Stray Dog (1949) - full transcript

Murukami, a young homicide detective, has his pocket picked on a bus and loses his pistol. Frantic and ashamed, he dashes about trying to recover the weapon without success until taken under the wing of an older and wiser detective, Sato. Together they track the culprit.



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It was an unbearably hot day.

Someone stole your gun?

Yes, I have no excuse.


The pistol had been lifted off of
Murakami, a rookie in Homicide.

How many bullets were in the gun?

All seven, sir.

A Colt?

The stolen piece was
a compact Colt revolver,

pinched right after firing practice.

How'd you do?

No good. I was up
all night on a stakeout.

- Missed every shot?
- No, one bull's-eye in a stump.

Get home and rest
those bloodshot eyes.

Actually, everything looks yellow.

- I'm off, then.
- Right, bye.

Murakami was beat.

And then there was
that awful heat.

On the bus, the air was so thick,
he felt woozy.

A wailing infant shook with tears,

and the woman beside him reeked
with the stink of cheap perfume.

Sir, I'll accept any punishment
you give me.


Will you cut all that "sir" crap?
This isn't the army.

Yes. Lieutenant, sir,
what am I supposed to do?

Supposed to do? Well, you can't just
stand there while we decide.

I'd check with the pickpocket experts.
Might as well go to the source.


Well, that was rotten luck.

So, they gonna sack you?

Yes, probably.

You're under...

Lt. Nakajima.

Oh, man. He must've raked you
over the coals.

He looks like he'll rip you apart,
but he's cooler than you'd think.

He's not enough of a stickler
to dump you.

Take a seat.

So I hear you got a look
at the pickpocket's face?

Go over to Evidence, where they got mugs
on everyone with a record.

Give 'em an age range

and tell 'em he's "a rider,"
vehicles are his stock in trade.

What else?

We break 'em down by age, sex, methods,
type of goods - that's about it.

Any luck?

He's not so bad,

your lieutenant. Called me
and asked me to look out for you.

What's the problem?

I don't see him here.

But you know,

pickpockets sometimes
work in pairs,

passing the goods
off to a partner.

Remember any other suspicious
characters on the bus?

Well, there was a middle-aged lady
in a dress next to me.

On which side of you?
This side?

Yes, my right. On the side
where I carry my pistol.

Sounds fishy to me.

We got some famous
light-fingered ladies, too.

Say, show me the women's file.

Boy, do these faces
ever bring back memories.

Say, this train pickpocket
just kicked the bucket.

Is that so?

Hey. This is the one.

You mean her?

It was definitely her.

But you said
she had on a dress.

That's strange. Ogin's always been
known by her kimonos.

And way off her turf.

I'm sure. She had a perm
and stank of perfume.

A perm, Ogin?
Times sure have changed.

Get me her record.

No need. I know her
down to the moles on her back.

But she's always gone after cash.
Why'd she want a piece?

Must've hit the skids.

Where is she?

I know her haunts,
but she'll never confess.

I'll manage.

Manage, huh?

Let me see her.

See her, huh?

The boss must be out flat
in this heat.

After all, he's 78 years old.

Will she come?

Ogin? Oh, yeah, shows up
every day like clockwork.

She's the type that's conscientious
about petty stuff.

She's been a regular here
since the boom years.

What's wrong?

A story on a stolen pistol.

A homicide detective shocked
by a stolen gun?

No, I just wondered
if it might be mine.

Hey, long time no see.

Oh, it's you, Ichikawa-san.
I figured you'd kicked the bucket.

That's a helluva welcome.

Better than some.

What's better?

The way you look in a dress.
My associate here said

you'd taken up dresses,
so I had to see for myself.

You know this guy, don't you?

Who knows? At my age, I've stopped
noticing handsome young men.

You're slippery as the eels
on the menu here.

Why say that?
I've got nothing to hide.

You sure? Didn't you pull
a terrible misdeed on the bus?

Give me back my pistol.
I'll leave you out of the rest.

What's that supposed to mean?
Don't go accusing me.

