Street Dreams - Los Angeles (2018) - full transcript

An undercover cop from the streets of Los Angeles must overcome the opposition to land his dream of becoming a counterintelligence agent in the FBI.

Nah, I ain't gonna need
no backup on this one.

Move and that next bullet
is going in your ass.

You've got the right
to remain silent,

anything you say can and will...

I didn't even
fuckin' do nothin'.

Who the fuck are you?

Who am I?

I'm detective Elijah Wilkins,

and I got everything needed

to take you in,
Spencer Williams.

My names Spank, bitch.

whatever, get up.

You can't come
in here causing...

Hey, shut up, Elijah,

because I'm doing you
a favor, all right?

I said freeze.


Got your ass.

So you killin' folk,

you sellin' dope,

and you attacked an officer.

Oh yeah, I'm about to
make sure the booty boys

have a good time
with you in prison.

Let's go.

Do you wanna explain to me

why I just got off the phone
with an angry bartender

saying that a police
officer opened fire

in his bar around
unarmed civilians?

Lieutenant Roberts,
why do you always keep it

so dark in here?

'Cause this is my office,

and it's my rules so shut up.

What happened to the backup
that I called for you?

- What, man, I don't...
- Shut up, okay?

That was rhetorical,
I'm not done talking.

I don't, I don't get
it, I don't get it.

You have a background
in criminal justice,

you have a family,
you're actually

a halfway decent detective,

but you're selfish and
a reckless ass whole.

If I'd of knew you'd be
this much of a headache

I would of never approved
your transfer from New York.

What do you got to say
for yourself, Wilkins?

I mean, basically I
just wanted to say...

Shut up, okay?

I'm still not done talking.

I want you to know that I know
that you've been putting in

application to get into the FBI.

And they called me
for recommendations.

What they say?

They asked and I
told them the truth.

That you're not ready.

What, are you serious?

I need this.

No, I need you to
get your shit together.

I can't have you
going over there

pulling the same mess
that you do here,

not on my name.

I will change once I get...

I need you to change now.

I can't believe
you're doing this.

gonna give you like,

one or two years,
and then we'll see

what's good with the transfer.

A year?


you got the skills
and the experience

to get you in the door,

but it's your character
that will determine

how long you stay there, Elijah.

Whatever dude.

You still arguing with Wilkins

over that FBI transfer.

Mind your own business.

Why don't you let that man go?

Some of those FBI guys
are no better than him.

True, but honestly,

he's the best
detective I've got.

what are you doing?

Sup baby girl?

I have to protect
you from bad guys.

Come here.

You still remember
what I taught you?

All right, let me see
what you got, ready?


Boom, jab right,
boom, boom, boom,

down low, too slow.

Now look, you gotta promise
me not to be out here

using the swing
at friends, okay?

Only if you gotta
defend yourself.

Come on, sit down, let's
have a talk with daddy.

Daddy, when you go
and defend a bad guy,

sometimes I get scared that
you won't come back home.

Come here baby girl.

Listen, I don't want
you ever have to worry

about your father, okay?

I can't promise you that
I'm always gonna be here,

but I can let you know is
that I'm working hard enough

so I ever were to depart,

you will be taken care of, okay?

I love you.

Daddy, you hug me too tight.

You know you
like it, come here.


Momma wants us to come
in the house for dinner.

All right, come on,
let's go see mommy.

Can I take Madison inside too.


Little girl, if you
don't get in this house.

Mm, smells
good up in here.

Did you all wash her hands?

I did
but Daddy didn't.

you snitching on me.

Elijah, go wash your hands.

Oh my gosh.

All right, what we eatin'
for dinner tonight?



Baby, I thought you were
gonna make me some tacos?

Uh-uh, don't be ungrateful,

be glad I made you dinner.

Oh, you're lookin'
out for your man.

Come here girl.


Babe stop, eat your
food before it gets cold.

So, how was work?

I don't wanna talk
about it right now.

Daddy didn't take
out some bad guys.

Baby you know I did.

What happened after
you busted them?

I don't wanna
talk about it now,

just eat your spaghetti.

I do.

What happened?

Well, if you must know,

Lieutenant denied my
transfer to the FBI.

How long are you
gonna do this FBI stuff?

Babe, I'm not gonna
have this conversation

with you right now,
I'm really not.

I'm tired of hearing
about the FBI all the time.

If you need to start
raising your voice

in front of my daughter.

Don't tell me to
stop getting worked up

in front of our daughter.

Baby, why don't you
go inside your room

while I talk to your mum.

Mm-mm, Jasmine, don't move
a muscle, eat your food.


I think I just lost my appetite.

Baby, sit here while
I go talk to your dad.

She trippin' boy.

What is your problem?

So now you wanna
talk about it?

Why can't you just stick
to being a detective?

It's bad enough I
hardly see you as it is.

Or I have to worry about

going to view your
body at the morgue.

Baby, why you
acting brand new?

You know I wanted
to be an FBI agent

since we met in high school.

I do, but you been
pursuing this career

for over 10 years.

All I'm saying is, be
thankful for what you have.

It's not like we're struggling.

Besides, do you really think
they're gonna let a black man

from the hood, in the
counter intelligence

- or the FBI?
- Hold on, hold on,

hold on, hold one.

Fist of all, I'm different,

and I thought you had my back.

See that's the problem.

We always have your back.

What about me?

Seems like all I'm good for

is giving you babies,
feeding you, and a good fuck.

Now you know you
mean more to me than that.

Then prove it.

Why haven't I got a ring yet?

At least give me something
to look forward to.

I'm tired of my
mum and my sisters

always harassing me
about my life, asking,

when's he gonna marry you?


if I was married they would
not have made me detective,

and you know this.

It has to jeopardize
the whole situation.

Like I said,

it's always about you.

Oh, it's about me, huh?

You know, it's really funny
how you're saying that

but you don't say that
when I'm taking you out

on them shopping sprees.

Or what about this Mercedes Benz

I bought you from
my promotion, huh?

Oh, you love driving that.

Are you coming
back to eat with me?

Baby, please
go back to the kitchen,

Daddy and Mummy
are just talking,

we'll be right down.

Look baby,

I'm sorry, okay?

I just need you to believe in me

like you believe
in me for that job.

I'm so close I can feel it.

I love you.

And I need you.

So believe me when I say,

I will make you my wife, okay?

I guess this is a bad time

to tell you I'm pregnant.

You're what?

Baby you pregnant?

We're gonna have a kid?


Okay, nah, that's all good,
you know what I'm saying?

'Cause once I'm in the FBI,
you know what I'm saying?

I'm gonna be making
an extra 10 G's a year

and then training, I'm
getting two K a week.

