Street Fighter Alpha: Generations (2005) - full transcript

Ryu, Ken, Gouki and Sakura return in this thrilling prequel to "Street Fighter!" Alpha.



Perish, Gouki!

I will not perish!



Are you all right?

Are you in pain?

I overdid it a bit.

It was supposed to be
a non-contact sparring...

but I had no choice because
you used the forbidden skill.

The old master has forbidden
the Hadou power, hasn't he?


You'll be sorry
if you get tetanus.


Don't move.


You can't!


I don't understand! Why not?

How many times do I have to tell you
that the Hadou power is forbidden?

I... I still don't understand!

Just follow the path that's laid out?

As if our predecessors'
teaching is absolute?

I don't think so.

No matter what you sacrifice
or whose blood you shed...

the courage to tread a thorny pass...

should be what
martial art masters need!

Is that all you have to say?

What you are speaking of...

is not courage.

It is just arrogance.




It may be hard to believe,
but Dad is concerned about you.

I know, but...

I have my own path to pursue.

I wanted Master to understand.

What's the matter?
Are you all right?

Damn. Not again.

Again? Are you not feeling well?

It's nothing.

Don't come near me.

By his look, he must have been
using the Hadou power in secret.

I am sorry.

Don't be a fool.

It is not something
you need to apologize for.


To be honest, I had been hoping
this day would not come.

But it has arrived.

The bad karma flowing
in our bodies...

it is bad karma indeed.

We can't leave it alone any longer.


We have no choice now.

But if I fail the task...

Gouken, you are going
to cut off this karma.


I... I am going my way.

Your... way?

Forgive me.


What is the matter?

They are gone.

My father and Gouki, too.

I am really disappointed
to see you like this.

Forgive me, Gouki.

Miss Sayaka!

I'm all right.

Please go ahead. Hurry.

You can't be... Miss Sayaka.



Why... Why on earth
did you do such a thing?


This... Are you telling me
this is the path you chose?

Answer me, Gouki!

Are you going to throw away
everything and leave?

You... you already have...

Your happiness
was within your reach...


Do you understand? Gouki!


Is there anyone you know?

My master...

His dojo was up there.

Is that so?

What about you?

For my father and mother.

It is like a daily task,
because my house is close.

Would you like
to borrow my bucket?

I can come back later
to pick it up.

No, thank you.
My master has to have this.

I see.

Then I must be going now.

This place really
hasn't changed a bit.

It is the same as back then.

What on earth is going on?

Why... you... can't be!

You... killed Old Master Gouken.


Why are you standing there?

Are you trying to provoke me?

I will accept your challenge anytime!


A dream... was it?

You did a good job of sensing me...

but you still have a long way to go.

You seem to need more training.

Who are you?

I'm just a monk.

Are you going to fight that man?

To thank you for the meal,
how about I give you a little instruction?

Hey, Grandpa!

Street fight, isn't it?


Hey, Grandpa. Wait!

What's the matter?

You are not fighting back.

Or can't you fight back?

What are you talking about,

Indeed, how can I use my skills
seriously against an old man?

What confidence, young one!


Damn! I am upset, Grandpa!

Oh! Are you a little bit motivated?


Is he from the same school?

Pretty good punch.

I'm here.

Let's stop now, Grandpa.

You must not be able
to move in this position.

Force it, and your left arm will...

Are you sure
I can't move in this position?


I have been easy on you
because you are an old man, but...

Oh, is that Hadou power?

Relying on horsepower only...
you are still young.

Here I come, Grandpa!



What's the matter?
What are you surprised about?

Here. I'll send it back to you.

Well, have you had enough?

I give up, Grandpa.

It's my loss.

You even made fun of my Hadouken.

Are you shocked to have been
defeated by an old thief?

Say, why don't you
come to my place?

I like you.

What's the matter?
Aren't you going to eat?

You must be hungry.


We had a tough fight
just a minute ago.

Now we're in your dining room
and having a meal peacefully.

What are you thinking, Grandpa?

What? Aren't you hungry?

