Strawberry and Chocolate (1993) - full transcript

Diego, a cultivated, homosexual and skeptical young man, falls in love with a young heterosexual communist full of prejudices and doctrinal ideas. First come rejection and suspicion, but also fascination. Fresa y chocolate is a coming-of-age story, told through the development of a great friendship which overcomes incomprehension and intolerance.

Havana, 1979

Couldn't we have gone elsewhere?

The place doesn't matter, Vivian.

It's like we've come here
to do something wrong.

We already discussed that.

Yes, but...

bringing me to a cheap motel
with holes in the walls!

There are no holes, love.

It's so hot!
I'm taking my shirt off.

Take off your blouse.

Turn off the light.

I have to go to the bathroom.

You invite me to the movies
but it was really for this!

I love you, Vivian.

And you show your love
by bringing me to this place?

All you want is sex,
like all men.

I want you, not sex.

I'll prove it to you.

I won't touch you
until we're married.

And in a five-star hotel.

Get dressed, we're leaving.



Vivian! Vivian is coming!
My God, she is beautiful.




After reading articles 24-28...

do you still want to marry?






May I?

I couldn't resist the temptation.

I love strawberry!

It's the one good thing
made in Cuba.

Soon they'll export it,
and for us, water and sugar.

Today is my lucky day!

I'm finding wonderful things.

Fly on the wings of imagination.

It's the only way we can.

I've got Cahier du Cin?ma.

Interested in Vargas Llosa?

He signed this for me
but I have another copy at home.

I've also got the works
of Severo Sarduy and Gaytisolo.

Shall we go get them?

I don't visit strangers.

Don't pass this up, honey.

Where else would you find
these books?

Got it!

You only read books authorized
by the Youth League!

Cover them, friend...

Be imaginative!

I don't have to.
I'll read what I please...

and I don't feel like talking.

I know you.

I've seen you many times
leaving the University.

It wasn't me.

Of course it was you!

It wasn't!

Excuse me!

Comrade Torvald.

I just wanted
to lend you some books...

and give you a photo
of you from "A Doll's House."

Pictures of me?

Nora and Torvald...
You were wonderful.

- And those pictures?
- From the play.

I'm a photographer; I have many.

Everyone who sees them goes crazy.

So give them to me!

If you want them, they're yours.

Where are they?

In my apartment.

I live close by.

With my parents, nephews
and aunts, who never go out.

Okay, let's go,
but I want them all!

Let me finish my ice cream.


Hold these.

- You'll pay for both?
- Yes. Keep the change.

Come, sweetie, you can't leave
without your photos.

Get out, sweetie! We are packed
like sardines back here.

What now?

One thing...
Don't get the wrong idea.

What do you mean, baby?

They say you want me dead

For harming your reputation

Who is she?

The Neighborhood Vigilance.

- So what?
- I don't like her.

Welcome to my hideaway.

Not everybody is welcome here.

Come right in.

Don't be afraid.

These sculptures...

are great.

Made by a young artist, Germ?n.
He is very talented.

We're having a show...

that will be a success...

although we still need
a few things...

that I'm getting
from a friend at an embassy.

Where is everybody?


Dad! Aunt Chucha!


They must be out
lining up for food.

Suit yourself.

That way we'll make it easier
for the neighbors.

I'll make tea to relax us.

No! I don't drink tea.
Give me the photos.

The photos?

Yes, but I have to find them...

Last time I saw them...

I think they're in this box!

You check while I make some tea.

I can't be rude
to such an important guest.

Make yourself at home.
Sit in this armchair.

It's special.

Rocco, you're dripping again!


Rocco, I'm getting tired of this!

You didn't find them?

Don't worry, we'll look for them
in that other box.

Do you take lemon?

No tea.
I don't have a stomachache.

Forget it and get my photos.
I must be somewhere at 5:00.

Then I'll give you coffee!

Civilized people drink tea,
but not us.

We prefer coffee.

All of us black folks drink coffee

Make yourself at home, friend.
Sit in the armchair; it's special.

When I read John Donne
or Cavafis, I sit there.

Wonderful poets.
Heard of them?

How can a country move forward...

if its youth don't know
John Donne or Cavafis! Here...

I'm always leading them
to young people.

You can be next.

I'll put on some music
so the neighbors can't hear us.

I learned it from the Vigilance
woman who got it from Security.

Let them listen.

What do you prefer? Maria Callas, Teresa
Stratas, Renata Tebaldi?

Or do you prefer the
"Goldfinch" of Cienfuegos?

God, what a voice!

Why can't this island
produce a voice like that?

We need another voice so badly!

We've had enough of Maria Remol?!

Come out, neighbors.!

Onions have finally arrived
to the market

Onions have arrived?


I'm sorry!
I thought Dieguito was alone...

since the door was open.

Who was it?

The Vigilance woman.

What did I tell you...

Those aren't yours.

Well, give me mine.

First, the coffee.

Sit down, kid.
Don't worry, I won't bite.

I'm sorry!
My God! Did I burn you?

