a guy who buys people.

A real lowlife.

- Alright, man, I'll see what I can do.

- Get dressed, Adele, that's enough.

I was afraid you're getting hung up on Angel, Mario.

- No sweat.

- This one's a little bashful, Mario.

- Look at that body, her hair.

- You like that, huh?

- [Mario] Yeah.

- I tell you what, Mario.

You take care of Angel and I'll give you this for a present.

Okay? - Okay.

- Adele, you got a job.

$15 per night, plus your tips, okay.

You can get dressed now, honey.

- He's coming on real strong with this bit, you know?

- Yeah.

- And gets up and he splits with this other cat.

I couldn't believe it.

Kind of bad for my ego, wow.

Not only that, but he's a fag. (laughing)

And his lover was real ugly, real ugly.

- Hi, yo, what's happening?

This is Sven Anderson, this is Kevin.

- Hi. - How d'ya do?

Good to meet ya. - Thanks.

- And Katherine. - Hello.

- And this is Madeline Sabina.

- [Sven] Albert!

- Oh, no, Sabina.

- Oh.

- Want a charge?

- Can't you get addicted to that stuff?

- [Katherine] Uh, not as bad as cigarettes.


- No, man, I've been smoking for 10 years

and I'm not hooked yet.

- I once got addicted to Smith Brothers cough drops.

- Smith Brothers cough drops?

- Yeah, cherry, I ate sometimes,

maybe eight, nine 10 boxes a day.


- Heavy. - Wow.

That must have been serious.

- Did you go cold, syrup?


- Come on, Mr. Anderson, come on.

Let's go in this other room.

- It was a pleasure meeting you.

- Yeah, nice to meet you all, too.

- See you around. - Bye.

- Hey, Susan, I got company.

- Hi. - Hello.

- Hi.

- Come have a seat.

- Oh thank you. - Do you want a beer?

- Yes, that would be nice, thanks.

- Okay, I'll go get you one. - Okay, thank you.

- Are you old?

- I guess so.

- You look beautiful tonight.

- I'm really not beautiful, Sally.

I'm really not here, Sabina means honesty.

- What do you want?

- Couple of dollars.


- Later.

- [Sally] Here ya go.

- Oh, thank you. - Sure.

- Who, who lives here?

- Well, everybody, I guess, it's kind of a communal place.

It's not far from the club.

- I see.

You know, the school told me that Angel's been suspended.

- Suspended? - Uh hmm.

- Oh, no, she quit 'cause she wanted to quit.

They get those records very mixed up out there.

- Yeah.

You happen to know this Bob, this old boyfriend of Angel's?

- Oh, yeah, well, he was never a boyfriend of hers.

He just, I mean, he just dated her sometimes.

- Oh, I see.

- I'll be right down, okay? - Yeah, sure.

- I just came over to say thanks a lot for everything.

- Oh, sure, sure.

I'm always glad to help you out.

- Thank you, really. - Far out.

- I need a friend like you, you know.

- You've got one, baby.

- I remember the first time I got laid.

It was terrible.

I guess it was because I over-fantasized it.

For years I dreamt about how beautiful it was gonna be.

That's why I waited so long, held out 'til I was 14.

When it happened, was it bad news. (exhales)

Gettin' balled in my parents' bed, bra around my neck.

He didn't even bother

to take off my parochial school uniform. (laughs)

Mr. Speed was over in 18 seconds flat.

And the worst part of it was

it happened on my father's side of the bed.

Things like that ever happen to you?

- No, no, I never did that.

- Well, you just reminded me of my old man, so.

- I need to go back to the old man.

See what I can do with him.

- Alright, take it easy.

- Outta sight. - See ya later.

- I gotta split, see ya later.

- Yeah, I'll see ya.

Well, you were going to tell me some more about Angel.

- I don't know how much more there is to tell you.

She got this job on a ship that's cruising around the world.

And she really likes it.

But I know she wrote you about it.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.

Letter's probably at my house right now.


- Yeah, you really got nothing to worry about.

She's just fine.

- That's good, I guess not.

- [Sally] So I guess you'll be leaving soon.

- Yeah, no reason for me to hang around here anymore.

