Street Dancer 3D (2020) - full transcript

A coming-of-age story based on the lives of street dancers.

Welcome to the Ground
Zero Battle 2017.

The biggest and the baddest
ground battle arena.

This is the semi-final round...

...between the Predators
and Street Dancers.

Hey DJ.

Drop the goddamn beat.

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Come on, brother.

Come on, brother.

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

Street dancer!

- Brother.
- Your beloved son's awake.

I hardly see him
since he returned from Punjab.

- He's coming, get a good look.
- Mom.

- Where is brother?
- He's outside.

- You can wish us good morning as well.
- Morning.

- Yeah...
- And one more.


- Better-Better-Better.
- And again.


- Care for one more?
- One more. One more.

- Brother, are you okay?
- I am okay. What's wrong with you?

- Yeah, better.
- Well, I have a surprise for you.

Come on.
Put it down. Put it down.

I have a surprise for you.
Come on.

- Can you get that?
- Yes.

- You're unbelievable.
- Is she coming too?

You never stop, do you?

Yeah, thank you so much.
See you tomorrow.

Yeah, see you tomorrow.

Come every day.

Come on.

Where are you taking me, Sahej?

Stop asking questions, brother.
It's a surprise.

Come on, you're going to love it.

Okay, you ready?

Attention! Attention Everyone!

This is where all the
magic's going to happen.

Welcome to our Dance Studio.

Enter without any pass...

What's the matter?

No "yeah", no "wow".

I mean...

- Don't you like it?
- No, Sahej. It's wonderful.

But how did you pay for this place?

"How" is not important.

I got it all figured out,
that's important.

- Now we're going to...
- Sahej. Sahej. Sahej.

This is a huge place?
Now give me a straight answer.

Where did you get the money?

On my trip to India,
I made some bets on the IPL matches.

After that, I used money laundering.

And then I saw that you're standing like
Saajan's Sanjay Dutt, all serious.

Can you believe your brother
can do anything like that?

When I was attending the wedding...

...some guy saw my dance.

And he offered me a show.

I wish he had seen you dance,
he would've been mind-blown.

But enough of that.

The Street Dancer Crew
are going to practise here now.

And you will be teaching the kids.

Only your knee's broken,
not your dreams.

I will make all your dreams come true.

Thank you.

But I've another question.

Are we going to practise
alone in this huge place?

Where are the others?

Where's the gang?

Welcome to Antique shop.

Do you understand Hindi?

- Of course, we do.
- Great.

You'll find everything
here that's related to the Queen.

Dogs, cats,
fans, etcetera...except for the queen.

As you can see we keep
only the best stuff here.

These frames are antique as well.

- Would you like some tea?
- No thanks.

- No, thank you.
- No, but I insist.

The tea here is very good.

Chotu. Two cups of tea... not!

Wow...beautiful watch.

This watch belongs to
Queen Victoria's royal family.

But the needles are missing.

- What? No needles?
- No.

What do you need the needles for?
Stitch a cloth?

- What?
- Do you know...

The Queen would always
look at the lump.


I mean she used to watch the pendulum.

Look, sir. Come closer.

Only for you, 450 pounds.


Let's see something else.

See what you like...
Everything here is antique.

That's our boss.
Even he's antique.

- Isn't it, boss?
- Hello.

- D...
- Wait a minute.

Come on, let's go.

Boss, can I go?

- Go away.
- Thank you, boss.

Let's go. Let's go.

It's superb.

Yo boys, look...
new jackets and new studio!

What is it?

- Bro.
- What is this place?

Boys, Street Dancer's in the House.

- This place is huge.
- This one's yours, Sushi.

- Yo-Yo-Yo...
- Bro.

- Come on, D.
- Street Dance.

What is this?

Did you sell your organs in Punjab?
How did you do it?

- Tell us the secret.
- Don't ask "how".

Ask "who" I did it for.

I did it for you guys.


But what did you guys do for me?

Did you guys practice?

Swear on my job,
we used to meet every day.

As William And Kate,
we were never late.

Oh my, God.

Then show me.

Go...let's go...

- Let be.
- Lets go.

- Wow, that's amazing!
- So cool!

What bro?

Slow motion... slow motion.



Stop it!

Wasn't that amazing?

- You liked it, didn't you?
- I like your moves, bro.

- I did good right?
- Right...

When God is kind,
He blesses with abundance.

And when He's furious,
He takes with a tight slap.

He's snatched your
youth a long time ago.

You guys have been doing the same
steps for the last couple of years.

But we upgraded our moves.

- This one...and that one...
- Can't you think of anything new?

Great, Sahej, new studio.

New jacket.

New passion.

But the same old dance moves.

Get out. Get out.
Only Street Dancers allowed here.

Someone's got to talk to them.

- Someone's got to talk to them, Sahej.
- When Elephants stride through the jungle,

dogs bark at them.
So let them bark.

- Yeah, exactly.
- So as I was saying...

just focus like horses.

- Okay.
- Wait a minute.

- Are we elephants or horses?
- You guys are donkeys.

We've got this beautiful studio...

Sahej is right.

You guys are donkeys.


- See, Poddy.
- Oh man,

I thought since we're
all meeting after a long time...

...we'll get to see something new.

But I guess these guys
don't know anything new.

I think they are all scared.

Doesn't that make your blood boil?

Do something. Go do it there.

Beat them.

Calm down, boys.
What are you doing?

Beat them.

Come on.
Come on.

Guys, guys, stop.

- Please.
- Back. Back. Back.

- Scared?
- Hey...

Leave it, Sahej.

You guys wanted to see something new,
didn't you?

About turn losers.

"With my kohl laden eyes..."

"...I aim straight for the heart."

"With my kohl laden eyes..."

"...I aim straight for the heart."

"Don't get your hopes too high,

"Don't get your hopes too high,

"You're not my type at all,

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"I am a hot topic, sweetheart..."

"...because I hit the gym twice a day,
to stay fit sweetheart."

"...stay fit, sweetheart!"

"Everyone talks about me..."

"...because my natural beauty's
is a hit, sweetheart."

"Don't try to hit on me, sweetheart."

"Don't try to hit on me, sweetheart."

"You're not my type, sweetheart."

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."


"I find you to be hot."

"You go straight for my heart."

"I find you to be hot."

"You go straight for my heart."

"Come and shake a leg with me,

"Shake a leg with me, sweetheart."

"I'll make you feel like a superstar."

"It pierces through my heart... "

"...your attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"It pierces through my heart... "

"...your attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."

"Keeps the guys hanging
by the noose..."

" attitude's
sharper than a sword."

What happen?

- Come on, everyone.
- What happened, losers?

Next time you want to compete...

...learn some new steps first.

We've better things to
do than humiliate you guys.


Goodbye, losers.

Bye, Street Dancers.
What losers!

Look at her attitude.


She's just plain arrogant.

You guys never focus on the right
thing. Always on the wrong thing.

- It's fine...
- What fine?

We were humiliated

You guys better get
one thing straight.

Rule no.
1 of dance is, never be no. 2.

Killer...Killer...Killer, guys.

We were amazing today, guys.

- What a day. What a day. What a day.
- I have to get off.

- Zain, let's go.
- Why me?

Let me take some advantage
of you being my cousin.

- Always
- I get it.

Okay, guys, rehearsals on time, okay.

