Street Code Broken (2022) - full transcript

It follows two friends who come to a crossroads when one of them decides that street life isn't what he wants.

(dramatic music)

(hip hop music)


- You lying man.

- Right hand to God,

I cannot make this up.

- So you telling me you ain't hit,

(laughs) because-

- What you mean?

Because me and the Nates
told them I came across

to have way more important
stuff to talk about.


You laughing, but I'm telling you

your boy was in a tough spot that night.

- Why didn't you just get up
and go to the bathroom, man?

- What? You trippin' man.

I'm not about to use
it at the girl's house.

I just had met her too.

- What?

Bro, I don't care where I'm at,

that's how I know if a girl
really down for me or not.

- Oh yeah, that's how, huh?

- Hell yeah.

You better ask Trish.

- (laughs) Whatever, bro.

Let me hit that one more time.

You trippin'.

Ask Trish.

- Hey, ask her man.


You ready?

- Yeah, are you ready?

- Let's go.

Still can't believe you ate that.

- I can't believe I ate that.

My stomach's turning
just thinking about that.

- You'd be better off getting Taco Bell.

- Man, I don't even need
to eat none of that.

- All right, man, no boo
booing yourself here, man.

- Get out.

This the one right here?

- No, the next one.

- Next one.

Oh man.

- You good, dog?

- Do I look good?

- Come on, man, I need you with me.

- Right here?

- Yeah.

(hip hop music)


- Oh, is that right?

- Yeah, that's right.

I don't know why you acting like that,

you know you feeling me too.

- I don't know,

maybe because I just saw you
trying to talk to my girl.

- That was me trying
to get your attention.

- Really?

- It worked didn't it?

- You think so?

- You're sitting right here with me.

- I guess.

- Hey look, why don't we go upstairs?

- Oh, I know you don't think

it's about to go down like that.

- Of course not,

I'm just trying to get to
know you a little better,

more privately.

(knocking on door)

Hold on, baby.

- Whoa! Everybody chill out.

- He said chill out.

(gun firing)

- All right. This look
like my kind of party.

- I was gonna invite y'all, man, I swear.

- Invite, huh?

Boy, we the ones who sponsoring it.

- Come on now, Frank, I
don't want your guests think

we're no type of party poopers or nothing,

so just as soon as you get us our money,

the sooner you can get
back to your little party.

Why you still standing there, Frank?

See that was your cue, Frank.

This the part where you're supposed to say

okay no problem, better you
let me go get that for y'all.

- See, what happened was-

- Shh, shh.

- You just don't learn, do you, Frank?

- Ladies and gentleman,

sorry to break up y'all party.

Why don't y'all continue to get high,

courtesy of yours truly,

and whatever else it leads
you to as the night continues.

We just gonna borrow our
pal Frank here for a second.

Sure nobody got a problem with that right?

- Take him.

- I didn't think so.

- I mean we are pretty covered right here.

I mean I'd hate to have to
come borrow one of y'all

from y'all jobs

or y'all homes.

I kind of think you get where
we going with this, right?

- [Frank] Y'all ain't go to do this, man.

Come on, man, y'all
ain't got to do this man.


Deante, Larry, y'all
ain't gotta do this man,

I can get y'all your money tomorrow.

- Frank, this the third time

you promised us our money tomorrow.

So it's cool, you keep it.

(gun firing)

- Yo, what are you doing?

- What?

- You killed him.

- 'Cause that's how I go.

- Since when?

- Since now, Tey.

Look, if we gonna take
over like we said we was,

then people gotta fear us man.

They need to know that
if anybody steal from us

it's gonna be consequences
behind all of that.

- So what we're just killers now?

- No, Deante, we drug
dealers that mean business.

So is you gonna keep going back and forth

with me about this,

or is you gonna help
me get rid of this body

before somebody come down here and see us?

Get your head in the game, Tey.

- Man.

- Well, come on, man.

- (singing) This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

- [Deante] Grandma Tee.

- In the kitchen.

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

- What up though, Grandma Tee?

- Hey, baby, how you doing?

- So what's good with you?

- Don't be bringing that
slang up in my kitchen, okay?

- I'm sorry.

How are you, Grandma Tee?

Is that better?

- Don't be getting smart with me either,

coming in here smelling like marijuana.

Anyway, what you doing here?

What do you want? What do you need?

- Now why do I have to
need something, huh?

I'm just dropping by,
checking on you like always.

You okay?

- I'm fine.

Every day I wake up I'm fine.


- You know, one day

I'm gonna get a different
answer out of you, right?

- Well what you want me to say?

This arthritis is kicking my behind,

or my carpal tunnel is killing me.

- I mean, is it?

- Well, yeah.

But there ain't nothing
you can do about it

but just worry yourself to death.

Nothing I could do about it either

but just pray on it, and keep it moving.

You want some of these eggs and sausage?

- You know I do.

- Go on in there and have a
seat so I can fix you a plate.

- All right.

- Mhm. That's what I'm talking about.


Here you go.

- Thank you.

- Now, the question is, how you doing?

Are you still unemployed?

- Now you say that like I'm
actually looking for a job

but can't find one.

I told you I'm licking
this unemployment game

until I can't no more.

- And I keep telling you

that don't no good woman
want an unemployed man.

Deante, I'm gonna need you
to get on out the streets,

'cause you too old to be
out there chasing women.

I'm gonna need you to get it right,

and get married so I can finally

have the granddaughter I always wanted.

- Come on, grandma, you
know I got a girl already.

- I said woman.

Ain't nobody talking
about that ghetto thing

you go out with. Hmm.

- Can we not call her thing, please?

- Well, baby, the truth hurt, don't it?

I keep telling you

you need a good church girl.

And speaking of church,

I'm getting ready to go to
a church community cleanup,

it would be so nice if you'd come along.

- Um you know I would,

but I got stuff I gotta do today.

- Mm-hmm.

- But next time.

Next time, I promise, okay.

I love you, though.

- I love you too.

Lord knows that boy need a job.

- Oh, oh, this is nothing but God here,

I gotta take a picture of this.

- Oh my goodness.

Dad, you are being so extra right now.

- Extra?

How am I being extra?

Ooh, I wish your mama
was here to see this.

Hey, your room used to
look like a tornado hit it,

and that was after you cleaned it up.

- Well people change, you know?

You always try to embarrass me.

- I'm just saying. (laughing)

I just like to see you cleaning up.

I'm gonna help you, okay?

I still got a good picture though.

- Hey.

- Hey, Pastor.

- Steven, Tiffany.

- Hey.

- How we doing today?

- Good. Hey, as a matter
of fact we're awesome.

- Hi, Pastor (indistinct).

Please don't make...

- Again, huh?

- Listen, I just wanted to thank you both

for being here this Saturday.

You know, I grew up in this neighborhood

and to see it get some TLC,
I just really appreciate it.

- It's no problem.

- Happy to help, Pas.
That's why we're here.

- Is that it? (chuckles)

Well I'm glad you said that,

'cause I've been meaning to
talk to you about something.

Tiffany, sweetheart,

mind if I borrow your father for a second?

- Not at all. Take him. Far, far away.

- What's goin' on, Pas?

- Well.

Been thinkin' about
something for a while now.

How do you feel about leading

a different type of ministry?

- Pastor, I'm... like, all due respect,

like I'm, like I only got
one foot in the church.

And it ain't even a foot,
it's more like a toe.

Like I told you, the only
reason I came to this church

was to be a better father for Tiffany

once her mom passed.