(Sally laughs)

Say, there is just one thing, though.

Well, I don't quite know how to say this.

- What's that?

- Well, this old boyfriend of Angel's.

- Friend of Angel's.

- Yeah, well, yes, well.

He said you and Angel are (laughs) lesbians.

- Oh.

- Course I know there's not a word of truth in that.

- Well that's not silly.

We've been lovers for a long time.

I love Angel.

- I don't believe that.

You're lying, yes you are, you're lying.

Angel wouldn't do anything that dirty, you filthy bitch.

(Sally crashes)

- Hi, Sventaurus.

- Fuck you.

(moody music)

- I don't know whether to talk to you as Albert Michael

or whether to talk to you as Sabina.

- Then talk to me as both.

- Okay, I like to do that the best.

Do you know what I found out today?

- No.

- Well, I found out that Irv is turning Angel

into a whore.

He's feeding her smack.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do.

Like, um, like I really love her, ya know?

- [Angel] I can share.

- [Mario] What about me?

I'm in the hole keeping you.

Look, do this for me, baby.

Work for us, okay?

- [Angel] Okay.

- [Mario] I'll pick ya up in about an hour.

- Where the hell have you been?

I had to bust my ass this morning to get over here,

had to run through a lube job, had to really go.

- I'm only a few minutes late.

- Oh, is that all, well.

- You want me to leave?

- Oh, no, I don't want you to leave.

I just get kind of impatient.

You know, it's my lunch break and all.

- Should I take my clothes off?

- Sure, might as well save 'em.

- What about you?

- Nah, fuck 'em.

- Can I use the bathroom.

- Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Oh, just a moment, though.

Alright, you might just wanna try these on

to see how they fit, you know.


You know, I saw you over at the club a couple of weeks ago.

I had to really get on Irv.

I've been wanted to see ya.

You're a pretty good lookin' girl.

Nice and young.

Kinda like 'em like that.

Yeah, you're a pretty good dancer.

I've been on Irv for quite a while.

(whistling) (toilet flushing)

Could you hear me out here?

- No. (man laughing)

- I could hear you in there. (laughing)

Come on, put on the goggles.

That's it.

Yeah, yeah, that's a nice, tight fit.

You know, them ain't cheap for goggles, you know.

Those are Polaroid tint and non-glare, yeah.

Oh, surprise, how about a bottle of California good stuff?

- [Angel] A couple bottles, huh?

- Yeah, I'm gonna need all of mine to get it on, you know.

In fact, I'll get you a glass.

You got a boyfriend?

- Yeah.

- He let you do this?

- We have an understanding.

- Boy, that must be some understanding. (laughs)

Yeah, quite an understanding.

Here ya go, drink up.

Come on, drink, drink.

You know, I haven't got all day.

I got an errand to run before I get back to work.

♪ You can trust your car

♪ To the man who wears the star ♪

- You must really like your job.

- Oh, I love it, I got six days of service school

and I won an award for car tunin'.

Yeah, I'm no simple gas jock, you know. (laughs)

Oh boy, I feel it comin' and it's gonna be a good one.

I gotta pee, and I mean, I really gotta pee.

Come on, let's go.

- Go where.

- To the bathroom.

- Why the bathroom?

- I don't want to wreck the bed.

Come on, I'm about ready to bust a gut.

- Come on, this is supposed to be a really straight thing.

There must be a misunderstanding here.

- Straight?

Irv knows what I like, just a little golden shower.

Come on, I can't wait much longer.

That's a girl, come on.

Come on, just climb in the tub.

You've got the goggles, won't get in your eyes.

You'll probably even like it.

(door slams) (distorted pounding)

Come on, open up the goddamned door.

I'm about ready to bust a gut.

Come on.

(distorted springs recoiling)

♪ Have you ever tried to be someone to someone ♪

♪ Have you really cried

♪ Wondering if you'll ever find the way ♪

♪ Have you told the lies deep within your sorrows ♪

♪ Waitin' for tomorrow

♪ Cold and empty echoes of the day ♪

♪ Must we always dance our dances ♪

♪ We sell our chances for piece of mind ♪

♪ Is there time to find the reason ♪

♪ Before the seasons leave us behind ♪

♪ Have you ever tried to be someone to someone ♪

- Come in.