Please, I just need
to get it back.

Just give me a clue.

Help him out.
The guy's just a greenhorn.

Listen, mess with a rookie
and you'll be sorry later.

I don't know.
You're violating my civil rights.

Awful stylish language, there.

- I can do better than that.
- Like what?


She's a dead end.

No, she's not.


Then I'll tail her
until she comes clean.

Thank you so much.

Watch the buildings with two exits.

Man, you're a pain.
Give it a rest.

Not until you talk.

And my civil rights?

I'm just on a stroll.

Suit yourself, then.

Please, just give me a hint.

What time is it?

That was the 11:30 train.

That kid still hanging around?

Sure is.

I told him to come in,
or the mosquitoes would get him.

He said he's not drinking,
so he'd stay outside.

It's rare
for a young man these days.

I don't know what's up,
but why don't you go talk to him?

Gimme a beer.

Haven't you had enough?

It's not for me.

Come and get this.
You must be starving. Eat up.

Come and get it.

So, you win.

Eat up.
The beer's nice and cold, too.

- That's not what I...
- I know.

I told you, you win.

We're not playing "What's My Line?"
Just a hint, okay?

- Check the pistol dealers.
- Pistol dealers?

Man, are you green.

Places that unload guns.

They buy, sell and even rent 'em.
Nasty business.

Where are they?

Wouldn't know.

But I've heard if you wander
the alleys downtown looking desperate,

the scouts will come
and tug at your sleeves.

Isn't it time
you let me off the hook?

What an awful rotten day.

No one from Homicide ever
tailed me before. Day and night.

I'm beat.

Look, how pretty that is.

In the last 20 years,
I've completely forgotten

how wonderful the stars are.

Can you take care of me?

- Can you afford it?
- Sure.

It's loaded. It'll cost.

- How many rounds?
- Huh?

- How much?
- Short term...

You want a girl, right?

No, this racket.

Not my game.

Liar. My guys
told me about you.

Get out of here.
I'll sick the cops on you.

Too tired to get mad?

You're in pretty good shape
to be so down and out.

You need a piece?

Don't act dumb.

I'm asking you if you want a gun.

How much?

You're broke, so drop the cool act.

Your rice card.

Rice card?
You mean my ration card?

- If you don't even have that, no deal.
- I've got it.

Come to the Café Conga
on Suzuran Boulevard at 9:00.

Talk to the bitch
with the white flower.

Ration card.


- What the hell!
- Police.

I'm from Headquarters.
Can I question her in the back?

It's awful hot in there.

The roof's tin. Even at night,
it's like roasting in an oven.

Is this the only kind of gun
you handle?

Any old pistol
works in this racket.

Handled any Colts lately?

What's a Colt?

It's about this big.

Like this.

I loaned one out yesterday.

Where and when
are you supposed to get it back?

Shut up. I was supposed to get it back
tonight, where I met you.

I ran by him at the door
when you took off after me.

Boy, was he shocked.

Hey, that means you've still got
his ration card. Show me.

Man, you're a real amateur.

We hit 'em up for our share
when they bring the gun back.

This business is all about taking 'em
for everything we can.

After all, we're dealing with crooks.
Tough customers.

Hardly my game.


Remember the guy reading the paper
behind you? He's my lookout.

He holds on to the guy's ration card.

No use panicking.
They've all flown the coop by now.

Get it together, man.
Hurry up and take me in already.

It's so damned hot in here,
I'll roast to death.

No big deal, anyway.

Why are you so desperate
to get your Colt back?

You should have tried to grab

a pile of guns from that fence,
not just your Colt.

Shouldn't have brought her in.

But, sir...

I know how you feel. But there's
no proof she ever even had your Colt.

There's more than one Colt
in the world.

There was an assault
and robbery last night.

They took a bullet
out of the victim's elbow.

It's over in Evidence now.
It came from a Colt.

Cut it out.
No point imagining the worst.

Homicide detectives can't afford
to be so sensitive.

You look awful thin.
Been pounding the pavement?