I'm so embarrassed!
How could that happen?

Let me see.

Hurry, take off your shirt.
It'll come out.

- Get me a wet cloth.
- No, take off your shirt!

How embarrassing!
It was so quick that...

- Give me something to put on.
- Sure.

Take this.

Why did this happen to me?

My brand-new shirt!

Look, not a trace of a stain.

I'm sorry.

I know...
I'll make it up to you.

Try this tea.

It's from India.

Dostoyevski's characters
drank tea...

and the English, of course.

At 5:00, all of England...

sits down to tea.
What time is it?

5:00. See, I told you
I had to be somewhere.

This is magic!

Try it and tell me.


It needs more sugar.

That would be criminal.
Try it again.

It's all right.
I'll drink it.

But please,
give me the photos.

The photos...

I can't find anything here.

I'll look for them, and give
them to you some other day.

Some other day?
No way.

A promise is a promise.

Isn't it wonderful?

People out there
pushing each other on buses...

everyone shouting,
and you and I here...

listening to Maria Callas...

and drinking Indian tea
from French china...

that belonged
to the Loynaz del Castillos.

Are you a racist?

Me a racist? I know quite well how
much a Black man is worth.

Sadly, they're not for having
tea with.

You wink and bam! The Black man's
gone and so is the S?vre porcelain.

Well, look, Black people are
human like anybody else.

And in this country, it's a good thing
that racism has disappeared.

We all come from Africa, you know.

They come from Africa. You and I do not.

You and I come from Spain. Those Gypsy
eyes didn't come from Nigeria or Senegal

they were brought over by your
grandfather from Andalusia, my dear.

Well, look, I don't have time
to sit here talking nonsense.

Forget the photos, get my shirt.
I'm leaving.

You're right.

Let's talk about
more serious things.

Do you know Oscar Wilde?
Gide? Lorca?


They all had something
in common with me.

But not only them.
The list is endless, dear.

Even the bravest
and most famous warriors like...

Alexander the Great, Hercules.

Achilles was Patroclo's boyfriend!

And some even say...

that Hemingway...

Yes, the guy with the shotguns,
hunting lions.

By the way...

A Marxist book on sexuality...

claims... very interesting...

that 60 percent of men...

have had
a homosexual relationship...

with no change in personality.

A. Raskolnikov.

If they say so,
it must be true, right?

I'm in the other 40 percent.

The best is not to be shocked
by anything...

and sip from every cup.

Here's how I became a fag.

Wait! I don't have
to listen to this!

Wait, dear,
you didn't understand me at all!

Why are you acting like that?

Hey, kid.
What's this?

You have the wrong idea!

What about the photos?

David, your Vargas Llosa book!

David, the book!


You let me open my mouth
and talk like a parrot!

Bring him back
or you'll live on bread and water!

And you, I hope
the coast guard gets hold of you!

What's wrong with you?

Listen to this.

I was having an ice cream...

and this guy comes
and sits at my table.

A weird guy.


A faggot, man.

How did you know?

You can tell right away...

There was chocolate,
he took strawberry.

That's a good one.

He also started talking very
ironically about the Revolution.

And you let him?

Well, I was suspicious.

So I let him sit and talk
all he wanted.

And then?

He invited me home.

To his place?

David, he wanted something else!

Shit, man, this is serious!

He showed me some foreign books...

you can't find anywhere.

He used them as bait...

And you went?

To see if he was into something.

His place
is full of weird things...

strange sculptures...

I don't know, there's
something fishy about them.

They seemed religious.


His friend made them...

and they are planning
an exhibit with help...

- from an embassy.
- An embassy?

Shit, that's really serious.

Do you have his address?

Could you find the place?


Miguel is right.

What do these fags think?

The embassy thing is serious.

This one picked the wrong guy.

David Alvarez.

The Secret Super Agent.

Don't you think you're hanging
around with that faggot

to forget about your own problem?

Yes. Don't look at me like that.


That's your problem.

She's married another.

Right now she's sleeping with him.

That's your problem.

Acknowledge it, David. Hey, hey!



thinks about sex all the time...

as if it were
the only important thing.


Vivian too.

She pretended to be romantic...

very spiritual...

but deep down,
that's all she wanted.

I'm not going to think more about her.

There. It's over.

If I look for her again, I'm no
longer a man.

I spit on her face and that's it,
fuck it.

Hey, Vivian!

What a coincidence!


You were following me.

Come on... come on!

David, I want to live well,
have a family, dress nice.

And I want to do it now...

not when I'm too old!

You never loved me.

You just played with me.

You can't love that man.

Don't feel so sorry for yourself.

You'll find someone
better than me.

I don't want that!


See what I mean?

You're not the only one
who suffers.

You think it's easy for me
knowing you're so nearby?

My husband is being sent to Italy.

For at least two years...

maybe three.

We're going soon.

I've been thinking...

Before I leave...

- Maybe we...
- I don't want to be your lover!

And don't pity me!

And I won't follow you
or go by your house ever again!


What's up?

I checked on your case.

What case?

About the fag.

