Stree (2018) - full transcript

In the small town of Chanderi, the menfolk live in fear of an evil spirit named "Stree" who abducts men in the night. Based on the urban legend of "Nale Ba" that went viral in Karnataka in the 1990s.

O Stree come tomorrow

O Stree come tomorrow




O Stree come tomorrow

"The heart's completely open,
with no hook or button..."

"No button."

"Dreams are larger than life..."

"...and a mind that cares for no one."

"...cares for no one."

"My dreams are too
big to fit in this city."

"Bigger than the city..."

"I can fix your pain
with just a smile."

"I am the tailor of Heart."

"Like a bird soaring in the skies."


"I am the tailor of love."

"Like a bird soaring in the skies."

"I am the tailor of Heart."

"Stitch me a beautiful dress,

"...which makes me
look more charming."

"I am the tailor of Heart."

"Like a bird soaring in the skies."

"I am the tailor of Heart." start this charade
in every festival, don't you?

Vicky, there's still time.

But, this is no ordinary ink.

These are crushed bones of a bat
mixed with the pee of a white crow.

That's how this ink is prepared.

Uncle, sell these stories to
those who like reading Aesop's fables.

We're the modern generation.

The entire city believes
in this ignorance.

Vicky, any house that has
this ink outside their house...

...will always be safe from 'Stree'.

I see...

Have you ever heard that the
Ambani's daughter was possessed?

Or the Tatas or Birla's were haunted.

I know she will come.

Loosen your pockets
and let me finish writing.

Uncle, don't forget
to write on our wall too.

And listen, write it in bold.

Otherwise, she might not
read it and come right in.

Yes, I will.

Your mouth will end
up like that aunty.

Close the gate, mister.

Or the cow will barge in.

I am the watchman as well.

So you finally found
time to come home.

What's the matter?

- You should also come with me from tomorrow.
- I don't need to.

The sewing machine gives
me all the exercise I need.

And, you don't need this either.

Or soon you'll be
hanging from a hanger.

Was that a joke?

And you're trying to be wise.

I'm already observing a fast
for the next four days.

And, you're making me waste my energy.

- Another fast?
- Focus on your job.

Soon the ladies will queue up.

I've told you before
stop taking alteration work.

"Loosen the petticoat,
tighten my blouse."

We'll only accept orders
for stitching new clothes.

Brand new clothes only.


And what will you do for
the rest of the year, son?

Ring the bell.

Daddy, explaining you is impossible.


Listen... Listen... Listen...

You should spend some time
learning how to run the shop.

if someday your dad passes away... won't be able
to run the show alone.

Even if Death comes himself
to collect your soul, you won't die.

Even when your fingers will become frail,
you'll still be altering lady's dresses.

Son, soon you'll be following
in my footsteps.

Daddy, I wasn't born
to alter lady's dresses.

Then what are you destined for, son?

I don't know yet, dad.
But I will know pretty soon.

(Rap Song)

Let them in.

How are you, brother Vicky?

Stitch a dress for me.

Take down sister-in-law's

Step back a little.

Length;48, Shoulder; 14.5.

- Take off the shawl, sister-in-law.
- Yes.

Arm-hole;16, Wrist;
7, Chest; 38, waist; 42.

Turn around, sister-in-law.

Hip;44, Neck:10

Deep or Medium?

No, not deep.

Keep it medium.

Deep's better, sister-in-law.
It's in fashion these days.

You'll look nice.

I am telling you, my son
is the tailor-incarnation of God.

Do you want it tighter?

The shoulder on this dress...

But this idiot doesn't
respect his own talent.

(Rap Song)

What is this boy, Khan sir?
What is he?

I've stitched thousands of clothes.

But the way his fingers
moves on the machine...

...feels like God's fingers
moving on the machine.

The way he handles the scissors sounds
like Goddess Saraswati's playing her Veena.

When he puts a thread in the needle,
I can hear conches resonating in my ears.

I am sure it's some
connection from his past life.

"I am the tailor of Heart."

"Like a bird soaring in the skies."

"I am the tailor of Heart."

I'll be back in 10 minutes, dad.

Break time.

"I am the tailor of Heart."



- Is your name Vicky?
- Yes.

I saw you last year at the festival.


I've heard a lot about you.

I don't live here, but I come
every year during the festival.

I see... okay.

- Can you stitch a dress for me?
- Okay.

- How long?
- 2 weeks.

Can't you do it earlier?

How about 10 days?

I want it on the last
day of the festival.

To wear it during the
auspicious veneration.

Vicky, please.

Give it earlier.

It's okay.

I'll get it done by someone else.

Thank you.

Two days... Two...

- Two days.
- Thank you so much.

My measurements.

Take off the jacket.

Turn around.





Thank you.

I'll be visiting the
temple in the evening.


For the evening veneration.

Very good.

Visiting the temple...


(Religious venerations)



She doesn't even look at you, and
you can already hear wedding bells.

And you're Mister know-it-all,
aren't you?

Whenever I pass through her lane,
she always looks at me.

No, she doesn't, she stares at you.

Are you all right?

Will you say something? What happened?

- Love at first eye-sight.
- First eye-sight.

Love at first sight.

We both attended the English
Speaking course together.

Don't try to be Shakespeare.

Who is the girl?

The same girl who attended
the festival last year.

The one with brown eyes.

- One with the long hair.
- Yeah...

The one you bragged about last year?

I wasn't bragging.

She came out of nowhere
like a cool breeze.

Took my hand and said...

"Vicky, please!"

She held your hand.


- And she even said please?
- Yes.

He is lying and you believe him.

Swear on my sewing machine.

She held your hand and said,
Vicky, please.

"Vicky, please!"

Vicky, please!

"Vicky, please!"

That's what I am saying,
Vicky, please.

You have no emotions at all.

Give me your hand.

"Vicky, please!"

Now that's emotion.

But why you?

She wants me to stitch a dress.

Stitch a dress.

I have a readymade dress shop.

Who gets dresses stitched nowadays.

You idiot, stitched dresses
have a different charisma.

And love is never readymade.

It's always tailor-made.


"Vicky, please!"

Bro put it on my tab.


She held this hand.

Smell it.


I think you should start
planning your wedding.

Even I can hear wedding bells, Jana.

Hey, ...snap out of your dream world.

Today is the first
day of the festival.

Lokesh is throwing a
party at his uncle's home.

So we're going to have
a ball for the next four nights.

Nobody be late.

Meaning party all night and,
in the morning...