- Please.
- Sure, sure...

- See you.
- Bye.

- See you.
- Bye.

Inu...I've never
really understood you.

- You're so different from the others.
- Why? What's wrong?

When your mom-dad-and your
brother ask where you've been... never tell
them you were dancing.

But you don't lie to them either.

- I don't understand.
- It's simple, Zain.

- What?
- My mind says I should hide the truth...

- ...and my heart says don't lie.
- Wonderful.

Someday you will get yourself
in trouble, as well as me.

Hi, sis.

- Where is everyone?
- Everyone's having dinner.

We're late.

- Inu, practice.
- Practise...


- Don't be crazy.
- Every player is carefully researched.

Sis is back.

But Cricket is and will
always be a batsman's game.

- Hello, father.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- How are you?

Join us.

- How are you?
- Where are you?

- Sit. Have dinner.
- Please carry on, and I'll join you guys.


Hey, cutie.

- Greetings, aunty.
- Mom...


I was about to call you.

See...I made your favourite Biryani.

I already had dinner.

But where have you been since morning?

First I some took some turns...

Then stopped in one place.

Did some stretching.

And when I saw the time, I was shaken.

And came home.

She's back.
That's the only reply you have.

Inayat...where were you from 10 to 2?


Ask her a dozen questions
and she has only one answer?


Come, leave these two alone.

And finish your dinner.

It's 4 am...

- It's 4 am...when are you going home.
- Hey Losers.

- Hey...little kids.
- Duplicate Shoaib Akhtar.

Come on, Zain.

Are you going to bark or also bite?

Bro, why do you take
everything so personally?

- Let's go.
- Wait a second.

I meant him, not you.
Shoaib Akhtar.

Move, move...

- Come on, we're going to get late...
- Clean bowled!

- Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, doing great.
- The match has taken an interesting turn.

Run. Run faster.

Let's go, boys. Let's go.

They are playing well.

I am worried.

Come on, come on.

- Score quick runs.
- Go...come on.

- Let's go.
- Yes, yes, yes. Go...

Come on, India, come on!

These two boys have been spectacular.

Boys, can you please give me a beat.

"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."
"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."

"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."
"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."

"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."
"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."

"Look at her face..."

"...the mirror's right here."

"Coming up next is Dhoni,
and later..."

"Raina as well..."

- "Don't mind, it's Kohli..."
- Get lost. Get lost.

"Don't mind, it's Kohli..."

- "Don't mind, it's Kohli..."
- Go back to your side. Go...

- Inu, relax.
- Come on, boys.

Let's go, boys.

Well played.. well played.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

And that's a magnificent placement.

Run. Run. Run.


Come on.

Boys, can you give me a beat, please?

Take it.

"Why would we mind, it's Kohli?"
"Why would we mind, it's Kohli?"

"Why would we mind, it's Kohli?"

- "Why would we mind, it's Kohli?"
- She's telling you.

"When his team is
disappearing one by one."

Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.


- Come on, India.
- Come on.

- Bro...
- Cross your fingers.

Everything is cross. let's see.

Come on, boys.

Come, come.

Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

That's a Six...

"You are seeing red..."

" ketchup on bread."

"Your team playing okay-okay."

"But India's..."

"...blasting everyone."

First, make your English okay- okay.

At least his English
is much better than your team.

One day a commentator
asked their captain.

"Do you know English?"
He said, "English comes to me".

Meaning "I know English".

How was that?

- She hit me.
- Come on, attack.

Stay away. Stay away.

Move. Move. Move.


In my TUC anybody can eat,
but nobody can fight.

Cool. Cool. Cool.

Slow breathe.

Calm. Cool.

- Cool.
- Just cricket, guys.

One needs a solid reason to fight.


I told you don't go there.



Stop it!

Stop it!
What's going on?

I mean...

This Police uniform
is full of miracles.

Turns wild dogs into little kittens.

But I know...

Never seen this lot be
so friendly before.

No, sir. We are not fighting.

Yes, sir.
I admit she's from another country.

And we're very good looking Indians.


But, as my grandma always says...

"Love thy neighbour..."

He's so funny.

Listen, son.

I think you should be an actor.

- Ask why?
- Why?

Why, sir?

Because you are very
good at doing drama.

It's true, sir. We're buddies.

Yeah, ...we're all buddies.

But you see, her country lost today.

And she can't shut up...

Officer! friend wants you to join us.

- Please...join us.
- Join us, please.


I am letting you go today

but remember...

Come on. quick.

- Come on, get out.
- Bye sir.


I'll kill you.


The problem isn't that we lost...

...the problem is how they make
fun of us when we lose.

Yeah, and what does Virat
Kohli have that we don't.


Shut up, man.

Let's go. Come on.
We've already lost the match.

Come on, man.


Come on. Hurry up.

- Come on.
- Inayat, let's go.

Let's go.

She's in?

Alright, let's go.

- Good job. Nice one.
- Good job, guys.

Yeah man, so good.

- I'll just be back, one second.
- Hey, that was amazing.


Looking nice.

What are you doing here?

How long have you been here?

- I... I just came here.
- Come on.

- That routine was sick.
- I know.

Listen Boo.

Do you know what
happened with me today?

You fought with her again.

Yeah...but, what else can
you expect from a Punjabi Indian?

She pisses me off, man.

I just want
to defeat Inayat and her gang.

They behave like
they own the streets.

But you have your own studio.

Why are you dancing in the streets?

- Hi...
- But battles happen on the streets.


Listen...your team's so tough.

If we can be even
half as good as you guys...

...then I am sure we can
defeat Inayat and her team.

Can you train my team, please baby?

See, that's wrong.

What's wrong?

Sahej. Every time a dancer dances,
they compete with themselves.

Not others.

I can clearly see it...

- You want to prove...
- Hi...

You want to prove that
you're better than her.

That's not it.

Fine, that's how it is.

Her failure is my victory.

I want to break the pride
that reflects in her big brown eyes.

Okay, what's the colour of my eyes?


It's blackish, greyish,
a tinge of bluish.

Cream and...

Wow! Really?

- No, baby, actually I never noticed.
- Clearly.

Love is colour blind.

No, I mean...I know the
rest of your body parts.

In fact,
I know what colour is your top.

In fact, today you really
showed your true colours.

Don't call me.

- Bye.
- Baby...

- Boo Boo...
- Great.

Bravo, my man.

You mean you still don't know
the colour of your "Boo Boo's" eyes.

Where else do you look
except for in her eyes?

Come on, bro.


D bro...honestly speaking,
she is so beautiful...

...that I get busy checking her out,
instead of looking in her eyes.

But now her eyes have opened...

...and now she's giving me an eye
for an eye in front of the London Eye.

An eye for an Eye, let's go for Bai.

What's wrong with him?

What Bai?

I know a maid who lives
in my neighbourhood.

I can put in a good
word for you if you like.

- Bro...
- Shut up.


Boo Boo...

- Don't you want to rehearse?
- Boo Boo...

You're doing this for me, Boo Boo.

No Boo Boo, I am doing
it for your light brown eyes.

"Boo Boo... Boo Boo... Boo Boo..."

"What's the colour of her eyes..."

"What's the colour of her eyes..."

"He doesn't know what's the colour..."

"...what kind of a lover."

"But I love you, Boo Boo."

"I truly love you, Boo Boo."