Baby, we gonna be good, baby,
we gonna baby, Mrs. Wilkins.

Uh-uh, don't start nothin'
you can't finish right now.

Wait until Jasmine goes to bed.

I like that.

Where that damn remote at?


Y'all tryna roll this
dice though, what's up?

You all brought money?

I'm gonna let y'all
know right now

I'm taking all your money.

Shut up Max, all you
do is run your mouth,

let's see what you got.

He ain't gonna win
anyway, he bad luck.

Hello Danny, I'm
taking your money first.

All right.

Let's go.

Nigga, them were
snake eyes, nigga.

Ay, how much you puttin' up B?

Nah, I'm just gonna watch.

I'm saving my money for
the ice cream truck.

Nigga, why you always
gotta act a buster?

What you need to do
is roll this dice

and flip that money
so you can buy you

a shit load of ice cream.

I'm good.

Ay my nigga, why keep
bothering this nigga, bro,

He ain't tryna shoot bros.

Just shut up and keep rolling.


Hey, I like these bro,
where you get these from?

Hey, where you nigga's from?

Hey nigga, what you
mean where we from.

Nigga, don't play stupid,

where you nigga's from?

Man what's good?

Hey my nigga, we got a
problem or what my nigga?

Yo, can't be
killin', let's just go.

Hey man fuck that, I ain't
going nowhere my nigga.

Take your bitch ass home nigga,

I ain't scared of none
of you bitch ass nigga.


Hey my nigga, don't let
these nigga's punk y'all bro.

Oh Danny, you cold man.

Oh shoot, they comin' back.

- Danny, get up man.
- Danny.

Come on open your eyes.

Come on Danny.

Danny what's wrong?

Danny come on, get up,
Danny, we gotta go.



Baby, it's okay.

I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry.

Go back to sleep.

I'm sorry.

Wake up Cinderella.

Apparently there's
another player

in the Spencer
Williams murder ring.

There's always another player.

You got any leads?

Some fella by the name of Ace.

They say he hangs
around Mid Town.

Mid Town?

Well I got a plug down there.

Hmm, well good.

Get down there and get as
much information as you can

so we can finally
close this case.

All right, I'll get
down there a little later.

No, no, no, no, I
need you to go now.

Lieutenant, I just woke up.

I don't care, when I call
you that means you on the clock

so you get your
ass down there now.

All right, damn.

Baby, I gotta go in.


I gotta go into work.

Don't be gone all day.

You know I'm comin' back,

'cause it's my duty
to please this booty.

Oh, you're so corny.

Baby, what you watchin'?

I don't know, some
guys dutiful head.

Donald Trump baby.

Unfortunately he's
our president.

Oh, I've heard of him.

The kids at my school say
he doesn't like people

that look like me.

I don't understand.

I'm just a kid and
never did anything.

I know baby.

Some peoples hearts are
led by ignorance, you know?

But I don't want you
using that as an excuse

not to excel.

You're a Wilkins, and
Wilkins, we overcome anything.

Just want you to make sure

you judge people
by their character

and not by the
color of their skin,

you got that?

Okay Daddy.

All right, turn
on some cartoons.

I love you, I'll be back,

listen to what your mother says.


Ay yo, step into my office.

Man, what you want man?

Why you gotta ask
all these questions?

Just get in the whip and
holla at me for a second.

Nah, whatever you gotta say

you can say it right here.

I don't think you want
everybody knowin' your business,

if you know what I'm sayin'.

What you want now man?

Yo, why you always gotta
sit in the back seat?

'Cause snitches
sit in the front,

and I ain't no fuckin' snitch.

Ain't nobody even
thinkin' about your ass.

Besides, nobody even know
I'm a cop besides you.

Yeah, aight, that's
what you think.

So what's up, you
got something to say?

'Cause if not, I'm out.

Like you got
somethin' better to do

than sit your ass up
on that street corner.

So why don't you
do something good

for your community for once?

Man, you playin', I'm out.

What you know about Ace?


Ace, do you know him?

Never heard of him.


You deaf, dumb, blind,
and stupid again.

You know, well you can get
the hell out of my whip.

This fuckin' nigga man.

On second thought, hold up.

Hold on, let me holla
at you for a second.

You know, I figured
some of this fresh air

may jog your memory.

So who's Ace?

Man, I already told
you I don't know.

Why do you keep
messing with me, Jah?

Why I keep messing with you?

You know, it's funny
how quickly you forgot

you on two strikes,

and I can be even funnier

and get those charges
buried up on my desk

and make that three.

How many years you get
for three strikes again?

So I'm suppose to
be scared now, nigga?

You don't have shit on me.

I know them streets
like I know them laws.

Besides, I've been
to jail already,

it ain't nothin' I ain't seen.


- Yeah.
- So you cool

with talking to your family

between a glass wall is
what you sayin', huh?

Did I stutter, nigga?

Let me make this
more clear for you.

You ain't gettin' shit outta me,

so matter of fact,

don't even come around
here no more, tough guy.

Aight, three strikes
comin' for that ass.

Good luck, Jah.

Old Hopper messed up.

So what have we got here?

Yeah, what's up?

Good news, we got Ace
down here for questioning

and I think we got enough

to put him away
for good this time.

Well I'll be damned.

You sound mad.

You're mad somebody
got to him before you?

No I just wasted my
entire day doing nothin'.


Some old trap house.

Wait, the one near Anderson?

Yep, supposedly
this is where Ace

ran his supply.

I think he cleaned it
out about two weeks ago

after he found out we were
shuttin' down all his allies.

Well that's good to know.

Look, I'll be over there
shortly, stand by, aight?

Hurry up, handle that.

What's this?


Dodger Stadium.

Put this back.

So you're the one
they call Ace, huh?

Why do they call you that?

'Cause I'm the highest
suit in the deck.

Ace bigger than a king.

Yeah, until someone
pulls a joker on you.

Ain't got no time for jokers.

See they all get knocked off.


since you gonna be
questioning to death,

the least you could do
is hand me a cigarette.

Who says I have a cigarette?

I know a smoker
when I see one.

I don't
normally do this.

That's what they always say.

Then they come crawling back,

like fucking bees.

Lieutenant, Lieutenant?

Oh relax, you relax, this
case is about to be over.

Are you busy?

Well, I'm about
to get some coffee

and then I'm gonna go back
in there with Agent Mendez

and finish interrogating Ace.

Wait, Agent
Mendez, FBI Mendez?

Well apparently Ace
was into bigger things

than just local
murder and drugs.

I don't doubt it one bit.

I think I got
something to prove it.

This glass goin' bye.

Wait, what?

Wait a minute Wilkins.


So you a terrorist too?

What the hell
you talkin' 'bout?

You can't just come in here

during a private investigation.