Full tight.


But that's in the morning.

"Just tell me why
do you throw tantrums."

"I can follow you around
like your crazy lover."

"I feel a little shy to convey."

"But, I want to sleep in your arms."

"I've been telling
you since February came."

step out of Chanderi for me."

"Come over to my mansion."

"Come over to my mansion."

"Come over to my mansion."

"Come over to my mansion."

"Come over to my mansion."

You guys go ahead,
I'll join you later.

What are you planning to do out here?

My heart's a little restless.

I guess I'll just sit here and pray.

What's wrong with you, Vicky? Why
are you feeling so religious today?

That dancer from Bhopal
must have arrived too.

I've been waiting
for a year to see her.

- Let's go...
- Jana, you just go.

- I'll come later...
- Hold on.

He's going to see that girl.

One who said "Vicky Please".

And he's making excuses to us.

Is sister-in-law coming?

Then we'll wait too.

- What?
- No one's coming.

- I'll get the offerings for you.
- What offerings.

Stop making excuses, Vicky.

Remember, females have been
the reason for the downfall of men.


It was a female who disrupted
Vishwamitra's penance.

And I am not Vishwamitra.

And I am not looking for a boon.

I am not standing on one leg and waiting
for some Meneka to disrupt my penance.

What do you think?

You explain to him.

He's talking nonsense.

Take him with you, Jana.

This is not about any girl.

Let's go, Bittu.

Go on.

Come soon.

You too.
- Come on.

I'm coming.

Not you too.


Go on.

Why did you say yes?




I thought you didn't understand.

No, I understood,
but it takes me a little time to...

I mean I've very
little experience in...


- Do you have a problem in speaking?
- No. Why?

Because if you do, it can be treated.

No, no, I can speak pretty well.


Peacock is our National bird.

Peacock has a long and sharp beak.

The Peacock is around 1.5 feet tall.

The Peacock is a beautiful bird.

The Peacock's feather has many colors.

Some people believe when the female
peacock drinks the male peacock's tear...

...then a baby peacock is born.

When the Peacock dances
during the monsoons...

...people are enchanted
to see the sight.

Just like I was
enchanted when I saw you...


By the way,
you're looking really nice tonight.

Even you're looking...alright.

Thank you.

- You're late. The veneration is over.
- Is it?


I didn't realize I was late.

It's the ambiance.

But I will inform you before
the veneration starts tomorrow.

I will call you.

Store your number on this.

I don't carry a mobile.

You don't.


So if I...or anyone else wants
to talk to you, or call you...

...then how to do that?

I don't know about others, but...

...if you want to talk, then...


Just think about me.
And I'll come over.

Fine, I will do that.


"To Vicky."

For me?


Read it tomorrow morning,
after you've freshened up.



Thank you.

By the way, it's quite late, isn't it?

It's dark everywhere.

I wait for this darkness.



What's the point of owning
a bike if you can't afford fuel?

Do you have a problem with petrol?

It's always getting over.

Forget the petrol.

Think about Vicky.

Stop fighting, Bittu.

It was his good luck,
that he found a girl.

But he could've introduced us as well.

Why isn't he introducing us to her?

I think there is no
girl in the first place.

And if there is one,
then there's something wrong with her.

What was that sound?

What sound?
I've been speaking all this time?

What sound did you hear?

There, I heard it again.


- Brother Rudra.
- Hello.

Hello, brother Rudra.

- Are you two in your right mind?
- Yes, we are.

- Where are you two going at this hour?
- Why?

What happened?

The festival has begun.

She will be out
hunting for the next four days.




Stop scaring him, brother Rudra.

I am not scaring him,
just warning you.

Look, our city is the
only place in this world...

...where no male steps out alone
during these days of the festival.

She abducts male,
leaving only his clothes behind.

Only his clothes.

It's just that I like you two,
you two are like family...

...that's why I was telling you,

Brother Rudra, please tell us.

Form a triangle. Form a triangle.

Come here.

What is that?


All right. I have mine.


There are certain rules
to escape the wrath of Stree.

Rule no. 1.

Under no circumstances, and I mean
none... don't step out of the house alone.

And only those men are safe, who have
written outside their home, O Stree...

...Come tomorrow.

Rule no. 2.

If in case you've to step out, then don't
try to be a lion, be a wolf instead.

- Wolf?
- Why?

- Travel in packs, not alone.
- I see.

Rule no. 3.

If you ever come across the Stree...

...then she will first
call out your name.

Hello, Tom-Dick-Harry.

What do you do?

Take off your slippers,
hold it in your hand, and...

- Run!
- No!

No running.

Keep walking.

Do what?

Keep walking.

Then she will call out to you again.

This time with more passion.

And what do you do?

Keep walking.

Then she will call out to you again,
for the third time.

With an enchanting, alluring voice.

Like an angel.

"Embrace me now... because this
night may not come again."

That's the kind of
emotions you'll feel.

Your breathing will get faster,
your heart will start pounding.

Bedroom. Bedroom. Bedroom
will be the only thing on your mind.

And what do you do?

- Keep walking.
- No.

No man could ever resist the Stree
when she calls out for the third time.

You will start losing
control over yourself.

And as soon as you turn around...


But brother Rudra,
there must be some way.


Rule no. 4.

And the most important thing to
remember if you want to escape the Stree.

At any point...

Yes, Shama.


You're coming into my life.

I am coming right over.

Brother Rudra.

You didn't finish the 4th rule.

Keep walking!
Keep walking! Keep walking!

Don't make a noise.

Keep walking!
Keep walking! Keep walking!

- Wait a minute.
- No!

Keep walking!
Keep walking!


Jana, look.


Someone's out there.

Bittu. Wait.



Stop Bittu, for your mother's sake.

- Why are you running?
- Because you're running.

Come on.
- Come.

What was that?
- I haven't the slightest clue.

Don't tell Vicky anything.
or he'll make fun of us.

Do you understand or not?

Do you understand?

Where were you two?

What happened?

- Huh!
- Nothing.


"Oh, my silly beloved..."

"...snap out of your illusion."

"Stop being afraid."

"Stop making gestures
from a distance."

"Open the door to
your heart wide apart..."

"...and say it out loud."

"Don't be scared."

"Tell me what's your
plan for tonight."

"I want to be struck by lightning."

"Start a fire in my heart."

"If you come with us, baby and..."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes..."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes..."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes..."

"Take my heart, sweetheart..."

"Take my life..."

