Strays (1991) - full transcript

A troubled family move to an isolated house, and find and adopt a couple of cats already in residence. These are not the only occupants however...

My babies.

Come along.

Everybody's hungry.


Well, so many guests tonight.

Hello cutie.


What's the matter babies?

Honey, look at this.

Okay honey, okay
what's this, what's this?

What's that?

Red car.

Red car, all right,
all right, all right.

Give the little girl a prize.

Okay, come on what's that honey?

What's that?

Blue car.

Blue, that's right.

Blue tractor, all right.

Honey, we're talkin' medicine here.

All right you guys,
we're almost to the house.

The house?

Where's the town?

We just passed it.

That was a gas station.

Well, it's a small town.

Lindsey, come on.

Well, garf is just
actually a little junction

and fermin is actually

- the main hub.
- Fermin?

You really wanna live in
a place called fermin?


Well that's worse, it
sounds like a skin disorder.

Well from what Claire tells me honey,

it sounds just perfect for us.

Yeah, well I wouldn't exactly call

your sister an expert on domestic bliss.

Would she live here?

Of course not, she doesn't
have kids to think about.

I don't want Tessa
growing up in that city.

Hey, wait a minute.

I grew up in that city
and it didn't hurt me.

Jury's still out.

Lindsey look, I want what's best

for everybody but this is, come on.

This is just so, so...

So green.

No, but what are we gonna do here?

We're gonna be garfonian's.



You wanna be a garfonian honey?


- No, neither do it.
- Oh, come on!

Majority rules.


That's what I like.

We'll have pigs and chickens.

All our friends
will be named Zeke.

We can grow our own vegetables.

I don't...

Oh honey, I've
always wanted a house like this.

Oh honey, you
haven't even seen it yet.

I mean, we're so far out we're

gonna have to get another car.

I've seen all I need to see.

Look, it's perfect.

No steps.


How about that?

She's sold.


Oh, Paul look at this place.

Do you like?

Oh Claire.

I know it's a little farther then

we talked about but the price is right

and the schools are great.

Oh, it's beautiful!

It's fine.

There you go baby.

You have any trouble finding it?

Well, directions are not Paul's forte.

Playhouse mom.

I saw Mrs. prince taking it...

Oh, I spoke with the other broker.

He said he was going to show you...

Hi daddy.

Hi sweetie.

Well it's gorgeous.


How much does this cost?

Everything you see here is new.

There's tree and a swing.

I really
appreciate you trying to help.

How are you holdin' up?

Uh, hills and valleys.


Well things will work out.

I know.

You know Paul's really
been terrific by the way.

You're a lucky gal.

Yeah, I think I'll keep him.

Do you wanna see the inside?

Come on.

Paul, come on!



Better hurry up and get inside

before mommy gets out a checkbook.


Claire, how ya doin'?

I'm fine.

Aw, good.

Daddy's little girl.


Listen uh, as your
brother-in-law and legal counselor

I think it's only fair to warn you

that if we end up buyin' this place,

your divorce could end up payin' for it.

Uh, for you darling anything.

All right.

Come on.

Paul, look at this fireplace.

You remember grandma used
to have one like this?

Yeah, my grandfather used
to clean one like that.

Okay, so how long has
it been on the market?

It's just listed.

The sellers are very motivated.

Kitchen does need a little bit of updating

and plumbing's kind of
old but everything works.

- Oh, good.
- yeah.

You'll certainly have your
privacy here.

That's what I'm afraid of.



No, just.

- Paul?
- You wanna go see?

How come they're selling?

The woman who owned
it passed away recently.

I guess the heirs needed the cash.

Well it does have a certain charm

in an amity field kind of way.

Oh, you stop it.

Come here.

I had to drag him up
here, you know that?

Look I love the city too
Paul but you got a family now.

It's not like you're in college anymore.

Yeah, college was closer.

I know.

Show him the attic.

Dark cramped places,
you wanna go upstairs?

They always remind you of home.

I think this room could be converted

into a fourth bedroom
or a study or something.

Or a playroom for Tessa, huh?