"Lovers like me are very few."

"I love you."

- "Boo Boo... Boo Boo... Boo Boo..."
- Let's go.

5... 6... 7... 8...

"Your eyes cast a spell, sweetheart."

"You rock the entire place
with your moves."

"The boys jaws drop..."

"The boys jaws drop..."

"...when you smile."

"Where do you come from..."

"...tell me, sweetheart."

"You look..."

"You look like you're from Lahore..."

"...the way you smile."

"You look like you're from Punjab..."

"...the way you stare at me."

"You look like you're from Lahore..."

"...the way you smile."

"Can someone find out
where she comes from."

"You look like you're from Lahore..."

"...the way you smile."

"You look like you're from Punjab..."

"...the way you stare at me."

"Her attitude..."

"...and her unique style."

"You Don't impress me, sweetheart."

"No matter how hard you try..."

"...but you can never convince me."

"I am not your type..."

"I am not your type..."

" me, sweetheart."

"Is there anything else left to say,


"Shoots from her eyes..."

"...but loves me too."

"You look like you're from Lahore..."

"...the way you smile."

"You look like you're from Punjab..."

"...the way you stare at me."

"Find out..."

"Find out..."

"Find out..."

"Find out..."

I can guarantee you one thing...

If Imam-Ul-Haq sits it out tomorrow...

...then Pakistan is
definitely going to win.

Wow, Inu sis, how did you do it?

Takes a lot of practice.

I can do this too.

Takes a lot of practice.
Not without it.

Uncle's coming.

Inu, dad's coming.

Hey kids.

What are you guys, watching?

- Cartoons.
- Just cartoons.


Play it again, please.

Sushi, India's going to blast
everyone out of the ground today.

Bro, Pakistan is bowling first.

We've Virat.

D...let's go. Let's go,
the Finals are about to begin.

Come on.

- Let's go.
- Can I go?

It's the finals.
India Vs. Pakistan.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It's a bouncy track, bro.
Shikhar will crush them.

Keep it back, you'll break it.

- Let's go.
- Move it. Move it.

India's will be on a roll tonight.

- Glutton.
- Hail Mother India.

Ask Sushi.

Pass me as well.

Come on, let's go, let's go.

India. India.

India. India...

Before firing begins at the border...

...I am here to declare a ceasefire.

We're all going to watch
the match today peacefully.



- Sit.
- Sit.

Anna, my lace.

Tie it.

Chill, guys. Let's focus on the match.

Come on. Come on.

No worries.

Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on, boys.

And match...

Waiting for the first ball...

That's a fantastic shot.

Sir is on our team?

Are you on our team?

- What?
- Sir...

This is not fair.


Unbelievable, sir.
You're on their side.


Bro...look at that.

- I had told him earlier.
- What is the meaning of this?

Now he's cheering us.

What are you all watching?

Fine, let me explain.

My mom was from India,
and father from Pakistan.

Between Father-Mother...
Mother and father...

...I am getting screwed.
S*** happens.

You guys enjoy the match.


What a weird guy?

Relax, guys.




Get four Biryanis.


Bro, order something.



Five Biryanis for us.

- Okay.
- And burgers?

Fries too, please.

Four burgers.

I'll have two.

Jolly good.


Get five burgers
and four plates of pasta.





Sir's calling.

- Five plates of pasta.
- Five plates of pasta.

Note down.

And doughnuts?


And 5 doughnuts.

- Yeah, doughnuts.
- Fine, I'll bring it.


Get 6 doughnuts,
and bring our order first.



One more. One more.

He'll do it again, wait for it.

- Come on.
- What a shot.



India! India!

Calm down.

And oh my, God.

- Oh no.
- Come on, keep the form.


What are they doing?

Trying to field on the left...

Run. Run. Run.

- Run.
- Just got saved. Bravo.

Well done, my boy. Run.

Nick of time.

Nick of time.

Come on.

Everyone holding hands.

Last ball, pin drop silence.

No one knows what's going to happen.

Everyone's tensed.

Everyone looks worried.

Let's see what happens.

Two runs required of one ball."

Come on. Come on. Please, please...

And that's a four.

What a shot!


Come on.

Hey, why are you pushing me?

- What the hell! Stop pushing.
- No, no...

No, no...stop, stop...
No fighting. No fighting. fighting,
but dancing is allowed.


Sir, no...

Dancing is allowed.

Allowed. Allowed.

- Allowed.
- Come on, guys.

- Let's show them.
- Come on guys, let's go this.

"I am gonna break the floor tonight."

"I am gonna break the floor tonight."

"I am in the mood for some dancing..."

"I am in a hardcore mood to dance."

"I am gonna break the floor tonight."

"I am gonna break the floor tonight."

"Come on the dance floor
and show me your flow..."

"...if you got what it takes to."

"Come on the dance floor
and show me your flow..."

"...if you got what it takes to."

"I have no worries..."

"...cause this is my area."

"I am a bomb and you're a cracker."

"I am not scared of anyone."

"So baby...let's go."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Shake...shake...shake it like me."

"Shake...shake...shake it like me."

"Gonna give
all your trash talk right back."

"Gonna get in your area, and hi-jack."

"Gonna give
all your trash talk right back."

"Gonna get in your area, and hi-jack."

"Your baby's got his eyes on me."

"He's getting edgy."

"I'll give him my heart..."

"...and give you a heart attack."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Hey.. Come on.."

"Careless... Carefree..."

"Baby's dancing on the floor alone..."

"...and making the Dj's head spin."

"She is pretty insane."

"Wonder what's her diet..."

" beyond what I can understand."

"Everyone knows that she
wants to get high tonight."

"The way she's moving, she
won't stop until the floor's broken."

"She won't give up until
she's shown all her moves tonight."

"Someone introduce me..."

"...bring her to me."

"She will make my heart
explode with her moves."


"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

"Keep dancing...dancing...dancing...."

- Very nice. Very nice.
- What happened?

You guys wanted to see something new.

This was new.

How was it?

And you know what...

Even we have better things to do.

Anna, we're going to
pay their bill as well.

India has won. Chill, our treat.

You guys finished dancing?

Now back to your homes. Come on.

- India. India. India. India.
- Come on.

Love you, Anna.

- You guys too.
- India. India.

Zain, we'll deal with
them some other day.

- Today is a bad day.
- I'll leave too?

- Thank you.
- Okay, bye.

Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Guys, this is not fair.

We lost the match
and we lost the dance battle.


Your phone.

You left it inside.

Let's go. Let's go.

Chotu, ready.

What's going on here?

Do you guys do something illegal
here after the restaurant shuts down?

- Does your boss know about this?
- Chotu, fill up the boxes.


Has everyone eaten? Let's go.


Don't try to change the topic
or I'll call the cops right now.

What illegal activity
is going on here?

Yes...I am doing something illegal.

I repack the food that
you guys waste and feed them.

That's the illegal thing I am doing.

Say thank you.

She paid for the food
which you guys are eating.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

What are you looking at?

These are our people.

Some ours, and some yours.

Even though they are
all from different countries...

...there is just one thing
that binds them.

Their helplessness.

You guys are always fighting over
nationality, cricket, and religion.

They are fighting too.

But together.

Only for survival.

They don't even know where their
next meal will come from, or how.

Would you like to know more?

But the reality is very different.

No jobs, no future, no money...