Yes. I'm hungry.

That's not what I mean.

Grandpa, really,
who on earth are you?

I'm just a monk.

Oh, that's right, Ryu.

This is my granddaughter, Fuka.



What? Do you know each other?

Y-Yes. A little bit.

Grandfather, the apprentice
you mentioned on the phone earlier...


That's right. He became
my apprentice today.

Take care of him.

W -Wait a minute!

I haven't said a word about
becoming your apprentice yet.

Why hesitate?
Let's make a toast. Here.

Well, I can't drink Sake.

It doesn't matter. Drink up!

Then, enjoy.

Th-Thank you.

How is she?
Isn't she a nice girl?

Y-you are right.

- Do you like her?
- Yes...

Then, that's easy.

Don't you want to marry Fuka?

G-Grandpa, what...

I'm old now.

I want to see my granddaughter
in her hour of glory as early as possible.

And great-grandchild, too...

- E-Excuse me...
- Grandfather!

Enough is enough!

Ryu is at a loss, too!

You see, she's upset.

By the way,
what are you training for?

Why all of sudden?

- What for?
- It is...

Haven't you found it yet?

That something
you are looking for.

A path to a so-called
true martial art master.

How did you know that?

If you like, you can stay here
till you find what it is.

I will take care of you.

Grandpa, why are you
so concerned about me?

Hey, Ryu, by the way...

the man you saw during the day
was a true demon, wasn't he?


When I was still a kid and started
understanding what was happening...

I remember seeing him.

I don't remember
where or when I saw him.

I wasn't attracted.
I was just scared.

That huge hand of the man.

Come to think of it, it's, like,
my fate to fight that man.

It may be so.

Things took care of themselves.

I ended up staying at
this old man's house for a while.

The life here was fun.

But I couldn't find answers to the battle
against that bastard, nor about myself.

Yet time just seemed to fly.

Hi, welcome.

Can I defeat that man
by doing something like this?

That man killed the master.

He even killed the previous master
with one blow.

Besides, the master forbade me
to fight that man.

I... What on earth
do I really want to do?

I'm sorry.

You are busy with your training...

but I made you come
shopping with me.

Oh, no. Not at all.

Oh, what about mackerel today?

That sounds good.

It took a little longer, didn't it?


Have you been practicing
martial arts since you were little?


I started getting serious...

when I started training
under Master Gouken.

What about your parents?

I heard they died.

I'm sorry for asking
such a thing.

No. You don't need to worry.

To be honest,
I don't remember anything.

Ever since I can remember...

it seems I was left
at a temple somewhere.

But I don't remember it well.

As a result, I left there.

Did you run away?

Run away. Yeah, I couldn't
bear the loneliness.

I was out of control
and did reckless things back then.

Then I started training
under Master Gouken...

and finally settled down.

Till the day when
that man appeared again.

It was raining, wasn't it, Gouken?


Stop, Ryu!


What is it?

Why do you have to fight
such a man?

My father was
a martial arts master, too.

Just like you...

my father hoped to become
a true martial arts master...

and trained under
my grandfather.

One day, there was a match.

My father died in that battle.

I'm sorry for
saying something odd.


Ryu... aren't you?

Y-You are?

Finally... finally I found you.

Excellent appetite.

I'm revived.

I was surprised
when you fell suddenly.

Because I seldom
ate or drank to get here.

Where on earth
did you come from?

I came from Tokyo.

- Tokyo?
- Tokyo?

I wanted to see you
by all means, Ryu.

To see Ryu?

- You've come a long way.
- No, no.

That is not the issue.

Who on earth told you
that I was here?

Ken did.

Ken? Do you know Ken?

Yes. I met him in Tokyo.

Ken told me
that he was coming here...

for the anniversary
of the master's death.


Please! Have a match with me!

A match?

You... What... Suddenly...

Ever since I saw you...

I thought you aren't
just a street fighter!

I knew you are a true fighter.

So I have been training
extra hard for you.

That's why!

She's expecting
great things from you, Ryu.

What is a true fighter?