What a great idea, yeah.

Yeah we could put uh,

dormer windows and some floral wallpaper.

Mm hm.

How 'bout a place
and some carpet.

For your bike?

I don't know,
it needs a new roof though.

What do you think honey?

- Bless you.
- Oh!

T think I need a tissue.


Thank you.

It's nice though, huh?


So honey, can we?

Oh come on, I'm happy if you're happy.

- You know that.
- No I mean,

are you sure?

No, but.

Paul, really?

Okay we're gonna take it.

That's great.

That's great.

I'm so excited!

I'll bring you the paperwork on Monday.

I think you guys got a great chance.

Oh, thanks.

This is our house.

So if anything happens to

the settlement you'll let me know?

Oh yeah, absolutely.

Steven's lawyer is hung up on some stuff

but we'll work out out, okay?

I know you will.


You bet.

Standing why?

Do I get a goodbye?

- Oh, yes.
- huh?


Say goodbye to aunty Claire.

Oh boy!

Bye sweetie.


All right, watch your head now.

Watch your head baby.
Be a big girl.

Congratulations you guys.
- you all set there?


This is great.

All right.

I'm so excited!

I can't believe it, okay.

you'll have to.

I'll call you next week.


All right?

Drive carefully.

But you call me.

I will.



Be careful.


Bye sweetie.


We've barely had time to unpack.

Come on, come on Benny.

- No.
- That seagull, see it?

I have not forgotten the story.

See that?

- As a matter of fact,
- See that?

- I think this is gonna be
- Come on, come on go

- a terrific place to write.
- Through there Benny.

Hey, come on, pal.

- Yes I do.
- What are you doin'?

Come on, through here.

- Well, let's hope George.
- It's for you.

- It's not that far.
- Go on, go through.

We can be at the city

in an hour and a half.
Sweetie, sweetie?

Tell him you want an
advance on your next book.

- No.
- Benny?

- No well it's not that
- Benny act like a dog.

We don't like your area, I don't know.

There's just too many rich
publishers there.

Okay, that sounds good.

We'd love to.

No, no, no, not dinner, a check.

- A check.
- Shh!

Yes, Paul's looking
forward to seeing you too.

All right buh bye.

It's okay honey.

No, no, no Benny!

It's all right sweetie girl.

Aw, why didn't you
ask him for an advance?

because based on the sales of

my last book we owe him money.

Um, would you get her a banana please?


Look, are we broke again?

Uh, broke's a strong word.

I'd go with vastly depleted.

Has Claire paid her bill yet?
Hey sweetie.

Uh, no she hasn't.

Well that's it, I'm gonna talk to her.

I wish you wouldn't.

no that's not fair.

Look, it's not her fault.

Steven's lawyer's been
impossible on the settlement.

Yeah, well she did make a commission

on this house didn't she?

Yeah but she's also family.

Oh, look I love my sister
too honey but you know,

I also know my sister and you've really

gone out of your way for her.

I don't like her taking advantage of you.

She's not I promise.


Whoa, whoa!


Listen, I got a great idea, okay?

After the case is settled and
we got this place together,

why don't the two of us
take a vacation on Claire?

I got a better idea.


Why don't you take me out to

the vegetable garden ravage me?

Whoa, whoa, honey, honey, whoa.


Whoa, whoa.

You okay?

Hey, oh, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Come on sweetie.

Let's get the door.

Who is it?

Phone man.

Hi, somebody call about a new line?

uh huh.

Where's your main equipment at?

Uh, honey phone man's here.

Where's the main equipment at?

It's in the cellar!

Right, uh it's in the cellar.

Where's that?

around the side of the house where

all the bodies are buried.

Uh, you can come through here if you want.

Benny come on, come on.

Hey Benny, pay attention okay?

Benny, come on Benny.

Benny it's not that difficult a concept.

It isn't, look.

All you gotta.

Bless you.

Okay honey, now look.

Do you like cotton tail,
sea mist or August moon?

Uh, how 'bout white?


That's a good choice.

Yeah, white'll work.