"But just..."

"Just...shake your hips for me."

"Take my heart, sweetheart..."

"Take my life..."

"But just..."

"Just...shake your hips for me."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes..."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes..."

"These beautiful sights..."

"The stars in the sky..."

"...the season of spring
that's arrived..."

"...its all for you my love."

"My love..."

"...and my joys..."

"Take anything you want, sweetheart."

"These beautiful sights..."

"The stars in the sky..."

"...the season of spring
that's arrived..."

" all for you my love."

"My love..."

"...and my joys..."

"Take anything you want, sweetheart."

"I want to be struck by lightning."

"Start a fire in my heart."

"If you come with us, baby and..."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes..."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes..."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Cross your eyes...with us."


"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Shake your hips..."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Cross your eyes...with us."

"Shake it... Shake it... "

"Shake it... Shake it... "

Go on.


Come on. Come in.

She's my girlfriend.

I called her over for 'friendship'!

Come in.

This kind of 'Friendship'
isn't allowed in here.

Wasn't it enough
that we called a dancer?

Uncle will never approve of this.

Just go out and start
the generator, okay.

Why didn't you inform me before that
there are going to be more people?

Don't worry, darling.

I've already reserved
a room for us upstairs.

No one's going to disturb us.

Just you and me. Me and you.

All alone in a room.

Well, if I had known, I would've
brought my friends along too.

And even your friends could've
snuggled up with them in a room.


Go upstairs.

Narender. Narender. Narender

"Shake it... Shake it... "

Come on.

- Are you carrying protection?
- Protection?

No protection, no friendship.

Oh... protection.

"Shake it... Shake it... "

Hello. Who is it?

Jana. Are you carrying protection?


No, I don't carry one.

Let's ask one of the guys.

Guys... is anyone carrying protection?

Come on, quickly.

Hurry up.

Lights back. Lights back. Lights back.

I got the stuff.

Why have you turned off the lights?

I like the lights on.
Because now I've protection.

This thing is older
than my grandfather.

Such a cheap quality.



- What happened?
- There...


Outside the window.


Someone dragged him out of the window.


I came into the room and
someone dragged him outside.

Stay here.

You go check.





Narender's clothes.

Narender's clothes.

Only his clothes.

Stree took him.

This is Stree's doing.

Whenever she takes any man with her,
she leaves his clothes behind.

But I don't understand one thing?
How did Stree come inside?

I don't know.

I wrote "O Stree come
tomorrow" on the wall... that we can party peacefully.

Someone erased it.

I think that someone
intentionally erased it.

Who peed on the wall?

Who was it?

Who was it?

Speak up now.

- Vicky?
- You did it.

No, it wasn't me.

Oh really? Then who did this?

Right... you went out
in the middle of the dance.

You peed on the wall.

Yes, I did.

It didn't say no peeing here.

Get lost.

Why did you have to pee
there of all the places?

My pee, my will,
I can pee anywhere I want.

We lost a friend because of you.

He's a junkie.

He must be high and wandering around.

We won't hear anything
against our friend.

- You made him disappear.
- I didn't do anything.

You made him disappear.
You peed on the wall.

Just a second.

Stop! Stop! Stop, guys! Stop!

What's the point of beating up Jana?

Your friend's missing,
go look for him.

Stop ranting Stree.

It's pretty late.

Daddy must be waiting for me.

Even I didn't tell my
mom that I'm coming here.

Fine, let's come back tomorrow.


Here's the letter.

Brother, some madam's here to see you.

Who is it?

Tell her to come back later.

It's her.

Take a look for yourself.

What the...

- Did you tell her that I am at home?
- I did, brother?

Come here.

What are you doing here?

- I want my money.
- What money?

Money for the 'friendship'.

Your friend didn't pay
me for the 'friendship'.


So you're going to pay me.

Why will I pay?

I see... you pee on the
wall and I won't get my money.

Has the government
put a ban on my pee?

I can pee anywhere I want.

Pay up quietly.

I heard that the
friendship never happen.

We were halfway through...

Please sister,
I don't have that kind of money.

I don't have money...

Look here, stop making excuses...

...otherwise, I will come down
here with my friends and make a scene.

Calm down.

And, your father won't like it.

I have heard a lot about him.

How much do I pay, sister?

She's collecting donation.

I think 3000 will be fine.

Take some lessons from him.

Jai Mata Di.

So mister, are you going to stand
around like this or put something on.

Take care of your son.

He's bustling with energy.

Son, I'm going to share a
really important experience of life.

Youth... is a weird phase.

The body bustles with vitality.

A tank full of energy.

And this energy... craves to come out.

But this body... is puzzled
about what to do or not to do.

And this restlessness...

...provokes it to have
friendship with the opposite sex.

Dad, I hope you know
what friendship means here.


Son, I was born in
this town before you.

I've had a lot of friendship
back in my days.

- You had friendships.
- I did.

Yes, but once I met your mother...

...she completely changed
my point of view.

The union of a male and a female...

- Listen to me.
- Go on.

The union of a male
and a female is pure.

It's auspicious.

Like the union of Heaven and Earth.

The confluence of Shiv and Shakti.

But why are you telling me all this?

I telling you so that
you don't pay for friendship.

When did I pay for friendship?

- And what about her...
- Dad, she wasn't here for me.

I didn't pay for friendship.

Listen to me first.

My advice to you is that you must
wait for a companion...

...with whom you can enjoy this
process for the rest of your life.

And learn to control this energy
bustling in your body till then.

And if you can't, then...

Then what?

Then be self-reliant.

Cater to your needs.


Meaning... yourself.

How, daddy?

I mean...

I mean...

Loss of words?

Come on. Go out.


Come on. Go out.


Where is my energy?

My dear Vicky.

If she's started with 'my dear'
then she will end it with 'with love'.


My dear Vicky, how are you?

What a stupid question?

She just met yesterday and
today she wants to know how you are.

Keep reading.

Honestly speaking I was
really happy to meet you.

After talking to you I felt like that
we've known each other for a long time.

Since I retreated...


Sorry, since I returned
after meeting you...

...I want to meet you again.

And this time when we meet,
my dear Vicky...

...can you bring these things for me?


A quarter brandy.

Half a kilo of mutton.

A kilo of charred glass.

Thornapple flower.

Hair of a cat.

- And...
- And?

The tail of a lizard!

Thanking you, with love.

With love. See...

What is this stupid stuff?

Who asks to get stuff like these?

Plus she drinks.