Lieutenant, have your
man stand down now.

Wilkins, stand down.

Nah, I got some
vital information

you may need, Agent Mendez.

- I'm sorry.
- What is this?

Agent Mendez, this
is Detective Wilkins,

he was the lead detective on
this case since the beginning.

I don't know what
these are though.

They're blueprints
to the Dodger Stadium.

Apparently this
dude was planning

to blow it up or somethin'.

I don't know what the
hell he talkin' about.

I ain't no damn terrorist.

And I don't give a fuck
about Dodger Stadium.

So what were they
doing at your trap house?

Man, why don't you ask the
nigga you snatched them from?

Dumb ass.

- You know who I am?
- I can take it

from here Detective.

You keep your monkey
ass paws off my client.

Else I'll have your badge.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Thomas Johnson,
attorney of law.

There'll be no
further questioning

till otherwise stated.


Oh, Mendez.

Why am I not surprised
to see you here?

Always defending the
scum of the earth.

Mendez, you don't wanna
start a battle you can't win.

So now I suggest we wrap
up this little party

so my client here,
Mr. Big mouth,

will be on his way.

Nah, I don't think
that's a good idea.

He committed the crime,

he's gotta pay the time.

Now I see we have
an overly anxious cop.

Struggling to prove himself.

My suggestion to you, rookie,

is to stand down if you
know what's good for you.

You know what?

I ain't scared of no
damn lawyers, all right?

I am the law.

Nigga, you ain't shit
but a sellout with a badge.

You know, I'm 'bout tired
of you running your mouth.

Wilkins, stand
down, matter of fact

in my office right now.

Wilkins, now.

Lookin' like
an RnB singing ass nigga.

- Right now, bring your ass.
- Get your ass, B.

- Before I do it.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Mendez, will that be
a problem if I have

some personal time
with my client here.

Some personal time?


Suggest you tell your
client to keep his mouth shut.

It wouldn't be a problem
if can get two diet cokes?

What the fuck am I
gonna do with you?

Every time I turn around,
you in fuckin' trouble.

I got enough shit goin'
on with other clients

that I can't even tend to

because I gotta
babysit your ass.

Now fill out this paperwork

so I can get you
outta her by tonight.

You know what?

When all this is over
you're gonna throw me

a big ass party.

That's what you gonna do.

Are you outta your damn mind?

You really trying to mess this
up for yourself, aren't you?

Like I said, you're
too reckless.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Maybe I got a little
excited, all right?

Yeah, well your
excitement is making you,

me, and the whole, entire
precinct look like we're idiots.

Somebody's planning an
attack on the Dodger Stadium.

For all we know I just
saved a bunch of lives.

But how you did it

is not how you
handle the situation.

For all we know, it
coulda been a little kid

playing with those blueprints.

- Lieutenant?
- Mendez.

We had to let Ace go.

But as far as these blueprints,

we're gonna look a little
further into these.

I have a strong feeling this
may be someone else's doing.

But Detective?

Wilkins, Elijah Wilkins.

Detective Wilkins,
you got time tomorrow

to talk more about
your investigation?

Sure do.

Here's my card.

Give me a call first
thing in the morning.

No problem.


Agent Mendez.

call you later on.

Look forward to it.

Ah, Agent Mendez?

Agent Mendez?

Agent Mendez?

Can I
help you Wilkins,

I'm kinda in a hurry?

I'm sorry, I don't
mean to hold you up.

I just wanna know how long
you been with the bureau?

Little over 10 years.

So that means you're
pretty well connected

with a couple recruiters
and things like that, right?

I am one of the recruiters.


Look, you're tryna
get into the FBI, right?


You kind of remind
me of a recruit I had.

Well I bet he
made a fine agent.

Actually, he's dead.

He died in the line of duty.

Are you sure you want this life?

You damn right
I want this life.

Everybody thinks the grass
in greener on the other side.

But I want smart recruits

who can take matters
into their own hands

while still working as a team.

Recruits who won't end
up like that dead recruit

I just spoke of.

Like I said, I
can be that dude.

You have my card.

After this case is
done we can talk.

Thank you.

Hey, I'm ain't gonna
let you down, aight.

You better not be
harassing that woman

about getting into
the FBI, Wilkins?

No, I'm not harassing her.

And yes I asked about the FBI.

And what'd she say?

Nuttin', it's about
me proving myself.

Now, if you excuse me, I got
something I gotta take care of.

Look, I know you too well,

you better not be
plan around this case,

don't follow her.

You barking up a tree you ain't
big enough to piss on son.

Lieutenant, I'm a grown man

and I do whatever I please.

If you walk out that door,
and you pursue this case,

your job here as a detective,

any chance you feel like you got

to get into the FBI
is over, you hear me?

No risk, no reward, right?


I quit.

Wilkins, get back here.

Wilkins, don't you.

Good thing I keep
a spare badge up in here.

- Barry?
- Yeah.

Where's my briefcase?

It's in there.

What's in there.

Your briefcase.

It's in there.

What's it doing in there?

Well I brought it,

I brought it there earlier

because how I told you when
I went back to see you.

You're in deep shit now bro.

Let's go.

Take it easy on him boys.

All right man.


Where is the damn briefcase?

Why in the hell did
you bring it here?

Let alone leave it.

Sorry Connor.


Sorry Connor, I came here to
come pick up some stuff but...

Some stuff?

You been smokin'
that garbage again.

Just a little bit,

just for my anxiety.

Yeah, that hurt.

Look everybody, everybody
knows this is where

you buy the good stuff.

So I was, I figured I'd
just come, get the stuff,

and then go straight to you,

go right back to your place.

But um.

But what?

What could possibly go wrong?

A cop, it was some cop.

Some cop came with his
gun drawn, I saw him,

I ran for it, I tripped
over that table,

I tripped over that table,
I dropped the briefcase.

When I went back
to try to recover,

he was already around the,

I just got, I got scared.




He was big,

yeah he was big, he had a gun,

I had no gun.

He had a gun, he was scared.

Are you scared Barry?

I didn't
wanna get shot.

I don't work well with bees.

Freeze, police.

Can him.


Freeze, freeze,

freeze, don't you move a muscle.


This is Lieutenant Roberts.

Lieutenant, I
got a few men down

at the old warehouse.

Elijah, what are
you doing over there?

I got more evidence.

What you not understand?

I know, but I
got another lead,

plus I got a license plate.

It's not about you
having more leads, okay?

Your job is done.

Get away from there otherwise

I'm gonna have your ass
arrested for trespassing.

Did you just hear me?

I said I got more...

It's over, you
have no more access

to the this precinct
or it's resources.

This case is in the hands
of Agent Mendez now.

You have nothin' to do
with it, you're done,

leave it alone.


