Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) - full transcript

Chun-Li lives a calm life with her father, when one day, the local mobster Bison kidnaps her father. After her mother's death, she embarks into a quest to rescue her kidnapped father from the clutches of powerful criminal lord Bison. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪♪ [ Classical Piano ]

[ Woman Narrating ]
Sometimes I wonder...

how I got to be
the way I am.

♪♪ [ Continues ]

Most fathers have big dreams
for their little girls.

For me, it was to become
a concert pianist.

But life never turns out
the way we expect.

And when we moved to Hong Kong,

everything changed.

[ Narrating Continues ] My father
was an important businessman.

I never knew exactly
what he did for a living,

but we always
moved around a lot.

For me, home was always
where my family was.

[ Chuckling ]


[ Chinese ]
Chun-Li you've grown so much.

Thank you Liu.

Here it is... your new home

Chun-Li don't you know it's rude

to sneak up on your elders?

You move quietly... I'm impressed.

Would you like to learn to move better?


[ Chuckling ]
Ho! Okay.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Chun-Li Narrating ]
As the years went by,

a new love brought me
closer to my father-

the art ofWushu.

He was very proud.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

Growing up was like a dream.

But nothing lasts forever.

Good night, sir.
Good night.

[ Chinese ] May I pouryou
a glass of Montrachet?

No thank you.
I'll see you in the morning

[ Laughing ]

[ Both Shouting ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Shouts ]

- [ Laughing ]
- [ Shouting ]

[ Men Shouting ]

- Papa! Papa!
- Chun-Li!

Where you going?
Get off me!

- Let her go.
- Let me go!

I love what you've done
to your new place.

Next time you move, tell me-
I'll bring you a housewarming gift.


- Let me go!
- Well, well, Balrog. It seems we have a wild one here.

Let her go, Bison.

[ Chinese ]
Go upstairs

Do as I say!

It's okay, my sweet.

A gentleman would never harm
a schoolgirl.





[ Grunts ]


- [ Panting ]
- [ Woman ] No!

You leave her alone!

[ Men Grunting ]

Get in there!

[ Car Door Closing ]

[ Speaking Chinese ] This was given
to me during my travels in India

They call it the spinning bird

The bird lacks the prowess to
preserve its life

So when under great duress

It remains in motion

So that it may never be caught

I love you Papa

[ Ringing ]

♪♪ [ Classical ]

Thank you very much.

Now I remember why no one wanted
to play with you atJuilliard.

- [ Chuckles ] Aren't you so sweet.
- I'm serious.

You always get the flowers.

So how's your mom?
Did she come?

[ Clicks Tongue ] No. She's
not doing very well. Oh.

I'm so sorry.

Oh! I almost forgot.

- This came foryou.
- Who's it from?

I don't know. An admirer
maybe? [ Chuckles ]

I wonder what it says.


It's beautiful.
Yeah, it is.

So, after the concert, I
finally gave him my phone number.

I don't know
if he'll call but-

You sure you don't want a ride?
I'm okay. I like taking the subway.

I'll call you tomorrow.
Okay. Okay.


[ Grunting ]

[ Chattering, Shouting ]

[ Chinese ]
Are you alright?

Is anyone going to help this man?

[ Chinese ]
I'm glad you're home

Thank you

[ Woman On TV ] The crime
rate continues to rise...

in several slum districts
throughout Southeast Asia.

No single group has been identified
for this new wave ofviolence.

Authorities instead
suggest an overlap-


Why did you take off
your concert dress?

I couldn't wear it
all the way home.

I wanted to see you in it.

And I'll bet you took
the subway again, huh?

It's dangerous
out there, sweetie.


we can't just
change our lives...

every time
the news tells us so.

Just like your father.

Always standing up
when standing's not easy.

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Bison ]
Gentlemen, thank you for coming.

As the distinguished leaders
of the Shadaloo Investment Corporation,

you're all very important men.

And I don't mean
to waste your time.

So, a toast.

Over the years our networks have
been very useful for each other.

