Stray Dolls (2019) - full transcript

One petty crime spirals into the next. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Now we're ready.


[woman] Do you have family here?


You have a place to stay?

Where is your family then?

- Back in India.
- Uh-huh.

Don't you worry, my dear.

I know what it's like to be
in your shoes, starting over.

I left everybody behind,
just like you.

You work hard, you make it here.

You believe that?


Is this real?


So some ground rules.

No stealing, no drugs,
no prostitution.

I run an honest establishment.

We're all family here.

I want to make an honest living.


- My passport.
- No, this?

No, I think I will, uh,
keep this in my safe

until we get you a new one.

An American one.

Maybe one day you'll be
running this place, huh?

There used to be a pool,
we had to take it out.

That was a shame.

Here is the laundry room.

You'll be spending
a lot of your time in there.

Hey, kids,
is this your pizza box here?

You gotta pick that up.
That doesn't look so good, huh?

I let them stay here.

Their mother's an addict,
it's very sad.

I got a big heart.

[hip hop music plays]

[woman hums]

This is Riz, she just got here.

That's okay. That's okay.
Come, come, come.

We've got a plaza room
down here.

Some of the people
have services on Sundays.

If that interests you,
you can do that.

Good evening. We have, uh,
karaoke on Monday nights.

You like singing?

Oh, you have to come to karaoke,
everybody does.

Excuse me just one moment.


[door unlocks]

[woman] Who the fuck are you?

She said I stay here.


That pathetic bitch.

What are you,
like, Mexican or something?

Oh, shit.

[sighs] Fine, you can stay.

Just stop being
such a little creep, okay?

What the fuck is this?

What is this?

What's this? Useless.

What is this?

It doesn't even look real.


Earn it back.


Steal something
from some of the rooms

and I'll give your shit back.

I'm not stealing.

Listen, Ms. Goody Goody.

I've been saving
to get out of this dump

and you're gonna help me.

- [door opens]
- [clock ticking]

[vacuum cleaner whirs]

[vacuum cleaner turns off]

[door opens]

I was just
finishing up everything.

No, you can take as much time
as you want.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Wait, what about the vacuum?


Here you go.

I can do it.

From India?

Want some chai?

No, thank you.

I can do it. Thank you.

Thank you.


Oh. Here.

One sec, huh.

How much to see you
in one of these towels?

How much?

How much?



It's me.

I made it to America.

It's beautiful here.

The sky is so blue.

You can see the mountains
from here, just like home.

Friends? Yeah,
I have made some friends.

There is this girl named Dallas.


You know, like that city.

I don't know,
some Americans have funny names.

I'll send money
as soon as I save up.

[door opens]

I need my things first.

A deal is a deal.

Come to mama.

♪ Four little
kitties in a row ♪


- You want some?
- No.

You've never done it before,
have you?



Where the fuck is it?

[woman] Sal.

Sal, what the fuck is going on?

My phone is ringing off the hook
with complaints

about the noise in this room.

- I can't fucking find it.
- All right, calm down.

What's the matter?

I bet you're in on it,
aren't you?

You fucking stole it,
didn't you?

- You lying bitch!
- Sal!

You don't talk to me like that.

We have an arrangement, 30-70.

You think
I'm gonna steal it from you?

What's going on?

- It's gone.
- What?

The whole brick.

Una, I need to get it back.

Someone fucking stole it.


I don't know who.

- Who do you think?
- I don't know who.

Oh, what the fuck?

Piece of shit.

Maybe it was
one of the cleaning girls.

Which one?

The blonde one.



- Yeah.
- Maybe. Crackhead.

Okay. So you go find her,
you figure it out.

But you keep it down.

We don't want the police
here again, hmm?

Take it.

I don't want it.

Yeah, well, sometimes you gotta
be bad in order to be good.

Don't you think?

[Dallas] How do you say

- Behnchod.
- Banchode.

- Behnchod.
- Banchode.

- Yeah, something like that.
- That's sister-fucker?

Yes, sister-fucker.

What are you having?

A vanilla milkshake.