Who can I get to run
these plates for me.

Well I'll be damned.

Yo, what's up yo.

- Haven't seen this nigga...
- In a while.

Wait, hold on, hold on.

You still a cop?

Look man, I've been
clean for three years.

I just got out.

You can shake it out,
but I'm clean man.

And all these other whips
around here are clean.

Most of 'em.

First of all you
need to chill, okay?

I ain't here for no stolen cars.

I need you to run
some plates for me.

Come on man, you know I
don't do that shit no more.

Cut this shit out.

I mean, I know you ain't out
here stealing cars no more,

but I know got the technology.

Technology, is
this a fuckin' setup,

because legally he
gotta let me know

if this is a set
up or not, nigga.

If you don't start
acting like we used to

run these ropes together.

Oh boy, you a fool, I see
you ain't changed one bit.

We do go way back like four
flats on a Cadillac, baby.

But you ain't on
a Cadillac baby.

I know man, just
a figure of speech.

Oh man, I'm so surprised
to see you, dude,

I thought you were still
out there San Bernardino.

Man, it got too
real out there man.

I had, I got too much trouble.

Yeah, but LA's where
it's at though.

I agree.

Bo, check me out man.

I see you man, I see you.

You didn't big, you
came a long ways.

Like this part over here.

Okay, what's that, a 2006 GTO?

This dude don't know
nothin' about no cars, man.

You right, it's
actually a '09 GA.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I knew that, I knew that.

Nah, nah, nah, nah,
but you didn't though.

- See I got jokes.
- Oh man.

Hey, yo, Cat, have

that's what he just called me.

Yes, they just
rang this morning.

Perfect, cool, cool, cool,
keep on stalling for me

and keep me updated

- about that.
- Okay.


So you're the boss, huh?

Check me out baby.

So what's up big boss?

You gonna run these
plates for me or what?

Why you need me, ain't
no cop that can do that?

Computers man,
the job go down.

Hold on, hold on.

Hey, hey D, get your
ass to work boy.

Damn man.


Nothing, here I go.

Yeah that's what I
thought you said Dante.

Damn man, what am I
payin' you all for.

Ay, you too Fabio.


Man, you playin' man.

How 'bout this.

How 'bout we race for it?

You serious?

I'm a detective, what do
I look like street racing?

Oh, you good then,
you don't need my help.

All right Max, you win.

You're gonna get your little
street race, all right?


So this is how
it's gonna go down.

If you beat me, I will help you

with whatever you
need help with.

But if I win, you
get my name cleared

with all those tickets I have

and wipe my record.

I thought you
said you was clean?

Oh my gosh.

Let's do this then.

Let the games begin.

Now you know I'm not
gonna let you race me

with that hoop you got.

In fact, I'm gonna give
you this SRT to play with.

This guy.

Okay, okay, okay,
I see you got it,

all right, all right.

What's up boy, what's up?

Well, well, well.

Mr. Max still got a
little sumin', sumin'.

Little sumin', sumin'.

Like your SRT man.

You like that huh?

Oh yeah.

That's too much
power for you man.


Look man, I know
you won and all,

but I still need you to
run them for me, bro.

You know, technically,
I don't owe you shit.

You lost.

I lost.

But since you my
cousin-in-law, whatever,

maybe I'll let you
slide on this one.

Let me slide?


Your call play boy.

Come on man, let's
head back to my shop.

Let's roll.

So what's up man,
how's the job treating you?

Honestly, I wasn't
gonna say nuttin',

but I quit.


Man, stop playing.

Nah, I quit today.

So you wasn't planning on

getting my charges
dropped anyway?

Honestly, I thought
I was gonna beat you,

but I see you still got
a little sumin', sumin'.

You damn right I
still got it, man.

Ever since we were kids

all you talked about
was you becoming a pig.

- So you quit just like that.
- Wait wait, hold on, hold on,

first of all I
ain't no pig, aight.

And it's for a bigger 'cause.

What's bigger than
you wanting to be 5O.

What you mean, FBI.

Damn, you still chasing
the sweet dreams, man.

Come on
man, you know me.

So what you doing
in the mean time?

I'm working out this case.

Okay, but you
still gotta get rent,

don't tell me you back here
to get in the business?

Oh no, I'm tryna move
forwards, not backwards.

You crazy dude, let
me see the plates.

Crazy ass.

So what's up, man, how wifey?

She gonna be pissed
when she finds out.

Oh yeah.

I know my cousin Kayla, and
the last thing she needs

is a black ass nigga
like you with no job.

Man, if you don't shut up
and find them damn plates.

Come over here man, looks
like we got somethin'.

Mark Connor.

This dude owes you
money or somethin'?

Nah, it's
worst than that.

Like what?



So you got a terrorist
on your hands?

Yeah, print this up so I
can pay this dude a visit.


Yo, I appreciate you
comin' through on this.

Of course man.

Anything for my cousin-in-law,

or I should say ex
cousin-in-law after this.

Hold on, whatever you do

do not tell Kayla
about this, okay?

I got you, relax, relax.

I'm not gonna tell her nothin'.

But sounds like some
next level shit,

and you know I want in.

All right, I got you.

Take it easy Big Dog.

Ay, clean your car.

He was military.


- Don't shoot, don't shoot.
- Who are you?

I'm the landlord, I came
to check Connor's apartment.

Seems like he abandoned it.

My name is Detective
Elijah Wilkins,

have you seen Connor lately,
he's in a lot of trouble?

I haven't seen
him in two months.

He always did act weird.

Two months.


Well do me a favor ma'am,

if you see him, give me a call.

Yeah, I'll do that.

If you see him before I do,

you tell him that he
owes me two months rent.

Yes ma'am.

You have a good night.

You too.

Sweet dreams.

Who is it?

Ms. Wilkins?


I'm Agent Morris.

I understand your son,
Elijah, was the witness

to the Jenkins murder>

He's not my son,
he's my nephew.

He's been through a lot,

what do you want with him?

Well, is he here?

Yes, he's here,
he's in the backyard.

Mind if I asked a
couple questions with him?

I promise you though,
it'll go quick.

All right, come on in.

Thank you.

How you doing.

What do you want?

Just wanted to ask you
a couple of questions

about your friend Danny.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Yeah, I understand,
you're going through a lot

I just wanna help
you bring to justice

who did this to your friend.

Why does it even matter?

He's dead now.

Just forget about him,
everyone else will.

Elijah, I understand
what you're going through.

No you don't.

You're a cop.

Actually, I'm not even a cop.

I'm an FBI agent.

And I haven't always
been in law enforcement.

Back in the days I be like you,

I was raised in the hood,

running around here in the
streets of Los Angeles.

I'm from New York.

I only come in the summer.