Benny, Benny!

Come here, come here.

Benny you've gotta go through
the plastic door you see?


Benny come on.
- ow.

You gotta come, oh, did
I hit your head honey?

Benny you just...

You're gonna need a new protector block.

How ya doin'?

I was, uh...


I was just showin' the
um, the dog you know how

to get through, uh, what's the problem?



You got rats.

Big rat problem.

Chewed up most of your wiring.

Are you hearin' this?

I got my test set hooked up downstairs

case you need to make a phone call.

I gotta come back in the
morning with some new equipment.

Might be a good idea you
get yourselves a cat.

Oh that's not.
- oh.

My husband's allergic.

Well you got rats in the
cellar, you got rats up here.

Better do somethin'.


Okay, okay, come here.




Come here.




Got 'em.



Light bulbs.

I got the light bulbs.


Right here.


I knew we forgot something.

You know, what else?

Okay, paint, fire extinguisher, gloves.



Honey, you bought gloves.


That's so cute.


Farmer John gloves.

They're not farmer John gloves,

they're rat fighting gloves.

Honey, will you wear
your gloves tonight.

Look, I'm just not crazy about the idea

of picking up the remain...

Is everybody all right?

Oh, Tessa?


come here sweetie.

Come on, come. Honey, you okay?

You all right?


What was that?

bad luck.

She's never gonna wanna

get in the car with me again.

What if she has bad dreams tonight?

She's not, she's not.

Yeah, well what if she
gets up in the middle

of the night and she can't find us?

Well, we're right across the hall.

Honey, well she hasn't
ever been here before.

She won't be able to find us.

She's gonna be totally scared.

Okay, well I have an idea.


Why don't you sleep in the crib

and she'll sleep in the
bed with me tonight?

What's this wrench for?

I had to use it to turn
off the faucet in the bath.

I guess whoever lived
here before never used it.

I guess whoever lived
here never dusted either.

Maybe you're catching a cold.

Nah, I think it's just
the country crud in the air.

Not to be confused with
that good old city crud huh?

Those garfonian's are
a proud rare few honey.

it's not that bad is it?

Well I've only been here a day.

Talk to me in a week or two.

If I come become a non
dusting non bathing human

being you'll know I've adjusted.

Wait a minute.

What's this?


It was in my pocket.

you are where I live.

Oh, Paul.

It's so sweet.

Do you know how much I love you?

remind me.


Mm hm?


Benny's barking again.

Mm hm.

He's gonna wake up the neighbors.

We have no neighbors.


Mastered the door huh?

Good boy.

Oh, come on.

Good boy figuring out that door.

Oh, now I'm really gonna confuse ya.

It's stuck in a ditch off our driveway.

Don't ask.

We'll definitely need
- don't wander off.

A tow truck.


A tow truck.

All right.

Well the car will be right out front.

We'll be there.

Bless you.


Bless you.

No I can't, I can't understand.

The batteries are goin' on this thing.


Bless you.

Oh, thanks.


Tow truck will be here this afternoon.


Are you sure you wanna go to work?

You sound awful.

Yeah well you know,

a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Oh, and what might that be?

Microwave's on the Fritz again.

Jiggle the chord.


Looks like you got the fire
extinguisher just in time.

Oo, there's my cab, I gotta go.

Oh, I better not.

I don't think I have enough
nasal spray for the both of us.

I hope you feel better.

Yeah, me too.

I'll see you later.


Love you, bye.


uh huh?


For what?

Just, thanks.



Gotta stop meeting like this.


What's that?

It's a house warming present.


Are you leaving?

I thought you were coming
to breakfast with us.

Oh I wish I could but
I got husbands to grind.

I'll see ya in court at
uh, four o'clock right?

Yeah listen, I wanted to thank you

for everything you've been doing.

Oh, boy I'm popular today.

I mean really thank you.

Uh, well um, have...

Bless you.


Uh, thanks, have a nice breakfast.



What are you doing?


I didn't hear you come in.

We ready?

Whenever you are.


We'll play hide and seek later all right?

