Stray (2018) - full transcript

In a cold and remote landscape, two strangers struggle to repair their broken pasts. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Have you consumed this alcohol
primarily whilst alone

or in a social setting?


Have you regained
contact with family and friends

since your release?


Have you been made aware of the
various support programmes

that are available to you since
the commencement of your parole?



I need you to sign
down the bottom there.

By signing this, you acknowledge

that the information you have
provided is true and accurate.


Now there are a couple of other
issues we need to discuss.

I'm aware that you
failed to attend

a grief counselling session
on the 25th...

is there any particular reason

why you didn't make that

I had to work overtime that day.


It's not compulsory for you
to attend those sessions,

but we recommend that you do.

And given your loss,
prior to your offending,

I think it's wise that you
continue with those sessions.

And in the sense of making
a positive case

to the parole board,

I think it's important
that you stick to it.

I wanted to go.
I couldn't get away.

Yeah, nah, nah, that's fine.

In regards to your employment...

Matt Evans called
a couple of days ago...

and he said that they're looking at downsizing at the factory.

Which basically means they've
had to let go of a few men.

And since you're the least
experienced on their roster,

they've decided to let you go.

Okay, now I know that the
timing's not ideal...

but the return to work scheme

doesn't always guarantee you
a job with the same employer

after your release.

So the shift that you did today

was actually your last
with them.

Your final pay will come through sometime next week.

How many people
are they letting go?

I don't know. He didn't say.
I didn't ask.

I just know that they
let you go.


I had a read of some of
Ian's handover notes

from your meetings with him.

And one of the things
I took from that,

is that you're keen to try
something "different"...

something other than the work
that you're doing at the moment.


I know this is our
first meeting...

but I'm gonna be completely
honest with you, Jack.

Given the violent nature
of your crime,

and the length of
your sentence...

You did 3 years
reduced from 6...

Wounding with intent...

Grievous bodily harm,
assault with a deadly weapon.

In a case that,
without the compassion grounds,

could have easily been ruled
attempted murder.

And we have to disclose
all those details

to any potential employers.

So in the case of you actually
getting the job that you want...

the one that you
spoke to Ian about...

at least at this stage,

where you're currently
sitting in your parole,

it's just not realistic.

I'd like to try.

I beg to differ on that one.

They won't even look at you.

If I show them your
criminal history,

you won't even have a chance.


One of the conditions
of your parole

is that you have to be
in employment

so that we can monitor
and facilitate and allow and...

things like that.

So, the most important
thing right now,

is for us to get you
back into the workplace.


Because once you have a job,
you'll have a routine.

You'll have a place to be.

It will also give you that
social contact that you need.


I have some contacts...

And I'm pretty confident

I can get you something
fairly quickly.

It may take a couple of weeks,
and it'll be shift work...

so that's labouring, trades,
that sort of stuff.

You okay with that?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Hi, Dad.

It's me, um...

Just, um...

Sorry for...

Sorry for calling, 'cause...

I know it's late there and...

I just wanted to let you know
that I'm okay, and...


out now, and I'm...

working and...

Hi... Barrett.


Colford, yeah.



It's Grace.



How are you?

Yeah, good, good.

Yeah, um...

I'm being released
from Clearview tomorrow.

And I'm going to be in Colford.

I wanted to ask you...

Would it be okay
if I stayed at your place

just for a couple of days?

Yeah, I understand.







Bye. Bye.

- Someone coming to pick you up?
- Mmhmm.


Purify me of my feelings
of anger and resentment.

Give me the strength to forgive
those that have done me wrong.

Dear God,

show me the right way to go.

Purify me of my feelings
of anger and resentment.

Give me the strength to forgive
those that have done me wrong.

♪ What, what good does it do me,
falling in love with you?

♪ What, what good does it do me,
I only wish that I knew. Ohh.

♪ Oh, baby.

♪ Oh, what good does it do?

♪ Go to places where we
used to go,

♪ but nothing's the same.

♪ You don't need me.
Don't feel it no more.

♪ But no one's to blame.

♪ Well, I sleep fits and starts
when I'm in bed at night,

♪ and I'm wounded,
wounded by day.

♪ How do you feel? What do you feel?
I wish you'd come out and say.

♪ So what, what good does it do me,
falling in love with you?

♪ Oh, what, what good does it do me?
I only wish that I knew. Ohh.

♪ Oh, baby.

♪ Oh, what good does it do?

♪ Oh no, baby.

♪ What good does it do?

♪ Hey, baby.

I let you down...

I let you down...

He's still here...

He's still here...


the same...

fucking truck.

That fucking...

piece of shit.

I'll make it right...

I'll make it fucking right...

