Street Fighter II: A Revived Fujiwara-kyou - The Fighters Who Ran Through Time (1995) - full transcript

He's late.

Edmond Honda... He sent me an invitation to a challenge.

Something about an amazing, never-before-seen
special move he'd created...

Looks like I get to be the first to try it, heh.

I suppose it's only natural that Ryu and Ken yield the first fight to me.

You know what they say... ladies first!

Behold the miracle...!

and marvel at the genius...

Of Edmond Honda's incredible new special move!


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ryu... Ken... Chun-Li...

I bet they're going to be surprised when they realize
they've ALL received an invitation.

Heh... it's gonna blow their minds!

How could they not...?

I've been so absorbed in creating this,
I haven't eaten or slept in 10 days!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


This Kameishi... it's pointing to the West!

I know the legend...
"when the Kameishi faces West, a great flood will come."

What the hell was that?

Where am I?

Ah, that's Mt. Amanokagu and Mt. Miminashi.

And that is Mt. Unebi.

Which would mean... I must be standing on Amakashi Hill.


What can this be? A city lying in the basin of the three mountains of Yamato...?
That would mean...

Street Fighter II - Return to the Fujiwara Capital

~the fighters who leapt through time~

Is this a dream?

Am I wandering through a dream...?




Wait I said, Ryu!

Calm down! It's me!

It's Ken!

So you've arrived here too...

Ah, it's nostalgic, isn't it!

To be re-united after three long years.

Three years?

What the hell are you talking about.

We only just received Edmond Honda's challenge!


That's 1,300 years in the future!

1,300 years... in the future?!

When exactly did you get here?

Just now. I just walked down from Amakashi Hill.

Oh yeah?

So that explains it. We were all dropped in different places.


Listen, Ryu. All of us, we've been caught up in some kind of time vortex,

and transported 1300 years into the past, to the Fujiwara capital.

Even though that mysterious light swallowed up at the same time,
it set us all down at different times.

In other words, there's been a three year gap between my arrival,
and yours just now.

You following me?

Look, this ain't no dream, Ryu.

We've really slipped 1300 years into the past.


Hey--don't ask me any complicated questions.

You think I'm supposed to understand the logic of time travel?

Besides, look where we're standing now.
This is Suzakumon Gate.

And beyond that building lies the Choudouin,

the pavilion where nobles and officials gather.

And rising behind it, the Daigokuden,
the great hall where the Emperor performs rites and conducts the business of government.

Lined up along the north-south axis, there is the inner palace where the Emperor resides,

and surrounding that are the government and administrative offices.

It seems to be arranged much like the Imperial Palace,

National Diet Building, and individual agency buildings of our time.

That's right.

And in this city, with the roads neatly laid out in a grid like a Go board,
these nobles and officials go about their daily lives.

A political municipality wielding centralized power...

And the very first of its kind in Japan, at that.

Before Fujiwara, the location of the capital would be moved with every new Emperor.

But that doesn't make for a very efficient government, does it?

In fact, it's downright inconvenient!

And so Empress Jitou, following the example of the Chinese system and the wishes of her husband Emperor Tenmu, established a permanent capital city in this basin enclosed by the three mountains of Yamato.

The transfer of the capital to Fujiwara was completed in 694.

Who are they?


The government official and administrators' workday begins at dawn.

Really? That early?

The Suzukamon Gate opens at the Second Hour of the Tiger--5:00 A.M., that is.

And from here, they must journey further to their respective places of business within the capital, so many begin their commute before dawn.

But there's always some stragglers, like this poor guy.

With strictly observed working hours, I don't think he's gonna be up for promotion anytime soon!

As an official, the lower your standing, the further you lived away from the capital, so the commute could be terrible.

Where are we?

Putting aside the official's woes for a moment,
do you understand the importance of time, Ryu?

Are you kidding me! I arrived at E Honda's meeting place way before you!