I am not a true fighter.

I haven't reached that level yet.

I have to fight...

or I'll never be content.

- Let's do it.
- It'll be a learning experience.

All right!

Let's go!

I'm ready for you!


Ryu, why?

Why don't you use
your whole strength?

Because I'm weak?

That's... that's an insult!


I'm all right.

Ryu. Again, please.

This girl...

She stands up to me with full power
knowing she's no match for me.

She's right.
I really do want to fight.

I want to fight that man!

Thank you very much!

It was a very good lesson for me.

No. Me, too.
It was a good lesson for me.

That's right.
The revenge doesn't matter.

I just want to fight that man.

I have to fight.

Or I will never find
what I'm looking for.

It feels good.

I see.

Then you are not
his real granddaughter, Fuka.

No. It seems
we are distant relatives, though.

You had a tough life.

Not really.

Some people often think so.

Grandfather is well, too.

Grandpa is a funny man, isn't he?

But he seems very old.
How old is he?

Well, he's been like that
as long as I can remember.

I guess he is over ninety.


He is really healthy.

I'm sure Ryu feels annoyed, too.

Well, Grandfather!

He really is funny, isn't he?

But I think Ryu likes it after all.

To fight.

I wonder if he is going to fight.

It's morning...

yet the clouds don't look good.

Could it be a storm?

Are you going, Ryu?


You look good.

I suppose you have
made up your mind.

Go to the old castle ruins
behind Goutoku Temple.

He will definitely appear there.

Accept your fate, Ryu.

Good morning, Fuka.

It's raining.

Have you seen Ryu?

He left early before dawn.

Go back, Ken Masters.

Who are you?

You can't get involved in this battle!

This is the fate of those two!


Why are you interfering with me?

Sorry, but I have to get to Ryu
no matter what.

And I will do so.

Not as good as you claim.

Let go, Grandpa! I can't let him go!

Ryu is all right.
He doesn't need a guard any longer.

What are you saying?

I followed Ryu all the way here.

You are a pupil of Gouken,
aren't you?

I already know.

To prevent Ryu's Dark Hadou
from waking up by those two fighting...

and to prevent another tragedy
from happening...

Gouken was a kind man.

Who on earth are you?

How can you say
Ryu's Dark Hadou won't wake up?

Originally, do you know
what the Dark Hadou is?

Dark Hadou is...

the power to exterminate
every single living thing in this world.

Once upon a time...

there lived people born with
natural dreadful fighting skills.

Many of them were used by
the man of power at the time...

and their sole purpose was to fight.

But they did not deserve
to be used for such evil.

But one day,
a horrible thing happened.

The long killing days...

awakened the devil
that lay dormant within them.

Once the devil is awakened...

it is said to consume
not only the person's body...

but that person's
personality, too.

Ken, that is the true identity
of Dark Hadou.

Those two have
inherited the blood.

The bad karma hasn't died.

What power.
My skills don't work at all.

Gouken, I was not wrong
as a fighter.

As proof, look!
He came here, too!

Fuka, that...


What a fist! My guarding arm
is starting to feel funny.

After all, can't I win?

The hell with a true fighter!

What is the difference?


Damn! Damn!

That's right, Ryu!
That is the power of our blood!

The wake-up call
of a true fighter!

These are...

The detestable misfortune
of the past.

Killed the enemies,
killed the allies...

killed the loved ones...

and even killed them.

Now, come, Ryu!

You only want the strength.
That is our disgusting fate.



Ryu, your path to become
a true fighter has been obscured.

Your reverence for your teacher
has destroyed your thirst to be strong.

Wrong. It pulled me back.


The one who mastered the skill...

So, this is the end of the one
who was swallowed up...


My name is Gouki!

The one who mastered the skill!

Some day again, I want to fight you.

It was a long time ago.

A man left a newborn child
in my care.

He said the mother died shortly
after she gave birth to the child.

The man told me not to let the child
follow the father's path.

That child left my place
momentarily, but...


I kept the promise...


I am tired now.

I wonder if I lived a bit too long.