I'll make it fucking right.

Both the 3's, it's 33.

In between, it's number 19.

A bag of tricks, it's number 6.

Number 50, half a century.


Could I get a box of beer?

Ah, no, I'm sorry,

unfortunately our licence
doesn't allow that,

but I can sell you a beer
as long as you drink it here.


Top of the pops,
it's number 1.

There we are,
that'll be five dollars, thanks.

- Ta.
- Thanks.

We're heading to
heaven, it's number 7.

Forget it mate, it's 48.

Hello there, love.
Are you here for bingo?

- No.
- Oh, come on, have a few games.

- I'm okay, thank you.
- Have a try.

- No, I'm okay.
- Just have a try. Come on.

It's good fun.

Some more
tricks, it's 46.

Just for Mum, it's 31.

There you go, love.

Tried and true, it's number 2.

Legs 11.

A lot of fun, it's 41.

Buckle my shoe, it's 32.

Both the 4's, 44.



Stop! Stop!


No, no, no...

What are you fucking doing?!

Who are you?!

I just need to take my bag
and I'll leave.


Is it just you?


Are you Grace?


You've got nowhere to stay?


You can stay tonight...

if you need to.

Thank you.

I'll make the bed.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

What did you do to your hand?

- Sorry?
- What did you do to your hand?

I had an accident.

Is it bad?


You right?

Is this your place?

- It's my dad's.
- Mm.

And you live here, huh?

I'm just staying here
for a while.

Do you work around here?


Where do you work?


Just wanna know.

I work in a factory.

Is it close by?


What about you?

I, um...


I come from Kosova...

and, um...

moved around places, and...



here I am.



What is it?

It's okay.

Hi, excuse me.

Just a question.
Are you hiring at the moment?

I don't know, sorry.
You'd have to talk to John.

And who's John?

He's the owner.

Uh... can you please tell me
where can I find him?

He's away.

Will he come back?

Ah... yeah, I think he's
back on Monday.

Do you know what time
approximately, please?

Umm... he's usually in around 8.

I used to work at a supermarket.

- Yeah...
- Oh...

It was nice.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

See you. Bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Are you hiring?

What kind of work
you lookin' for?

Just anything.

Talk to Barry.


I was just asking,
are you hiring?

Oh, I'm sorry, I've got nothing.

- No?
- Nah.

What about the notice in town?

Oh, right, yeah, yeah...
oh, like I said, you know,

I'm sorry, I can't help ya.



I don't understand.

I thought you had a job going?

Yeah, it's like I said,
I can't help ya. Sorry.

What do you mean
you can't help me?

Do you have a job going or not?

Look, ah...


It's, it's, it's just not
a job you'd be good at.

I'm sorry. Alright?

You don't even know me.


It's a physical job,
it's a manual job.

It wouldn't suit you!

- How ya going?
- Hey...

Could I get some fish, please?

Just two of those pieces
of salmon. Yep.

It's Jack, right?

I almost didn't recognise you.
Look at you.

You're still skinny.

You're Jack, right?

Can I just get the fish?

I don't blame you for what
you did, you know.

That drunk, he should've
been locked up

for what he did to her,

leaving her on the road
like that, suffering...

Can I just get the fish?!

He deserved to be
locked up, Jack.

He shouldn't have left her
there on that road...

suffering like that.
He shouldn't have.

Are you okay?



The fish.

It's really dry.

And the sauce tastes...

really weird.

The beans are really nice.

But the fish...

it's bad, right?

I really like the beans.


yeah, the fish tastes
kind of weird.

But the beans are really nice.

- But you like the beans?
- I love the beans.

I like you.

David, it's Grace.

I'd like to see Sean.

David, please, I don't
want to fight with you...

I just want to see my son.

Don't you talk to me
like that anymore.

You should've brought him
to visit me.

Yes we did.

I know what my rights are.

I want to see my son.

I don't care.

I want to see my son.


What's the address?

Just a sec.

What time?

Yes, I can "manage" it.

Yes I can.


You awake?


Are you alright?


Do you need anything?

Hi Grace.

Can we just have him back by 1?

We've got some friends
coming over for lunch, so...

So 1 o'clock?

Alright, well...

You go with your mum now
Sean, okay?

And we'll see you later.


You right, Sean?

Bye-bye, darling.


Should we sit on the bench, and
maybe then we'll see some ducks?


Should we go?


I made you something.

A present.

- Do you want to see it?
- Yeah.


Do you know what it is?

A Haast eagle.

Yes, a Haast eagle.

Do you still like them?

Sorry I was away for so long.

That's alright.

Are you better now?

Much better.

What is it?

- Ducks.
- Yeah?

They came.