A vanilla milkshake?

Are you, like,
twelve or something?

Wanna hear my list
of nail-salon ideas?

We got Nail Me Right,

Diva Nails, Diva Dallas,
Diva Dolly.

But I'm not.

Actually, we should do
your nails tonight.

Like, shape 'em up real nice,
maybe do something like mine?

What can I get you?


- It's a lovely name, Doreen.
- What can I get you?

Um, we would like
two vanilla milkshakes, please.

I was serious about that
nail salon, though, you know?

- I'm gonna do it.
- Here?

In this dump? Fuck, no.

I'm getting the hell out.
Una can fuck off.

- Why don't you just leave?
- Are you serious?

Do you think I would last
a day out there without money?

I got a whole strategy up here,
you know?

She probably pays for sex,
you know?

Like, who would wanna fuck her?

Listen, maybe you can help me.

I saw what you did, stealing.

Opening suitcases,
God knows what else.

You're sneaky, Riz.

Look, Jimmy and I,
we got a plan.

Okay, we score extra dough
on the side.

- Odd jobs, simple, easy stuff.
- Like drugs?

We're gonna hold up
that bitch Una.

I'm not doing anything criminal.

Are you calling me a criminal?

I need to use the washroom.


Thank you.

Try the cream on top.
Try the top.

- Yeah.
- Try the top, yeah.

It's my favorite bit.

It's nice.

Fuck, yeah.

I'm vomiting and I'm like,
yakking up these mushrooms.

But then in the vomit
I could see maggots.

So I'm like, "Do I vomit,
do I not?" It was pretty scary.

[muffled music plays]


[muffled] Wanna lie down?

You okay, honey?

I feel great.

[music fades]

[no dialogue]

Oh, fuck the birds.

So you're wearing
nail polish now?

Huh? Oh, this?

What's that, gel?

I don't know. Is that the shit
that doesn't come off?

Let me see. It's gel.

Speak of the devil.

Peaches, this is the diva
behind the nails.

- Classy gel work.
- Thanks, ladybug.

I have something
so hot for you, baby

so hot, I am burning all over.

Well, I'll leave y'all two
to y'all business.

Bye, Peaches.

Well, what you got?


Wowza! Where the fuck
did you get that?

Don't you worry your
pretty little head about it.

That's gotta be fucking...

What are you gonna get me
for it?

I mean, college kids will pay,
like, 800 for that shit.

1.5K or I sell it here.

If you try and sell it here

whoever you stole it from
is gonna find out.

Get real grumpy about it.


All right, we have a deal

but you gotta do
this extra thing for me first

in the school.

- Is it gonna make me money?
- Mm-hmm.

You know what that makes me
for Halloween?

Hot and horny?

[panting, moaning]


Come on, mate.

- [both groan]
- [cell phone rings]

Don't you dare
fucking answer it.

- What if it's Pink?
- God, fuck Pink.

- The fuck nugget, Jimmy.
- Shut up!

Uh, yeah. What, delivery?

Okay, yeah,
I'll be there in a wink.

Real fucking nice.

What? Do you wanna sell
the rock or not? He's the guy.

Look, we got time for a quickie.

Kiss my grits, Jimmy.

You ever heard
of seize the moment?

It's gone now
and you didn't seize it.

Yeah, well, I'll fucking
seize it next time, all right.

Get out.

Get out.


[dance music blares]


Get the fuck off of her!


Well, you saved me
from the big rabbit.



How did you get those scars?

Did you do that to yourself?

It started
with robbing tourists.

Then, car parts.

Then cash machines.

We were a gang of six.

All different.

Like, in a family.

And what'd you do
with the money?

Paid the smugglers
to bring me here.

It was the only way.

- And trucks.
- Trucks?

I was in charge
of getting the trucks to stop

so that we could rob them.


I hopped in
to this old man's truck.


we drove for a bit.

Then, he suddenly stopped
in the middle of nowhere.

And he jumped on me.

I took care of it.



Lie on me.



Kiss my neck.

Then he pulled down his pants.