And then, that mysterious light...

That damn light...

I don't doubt it was the thing responsible for screwing up our time.

A siphon draws the water from the top container,
where it falls into and fills up the next container.

A water clock...?

They would use a measuring stick to let
people know the beginning and end of each day.

In this world it is the officials and members of the imperial court, and only they,
who control time and regulate the actions of all.

And an official calendar, well, they've already got that put together too.


What's wrong?

They are bound by time, while we are adrift in it...

Hey, Ken.

Is there a way for us to return to the 20th century?

(Great Hall)

Despite being constructed entirely of wood,
the Daigokuden is as tall as an 8-story building!

The Daigokuden and Choudoin were the first buildings in Japan besides
Buddhist structures to feature roofs with ceramic "kawara" tiles.


That looks fun!

What was that?!

What's going on?!

It's a time wall.

A time... wall?

I was so happy to see you, I didn't notice it.

The train of time that brought us here has been speeding up.

We're moving through this era at such a high-speed,
if you try to step off and interact with this world you'll be bounced back.

It's like looking outside the window of a shinkansen...

But why...?

Why did this happen when we were re-united?

Anyway, the thing about the Daigokuden is,

only the Emperor and the very highest ranking nobles are allowed in.

So perhaps it was for your own good that you couldn't approach it.

What do you mean by that?

The workplaces of these lowly civil servants is more fitting for the likes of us!

After all, we're here to learn, right?!

Paper was an extremely valuable commodity then,
so wooden tablets were often used instead.

And if you made a mistake,
the only way to erase it was to shave the wood down.

I guess this guy isn't getting promoted either.

Yeah Ryu, maybe he's an ancestor of yours!

These are the first circulated coins that Japan officially minted.

Is it payday today?

Not every transaction was paid for with money,
but a lower-class official might have a yearly salary of 310 mon.

The equivalent, for us, of about 2.5 million yen (approx 25,000 USD).

But the highest-ranking "chancellor"-level nobility might receive up to 309,070 mon a year, or 2.4 billion yen (around 24 million USD).

An incredible difference.

Hm? What's he doing?

Probably requesting a loan.

A loan?

Yes. It was common to borrow money from officials
above you and end up to your eyeballs in debt.

Loan sharks...!

This is the kitchen of the Daizenshiki.

Since they come to the capital so early for work,
many officials arrive without having eaten breakfast yet.

In any event, this is where the food is prepared.

It's free, no charge.

There's a big difference between the amount of food they get too, I see.

Yes, in many ways, the era of the Fujiwara Capital was one of intense social stratification.

From top to bottom, there were approximately 30 different official ranks.

It was a way of showing distance between the people and the Emperor.

Look, see that official with the deep scarlet clothes?
He is a noble of the fourth rank.

Those light green ones are of the seventh rank.

These deeper blue are much lower, the 8th rank.

And the most numerous, but also the lowest ranking noble,
were the light blue clothed officials here.

Even from afar you can tell who's who by the color of their clothes.

Hey, where did all these people come from?

Their work is done for the day.


But it's not even noon yet!

They only work four hours each day.

The rest is free time!

These government officials all have private
residences outside of the Imperial Palace.

Their livelihoods are supported entirely by the state.

Officials of the fifth rank and above are given land
close to the Imperial Palace.

The highest "chancellor"-level class might be given four blocks worth of land.

Amazing. That's 57,600 square meters.

The imperial family and high ranking
government officials would receive half or one fourth of that.

Even the lowest ranking officials would still be guaranteed
1/16 of a block, or 270 tsubo (892 square meters).

It would be outside the capital, though.

For modern people who work themselves to the bone for a mere
50 tsubo of land today, it seems like an awfully sweet deal.


Isn't that Chun-Li?!

Of course it is!



You guys are here too?!

Ah, thank goodness!

Thrown back alone into this crazy time, I thought I was going to lose it!