Wish I knew you were coming.

- How you been feeling?

- Oh look at this.

Forgot to make the bed this morning.

- Well this isn't cool, needles.

- It's my life, I'll do what I want to.

At least I haven't been peddling my ass on the street.

I did that much for us.

- Us?

- I'm sorry, I just don't know what's been happening.

I miss you so much.

What can I do?

- Why do you stay here?

- Mario took my clothes.

He won't let me go out.

And even if I did try to go out, he'd find me anyway.

He wants me to trick.

For Irv, Sally.

I thought I could trust Mario.

I went on my first one this morning, oh God.

It was horrible.

- It's gonna be okay, I'm coming.

(horn honking)

(slow piano music)


- It must be Mario.

Just a minute.

- I'll be back soon, alright?

I have to give me some time to get the money,

but it will be okay.

- Okay.

- What's up, black eye?

- What's new. - What are you doin' here?

- Still selling dope, aren't ya?

- Yeah, sure.

Come on, okay.

- Well, that's what I'm here for.

- Thought maybe you were still

trying to get it on with Angel.

- If I wanted her, I'd take her.

- That'd be foolish,

Irv's gonna ship her out to a whorehouse.

He's gonna sell her.

- Sell her? - Yeah, he'll be pissed, man.

Especially after this morning.

- That's her life.

- Great.

I gotta go.

I'll be back soon.

I love you, don't worry.

- Okay.

- Bye.

- [Mario] Hey, what about the cash?

- It's on the table.

- What'd she want?

- Nothing, just some dope.

- What'd you talk about.

- I told her about my trick and some girl talk.

- Dyke talk.

(playful music)

- Hi. - Uh, Sven.

- Mitzi. - Mitzi.

- How are you. - Pretty good, how are you?

- [Mitzi] Good, pretty good.

- [Sven] What are you doing around here?

- [Mitzi] Oh, I had my day off,

so I thought I'd walk through the park and go downtown

- [Sven] Oh, yeah, great, I think everyone should have

five days off, Monday through Friday.

(Mitzi laughs)

- [Mitzi] Yeah.

- [Sven] What do you do, Mitzi?

- Oh, I dance, you know, and turn tricks.

I know it's bad and everything, but it's a way of life.

Most of the girls do it, and Irv takes real good care of us.

- I see.

Say, you don't happen to know where Sally is.

- Hey, is she in any trouble.

- No, nothing like that.

Just want to talk to her.

She and Angel used to be pretty good friends, you know.

- Oh, you know Angel.

- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, that's nice.

Me and her used to room together

before she moved in with this guy named Mario.

- Mario? - Yeah.

- He's some dealer down in the Tenderloin.

She might be coming in the club tonight, for Amateur Night.

- Oh, Angel at the club?

- Yeah, maybe, maybe not.

But if you stick around

and I don't know, you might run into her.

- Wait a minute, isn't she on a cruise?

- (laughs) She might be cruisin'

but I haven't heard anything about a ship.

- I don't understand that.

- Oh, nothing, it's just some jokes.

But, listen, you better be careful about Mario.

If he finds out you have the hots for his lady

oh, he really might get mad.

He's a crazy dude.

- Oh? - Yeah.

Look, I gotta go, and take care.

And you won't tell anyone

that I told you about Mario being a dealer?

- Oh, no, nothing. - Okay, good.

See ya later. - See ya, yup.

- Bye, bye, all right. - Thank you very much.

(door slams)

- Hey, Angel.

How ya feelin'?

- Fine.

- I was hopin' to find Mario here.

I've got some stuff I wanted him to test

and I need his expert opinion.

- I'll try it.

- I bet you would, but I couldn't do that.

- Why not.

- No, I just couldn't.

Might be able to work out a trade, though.

- Come in.

- I was wondering whether you could help me find Sally.

Thought she just might know the name of the ship

that Angel's working on.

- No.

- Look, I'm, I'm sorry I pushed you.

This is very hard for me to accept.

I suppose you people have feelings

as well as anybody else, though.

