Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994) - full transcript

Bison, the ruthless leader of the international terrorist organization Shadowlaw, has been desperately searching for the greatest fighter on the planet for years. He finds it in Ryu, a young wanderer who never stays in one place long enough for Bison to find him. He does, however, get a fix on Ken Masters, an American martial arts champion who studied with Ryu as a child under the same master. Meanwhile, Major Guile of the United States Army is forced to team up with Chun Li from China in hopes of apprehending Bison and putting a stop his international ring of crime. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Surge Fist!

Surge Fist!



Minister, can I take a picture of you?

PIease Iook at this camera.

This issue differs from others?

Minister, one more picture.

Minister, pIease.

Minister, may I have your comment?

The Minister of Justice, right?


Get off me.

The name of this terrorist is Cammy White.

She is a speciaI agent
who works for MI6.

She is being interrogated at Base B,

but she cIaims to have no memory of
the past three years.

Which means?

She is being controIIed somehow.

By examining our data on Cammy,

we can teII that ShadowIaw
is creating its own terrorists

by manipuIating the victims' subconscious.

We're trying to work out
how that's being done.

We detected that ShadowIaw
must be gathering information

on street fighters
across the worId

to produce a deadIy agent Iike Cammy.

Street fighters becoming terrorists?

This man, Sagat, a champion
Muay Thai fighter, is adored in ThaiIand.

This man, Bison, was banned
from boxing for his vioIent temper.

Then, this is a Spanish fighter,
a savage psychopath, BaIrog.

Vega has recruited them
to be speciaI soIdiers for ShadowIaw.

ShadowIaw's crimes are getting
bigger and more daring.

ShadowIaw must be destroyed immediateIy.

We are going to conduct a joint investigation
with the US miIitary.


Major GuiIe!

Someone from InterpoI
is here for you.


I'm Chun-Li.

I am here to discuss the joint investigation
into ShadowIaw.

I am going to destroy Vega.

What do you mean?

It means I don't need any heIp
to beat him.

Major GuiIe. This is a decision
made by US forces.

The aim is to defeat Vega.
We do our best. That's it.

-Show it to me now.


This is a masterpiece
of computer technoIogy,

the uItimate high performance cyborg.

The images it captures
wiII be beamed

to the super computer at headquarters
via their sateIIite.

I have aIready repIaced our oIder, obsoIete
surveiIIance robots with this cyborg modeI.


Have you found the guy I'm Iooking for,
by the way?

Not yet.

Anyone strong enough to beat up Sagat
is someone I want to find.

I am having my men get
information on the fighters in each country.

I wonder if this Ryu guy has as great a
fighting capacity as the computer suggests.

For any fighters, the vaIue of their potentiaI
fighting capacity is rareIy more than 2000.

I cannot beIieve the detected capacity
was as high as 3600.

Anyway, find him as quickIy as possibIe.

Look everywhere.
Send cyborgs everywhere.

Look everywhere.
Send cyborgs everywhere.

Rising Dragon Fist.

Ryu, what is it that you are staring at
beyond your fist?

OK. That's enough.

Have a rest.

Before breakfast, go and get some water
from the vaIIey.

Yes, Sensei.

Idiot. Why didn't you hit me more?
Are you going easy on me?

Don't be stupid. I'd never go easy on you.

I'm just kidding. You're so sensitive.

WeII, we'II have to depend on
fighting Iike this for reaI one day.


Sorry I'm Iate.

It is rare that you arrive Iate.

The opponent was reaIIy tough,
so it took me Ionger than expected.

And how did you do?

I won.
-So you got another titIe, then?

That's right.


Hey, isn't FeiIong here yet?

We can't shoot a fiIm
without the main actor.

Strange. He Ieft for here ages ago.

This is not funny. He's an idiot.

Hey, FeiIong.
-What's this?

This is entertainment.

Some mouthy customer
has been dragged into the ring now.

I didn't say anything.
-I heard you grumbIe, watching the game.

You must be good at fighting
as you were moaning about us.

It Iooks interesting.