Always playing games huh?

Yeah, not always.

Anyway I was sitting at the stop sign

and the guy in the Mercedes

kept looking at me.
- thanks.

So I figured why not give him a thrill.

I roll down my window, I turn and you're

not gonna believe who it was.


Chuck lubin.


Chuck lubin.

You used to date him in high school.

Don't you remember that really
big guy who used to come over

to the house sometimes
and show us his car?

You used to get upset 'cause he always

wanted to take me for rides.

Oh yeah, Chuck the duck.

Yeah you should see
him now, he's gorgeous.

And I think it was you who

was always begging for the ride.

I gave him my phone number.


I dunno, people change.

Claire, don't
you think it might be

a good idea to take a little
time for yourself right now?

Look, I'm not gonna marry the guy.

I know, I know but, oh forget it.


Why, what were you gonna say?

Why do you always need
other people to fill you up?

Lindsay, I really don't
need a lecture right now.

I'm having a hard enough time as it is.

I'm not giving you a lecture.

I'm trying to help you.

What's this all about?

you know it was me who told Paul

he ought to represent
you but quite frankly,

I'm not so sure it was a good idea.


Just don't get too
dependent on him okay?

Because he's my husband.

Well he's my lawyer.

He's been incredibly supportive

which is a lot more then 1
can say for you right now.


You know what Claire, you and Chuck lubin,

you deserve each other.



Come here.

Oh, what a nice kitty.

Where did you come from honey?

Hi mama.

Is that mama?

Tessa, where do you think he came from?

Teeny handsome fellow.

Now if we put you outside,
will you be a good ratter?


Let's go surprise daddy.

Won't he be surprised to see you.

Come on.

Let's go.

You know it's tough.

His lawyer refuses to bend.

It's funny, Steven used
to hate our apartment.

Next house I build is gonna be ours.

That's what he used to always say.

Next house.

Guess the apartment wasn't the problem.

Well he hasn't gotten it yet.

But why would he do this?

He promised me.


Richard highler on one.

thanks Barbara.

Our favorite opposing lawyer.


Richard, long time no argue.

Further thoughts about the apartment?

Do the words havin' a
prayer mean anything to you?

Oh come on, I don't care who had it first.

Claire and Steven had an agreement.

If they ever broke up she
was gonna get the place.

Look dick, may I call you dick?

The guy builds houses for a living.

Don't tell me he can't find somethin'.

He's become a what?

He's, he's become a nester?

Look, one of the reasons my client

wants to divorce is because most

of your marriage your
client was never home.

All of my marriage.

All of her marriage.

What is that supposed to mean?

No I don't think you're lying now.

I always think you're lying.

Well, you're wasting your time.


No, no, no, no.

You listen to me.

You tell your client that my client

will accept his gracious alimony offer

but if you think for one minute

that I'm gonna but into this and let

you kick her out on the
street you're dreamin'.

All right.




It's amazing.

What he say?

Well, he claims to have evidence

to the effect that while Steven was

out building his empire you were um,

you were livin' it up
with some friend of his.


that's unbelievable.

I mean you weren't were ya?


what difference does it make?

Steven was never there for me, ever.

I mean all he ever cared
about was his work.

What was I supposed to do,

sit around the house making cookies?

I was lonely.

That still doesn't give him the right

to take my home away from me does it?


Paul please don't judge me.

I just did what I had
to do to keep my sanity.

I'm sorry if I hurt our position.

It happened.

I, Claire you gotta
tell me these things.

I'm sorry.

come on.

We'll work it out.

I mean you guys had a verbal agreement.

Just 'cause Steven wants to back out

doesn't mean the judge
is gonna let him okay?

All right?

It's my home Paul.

I know baby.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Hi daddy.

Hi baby.


So the cats have been
here all the time huh?

I guess that's why I've
been sneezin' so much.

Have you thought about
findin' a new home for 'em?

A pet store you know, a shelter?


We're keeping them.

It's, it's impossible.

The cats are staying.

I don't blame you pal.

Lindsey, can we please discuss this?