Living on the streets,
parched and starving and cold.

Always on the run and
hiding from the Police.

Even I know that giving them food is only
a temporary solution to their problem.

But their problems will end...

...when they go back to their
countries, back to their home.

Inu, you could've at least
called to say that you'll be late.

You must have already had dinner.

No, mom.

I am going to eat my fill tonight.

Do let me know, okay.

Right, keep us posted.

Sir, if I know something
I'll inform you.


- Let's go.
- Alright.

- Thank you, sir.
- Cheers.

Sahej. Sahej.

What were the cops doing here?

What happened?

Nothing, bro.

Remember my trip to Punjab.

- Yeah.
- They are inquiring about it.

What happened in Punjab?


I went to Punjab to
attend Goldie's wedding.

You know how it is.

Singing-dancing, orchestra.

All that big-fat Indian wedding.

But the main attraction
was these drummers.

They were too good.

I got goosebumps.
International stuff.

But they had a shady manager.

Mr. Chawla.

He just wanted to drink.

- Here you go.
- It's all done...

Here you go.

At least add some water.

Our mouth automatically starts
watering at the sight of alcohol.

What else do you want to add?


Calm down.

Be patient.

By the way,
guys, you all are very talented.

- You guys play really well.
- Thank you, brother.

They are very talented boys. respect.

And look at you.
You went abroad.

And you're running your
brother's dance group so nicely.



Brother and I are not different.


This generosity...everyone
doesn't have it.

Not at all.

In fact, in my advice only you
can give these boys a better future.

- Yes... Yes...
- Me?


But how?


Take them to London.



It's not hard at all.

All you have to say is they
are musicians of your dance group.

- Drummers.
- That's all. That's all.

You can drop them off at the airport.

Everything can be arranged.

There's no dearth of work.

- Right.
- You tell him.

We won't give you
a reason to complain.

I sure someone helped
your family to get there too.

Brother, I admit that your
lives will change for good in London.


But I'll get in trouble.

- It's risky, and frankly illegal.
- Bro..

And I am not some travel agent.

I only came here
to attend this wedding.

- But...
- Thanks.

What's wrong? Come on, let's go.

Let's talk. Let's talk.

Brother, please, come on.

- I'll do something.
- Please.

Stop blaming me.

Fine, brother.

I am trying.

Don't ask me.
Wherever I went, they reached there.

Hello sir. This is from tomato...
- Please taste it.

This is very tasty.

- One thing I have to tell you.
- Please... Take us.

- They play drums very well.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sit, sit, sit.

- I love that.
- Are you satisfied now?

Now be quiet.

Not a word.

No one's going to talk about London.

Eat your meal.

No one's going to talk about London.

Would you like some buttermilk?

Son, I knew you didn't want to come...

...but you were forced to.

What is it called?

- Here you go.
- Family formality.

But anyway, at least you came.

You haven't completely
forgotten your motherland yet.

B to the B, BG (Grandma).

I may still have some
Indian-ness left in me,

but the glow on the
face is from London.

I see...

NRI is no longer Non-Resident-Indian.

It's now National Rockstar of India.

I see...

We even have our own home now.


See, grandma.

That's the lawn.




Your Brit daughter-in-law.

I see...

And your son.

And next to him is
my little brother Shadow.

You call this home?

This is a house.

Home is when you live among family.

Look at your father.

Even that dog doesn't care about him.

He always thought about himself,
and not his family.

Son, always remember one thing.

Always chanting the name
of God is not necessary.

But the moment when you help
someone is also as good as devotion.

Grandma, you got me emotional.

Why does everyone in India
put emotion in everything?

I am feeling sleepy.

Goodnight, grandma.

How many times do
I have to tell you guys?

Don't you get it?

Stop giving me emotional looks.

And Mr. Chawla, that emotional
body language won't work with me.

I can get in trouble.

We won't let you get in trouble.
Believe me.

Just help us get there.

You'll be doing a
favour to four families.

Imagine, four moms will bless
you for the rest of their lives.

Wait a minute.

I've arranged for their jobs.

Business visas,
tickets, everything's ready.

And look Im ready to deposit 2 million
Rupees for this job in your account.


Let's double the amount.

I'm willing to pay
you 4 million rupees.

Look, Mr. Chawla, if you think I'll do
your job if you double the amount...

Then you're right.

Money first.

I don't mind.

Tell him to stop kissing me.

Stop kissing him.
Stop kissing him.

Can I kiss you?

London. London. London. London.

London. London. London.
London. London. London.

Number 10...


Guys, wait. You're all going together.

How is it going, mate?

Are you all together?

Yeah, they are with me actually.

I am Sahej Singh from England...

...and these guys
are brilliant musicians.

Remove the hat.

Yeah, they play and I dance.

Street Dance.

And sir, we're putting up
this massive extravaganza at the O2...

...or maybe the Wembly.'s basically this fusion
of Hip-Hop meeting Indian folk.

London. London. London.
London. London. London.

Calm down. Calm down.

London. London. London.
London. London. London..

Calm down, guys.

Or else they will send everyone back.

And you stop kissing me.

For us first there's
God and then there's you.

I haven't done anything.

Please don't tell anyone.

You're an angel of God.

Here's your pending payment.

I forgot all about this.

Can I borrow your phone?
I want to call my mother.

Your mother?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

Here you go.


Greetings, mom.

Amrinder speaking.

I've reached London,
under the open sky.

Bless you, son. Take care.

Don't forget to call your mother.

Eat properly,
and look after the other kids as well.


Soon I'll get rid of all the debts.

Don't worry.

Just be happy and work hard. this your number?

No, this is Sahej's number.
I'll soon send you my number.

- Okay, bye.
- Goobye.

Your future's will be bright.

Everyone in fact.
This is London after all.

Have fun. Good times ahead.

What did I do wrong?

If I hadn't done it,
then someone else would.

Where are they now?

We are still in touch.
Soon they will all settle down.

But that's great.
You did a favour to them.

What are you worried for?

Look...don't tell anyone about this?

Have I ever told any of your secrets?

Relax, man.

Come on.

But why don't they go back home?

Financially it's not possible.

Plus legalising them,
paperwork, tickets, etc etc.

But there must be
something that can be done.

What about the local authorities?

It's not that the UK government
doesn't want to help.

But it's a long process.

And I am talking not less
than 3000 immigrants in our area.

We don't have that kind of money.

Bro, you know what?

- Thank you.
- You guys are the best team.

Big brother...

I think you should give
me a gift on your birthday.

- Me?
- What?

- Get a GF.
- GF?

Homely Friend.

Someone who will take
care of you when you grow old.

What are you saying?
What GF?

What else do you want?

You're always standing
in a corner and sulking.

Sahej, on a serious note,
will you give me something I want?

We've everything we want.

You always wanted a studio,
now we have one.

You wanted a crew,
and now we have a Street Dancer crew.

Followers on Instagram,
likes on Facebook...

This is what I want.

Ground Zero.

Yes, Ground Zero.

But this is where...

I know things didn't go
well the last time I participated.

My dream couldn't be fulfilled.

But now I have you.

Sahej, will you fulfil my dream?

Will you fulfil your brother's dream?

We got to win.


- Guys, everyone, come here.
- Guys, guys, fast... Come here.

- Come, guys.
- What happened?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Guys, this year Street
Dancer crew will win Ground Zero.