I wonder why a famous actor Iike you Iikes
watching fights in a dingy pIace Iike this.

This new guy Iooks Iike a good fighter.

Not bad.

Your next opponent is me.

You seem to be a good fighter.
What's your name?

My name is Ryu.
I am just a Japanese traveIIer,

watching a fight.

No, you are not finished.

I wiII show you!

Get ready.


Tornado WhirIwind Kick.


Yes, I remember now. That's Ryu.

He was the fighter who disappeared after
beating the Muay Thai champion Sagat

some years ago.

You said you are Japanese and caIIed Ryu.
You must be that Ryu.

I heard Sagat was being trained
by the ShadowIaw organisation.

ShadowIaw? What's that?

You don't know them?

It's a crime syndicate which distributes
weapons and drugs aII over the worId.

Sagat is in the crime syndicate...

See you again, Ryu.


Fight, Ken. I am here to chaIIenge you.

You don't get it.
I don't do street fights any more.

It doesn't matter where a fighter fights.

Oh, pIease.

What's the point in fighting in such a street?

You have obtained high titIes as a fighter.

It is an honour for a fighter
to defeat a man Iike you.

That's a rubbish reason.

And you are stupid
forthinking you can beat me.

No fighter can defeat me...
except Ryu.

Ryu? A drifting fighter
who has been missing for some time?

Don't compare such a IowIife with me.

Watch out. When you ask for something,
you just might get it.

Rising Dragon Fist.

What's wrong with you?
Why don't you finish it?

Ryu, where are you now?
We have unfinished business.


Are you OK?


I see. That miIk was for your mother.

Sorry. Can you buy some more with this?

Here you are.

Bring it on.


Wh... What the?

I can't move.

I can feeI a power.

It's strong.


I don't care if you win. The fight is over.

What's with this attitude?

It's because I feeI another power
behind me.

Are you trying to ruin the match
by taIking rubbish?

No, I don't care if you win.
The fight is over.

Then I wiII take the winnings.

AII right.

I've never feIt
such a strong fighting power before.


Are you aII right?

Who were they?
-ShadowIaw terrorists.


I have change to give back to you.
-Don't worry about it. Thanks.

Hey. HaIf of the winnings are yours.

The cash?

I might have Iost that fight
if you hadn't been here.

Keep it. We are both Japanese fighters.
We shouId stick together.

Are you sure you have eIiminated Yaha-n?

Yes, no doubt about that.

And in the place where he was killed, a
monitor cyborg saw an unidentified fighter.

lt's under investigation now.
-What else?

A monitor cyborg in Seattle
has sent an interesting image to us

and l would like to show it to you too.

OK. I'm on my way.

As you've asked me to come here,
you must have got something good.

Yes. Please take a look at this video clip.

This man seems to be a very good fighter
and l have found out something interesting.

l placed the image of Ryu,
who we are looking for, on this image.

Who is this guy?
-Ken Masters.

We had data of his title match
on the computer in headquarters,

but we hadn't realised
there was a relationship between them.

What do you mean?

Ken and Ryu were trained together
under the same master in Japan.

Their fighting ability is considered equal.

That doesn't mean their fighting potentiaIs
are the same.

We haven't got Ryu's current data yet.

Either the previous data
was collected wrongly by the computer

or Ryu is witholding his full potential.

I see. A fighter who was trained
under the same master as Ryu...

It might be interesting to use this guy Ken
as a secret P Project weapon.

Our master, Ed Pressman, may win
the next presidential election.

His strong support
of the Weapon Control Bill

exposes him
to the threat of assassination.

Our assassination plot against the president
must be carried out without mistakes.

It wiII be fine if we train this guy
with my psycho power.

But we shouldn't forget
what happened with Cammy.

She has achieved her purpose.

She is being interrogated
at the lnterpol base.

I don't care about that.
If herjob is finished, she's finished.

We have also received
a surveillance image

of her interrogation at the lnterpol base.

Show me.

We know that you are a special agent
for Ml6.

l don't remember.

We don't understand why you, an Ml6
agent, followed Shadowlaw's command

to murder the Minister of Justice.

l don't remember.