Okay, well New York.

The thing is, we're
not that different.

Just like you, I lost a
friend when I was young.

You know what I did about it?


Got a Nine and flushed out
anyone who was responsible.

No, not quite, but I can
tell you what I did do.

I went into the neighborhood,

set up all kinds of
neighborhood watches,

and then when I got old
enough I joined the academy.

And as I was going
through the ranks,

getting higher and higher,

I became an agent.

So what's your point.

My point is, you
ain't gotta end up

like everybody around here.

You can just put your
mind to something

and just strive to
be something better.

So you're saying,
I can be a cop?

Look, I'm tryna tell you

you can be anything
you wanna be,

you just gotta put
your mind through it,

and go in set for it.

You like being an agent?

I don't do anything
that I don't love.

All right
guys, that's enough questioning

for him for tonight.

You have a fine
young man here.

Yes he is, he's quite brave.

I'm sorry I can't
help you more.

I really don't know
the guys who shot him.

That's okay, that's okay.

Here's my card, if you
get anymore information

just give me a call, okay?

Thank you sir.

Let me walk you to the door.

Why don't you come to bed?

I'll be back in when
I finish my water.

Did I scare you?

I heard you when you
came out that bathroom.

No you didn't silly.

Oh, you still have this?


I remember when you used
to pin this on your mirror

when we was kids.

He was your hero.

What happened to him?

He died of cancer.

I bet he'd be
proud of you today.

I ran into your
cousin today, Max.

You did?


What's he talkin' about?

I have to call him.

Same old stuff,
working on cars.


What's wrong?

Hmm, oh nuttin', you
know, I'm just thinking.

I do, that's why I ask.

You know, I'm
just thinkin' of ways

I can make my family happier.

We're already happy,
baby, aren't you?

I mean, I'm good, but
we can always be better.

Baby I know what you want,

and you're gonna get it,
just not on your time,

but the right time.

You can't control
everything, you're not God.

Yeah, you're right,
but when I get there

you're gonna be with me, right?

You know I will.

Babe, what about Jasmine?

She's asleep, come on.

Baby, what is goin' on?

Do you have
somethin' to tell me?

Oh my god, what,
what is going on?

Do you have
something to tell me?

I made love to you all
night, why you upset?

Yeah, and it's the last time
you're gonna get any of this.


I talked to my cousin
earlier this morning.

Girl, you ain't gonna believe

what your punk arse
boyfriend said to me.

Oh my god, I told this
dude not to say nothin'.

Don't say nothin'.

How you gonna keep
something like this from me?

Baby, 'cause I knew
you were gonna act

like you're acting right now.

So we're keeping secrets now?

No baby, I'm not
keeping secrets

- from you.
- when I saw you hide

are you sleeping
with other women?

What, I would
never do that to you.

So when were you gonna
tell me you lost your job.

I don't know, but I
promise I was gonna tell you.

When, while they were
foreclosing the house?


Elijah Malik Wilkins,
you better call

who ever you need to
call to get some cheques

comin' in this house, 'cause
the last thing I'm gonna do

is have my daughter
sleeping out on the streets.

Okay, first of all,
you need to relax, okay?

Now you know I'm not gonna
let nothin' happen to Jas,

I got a few stacks in the bank.

It will keep us going
till I move to the FBI.

The FBI?

Nigga, are you delusional?

You're not even a cop anymore,

how you gonna be in the FBI?

Go get your job back.

See man, here you always
go with that bullshit, man.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Come on babe, how
you gonna come in here

and hit me with pillow and all?

- I wanted to worst.
- You couldn't just wake...

You couldn't just
wake me up like a

- normal person?
- Elijah, excuses,

- that's all I'm hearing.
- It ain't excuses,

- Excuses.
- I'm just

keeping it real with you.

I'm telling you what's
poppin', and you're just...

Hurry up.

And you better not
come back in this house

without a job.

Why don't you
get in this house

before you wake
up our neighbors?


Agent Mendez.

Detective, what's going
on, I heard you quit?

Look, never mind that.

I got a feeling Ace
is not responsible

for the attack on
the Dodger Stadium.

I think I know who is.


I'd rather talk to
you in person about it,

can I meet you somewhere?

Yeah, meet me at my
office at FBI headquarters.

Cool, I'll be there,
text me the address.

Morning Wilkins.

Good morning.

What do you have?

Well, I'm sure you happened
with me in the precinct.

So before we go any further,

I have some information here,

and I need this to allow
me to get into the agency.

Are you bribing me?

You told me the other day
that I had to prove to you

that I'm worthy.

I tracked this guy down,
I got all his information,

I need this to be my ticket in.

Well that's not how it works.

You have to go through
the entry process

just like everyone else.

And besides, these are still
nothing but assumptions

and allegations, those
blueprints don't mean a thing.

Okay, see this
video right here?

So you're telling me you're
gonna let this mad man

go and blow up an
entire stadium,

is that what your telling me?

My team will be all over
that stadium in a heart beat.

We are well equipped
and knowledgeable

to take down this
man if necessary.

Listen, I need this position.

I have worked my entire
life to get here,

and I have nothing
else but this dream.

And if I don't get
into this agency

I'm gonna loose my
woman, my daughter,

and their respect.

I understand your situation

- but I can't...
- No, no,

I really don't think
you do Agent Mendez.

I can't just pull
strings like that.

It still has to go
through other departments

before you get in, and I'm
gonna be honest with you,

a lot of those guys are
not fond of black men

in their division.

I had to go through
as an Hispanic woman,

so imagine what
you'll go through.

Hold on, first of all,

you think I care about
what the white man

or anyone else thinks
of me of that matter?

I'm telling you, I'll work
on this case for free,

just give me your word
that you'll allow me

to work in the agency.

Excuse me.


Yeah, I'll pick her up.

Hey I was thi...

I'm sorry about that.

You're on the case.

Don't you tell a single soul
you're on it, all right?

Let me get a copy of that video

and anything else you have.

Wait, wait, wait, so I'm in.

That's not what I'm saying.

You're on this case.

Okay, I can rock
with that, look,

text me your email address
and all that good stuff

and I'm gonna send
you all these videos

and we're gonna
take this dude down.

Me and you, we got
this, all right?

That's all for you.

Wait, Wilkins?

You better be careful
what you ask for

because you may just get it

and anything else
that comes with it.

Right, I'll catch you later.

All right baby girl, how was
school, did you have fun?

Yeah, okay.

I'll take you home.

Get down.

Bag off.

How was school, did
you have a good day,

that make you play
games and stuff?


- Wow, okay?
- Okay.

Okay, squeeze up in there.

All right, buckle up, okay?

What the hell you want?

Aye, aye, aye, slow
your roll, nigga,

you know who you're talking to?