Well, better to suffer
while you're young.

It's official.
- What?

You'll work three months at half pay.

And how about taking the day off?



Who examined that Colt bullet?

Oh, I did.

There's no record
of a bullet from this Colt.

Unless there's a match,
bullets never help us crack cases.

Just like a fingerprint,
the spiral marks on the surface...

What is it?

I misfired over here once.

Hmm. So?

Same type of bullet.

Please compare it.

Where'd you find it?



It's from the same Colt.

Excellent police work.

Have a look for yourself.

Thank you.


You're taking responsibility?

There's no excuse.

Bad luck either makes a man
or destroys him.

Are you gonna let it destroy you?

Depending how you take it,
bad luck can be a big break.

Why not get yourself
put on this case?

Officer Abe's representing
Homicide on this one.

Like to join him?
- Yes.

Sato's with the precinct.
Great cop. Used to be with Homicide.

I'll call him
and get you on the team.

And before you go...
that pistol dealer's moll you brought in.

Why not talk to her again?

She may know something.

I'm on my way.

- Number 18, please.
- She's out.

- Out?
- A precinct cop took her in.

- Precinct cop?
- Yes. Room 4.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I'm Murakami, Homicide.

That's the guy who booked me.

I'm Sato.

What? Oh, Sato-san.

What is it?

They've put me
on that new case of yours.

I just got orders
to work with you.

I'll need your advice.

Looking forward to it.

About the Colt
this woman handled?

Yeah, Abe filled me in on it.

Besides, it's the rare thief
that packs a Colt.

This guy you loaned the Colt to,
what's he like?

What's he like?
Let's see...

He had a winter jacket, even in this heat.
- Black?

- How did you know?
- He's also a lefty.

Yeah? Is that right?

Well, you can think it over
while you're smoking.

Hey, I remember.
He lit a match with his left hand.

I remember he was shaking bad.

I said, "You're not gonna blow
your brains out with that pistol?"

What's the guy's name?

- How would I know?
- Liar. You saw his ration card.

Sure I did. But it was pretty hard
to make out the letters.

I always hated school.

And who's got the ration card?

His name?

- Dunno.
- It's Kimura, right?

No, it isn't.

Who is it, then?

Guess you're protecting
your boyfriend.

- I am not.
- Liar.

- I'm not lying!
- When they protect 'em like this,

you can be sure
they're an item.

- Name's Honda.
- Okay, spill it all while you're at it.

I'll help myself to another one.

Honda's digs?

I wouldn't know.

I really don't know.

He's just stringing me along.
He'd never tell me.

Where's he hang out, then?

I don't know.

I remember.

I've heard he's keen on baseball.
I bet he goes to the stadium.

Does he have a record?


He was bragging how he did time
for half-killing a woman.

- When was that?
- Who knows.

All right.

C'mon, wait till I've finished
my smoke.

Shoot. You get what you need
and you're gone.

Go see what you can
turn up on Honda.

It may just be an alias,
but it'll get you started.

And where are you going?


What's the coolest place around?


I found it.
His real name's Tachibana.

Get a bunch of copies
of this photo. Then a warrant.

I don't know anything about
the location or the investigation.

Your arresting her was a big break.
We're nearly done.

We pick up Honda, get the ration card,
and put out an APB. It's got to be him.

A black winter jacket.

A Colt.

Which he clutched in his left hand.

A hand that was shaking

like a leaf.

'Cause he panicked
and shot it off for no reason.

Just your typical case
of an amateur running amok,

although the consequences
for the victims are severe.

A young woman?

Yeah, he got 40,000 yen off of her.

Three years' worth of savings.
Her whole dowry.

Got to work
another three, four years.

By then, she won't be young anymore.

Groom's waited 10 years,
counting the war.

The injury's nothing.
Just wants her money back.

That terrible gun.

What is it?

What's wrong?

The Colt, it was mine.

Someone stole it from me.

If only I hadn't screwed up.

If it wasn't a Colt,
it'd have been a Browning.