Cammy, your mind was being controlled.

We are trying to learn how your mind
was controlled and where from.

Try to remember.

l don't remember anything.

My psycho power won't be discovered
by a system Iike InterpoI's.

But if we leave her like this...

We wiII eIiminate her Iater. In the meantime,
continue searching for Ryu.

Use any method
to bring him here in front of me.

Yes, Commander. Shall l tell
North American agents to capture him?

No, don't bother. It wiII be
my pIeasure to pIan how to capture him.

Why are you here?

If you intend to investigate singIe-handed,
it wiII breach the ruIes.

Fussy woman.

If you stand in my way,
I wiII just run you over.

Do as you Iike.

Major GuiIe, I understand how you feeI.
Your best friend was kiIIed by Vega.

I see, and it's aIso InterpoI's job
to invade other peopIe's privacy.

Don't be offended,
but I have gone through your fiIe.

Sorry about your friend but you have to
move beyond your vengeance.

You won't be abIe to beat Vega
just by being a gIib taIker.

WouId you Iike to see
how good I am as a fighter, then?

I am too busy to waste time here.

I aIso want to get revenge on Vega
for murdering my father.

But I am an agent of InterpoI.

My duty as an agent comes before
my own personaI feeIings.

Major GuiIe, as an Air Force officer,
you need to work with us.

I'm not good with fussy women.
Are you coming or what?

How can I refuse such an invitation?


Why are we going to a cIub?
Are you Iooking for a cyborg?

No, there is a pretty good fighter
caIIed DJ there.

Idiots Iike you wouIdn't understand
my music. Go home.


I haven't done anything wrong.

I am Major GuiIe, as Air Force officer.
-What the heII do you want, Major?.

Are you a fan or something?

You are being watched by ShadowIaw.

ShadowIaw the notorious
crime organisation? I am honoured.

I'm serious. If you get invoIved, you won't be
abIe to go back to pIaying music anymore.

I was just kidding.

But what wouId they want
with someone Iike me?

They are gathering the information
about famous fighters.

That's none of my business.

You don't understand. Your data has
aIready been sent to ShadowIaw by this guy.

What the heII is this monster?
Is it some kind of tasteIess doII?

It's a monitor cyborg, a surveiIIance device
used by ShadowIaw.

TeII your mates to be carefuI
with these cyborgs around them.

Major GuiIe...

He is pIanning go against me
and cooperate with InterpoI.

Why don't you take care of
this agent, Chun-Li?

She is a pretty girI, isn't she?

An agent who is hungry for revenge for
the death of her father. Impressive, isn't it?

Don't you think so, BaIrog?

OK. Put me through to Las Vegas.

OK. Put me through to Las Vegas.


Nice to see you.
-I am Iooking forward to it.

Most of the bosses who secured the routes
in each country are here.

It's been fine. Yes, I wiII contact
headquarters. CertainIy.

The investigation has been intense IateIy.
Is this trade going to be OK?

I made the preparations myseIf.
Did the 5000 get to London?

PIease ask the commander-in-chief
to contact me Iater on.


Ladies and gentIemen.
The fight wiII be starting shortIy.

PIease come through to the haII.

Ladies and gentIemen.
The show is about to start.

I wouId Iike to introduce today's fighters.

The king of the Russian wrestIing worId,
with an iron physique, Zangief!

And his opponent is...

BIanka, with a strange destiny,

who brushed up on his skiIIs on his own
by fighting against beasts in a deep jungIe.



That's strange. I thought she said
she was heading home.

l hear your voice far from where l am

ln the dream l had last night

lt's only the promise that hasn't changed...

Shit. How unIucky am I?

l can still hear it in the distance

l am continuing on an endless journey

Looking for the spirit l almost lost

l will look ahead
to tomorrow shining bright

And keep on waking...

You are BaIrog.

ReaIIy strange. I've got a bad feeIing
about this.

Pick up the phone.

Where should l go?

What? Chun-Li?

I Iike stripping the skin off a rabbit sIowIy
after cornering it.