So what if she drinks?

Sister-in-law is cool.

That's not the point.

She wants you to get
the tail of a lizard.

And you're a tailor,
not the ancestor of lizards.

You're prepared to go on this impossible
mission because she told you.

Jana has been telling
to you to stitch a shirt for him.

But did you?

I have been telling
you to let's go to Goa.

But did you?

Trying to be a hero for the girl.

You say something.

What now?

- She's asked so politely...
- So?

Then I must get it.


It's very simple.

Guys always do what
girls tell them to.

That's it.

Shahjahan built the
Taj Mahal for his love.

And our brother
chasing cats and lizards.

Whoever imagined love would
fall to such levels in 500 years.

Tell me something, don't
you think something is wrong?

Right and wrong is just
a point of view, Bittu.

Don't try to be wise.

I am telling you,
I have a bad feeling about this.

Something is wrong about this girl?

Got it. Got it. Got it.

Got it.

Come on, now hurry up.

That Stree already
took one male last night.

We must return home before
she comes out to hunt.

I am going as fast as I can.

Don't be scared.
I am with you.

You can't handle one woman, and
now you're scared of another.


Jana, meet me right now.





Sorry, I was too engrossed
in listening to music.

What do you listen to?



- Akon.
- Who?


"Wanna be my Chammak Challo."

The guy's like Kumar
Sanu of his country.

I see.

- You don't know?
- No.

I see.

You missed the veneration again.

I guess I don't get
along with God too well.

Right. Right.


I brought this offering for you.

I'm fasting today.

Even offerings are not allowed.

I see.

Doesn't matter.

Whether you eat it or me,
it's the same.

By the way, we can go inside.

I know the priest.

I can arrange for a
special veneration for you.

And even make a donation
of 11 rupees in your name.

- Your name...
- Did you get the items on the list?


I got everything you asked for.

You didn't tell me which brand
of brandy, so I got every brand.

But it's better this way.
You can try every brand, for variety.

And, I couldn't find a
cat with completely white hair.

She had mixed colors.

But what will you
do with all these things?

Are you going to ask
everything right now?

Let's go someplace else.

- At this hour?
- Yes.


But where?

Let's go. I know a spot.

"'re so fair."

"Like the moonlight that's
falling on earth."

"Bad... very bad."

"The world's intentions are very bad."

"I hope no one casts
an evil eye on you..."

"...this thought keeps
scaring me all day."

"I hope no one casts
an evil eye on you..."

"...this thought keeps
scaring me all day."

"This silky dress...that
you've worn tonight."

"When you smile...all
my sorrows get alleviated."

"I hope no one casts
an evil eye on you..."

"...this thought keeps
scaring me all day."

"I hope no one casts
an evil eye on you..."

"...this thought keeps
scaring me all day."

- Vicky's gone tonight.
- Where?

Focus on my meaning.

I pondered over this a lot.

And the verdict I've
reached is pretty dangerous.

What is your verdict?

You were a genius at school,
then how are you so slow in real life?

I go to the depth of every
matter and weigh it properly.

My dear Pacific Ocean.

Why aren't your depths
showing you what I can see?

This girl...

...comes once in
a year like an endangered species.

And always during the festival.

And do you know who else
shows up during the festival?



Mister, open your mind

Has anyone else seen
her except for Vicky?


And what does she ask him
to get in her first love letter?

- Cat hair, lizard leg...
- Tail.

It's one and the same.

Who asks to get stuff like this?

He's not picking up.

- Mister, turn off your phone.
- You shut your mouth.

And fill fuel worth 50 rupees.

50 again.

Why don't you ever put more?

Why don't you try
telling my father that?

You try calling him.

He's gone to meet her,
I am telling you.

Our friend is in trouble, understand.

Stree has laid a trap.

And our love hungry friend,
is heading straight for it.

He is actually cutting the calls.

Why do people become blind in love?

How would I know?

You can be anyone you want,
but not a devotee.

Where do you think the new couple would
have gone to spend some time alone?

The lake.


How do you know about this place?

And why did we come here?

Because it's dark out here.
And no one comes here.


He isn't here either.

Where could he be?

I am telling you,
we'll only find his clothes today.

Your clothes are very nice.

Where did you buy them?

I designed them myself.

People call me the Manish
Malhotra of Chanderi.

Isn't it too tight?

It's just my body...

How do you open it?

- Listen.
- Yeah...

- Shall we leave?
- Why?

- Are you scared too?
- No.

I am not scared of
any ghosts or spirits.

But how long are we going
to waste our time on a selfish guy?

But he's our friend.



So what else do you
stitch at your shop?

Just skirts and long dresses,
or anything else?

Actually, we make everything.

Completely ladies fashion.

Skirts, tops, traditional dresses,
tunics. Midis, minis.

Short dresses, long dresses,
kaftans, fringe, party dresses.

Mirror work,
stonework, designer panty, nightfall.

Nighty fall.

That's it.

When will you give me my dress?

It completely slipped off my mind.

- I troubled you a lot, didn't I?
- Of course not.

It was no trouble at all.

And anything for you.

I should have taken
your measurements that day.

I thought you did.

Normally I am good at this,
but in your case, I goofed up.

So take it now.

But I don't have my measuring tape.

Can't you take my
measurement without it?

I can, but...

Should I?

Take it.

Should I?

Take it.

Okay, I will.


Where are you?


- Bittu.
- Yes.

I am missing my mom.

Shall we go back?

You're right.

- Parents are more important than friends.
- You're right.

Let's go back.

What happened?

Let me check.


I think we're out of petrol.

I told you, didn't I?

Tell me one
your father a menial labor?

You own a big shop in the city.

From Manish Malhotra to Manish Behl.

What is this?

Whether you fill 50 rupees
petrol at a time or fill your tank.

It's still the same.

The petrol pump is close-by. Push.

It's your bike, isn't it?

You push.

Why should I?

I've been pushing
it since we were kids.

What's wrong with you?

That Stree is wandering
around the city.

And we're stuck in
the middle of nowhere.

And you want to know what's wrong?

Mom clearly said that
I should come back soon.

If I don't hurry up,
she will lock the doors and sleep.

What now?




Where are you?


Where are you going?

I knew it, selfish rascal.

What's wrong with you today?

I am your friend, not your slave.

First I go over to your house so that you
can tuck yourself neatly under the blanket.

- And then I go home all alone.
- But we do that all the time.

Not today.

Fine, let it be.