We will do it.

Let's do it.

- We love you.
- Let's do it.

- Let's do it.
- We're gonna do it.


Guys, the coffees are here.

Come on, do your move.

Thank you, buddy.

Hey, guys, come here.

Ground Zero Event is back.

Are you serious?


Qualifies are in October.

That's now.

- Inu...Ground Zero.
- That's now.

Guys, relax.
Not possible.

- Guess, what is prize money?
- Inu...

How much?

- How much?
- How much?

100,000 pounds.


Bro, that's crazy.

100,000 pounds! Imagine
the number of people we can help.

If the prize money is so huge... can imagine the
level of competition as well.

I know...

The best of the best teams from
all over the world compete for it.

And you feel you can win.

Of course sir, we have the best team.

The Ground Zero Event.

Here, Rules are only
meant to be broken.

There are judges...

...but only the
audience gets to decide.

So no rules, no jury, only fury.

The world's top teams and dancers
come here every year to compete.

Only the best of the best qualify.

But only the craziest team wins.

So welcome to the Ground Zero Mania.

This is big, bro.

Bro, look. That's Inayat right there.

Come on, boys. Let's go, let's go.

Come on.


You can beat them.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
hold your hearts.

Because the breaking news
is that Street Dancer crew...

...are participating in
the Ground Zero competition.

And this news has made the
Rule-Breakers restless and ticklish...

...and uneasy to the core.

Call it embarrassment or superfluity.

All I can say is,
Take it easy Urvashi.

No violence got it.

If you wise guys want to
see yourself getting humiliated...

...then you must take
part in this competition.

You're right.

We all know Inayat cannot win.

And it's also true...

that you can't win either.

But if you guys team-up...

Then you can blow
away your competition.

Physics says two negatives
make one positive.

Economics says, rather than
making a loss, share the profit.

And Moral Science says,
united we stand and divided we fall.

History also says...these guys
left India when we all stood together.

With this guy...


So, you think I am dying to join you?

We can...never be one.


And the undisputed champions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Royals.

Aunty, the phone's ringing.

- It is?
- I am going to play.



Is this Sahej speaking?

Yes, who is this?

Son, this is Amrinder's mother.

Is he with you?

No, he's not with me.

If there's a problem,
then please speak with Mr. Chawla.

I am not responsible for him, okay.

Don't ever call on this number again.

Son, if you can provide
me with a number...

- Sister, is everything alright?
- Hello.

What's wrong?
Why are you crying?


Hi, Purnima, how are you?

Come on, we're getting late.

Catch you later.

Who is she?


A white beauty with a dark knight,
isn't it a rare sight, boys?

I am handsome.
Brown beauty.


Why are you guys always late?

Why are you guys always late?

Let's go, everyone.

Sushi, let's go.

Baby, why are you always late?

Bro, can you play a music.


"Someone turn up the AC."

"This is going to be fun, bro."

"Let's begin."

"Everything looks fake..."

"...whenever around
you I hit the brakes."

"I keep my distance from you,

"...starts getting
hotter the closer I get."

"The temperature's soaring
and it's hit the roof."

"Poor beloved covered in sweat."

"This is so unfair..."

", you are so heartless."

"Even in this winter,"

"it feels like..."
"Feels like..."

"Feels like..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"December feels like summer."

"You're Lamborgini and I am Hummer."

"There is no hurry, baby..."

"Because I've always
been a latecomer."

"You are a billion in one..."

"Your waist shakes like a snake."

"I can write an essay on
your beauty without taking a break."

"Getting to the point..."

"'re going to make me wait."

"If you want to feel
what hotness feels like..."

"...then take me in your embrace."

"Don't look away..."

"...and give me a heartbreak."

"In this red dress..."

" look just
like a red velvet cake."

"Many like you have
been heartbroken before."

"Romeos have put their
life for me at stake."

"This is so unfair..."

"Even in this winter, you made it..."

"Made it..."
"Made it..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

"So hot..."

- Sushi...
- Yo...alright.

Back up.


That was nice, man.

- Thanks, mate.
- Alright.

But if you want to be the best...

...come and train with my crew.


So you, you, you and you.

See you tomorrow, yeah.

- Let's go, man.
- What did he say?

What did he say?

What happened?

Poddy, Royals.

What are you doing, man?

They selected us.

They're good dancers, man.

- They should be with us, not against us.
- Sushi...

Yeah, whatever.

Did you check out his move?

It was great.

- Inu, let's go. Getting late.
- Yeah, that's what I am saying.

Inu...I hope you're not too
serious about the competition?

I guess she is.

I am because I have a serious reason.

Here you go.
Eat your fill.

Hey guys, shall I start from here.

One packet for each, okay.

- Hello.
- Thank you.

Where are you two from?

Your house?

House? Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka.

And you?

I am from Karachi, son.


Even I am from Karachi.

That's great.

It's been ages since
I last went back home.

When did you last go there?

Well, sir.
We grew up here.

- And frankly speaking, I never had the...
- I speak English.

Never had the intention of
going there, and never felt the need.

Isn't this weird, son?

You can go to your country
whenever you want, but you don't.

And us...

We want to go, but we can't.

We left the country
that gave us everything.

But, thank you anyway, son.

Thank you.

May God bless you.

So be it.

God bless.

I'll get some more.


Thank you.

We finally understand
why you brought us here.

And sir, dancing for
yourself is one thing...

...but dancing for others,
that's what counts.

It's showtime.

That was cool man.

- Take your jackets off.
- Jackets.

Poddy, take off your jacket.

Excuse me, what are you doing here?

- Actually, our friends are inside.
- No, no, please leave.

They are inside.

That was cool, man.

Leave. Out... out.. out...

- Yeah, Sahej.
- Please, leave. Thank you.

Let's go.

Sushi, let's take
a picture for Instagram.

Come here. Come here, my brother.

The Royals.

- Royals.
- Royals. Royals!


- Sushi, your outfit's are amazing.
- Yeah, see...

Can you get us in too, please?

We just got in.

But I'll help you guys get in too.

- Won't go.
- These guys are very good.

Come on, guys, we're Rule Breakers.

Our team's much better.


Confidence thrills,
overconfidence kills.

If you want to win
Ground Zero battle then...'ll need top-level dancers.


Talk about the top level
and the top level's here.

What happened?


You went and joined them?

So what?
You want me to join these guys?

We don't want your support?

You guys don't have
an identity of your own.


Identity, huh.

Just admit that you're jealous
of seeing us in these outfits?


And by the way, Anna.

Rule no.
1 of dancing is, never be no. 2.

And I to be no. 1.

- Sahej, watch it.
- Hey...

- Stay away.
- Come on.

Anna...why don't you
mind your own business?

Stop meddling in other's business.

This is not like
making doughnuts, Anna.

Do you even know the ABCD of Dance?

- Guys...
- Ignore them.

Leave it.

Anna's grown old.

Chotu, set the table for the Royals.

Guys...let's move out.

Come on, I am going to treat
you to a royal breakfast today.


- What happened to the lights?
- Didn't you pay the bill, Anna?

"We're the sounds of the streets."

"I am here tonight..."

" steal your heart."

"If anyone gets in my way..."

"...I'll make sure he's gone."


"It's a face-off...sweetheart."

"It's a face-off...sweetheart."