Look, it's not what it looks like okay?

I mean the woman's havin' problems.

There's no doubt about it
but nothin' was gonna happen.

Lindsey would you please come out here

and we can talk about this?



You don't have to shout.

Look I'm sorry, I just wish you'd

give me a chance to explain this.

You don't
have to explain anything.

But I want to.

For who?

What do you mean for who?

What is that supposed to mean?
Well I-

I saw you kiss her this morning.


I guess you got over your cold

pretty quick didn't you?
Wait, wait hold on a second.

I didn't kiss her, she
kissed me all right?

And besides Claire's goin' through

a lot of difficulties
right now and I don't think

it's fair to be judgin' her.
Wait a minute,

wait a minute.

Are you defending her?

- No, no I'm not.
- Yes you are,

you're defending her!

No, no.

t can't believe this.

I'm not talking to my husband,
I'm talking to her lawyer.

Honey, how do I make you understand?

I wasn't, honey?

You know, Claire obviously wants

to believe that you'd do anything for her

that's what she needs to believe.

I'm not so sure she's wrong.


How's Tessa?

She's still asleep.

The cats go today.

Oh Paul, I don't think...


Well why would they do this?

It doesn't make any sense.


What doesn't make any sense
is they're in the house

but they're still here aren't they?

Well could
we at least call a vet?

Lindsey, I don't need a vet
to teach me how cats behave.

I know how they behave,
that's why I have a dog.

Where is Benny?

t haven't seen him.




Come on dog!


Come on Benny.


Hey Benny?

You down there?



Come on boy!



Oh pal, come here.

Come here boy.

Oh my god.

Call a vet.

Here you go buddy.

oh sweetie.

I'll get the phone.


Yeah, you're a good boy aren't ya?


Real good boy.

They like it when you say that.

So tell me, when did this happen?

Uh, we don't know.

Oh, he may
have been out all night.


You left him out in
this weather all night?

No, no.

There's a pet door.

He, he...


I mean he's gonna be all right isn't he?

I hope so.

Well, most of the wounds
seem to be superficial but,

I'd like to take him to my
office for a couple of days.

Keep an eye on him.


Yeah, you need some
lookin' after don't you?

You know, owning a pet is a privilege.

It shouldn't be taken lightly.

We don't.

Well, all right.

I'll call you in the morning.

I'll let you know what the score is here.

Grab my bag will ya?

Uh, wait a minute doctor.

You didn't tell us how it
happened, was it the cats?

Was what the cats?

that did this?

Didn't know you had cats.

Well we don't.

Yes we do.

no we don't.

Yes we do.

Look, my wife, she found
some strays in the attic.

No I figured this little guy tangled

with a fox or maybe a raccoon.

We see that a lot.

Would you mind takin' a look anyway?

They made a real mess of
our bedroom last night.

Well, all right if you insist.

Okay now look, we're gonna be right back,

but I want you to stay
here and guard the fort.

They like it when you say that too.

It gives them a sense of purpose.

Oh, you got a female I'd
say about five years of age

and a kitten uh, male
uh, five or six weeks.


And they both appear
to be in good health.

Did they do this?

Well that's highly unlikely.

Well, what about our bedroom?

Well you seen
other cats around here?

The one in our driveway yesterday.

What uh, what that look like?


Yeah, he's much bigger then this one.


Well uh, could be the father.

Sounds like a dominant male
marketing his territory.

A what?

dominant male.

See when he sprays like that it means

he wants you to keep off his terf.

His terf, this is our house.

Cat may differ.

Yeah well look, take a
look at this over here.

This vent was open.

He must've come through here.

Oh, well.

Maybe he came in there, maybe
he came in where they did.

Oh, cats are pretty industrious.

A storm like this is quite a motivator.

Yeah, but did he hurt Benny?

It's possible.

A lot more possible if he's feral.


Feral, what's that? What, what?

Gone wild.

Can happen to pets who
are lost or abandoned.

Left to fend for themselves even

the most domestic animals
will turn sooner or later.

It's not a pretty picture.

So, what are you telling us?