We've all been
well compensated for it.

Unfortunately for you, that
compensation is about to come to an end.

I'm taking over Shadaloo
and moving my interests...

into Bangkok.

Now, I understand that many of these
territories overlap with neighborhoods...

that, at this moment,
you consider to be your own.

This is no longer true.

The sooneryou accept this,
the better it'll be.

[ Speaking Russian ]
This guy's nuts.

We should kill him right now.

[ Russian ]
Let me finish.

[ English] Showyour
loyalty to me right now,

and we'll have no problems.


[ SpeakingJapanese ] I would
watch my words if I were you.

[Japanese ]
Don't worry about my words.

[ Speaking Foreign Language ]
This conversation is over.

thank you foryour time.

Nobody talks to me like that.
Who the hell does he think he is?

That pig.

[ Shouting In Distance ]

Mmm. Mmm-mm.

[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Shrieking ]

[ Man Groaning, Shrieking ]

[ Chuckles ]

This just came in.

[ Ship Horn Blows ]

[ Chattering In Thai ]

[ Speaking Thai ]
You need to see this.

[ Thai ]
Someone wanted to make a statement.

[ Siren Wailing ]

♪♪ [ Hip-hop On Radio ]

[ English ]
Gangland Homicide?

[ Thai ]
You're looking at her.

I love thisjob.

[ English ]
You're the Interpol man?

Yeah. Call me Nash.

Maya Sunee,
Bangkok G.H.

New Year's come early?

We got a tip at 6:00 this morning.
Someone wanted us to know this was here.

Heads of every crime family.

Signed, sealed
and delivered.

[ Nash ]
Yeah, Last Supper.

And he serves 'em
their own heads.


Tell me something
I don't know, Nash.

You just inherited
a big problem.

Good morning.

Or is it evening?

She had a piano concert.

From what I've heard,
she was quite well received.

You know, I'm surprised you
chose the landscape setting.

I'd have thought ofyou as being
much more ofa big city man.

A prison is a prison, Bison.

- No matter what's outside.
- [ Clicking Teeth ]

Show a prisoner the world,
and all he sees...

are the bars on the window.

- You needn't be so cynical.
- [ Types ]

[ Computer Beeping ]

Ahhh. Home, sweet home.

- Gorgeous, isn't it?
- So how'd your meeting go?

Very well.
Thank you for asking.

I'm officially the only
surviving partner ofShadaloo.

Now we move on to
the Bangkok board of directors.

I'll need
their contacts for that.

Killing them isn't gonna
get you anywhere, Bison.

I'm not interested
in the board.

I'm interested
in their families.

[ Door Opens ]

[ Closes ]

Damn you!

Get him more pictures of the girl,
something more upbeat this time.

[ Balrog ] It's amazing what a man
will do just to see his daughter.

There's one thing
I learned in the slums-

When people are hungry,
there's nothing they won't do.

Everyone has a price.

♪♪ [ Classical Piano On Computer ]

[ Chun-Li Narrating ] With my mother
gone, the path in front of me was empty.

I couldn't help feeling like
I was being led somewhere new.

Was this mysterious scroll a message?

Who was it from?

I had to find out.

[ Speaking Chinese ] Ifwhat you look for
is shelter you have come to the wrong place.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to botheryou.

You have something for me?

How did you know that?

This is ancient Chinese.

This is not a letter, it is a light...

Shining only upon you.

Go to Bangkok...

Find Gen to find out what you are missing

I don't understand

In life, there is beauty
and terror all around us.

One must not overwhelm the other.

To embrace both,
you'll need the strength ofa warrior,

the stealth of a predator,
and the wisdom of a Master.

Gen can help you.

Who is Gen?

He was once a feared criminal.

Now he is a guardian of those he hurt.

He leads the Order of the Web.

How can I find him?

He will choose when you find him.

Perhaps he is closer
than you thought.

You must go to Bangkok.

Crashing our party?

Get used to it.
We're your new roommates.