I'm not, I'm not tryin' to be

this holier than thou say person.

And I'm definitely not
ready to lead a ministry.

- So I remember you
tellin' me those things,

and I also remember the day
that you came into my office

and you broke down and
you cried like a baby.

And how you see it, you knew
that it was only God's grace

that you're still here breathing today.

Ah, nope.

- Pastor, I...

- Mm mm.

And how it took those three bullets in you

for you to realize

that you just had enough of those streets.

Do you remember that?

- Yeah.

- Listen. So simply, help
other realize the same Steven.

Can you do that for me?

- Yeah.

- Okay then. Meet me here
tomorrow night at six pm.

And I'll show you exactly
what I'm talking about.

All right? All right, God bless you.

- The funny thing about my scars

is that they were self-inflicted.

Caused by my pursuit of the
thing I wanted most in life,


- See? Uh uh, she way too calm.

Let me come over here

and find you in here with another chick

and see what happen to you.

- Trish, why do you do every
time you watch a movie?

- Do what?

- Make threats.

- Because, I'm makin'
sure you know what's up.

- Yeah, but I'm not trying
to hear that every time.

Do you wonder why I hate
watching movies with you?

Oh, Deante.

Why you don't say stuff
like this to me no more?

Or Deante, I'm so happy

you're not like this guy in this movie.

You treat me so good.

Bro. Chill out.

- Deante. Please jump outta
your feelings. Please.

- Yeah. Whatever.

- Whatever to you.

(knocking at the door)

Who is that?

- I don't know.

- Mmhmm.

- Get up.

- What's up bro?

- Damn, I can't come in?

- What's up Trish.

- Oh no.

I know you did not invite Larry over here

during our movie time.

- Girl, what are you talking about?

He just randomly stopped by.

- Randomly?

- Whoa. Look, Trish.

I ain't even gonna be
here that long. I promise.

- Mmhmm.

- [Deante] Trish.

- What?

- Can you gimme a minute
so I can holler at him.

- Ugh. You so irritating. Make it quick.

- Anyways. What's up bro?

- I just came to make sure
we was still good, man.

- That's it? Could have
called me for that.

- Nah, I couldn't just call you.

I needed to come over and hear you say

that we were still good, bro.

- Look, man, I'm just not
on what you want. You know?

- And I'm not asking you
to be Tey, I respect that.

I be that guy.

But I just need you

to keep being the brains
behind the operation bro.

Look, man. We about to touch
some serious cheese bro.

Big money.

But in order for us to
win, I can't have us few.

Look Tey. After my cousin died,

you was the only family I had left.

You my brother, man.

(soft piano music)

I can't do this without you.

I need you bro.

My dog, my dog.

Look, I'm about to hit the spot.

Call me if you need anything. I got you.

- Cleveland tonight, right?

- Cleveland tonight. Bet, bet.

And good luck with mad Trish.

- Don't even remind me, man.

- All right, Trish.

- Bro.

Da Baby talking that real
money talk, for real.

- So Da little Baby.
So what is you saying?

- Yeah, but not like Da Baby.

Come on now.

- Yeah bro. You trippin'.

Sup bro.

(hip hop music)

- Please tell me y'all not in here

getting high off my supply.

- Bro, chill out, man. No man.


- Y'all was scared.

- What's the deal?

- [Larry] What we looking like, bro.

- Already know. We looking like money.

- (indistinct) like money.

- For sure.

- Hey, my boys, get at me
when you need to re-up.

- [Trey] All right.

- And Da Baby and Meg the Stallion?

- Just because they do a song together

don't mean they together.

- Yeah that's what you think.

- [Tiffany] Daddy?

- [Steven] Here, Tweetie.

- [Tiffany] Hey.

Oh no way. (laughs)

You're sitting here
playing chess by yourself?

- What?

- You're doing old people
stuff. You are not that old.

- This is not old people stuff.

- [Tiffany] Oh really?

- This game sharpens up your mind.

- [Tiffany] Right.

- You need to let me
teach you how to play.

- Mm. Mm. Okay.

- [Steven] What you get to eat?

- Veggie fried rice and sesame chicken.

- Perfect.

All right. So this is the knight.

- Mhm.

- You can call him the horsey.

He's the only piece that
can jump over other pieces.

- Okay.


- I used to try to teach your
mom how to play all the time.

- Really?

- And like you look just like her.

Sometimes when I looking at you, I just.

- It's okay, Dad.

- Tweetie, I'm sorry.

- Really. It's okay.


I mean, I have forgiven you.

I promise I have, and
God has forgiven you.

When are you gonna forgive yourself?

(soft piano music)

- I don't know if I ever will.

- Okay.

Well, can you do something for me then?

- Yeah. Sure. Anything.

- Can you listen to my
speech after we eat?

- Speech?

- Yeah.

- What speech?

- Well, this Sunday is
women's dedication day

and the pastor just wants
me to say some, you know,

motivational encouraging words
to the ladies of the church.

- Oh, you gonna be preaching at church.

- Oh my...

- Look at God. No, I'm just joking.

I will definitely listen to it

and I am so proud of you, Tweetie.

- Thanks dad. Thank you. Thank you.


- Hmm?

- Can you do one more thing for me?

- Anything.

- Stop playing chess by
yourself. Oh my goodness.

It is so grandma knit-ish.

- Grandma knit-ish? It's
not grandma knit-ish.

- No I'm telling you, it's
like that in the land.

- Oh yeah?

I’m a have to believe you.

But when I think about vacation, relaxing,

Ohio kind of not the first
place I think about G,

I'm sorry.

- You ain't the only person to say that,

but I tell you what, give me one weekend,

come down and I guarantee you,

you'll change your perspective.

- You know what?

I'm gonna have to hold you for today.

- My man. (laughs) Hey, uh

I don't mind all the small talk and all,

but where your man's at?

- Uh just give him a minute.
He'll be here in a minute.

- All right.

- My bad I'm late.

- The apology would be a little better

if you got that 10 pounds I'm here for.

All the strains here?

- Gelatos, gushers, cookies, blue runts.

It's all there.

- Woo.

- Okay, all right. My man.

- I'm gonna count this.

- [G] For sure.

- Don't worry about it. He count fast.

- Oh, that's cool.

'Cause if this hitting
like your man said it is,

I'll be back for more.

- Well, in that case, G from Cleveland.

I see you next time.

- For sure.


- We good.

- All right, fellas.

- All right.

- I'll be in touch.

- (laughs) Good?

- Yeah, we looking good, man.

- 25 G's.

- All day in (indistinct) too.

Let's go spend this money.

- [Tiffany] Because God made no mistake

in making every single last
one of you sitting here today.

- Yes.

- So on this day

I ask you to tell your husband

to tend to the kids so you
can watch your favorite shows


and tell the kids to
go bother their father

and leave you alone.


Right? Okay? Y'all need a break.

- Amen.

God bless every single last one of you.

I love you all.

And may he bless you today,
forever, and always. Thank you.

- [Church Member] We love you, Tiffany.



- That was wonderful.

- Thank you.

- Great job. No, no. Thank you.

- Oh okay.

- Oh listen. Your words
gave me life today.

- Really? Oh that's-(laughs)

- Got to every word in that you said too.

- Thank you.

And make sure you treat yourself
to something special today.

- Oh you don't have to tell me twice.

- Okay.

- I'll see you later.

- See you.

- Bye bye.

- Bye.

- Well, look at my Tweetie.

- Hey dad.

- Being a superstar.

- Goodness.