[both laugh]

[Trump] A new vision
will govern our land.

From this day forward

it's going to be

only America first!

America first!

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- What?

Did you find out
about my passport?

- [phone rings]
- [Trump continues indistinctly]

Good morning. Tides Plaza Motel.

[speaking in Polish]

We must protect our borders
from the ravages...

[hip hop music plays]

Shut up.

Empty the safe and hand it over,
you karaoke bitch

or I will stuff this into
every fucking hole in your body

and pull the goddamn trigger.

Get on the bed. On the bed.

Take your clothes off.

You're a fucking hot mess,
you know that?

Shut up!

Please, I don't have anything.
All the money is in...

Shut up!

Stop lying or I'll blow
your fucking ear off.

You ever seen anybody
without an ear?

Looks like they got a black hole
on the side of their head

and it's fucking gross.

[laughs] Thank God.

How was that?

That was sexy.

The tits were a nice touch.

I'm ready for some R&R, Jimmy.
Ruthless revenge.

That bitch is not gonna know
what hit her.

Are those mine?

[indistinct chatter]

- [Jimmy] What?
- [Dallas] Stop it.

[indistinct chatter]

You're gonna give yourself
a heart attack, you know?

[TV chatter continues]

Uh, hello?

It's gonna be so easy, in
and out and we split it 50-50-

She is one moody fuck.

Hey, Dallas, you in or not?

I don't know, Jimmy. It all
seems a bit sketchy for me.

Listen, I'm going out
on a limb here for you

robbing my own flesh and blood.
What are you doing for me?

Jeez. All right.


Thank you.


- What?
- What's that?

- It's Doreen.
- Doreen?

Yeah, Doreen.
Jimmy gave her to me.

I hate rats.

You don't really like Jimmy
at all, do you?

I don't know him.

You're just jealous.

Shut up!

[scoff, chuckles]

I'm just fucking with you.
I have a job for you.

- What's this?
- What we're getting.

- Where?
- School.

- I'm not doing it.
- Okay.

How do you think we're gonna
get out of here then, Riz?

Folding bed sheets?
Wiping people's shit?

Okay, this is America.
You want the...

Hey, you want the rainbow,
you gotta put up with the rain.

You know who said that?

Dolly Parton.


[country music plays]

♪ My name it doesn't matter ♪

♪ My name I couldn't tell ♪

♪ The reason I am standing here
is to tell you how I fell ♪

♪ They say a straw
can break the back ♪

♪ Of a camel fully grown ♪

♪ I used a straw
to pick my teeth ♪

♪ 'Cause my back
broke long ago ♪

♪ Once I had a family ♪

♪ Once I had a wife ♪

♪ Then one day
they walked away ♪

- [bell rings loudly]
- Oh!

There is no smoking
in the lobby.

No hi, hello? Just straight
to barking orders, huh?

Where have you been?
There's work to do here!

Pink and I checked out
the trampoline house. Hey.

I can't do everything myself,
you know?

Is that why you're planning your
escape, buying the fucking...

I'm serious, Jimmy.

You gotta step it up

if you're gonna take over
this place one day.

I got you
that Codeine you needed.

This buy me a break?

For now, yeah. Come on.

There's no oxy today?

You're welcome, ma.

Thank you.

Rock-paper-scissors, shoot!

- I win!
- That doesn't count.

- Three! Three!
- Okay.

Oh, you...
Keep it, girl.

[Riz groans]

You two Bonnie and Bonnie
or something, huh?

Well, game's over now.

Where is it, hmm, huh?

Give me my fucking shit! Fuck!

[Sal groans]

[Sal gasps]

[fly flapping]


No one's ever saved me before.

[kids chatter indistinctly]

[Dallas] It's gonna be okay.

It's not okay.

It's over, Dallas. I'm done.


They're gonna lock me up.

It was self-defense, okay?
He tried to kill me.


Do you know
what they will do with me?

We're all
just a bunch of sinners

doing the best that we can.

[kids chatter indistinctly]

[scoffs] What?

No one saw us.

Okay, look.