I've been listening to
your nonsense for a long time.

Go on.

Fine, you don't have to.

Get going.

Weird guy.

- I hope Stree abducts you.
- Same to you.


If you ever come across the Stree,
this is what you do.



Don't turn around.

Keep walking.



No... No... No!


Jana. My Jana.

Curse that Stree.

My Jana never even touched any female.

And now she must be
sitting on top on him.

I told him a thousand times not to hang
around with these worthless friends.

Jana could've had a good job.

But these rascal friends spoiled him.

Lord, give him strength.

Give my son strength.

I know you went to meet her.

Stop getting jealous of my love life.
Think about Jana.

Did anything weird happen?

Weird how?

Anything at all,
when you were with her?

What did you two do?


Just tell me.

We went to the temple.

Then to the river banks.

We were just sitting and chatting,
and then she disappeared.

And didn't return.

I knew it.

I knew it, Vicky.


- That your girlfriend is a ghost.
- What do you mean ghost?

Jana and I were coming to save you.

- And she took Jana instead.
- What nonsense.

Snap out of your dream world, Romeo.

Why does your girlfriend show up only
during the festival, and then disappear?

She asks you to get ingredients
for black magic in her love letter.

Have you ever seen her feet?

Are they straight or crooked?

Did you ask her name?

Do you know her phone number?

Has anyone seen her except for you?
Because I haven't.


OH F***

I just don't understand one thing.

How does she enter the temple?

Are these ghosts atheists?

Aren't they scared?

She never enters the temple,
always stays out.

She doesn't take the offerings either.

Vicky, for the first time
I am feeling sad for you.

Because of all the things in the
world... you fell in love with a witch.

Go and ask her,
your Stree, where she took Jana.

I miss him.

One more thing.

Don't tell her that
Bittu told you all this.

Otherwise, she might abduct me too.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

An important piece of warning
for all the males in the city.

Stree is out hunting
and the males are in threat.

The method to save yourself
from Stree is written in this paper.

Remember it.

- Show me.
- No, it's not for you.

You're safe.

If you ever run into Stree...

...then there's just
one way to escape

Under no circumstance will you...



How do you know so
much about the Stree?

I know everything.

Tripple BA, Double MA,
literarian, musician, teacher.

I have all these degrees.

I spent my childhood
amongst crocodiles.

Rudra Book Depot.

But why do we write
"O Stree Come tomorrow"?

We can write something else.

Like, "Stree, never come back again".

As long as it's working,
let it continue.

And by the way,
if we ever have an unwanted guest...

...we don't directly say "Get
lost and don't come back" to him.

We politely say "Come back tomorrow".

I've heard that the Stree first
s**** her prey before killing him.

That's the system with
female scorpions too.

She swallows the male
scorpion which she mates with.

Listen wise guy, please don't
share your knowledge with us.

Leave all that aside.

Tell us what's the solution to it.

My wife says that I should
wear a saree when I step out.

Please don't spread such rumors.

Or soon we'll see everyone
in our city draped in a saree.

"My beloved's arrived" type.

No, no.

How does she know everyone's name?

Because all our databases
are linked to her.

I see.

Shut up, idiot.

You see, two youngsters
have already been abducted.

Be alert.

Poor guy was abducted from the town
square. He was such a healthy boy

Wasn't he your friend too, Vicky?

But not anymore. Not anymore.

- Keep the glass down.
- What?

Trying to be over smart. Huh!

Get lost.

He's still alive.
My friend isn't dead.


Sir. Sir.

See for yourself.

Brother Vicky, you are amazing.

You stitched this dress in 31 minutes.


- What happened?
- No... it's nothing.

No, I haven't done anything.
I didn't do anything.

Don't kill me, Stree. Don't kill me.

What happened?

Don't kill me, Stree. Don't kill me.

Vicky, what's wrong?

What happened?

It's nothing.

You look like you saw a ghost.


No... no ghost.

It's nothing.

- You okay right, Vicky?
- Yes, I am okay.

I am all right.

- Is it ready?
- Yes, it is.

Thank you.

It's all right.

Shall we go out somewhere?


I'll take you to another
one of my favorite spots.


This is my favorite place.

- Let's sit here.
- Okay.

(Hanuman Chalisa)

There's magic in your fingers.

And even in my feet.

I can turn it around like this.

Can you turn your feet around too?

- Is there a problem?
- No. What problem?

There is no problem.

Can I ask you a question
for my personal knowledge?

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?

I've heard that a woman
wanders in this city at night.

Called Stree.

She is a witch.

She abducts males.

Strips them.

I know she must have a good reason.

No one is born as a witch. Right.

I understand.

My friend Jana,
he's disappeared as well.

He's a very nice guy.

People say that Stree took him.

Have you seen Jana?

Can I ask you a question?

Its personal,
but don't take it personally.

Are you...

Are you...

I mean not intentionally.

Are you... Stree.

I just asked.

I don't have a problem.

I was just confirming.

If you're a ghost...

I mean you are what you are.

If it's anything like that,
please tell me now.

I'll just be prepared mentally.
That's all.


Do you see that girl standing there?

What girl?

That one...


(Song Other languages)

You should listen
to your friends as well.

But how can a beautiful
woman like her be Stree?

Was she beautiful?


Think about Jana.

What condition will he be in?

Lying somewhere naked in this cold.

What now?

We'll have to find someone who's
an expert in such absurd folklores.

You came to the right place.

I know everything.

- Doesn't get me high.
- Then why do you drink?

In Shama's memory, that's why.

Leave Shama aside.

And tell us what you know about Stree.

I am doing research on Madam Stree.

And like they say, the fruits
of hard work is always sweet.


- And I got one too.
- Sweet fruit.

No. Book.


Just a minute. Just a minute.

Here you go.



Ka Su...

- Are you researching on this?
- Not that.

This one. This is it.

This is Chanderi Puran.

Chanderi has its own manuscript.

Our city is older than you think.

The spot where you're sitting.

If we dig beneath it,
you'll find the Harappa Civilization.

Right here.


You don't say.
Exactly under this spot.

So look, Chanderi Puran
written by Shankar Shashtri.

Here we go.

Many years ago.

Many years ago there used to be
a beautiful and attractive courtesan.

Every male in the city
would dream about her.

Finally, she found a man
who loved soul and not her body.

True love.

And talk about your generation.

Love at first sight.

Then your place or mine.

What direction is this
generation heading in?

Brother Rudra.

Don't try to be a dad.