- Who says we need any?
- [ Chuckling ]

I've spent the last
three years of my life...

chasin' around an organization
called Shadaloo.

- Shadaloo's a myth.
- I wouldn't be in this ashtray if it was.

Those bodies piled up
in the harbor-

they were the heads of the ruling
crime families of Bangkok, correct?

Uh-huh. Right?

And now they're all dead
except for one.

His name's Bison,

and I've tracked him through 11 major cities
on four continents and never come close.

Not once.

This guy walks
through the raindrops.

And anybody that's against him
is either dead or on their way.

Now he's the last man standing.

So, where do we start?

You don't want a ticket
to this dance, Detective.

You've never
even seen me dance.

[ Chun-Li Narrating ]
To find Gen,

I was told I had to leave behind
the life I knew-

even my home...

and all the memories
that were so dear to me.

[ Chinese ]
Thank you.

We're going to miss you

I'll be back

[ Car Horns Honking ]

[ Chun-Li Narrating ]
As it was written in the scroll,

I had to forget everything
I used to be.

I had to lose myself
to the pulse of the streets.

I had to become one
with the people of Bangkok.

[ Man Shouting In Thai ]

[ Boat Horn Blowing ]

[ Men Chattering ]

[ Woman Shouting ]

[ Man Shouting ]

[ Chun-Li Narrating ]
This was all so new to me.

Life was hard on these streets.

Every night was a struggle.

Every meal was a gift.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Chun-Li Narrating ] Day
after day, I searched for Gen.

As time went by, I was getting
further and further away...

from all that I ever was.

I felt lost,

chasing a ghost
I might never find.

[ Train Whistle Blowing ]

- [ Chun-Li Narrating ] But what
I found- - [ Man Speaks Thai ]

I wasn't prepared for.

Everywhere I looked...

there was crime
without punishment.

I wanted to do something.


I just didn't know
where to begin.

Who could protect
these people?

Who was oppressing them?

Fantastic, isn't it?

All these waterfront slums
will soon belong to Shadaloo.

Location, location, location.

This came in from Murmansk.
I think you're gonna like it.

It's the White Rose.

How long has it been?
Fifteen years?

Seventeen years,

four months and six days.

Bring the package
to Bangkok... safely.

There is no room for error.

I got some bad news too.

The schoolgirl's gone.

We think she's in Bangkok. But
don't worry. We'll find her.

[ Chattering In Thai ]
[ Burps ]


[ Burps ]

[ Thai ]

[ Grunting ]

[ All Grunting ]


Leave him alone.

It's none
ofyour business, baby.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

[ All Grunting ]

[ Shouting ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Shouting ]

- [ Gasps ]
- Where you go, trouble follows.

[ Gasps ]

My name is Gen.
Don't worry, Chun-Li.

- How do you know who I am?
- We've been watching you for some time.

I know
who took your father.

He's alive? Where is he?

I'll tell you when you're
ready. Ready for what?

Ready to put away
your anger.

You are the only one who can bring your
father back, and I can help you do it.

But you have to do it my way.

Just tell me where he is.

You don't know
what you're up against.

Let me show you.

[ Horns Honking ]

[ Gen ]
These are the slums.

The people are suffering.

The streets are being taken over
by a criminal organization...

called Shadaloo.

I used to be a part of'em.

When you fight on the side of monsters,
eventually you become one yourself.

That's why I changed,
saw the better way.

The Order of the Web.

I created the Order
to fight injustice-

to protect the people
who can't fight for themselves.

What does this have to do
with my father? Everything.

Your father was a very
well-connected businessman.

His relationships could open any
doors in any country anywhere.

Many people wanted
those connections.

People like Bison,
the leader of Shadaloo.

My father would never
help someone like that.

No? Not even for the safety
of his only daughter?

- What do you want from me?
- I'm giving you a chance to join us,

to become part of the Web, to fight for
something far greater than yourself.

I already know how to fight.

Impress me.

[ Gasps, Grunts ]

[ Groans ]
Anger isn't gonna guide you.