My hand is thirsty for bIood,
especiaIIy that of a pretty rabbit.

Spinning Bird Kick.

My... my beautifuI face...

I'II make you suffer!



Are you aII right, Chun-Li?

BaIrog was here.


And what about BaIrog?

In the New York PoIice Department?
We are tracing monitor cyborgs now.

They have been detected
around Ken Masters in SeattIe,

who owns the titIe of MartiaI Arts
Tournament Champion.

Yes. UnIike nameIess street fighters,

he is a powerfuI fighter, so I beIieve that
Vega wiII definiteIy approach to him.

There is another guy caIIed Ryu
who was a feIIow pupiI of Ken.

We are Iooking for him now,
and we have received inteIIigence

that a guy matching his description
is heading into ThaiIand from India.

Good. Check on Ryu too.

I am worried about Chun-Li's condition,
so I wiII stay in the hospitaI for a whiIe.

As soon as the situation improves here,
I wiII fIy to SeattIe and see Ken Masters.

PIease get the information on Ken ready.



Let's get married.

Right this minute?

Don't you want to?
-Of course I want to.

It's just that you've never taIked about
this kind of stuff before.

So Iet's do it, then.


But what?

It's compIeteIy out of the bIue.

Has something happened to you?
-Nothing speciaI.

A man wishing for love

Taking no risks

He would be upset

And back away from getting hurt

l want to live in agony
as if it were bare skin

Cut and grazed by fresh summer leaves

ln the wind

Even if you get hurt,
raise the fighting sprit

Dear someone l haven't met...

You seem different today, Ken.


Thank you.

I wiII consider your proposaI.

-I Iove you.

CaII me Iater.

Ryu. I am tired of waiting for you.

Commander, l have detected the target.

Good, get closer.


What the?

You are Ken Masters, aren't you?
I have come to for you

For me?

Who the heII are you?

I am the commander-in-chief
of ShadowIaw, Vega.

Vega? Never heard of you!
What do you want?

I'm going to make you into
a powerfuI fighter.

You're giving me the creeps.
Get away from me!

I wiII turn you into a better fighter than Ryu.

What? Ryu? You know Ryu?

You hear the name ''Ryu''
and finaIIy you take notice.

Shut up! I've had enough of this!

What do you intend to do with me,
you freak?

What do you caII that move?

It is no use trying to resist,
I possess psycho power.

Psycho power?

Submit and obey me - Lord Vega.

No way!


On a coId day in heII!

You don't get it, do you?

Surge Fist!

You're quite a fighter.

I'm Iooking forward to
training you to be a reaI fighter.

I'm Iooking forward to
training you to be a reaI fighter.

Why have you taken the troubIe
to come and see Ken Masters?

Ken is being targeted by Vega.

Is it Ken's car?

Yes, there's no doubt.

Damn it, we're too Iate.


These are ShadowIaw's bases in various
countries that we have identified so far

and the distribution of monitor cyborgs.

No base was found near SeattIe,

apart from a warehouse for arms and drugs.

If Ken has been taken,

it wiII certainIy be to the same pIace
that Vega trained the other fighters.

Any info on such a pIace?

We haven't found the training base yet

but ShadowIaw's major command centres
are concentrated in southeast Asia.

Major GuiIe...

speaking of southeast Asia,
we've estabIished the whereabouts of Ryu,

Ken's feIIow fighter under the same master.

He's the fighter who was in India.
Where is he?

In ThaiIand, in the mountainous area
cIose to the border with Laos.

Have monitor cyborgs
been reported there?

Yes, we've detected severaI,
but he has been moving around a Iot,

from China to India to ThaiIand

and his motives or aims for moving
are unknown

so it doesn't seem IikeIy
a cyborg is foIIowing him.

But statisticaIIy it seems that Ryu
is a fighter of equaI strength to Ken.

There is no way that Vega
has not got his eye on him.

Right. We'II approach Ryu first so we are
there when ShadowIaw makes contact.

By the way, has a pIan been formed

forthe InterpoI-US miIitary operation
to eIiminate ShadowIaw?

We have aIready got most of ShadowIaw's
main bases.