- Please read ahead.
- Yes.

They both decided to get married.

But the other males
couldn't tolerate their joy.

And before their wedding night, some
jealous people murdered both of them.

Since then she has been
wandering in this city.

Looking for her love,
and complete her wedding night.

And this can only happen when
she will find her lost love again.

Such insolent people.

They can't tolerate
someone's happiness.

Every female has the
right to find her true love.

Brother Rudra. Brother Rudra.

We can have this debate later.

First, tell us if there's
a method to stop Stree?

There I just one way
to get rid of Stree...

- Yeah
- Turn the page.

- Turn the page.
- Okay.

The city's main business was silk.

People had such high
Scarcity for education,

...that they actually believed
that the moon was their uncle.

The main...

How come Shastri turn
up in west from east.

After page 66 there is page 80.

Where are the rest of the pages?

This is why I don't let anyone in.

Children tear pages from
the book and make paper boats.

How will we save Jana now?

Just a minute.

I've seen this place.

- You have?
- Yes.


Above the hill.

- We should go there.
- Then let's go.

- We might find something here.
- Yes.

- Go. Go on you two.
- What "go"?

- You must come along too.
- Me?

- Brother Rudra, you have done research.
- Of course.

I see...

Wait a minute then.

Let me take a sip. Take this along.

Shama, I am going.

- We'll run out of petrol.

How much further, Vicky?

Just a little further.




I am allergic... to dust.

Come on.

It's so dark around here.

- What if she abducts me?
- She is a female, not a male.

She doesn't use force
against your will, like men.

She will first ask
for your permission.

Hello Mr. Tom-Dick-or-Harry.

And if you turn around.

Then she will think it's a yes.

Yes, means yes.

Then she will take you away.

So under no circumstance
will you turn around.

- No turning around.
- No.

Let's go.






What are you doing?

Brother Rudra. Give me the alcohol.



This is no time or a drink.



No power.

Okay, give me.

Save some for me.

You're worried about the alcohol.

You go that way.

Brother Rudra, you search upstairs.

- Why?
- And I will look here.

Let's stay together.

We don't have time for that.

Hail Goddess! Hail Goddess!

Hail Goddess! Hail Goddess!

Mom always said to learn
the Hanuman Chalisa.

Now see.

Sorry, mom.

Snake! Snake! Snake! Snake!




Brother Rudra! Brother Rudra!

Where are you going?

I was just warming up.

- I saw her.
- You did.

Brother Rudra!



Stree... it's me. Vicky.

Remember I stitched your dress.

I am here for Jana,
he's a... very nice guy.

In fact, he calls you sister-in-law.


I stitched your dress in 35 minutes,
Stree, and you want to abduct me.

You hurt me.

I won't turn around.

- Vicky...
- I can't hear you at all.

Hello. Hello. Hello.




Are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- Yes, I am fine.

Is she gone?

Don't know.

Don't know?

But at least one good thing happened.

You're not Stree.

You know, like in the morning...


Shall we go back?

- But Vicky is still inside.
- Bittu.

Where were you?

Did you see Jana?


Run brother Rudra.
He's fallen prey as well.

That's not her.

- She is not Stree.
- You are lying.

That's the girl.

The letter... Remember.

The dress.

"Vicky Please!"

That's her.

I swear she risked
her own life to save mine.

You two would've...

Been amazed.

She flung her dagger at the witch.

If we had posted her video on Youtube,
it would've been an instant hit.


But what is she doing here?
How does she know we're here?

Your friend is not
the only one missing.

Many people go missing every year.

I've been coming here for the
past three years during the festival.

So that I can get rid of her for good.

I know he will never come back.

But still...

You can share your sorrow with me.

It will lighten your burden.



By the way,
where did you learn this art?

I had to wander around for it.

I went to ascetics, and tantric.

Tantra, magic, hypnosis,
and spells from the red book.

I learned everything.

I've had only one mission
for the past three years.

Defeating Stree.

I tried everything I knew.

But it wasn't enough.

I thought I was ready.

I thought that I would
defeat her this time.

You see, ma'am. I've done
extensive research on this subject.


I have books on magic spells, hypnosis,
and other art forms in my library.

You can come over
if you need any help.

Even we have a shop
for lady's fashion.

Best in town.

If you need anything at any time,
just let me know.

And anyway... it's always
better than stitched clothes.

I don't like readymade.

Shall we?


What happened?

Jana. My Jana is back.

My son is back.

My son, where were you?

- Where were you...
- You'll tear his (the) clothes.

He's lost so much weight.

Forgive me, son. Forgive me.

You really are his friend.

- I said such bad things.
- It's all right.

It's okay, aunty.

Jana, it's your mom, your mom.

I want to go sleep.

He wants to sleep.

- Yes son, let's go.
- Come on.

Please send my coat back.

Okay, aunty.

Bye, Jana.

Aunty. Aunty.

She took my husband.

She took my son too.

She took him too.

She took my husband.

My husband too.

But... how did so
many people disappear?

Someone erased the ink.

Jana, look what Stree did.

She abducted a dozen men.

And she's also erased the ink.





Why are you sitting like that, Jana?

And your palms...


I am your mother.
Listen to your mom, son.


Jana, spare your friends at least.

Listen to me,
I am already 70% damaged.


We're humans, not kites.


Vicky, look at Jana's hand.
He erased the ink.

- Divert his attention?
- Me?



Someone get a blanket.




Jana, stop.

Jana. Jana. Jana. Jana. Jana.

It's Vicky.



Or else I will slap you.



What are you doing?

It's Vicky.

Bittu! Bittu!

Come on.

This is the only solution left.

Wear saree and bangles like women do.

Your solutions were
not effective at all.

That Stree took 20 men.

Yes, Vicky.

Yes, I know. I am coming.

I am coming.

We want our youngsters back.

Whoever brings the
missing men back,

...will be rewarded
10,000 for every male.


This city wants freedom.


Everyone knows...

Stree is a thief.

Let's all unite.

And drive Stree away.

You give us men...

We'll give you freedom.

It's the smoke coming on my face.

- Bittu, untie me.
- Wait.

No one listens to him.

David has turned into Goliath today.

How can someone beat
up your own friend?

We cannot waste any more time.

Jana is completely under her control.

We must do something solid
before the festival ends.

You're experienced in this field,
suggest something.

If we can find out more about Stree,
then I can come up with something.

But from where?

- We found a book at his shop.
- Library.

We found a book in his library.