Trust me. I know.

[ Knuckle Cracking ]
[ Gasps ]

Why are you mad right now?
Because you're hurting me.

No. You're hurting yourself.

You fight with passion,

but your anger
distorts your judgment.

Bison will see
right through you.

[ Gen ]
Believe in your true self.

Look for an innocence
beyond the anger.

[ Sighs ]

You still got
a long way to go.

[ Chun-Li Narrating ] Bison,
the same man who took my father,

was here in Bangkok.

I'd never been so close...

and so far away.

I had to research
his organization.

I had to find out
about Shadaloo.

[ Woman ]
I must congratulate you all, gentlemen.

You've shown
remarkably sound judgment.

Not many municipal governments
would take such a bold stand...

against the criminal elements
of their own population.

People will point to you
long afteryour time has passed.

And here's the best part-
your debts are now clean.

What about our families?

Your children
have been returned.

Mr. Bison thanks you
foryour continuing support.

[ Woman On TV Speaking Thai ] Local authorities
refused to comment on this controversial decision.

However, one source confirmed the
waterfront slums of Bangkok...

will be handed over to Esperanto
Corporation within hours.

[ Cantana's Voice ] The papers are
signed. The slums are in your hands.

[ Balrog's Voice ] Good girl, Cantana.
I'll handle the Secretary of Commerce.

Looks like somebody's about to
own the Ministry of Commerce.

Nash, I have a source
at the port authority.

He said the state just sold the majority share
of the slums to Esperanto Security Company.

Everything from the harbor
to the markets.

It's a front for Shadaloo.

Bison's bringing crime into the
neighborhoods to drive the land value down.

And then he's buying it
back up wholesale.

- We gotta move on then.
- Okay, we're on it. Come with me.

[ Man Shouting In Thai ]

[ Man On Loudspeaker: Thai ] Attention. All
residents must evacuate by midnight. No exceptions.

[ All Chattering, Shouting In Thai ]


[ Shouting In Thai ]

[ Balrog ]
Isn't this your old neighborhood?

[ Bison ]
Old and new.

Home, sweet home.

I'm such a sentimental guy
that I invested in this shit hole.

Though I have to admit,
I got a very nice deal on it.

It doesn't look like
a nice deal for them.

And I think they want it back.

Too late for that.

Bulldozers come in tomorrow.
And soon after,

beautiful homes
for those who can afford it.

I'm making Bangkok
a better place.

- They should build me a temple for that.
- Mmm.

[ Machine Gun Firing ]
[ Screaming ]

Life's about choices, Balrog.

I was about his age
when I made mine.

And I've never looked back.
[ Gunshots ]

[ Nash ] Hey, Maya? I love
stakeouts as much as the next guy,

but what the hell
are we doing here?

[ Maya ] Well, our
source says Bison's guy...

should be leaving
for the meet any second now.

Are you sure
we're in the right place?

No, I just like the view.

Wait. There he is.

Come here.

[ Sighs ]

That had to be done.
Yeah, it had to.

[ Nash ] There goes the
Benz. [ Car Engine Starting ]

[ Maya ] Just make sure
you don't lose him, Romeo.

Yeah, yeah. I'm on it.

Why are we meeting here? We handed
over the slums. What more do you want?

There's a package coming in
on a ship from Murmansk.

We need safe passage
and no damn customs.

You're the commerce secretary.
[ Gasps ]

So make it happen.

I need details.
It's on the shipping manifest.

The package is called
the White Rose.

Only in the dark
do all colors become one.

You can't just cope
with the darkness-

you have to embrace what is
without fear.

You have to feel
without your senses.

Harness the energy
around you.

[ Whirring ]

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Chimes ]

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Low Chime ]

Well done.
Let's eat.

Yo, Maya.
You almost done in there?

[ Maya ] Hey, it's not my
fault you got here early.

So we're going
clubbing tonight.

Bison's attaché loves
hittin' the nightlife,

and I want to see
what she's up to.