We are secretIy pIanning a concentrated
attack by the SpeciaI Forces

on his command centres in southeast Asia,
especiaIIy those bordering Cambodia.


I've finaIIy Iocated Vega's headquarters.

I'II avenge you and Dad at the same time,
with my own hands.

I'm sure you wanted to kiII Vega
with your own hands too

but Ieave this one to me,
and get yourseIf better.

I'm going now.

Ken, the source of your fighting power

is your competitive feeling
towards Ryu.

That's very useful!

l will amplify that rivalry between you
with psycho power.


Ryu, are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thank you.

OK, one more time?

Major GuiIe.

We wiII shortIy be approaching the
mountainous area aIong the Laos border.

AII right.

Lord Vega,

I have just been informed that
a miIitary heIicopter with GuiIe aboard

is heading for the Thai-Laos border.

It seems he has discovered
the whereabouts of Ryu.

GuiIe is heading to where Ryu is?

I get it,
he is trying to get there ahead of me, huh?

This is getting interesting.
I wiII head out there with Ken.

But Ken is not yet compIeteIy...

It doesn't matter. I am mereIy Ietting
two rivaIs fuIfiI their destinies as fighters.

I'II aIso bring Ryu back at the same time.
Get ready straight away.

Yes, Commander.

Lord Vega, pIease Iet me fight Ryu.

Sagat, you are a vaIuabIe ShadowIaw
fighter. Forget about a grudge from combat.

But if I can't fight Ryu again,
my honour...

''The honour of a fighter''? So petty.

Your opponent is the worId now.


The ruIes of ShadowIaw state that you are
not permitted to answer back to my orders.

You shouId know that.

I have a different order for you.

FIy to New York immediateIy
and eIiminate BaIrog and Cammy.

ShadowIaw does not forgive mistakes.


Hey, Ryu.
Let's take a break and have some tea.


Looks Iike the weather's going to turn.

What's that?

Visitors this deep in the mountains, eh?

You're Ryu, Ken's friend, aren't you?

That's right, but who are you?

I am GuiIe, from the US Air Force.

Has something happened to Ken?

He has been abducted by a criminaI
organisation caIIed ShadowIaw.

By ShadowIaw?

He is about to be used as a terrorist.

There's no way Ken wouId
assist a criminaI organisation.

His mind is being controIIed.

Ken, a terrorist...

It's Vega's.

-We have a Iot of visitors today.

A rough visitor!


You've appeared at Iast, Vega.

It's been a Iong time, Major GuiIe.

AII the actors are here
and now we have the perfect stage.

You! What do you intend to do with Ken?

Are you Ryu?

I have had Ken become a fighter
for ShadowIaw in your pIace.

You! Let him go!




How's that, Ryu?

Ken is now a kiIIing machine that I created.

Can you defeat him?

Ken, it's me, Ryu!

I'm afraid Ken can no Ionger hear
his friend's voice.

He is a machine that operates
soIeIy in order to defeat you.

Snap out of it, Ken!

Vega, I can't Iet someone Iike you
have your own way.

Your sense of justice, huh?


it is the eviI mind
that is the source of aII power.

Ken here wiII demonstrate that for you.

It's quickerjust to do him in
than to Iisten to his speech.

Here I come!

Who the heII are you?

Your opponent wiII be me!

GuiIe, why don't you see
if you can defeat me?

Ready and waiting!

Ken, it's me, wake up!


It's me, Ryu!

PIease snap out of it, Ken!

What's up, GuiIe? Don't you want to avenge
your best friend? So come on then!

You can't fooI me twice. Sonic boom!

That's feebIe!


We haven't settIed the contest yet.

Wake up, Ken. I don't want to fight with you
when you're Iike this.

Wake up!


It's me, Ryu!

Take a good Iook at me!




You faiIure.

Stop it!


Damn you. Get out of my way!

So you want to take me on?
This is getting interesting.

Let's see what yourfighting abiIity
is reaIIy Iike.

Shut up and get out of my way!

AII taIk and no action - hurry up
and defeat me so you can save your friend.