- That was so good.

I am so proud of you Tweetie.

- Thanks dad.

- I really am. You are amazing.

- Thank you.

- I don't know the part
about the giving the kids to,

for the, to watch TV-

- It's women's day.

It's about the women today.

- You're right, you're right.

- Dang.

- Today.

- Can they have a day?

- A day, 12 hours.


- Hey pastor.

- Hey pastor.

- Well, now.

When I asked you to speak today,

how'd that mean for you to
try to steal my job as pastor?

- No, no, no, no, no.

Thank you. I'm flattered
but no, I could never.

- Thank you too.

You did a fabulous job today.

God is smiling down on you.

- Thank you pastor.

And thank you for allowing
me to speak today.

- [Pastor] Absolutely.

And Steven, we're still on
for later tonight, correct?

- I'll be there.

- All right.

And I've been keeping my eyes on you.

- What was that about?

- I mean, I don't know,

but I guess I'm gonna find out later,

but for right now,

I want take my favorite
superstar out for dinner

and know how much you
love Chuck E. Cheese.

- See now you always
gotta be so embarrassing.

- [Steven] I got my leftover
tokens and all that.

- [Tiffany] You're really not
funny, dad. You're really not.

(hip hop music)

- Believe me when I tell you
bro, by the end of this year,

we going see a million outta this.

- Million?

- A mil (indistinct).

- Yo.

- Hey yo boss.

I'm seeing something right now

I don't think you gonna like.

- Oh yeah. What's that?

- You want me to handle it?

- Nah, I got it. I'll take care of it.

- Where is it though?

- All right.

- What's up?

- We just gotta make a
lil pit stop real quick.

- All right, cool.

(radio playing music)

(dramatic music)

Yo. Slow down, you gonna run him over.

- Well, I guess he better run faster then.

- Peewee, what I tell you about
selling on our corner huh?


- Get off him. Stop.


- Stop thinking you always
gotta be the hero, Tey.

- It's broad daylight.
(indistinct) in the street.

Think man.


Hey Peewee.

Don't ever let us catch
you over here again.

- All right man. I promise.

- What you still doing over here? Go.

- So they squeeze.

- This fool walking around with his girl

like it's his in real life, right?

Man, she was walking
around mad comfortable yo.

Like dee dee dee, dee dee dee.

(laughs) Yo.

- Man you the fool, man.

Man. You a fool.

- [Peewee] You already know.

- She was just mad scared bro.

- [Peewee] So hopefully we
can get these guys there.

- Man. Every time I'm about to roll up,

here come the pastor.

- It's a wonderful fish fry. Come on.

Hey now, don't stop
getting high on my account.

- Nah, it ain't nothing like that, pastor.

- [Pastor] Yeah. What
I tell you, brothers?

Don't ever want you to
start acting differently

when I come around.

So what up though?

Y'all staying outta trouble?

- Always bro.

- Bro. Don't call him bro.

- [Pastor] He's perfectly fine.

- My bad pastor.

- It's all good. No problem at all.

So Tutu.

It's my understanding that
you just got outta jail.

So you can't say always.

Can you bro?

- See man. That wasn't
even though me though.

For real, for real.

- [Pastor] Hey now told
you I'm not here to judge.

I'm only here to help.

Speaking of which,

I wanna introduce you brothers to someone.

This is Steven.

He used to run these streets around here,

much like you boys do now.

Worse in fact.

Now I figured you guys
are tired of hearing

from a goodie, two shoes like myself

and maybe you would
receive it a lot better

from someone cut from
the same cloth as you

and just maybe he'd be a
little bit more instrumental

in helping you get your lives
together than I can as well.

- No offense Pastor,

but a homeboy here don't look
like he from nobody's street.

- Call me homeboy one more time

and you just gonna see
how street I really was.

- Yeah all right.

- Don't laugh. It ain't
funny. I'm talking to you too.

It's Mr. Simmons. Not homeboy.

You got it?

- Yeah.

- [Pastor] Hmm. Well.

Looks like you, gentlemen are
gonna get along just fine.

Steven, they're in your hands.

- Where you going?

- To help my grandmother.

- This early? You must think I'm stupid.

Who is she, Deante?

- What? Who is who?

- Whatever chick you about to go see.

- That chick is my grandmother.
Did you not just hear me?

- So at seven in the morning

you about to go help your grandmother?

- No.

First I gotta go check on the plants.

Then I'm gonna head her way.

Wait, why do I explain
myself to you anyways?

Look, I gotta get dressed.

You gotta go. You gotta get ready to go.

- Okay. Wait, wait baby.

Look. I'm sorry.

Come on baby. Don't do that.

You know I was crazy
when you first met me.

Look, I just don't want
nobody stealing my man.

So how about you let me make it up to you?

- No, I'm straight.

- You straight?

So let me get this right.

Last night, I put on my
favorite Victoria Secrets

for you to tell me that you was tired?

And now on top of that, here
we are top of the morning,

you not trying to gimme none?

- I told you, I gotta go.

- All right, Deante.

Don't say nothing,

when I find a real man to satisfy me then.

- When I get out that
shower, you better be gone.

- Hey Deante,

Deante, I was just playing, dang.

I mean, you ain't have to slam
the door like that though.

- [Grandma Tee] He be a
six foot. You feelin' me?

So wonderful though.

You know what?

- [Tiffany] Thank you.

- I been meaning to ask you a question.

- Yeah.

- Yeah?

- Yes, of course.

- [Grandma Tee] Yeah you right about it.

- Hey yo, Grandma Tee.

- Uh and uh speaking of God-

- Come on, grandma. I
told you I'd be here.

- Boy listen, you tell me
you gonna do a lot of things,

but you only do about half of them.

Maybe. Strong maybe.

- Come on, grandma. Come on.

I'm here.

- Okay. All right. Well, okay.

I'm down with it.

I'm down with it.

Uh Deante. This is Tiffany.

A real woman.

Tiffany. This is my grandson Deante.

- Hi. It's nice to meet you.

- Now he don't have a job right now,

but just work with it. Okay?

Yeah. Work with it, work with it.

- Okay.

- Why don't you show
him where everything is

so he can get himself situated

and make himself useful
around here today. Okay?

- Mhm.

- [Grandma Tee] And I'm gonna
be over there if you need me,

I'll be around. Okay?

- Okay.

- I'll see you later.

- They're runnin' an old person home man.

- (laughs) Um shall we?

- Yes.

Anyways. I'm so sorry about that.

- Oh no. It's okay.

Trust me. If my dad was
here, we would be even.

Like, for real.

- Yeah? I doubt that.

- No, I'm serious.

I might even be up on
like, he is embarrassing,

like so embarrassing.

- And you know what? For the record,

I don't got a job right now, but I mean,

it's not like I can't get one.

I can find a job,

but I'm just trying my
entrepreneur thing right now.

You know? You get that?

- Yeah, no look, I'm not judging
you and um congratulations.

- Congratulations?

- To your business.

- Oh yeah. Thanks.

- So you gonna tell me what it is?

- Oh, um it's uh.

- Oh, I'm sorry. It's not like,

I'm not trying to get
all up in your business.

- No, no, no, no. It's not that.

All right. So I'm like one of those people

that are like very superstitious.

- Yeah.

- So being the fact that I'm
just getting it up and running,

I don't like talking
about it much, you know?

- Oh, is that really what it is?

Or are you just not operating in faith?

- Oh wait, don't tell me you one of those.

- One of those?