Why did you tell
Kayla what happened?

Nigga, that's my baby
cousin, what you mean?

I'm not gonna lie to her.

Well guess what?

Your honesty just my life a
whole lot more complicated.

Oh my god, now
stop complaining,

you're acting like
a punk right now.

Man Kayla will get
over that shit.

But listen, now I got something
way more important for you.

Like what?

You remember the license
plate you gave me the other day?

What about it?

I'm staring at it right now.


I'm off of
Wilshire and Fairfax.

You might wanna come over
here before they bounce.

All right man, I'm comin,

whatever you do,
do not loose 'em.

All right Jas, you know
how you talked about

how much you wanna
see Daddy in action?

Today's your day, but you
can't tell Mommy, okay?

Kill 'em all.

Daddy's gotta go, okay?

I promise I'll be right back,

but I need you to stay right
here, you promise me that?

I promise.


'Bout time you showed up.

Shut up man, just
shoot these bad guys.

Damn, and they
got a sniper too.

Daddy, Daddy.

Baby go back.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

Dude I'm out.

I'm going after Connor.

Out of the car.

Don't shoot me,
please don't, don't shoot me.

Stay right here baby.

I got you.

Did you get him?

Nigga, does it
look like I got him?

And by the way, is that your
black Camaro over there?

You know that's my
black Camaro over there.

Bro, don't tell me
you shot my car.

- Yeah I did.
- Oh my god.

You know Kayla's
gonna love that.


Shit man, you got 12 out here?

Yo, I'm gonna holla at
you later, I gotta bounce.

Whatever dude.

You all right baby?

Wilkins, what
the hell are you doing here?

I don't even know how
you deal with his ass.

I was with Raoul
for six month, okay?

And got a ring.

Cubic zirconia, uh-huh.

Is your name even on the deed?

Nah, Jah put
everything in his name.

you got the game ass backwards.

You have a baby by him,

you should of got the
house in your name, okay?

So when it's time for
you to leave his ass

you got the child support
and you got the crib.

Hello, hit his ass
where it hurts.

Oh, like you did with Justin?

After havin' his kid, while
messing with Raoul on the side

to get your ring.

Kay, and?

You gotta play the game hunni,

'cause if not, these dudes
is gonna play you, 'kay?

Now, if Justin wasn't
pullin' the same shit

that Jah was pullin',
I would of never

had to hit him like that.

Nah, I can't do
my Jah like that.

I mean, he's wild and he
gets on my nerves sometimes,

but I know he's a good
man with good intentions.

Okay, whatever.

See, there goes
my man right there.

What's up babe?

What's going on with the car?

We were shooting bad guys.

Shooting bad guys, Elijah,
what is she talkin' about?

You had my daughter in
the middle of a gun fight?

Are you stupid or
are you just dumb?

Oh baby, I'm sorry.

Jasmine, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, but
it was scary though.

It's okay,
you're home safe now.

Go to your room.

Get your baby girl.

Yo, hold up, what
is she doing here?

First of all, talkin'
'bout your stupid ass,

you need to stop doing
my home girl wrong,

and if I find out you
put your hands on her

Ima cut your ass.

Man, you ain't
gonna cut nobody,

what you need to do
is get your basic ass

- and get up outta my house.
- Basic?

Who are you calling basic?

- Shut up.
- if you were my boyfriend

- I would beat your ass.
- Shut up.

Nobody wants you.

I don't even know
what to say to you.

What is wrong with you?

- Baby, come on.
- You've gone too far.

Baby, baby look.

- I'm sorry baby.
- I'm sorry.

That's all you say is I'm sorry.

What were you gonna tell me

if you'd brought our
daughter home in a body bag?

I'm leaving.

Hey, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

You can't leave me.

Are you baby?

Know what, no, you're leavin',

get your shit and get out.

What, whoa babe, babe, babe,

come on, you gotta talk
about this with me, come on.

I don't wanna talk any more.

You need some kind of
intervention or god

I don't know.

You're not gonna be satisfied
until we're broke or dead.

- What, baby.
- Did you get your job back?

Yeah, kind of.

What do you mean, kinda?

I'm working with the FBI now.

Nigga, I'm not stupid, you
don't just get in like that.

Baby, come on, look,
just feel me out, okay?

You know.

No, I can't do this anymore.

But babe, we got
a baby on the way...

Don't touch me.


Leave Elijah.



Girl, you handled
yourself like a queen.

I'm gonna go ahead
and get outta here

and bitch, call me
if you need me, okay?

Take that, bye Boo.

What you doing Jas?

Just playing with my toys,
you wanna play with me?

Actually, Daddy has to leave.

Where you're going?

I don't know, I might
go stay with Uncle Max

for a little while.

Did you make Mommy mad again?

I guess I did, huh.

But I don't want you to leave.

I don't wanna leave either,

but I love you too
much to stay right now.

And I know you don't understand,

but I'll be back to check
up on you, I promise.


All right, give Daddy a big
hug so I can get outta here.

Be good to your Mom.

Mother fucker.

You know, I appreciate
you allowing me to use

your couch tonight.

Kayla was still trippin'.

See I
told your black ass

my cousin don't play.

See that's what happens when
you don't listen to your boy.

Anyway, I'm gonna catch
up with you later man,

I'm gonna hit up this
car meet in Long Beach.

Oh, and by the way, here's some
lotion if you feel the urge.

Man, if you don't get
this thing outta here,

I'm still with my lady, aight.

Not tonight.


What do you have?

I heard about the
incident today.

I got nothing.

Well I do.

This man is a wanted
serial killer.

The old Jeffrey Dahmer type,

except he's
ex-military personnel.

He was dishonorably discharged
almost 20 years ago now.

Somehow he was released
on good behavior.

Oh, serial killer ay.

That must explain those
head shots at his apartment.

You got that right.

There's no telling what
this man's capable of.

In his mind, he's right.

Well, as of right now,

we don't know where he is or
where his whereabouts are,

so I guess we have to keep
our eyes and ears open.

Yeah, because in this town

he may very well be
right under your nose.

I doubt it.


Morning, you miss me?

Look Elijah, I don't
have time for this, okay?

I can't do this right now.

Why you just can't
say you miss me?

Because you need to
be taught a lesson.

And what lesson is that?

That you need to
be more responsible

and put your family first.

What do you think
I'm out here tryna do?

I'm tryna give my
family the good life.

We already have a good life.

No ones complaining.

It's you that wants a
good life for yourself

and no one else around
you is good enough.

Everyone's always running
around, like once I get this,

once I get that,
then I'll be happy.


Open your eyes Elijah.

Be happy with right now.

You know what, Kay?

You're absolutely right.