Always work with you.
[ Chuckles ]

You know, Nash, ifwhat you
say about Bison is true,

waiting and watching his bitch is not
gonna be the way we bring him down.

We should be more aggressive.

Looks like
you got that down.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, unlike you,
I don't lose my man.

And besides, there's
nothing I won't try once.

♪♪ [ Dance ]

♪♪ [ Continues ]

Do you have any cash?
I'm thirsty.

- Are you serious?
- I don't have any money.

You should try hocking
those gold handcuffs.

♪♪ [ Continues ]

[ Thai ]
They are here.

[ Thai ]
Are they in? I can't see them.

♪ My name is Nelly and
I represent the West Coast ♪

♪ And ifyou know me you know
I've been known to do the most ♪

♪ I keep the speakers bumpin'
all the way to Glasgow ♪

♪♪ [ Indistinct ]

♪ Four, three, two, one ♪
♪ We have lift off♪

To the boys
who have got my back.

Tonight, I've got my own.

♪♪ [ Continues ]

♪ I put the cool in my bag
gave it some gas and I gun it ♪

♪♪ [ Continues, Indistinct ]

♪ Live from the Golden State
broadcasting all over the globe ♪

♪♪ [ Continues ]

♪♪ [ New Song: Dance ]

♪♪ [ Man Singing, Indistinct ]

♪♪ [ Continues ]

♪♪ [ Fades ]

[ Thai ]

[ Grunts ]

Thought I might ask you
a few questions.

[ Gasps ]

[ Groans ]

Tell me about the White Rose.

You must be
Daddy's little girl.

[ Shrieks ]

Out oforder, ladies.

- Cantana.
- I know who your boss is.

Tell me.
It's a shipment.

- Arrives at the end of the month
- the last Friday.

Central Shipyard, Berth 21.

♪♪ [ Continues ]

I want you to send Bison a
message. [ Pounding On Door ]

Tell him
the schoolgirl's grown up.

- This is it.
- [ Cantana Shrieks ]

Nash, something's going down.

♪♪ [ Hip-hop ]

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Street fighters ♪

♪ Hey, hey, I said
ready, set, fighters ♪


[ Screaming, Shouting ]

♪ This is street fightin'
street fightin' ♪

♪ This is street fightin' street
fightin' ♪ [ Weapons Cocking ]

♪ Street fightin'
street fightin' ♪

Interpol! Freeze!
Stay down.

- I said, don't move!
- ♪ Hey, this is street fightin', street fightin' ♪

Are you gonna tell me,
or should I guess?

Go ahead and guess.

[ Baby Crying ]

[ Speaking Thai ]

[ Blows Landing ]
[ Man Grunting ]

That is one tough cookie.

She most certainly was.

But she'd said enough.

The damage was done.

You think we gotta
change the plans?

Unfortunately, we do.
Get the insurance policy.

Call Vega.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

You broke my heart.

I don't know. Maybe she's an
angry stripper. [ Nash ] Yeah.

An irate pole dancer
not happy with her tips...

sets offArmageddon.

Keep spitballing that, Maya. I love
where your head's at. All right, Nash.

What do you think it is?

This girl just wiped the floor with some
of the most dangerous players in Bangkok,

and then bails out like
she's got a plane to catch.

She's making a statement. Now,
come on, fellas. Who is this girl?

Does she have priors? A
paper trail? How about a name?

We checked the archives.
Nash, she's offthe radar.

We can look at
the closed-circuit security feed.

The front door
has a good shot.

[ Horns Honking ]

Hey, thanks.

[ Maya Speaking Thai ]

[ Woman Responds In Thai ]

[ Maya, Woman Speaking Thai ]

Have you seen this woman?


How's aggressive
workin' forya?

Shut up.

No one's talking.
No, they won't.

They're protecting her.

You're right.

[ Sniffs ]

Tell me about Bison.

We grew up together.
Like me, he was a criminal...

with no future.

His parents were
Irish missionaries...

who died in Thailand
when he was very young.