We have a wild cat living in our backyard?

No, no, no.

A wild cat, a real wild
cat like uh, an ocelot?

They saw you, they'd run.

But a feral, oh, they've
been around people

all their lives so uh,
they're not afraid at all.

Well, makes 'em much more
dangerous then any, any wild cat.

I'll call animal regulation and see if

I can get 'em out here to set some traps.

Meantime, you better lock that pet door.

Anything else?


Keep a cool head, a wet nose.

Little vet humor.

What about the vents?

well fix 'em.

And the cats upstairs?

move 'em downstairs.

Well you don't seem very concerned here.

Mr. jarrett we're talkin' about a cat.

Get a grip on yourself.

Hey, wait a minute.

My dogs been ripped to shreds,

my rooms destroyed, my sinuses
are completely inflamed.

I think I got a right to be concerned.

As a matter of fact I'd appreciate

it if you were a little
bit more understanding.

All right.

- oh!

Now, I didn't wanna have to do this.

Here, take it.


Go ahead, take it.

It's not loaded.

This is a water pistol.

Ah, you're very observant.

See, cats hate water.

Now you see any around
here you don't wanna keep,

you give 'em a shot with that.

Now they'll despise you and
the psychological damage

will be profound but they'll leave.

I'm sorry.

Okay handsome.

What do you say we go huh?

Easy, easy, easy, easy.

Yeah, I got him.

- It's gonna be okay pal.
- Okay.

Get my bag for me?

- Careful now, careful.
- Yeah.

Good boy.

All right.

Hey honey, the tow truck never showed?


Uh, doctor?


Uh, if it's uh, if
it's not too much trouble

could I get a ride into town with you?

I gotta catch a train.

Hey, he has no shame has he?

Yeah, that's okay.

Come on.

Hey, thank you.

Are you gonna be okay?


Lindsey, I love you, you know that.

t know.

All right, give Tessa a kiss okay?





you need a bit more?

There you go.

Okay, now put some paint in here.

There we go.

Get the paint all over the roller.

And I will put some stuff on...

Uh oh.

And I poked a hole right in the ceiling.

Well, that's not exactly
how it's supposed to go.

Uh oh is right.

Okay, come on.

Nap time.

Daddy's shirt.

Yes, that's daddy's shirt.

You know daddy's shirt
don't you sweet girl?

Yes you do.

Okay, nighty night sleep tight.

Close your eyes.

Big kiss.


Okay, shh shh.

Paul jarrett's office.

Hi Barbara, it's me.

Can I speak to Paul?

Oh Mrs. jarrett
he's not back from lunch.

He's not?

No, he should
be back around three.

Okay, well will you have him call me

when he gets back from lunch?


No, Barb, Barbara?

Oh there's some, Barbara?






Come on baby, come on.

Take mommy's hand.

Come on.

It's okay baby, it's okay.


It's okay.

Hey baby girl.

My little girl.

It's gonna be fine.

Mommy's here.

Come on.

Here honey.

Stay there, stay there.

Get outta here, oh!

Come on.


Go away!





Please work, please work.

Please work.

Your wife's on the line Paul

but I'm not sure she can hear me.

Thanks Barbara, I got it.

Hi sweetheart, I'm glad you called.

I tried to call - Paul?

You after lunch but I...

Paul, are you there?

I'm right here.

I tried to call - Paul?

You earlier but I...




Lindsey, can you hear me?


Where are you?

Lindsey are you okay?

What, what is it honey?


It's okay.

Please sweet girl, it's gonna be okay.


I can't make it to court today.

I gotta go home.

Call everybody, tell 'em I can't make it

and I need to borrow your car.

This is
Claire, I'm sorry I missed you.

Please leave your name
and telephone number

and all your secrets.

Miss lederer?

This is Barbara from
Paul jarrett's office.

He asked me to give you
a call and let you know

that today's court
appointment has been canceled.

He apologizes for the inconvenience

but unfortunately he had to go home early

to deal with a family matter.

We will contact you to reschedule.

shh shh shh.