"Pull up the base."

"Pull up the base."

"I am your Romeo..."

" my Juliet."

"And together we'll
cast our spell tonight."

"Your words make
my heart skip a beat."

"Tell me what are your intentions?"

"Hold your heart..."

"...because I am your champion."

"Everything you said and did,
stole my heart."


"It's a face-off...sweetheart."

"It's a face-off...sweetheart."

- "Pull up the base."
- What is this?

You're so good.

ABCD Of dance, huh?

Now that's what you call dancing.

My boss...

Clap for them. What are you doing?

Anna, I am your fan now.

But you see, Anna, even the
champion uses his trump card...

...when the other player has a king.

This will be fun.

"Urvashi... Urvashi... "

Get lost...bring it on.

- Get out! See you! Come on.
- See you never!

Sir, why didn't you ever
tell us that you dance so well.

Never needed to.

But now it is.

A big smile is very important,

Dance makes you happy.

We'll start with
the choreography, okay.


We'll start with the right leg.
Right together...

Right and clap.
Left together...

Left and clap.

Right together...


What is this?

Me, Sushi, Poddy, D...

...we are all part of the Royals now.

Kids, take five.


What is this, brother?
Why can't you ever be happy?

There's never a full
smile on your face.

You wanted us to win Ground Zero,
didn't you?

So this year we're
going to win Ground Zero.

Is your knee okay?

Yes, it is.

But Sahej, it just got replaced.

It's going to hurt a bit.

But I'll be fine, don't worry.

You don't look happy, brother.

Are you happy?

I am very happy.

Then so am I.

Well, I'll take the class.

Kids, come on.

5... 6... 7... 8...

Look Sahej.


He his not looking at us.

Look at them.

If he's on our team,
nobody can beat us.

No, sir. We don't want
such arrogant people.

Yeah, right.

I wonder what they
think of themselves.

- We don't need them, sir.
- Let's go.

Inayat, we'll need better dancers.

Just see these hungry faces.

Are they all immigrants?

Poor guys.

It's not done.

I know it's not.

Not done.

That's why we're dancing for them.

We need your help.

Poddy, these are your people too.

It's not about you and me, Alisha.

It's about them.

Alright, okay...

See okay, baby, I'll handle it.


5... 6... 7... 8...

And 2...3...4... and 5... 6...

7... 8...

Wait, wait.

Are you good?
Are you here?

Are you sure?

I want you to switch, anyway.

Wait a second, you switch as well.

Yeah, right.


Come on, let's go.
Come on.

5... 6... 7... 8...

And 2...3...4... and 5... 6...

Sorry, sorry...

What's wrong, man?
How many times do I have to tell you?

Get it right, man, let's go.

- Mark. Mark. Mark.
- What?

- Bro, what the hell is he doing?
- Poddy, wait.

- Mark, I'll talk to him.
- I will punch him.

- Come outside.
- Go...

- Yeah.
- Forget it, man.

Let's go, man.


I don't want to dance with him.

- We're better without him.
- Poddy, listen to me.

- I don't want to be a Royal.
- Calm down.

Mark is the leader of the Royals.

What do you think you're doing?

Bro, I met Alisha.

Alisha, who?

- She's on the Pakistani team.
- Yeah, she is. So?

We've been dating each other.


- What?
- So together, we...decided...


What happened?


You're a bloody pervert...

Can't say about being
the best dancer...

...but you turned out to be a player.

Look, man,
she's good for time pass, but dance...

Bro...I am telling you...
We're in love. each other.

So stay in your limits, Sahej.

You stay in your limits.

We're training for
the Ground Zero battle...

...and what are you doing?

Dating a member of the rival team.

It's a trap. They are setting you up.

- You can't stop drooling when you see...
- Sahej... Sahej...

Sahej, shut up.
Shut up, man.

They are not doing this out of greed.

They want to win the competition
for Indian and Pakistani immigrants.


Listen, don't give
me these useless talks.

And you know these immigrants are in this
Condition because of people like you.

Remember now?


- But you won't understand.
- Why wouldn't I understand?

Because you're busy.


- Yes, you're busy.
- Busy doing what?

You're busy sucking up to them.

- Shut up.
- Sahej.

- Poddy, shut up.
- Sahej.

Go and lick their boots.

- I said shut up.
- Sahej.


I'm telling you just shut up.

What are you doing?

Wait, wait, what's happening?

- Babe?
- What are you doing?

- What's going on?
- Come on.

- Come on.
- Get out, yeah?

- Poddy. Poddy. Poddy.
- Let him go.

- Go, get out.
- You can go.

Don't come running back to
me when you see their true colours.

Leave it.

What's wrong with you?

I was giving you this
opportunity but ain't worth it.

What's wrong?


- I am ready.
- Let's go, man. Let's go.

It's not going to be easy.

Hey, guys.

When did this happen?

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and girls.

Welcome to the qualifying round of the
Breezer Vivid presents Ground Zero Battle.

It's going to be insane.

Now, remember,
there are no rules, no jury.

Only fury.

No matter what happens,
the show must go on.

Are we ready?

Oh, man...

Only the Royals that had to rule.

Just like every year.

Another cakewalk for the Royals.

Give it up. Give it up. Give it up.

Make some noise.



that was crazy.

Now coming up next...

Yo, here we go, here we go.

Rule Breakers.

Rule Breakers!

Make some noise

Alright for Rule Breakers...

...let me hear you say yay.


Let's go...

You the man, sir. You the man.

Hey guys, look who's here.

Hey guys, that was really
nice on stage, you know.

How did you guys qualify?

It's all thanks to you, man.

What do you guys think?

S** happens, ain't it.

Look at their faces, though.

- Mind your language.
- Dancers are just lucky.

You guys are pathetic, man.

Get out of my face.


Do you know the difference
between your dance and ours?

You dance for yourself,
and we dance for others.

Leave it, Anna.

What's the point talking
to a selfish man like him?

- Who are you calling selfish?
- Hey...who are you calling selfish.

I am not saying anything to him.

Just look at him.

Don't judge me if you don't know me.

I dance for my brother.



We dance to express, and you...

You dance to impress.



No, guys, they are calling me selfish.

Poddy is selfish.

He quit our team and joined them.

And what did we do?

We did the exact same thing

Leave it, let's go.

Look Sahej, everything else is okay.

But Mark is also at fault.

Yeah...but Poddy
should also understand.

But Sahej, Poddy is our best friend.

Give me the burger.

Where are you going? Sit here.

I want to listen to some music.

Hello, brother.



It's Amrinder, from Amritsar.


How are you, brother?

What have you done to yourself,

This is because...we've
been running from the Police.

Thankfully the driver is my friend.

And lets me sleep here sometimes.

Why did you lie to us?

What the hell did I lie about?

At the airport, you were
saying that our futures are bright.

There are going to
be good times ahead.

But we went through
the worst of times.

You've no clue what
we've been through.

We took God's name and arrived
at the address given by Mr. Chawla.

Clean streets, grand entry...

We thought everything's
going to be amazing.

No one can stop us.

Moreover, we were busy discussing how much
money we're going to send back home.

But once we entered, we realised that
the situation is completely different.

Look, we've got more company.

We were told to burn our passports,
so that no one can deport us.

So we burnt our passports.

Everything happened so quickly...

Whatever remaining pounds we had,
we had to give it to the caretaker.