I have an awful feeling
something worse will happen.

We're all set.

The hawkers have his picture.

Well done.

Quite a game, huh?

Not again.

It's just that
something's bothering me.

What's that?


That night, the perp came back
to return the gun.

But there I was,
busting that woman.

He must have thought
I got his card, too.

Maybe that's why he went out
and robbed and shot that girl.

Hey, there now.

Is the perpetrator
your responsibility?

No, but I checked. There were
no armed assaults the night before.

I mean, he'd gotten hold of the gun,
then had second thoughts.

And he wanted to return it,
but then...

So what?

Instead of brooding,
prevent the next incident.

He stole 40,000 yen. He's bound
to run through it pretty fast.

And what happens
when he runs out of dough?

He'll rob again. Once does not a habit
make, but the second time,

a stray becomes a rabid dog.
Am I wrong?


We'll put everything we've got
into grabbing Honda.

He'll turn up today.
No baseball fan would miss this game.

Thank you for your patience.

The Giants vs. The Hawks.

And the lineup is...

How many people we got here?

- 50,000 they say.
- One of 50,000, huh?

How 'bout some ice pops?
Sweet popsicles.

Popsicles here.

We'll take two.

Twenty yen, please.

Play ball!

Anyone want a popsicle?

Gimme a popsicle.

Hey, hey.

Sorry, I'm all out.

Then why push 'em?

- Now, the hard part.
- I'll get him.

Don't you see anything but Honda?

We can't put this crowd at risk.

We have to assume he's armed.
And a bullet's nothing like a foul ball.

Got to get him away from the crowd.

But how?

We mull it over.
We've got five innings to go.

Kawakami's coming up to bat.

Time for the seventh-inning stretch.

Only three innings to go.


We have a lost child to report.

Calling the father
of Hiroshi Yamamoto.

Your son climbed onto the roof
of the announcer's booth.

Please retrieve him immediately.

Let's give that a try.

Call Honda over the PA system.

I get it.

Honda-san of Ueno.

Honda-san of Ueno.

Please come
to the main gate immediately.

Your party will meet you there.

Maybe it's pointless.

Let's try again.

Right, this time
use his real name.

Tachibana-san of Ueno.

Tachibana-san of Ueno.

Please meet your party
at the main gate now.

Put 'em up!


We're lucky
Honda hadn't torn this to pieces.

He couldn't stand someone
having stolen his Colt.

He was planning his revenge.

Once a thief, always a thief.

Good work. Now we'll go after Yusa
with everything we've got.

We'll track him step by step.
Who knows how long it'll take.

A little rain would sure help.

This heat dulls your instincts.

I'm putting Sato-san
and Murakami on this investigation.

So Shinjiro Yusa is
your younger brother?

Yes. Has he done something?

He hasn't been home
for a week now.

Oh, it's no big deal, really.

Ever since he got home from the war,
he's like a stranger.

The poor boy.

His knapsack and everything he owned
was stolen from him on the train ride home.

He turned bitter.

You're just indulging him.

I can't be as hard on him
as you are.

He's always blaming
the world, the war.

Like he's carrying all Japan's problems,
but he never lifts a finger.

I blame those horrible friends of his.


There's a yakuza
who comes by sometimes.

You know the Regent cut?
That's how he wears his hair.

It's all his fault.
- What's his name?

He always calls him "Sei-san."

They were in the army together.

Do you know where he lives?

I wonder.

May we look at
your brother's things?

There's almost nothing to speak of.

Just some junk in that box.

Excuse us.

He's a sweet, gentle kid,
but he's really too shy.

Go play outside.

Is this where he sleeps?

No, he sleeps out back...

More out back?

No, he just bought some wood
and made it himself.

May we see his room?

I'd hardly call it a room,
it's so makeshift.

I wanted to look after him,
but with so many kids...

How was he
when you last saw him?

Let me see...

I remember.
It must have been the day he left.

He didn't come
when dinner was ready.

I found him sitting here
in the dark, crying,

his head in his hands.

He kind of scared me.