But the pages were missing.

What if we find the
guy who wrote that book...

...then he would know what
was written on those pages.

- Do you know that guy?
- I know everything.

Is he alive?

He lives in Emergency.

- What?
- ICU!


Which book are you talking about?

Respected Mr. Shastri.

You wrote the history
of our city in a book.

Chanderi Puran, remember?

The book was launched
in my Rudra Book Depot.

You used to sell
adult books back then.

Mr. Shashtri,
that Stree abducted our friend.

She abducted many more males too.

Can we get them back?


Please, Mr. Shashtri.

We request.

Did the emergency end?

We've been banging
our heads against a wall.

This man doesn't remember anything.

Yes, Emergency is over.


Mr. Shashtri,
we're talking about Stree.

- Stree.

Like "Stree Come back tomorrow".


What is a Stree (Female)?

She has no s tature compared to males.


She should always
stay within her limits.

Never step out of the home.

Her job is to keep her husband happy,
and bear children.

And if she crosses her limit,
then burn her alive at the cross.

He has no solution.

Such vile thoughts.

We just wasted our time with him.

What kind of a writer is he?

Is this what he writes?

What about Jana now?

He's too strong to control.

Let's think.

He's got such a filthy mind.

It's not me,
its this city that has a filthy mind.

They used that Stree
as long as they wanted.

And then got rid of her.

And that man who gave her respect,
they took him away as well.

They will all die.


As long as there's even one male
in this city, she won't stay quiet.

Just one...
one man can douse this fire.

- Who is he?
- How does he look?

Wheatish color, long nose.
And treats himself like a king.

Born in the arms of the oak tree.

The prince of his family.

Love reflects in his eyes.

A true artist.

He's the true protector of this city.

A prostitute's son who's a bachelor.

Courtesan's son who's a bachelor.

A courtesan's son who's a bachelor.

Wheatish color, long nose.
And treats himself like a king.

Born in the arms of the oak tree.
The prince of his family.

Vicky. Weren't you born
at your grandma's house?

And there was an oak
tree behind her house.



And you're the only son.


Very good.

Wheatish color, long nose.
And treats himself like a king.

- He has wheatish color.
- And a long nose.

And, you always think
of yourself as a king.

Love reflects in his eyes.

And a true artist.

There's love in your eyes.

And Stree saw that,
which is why she didn't abduct him.

There's love in my eyes?

Stree can see it, not her.

And you're an artist as well.

Aren't you getting carried away now?

What artist?

Vicky is the best ladies tailor
in the neighboring three districts.


This is a good coincidence.

But we must find someone
who has all five qualities?

And what about the fifth quality?
courtesan's son?

How will find him?

Courtesan means that right?


No one told him.


Everyone knows, but you don't know.


- What?
- Look...

There's no need to feel bad.

Some mothers are school teachers,
some are government officers.

Some make pickles.

- Your mother was that...
- What?




I will kill you right now.

I thought you never meant
it when you called me a bas***


This is absurd.

And in front of her.

Vicky. it's true.

Jana, I will break your head.


Don't look at me.

I won't believe you.

My mother was not a courtesan.

- Listen!
- No.


We've found the protector of the city.

He will deal with Stree.

- You mean Stree.
- Yes. Stree.

One more.

Brother Vicky, mom's asking
when you will return her blouse.


What were you lecturing
me about energy?

You've done a lot of
friendship when you were young.

Tell me something.

Did you do friendship with mom,
or marry her?

Blouse petticoat.

Who was she?

Why didn't you tell me?

You kept lying to me.

Daddy, I won't drink again.
Swear on mom.

Swear on my dad, okay.



You could've told me this once.

That's all.


I talked to daddy.

And I thought how does it matter.

She was my mother after all.

Maybe my father's someone else too.

But I know only one father.

The guy who stands at the
shop with the measuring tape.

And who thinks that my talent
is the greatest talent in the world.

But this city...

Everyone knew about me,
but they never made fun of me.

Otherwise, people like to gossip.

I always knew that I wasn't
meant for altering dresses.

But I didn't know that
I was born to save these people.

Lord chose a really
unique mission for me.

"Born in the arms of the oak tree."

"The sole prince..."

"The son of a courtesan
who's a bachelor."

If I really am the
son of a coutesan...

...then I will save this city.

Along with Jana,
I will save everyone!

Bittu gather everyone.

What do we know about the Stree?

- She is scary.
- Ferocious.

No! She can read.

Have you ever heard about
a ghost or spirit who can read?


Meaning we're up against
an educated witch.

She is the new generation witch.

Point no. 2.

She comes every year during
the festival, to abduct men.

But if you write outside your
house "O Stree, come back tomorrow".

Then she reads it and thinks...

"Oh... okay. Rest today,
and I'll come back tomorrow."

Meaning she listens.

Meaning she is obedient.

No. 3.

She is very stupid.

Next night she comes back again.

Reads the same line
again and thinks...

"Oh shit, now I'll have
to come back tomorrow again."

"This is cheating."

And she goes back to her home.

Poor thing doesn't understand
that these people are s...

I mean making a fool of her.

- She has a low IQ level.
- Exactly.

And we're much smarter than her.

Thank you.

And, if we get serious...

...then we can easily
get rid of this witch forever.

- Then let's get serious.
- Correct. Let's get serious.

But what are we going to do?

Wedding night.

Wedding night.

But brother Rudra,
aren't you too old for that?

No me.


According to Mr. Shashtri's book,

Stree wants her wedding
night which was left incomplete.

Yes so.

And if you're the
protector of this city...

...then you must fulfill her wish.

What are you saying?

Have you lost your mind?

- No.
- What are you saying?

My father never even let
me watch a wedding night on TV, can I do it with a witch?


I am the protector, shouldn't
I prepare for a battle or something.

The battle begins
after the wedding night.

Brother Rudra...

You mean, me and that witch...

We just have to use it as bait.

We must lead her to you, that's all.

Remember she saw love in your eyes.


- And then?
- Then leave it to me.

She is very strong in her own home.

But I know how to overpower
her when she is out of her house.

But where will we call her?

Right here, in Vicky's Palace.

Best place.

Show the bait.

Hurry up.

Stree is out hunting today.

Don't step out of the
house and lock the door.


Come back soon.

I feel scared alone.
- I'll be back soon.

Keep the doors closed.

Vicky, you're looking really handsome.

- Now wear this cap.
- No, no.

- I said wear it.
- No, no, caps. You'll ruin my hair.