The moment we felt that it
can't get more worse... it would.

Run, Police.

Take your stuff and run.

"The apple of your eye's...
been shattered to pieces."

"Please find the heart...
to forgive me, mother."

"So much happened,
and yet I am alive."

"I cannot even die willingly."

"I couldn't even keep
the name you gave me."

"There's nothing else left to lose."

Brother, only you can help us now.

"I want to go back home."

- Please send me back.
- Go and tell this to Chawla.

He sent you guys here.

Can you lend me some money?

- I don't have money.
- Then get me a job.

Stay away.

I don't have any job for you.

- I am prepared to do anything.
- Can you dance?

But I will play the drums for you.

I don't want your drums.

I paid you money.

What money?

I wasn't responsible for any of you.

Go and blame that Chawla.

You weren't like this in Punjab.

Who is he, Sahej?

He's emotionally blackmailing me.

These guys come from India and...


I'll slap you.

Take me with you, please.


Please, brother.

Sahej, who was he?

I don't know.
But he's ruined my mood.

The entire day's wasted.

See you later.

"I want to go home."

"I want to go home."

"Mom is waiting for me..."

"I want to go home."

"I want to go home."


Welcome to the quarterfinal round of the
Breezer Vivid presents Ground Zero Battle.

So let's make some noise
for the Royals.

Say what...

Alright, coming up next...the
Rule Breakers. vs the Bird Gang.

DJ, hit that beat.

Oh my, God.

Make some noise for the Rule Breakers.

Look at that. Look at that.

The anger, the love,
the thrust, the challenge.

These dancers just
showing the pure emotion...

...that they are opponents,
not enemies.

- Mark. Mark. Mark.
- Mark, come on.


Come on, come on, Mark.
Indian drums.

- Come, come, come.
- I want to see this.

I want to see this, bro.
I love Indian drums.


I am not in the mood.

Come on, it'll be fun.

- Come on, come on.
- Listen, listen, I don't want to.

- Come on, guys, I don't want to.
- Come on Sahej, move it! Dance!

Come on, man.

Come on, baby.

- 'I am your brother.'
- 'Okay, brother.'

'And don't forget me
after you all become famous.'

Yo man, why did you stop?
Play the drums, man.

Play some music, bro.

Play some music.

- Yeah.
- Come on. Come on.

Oh shit.

- Sorry.
- Mark, guys chill.

Guys, guys, stop, stop.
Relax. Calm down.

What are you doing? Mark?

Guys, guys.

Calm down.
What are you doing? Mark?

Who you talking to?
- Alright.

Do you know who you're talking to?

Enough, let's go.

Let's go, come on.

Let's go.

Let's go, baby.

Yo, you coming or not?

No, thank you.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's go.

What's going on?


Are you hiding something from us?

No. least don't
lie to your friends.

I've known you since we were kids.

Do you know what your problem is?

You never realise your mistake.

Sahej, we're your friends... here's a piece of advice.

Do what you want in life,

...but never break anyone's heart.

Because you may
or may not get blessings.

But you can never outrun a curse.

"I've been all over the world..."

"...been every nook and corner."

"But wonder why I forgot..."

" way back home?"

"Where did I go wrong?"
"Why did I stray?"

"I wonder why I hurt
ones close to me?"

"I hope I am forgiven."
"And my tears stop trickling."

"I hope God hears my plea."

"Someone pray for me."
"Someone pray for me."

"Someone pray for me."

"Someone pray for me."

"Someone bring the dawn for me."

"Let me cry...all night."

"Let me be in pain..."

"Let my peace and serenity disappear."

"Let me be restless...
while the world sleeps."

"My life..."

"...the things I did with my kin."

"I've broken their trust."

"I let others lose so I can win."

"That's my life..."

"What's the point of this victory?"

"It's just a pointless victory."

"It's just a passing victory."

"This victory has came
from malice and cheat."

"Someone pray for me."
"Someone pray for me."

"Someone pray for me."
"Someone pray for me."

"Someone pray for me."

"Someone pray for me."

"Someone bring the dawn for me."

I had no choice, brother.

I wasn't a dancer like you.

Nor did I have your
confidence in my group.

So I took off the
Street Dancer jacket.

I was selfish.


You know what Sahej...

....our heart doesn't
rationalize like our mind.

But when it does, it's always right.

Time to give your heart a chance,
my brother.

Just listen to it.

We have won the first two
rounds of the Ground Zero Battle.

Only the Semi-Finals
and Finals left to go.

And we'll succeed only
when you all will pray for us.

Our prayers will always be with you.

Support you, don't worry.

You're doing so much for us.

Can we come and see you dance?

And anyway, we don't have any jobs.

So, we'll come there
and cheer for you.


Can we?


So be the God's purity,
so be the God's victory.

Welcome back to Breezer
Vivid Presents Ground Zero Battle.

We're at the semi-finals, guys.

We've had the best
team from around the world.

And now it's come
down to the final four.


With our first semi-finals...

...we have The Royals Vs.
Team Recycle.

Hey DJ, drop the beat.

Let's go.

Level up. Level up.

Now, let's see what The Royal's got.

Let's go.

I think we have a winner.

I think we have our first finalist.

We have our first finalist.

Going to...the Finals.


The Royals.

So we have our first finalist.

Right now.

Going into our second
and final semi-final.

Who is it?

We have the Wild Ripperz

VS Rule Breakerz.

Remember, there are no rules.

So no matter what happens,
the show must go on.

Look at their faces.

Get it.

Let's go.

What are you guys doing?

- What is he doing?
Come on, D.

What are you guys doing?

Just go get Mark.
Just go get him.

He's turning against us.

Mark, look.

Look at them.

"Don't take me..."
"Don't take me..."

"Don't take me lightly."

"Be careful..."
"Be careful..."

"Be careful when you're around."

"Don't take me..."
"Don't take me..."

"Don't take me lightly."

"Be careful..."
"Be careful..."

"Be careful when you're around."

"There's a storm raging in my heart."
"I've no other way."

"I am gonna say what I never did..."

"I've been..."

"I've been..."

"I've been silent for too long."

"Said nothing though I was wronged."

"I've been silent for too long."

"Said nothing though I was wronged."

"Watch out we're back again. Go..."

"Watch out we're back again. Go..."

"My passion..."

"Don't let anyone stop you."

"Never bow."

"You will emerge out of the storm."

"Dancing is my way to express."

"Dancing is my bread and water."

"I am calm but my dancing is a storm."

"I am the king and
my dance is my queen."

"Dancing is my faith
and self-respect."

"Dancing is like an
arrow shot from the bow."

"Dancing is my religion."

"Dancing is my only God."

"Dancing is my only God."

"I've been silent..."

"Watch out we're back again. Go..."

"You can restrain
us...or suppress us."

"We'll die but will never give up."

"We were always one,
and always be one."

"You cannot separate us now."

"There's a storm raging in my heart."

"I've no other way."

"I am gonna say what I never did..."

"I've been silent for too long."

"Said nothing though I was wronged."

"I've been silent for too long."

"Said nothing though I was wronged."

"Don't let anyone stop you."

"Never bow."

"You will emerge out of the storm."

Come on.

- Come on, Poddy.
- Killed it. Killed it.


Yo what...

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

- Mark.
- Poddy. Poddy.