Soon, the boy
became very ill.

Where he was,
no one cared about the sick.

So they left him... to die.

[ Crying ]

But the child survived.

With each passing year,

he became
more and more feared,

and a well-known thief
on the streets.

He took what he wanted
when he wanted it.

- [ Shouting In Thai ]
- But even that wasn't enough.

He yearned for more.

So he went to the dark caves
in the Phang Nga Bay...

and brought his new wife.

From ancient tales,

he'd heard about
the dark forces...

that could free a man
from his conscience.

He had to transfer
the goodness of his soul...

into his unborn daughter.

[ Flesh Tearing ]
[ Woman Screams ]

[ Flesh Tearing ]

[ Baby Crying ]

[ Crying ]

The transformation
was complete.

He had finally rid himself
of his conscience.

Now he's home again,

where it all started.

He's making moves on a bigger
scale than I've ever seen before.

Sounds like the perfect time to take
him down and bring my father back.

How's your wrist?

It's better.

You're doing well.

[ Screeching In Distance ]


I've got an important
task for you.

Maybe the hardest thing
I'll ever ask you to do.

I want you to go
buy groceries for breakfast.

[ Chuckles ]
Pawning offall the hard work?

That's the privilege
ofa teacher.

Get the R.P.G.

Fire the missile!

[ Thai ]
But our men are in there

Give me that!
I'll do it myself.

- [ Groaning ]
- Say good night, baby.

[ Laughing ]
Let's go.

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

[ Sobbing ]

I called you because
you do my best dirty work.

Something very important to me
is about to arrive in Bangkok.

And I don't want anything
to interfere with it.

There is a schoolgirl
that needs taking care of.

[ Vega ] What kind ofschoolgirl
are we talking about?

She is a problem child.

Well, well, well.

She'll never be
a problem again.

[ Typing ]

You've got ghosts.
Let's see 'em.


[ Arguing In Thai ]

[ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Breathing Heavily ]


[ Exhales ]

[ Growling ]

- [ Groans ]
- No wonderyou wear a mask.

I'd hide that face too.

[ Groans ]
You bitch!

I'll cut you open!

[ Groans ]
You think this is over?

No. I'm just
getting started.

[ Groans, Yells ]

[ Ship Horns Blowing ]

[ Barge Clanging ]

This is a restricted area.

I thought you might
make an exception.

I have a question

A shipment was scheduled to
arrive at Berth 21 in two days.

Listen, lady, I think
it's time foryou to go.

They call it bai mei-
the White Rose.

What time does it arrive?


You should learn
some manners.

Never put your hands
on a lady.

Forget to pay the rent?
Where is everybody?

Orders from up high.
We're offthe case.

What orders?

Orders, Nash.

[ Sighs ]
You were right.

Shadaloo is
very well connected.

We're out.
Hey, wait a minute. Maya.

That's it?

I'm sorry, Charlie.

[ Barge Clanging ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Men Shouting, Indistinct ]

[ Breathing Rapidly ]

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Brakes Screech ]

[ Shouting In Thai ]

[ Groans ]

You're not
a schoolgirl anymore.

Bring her in.

[ Chuckling ]


So this is the girl
that roughed up Vega?

I like her already.


Let me go!

[ Grunts ]


[ Balrog ] You two take
some time and catch up.



Papa, I had to.

You know I tried so hard
for so many years...

just to keep you safe,

to protect you,

to make sure
you had the good life.

I would rather have you.

Getting in Bison's way,
it's a losing battle.

Why are you
doing this to yourself?

you have to stand up...

when standing isn't easy.

You taught me that.
I love you so much.

[ Sniffles ]
I love you.

[ Sobbing Softly ]

I love family reunions.

Don't touch her.

Ifyou touch her again,
you get nothing more from me.

Do you understand?
Oh, I understand.

You see, your father has
been the milk of my business.

But even milk...

has an expiration date.

No. No, don't.
I'm a man of my word.