Another sleepless night.

I hear that alley cat
crying over the rain.

The one who followed me
through the storm.

It's only going to suffer and die.

Better to kill it
once and for all.

I still remember

how it felt
when I crushed it with my foot.

I'm a coward.

Just like that rain-drenched cat.

What's the point...

Is this your brother's writing?

And this Sakura Hotel?

That's right. He mentioned
his yakuza friend

manages that hotel,
or something like that.

I'm sure that can't be so.

Thank you.


The manager?

- That's me.
- Know a man named Sei-san?

Sei-san's one of our bellboys.
What did he do now?

So, he's always up to something?

He does like his women.

We'd like to meet this ladies' man.

- Right away.
- We'll go this way.

Hey, the police are here.

Oh, Midori must have gone
whining to you.

I want you to know she knew
the score when she lent me the dough.

This isn't about Midori.

Is it about Kaori, then?

But, Officer...

We're not here over
your Midori or Kaori.

We want to know about Yusa.
Your war buddy.

So they beat you up in the army.
We aren't like that.

Isn't it about time
you turned off the faucet?

Where were we?

When did you last see Yusa?

It was Saturday night, the 11th.
He turned up, loaded.

- Pockets full too?
- Yeah, new clothes.

- What kind?
- A white linen suit.

White linen?
Was he by himself?

He's shy around women.

Not everyone can be like you.

He spent the night?
- Yes.

- How'd he seem?
- Who knows.

He was broke, but suddenly
he's loaded. Isn't that odd?

Didn't you ask him why?
What'd he say?

He didn't explain anything.
He just stared ahead, looking pale.

Did he pull something?

I hear you're the one
who led him astray.

But that's... Who told you that?
I just...

You just what?

I just hung around with him some.

What do you get
out of a penniless vet?

- I just... We're just friends.
- Liar.

I'm sure all your other friends
are good for dough.

What do you get
out of being pals with him?

He's got some pull backstage
at the Bluebird. That's why.

Right. Women again.

So you're telling me

you used him like a pass
to get close to those chorus girls?


But why him?
He was broke.

One of the girls, Harumi Namiki,
was an old friend of his.

Do you have
any more questions for me?

We'll send a juvenile officer around.

Which one is Harumi Namiki?

Second from the left.


Why were you out yesterday?

I felt bad.

In this heat,
everybody feels like crap.

And you've got visitors.
They're police.

You act so innocent.
God knows what you're up to.

You're Namiki?

You know

a guy named Yusa?


I hear you go way back.

Way back?

Weren't you childhood friends?


We sat next to each other
one year at school.

I want the truth from you.

I'm not lying.

Forget it. So, what's the deal
with you two these days?

The deal?

I mean, are you his girl?

It's not like that.

So he's just another fan?

Not that either.

What is it, then? I hear he comes
to see you every day.

I can't just pack him off.
I do know him.

That's not what I'm talking about.

When was the last time
you saw him?


I'm thinking.

You're thinking?

What's wrong?

I haven't... done anything bad.

I filed a report with Headquarters.

We're beat.
Tomorrow's another day.

I'll excuse myself, then.

I'd like you to make
one last stop with me.

Why do you think
that woman burst into tears?

Well, she's exhausted.
And so are we.

I shouldn't have done that.

When you're tired,
you run out of patience.

Questioning's a tricky business.

If you try to strong-arm 'em,
you lose. Just like Sumo.

I think we should give her
another try tomorrow.

Sure, that's fine.

But she's not going
to give us much.

That kind of high-strung girl
is as stubborn as they come.

Make 'em mad
and they clam right up.

By the way, where are we going?


Welcome home.

You're all so hot.

How 'bout welcoming our guest?


I was expecting more work.

Make yourself at home.

Welcome home.

Murakami from HQ.

- Pleasure's mine.
- No, mine.

I apologize for the decor.

Go on and play in the other room.


I remembered

we still have some rationed beer.



What? Those are just from
walking the beat every day.

Twenty-five years now
since I took home my first 13.5 yen.