It's gonna be fine. Okay.

- Don't...
- Stop it!

He's dead.

We just need to get to work.


- What?
- What are you doing?

I'm moving the body.

Leave him.

If we're doing this,
we have to do it right.

Go put the gloves on.

Room 166 is in my list.

You're calling me a whore?

Look, he know...

Look, he knew
that I sold his stash to Jimmy.


I need this.
Wake up.


You should go to your room.


Morning, ladies.

Looking good.

[truck horn honks]

Get that other one.

You know, my mama was
in a traveling country band?

Not, like, anything fancy.

She lived paycheck to paycheck

and whored it up
with any and every club owner

that she could find.

As luck would have it, she was
eight months pregnant in Dallas

when I decided to come early.

She couldn't really...
Hey, well, grab me that.

She couldn't think of a name.

She thought...

"We're in Dallas,
so why not call her Dallas?"

That's how I got my name.

I like the name Dallas.

How'd you get your name?

From my grandmother.

Wow! You look like shit.

Where the fuck have you been?
I've been calling you all night.

- Went out for a walk.
- That's romantic.

we have to do this tonight.

Do what?

None of your business, munchkin.

School. Midnight. Be there.

I don't think
I'm up for it tonight, Jimmy.

Are you kidding me?

- It's gonna be so easy.
- Don't.

I've been planning this shit
for the past three months.

Now you just decide
you're not feeling it?

Pink's expecting it.

I'm not Pink's bitch, you are.

What happened to that crank,

I'm selling it. You know what?
Maybe I won't.

If tonight's off,
all deals are off.

Jimmy boy is flying solo.


Jimmy, wait, please.
I'm sorry, baby. I...

It's just been a rough night,
okay? I'm sorry. I'll be there.

It's all right.
You know how I get sometimes.

Do you think he knows?

He's a decent fuck

but he is not
the brightest of bulbs.

He wants to do
the robbery tonight.

Which robbery?

The one at the school.

- No, please, Riz.
- No.

- Riz, we need your help.
- No. No.

Riz, we need
to get out of here.

Do you know how many pills
we will find in that school?

Look, I promise, I will take you
to Niagara Falls myself after.


[Una] Don't you think
the lights are pretty?

This is my favorite song.

- Yes, I know.
- Did you know that?

- Yes, I know.
- Okay!

It's a good song.

You know that Fleetwood Mac?
They're great.

Oh, fuck.
What the fuck is she doing here?

We need three
to pull this off, okay?

Fine, you can come, just
don't be no stool pigeon, okay?

What the fuck
is this fucking estrogena?

Oh, Una's menopause pills.
Just throw them on the floor.

- Have you got the keys?
- The key to success.

[Jimmy laughs evilly]

I wanna be with you.

Wait, you look scared!

- Don't be scared!
- Well, why not?

- It's fun! It's the song!
- Si, si, si.

[engine shuts off]

There's a camera
at the entrance.

Yeah, I know.
It's been broke for months.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.
Just don't get in the way.


"I wanna be a pilot
when I grow up."

- What is it?
- Put that shit down.

Jimmy boy?

Damn it.

- What's wrong?
- It should be this one.

Well, did you bring
the right key?


He didn't bring
the right fuckin' key.

- Okay, let me try.
- Give me a sec, okay, Dallas?

All right, fine with me.

- I don't know.
- Mm-hmm.

[door slams]

What the fuck was that?

Let me try.

- Let me try.
- What? No.

Fucking let her try, Jimmy.


- Oh, Jesus.
- Yeah, shut up.

- So glad we brought her-
- Shut up!

Fucking go!

Hurry the fuck up.

[alarm rings]

- We have to go.
- We have to go!

- We have to go. Let's go!
- Yeah.

Oh, shit.


[gentle guitar music plays]

This is gonna be
our passport to paradise.

I get the nail salon,
you get the passport.

Ain't that right, Jimmy?

Yeah, Pink makes passports.

He's gonna get you
a pink passport.

Where the fuck
you learn to do that?

These fingers are muy talented.