Get off me, man.

Don't touch my friend.

The last time you did this,

I behaved like an ass***
and lost my friends.

But this time I want to thank you.

Because my friends are back.

Look at their faces.

See you in the finals, man.

Get lost. Get out.

See you in the finals.

- Bye-bye.
- Come on, let's go.

See you in the finals.

Nora, come on.

Mark, come on.
Nora, let's go.

Let her go, bro.

Brother, Sahej's here.

- Thank you, brother.
- Thank you, brother.

Thank you, brother.

Thank you, brother.

Call your mom.

Tell her you're coming home.



Hey... man...

You got it boy...
Steal the night...

I told you if we team-up...

...we'll definitely win.

- Yeah...
- Yes, sir.

Definite chances.

Wait a minute.


What are we going to call our team?

Rule Breakers is better.

- Rule Breakers.
- Yeah...

- Yes.
- Yea.

Rules Breakers is...


- It's good, sir.
- No.

Street Dancers.

Street Dancers.


Street Dancers.

- Even better.
- Wow...


The real Street Dancer is here.

Come on.


Come on.

Let's call it Street Dancer.
We're generous people.

6... 7... 8... 9...

Excuse me.

Can I come in?

Madam, are you guys done?


Come on.


- Control. Control.
- Come here bro.


Street Dancer it is...

Come here.

- My bag.
- What happened?

- Where's my bag?
- Did you get stuck?

All hail...Lord Ganesha!

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Let my voice echo
and the beat resonate."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"I surrender myself
to you when I dance..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Everything I do is for you...
and only for you..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"I surrender myself
to you when I dance..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"I've won the world
since I surrendered to you."

"Your devotee's never lost to anyone."

"I've won the world
since I surrendered to you."

"Your devotee's never lost to anyone."

"I am always high on your devotion..."

"...I am a boat."

"I won't fear the storm,
or go astray..."

"...if you're my protector."

"Lord Ganesha..."

The world's best dance group.

- What do we do?
- Win!

- What do we do?
- Win!

What are you doing?

Give me that.

Mom please.

1... 2...
3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...

Why are you late, bro?

- There's something missing, bro.
- I've seen it.

Why are you late?

- Where is Inayat?
- You guys watch anything.

Do like this.

Now she won't come, Sahej.

What do you mean?

Our conservative families
don't approve of dancing.

They didn't know that we dance.

Now they know.

Can you take me to her home?

Making these videos,
putting it on the internet...

Putting it on display
isn't right, brother.

In fact, you should get her married...

...she should quit
dancing and settle down.

Dancing on the streets,
making these videos...




He is...


I am Sahej.

- Inayat and I...
- I know about you.

I think its best you leave.

Uncle, I have a request...

Why are you taking his side?

- Get out.
- Sir, take it easy.

- Out of my house, now.
- Sir, take it easy.

- Shahnawaz.
- Sir, take it easy.


I just came to say
that you guys are right.

Sahej, please...

Because a girl from such
a respected and classy family...

...dresses in short clothes and gets
into a dirty profession like dancing... would make anyone's blood boil.

So you guys are absolutely right.

Doesn't matter that Dance is an art,
and passion for Inayat.

Frankly, it's her life.

So you guys are absolutely right.

And also doesn't matter that
dance isn't some skin show for her.

In fact, it's a display
of her talent and skills.

So you guys are absolutely right.

And this definitely doesn't matter
that she wants to win the tournament...

...and send those illegal
immigrants back home.

Something that you
have never thought of.

She wants to save lives.

But does that matter?

It doesn't matter.

But one thing matters, sir.

My grandma.

As my grandma always says...

Whether you chant
the name of God or not...

...but the moment when you help
someone else is nothing short of devotion.

And your daughter
wants to do just that.

So she is right and you're all wrong.

You're wrong.

Say something, Inayat.

You must speak up today.

You're such a bully outside.
Tell your father.


Father, remember you told me once ...

...that Allah needs to like
just one expression in a human being.

And if Allah likes it, then his world
and Paradise shall both be redeemed.

If not in me,
at least have faith in my upbringing.

I've never done or will do
anything to humiliate you.

This is wrong, brother.

When are the finals?

"If I ever stagger..."

"...don't let me fall."

"If you dwell in my heart..."

"...then I'll win it all."

"No matter who I face."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Let my voice echo
and the beat resonate."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

"I surrender myself
to you when I dance..."

"Lord Ganesha..."

Guys, welcome to the finale of the
Ground Zero Battle. It's the finals.

Give it up guys.

We've had the best crews from around the
world competing to get to this spot today.

We have the Royals vs. Street Dancers.

Smash it, boys.

Watch out.

Watch out.

Give it up.
Give it up. Give it up for the Royals.

- Let's go, man. Let's go.
- - Royals!

- Royals!
- Royals!

Woah! Let's go guys.

Royals! Royals!

Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!

Tashan. Music.

They will restart it, won't they?

We'll do it again.

No Music.

Something's definitely wrong.

- Where's the music?
- Just play the track again.

We'll do it again.

There is no music guys, it
looks like the Royals are the winners.

- Just play the track again.
- What?

No, that's not happening.

There is no music,
there is no performance.

That means you cannot win.

That's not fair. You can't do that.
You can't disqualify us.

It's my house, my rules.

- There's no rule.
- We'll do it again.

Come on.

Come on, guys.

What's up, my man. Alright.

- Come on...
- Sir you can't do this.

You can't do that.

Royals. Royals. Royals. Royals.

Royals. Royals. Royals. Royals.

Royals. Royals. Royals. Royals.


How are you guys be okay with it?

Royals. Royals. Royals. Royals.

Royals. Royals. Royals. Royals.

I can play the drums.

I don't want your drums.

They play and I dance.

"Sometimes in life you
feel it's impossible to make it."

- "My friend is bound to win because...'
- Music.

"...he never gives up."

Let's go. Let's go.

That's music, bro.

Hit it.

"Sometimes in life you
feel it's impossible to make it."

"Sometimes in life you
feel it's impossible to make it."

"My friend is bound to win..."

"My friend is bound to
win because he never gives up."

"My friend is bound to
win because he never gives up."

"He dances like a shinning star."

"He dances like a shinning star."

"He dances..."

"Let go of the hatred,
my friend and dance to my drums."

"It's love that supports everyone
so dance away to my drums, my friend."

"Love everyone."

"Reach out and hold somebody's hand."

"Let's embrace each other once again."

I tool it out and its still playing.

What? Are you kidding me?

- What's that for?
- I did it for us man.

Go put that back.

Right now.

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"If our dreams could
receive your aid..."

"O' Lord..."

"If our dreams could
receive your aid..."

"We'll make our destiny
if we're courageous."

"If our desires are true,
we can expect mercy from You."

"Lord, I pray,
from hatred we stay away."

"Your voice and mine..."

"We breathe the same air."

"We share the same sky."

"Love everyone."

"Reach out and hold somebody's hand."

"Let's embrace each other once again."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is one voice."

"...together is one voice."

"...together is one voice."

"When all that there is,
fails, there is family."

"They can never be forgotten."

"Your hearts will
always stay linked..."

"They hear when the soul speaks."

That day...

...humanity won, not just us.

Humans make mistake.

But it's not God that rectifies
those mistakes. Humans do.

I made my wrong right.



We've set everything.