No, please! I promised him he'd
have a chance to say good-bye.

- No! No! No, please, stop!
- [ Neck Bones Cracking ]


[ Sobbing ]

will not stop me.

Take the body away.


Is there anything you wanna say
before we get this over with?

All right.

And make it quick.

Should we kill you before
or after we cut you?

I wouldn't do either.

- You're not in a place to negotiate.
- Not yet.

[ Shouts In Thai ]

[ People Screaming ]

Swing around the block.

[ Horn Honking ]

[ Yelling, Shouting ]

[ Horn Beeping ]

[ Horns Beeping, Honking ]

[ Yelling, Shouting ]

[ Beeping, Honking Continue ]


- [ Crowd Yelling, Shouting ]
- Somebody got a problem?

Come on!
Come on! Let's go!

[ Panting ]

You're alive.

Come on.

[ Clucking ]

[ Water Running ]


[ Groans ]

Where you go,

trouble certainly
does follow.

Let me see this.

[ Groans ]

Hmm. Let's fix it.


[ Chattering ]

Pretty soon, you're not
gonna need me anymore.

Now, let's find
the White Rose.

How's your arm doing?

I'm sorry.
They made me do it.

Do you remember my question,
or do I have to ask you again?

Tomorrow night,
a ship from Murmansk...

will arrive
in the front berth.

You wouldn't set me up
twice now, would you?

Please. Look.

It's right here.

Thank you.

♪♪ [ Hip-hop On Stereo ]

Sorry for interrupting.
[ Glass Shatters ]

No problem.


What can I do for ya?

Bison's shipment arrives at
Central Harbor tomorrow night.


I'm gonna need backup.

[ Barge Clanging ]
[ Ship Horn Blowing In Distance ]

[ Man ]
Unit three's holding. Got it.

Check the ammo.

We're good to go.

[ Nash ] All right, Bison,
where the hell are you?

[ Tires Screeching ]

We've got guests, fellas.
We're set.

[ Thai ]
Alpha team, stay with me.

Sergeant, secure the perimeter

[ Shouting In Thai ]

I thought you were out.

We all grew up
in this neighborhood.

Don't wanna see it disappear.

[ Barge Clanging ]
[ Ship Horn Blowing In Distance ]

[ Nash ]
Looks like they're expecting us.

We are not alone.

It makes no difference.
We're ready.

[ Beeping ]

Bomb! Everybody out!
Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

[ Yelling ]


Stay low!
Come on! Come on!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

[ Panting ]

[ Gunfire Continues ]

Are you okay?

[ Russian ] I don't
understand. Where's my father?

Okay. Just stay here.

[ Machinery Rumbling ]

- [ Yells ]
- [ Groans ]

[ Chuckles ] You know, you're a
lot slower than you used to be.

[ Shouts ]

[ Mouthing Words ]

[ Groaning ]
[ Bones Cracking ]

And you'rejust as ugly
as I remember!

Where's the White Rose?

[ Straining ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Grunting ]

- [ Grunts ]
- You don't even know what the White Rose is!

By the time you fools figure
it out, she'll be long gone.


[ Groans ]

You two stay with her!
You, come with me!

[ Groaning ]

[ Helicopter Blades Whirring ]

[ Nash ]
That's Bison.

Give me a fix on the
helicopter leaving my location.

Nash, out.

[ Yelling ]

[ Screaming ]


The White Rose-
not a weapon. A girl.

A girl?
I just saw her.

Bison's daughter was
the conduit for his soul.

He rid himselfof his goodness by
passing it into her. [ Baby Crying ]

And she is his only weakness.

That's why he's been looking
for her all this time.

Okay, let's go.

And I'm gonna need support
when we get there!

Don't keep me waiting!
Nash, out!

We got him on radar!
We gotta move now!

Bison's got a girl with him. What girl?

His daughter. Her name's
Rose. Let's get her.



[ Thunderclap ]

[ Russian ]
My sweet girl.

You're as beautiful as your mother.

I loved her very much,

even to this day.