- Yeah. You know, one of those,

everything you say is always scriptures

and nothing is ever wrong with you

and you're always blessing the holy favor.

- Or one of those.

- Yeah. One of those.

- Yeah. No, I'm not, not at all.

But all I'm saying is if
you're gonna have a business,

you gotta be confident in it.

Because if you're not confident,

why should your consumers be?

- I feel that.

- [Tiffany] Yeah.

- But um. Hey, you hungry?

- Yeah. Actually.

You wanna um, put this stuff back?

- [Deante] Nah it's good.

- (laughs) I mean,

I thought it was weird when you walked up,

you called her Grandma Tee.
But at least at that point,

I thought it was because her
name is Teresa, you know?

- Yeah. Everybody think that, but um nah,

we call her Grandma Tee because
whenever we would act up

she would tee off on our behind.

- What?

- And then gotta let the
whole world know too.

Just bust through this though.

All right now, I'm about
to tee off on that ass

if you don't sit down.

- [Tiffany] Uh uh.

- Yes. Trust me. She crazy.

- I just, I, I can't imagine
Miss Teresa swearing.

Like she is so sweet.

- Yeah. Okay. Trust me, my
whole neighborhood know her

as Grandma Tee.

That's 'cause nobody on my
block was safe for real.

- Are you serious?

Okay. So don't mess with
Grandma Tee. Duly noted.

- Yeah. That's definitely not
the one you wanna mess with.

- Wow.

- But um enough about me. What about you?

- Um well, my dad was involved heavily

in the street life at one point

and my mom died because of it.

I'm sorry.

I, I should have definitely
eased you into that.

I just kinda.

- Nah, that's I-I'm sorry.

I didn't know, I wouldn't have asked.

- No it's it's okay. I
mean it's not your fault.

- So what happened?

Wait, wait, wait.

That's stupid. You shouldn't even.

- It is okay, really um.

Long story short. My
dad told the wrong man

he wasn't gonna pay him
back the money he owed him.

So one day, this man kicks the door in

and shoots my dad three times.

And my mom like any loving wife, you know,

she tried to protect him by
jumping in front of the bullets.

It was like, literally
something you see in movies.

So um bad news is my
mom died, but good news,

my dad got off the streets

and has turned his life over to God.

So, well we-we're still
working on that part, but yeah.

You know. Good things.


- I mean, I basically just sat here

and told you that my Grandma Tee raised me

because both of my
parents were drug addicts

and I still got salt in my
heart about that, you know?

- Yeah.

- But you just sat here
and told me your story,

calmly and with the
ability to laugh at it.

- I wasn't always like this. Okay?

It's just, I can't keep
carrying my past with me.

You know, everything happens for a reason

and I'd rather focus on
what's in front of me

than what's behind me.

I still have my dad heavily in my life.

So I just focus on that.

- I feel that.

(phone vibrating)

- Yeah.

- Um I'm sorry. I gotta take this.

- No it's cool.

- Yo, kind of busy right now.

- Yo Tey. Hey, I need
you to do me a favor bro.

Trey and Lil Magnum, they trying to re-up,

but I need you to get that to 'em ASAP.

- You go get it to 'em. I
just told you I was busy.

- Don't you think if I could, I would?

I gotta go see my PO man,

just go get up off of Trish
and go handle that, ASAP.

- Tiffany? I'm so sorry. I
gotta go handle a situation.

- Is situation another
word for girlfriend?

- What? No.

- I'm sorry, Deante.

I'm just messing with you. You
can go handle your business.

- But um finish (indistinct).

- I mean, you have my number. So.

- Bro, first off Brian can play

all five positions on the floor.

Jordan couldn't even do that.

- Man what?

Jordan won defensive player of the year.

How couldn't he do that?

- Brian could have won
like two or three of those.

So what are you saying?

- Key word could have, but didn't.

- What up though?

I can't call it. Lemme get a zip.

- Hey, your sister still with her boy?

- Man. I don't pay
attention to what she do.

- Look. I'm gonna need you
to start paying attention.

I'm trying to get on that.

- You do know you talking
about my sister, right?

- I know.

- Y'all be cool.

- For sure. For sure.

- What up though? Merry
Christmas. I'm back.

- Oh yeah.

Hey yo old boy. He's just
tryin' this out, literally.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah.

- See y'all boys out here working.

- [Trey and Lil Mag] Yes, sir.

- [Larry] This a deal, y'all boys.

- What's up Larry? What's the deal?

What's the deal on baby?

- [Larry] I take it y'all together?

- Yeah. We good bro.

- Lemme show you the crib real quick.

Man. Look, I just got
a call from G earlier,

said he trying to meet in a week.

- For real?

- Yes.


Can you please be on time this time bro?

- Dog, we still reliving that, man?

- Nah, man, I just gotta
keep you focused man.

But um side note, what
you so busy doing earlier?

- I mean, you know,
just helping my grandma.

- Yeah. I figured.

All right, well let's get this money man.

But uh man, just get on
me later, man. I'm on you.

Trey and Lil Mag.

- [Trey And Lil Mag] Yeah.

- Man y'all better get
here and clean this up.

What y'all think? Y'all mama live here?

You ain't got no nanny.

- Man. I'm a drug dealer, man.

- Hey dad.

- [Steven] Hey Tweetie.

- So how's it going?

- No, it's um it's funny you ask that

'cause I really do think
I found my calling.

When I'm out there with them boys.

I'm telling 'em about
all the stuff that I did.

Like I really do think they listen

and I just don't want 'em

to have to go through like the same-



- Huh?

- Am I boring you or something?

- No, no. No, dad.

That was, that was rude. I'm sorry.

I'm listening. So you said
you, you found your calling?

(synth music)

- So lemme guess, that ain't no chick

that you texting back and
forth with either, huh?

- What?

- I said, who is you texting, Deante?

- Trish.

You really need to remember
who you talking to, sometimes.

You know, I used to think your
jealousy was kind of cute,

but now it's annoying as hell.

And I think we both know when I'm annoyed,

that ain't good for nobody.

- So you said all that to say what?

Because I know you not
trying to break up with me.

Um hello? I know you
hear me talking to you.

- Yeah. I heard you.

- Oh no he didn't.

- [Tiffany] So you really have
never gone bowling before,

like not ever, not even as a kid.

- Nope. Not even as a kid.

- Are you serious? Oh my goodness.

I feel so bad. Like when you
said I could pick the place,

I just assumed.

- Tiff, it's cool. I
like trying new things.

- Oh really?

Well, me too.

So um out of curiosity,

what else have you never done?

- Honestly, you'd be surprised.

- Okay. And I thought I was lame

- Chill out. (laughs)

- I mean I'm serious,

it's like usually home and church for me.

This is way outta my element.

- Well good thing you like
trying to do things, right?

- So just grab a ball

and try to knock as many down as possible.

- But at the end of the day,

like nobody forcing y'all to sell drugs.

- Nobody forcing us? Man,
the system forcing me.

Nobody handing no high
school drop-out no job.

And on top of that, I'm black. Come on.

- Man talk to him. I'm
saying if I don't hustle,

I don't eat.

- Yeah Mr. Simmons, I gotta eat too.

- So why don't y'all
go back to school, man.

Get a GED, a, a, a trade, something.

- [Peewee] GDE?


- Well, I, I didn't, I
didn't say nothing funny.

- Mr. Simmons's no disrespect, man,

but it's over for that school stuff.

- You feel me? Come on,
gimme something on that, bro.

- Mr. Simmons, man. What you doing?