- If I see Sally, I'll let her know you're looking for her.


(door closes)

- (exhales) I never expected him to come back.

- You must love her an awful lot.

- So what, he'll never find her.

- Maybe not. - I know.

- But reason alone really may not get you through this hell.

- Did you hear what he said?

We have feelings, too.


Capricorn girls are always so serious.

- Sally works here, I know she does.

And Mitzi works here, too.

- Mister, you got the wrong place.

These places all look the same.

You seen one, you seen 'em all.

- Hey, Irv, I'm gonna split, huh.

- Okay, Jimmy, I'll see ya later tonight.

- Now, listen, this is important.

You gotta help me.

- Look, I'm a busy man,

so if that's all you want, I got work to do.

- Listen, Sally works here and Mitzi works here too.

Now, you deny that.

I just talked to her.

- Mitzi, Sally, huh.

Look, mister, neither one of 'em work here, okay.

- You can't scare me.

You're just an ordinary guy, just like I am.

And you can be hurt, just like an ordinary guy like me.

- Look, you made your point.

You can go.

- [Sven] Oh, that's the way you want to play it?

- Right.

- Oh, then I'll go, but I'll be back, I'll be back.

- You do that.

That Sally's doing numbers on the side.

I got no room here for any entrepreneurs.

She goes. - When?

- Tonight, I want to get rid of her now.

- Hey, what about Mitzi's big mouth?

You know, I don't think she oughta be talking to every guy

in the street.

Not smart.

- Look, I'll talk to Mitzi,

you asshole, you understand that.

Don't you worry about Mitzi, that's my area.

You know, if somebody ever asked me why I keep you around

I couldn't give 'em a reason.

- I do the best I can.

(blues music)

- [Man] Come on Art.

- Albert, take me to Sally.

- I have enough trouble trying to find Sabina.

Feminine conscious is very hard to locate.

- Albert, I have to talk to her, it's important.

- I don't know where Sally is.

I never know where she is.

(men murmur) (balls break)

- Hey, hey is Sally around?

- Man, I don't know anybody named Sally.

- You know her, she works at the club.

- I talk to a lot of women named Sally.

- Listen, you've got to help me.

- Ain't nobody got to do nothin'.

- What it is, man, what it is.

What it's gonna be, man, you got some friction

or, you know, we gonna play pool or what?

- [Man] Let's play some pool man.

- [Man] Okay, let's get it on.

- Come on, give me a break, huh.

Damn stick, give me a stick.



You know something.

Ain't too healthy to know anything.

- Now, listen this is important.

I know Angel is in this town, she's staying with Mario.

- Angel, Angel.

She a white girl?

- She's my daughter.

- Hey, Joey. - Yeah man.

- You know a white girl name Angel?

- No, I don't know a white girl named Angel.

- How 'bout you Bobby?

- [Bobby] No, man, I don't know a white girl named Angel.

- No, man, Angel don't work here.

- What it is, Jimmy, can't you make a living anywhere.

Damn, you look like you're trying to give this one away.

- Like he wants to lose the game, man.

- [Man] Yeah man, he can't even make a living.

He can't even make a living.

- [Man] Looks like I got the wrong end of it,

you understand.

- [Man] I think they're trying to give it away, dude.

- Say, what's happening?

What's it gonna be, man?

Uh, did you see that lady?

- No, man. - How 'bout you?

Have you seen her?

- No, man, she said she was gonna come around.

- [Man] What time you gonna shoot?

- I'm gonna play pool, man, whatchu mean?

- [Man] Let's play still, I'll give a dollar.

- Look, I'm just trying to find my daughter, now.

I don't have anybody else to turn to.

- You got nobody to turn to.

Corner pocket.

(balls smack)


- Get your ass out here.

How many times I gotta tell you to keep your mouth shut?

- [Mitzi] I didn't say anything!

(Mitzi screaming) (upbeat jazz music)

- I didn't say anything, honest, Irv.

He knows Angel is all. (Irv smacking)

- Angel? (Irv slapping)

- Sally, not Angel, he knows Sally, that's all.

- What did he say about Angel?

- No, he didn't say nothing.

Okay, okay!