I still wear the ring she gave me.


We're finally together.

I built this empire foryou.

Papa will protect you.
Nothing will happen to you now.

[ Beeping ]

Still no word
from Balrog.

[ Russian ]

[ Russian ]

[ English ] If anything happens to her,

I'll kill you first.

[ Weapon Cocks ]

Where's the girl?

[ Clattering ]

Hello, old friend.

[ Yelling ]

You should never
have left the team.

We wouldn't be
standing here like this.

But, of course,
only one of us is standing.

Nice try.

[ Yelling, Grunting ]

[ Man ]

[ Hydraulics Hissing ]

You must be Rose.

[ Groans ]

[ Man Groaning ]

Hello, old friend.

Where is she?

It's time we said good-bye,
old friend.

[ Groaning ]

[ Whooshing Sound ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Yelling ]

Fathers always have a soft
spot for their daughters.

That's how I brought
yours down.

You didn't think this was
going to end well, now, did you?

[ Gen ]

You know what
you need to do.

[ Exhales Sharply ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Shouts In Russian ]

[ Yelling ]

Fathers always have
a weakness for their daughters.


Nice work.

Hey, you'd better
get out of here.

Chopper's on the
other side of the island.

I never saw you.

See to it she gets a real life.

You too, huh?

Thanks, Nash.

[ Man Shouting In Thai ]
[ Rifles Cocking ]

Charlie Nash, Interpol!
Hold your fire!



- You're back in business, huh?
- Yep.

Are you sure you wanna go
back to Gangland Homicide?

- It's what I do.
- It's your first time?

I've been there before.

I can imagine.

Ifyou get lonely at night,
don't call me.

I love thisjob.

[ Chun-Li Narrating ] I don't think this
was the life my father envisioned for me.

But... maybe it was.

I know
he would have been proud.

I've stood when standing
was not easy,

and have found something
to believe in.

[ Sighs ] Something worth fighting for.

The Order of the Web.

♪♪ [ Random Notes ] [ Gen
] Taking up piano again?

[ Laughs ]

There's more work
to be done.

Something about this
smells of an old friend.

But Bison's dead.
We need to recruit.

They've been talking about
a fighter in Japan-

Ryu... something.

I hear he's a force
to be reckoned with.

Wanna come?

Maybe next time.

Does this mean
you're done fighting?

[ Giggling ]

For now, I'm home.

♪♪ [ Rap ] [ Man ] Yeah!

Ace... Hood!

Hood! Brother!

Look at that!
Shit. Hey.

♪ I wake up early morning ♪
[ Continues, Indistinct ]

♪ Ready to hit the block trying
to seek milk for the tummy ♪

♪ If I don't make it home
tell Mama to pray for me ♪

♪ I'm gonna get it
'cause I gotta present it from the bottom ♪

♪ So shut up and give me props ♪

♪ They want me dead
and I swear that it ain't gonna stop me ♪

♪ I'm gonna go out and get it
Just watch me pop offyour sockets ♪

♪ Lay the eight foryou haters
They see me at corner pocket ♪

♪♪ [ Continues, Indistinct ]

[ Man Shouts, Indistinct ]

♪ Now watch me comb through the city
Caught up in my religion ♪

♪ Only vision to get
is take you without a witness ♪

♪ They want me dead
and that's my decision ♪

♪ With middle fingers
The punks in the penitentiary ♪

♪ Walk the block with this energy
Give a mug at my enemy ^♪

♪ Tell them who they supposed to
be, hang them up like the poster be ♪

♪ Play 'em like Monopoly ♪
♪♪ [ Continues, Indistinct ]

♪ Hey, Mr. Ace H-Double-O-D
The prodigy ♪

♪ Tell 'em they can follow me
only cabbage and salary ♪

♪ Gettin' money heavily
End up on that property ♪

♪ Ain't no vegetarians
Play with me and you burpin' me ♪

♪ Better have a pass to hit
my streets with a courtesy ♪

♪♪ [ Ends ]