- [music plays]
- [Jimmy strums guitar]

Dance with me.

[music continues]


Wild night?

We have to talk, Jimmy.

I found it.

Found what?

In the basement.

You went through my...

You went through
my fucking stuff again?

Why do you do this?

- What are you trying to prove?
- What am I...

What are you trying to prove?

I don't wanna run this
fucking-piece-of-shit motel!

I've got my own business
with Pink.

Jimmy, grow up! Jeez!

This isn't some dime bag
of stolen pills.

This could get you
in real trouble.

You want to get your ass
fucked in jail?

You've gotta clean up.

Like a good boy
and come help me out here.

You liked those classes
at the community college.

You could go back.

Who's gonna buy
your fucking Vicodin

if I'm in community college,

Fuck you, Una.

It's mom to you.

And I don't work this hard
to watch you waste yourself.

- Just give me that!
- No!

I am keeping this hostage

until you get your act together!



Where are the drugs?

Jimmy just probably took 'em
to sell them or something.

Don't stress. I trust him, okay?
He's one of us.


[phone buzzes]

Let's try it again.
What are your names?

And what are you doing here?

It's $40 for an hour

120 for the night,
paid in advance.

For the night.

Supposed to be meeting a friend
of mine who's staying here.

- Your name?
- Oh.

Floyd. Floyd Lutz.

Who's your friend?

His name is Sal.

Lutz is L-U-T-Z.

Yes, ma'am.


Is he here?

I don't want any trouble.


Will you take Mr. Lutz
to Sal's room?


[Dallas] I don't give a shit.

Chilly day, ain't it?

You sure this is his room?

It is clean as a whistle.

I guess he must have left.


Now that
is a comfortable mattress, eh?

If I had a mattress this
comfortable, I'd sleep all day.


Where is he?

I'll get you another bulb.

Hey, do you wanna feed Doreen?

Why are you always feeding her?

She's going to die from choking

or get fat
and have a heart attack.

What got into you today?

Someone came in looking for Sal.


Creepy as hell.

Okay, maybe he's just, you know

just here for the night,
and he's gonna leave tomorrow.

It doesn't feel right.

We just need to stay calm.

Just stay calm.


It's all your fault, Dallas.

Okay, how is this my fault?
You're the one who killed him.

I saved your ass!

- You were the one in his room.
- Shh.

You stole from me,
that's why I stole from him.

I need to get him a bulb.

Jesus, fuck!
Who the fuck are you?

Blood red.

How the hell did...

Get the fuck out!

You like the color?

Yeah, of course, I fucking do.
It's my fucking nail polish.

Get the fuck out of here
before I call somebody.


- Get out!
- Okay. Shh, it's okay.

- Get out!
- Look at that.

- Look at this color.
- Get out!

Don't fuck with me.


Do you even know

what's in nail polish?

Dibutyl phthalate, toluene

and formaldehyde.

Now, you look like
you know something about drugs.

Why don't you tell me
everything you know

and I won't make you drink

that nail polish?


What are you doing?

Jimmy and I were really in love.

We were gonna run away.

Just the two of us.

Then Una found out and...

We were gonna call her Austin.


You know, not even, I wasn't
even fucking born in Texas.

I was born in Michigan.

What sort of a name is Detroit?


- Let's just...
- Don't tell me...

- What's your problem? What?
- You can't tell me to go.

Don't! What's my problem?

What is my problem, hey?

My problem is being stuck here
with people like you!

- Stop!
- You fucking scavenger!

He had a fucking gun in my face!

A fucking gun!

Let's play spin the bottle.

If it lands on the left,
then I jump

and if it lands on the right,
you fucking jump.

- I don't want to play.
- Oh, you don't want to play?

You don't want to play?

- That's fine. I'll fucking jump.
- No.

What is wrong with you, Dallas?

Floyd knows.

We're dead.