How many shoes did I wear out?

Each citation must have a story.

That's right. In a word,
I've lived through it all.

I invited you on a whim,
so it's slim pickings.

Will squash do?
- Sure.

As you see, my house
is just a glorified shack,

but Yusa's place was pretty awful.

Not fit for human habitation.

Like they say,
"Maggots prefer filth."

They say there's no such thing
as a bad man.

Only bad situations.

Come to think of it,
you have to feel sorry for Yusa.

Oh, no. Thinking like that
won't get you anywhere as a cop.

It's easy to develop delusions,
chasing criminals all day.

We can't forget the many sheep
a Ione wolf leaves wounded.

Half those citations
were capital cases.

There's no help for a cop who doesn't
believe he's protecting the masses.

I say leave psychoanalysis
to the detective novels.

I just hate them, that's all.
The bad guys are bad.

I just can't bring myself
to think that way yet.

All those years in the war,
so many men became beasts

at the slightest provocation,
over and over.

Right. Must be our age difference.

Or maybe it's the times.

What do they call it?

Ap... Aple...
- You mean aprés-guerre?

That's it. You're part of that postwar
generation. Maybe Yusa is, too.

You identify with Yusa too much.

Maybe you're right.

My knapsack was stolen
on my train ride home too.

I see.

I was half out of my mind
with rage.

I could have pulled off
a robbery back then.

But I realized I'd hit
a dangerous crossroads,

deliberately chose another way,
and got myself this job.

Hmm. Right, I see.

It's just, in other words, aa...

Ap, aple...
- Aprés-guerre.

There are two aprés-guerre types:
Like you or like Yusa.

You're the real thing.

Yusa's an ap... ap...

aprés- nothing.

I'm all aprés- ed out.

And tomorrow?

What's the hurry?

I can't help it when I think of Yusa
running through all that cash.

He blew half
upgrading his duds.

It's been over a week now.

That's 6,000 yen a day.
We could live on that for a month.

I'll be going.

You sure?


Our guest's leaving. Hey, Tomi.

They all just fell asleep.

Oh, they fell asleep?

Take a look.

Looks like a pumpkin field.

It was armed robbery?

Yes. The wife was known

as quite a beauty
around the neighborhood.

They were so lovey-dovey
the maids all quit.

The husband was out of town.
Came back this morning to this.

You never know

what life has in store.

See, it's that house
with the crape myrtle bush.

Crape myrtle always brings bad luck.

It's really a problem.
Was it you who moved the body?

I was her doctor and she didn't
even like me to see her naked flesh.

I'm sure she wouldn't have
wanted anyone to see her that way.

I've known her
since she was this high.

Sato-san, do you think
it was my Colt again?

What the hell
does it matter if it was?

What's wrong?

My wife...
planted these tomatoes.

The day I left town,
they were still green.

But now that I'm back,

they've all ripened and turned red,

even though my wife is dead.

What's the point, Officer?

All for a measly 50,000 yen.

How can I even stand
to look at them?

The way I imagine it...

Imagining only complicates
an investigation. Stick to the facts.

Yes, hello? Nakajima here.

Is this Evidence?

Right, thanks.

So it was one of my bullets?

No, it was one of Yusa's.

Let's go.

No time for despair.

The only way to stop this
is to arrest Yusa.

There are five bullets
left in that gun.

- A new lead?
- Where to?

Where to?
Home for beer and a nap.

But you're awful sneaky.
You'd never go home together.

Just let me through.
It's so hot.

- The mark?
- I don't see a mark.

Always joking.

Headed this way, I bet.

- Who's headed this way?
- Who?

I was talking about the rain.

You can't be this tense all the time
if you want to be a cop.

I'm ready to collapse from anxiety.

The way you're talking,
you already have.

This is the make-or-break point.

He's killed someone.
A killer's like a mad dog.

Do you know how a mad dog walks?

There's an old ditty
that's disturbingly close to home.

"A mad dog only sees straight paths."

Yusa only knows straight paths now.