- It ain't what I'm
doing. It's what I did.

I done talk that same talk
and walk that same walk

as y'all walk.

And you know what it got me?

I got three bullets, a
$10,000 medical bill,

and a dead wife.

And y'all running around here like this,

like this hood stuff is
so, is so happy go lucky.

But what happens when they come for you?

Tutu, what happens when
you serve in the thing?

But that thing ain't there for that,

that thing that'll rob you.

But you ain't no punks,
so you pull your pistol,

but he's already pulled, then bang.

These two fools at your funeral,
fumbling over the obituary.

Hey, you said when you rob people,

you take your pistol
just so you can scare.

But what happens when you rob
somebody that ain't scared?

'Cause if you would've
ran up on me about like

about a year ago?

It wouldn't come out how
you thought it would.

But who am I though, right?

I'm just the OG. Cut.

- Word.

- Well, that was fun.

- Oh yeah?

Watching me throw the world
record for gutter balls is fun?

- Oh yes, absolutely.

But no, really, I had a good time tonight.

- Good enough that you might
wanna do it again sometime?

- Depends.

- On what?

- If you let me pick the place again.

- You know I would,

but that didn't work out
too well for me last time.

- Yeah, I know. I know. But
um this would be good for you.

- Yeah. Okay. When and where?

- This Sunday, come to church with me.

- Church?

- Yeah, church.

Oh, oh what? You're too cool for church?

- No, it's not that.

- Then what?

- Nothing. Sunday. Church, I'll be there.

- Great. Okay. Well then
I'll see you Sunday.

- Lemme get that door for you.

(R&B music)

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

- [Grandma Tee] There ya go.

- Thanks.

- [Grandma Tee] You're welcome.

- So um I be coming to church Sunday.

- Ooh. This must be the day
Jesus is coming back. Yeah.

- Hmm. Grandma. It's not
that deep, all right?

- Oh yes it is.

I've been trying to get you
to go to church for years.

And now you gonna pop up out the blue,

talking about you going to church?

- I guess. But I mean, Tiffany invited me.

So I told her I come.

- Hoo. Praise the Lord.

You done got rid of that thing

and got yourself a real woman.

- Grandma. It's not like that, all right?

Me and Tiff, we just cool.

- Listen, if that girl can
get you to go to church,

you need to let the
cool go and heat it up.

Mhm. She's the real package.

Talking 'bout y'all just cool.

Boy, you better shoot your shot.

- Shoot my shot?

- [Grandma Tee] Mhm.

- Where you even learn that from?

- Tinder.

- Grandma.

- I told you don't put
them hands on Floyd.

- Man, what fight was you watching?

- The fight where he put them
hands on him. What you mean?

- Man, he barely touched Floyd bro.

- Man, Floyd. Oh, he can't
handle that young boy?

- Man, Floyd knocked him outta
hell, so he went forward.

- What up though.

Lemme grab a zip.

- Man what's up with your mask, man?

- You know how it go.

- You know what this is.

Take that ice off.

Take off that watch man.

- It's yours. You got it.

- Oh hell no. I know you wanna-

- Shut up. Or die. Your choice.

- Now where the money at?

- He said where the money at, man.

- I'm not gonna to ask you again.

It's in the back. Under the fence.

You lucky you got that gun.

- Hey bro. We good?

- Jack pot.

- Guess you don't die.

- Damn.

Man. I told you that's
the boy I ain't like.

Ain't even see it coming.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

But I think one of y'all
need to start talking

and tell me what the hell happened.

- They put guns on us L.

- Trey. Don't say nothing
about no damn guns.

Like I ain't give y'all none.

You better off saying y'all scared 'cause

I hate to think one of y'all set me up.

You still got your watch on, your chain.

- No, it ain't like that.

- [Larry] So what is
it like then, Lil Mag?

Since Trey here seemed to be
a little limited in his words,

tell me what it was like and be specific.

- Look buddy he came up to
the porch, asked for a zip,

Trey got up and went and got it for him.

Next thing I know he
pulled a tool out on me.

Then two of his homeboys
ran back there on Trey.

After that, got us for everything.

- Well man, how the hell did they know

where my money was at?

- When I went to the back
to get the (indistinct),

they asked me where everything was at.

Man, I ain't say nothing at first,

but then when he put the gun to my head,

I told him where everything was at.

- And y'all ain't never seen
these dudes around here before?

Didn't recognize him at all?

- Matter of fact,

he just came and bought a
zip from us the other day.

And when I seen him leaving,

I recognized the car they was
in, I know where they be at.

- All right.

- Matter of fact, matter of fact, we goin'.

- Nah, we ain't going do nothing.

I'm going to get back what's mine.

But y'all coming with me though.

And not only to see what's
about to happen to them,

but to see what's gonna happen
to y'all the very next time

y'all let something like this happen.

Go get in the car, man.

- Yo Tey. Call me ASAP
bro. We got a problem.

(deep bass music)

- [Trey] Look, I knew I recognize the car.

There it is right there.

- [Larry] You sure that's the spot?

- [Trey] Man I'm positive bro.

That's the car. Spin around.

- What you doing?

- What you mean? I'm about
to go get what's ours.

- Nah, I'm about to go get what's mine.

I'm trying to get tough.
Now you had your chance.

Y'all stay in car. Y'all look out.

- All right man.

- Y'all was acting all scared
to get this money though.

Man. I told you it would work.

- Man. I wasn't scared. But to
see your mans in here though.

- Scared. Yeah.

- Fellas, fellas.

What's the word?

Hope I ain't interrupted nothing.

Somebody left the back door open.

I was hoping

maybe y'all could help me
with something real quick.

See my guys, they seem to
misplaced a lot of my weed

and money and I was told maybe
y'all could help me find it.

Matter of fact, this look
like them right there.

Woo. Those definitely mine.

So I tell you what,

I need both of y'all to pick
a number from one to 10.

Pick a number.

- Three.

- Nine.

(gun shot)



- You see he was the closest.

The number was 10.

- Come on man.

- Pick a number.

(gun shot)

(dramatic string music)

- You told me not to be late.

L, what's up?

- I called you the other day
and told you we had a problem.

- Yeah, well sorry.

I got the kind of life where
I can't always answer my phone

when the name Larry pops up.

I was actually in a fight
with Trish when you called,

but I text you the next day,
ask you what was going on.

- Yeah, I got your message.

But by that time I had
already handled the situation.

- Okay. So what's up?

- Somebody ran up in the
spot on Trey and Lil Mag.

- What?

- Yeah. Took everything. But it's cool.

I found him, I handled it.

- What you mean you handled it?

- Look alive. There go
G. Yo G from Cleveland.

- [G] What's up fellas?

- What's up brother.

- Word.

- [Pastor] Some of you are
in situations right now

that you know, you need to get out.

Some of you are at jobs that
you know you need to quit.

But you're too complacent
and you're too scared

to go after that career that
you know you really want.

I'm telling you that God
said you need to get out.

Some of you are in ungodly relationships

that you've been in far, far too long.

- [Church Member] Yes sir.

- [Pastor] But you don't wanna start over.

- [Church Member] Yes
sir, yes sir, yes sir.

- Well maybe, you feel
like a little too old

to wait on the right one

and that love that God has for you.

- [Tiffany] Thank you.

- [Deante] You're welcome.

- See?

- See what.

- I told you you'd like it.

- Who said I liked it, huh?

- Oh, come on. I saw your face in there,

you definitely liked it.

- I mean, I would admit
he did give a good speech.