I am the princess of dreams
I am on all hearts

I am the princess of dreams
I am on all hearts

My hair is like clouds
my yawn is like lightning

I have come to make
lightning fall

They call me
the wind from Hawaii

They call me
the wind from Hawaii

They call me
the wind from Hawaii

They call me
the wind from Hawaii


[sings] ♪ The summer's gone ♪

♪ And all the flowers dying ♪

♪ 'Tis you 'tis you ♪

♪ Must go ♪

♪ And I must bide ♪

Hello. Amma?


I just went for a swim.

Where? Here, at the motel.

There is a swimming pool here.

It's like a-

Like a kidney bean.

In the pool they have

these noodles like thukpa

like floating noodles.

In lots and lots of colors,
like a rainbow.

So many colors.

Yeah, I am saving up.

As soon as I save up,
I'll send you tickets.

We'll go to Niagara Falls
and take one of those boat rides

through the water.

The boat goes through
the mouth of the fall.

The mouth of the fall.

We'll go together.

It will be beautiful.

The mouth of the fall.


Don't worry, I'm okay.

I am. I am okay, don't worry.

Don't worry, I'm okay.

I'll call you soon.


What's the song?

♪ Oh Danny boy the pipes ♪

♪ The pipes are calling ♪

♪ Summer's gone ♪

You damn sister-fucker.

I buried him next to his friend.


Want some chai?

[phone dial tone]

- [phone rings]
- Just put it up to my ear.


Jimmy, where the fuck
have you been?

I've called you,
like, a billion times.

Whoa, calm down. Jesus.
What do you want?

Listen, if you don't wanna
rob Una, it's fine

but I need the money.

What money?

From the school
and the school drugs and...

All right, listen, let's just
meet behind the dumpster.


The fucking dumpster
behind the motel.

Get rid of her.


Fuck you!

He lied, Riz.

He took our money.

After all these years,
he fucked me.

Did you hear what I just said?


Listen. Dallas.


Jimmy is a sister-fucker.

We don't need him.

We can get a car.

We can leave this place.

Then what?

We go somewhere else.

- Find a job.
- Find a job?

Where would we go, okay?
We're fucking criminals.


So we leave this country.

We don't have any money.

You don't even have
a fucking passport.

We get it from Una's safe.

The money, the passport.

We start over.


No, we get it from Jimmy...

what he fucking owes us.


Could you pass me
the nail polishes, please?

Yeah, reds and pinks.

That's fine.

- Let's go.
- What about Doreen?

- You're taking her, right?
- What the f...

No, it's just a fucking mouse.

You'd leave her alone
by herself?

Riz, we have to go.


Oh, for fuck's sake.

No, wait.

Now we're ready.

What are you...

Shit! You are
so fucking gangster, Riz.

[engine turns]

- Yeah.
- Switch with me.



- Oh, shit.
- You've got the gun, right?

- What? No, I...
- I gave it to you!

- You have the gun!
- I fucking...

Oh, God.
We're fine, we have the gun.

Take it.


[moans loudly]

- [door opens]
- Oh, Jesus. Fuck!

- Fuck!
- What the fuck is this?

- Peaches, what the fuck?
- What?

You fucking serious right now?

Hmm? Peaches?

- Riz.
- Oh, my God!

- Sister-fucker.
- Yeah, what a shame.

What the fuck?
Who the fuck is this?

- What are you...
- You're a scumbag.

- We want the money.
- You lied to us, okay?

You lied to me, you lied to Riz,
and you stole.

- Give them the fucking money.
- What money?

Get out of the bed.

- Get out.
- Get out of the bed!

put some fucking clothes on!

I don't wanna see your dick.

Quick. Quick!

All right, look.

There's no money.

The drugs are gone, too.


Oh, fuck! Okay. All right.

Okay! Fuck.

put that fucking thing away!

How much is there?

- This is from the pills.
- That's all I have.

- What about the coke, hmm?
- Where's the coke?

- Pink-
- Where's the coke?

- Pink has it!
- Okay.

Well, why don't you call Pink?

Because we need
the fucking money.

Call him.

Call him!



Okay, what the fuck do you mean,

- What do you mean, "Shit?"
- It's gone.

Don't touch me.