So what I'm gonna do,
is I'm gonna come home

and Ima get my job back,

I'll be a changed
me, when you see me

I'm gonna be your Elijah,

and you're gonna like it.

I'm doing it for you and Jas,

'cause I love y'all
both that much.

I love you too.

Now come home Daddy.

You ain't gotta tell me twice.

And can you bring some
juice and eggs on your way?

Is that all you want?

Oh my god, boy stop.

Aight, I got you.


Yo Max, I appreciate
you letting me

stay at the crib tonight man.

I'll get you you're
mug back too.

Man, fuck you.

gonna be a long day.

What's going on in
the world today?

Yo, yo, yo,

you're tuning in
to 92.3 the K wave,

and today is gonna be a
game between the Dodger's

and the San Francisco Giants.

Hope you guys got your tickets

'cause they're all
ready sold out.

- Oh my god.
- Man, what you all think

about this new news
now between Cardi B.

She got into another
altercation with another artist.

Agent Mendez, look I
need you to get everybody

on high alert at the
Dodger Stadium right now.

Shoot, there he
goes right there.

Not this again.

I'm gonna finish
this guy for good.

It's over Conner,
surrender now.

Ah, I'll never
surrender Detective.

Look, I don't have
time for this today.

I've got backup on the way
so drop your weapon now.

Why don't you come out
here and face me like a man.

Let's go.

Lay down on the ground
and drop your weapon.

Aww, you didn't really
think I'd turn myself over

that easy, did you Detective?

Well that's a detonator.

There's enough C4 to take
down this entire structure

so I recommend, drop your weapon,
get the hell outta my way.

Why you doing this?

Why am I doing this?

Well it's quite simple.




You ever have the rush of
taking a life Detective?

The screams, the lovely
downpour of blood,

the great taste of human flesh.

You kill one, and two, and
thirst for more just builds.

The stadium will be my
greatest victory of all time.

No, whatever you been
through is not the fault

of innocent lives.

But it sure will
get the attention

of those who misunderstood
and outcast me.

Do you know what it's like
to be ignored Detective?

No, I don't.

I didn't think so.

When this is over,
I'll be famous,

in the minds and mouths of many.

Everyone will know my name.

No, you'll infamous, and
that's how you wanna go down?

As a killer?

Any prize is good prize.

You're sick Conner,
and you need some help,

let me help you.

You are starting to sound
like my former comrade.

You should of heard the way
that he begged me for mercy

as I split his testicles.

right, that's enough.

Get down on the ground now.

No, you drop your
weapon Detective.

Drop it.


So I guess you're
ready to die, huh?

We'll see.

Ready to fuckin' die?

You're going down.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.


It's over Conner,
you're under arrest.

Even if you did put
an end to this job

there would still be an
explosive after party.

You got another bomb?


There is only one other
local division I despise.

When was the last time you
took out your trash Detective?

You devil.

No, but I do work for him.

Don't do this.

- Good bye.
- No.

Max, how'd you find me?

You know I still got
those police scanners?

Heard your name and
the nearest location.

What I'm tryna figure
out is how I got here

before they did.

Damn, they're still slow
to save black people

if you're one of them.

Man, shut up.

I think there's another bomb.

What, where?

I don't know man.

Last thing he said was
something about a trash can.

You think he can put the
bomb inside your house?

Oh god, please don't say
that Max, don't say that Max.

Oh my god, I can't
live with that.

Look, we gotta go, we
gotta go now, come on.

Oh shoot.

Dog, we gotta go back
man, I forgot the C4, man,

I don't know where
he place it at man...

Chill, chill, I took
care of it all ready, man,

I grabbed the bomb in his car,

it was down the street from
where you guys where at.

Where is it?

Oh, it's in the trunk.

You got the C4 in the trunk?

Yes nigga, in the trunk.

Oh my god.

You know what, I can't even
think about this right now,

I need to call Kayla, come
one, let me see your phone.

Why nigga, where's your phone?

I don't know, I
think I dropped it

chasing these goons
or something man,

just let me see the phone.

What do you want?

Hey Kayla, what's
up baby, look, look,

look, I know you're
mad, but look,

you gotta do what
I tell you, okay?

Look, I don't have time
for games right now Elijah,

I'm about to hang up this phone.

No, no, no, no, whatever
you do, do not hang up.

I'm tired of your
lies, what do you want?

Where's Jasmine?

Okay look, I know this
is gonna sound crazy,

but you gotta get Jasmine,

and get up out the house.

Why, Elijah?

Baby, there's a
bomb in the trash can.

Okay, now you've
really lost it,

you need to be checked out.

I know, look, I know it
sounds crazy baby, look,

but you think I would make
up somethin' like this?

Listen to the sound
of my voice, okay?

I need you to go
get our baby girl

and get up out
the house, please?

My ball.

Jasmine, get
away from that trash can.

Is everything okay?

everything's fine.

Okay, I'm sorry
baby, love you,

I'll be home shortly, okay?

I love you.

What's up man,
everything cool?

Yeah, everything's cool man.

Nothin' happened.

So where is this second bomb?

I don't know man, think
that fool was lyin'.

Yeah, let me take
you to your car.

Nah, nah, nah, don't
take me to the home man,

just take me by
the precinct, man,

I gotta go back and get my job.

Good call.


I've been lookin' for you.

What's up Elijah?

I wanna apologize, you know,

maybe you were right.

Maybe I'm not FBI material.

Maybe I'm nowhere near ready.

Maybe I'm just
wild and reckless.

I hear it from you and I
hear it from the ones I love.

Glad you finally
had your awakening.

I got the call about you
taking out that terrorist too

that you've been so adamant
about, congratulations.

Yeah, I took a hit,
but I took him out too.

So, you think they
gonna let you in now?

I don't even know, honestly,

I don't even know if I wanna
be an FBI agent no more.

So you know, I was hoping,
maybe you could give me

my job back.

You're reckless, disastrous,

a danger to innocent civilians,

actually, you destroy
everything you touch.

I mean, I wouldn't
say all that.

But it's true though.

So, no.

Elijah, I can't give
you your job back.

However, why don't you
take some time off man?

Really self evaluate, spend
some time with your family.

I'll grant you pay leave.

Guess that's better
than nothing, right?

Yeah, so be thankful.

Now go home.

Think I'll do that.

No worries.

Thanks Lieutenant.

No problem.

Oh, you do me one
favor, one favor,

could you please take
my trash to the garbage?

I don't know what's
wrong with our janitor.

Did you just say trash?


There is only one other
local division I despise,

when was the last time you
took out your trash Detective?

Where the main trash at?


Oh Elijah, why you dragging
me out here in the heat,

my leg hurt, I think
I twisted my ankle,

I ain't walking
all day, it's hot.