- Sermon. Not a speech.

- [Steven] Tweetie.

- Oh my bad.

- Hey.

- I gotta get outta here.

I'm gonna go change and get with the boys.

Um Deante, pleased to meet you young man.

- Nice to meet you too, sir.

- All right. Uh tonight?

- Yes. Dinner, seven.

- What time?

- 7:00 PM. Don't be late.

- All right. Love you baby.

See you later.

- So Tweetie, huh?

- Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.

Uh uh, only my dad calls me that.

- Nah, I kind of like it got
little ring to it, you know?

- No it doesn't because
you will never, ever,

ever call me that. Okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.


So um would you like to
come to dinner tonight?

I mean you can invite Miss Teresa.

- Uh that's a hard pass but um.

- I mean, okay. You don't have to.

- No no no no I, I want to.

- Okay. Well um it's tonight
at seven, don't be late.

- I won't.

- Okay. Well I'm gonna go help out. Yeah?

- Okay.

Dinner with Tweetie. Mm.

- Look at y'all drinking
even on the Lord's day. Huh?

I don't care, man. I'm just-What's up?

Where little Tutu?

- Hopefully having a great conversation

with your wife right now.

- Wait, what, what?

- Yeah. Mr. Simmons.

It's like you saw the future.
He got killed yesterday.

- What happened, man?

- You don't know?

Like the streets tell it. He
tried to rob the wrong one.

- It's cool though. 'Cause
when we find out who did it,

we gonna handle that. Believe it.

- [Peewee] Facts.

- And then what?

- Come on OG. Don't act like
you don't know what's up.

- I do know what's up and I
know it's just a revolving door.

What if you do go get them fools

and end up just like little Tutu.

God rest this soul.

Well, let's just say if
you do get down on 'em

every night before I go to bed,

I see the white of every
man's eyes I ever killed.

You ready for that, huh?

You ready to go to hell?

'Cause that's where you going
doing stupid stuff like that.

Hey. Hey. Live little brother. Live.

Gimme that down there.

To my young dog Tutu.


- Okay.


(clears throat)


- Hey.

- Come on in.

- Okay.

I actually brought you something.

- Oh, thank you. Um you can
follow me back this way.

- Cool. So um your dad's not here?

- Oh yeah. He called and
said he had to stay behind

and help the kids he mentors.

- Oh, he mentors?

- Something like that.

He talks to kids on the street

and tries to get 'em off the street.

So with that being
said, we are here alone.

- Okay. Okay. That's what's up.

So um this all looks good.

- Oh, thanks.

- So I guess you don't just
cook. You throw down, huh?

- Oh, I mean, I wouldn't
really say all that.

Um my mom was really
the one to throw down,

but I learned a few things from her.

Oh. Would you like anything
other than that to drink?

- Oh no, that looks good.

- Okay.

- Let me get that for you though.

- Thanks.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- So um would do you like to say grace?

- Oh, nah, you can do all that.

- Deante, don't tell
me you don't say grace.

- I mean not really.

- Oh, so you're definitely saying it.

You're saying it.

Come on, come on.

- God. Thanks for the food.

And hopefully it's good
on the way down. Amen.

- Amen.

Now was that so hard?

Bon appetit.

(soft R&B music)


I can't believe you've
never been swimming before.

Like, what? Oh my gosh.

I'm sorry.

- See, I told you you
was gonna laugh at me.

- Yeah. I'm sorry. I can't,
but it's really cute.

- Yeah. Okay.

But anyways, your turn, what's
your favorite thing to do?

- Take a ride with me?

- Okay.

- So beautiful.

(romantic hip hop music)

So this is my favorite thing to do.

Just to come out here and sit

and catch the water from this spot.

My mom, she used to take
me out here all the time

when I was little and she
would say how important it is

to have peace in life.

And she would also say
that if you listen closely,

the sound of the waves
were like angel wings.

I know, it's silly, but
whenever I get a chance,

I just love to come out here
and sit and listen and imagine

that it's the wings of
my favorite angel. Her.

And um, oh, that sounded
so cheesy. (laughs)

- Nah, I actually
thought it was beautiful.

- Oh wait, I'm, I'm sorry.

It's, it's not like that.
It's just, you know,

I don't really know you like that yet.

- Um it's cool. No worries.

Have a feeling you'd be
worth the wait anyways.

- Yeah?

(soft piano music)

- What you looking all scared for?

And where you about to go?

- Out.

- Out?

- And what I tell you about
popping up at my house?

- Oh, first off, I didn't
pop up at your house,

if you actually read your text messages,

I told you I was coming over.

It's there.

- Okay. And I didn't respond,

so technically this is still popping up.

- Deante. I did not come
over here to argue with you.

I came up here because I missed you.

Wow. So you just not gonna kiss me back?

Wow. You acting real fake right now.

You know what? What's been
going on with you lately?

You've been blowing me off,

sending me one word text replies.

And you still acting like
you ain't want none of this.

- See the thing is, Trish,
I don't want none of this.

I think we should take a break.

- Take a break? We don't
need to take a break.

What you mean take a break?

- What I mean is you and me

ain't making me happy in life right now.

And I don't wanna be with you.

- What'd I do? How don't
I make you happy, Deante?

- Look, Trish. Listen. We can
talk about this another time.

But right now I gotta go. So do you.

- No we not-

- I'm gonna need that key back too.

- What?

- No, we're not talking about this later.

We're gonna talk about this-Deante.

Are you serious right now?

Wow. You are se-

- Bye Trish.

- Bye? Okay. Wow. All right.

You know what? Just know
I don't move backwards.

And when you start to miss me,

don't you even think about calling me.

And here's your key.

- Trish, wait.

- I knew you wasn't stupid.

- This the wrong key.

- Wow.

Cannot believe you right now.
You can have all the keys.

Don't call my phone.

- Thank you.

- Bye.

- Keep them closed. No peeking. I got you.

- Okay. Okay.

Girl, where is you taking me?

- (laughs) You, you'll see.


Come a little closer. Okay.

Turn this way.

No, look right that way.

- Can I open my eyes now?

- Uh huh.

I mean you said you never
went swimming before. So.

(excited shouting)

(splashing and laughing)

(romantic R&B music)

- [Larry] Look who it is. The man himself.

Thanks for finally blessing
us with your presence.

- Here you go.

I'm gonna holler at you.

- Hold on Tey. Let me holler
at you outside real quick, bro.

What's going on with you, bro?

- What you mean?

- Look, Deante. Don't
play stupid with me dog.

Why I gotta call you five and six times

just to get a hold of you?

You do know we running
the business, right?

And as the grower of that business,

don't you think you need to
be a little more available?

- Have I ever missed a drop

or missed anything that
you needed me to do?

All right then. I got
stuff going on right now.

- What stuff, Tey?

- My stuff. Nothing that
you need to worry about.

- All right.

Anyways, I talked to G,

he said he trying to meet tonight.

- About what?

- He ain't really say.

He said he'd rather to tell us in person.


- All right, man.

- 9 o'clock.

I'll be right back, fellas.

- [Tiffany] So yeah.

My dad said the boys are really
starting to come around so,

yeah, I guess I'm proud of my dad.

Deante? Deante?


- Oh, I'm sorry, baby.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I just got a lot
of my mind right now.

- Do you wanna talk about it?

- I do. Like I really do,
but I just can't right now.

- Why what's, what's going on?

- What's up, Deante?

- What's up, man?

- Oh, oh I'm sorry. I'm being rude.