It's gone, hmm?

It's gone. I don't have it.

How is it gone? You said
that you gave Pink the coke.

- No, it's gone.
- Okay.

You know what, I'm gonna ask you
one more fucking time.

Where is the fucking coke?

All right, okay,
there was this crazy bulldog

and I was on the bus,
on my way to the gym and he...

Ow! Fuck! Jesus, fuck!


- Fuck!
- Fuck! Jesus, fuck!

Oh, Jesus, fuck!

Oh, God! Oh!

- Ah!
- You fucking lied.

You know, all this fucking time

I thought that we were on
the same team.


I thought we were
on the same fucking team!

Una's my fucking mom, Dallas!

[Riz] Dallas, we have to go.


You're a fucking coward.


[TV plays indistinctly]

Ooh. That smells nice.

What, is that, like,
chicken noodles or something?

- Hmm?
- Spicy chicken.


Why are you two
dressed up like that?

Stop eating.



What the hell?

- Get over there.
- Oh, my God.

- Grab a chair.
- What have you got?

- Is that real?
- Move.

What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- Sit down!

What are you gonna do,
hold me up?


What, are you gonna tie me up?
You're gonna kill me?

Are you gonna kill me?
Is that your...

- What's the plan, girls?
- Yeah.

- You got a plan?
- Hmm?

So what will it be, hmm?
Fleetwood Mac or Sinatra?

Fuck you.

answer the fucking question!

Fleetwood Mac. Hah!

You know, I actually think

this song might be
more appropriate.

[Some Velvet Morning plays]

What's the code?
What's the code to the safe?

Are you kidding me?

I'm not telling you
the fucking code.

- No?
- No!



- Hmm?
- You think I care about that?

I got all that stuff
in a garage sale.

Oh, a garage sale?
A garage fucking sale?



What about now, hmm?

What's the code?

You are wasting your time.

Give me the fucking gun.
Give me the gun.

Give us the fucking code

or I swear to God, I will blow
your fucking head off.

I'm not giving you anything.
I don't owe you anything.



Now give me the code
or I'll stuff this

in every hole in your body
and pull the trigger.

Twenty seven, eighty five,
sixty three.


Twenty seven, eighty five,
sixty three.


Twenty seven, eighty five,
sixty three.

Now sing.


Hmm? Sing.


[muffled singing]

Thank you, Una, you have done
your good deed for the day.

[rings bell]

Where's my passport?

- Where's my passport?
- What?

Where's my passport?

I shredded it.

[Dallas] Una.

What did you think
you were gonna do with this?

It's Jimmy's.

Excuse me?

You asked for it.

[Riz] Dallas.

I never asked for any of this.

[Riz] Dallas.

- You're lucky she's the sane one.
- Dallas, let's go.

Let's get you
an American passport.

[phone rings]

- [Peaches sobs]
- [phone continues ringing]


You gotta go to the hospital,

- [police radio chatter]
- You know who they were?

Oh, it's just, um-

Oh, fuck!

You give them a finger

they take the whole hand.

♪ Some velvet morning
when I'm straight ♪

♪ I'm gonna open your gate ♪

♪ And maybe tell
you about Phaedra ♪

♪ And how she gave me light ♪

♪ And how she made it in ♪

You see that?

♪ Some velvety morning
when I'm straight ♪

Niagara Falls!

♪ Flowers growing on a hill ♪

♪ Dragonflies and daffodils ♪

♪ Learn from us very much ♪

♪ Look at us but do not touch ♪

♪ Phaedra is my name ♪

♪ Some velvet morning
when I'm straight ♪

♪ I'm gonna open your gate ♪


♪ Some velvet morning
when I'm straight ♪

[music fades]

Did you know?

Annie Taylor,
this 63-year-old

decided to cross Niagara Falls
in a barrel.

When they pulled her
out of the barrel

she survived with only
a small scratch on her forehead.

It was a miracle.

Anything can happen in America.

American dream is real.

You'll see for yourself
when you get here.

Ma. You'll see.

[music plays softly]

We're gonna make it.