Shh shh shh shh shh.


Okay, okay.

It's okay baby girl.

It's okay.



I'm just gonna...

Okay, I'm just gonna get the telephone.

Get the telephone and give daddy a call.


Okay, it's okay.


Come over here with mommy okay baby girl?

Right here, okay?

Hold onto mommy.

You stay nice and warm, okay?

I'll make a phone call.

Okay, hold on to mommy.

Uh, yes.

Hi, I need the police.

20705 Crescent road, okay?


Come on, turn.


Yes honey, we're in your house.

We're gonna stay here until
the police get here okay?


Here no honey, don't,
don't open the, well,

okay, here, come here.


Yes baby, daddy's gonna be here soon.

Very soon.

All right, okay.

Take 87 to clover leaf exit right?

Been there.

Okay, follow that to hallbridge road.

That should be comin' up.

Hallbridge, follow that
all the way into fermin.

Which leads me to, oblivion.

Where the hell is garf?

Lindsey, Paul?

Anybody home?


blue car.

Blue car.


Blue car.


Okay honey, mommy's gonna go outside.


Tessa please.

no cats.

The kitties aren't gonna come outside

because of the rain okay?

So I want you to stay right
here until mommy comes back.

I'm gonna lock the door but you wait right

here until mommy comes
back, do you understand?


Oh, okay baby it's okay.

Okay, right here all right?

Good girl.


Good girl, okay?

Okay, you stay right here.

I'll be right back okay?

Right back.

Yes baby, right back.


Can we please talk about this.

I, I'm so sorry.



Tessa are you hiding in there?

Okay, I'm gonna come get you.

Claire don't!

Come on!






Lindsey, are you all right?




She's dead, the cats, the cats.



Tessa what, what?


- The kid, she's inside.
- What? What do you mean?

- Tessa!
- No, no, no, no.

No sweetie, you're hurt.
I'll go, I'll go.

Stay here, I'll go.




Okay uh, okay sweetie, don't move okay.

Don't move all right?

I want you to crawl over there

and I want you to go out that door.

See that little door over there?

Remember how we showed Benny?

Yeah, just like we showed Benny right?

Daddy go.

Oh baby I can't, daddy
can't go, daddy's too big.

You go honey.

I'll meet ya outside.

I know the cats are there,
I know they're there.

T know.

But if you go real slow,
they won't hurt you okay?


Listen to me Tessa.


Lindsey wait.


do you see mommy?

See mommy's, mommy's waitin' for you now.

Yeah, can you go see mommy?

Can you, can you go to mommy?

Can you go see mommy?

Mommy's right there.

Okay baby, go real slow though, real slow.

Easy, easy baby.

Come on baby.

That's it baby girl.

You're a big, you're such a big girl.


Okay that's it.

There you go Tessa.
Come to me baby.

Just keep goin' nice and slow.

That's my girl.

Just keep goin' to mommy.

Okay, you're almost there.

Don't, don't stop.

That's a good baby.

Nice and slow now.

Oh no.

Tessa, listen to daddy.

You gotta unlock the door baby.

You gotta unlock it.

That's it baby, that's it.

Here baby, come on Tessa.

Come on baby.

Come on.

I got her, I got her.

Here's to nine lives pal.

Oh, thanks doc.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.


Okay baby.

Are you okay?

Are you sure?


Are you okay baby?

Is this 20705 Crescent road?


You the owners?


Where are they?


That's it.

Come on.

Let's go everybody.

Come on sweetie.

All right, here we go, come on Benny.

Everybody in.

- My Benny.
- There you go.

All settled baby?

That's a good girl.


We're ready.


You know, we could still stay.

I mean animal regulation
did take the cats away.

Or we could get another
place in this same area.

I mean to be honest with ya I was,

beginnin' to like green.

You are where I live right?


Okay, here we go, here we go.

When I saw this place
I just fell in love with it.

You know,

it's the perfect place to raise a family.

How long has
it been on the market?

Quite awhile.

The sellers were very motivated.

What was that?

It's just a cat.

Oh isn't he adorable?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.