Oh my god, is that
what I think it is?

Damn right it is
what you think it is.

Oh, come on.

Okay, all right, you gotta
get the hell outta here,

you're not even
suppose to be here.

What are you gonna
do, call the bomb unit?

You do realize there's
only five minutes

on this thing, right?


All right, Elijah,
you gotta leave,

you're not suppose to be here.

- Get the hell outta here.
- No, no, no,

I'm staying man.

Yeah, I'll take care of this.

No, no, no, Lieutenant,
look, you're trippin', look,

maybe we could just put this
bomb inside this thing, right,

it's metal, I'm sure
we could fuse it down

- or something like that.
- Elijah, no.

It won't diffuse it.

Now there's hundreds of
people on the inside,

this thing blows, everybody
will be dead, okay?

- All right, look, just...
- What are you doing?

Okay, I'm gonna cut the

- case open.
- You're gonna do what?

Remember, I used to
do this for a living,

- now just...
- Bro, that was over

10 years ago.

I know how long
it was, all right?

Just get the hell out
of here, all right,

don't make me cut you,
all right, come on.

This dude is
about to cut a bomb.

- Just the casing.
- Oh my gosh,

oh god, I'm sorry, whatever
I did please forgive me

'cause I'm about to die,
I'm about to come see you

sooner than I thought.

Hey, hey, can I focus please?

Thank you, this is a bomb, okay?

You sure you know
what you're doing?

I can focus if you shut
the hell up, all right?

I have
a woman and a girl

- and your about to cut a bomb.
- Shut up,

I know you have kids.

Oh my god.

I have to focus.

Ah, okay, I'll pass you here,

I think I found it,
I think I found it.

Just, all right man, if I die,

I'm gonna kill you,

- okay?
- You're right,

I get it, I get it.


Do it.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

Don't scare me
like that again.

Oh my god dude, oh
my god, you did it.

I guess, I guess I still got.

You damn right you
still got it man.

glad you found it

otherwise we'd
all been dead man,

you saved a lot of lives today.

Look man, I gotta go man,

I got a wifey waitin' on me.

Look, I thank you
for the vacation

and everything like
that man, all right?

Look, you got it man, look,
just don't bring your ass

back here till I call you.

I'm out.

Yeah, be out.

Sims, do me a favor
and call the unit.

Yeah, the bomb
unit, just send them

to the back of the building.

Don't question, just
send me the damn unit.

Yeah and Sims, bring
me some cigarettes.

You missed breakfast.

Yeah, I know I did.

How's Jas, what's she up to?

She's in her room, asleep.

Look, baby,

I know you don't
wanna hear this,

but I'm sorry, I'm
sorry 'bout everything.

I been doing a whole
lot of thinking

and I think I'm gonna let
this whole FBI thing alone.

No dream is worth me
loosing my family.


I'm not gonna let you do that.

I know how hard you
worked for this.

Max and your lieutenant called
me to explain everything.


Yeah, you either got
an angel on your side

or your lyin'.

Come on, you know I got
some angels on my side.

I know,

but I forgive you..

I missed you so much.

It's only been a day.

I know, but I can't
live without you.

Ah, baby, my arm.

I'm sorry, big baby.

Lieutenant told you
about my leave of absence?

He did, what are you gonna do?

Let's go to Jamaica.

You, me and Jas, come on.


We're going to Jamaica?

Yeah, come on, pack up,
we're going to Jamaica.

Okay, I'm down with that.

- Aiight.
- Yeah.

Then I'll go get our passports
outta the closet then.

All right baby.



Agent Mendez.

Nice work out
there, but not exactly

the way we handle
things around here.

Okay, so
what are you saying?

I'm saying you're in.

Come on, stop playing.

I pulled some
strings and got you in.

You're officially with the FBI.

And just in time for the
next training session

at Quantico next
week, can you make it?

You know, actually
I'm gonna decline that

next training session.

But the next one's not
for another month or so.

Yeah I know, but,

I got something worth
the wait right now.

All right, well you
give me a call real soon.

Okay, thank you.

♪ Love's so great ♪

♪ More and more ♪

♪ More ♪

♪ The timing ♪

♪ Is so right ♪

♪ For us to grow ♪

♪ I can't stop thinking of you ♪

♪ I just wanna be
closer to you ♪

♪ Closer to you ♪

Excuse me, I'll
take a champaign please?

Thank you man, I appreciate it.

You have a good one, all right.

♪ Closer to you ♪

Is this seat takin'?

No, I was saving
it for you actually.

Aren't you so sweet?

What's up?

Fashionably late, huh?

Come on baby,
cut your man some slack.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Got you
this nice restaurant,

your favorite restaurant.

As you should, as you should.

You're lookin'
real good tonight.

Thank you, so are you.

Ah, I do all right.

It's been long time,
with Jas and everything,

and work and all that,
but got some time off,

figured I'd take
care of my lady.

I appreciate it.

You know I do.

What, why are you
lookin' at me like that?

What, I
can't look at my lady?

Stop, you're making my blush.

You know I love
it when you blush.

Oh, you like that, huh?


Hey, you remember that girl

from back in the day, Veronica?

Wait, wait, Veronica?

- Yes.
- What about her?

You know she
had a crush on you right?

Oh my gosh, stop playing.

Okay, I never told you this,

but one night I
was at your house

and there was a
knock on the door.

You were in the bathroom
so I went and answered it.

When I opened the door,
it's Veronica standing

in the middle of the rain
with a box of cookies

I'm assuming were for you.

so what'd you do?

I snatched those
cookies from her,

told her you weren't home, and
slammed the door in her face.

What do you think?

Hold on, wait a
minute, 'cause I know you.


Did you eat them
cookies though?

I had a few.

- Oh my goodness.
- A few.

Look, she wasn't about
to have my man, okay?

Aren't you
a little territorial?

- Yeah.
- Excuse me ma'am,

welcome to Treys,

can I offer you some wine?

None for me thank you.

I'll take some, thank you.

Thank you.

So, how are you feeling.

You start your first official
day as an agent tomorrow,

this is big.

Yes it is.

That's why I feel
like I made one of

the greatest breakthroughs
of my life, I mean,

except for you and Jas.

But, it's almost indescribable.

I wanna thank you.

I put you through a lot, baby.

I did a lot of crazy stuff,

a lot of stupid stuff actually,

but you still by my side,

and I'll always
love you for that.

Elijah, I love you and I
will always be there for you.

I know baby, you
don't have to tell me.

This is why.

What are you doing?

I'd like to know
if you'll marry me?

Oh my god Elijah,
yes I will marry you.

You gonna marry me?

- Yes.
- Let's do it babe.

She said yes,
y'all, she said yes.

To a long, loving marriage.