How you doing? I'm Larry,
Deante's business partner.

You are?

- I'm Tiffany. His girlfriend.

- Girlfriend?

Well aren't you the lucky guy, Deante.

- Yes, he is.

- Well, I guess I better leave you two,

I'm sure you got stuff to do, huh?

Tonight, right?

- (sighs) Yeah. Tonight.

- Nice meeting you.

- You as well.

So I'm assuming that's the partner

to the business you still
haven't told me about?

- (sighs) Baby.

I told you. I don't even
think I wanna do it anymore.

- Well, does Larry know that?

- Nah, but he will.

- Bro. What the hell was that?

- I don't know. You tell me.

Hm. You know, there was a time

when we was really like best friends.

We used to tell each other everything.

We even had this big, crazy ass dream

of taking over the world together.

- Yeah? There was a time my best friend

wasn't a murderer either.

- Let me get this right.

So that's what all this is about?

You mad at me because I'm out
here making sure people know

we ain't playing games?

No, you mad at me because I'm out here

making sure you can
sleep peaceful at night?

- Do you ever listen to yourself?

Yeah, that's right. We are best friends.

Which means I know you

and while the whole city
may think you this gangster

you trying to act like,

you just Larry to me.

You used to pee in the
bed in high school, Larry.

And I'm not Trey, Lil Mag,
Peewee or none of them.

Which means I'm not scared of you.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Well maybe you should be.

- [G] My guy.

- G from Cleveland.

Sup, homie.

- Hey, my apologies for being late,

I ran into some construction on the way.

- Don't worry about it, G.

But what's this secret you holding on to?

- It ain't no secret.

I just need to look in your
eyes to know if I can trust you

when I tell you I need 50
pounds, in like four months.

Huh? I understand. I
know that's a big order

and a quick turnaround.

That's why I'll pay you up front.

There's 125,000 in there.

With that amount, start a new grow.

Get the production moving faster.

- Sound like you got it
all figured out to me, G.

- I do.

I just need to know. Can you do it?

- Give us a second, G.

- Take your time.

- Yo, that's a lot of weed, L.

- No. It's a lot of money.

Are you serious right now,
Tey? Man, we doing this, bro.

- You acting like

you're gonna be the one
responsible for growing it.

- You right.

Which is why we make a hell of a team.

Now can we please go make this deal

before he change his mind?

- Yo, G. We got you, bro.

- [G] As I knew you would.

Now Larry,

please don't make me have
to come looking for you.

I would hate for our partnership
to spoil over stupidity.

You getting me?

- Loud and clear, G.

- All right, fellas.

I'll be in touch.

- B-boy, what is wrong with you?

- What I do?

- Well, you didn't announce yourself.

- It's 'cause you always tell me not to.

- I said don't come in my house yelling.

I ain't never said to come
in here like a doggone ninja

and scare me half to death. Woo.

Feel like you gave me a heart attack

and what is wrong with your face?

Okay. What's got you all bent outta shape?


- Nothing. I'm all right.

- Deante, when you were a little boy,

I used to whoop your tail
because you weren't a good liar

and you're still not.

Now what is going on,
what's wrong with you?

Aw don't think I still
can't sling a belt now.

- I know grandma.

It's just that I'm in the
phase of my life right now

where I don't know what to do.

Like I know what I'm supposed
to do, but I just can't.

- Baby have you prayed about it?

- Come on, grandma. You
know I don't do all that.

- Once upon a time, you
didn't go to church either.

It's funny what time can do.

And you'd be you surprised that

what spending just a little
time with God will do for you.

But whether or not you pray,
the Deante that I raised

was always smart enough
to make the right choice.

And I can't see that changing in you now.

- Thanks, grandma.

- Oh, don't thank me. I
just told you the truth.

You got to do the rest. Now you hungry?

- You know I am.

- Hey dad, can you come
in here for a minute?

- [Steven] Yeah.

- (singing) Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to dad.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday.

- So this why you didn't want
me in the kitchen earlier?

- Yeah, 'cause I was
making your favorite cake.

- Where all my candles?

- Oh, you don't need none of that.

- Nah, thank you so much, Tweetie.

Like you really mean the
world to me. You really do.

- Aw dad.

Well you'll forever be my favorite guy.

Even though you are getting a little old.

- We'll see how long I
stay your favorite guy.

- What do you mean?


- Deante might be taking my spot?

- Oh, no. Are you jealous?

- No I'm not jealous.

- You jealous.

- I'm not lying either, but you know,

but it's cool. He seems like a nice kid.

- Yeah, he is.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Okay. Well tuck them teeth in.

- Oh sorry. (laughs)

- Please. All that cheese.
And can you cut your dad

a piece of cake on his birthday too?

- Yes, dad.

Um how big?

- Thank you so much. It looks
absolutely-aw look how-

look at that.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Tiffany] Hey babe.

- Hey baby. What you doing?

- Just had a birthday
celebration for my dad.

- It's his birthday?

Why didn't you tell me?

I would've came to
celebrate it with y'all.

- Yeah, I know.

But um birthdays are still
kind of our thing, you know,

missing mom and all.

- I feel that, I understand.

- Hey so what I'm about to do

is definitely something you do
in person, but I don't know,

the spirit just hit me.

And I just wanted to tell you that

I love you, Deante Miller

and I don't know what
the future holds for us,

but right now you make me so happy.

And I'm so blessed that
God brought us together

and I'm, I'm gonna stop talking now

because I feel like I'm rambling.

- Hey, I love you too.

You don't know how happy you make me

and how much you helped
me change, in a good way.

- Yeah?

Okay. So um what do you say
we try this again in person?

- I would love that.

- Yeah?

So tomorrow. Have a good
rest of your evening, baby.

- You too.

- Oh.

(knocking at the door)

- What's good?

- What up dog?

- Man I don't know what's
going on with you and G

and this all of a sudden
gotta speak in person stuff.

But you do realize it's
nine in the morning, bro?

This couldn't have waited till later?

- Nah. Couldn't.

- Okay. So what's going on?

I'm out.

- Outta what, Tey?

- I'm out the game,
done with all this, man.

- No, you're not.

You might just be mad at me or something,

you just got paid 60K bro.

Ain't no way you walking
away from that, Tey.

No way, you playing with me, gotta be.

- Take it.

It's all there, but I'm done.

- What's really going on with you, bro?

We pray for these type of times, Tey.

And now that the moment finally here,

you trying to quit on me?

Come on, think about what you saying Tey.

- I know exactly what I'm
saying and you're right.

I used to pray for times like this,

but I'm not about that no more, man.

- Do you hear yourself, bro?

You're a drug dealer, Deante.

So what you mean? That's
not what you about no more?

Of course it is.

And you just gonna gimme this money

like it's supposed to settle something?

So what you expecting me to do Tey?


Call G and be like, oh yeah bro,

we ain't gonna be able
to make do on that order.

I'm not doing that.

- Yeah. That's exactly
what I was thinking.

Call him up. Give him his money back.

Tell him we thought we
could deliver on the order,

but we can't.

- No. This my money.

We earn the right to
take these type of deals.

We was the ones out there all day,

all night, grinding for this.

And now you're quitting on me dog?

You know what?

I'm willing to bet you
everything in this bag,

it's that trick that got you tripping on.

Well news flash, Deante,

females like that come
a dime a dozen, bro.

I'll buy you another herd tomorrow.

- You ever disrespect
her again, I'll kill you.

Get the hell outta my house.

- (laughs) I got you.