- But the groom has to wear...
- I don't want to...

Wear it.

Dad had such vivid
dreams about my wedding.

Who knew that I'll be
marrying a witch some day.

Don't worry.

You're getting a chance
to save the entire city.

Not everyone gets this opportunity.

Don't be scared.

Don't you want to save Jana?

Don't you want to make
him a human being again?

What is the plan?

What do we do?

Stree will definitely come here
after reading the message on the wall.

When she looks into your eyes,
don't look away.

Instead look into her eyes.

I know a spell.

That spell will render her powerless.

And then we must drive
this dagger through her heart.

Dagger? How can I...

We're waiting inside.

Don't be scared.

Let's go.


Will your spell work?


What is 90%?

Maybe 99%.

Meaning there is a
1% chance I'll be dead.


Let's go.


I am going...

Don't worry, okay.

Don't forget you are Vicky.

The guy who can spend
a night with a witch.

In case I don't come back,
don't come looking for me.

And... look after my dad.

O Stree come back tomorrow.

O Stree there are no men here.

O Stree come back tomorrow.

O Stree there are no men here.



I think it's her.


She isn't coming inside.

Is she suspicious?

Stree is smarter than
you all thought she is.

- Jana.
- Jana.


Listen to me.



Leave him.




- Jana!
- Jana.

Vicky is missing.




Vicky isn't here.

He's not.

Where could he be?

Meaning Stree was here
and she took her lover.

Don't say that.

All our arrangements, the wedding
night preparations, didn't work.

Where did your sister take him?

- Vicky just sent a message, on WhatsApp.
- What?

He just shared his location.


Where are you, Stree?

Stree, I...

Okay. Fine. I am sitting here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I am sitting right here.

This is the same place.

I guess she took him to the bedroom.

And she won't let him go until
she spends her wedding night with him.

Oh, God.

Stree... I am ready.

Come on this bed.
We'll spend our wedding night.

I am getting ready.
I am getting ready.

I'm taking it off.

Do I have to take my pants off too?

Fine, I'll take it off.

I am ready now. Come on.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry, Stree. I understand
that you've no interest in all this.

I respect you.

I'll even wear my clothes back.

See, I am wearing them back.

Don't kill me, Stree.

I am the only son.



What happened?

Is she dead?

She is just powerless at the moment.

But we must finish her
before she gets her powers back.

Where are your clothes?

Sorry, I...

I thought in order to save the city,
I will have to sleep with her.

But you know what,
I don't think she wants any of it.

Here you go.

You must pierce her
heart with this dagger.

And cut off her braid.


How did her braid get in all this?

And, how will I do this?

You do it, please.

I would've done it if I could.

You will have to do it.

You're the protector of the city.
Come on.

Yes, I know I am the protector,
but I am a tailor, not a killer.

Kill her before she wakes up again.

Take it.

- Come on.
- Yes.


Do we have to kill her?

Poor thing is lying
down so comfortably.

This is exactly how the
people of this city treated her.

And we're doing the same.

So what's the difference
between us and them?

She must have a reason.

She is trying to find her true love.

Let her go, please.

There must be another way.

Like lizard's tail, cockroach soup.

Then cut off her braid.

This will make her powerless.

And, she won't die either.


- No, no, no.
- Look into her eyes.

Find the dagger.

Look. Look.

Vicky, open your eyes.

She won't do anything
if you look in her eyes.

It's not working.

She is hungry for love.

For love...

Look into her eyes with love.




More love, Vicky.

I am shitting in my pants,
and you want more feelings.



What is all this yelling for?

This is no way to take revenge.

I am the protector of the city,
so show some respect.

Always screaming.




Throw the braid away.

Are you okay?



Sit up.

Get up.

Sit up straight.

- I think she's gone.
- Yes.

Isn't it?

She kept attacking her.

But I snuck up behind
her and cut off her braid.

Then she disappeared.

And didn't come back.

But is the Stree dead or not?

Tell me.

Meaning she will come
back again next year.

- She's only hungry for one thing.
- No. it's two.


Love and respect,
which this city never gave her.

And that was this
city's biggest mistake.

And we were going to
repeat the same mistake.

And if this city gives her
the respect, which she never received.

Then she might leave us alone.

These brave men together
have protected the city...

...and we will never
forget their contribution.

All the youngsters who went missing
in the last two days have returned.

Are you listening?

- There she is.
- Stop. Stop.


The flower. The flower.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Everyone was looking for you.

You wore the dress.

Does it fit well?

You took my measurements so well.

This is for you.

I could've never fought
against the Stree without you.

Thank you.

You are very nice, Vicky.

I wish we had met before, then
we could've become friends before.

Will you be my friend?

You mean friends, or...

Yes. Isn't that what friendship means?


There's another meaning
for friendship in our town.

What if I want to talk to you,
or meet you?

I don't even have your number.

Just think of me.

Do you have to go?

Please wait for a few more days.


Vicky, please!


You didn't tell me your name...

This is my first time where he's smitten
by love but doesn't know her name.

Maybe this is true love.

'For the past three years,
I had only one motive.'

'Defeating Stree.'

'I tried everything I knew,
but it wasn't enough.'

'There's always a method
to control any power.'

'Just cut off her braid.'

'She will become powerless,
and won't die.'

'I would've done
it long ago if I could.'

'You're the protector of the city,
you have to do it.'




"Everyone's talking about you."

"They all know that you're an angel."

"You're hard to get..."

"...your poor beloved's been waiting."

"All I know is there's a cave..."

"...but the cave's hard to open."

"No matter what I do,
but you're never impressed..."

"...your beloved's
been wandering around."

"I've played all the shots right."

"And seen have all slots."

"But I haven't hit
the jackpot yet, but..."

"You'll get it... You'll get it."

"You'll get it..."

"I'll get it too."

"The miracle's going to happen."

"You'll get it... You'll get it."

"You'll get it..."

"Someday we'll all get it."

"Be patient my friend."

"I warned you before..."

"I warned you before..."

"She will come draped in a saree..."

"Draped in a saree..."

"And come for your..."

"Heart... Your heart... Your heart..."

"She comes alone."

"When she comes along."

"Just meet me."

"Meet me in my dreams."

"Meet me completely decked up."


"You'll get it... You'll get it."

"You'll get it..."

"I'll get it too."

"The miracle's going to happen."

"You'll get it... You'll get it."

"You'll get it..."

"Someday we'll all get it."

"Be patient my friend."