He's in love with Harumi Namiki.
She's the only thing he sees.

I know he'll go to her.

The manager's out.

Can I help you?

We want to see Namiki.

Harumi's out today.

She's a real problem, that one.

One little comment
and she takes the day off.

She's quiet all right,
but the quiet ones are always

the most stubborn.

And she's sick right now.

She's sick?

With her monthlies, you know.

They're always impossible then.

Know her address?


I think she lives over in Koenji.

She's a mama's girl.

We want to see your daughter.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

We're fine here.


Please don't trouble yourself.

I'll take a match.

We can definitely expect
a downpour.

Harumi, we'd like
to ask you something.

I don't know a damn thing about Yusa.
I hate cops. They're so pushy.


She's impossible.

Can it, Mom.

We don't have to say a thing
if we don't want to.

Even if you're covering up
for an armed-robbery suspect?

I still don't know.

Don't lie.
He was just here.

Yusa left this box of matches?

That's exactly right.

You were just complaining
that he follows you around.

Do you happen to know
where he went?

Tell them.
I'm ordering you, tell them.

Harumi, you must tell them
everything you know.

- I don't know what I don't know.
- You really don't?

- I really don't know.
- You'd better not be lying about this.


Listen, Harumi.

Why won't you tell them?
Tell them. Tell them.

Harumi, listen, Harumi.

We're closing in.

I've had enough of her lip for now.

I'll check the hotel
these matches came from.

And me?

See if you can tough it out
in there.

That mother's born
to prosecute her daughter.

Phone downstairs?
I'll call you.

Say, do you have a gun?
- Yes.

Afraid I left mine at home.
No holster.

Yusa just left. I doubt
he'll turn up here again tonight.

No more questions. Do whatever you want,
if you won't do as Mother says.

It's all my fault.

I spoiled you because
you never knew your father.

Go ahead.
Make a fool out of me.

He's in his late 20s,
wearing a white linen suit.

Got me.

They never register
under their real names.

Haruo Namiki. I get it.

That's him, ma'am.

Oh, that guy.

He spent two nights here,
drunk out of his mind.

No one ever came and met him.
Pretty gloomy, even for a drunk.

It was last night. He suddenly announced
he was going and called a cab.

Know which company?

Peace Taxi,
over by the train tracks.

I think the driver was Matsu-san.

Thanks a lot.

- Who is he anyway?
- A mad dog.


how long are you planning
to torment us?

- You're the tormentor.
- No, I'm not.

I don't know what that Yusa did,

but he's never done
anything bad to me.

He'd stop by backstage sometimes
and watch me mournfully.

I can't have any part
in arresting someone like that.

So you know where he is,
but you won't tell me?

Maybe so.

Go ahead and arrest him on your own.
I won't help you.

I'll return this, so beat it.

Armed robbery, huh?

No wonder he was such a big tipper.

Where did you take him?

To a geisha joint called Kogetsu.

Excuse me.

Where would you ever get
such a dress?

He gave it to me.

I saw it in a shop window
when we were taking a walk.

I said I wished I could have
a dress that pretty just once.

He stared at me
with the saddest expression.

A week later he brought it
to me backstage.

You mean, Harumi...

That's right.

He committed a crime for me.

But I would've stolen it myself
if I'd had the guts.

They deserve it
for flaunting these things.

We have to do worse than steal
if we want things like this.


It's the world's fault. A world
where people steal a vet's knapsack.

Yusa told you that?

That's right.

But it didn't only happen to him.

Me too.

And, yes, I think
the world's not right.

But it's worse to take it out
on the world.

The bad guys eat and wear anything
they want. Might as well steal.

Do you really believe that?
Then why don't you steal?

Why don't you wear this dress?

Go ahead, try it on.
Why don't you wear it?

- You have to work in such heat.
- No choice.


It's sake.

It's one way to beat the heat.


What'd he do?

He came late at night.

And he left ridiculously early
the next morning. Beyond that...

Who was his geisha?

Oh, that's right. Yes, she escorted him
as far as the street.