- [Trey] So what we gonna do L?

Man I know you not
about to let that slide.

Even if it is Deante, you
gotta break his arms, legs,


- Bro. Arms, legs.

We need to put that man
in a wheelchair, ill.

- If y'all not trying to die today,

just shut the hell up talking to me.

- It's nice out, right?

- Yeah. It's beautiful.

That's why it's my favorite.

You gonna tell me why
you brought me back here?

- In a minute.

- Oh okay, okay.

(soulful music)


Man. Look at you.

You being all thoughtful
and romantic and stuff.

- Well, I figured this is
your favorite thing to do,

one night at your favorite spot.

- Oh, you remembered that?

I was just kidding.

- Well, I'm not.

Tiffany, I'm in love with you.

And the crazy thing is, I don't
even know when it happened.

Maybe all those late
night, deep conversations

over the phone or us just
spending time with each other

these last couple of months,

or maybe it happened first time I saw you

at the community service thing.

But all I know is you make me so happy.

And this feeling's kind of new for me,

so I guess what I'm trying to say is

thanks for showing me what true love is.

Well, don't cry.

- It's okay. I love you too, Deante.

And you make me so happy.

So what do you say we do our
best to keep this happy going?

- I promise.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- So you've really never
watched a chick flick before?

- No?

- Oh my goodness. Mm mm.

You're definitely watching one today.

- Ugh do we got to?

- Yes. Yes. It's happening. (laughs)

- Deante.

Should have killed me, bro.

(gun shot)

- Somebody help.


My baby, please wake up. Wake up.

Somebody help me.

(mournful piano music)

- Hello?

This is him.


Tiffany Simmons?

No, you got the wrong person.

No. No, no. She, she.

Oh God.

My baby, oh God, you took my baby.


Oh God. You took my baby.

Oh Lord.

God you took my baby.


- Bro, what is you doing?

I did that move before,
you ain't say nothing.

Now you talking?

- [Street Kid] I know you was cheating.

That's why I don't like playing
cards with you. Just janky.

Yo OG. My condolences, man.

- Yeah, Mr. Simmons.

Really, really sorry to
hear about your daughter.

- Yeah. Thank you. Thank you and all.

Hey, but I came here for one reason.

Who killed my daughter?

- I don't know, OG.

- [Steven] Who killed her?


Who killed her? You owe it to me.

You hear me? Eh, you owe it to me.

Who killed my daughter?

- Yo Mr. Simmons, you seem drunk.

Just sit down.

- [Steven] I'm gonna
ask you one more time.

Who killed my daughter?

You see the police won't give me nothing.

And I can't find her boyfriend,

but you know one thing I do know.

I know these streets be talking.

So I know y'all know.

So I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Who killed my daughter?

- I don't know if it's true,

the streets is talking
some dealer named Larry.

- Larry. Where he roll at?

- Mr. Simmons-

- Oh you don't know.

Where he roll at?

Put your hands on the table.

- See-

- Put your hands on the table.


Where Larry roll at?

- Tweetie, I,

I know I'll never see
you or moms again, but

this is for you.

The fuck, man.

Man, what you doing?

That's it, hell no, no man.

Get away. No, no, no.

Hey, hey, fuckin' no man.

- Open the door. Steven.

- No man.

- Open the door.

- You wasn't stop me from doing it.

- Open the door.

- You cannot do this to me. (cries)

- Steven.

This what you gonna do?
Go in, guns blazing?

- Yes it's what I'm gonna do.

- Is this what Tiffany would want?

- What? Don't. Hey don't say,

ooh don't say her name.

Do not say her name.

You hear me?


- But at least right now

when you have a chance to
see them in heaven again.

- What?

- Well not if you continue
to go down this path, Steven.

Look how far you've come.

You've changed the lives of two young men

that think the world of you.

They look at you like a big brother.

So much that the very
second that you went,

they came and got me Steven.

'Cause they didn't wanna see you go.

You're an inspiration. Not a killer.

- (screams) No, I don't care.

I'm gonna kill 'em, I swear.

- First Peter three, nine.

- I'm gonna kill 'em.

- Never repay evil with evil, Steven.

- I'm gonna kill 'em.

- No insult with insult,

but the contrary. Repay
evil with a blessing

because the debt, you
would inherit a blessing.

- Oh a blessing?

Tiffany was my blessing.
That's all I had left.

- There is so much more for you, Steven.

- How could He?

- If I was to guess, God
has so much more for you,

but not if you continue
down this route, Steven.

- Oh God.

- You can overcome this.

You can Steven, but you
have to let go of the gun

and take God's hand.

- Ah Tweetie no.

- Steven, please give me the gun.

Please, son, let go.

Please trust God, Steven. Just trust God.

You can, you can do it.

- I swear.


- I got you, my son. I got you.

- Oh my daughter no no.

- I know, Steven. I know,
I'm gonna walk with you.

- I wanna kill them. No, my daughter.

- Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

Last week, we buried someone

whom I believe

was a light in all of our darkness.

Sister Tiffany Simmons was very special.

Her smile was infectious,

and her spirit was one

whom I know God had
just injected into her.

She will forever be in our
hearts and in this church.

Tiffany would say, just get
to know Him a little better.

You see that was her thing, Church.

She never judged anyone.

She just loved life.

And she loved God.

- [Church Member] Yes.

- Now every Sunday, we would invite those

who were ready to give
their lives to the Lord.

But on this Sunday.

- [Church Member] Yes.

- I wanted to take a page

out of my dear friend Tiffany's book.

And just say,

if you feel that you
want to get to know Him

a little better then come on down.

Will there be one? Come on down.

Will there be one?

Will there be one?

- Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Lord.

- [Church Member] Hallelujah.


- Be strong.

- I um

- I shouldn't be here.


I should be dead right now.

See, I don't know if I'd
be in heaven or hell,

but I know I should be dead right now.

But I'm not.

It's because of Tiffany.

So Tiffany-

- [Church Member] Take your
time. Let the Lord listen.


- Tiffany jumped in front
of a gun and took a bullet

that was meant for me.

So now she's gone, but I'm still here.

- [Pastor] Thank you, Jesus.

- See the thing is, Mr.
Simmons, your daughter,

she meant everything to me.

She got me out the streets.

She's the one who changed my life.

She never even knew I ran the streets

'cause I was too much of a
coward to tell her the truth.

I was scared to lose her.

I was scared to lose the woman I love,

the woman who helped me out the streets,

the woman who helped me find God,

and the woman I just knew

that I would spend the
rest of my life with.


I guess not.

See, I never knew God could
ever love somebody like me.

So I figured, since I'm
on my way to hell anyways,

I might as well make a little
money and live my best life.

But it wasn't my best life.

I've done a lot of dirt.

Like. A lot.

But despite all that,

she showed me that it's never too late

to start living for Him.

So I'm here because

I believe this is where
she'd want me to be.

I'm ready to give it all to God.

(audience cheering)

If he'll still have me.

And I'm here today because even
though I know I'm not worthy

and uh I know I don't deserve it,

I'm here today to ask
for forgiveness 'cause,

I can't forgive myself.

- It's all right.

- I can't forgive myself, Pas.

- It's all right.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right. Place your
hands in the Father's hands.

It's all right.

God's hands will forgive you.

- I believe it but,

- Yes. Stay strong. Stay
strong. Stay strong.

- [Pastor] Hallelujah.

(cheering and applause)


- Larry, Larry, Larry.

Now didn't I tell you not to
make me come looking for you?

(upbeat R&B music)