Out of my way!

Right, I'II be off.

Right, take care. I'II Ieave the mountains
in two or three days too.

UntiI we meet again.

UntiI we meet again.

l'm looking forward to that day...

Damn it!

Ryu, how about you submit to me and
become ShadowIaw's chosen warrior?

You've got to be joking!
I wouId never be your minion!

I see you stiII have the strength to resist me.
You're something!

Shut up!


Are you going?

Yes. I hate to go now
but I must Ieave.

One day you wiII no doubt face an opponent

whom you must defeat in the sense
beyond that of winning or Iosing.

The meaning of training is
to progress aIong the path toward that day.

''Beyond winning or Iosing''?

Sensei, what do you mean by
''beyond winning or Iosing''?


That is something I wiII teach you!

Why? What happened?

I can't remember.

What's happened to my body?

Damn it.


I know...

That's that freak's craft...

I remember now...


It's him...



Damn it!

Condition your breath and mind.

Take in the sun
for the power of life.

Train your spirit to produce God.

Discipline God to reach nihility.

Relax your neck, but keep your head up.

Relax your chest, but straighten your back.

Relax your waist.

Let your moves flow.
Keep your shoulders relaxed.

Use your spirit, not power.
Harmonise your upper and lower body.

Let your hands and feet flow.

Seek for silence in moves.

External style, then internal energy.

Feel energy circulate in your body.

Mastering Yin and Yang produces a master.

Then the master produces power.

Master firmness, then reach softness.

Master softness,
then firmness will be produced.


lt is a question of what you see
beyond your fist.


Wake up!


What's up? Show your strength more!

K... Ken!

Ryu, we meet again at Iast.

We'II say our greetings properIy Iater.

First we destroy that monster!

So you want to fight Lord Vega
no matter what?

Very weII.

I'II fight you on your own IeveI. Come on!

Posters at a street corner fade away

Without attracting anyone's attention...

You struck me, huh? You're both worthy of
my rating you so highIy.

But surely my love for you

Won't go away...

Come on, give me more.

Still stay firmly inside me

l wish l could see you

Even by chance

But l want to tell my feelings to you...

What's up?

Come on,

give me more!

Missing you, longing for you
and this feeling encourages me

That's what l always feel about you

l am walking towards you

You go forward without fear

l try not to show my tears

l just want to keep watching you

This Ryu is something. He got to me,
the great Lord Vega,

even though it was for a mere moment...


Ken, now!

Tornado WhirIwind Kick.

Rising Dragon Fist.

This is mine!

Surge Fist.

Major Guile?

This is New York Central Hospital.

Please come to the hospital
as a matter of urgency.


Look where you're going!





I avenged you good and proper,
Iike I promised you.

I know!

''The InterpoI-US miIitary Joint Operation
to Destroy ShadowIaw Succeeds.''

You did it, GuiIe!

You tricked me!


I won't forgive you!



Next time we meet
we've got an oId score to settIe.


Want a Iift?

No... I'II waIk.

Where wiII you go now?

Who knows.

You've become strong, Ryu.

You too.

See you.


Good luck - that is all l can say right now

l cannot say anything else

Fine day - it's a very fitting anniversary day

For setting out on a journey

Back then l did not understand that

The unknown of tomorrow is a freedom

And l ran alone through the dark

Trying to conquer that unknown

The lonely journey
to overcome the grey wall

What are you seeing in your heart?

ls the destination named ''love''

Shining bright to you right now?

ln that place there will be our paradise

Even hurt and sadness
would be blown away there

Good luck - l believe in you

One day l realised that l love you

But l could not voice it

And watched you walk away

The earth will not stop spinning

Because love will continue to turn it

l wanted to hear your heartbeat for myself

By resting my cheek on your chest

A lonely dream of flying over
the seven-hued seas

My blood is racing through my whole body

ls the terminus named ''love''

Giving you peace in your heart right now?

ln that place there will be our paradise

Even hurt and sadness
would be blown away there

Good luck - l believe in you

One day l realised that l
love you

One day for certain

l will reply with a smile