Her name?

Kintaro. She's one of
Wakehisamatsu's girls, right?

But when I called them,
she was out.

A popular girl.
The booker know where she went?

Kintaro's at a party.

- Where?
- Musashiya.

This is wonderful.

So wonderful.

Like a beautiful dream.

You fool.


- You Kintaro-san?
- Yeah, that's me.

You'd probably look good with an ax.

I'm so soaked,
I'd better be funny.

You had a customer
two nights ago.

Two nights ago at Kogetsu?

Oh, I hate that kind of customer.


'Cause he was so damned gloomy.

He pull anything?
- Right.

You saw him off.

- You've done your homework.
- Where'd he go next?

Where to?

Get a hotel name or anything?

- Were you watching?
- Where is it?

The Yayoi Hotel in Kanda.
A while ago...

You're a fool.

I'll make her talk right away.

I went too far.

After all, this case

involves a pistol Yusa's carrying,

which someone stole from me.

That's why...

My gun has already injured
two people.

One of them's dead.

And I have a terrible feeling
something else will happen tonight.

Welcome. You're soaked.

I'm with the police.
You've got a guest, Namiki?

Yes. Room 6, second floor.

Your phone?

Yes, this way.


Don't tell anyone I'm a cop.

Other entrances?

There's another around back.


- Not yet.
- Then lock it up.

His wailing's driving me nuts.


Shit. Our only high roller
is a wanted man.

Can't you stop crying?
You're a boy.

That fat guy over there's a cop.

You don't listen to me,
he'll throw you in jail.

Yes, yes.

Send an All Points Bulletin
immediately. Okay, then.



What? That's right.

Murakami. What?


Can't you hear? Murakami.

In Harumi Namiki's room.

Oh, Harumi Namiki?

Right, right.

Hello, hello.

Not Namiki.

Not Namiki. Murakami.

Harumi-san, telephone.

Hey, if that's Yusa...

Dear, if that's him...

What shall I say if it is?



This is Harumi.

What? Sato-san?


Hello. Murakami, please.


Hello, Sato-san!

Yusa's hotel?

- You must get some rest.
- Leave me alone.

How much blood did you give?

I don't know.

Please, sir, tell me.

Was it another bullet
from my gun?

Abe-san, please tell me.


Sato-san, please don't die.
I'm begging you.


Don't die.

Sato-san, I'm begging you.
Please live.

Sato-san, please live.

Don't die.

You're still here?

He's over the worst, you know.



Yusa's going to meet me
at 6:00 a.m. At Ohara.

- What?
- He just called.

I'll go too.

No. He's got three bullets left.

Damn. Which one's Yusa?
Which one's Yusa?

Don't panic.
Calm down.

Calm down, calm down.

Calm down.

Twenty-eight years old.
White linen suit.

Twenty-eight years old.
White linen suit.

What if he changed clothes?
Which means, a man in his late 20s.

A 28-year-old.

Don't panic.

That's right. Yusa ran out
into the pouring rain last night.

Muddy shoes.

Muddy shoes.

Muddy pants, muddy pants.

A lefty.

I gave my gun to Sato-san...

Hear you got a citation.

Nakajima told me.

Oh, no, I owe it all to you.

No, no.

How's it feel to get
your first citation?

Thank you.

But it was all my fault
to begin with.

You still obsessed with that Colt?

But look at it this way.

Your Colt netted more
than a dozen of Honda's guns.


But I just can't get that Yusa
off my mind.

I remember feeling that way myself.

You'll always remember
your first arrest.

But there's a lot more guys
like him than you realize.

The more you arrest them,
the less sentimental you'll feel.

That dancer.
What was her name?

Harumi Namiki?

That's right.

I can understand her sentimentality.

But take a look out the window
at the world.

There'll be all sorts of cases
under those rooftops today.

And a few good people

will fall victim
to someone else like Yusa.

Forget about Yusa.

No, as soon as your arm heals,
you'll be busy again.

You'll forget all about Yusa, naturally.