- That's better.

- Sally's supposed to be fixing him up with Angel.

I thought it was a trick, that's all.

I didn't mean to do any harm.

- You're lying to me.

- No! (screaming)

- [Irv] I'll drown you. (screaming)

(water gurgles)

(Mitzi screams)

- Okay.


- What else.

- Nothing, it was just fun.

He didn't even know what day it was.

- Feeling, how stupid are you talking about feeling.


- Guys going around asking about Mario the dope pusher.

Those were his exact words.

He's asking about where Mario's keeping Angel.

- Look, I don't know.

Who is this guy?

- Doesn't matter who the guy is, it's why.

Why is it your business is public information?

- Look, I don't know, I'll take care of it.

- You better take care of it.

Because otherwise I'll be doing without your services.

- Don't worry.

- I always worry.

- Sally, I want you to come over to the club.

Something I want to talk to you about.

Yeah, Angel.

I think you oughta know about it, okay.

- Albert, what you doing out here?

Why don't you come inside and get warm?

- I had a note from Sally that she's supposed to be here

but she said, I went to the Wilhelm Reich film and came back

and she left a note, she said she was gonna be with Irv.

I've got Sabina along, I want to do that.

But with Irv around, I was afraid.

- Don't worry about it, just keep to the side.

Go in and get warm.

- I don't even think I can go it.

(psychedelic jazz music)

- You're the guy that's looking for Mario?

- [Woman] Go up these stairs and to the left.

Mario wants to meet you in back.

- [Sven] It sounds a little fishy.

Why didn't he want to meet me in there?

- [Woman] It's private, wants to take you to meet Angel.

- [Sven] Oh, all right.

- Hey, Anderson, understand you're looking for me.

- Are you Mario?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- What do ya want?

- Are you the one that Angel's living with?

- Yeah, what's it to you?

- [Sven] Well, I don't like it, I'm her father.

- Well, okay, you can't go around asking a lot of questions.

- Well I don't want her living with the likes of you.

- You could get hurt doing that.

- No, no, no.

(bodies thud) (Sven groans)

(bodies thud)

- Hey, Mario.

Mario, be cool.

You all right?

(Jimmy murmurs)

- [Sven] Gotta find Angel.

- What happens if you find her.

She might be dead, or as good as dead.

Might be a junkie or a whore.

Can you handle it?

- I can handle that.

My blood.

- Your blood.

All right, look here.

Got an apartment about two blocks from here.

It's call the Windsor Arms, apartment seven, door's open.

Go ahead, take a shower, relax.

- What is the number?

- Seven. - Seven, two blocks.

- Yeah, you'll be all right.

I gotta get back on the job, okay?

- All right.

Thanks. - Yeah, number seven.

You take a shower, feel better.

- Hi.

- Oh wow, you really scared me.

- You been turning tricks on the side.

- Oh, come on, Irv, what the fuck are you talkin' about?

- Come on, I got a reliable source.

- Your reliable sources are full of shit.

- You also been turning Angel out.

- Oh, man, will you fuck off?

I got things to do,

I don't want to sit around here all day long.

(hand slaps)

(hand slaps)

You goddamn, motherfucking pimp.

You think you own every one of us

but let me tell you something, you don't.

And if I want to do a trick on any corner I want to, I can.

So keep your goddamned ass-licking face out of my way

you scum.

(Sally groans) (intense music)

(Sally gasps)

(high-pitched tone drones)

♪ Or is there time

♪ Is there time to find a reason ♪

♪ Before the seasons leave us behind ♪

♪ Have you ever tried to be someone to someone ♪

- (exhales) Crackers.

- [Albert] I really don't know

what to say about our mother and father.

I've been trying to leave home for a longer time

and I've been trying to understand my sister just as long.

You might say that she's.

I tried to tell my mother, but my mother just.

My father doesn't know

and my mother just doesn't understand.

And nobody has understood us since about three or four,

I guess.

♪ Must we always dance our dances ♪

♪ We sell our chances so we survive ♪

♪ Is there time to find a reason ♪

♪ Before the seasons leave us behind ♪

♪ Have you ever tried to be someone to someone ♪