Chun-Li, how did you end up with those guys?

I don't really know how I got caught up with it, but I've been traveling back
and forth with them between Japan, China, and Korea.

The following year after the Taiho Code was established,
I got on an envoy ship headed to Tang China.

In fact, I've just now returned from an envoy to Silla (Ancient Korea)!

I should have known. That's just like you, Chun-Li.


What is it?

So wait... Chun-Li, you arrived here the same year the Taiho Code was written?

Yes, that's right.

That would be the first year Japan begin using the Imperial Era system... the first year of the Taiho Era, right?

I arrived here the year after that.

You must have arrived right when I got on that boat to China.

But for Ryu here, today is my first time seeing him in three years.

I've been giving him a tour of the Fujiwara Capital,
but the people there are already using coins with the Wadō emblem...

What's your point?

History tells us that Japan first began
minting coins in the first year of Wadō Era.

That's six years *after* the envoy ships were sent to Tang China.

Ah! Ken!

Yes. The flow of time is continuing to accelerate faster and faster.

Every time we street fighters encounter one another...

Which means...

Edmond Honda!

If we find him, and can speed up the flow of time even faster,
it might be enough to return us to our own time!

You think that Sumo idiot is here?

It would make sense, wouldn't it?

He's the one who originally summoned the three of us to Asuka Village!

Perhaps something happened to him that caused this time vortex...

If that's true, I'm going to pound that guy into dried squid!

Let's go look for him!

Sorry Lady! I can't accept these coins!

Hey! The government has said you have to start accepting
these coins in exchange for goods now! It's the law!

Sorry! If you want rice, bring me some leather!

A standardized currency and the convenience it
represents wouldn't become known to the people until much later.

My old lady's spells always work! How's your stomach feel?!

I think I'm cured!

Now, she will take the bad little bug-spirit who
has possessed your stomach and cast him into the river!

Go on, stand up!

Ah, wait, ow, ow, ow ow ow ow! It hurts!

They're so deadly serious about all that stuff,
it'd be rude to laugh at them.

There's a lot of traffic on this road now.

Well, yeah. This is Japan's capital, after all!

Everyday rice from all over the country,
as well as a variety of goods are transported here.

This is bad!

Time keeps speeding up!


They've started disassembling the capital...


I thought you said the Fujiwara Capital
was built to be the permanent capital of Japan.

That was the intention, but as the political system expanded,
it became too cramped,

and ultimately the Fujiwara Capital only lasted for the reigns of
Emperors Jitou, Monmu, and Genmei, ending in a mere 16 years.

We have to hurry!
If the capital moves to Heian we're going to have a hell of a time finding Edmond Honda there!

A larger capital would mean vastly more people we'll have to search through!

Pillars, tiles, and anything re-usable is being transported to the new capital.



Hey, hey!


What is he doing down there...

Heh, he was mixed in with all the koeki! (forcibly drafted laborers)

No wonder we couldn't find him!

Ahhh, you're all here!

It's been so long!

I've been living in a village near here for 16 years!!!

16 years!

I can't take it anymore! Guarding the capital, paving their roads...
they've had me doing nothing but hard labor!

And now they say they're moving the capital,
and they've forced me to come here and help!

You've had it hard.

Thank you... thank you.

I knew you were a friend, Ryu!



It's coming...

the time vortex!


"Spring has passed, it seems, and now summer has arrived;

For this, they say, is when robes of
pure white are aired on heavenly Mount Kagu."

It may have only existed for 16 years,
but once upon a time, 1,300 years ago,

an amazing capital existed at the base of this hill.

I feel like I was there for a long time.

Even though it was only 5 or 6 hours...


Hey, Edmond Honda...

Wasn't there some "amazing", "unprecedented"
special move you were going to show us?


...what are you talking about?

Can you believe this guy?

Looks like he's left his precious special move
back in the Fujiwara Capital!

Ha ha ha ha ha...