Forget it.
It's no big deal.

Are you crazy?
What you said was right.

- Find out more.
- Like what?

The embassy, the exhibit.

Find an excuse
to go and visit him.

- Why? He's just a faggot!
- Exactly.

This is important.
It's a mission!

The man's unfaithful
even to his own sex!


Come on in.

I came because...
I left a book here the other day.

Yes, but please come in.

Are the sculptures still here?


When is the exhibit?

Soon. We're already into it.

Well, make yourself at home.

Sit down.
I'll start making tea.

Okay? I'll be right back.

I'll sit in the chair...
What was the poet's name?

John Donne.

Remember, I'm next in line
to read it.

Where's he from?


A friend of yours?


Do you write to each other?

He died in 1630.

Don't be embarrassed.

You can't know everything.

I owe you an apology.

You don't owe me anything.

I should apologize to you.
I'd had a bad day!

I was being silly.

I don't know what came over me.

I got nervous.
I don't know.

I don't...

I'm not really like that.

I believe in friendship.
I think we can be friends.

Me too.

Not anything else.

Then this deserves more than tea.

Will you toast
with the enemy's drink?

Why not?

I'll get some ice.

Rocco, what's that water?
You're so stupid!

I'm getting tired of you!

I should throw you
over the balcony.

How do you get the whisky?

First, the "orishas."

Couldn't this affect you

- If one has firm principles...
- Well said.

A toast to this meeting.

I'll put on some music.

Your dad?


The one with the cigar.

You're so funny!

That's Lezama, the maestro.

One of the great writers
of this century.

A universal Cuban.

What a piano that man plays!

Where's he from?

Obsessed with nationalities!

A Cuban, Lecuona.

Look, David...

let's put our cards on the table.

Well, you know...

what I am...
I'm also religious.

I'm a dialectic materialist,
so why talk about it?

Today you seem different.

No, this is the way I am.
The other day I wasn't myself.

But there's more.

I've had problems with the system.

Like what?

Imagine, all sorts.

The neighbors watch me,
I don't do voluntary work.

They're after me at work.

Well, I think...

we all have the right to do
what we want with our lives.

The Revolution needs
more militants like you.

I'll show you
Communists are not savages.

That sounds marvelous.

I have a favor to ask you.
Not because of me...

but you know how people are.

I can come here...


Got it.

If I see you on the street,
I don't know you.


I'd rather you call me David...

not my "love," "baby"
or anything, just...


This deserves
another toast, David.

We're giving humanity a lesson
with the whisky of the enemy.

Long live democratic communism!

You'll see, you'll feel better now.

Next time, take soda with it.

If he's got whisky,
he's got soda also.

Hey, you're getting
a nice fat ass! No wonder!

The whisky clue is good.

It's supplied by foreigners.
That's clear.

- And this is pure poison.
- He's religious.

He doesn't do voluntary work.

I think he's even had problems
with the police.

This is not a police issue.

It's political and moral.

See how I was right?

What about the exhibit?

Nothing. I ask him
but he won't say anything.

You must get it out of him!

It's not easy.

He's smart.

- He even knows I write.
- Great!

Use it.

I won't show him my writings.

Fuck, David,
getting him is what matters!


Am I turning into a faggot?

Watch her hands!
Watch it!

Come with me!

Wait, not so many!

Please, he's her brother
and I'm her husband.

Get in!

If I were to commit suicide
every time I had a problem...

Sorry I can't donate more blood;
she's run me dry.

When we're finished we'll go home
and I'll make you a steak.

She'll go to the psychiatrist
even if I have to drag her.

You still like her?

No, but I can't forgive her
for these things.

One day I'll have a heart attack.

She's charming,
but when she gets depressed...

- Does she have family?
- In the country.

This is about the fifth time.
I don't call them anymore.

David, I'm so grateful!

It was my duty.

She's a comrade...
and a Vigilance.

I donated blood for Tashkent.


She doesn't deserve all this talk.

I can't eat all this.

I'll wrap it up for you.
Then you can take it to your dorm.

If you think this is a lot,
wait for the lunch a la Lezama.

How so?

You'll love it, you little beast.

I mean... David.

Tea constipates you.

Yes, that's why
nobody shits in England.

Look at this!
Rocco, dripping again?

I can't stand you!

He works when he feels like it.

Tell me.

Why study Political Science
if you like literature?

I think one should study
what society needs most.

And I'm in the University...

thanks to the Revolution.

vocation must be respected.

David, you're fighting yourself!

I have a friend
who had talent for the piano...

but his father was against it,
arguing art is for gays.

Today he's 60, he's a queer
and can't play the piano.

A smile on this unlucky day!

Sorry, David...

but you have
such a beautiful smile!

Don't worry.
I can keep my promises.

What's your sign?

- Virgo.
- Virgo?

Wonderful for a writer!

I'm Scorpio.
We're not as bad as they say.

And Rocco is Leo.
Listen to him.

Diego, Dieguito!

It's me.

I just left the hospital.

Let's go to the beach.

- Forget it, I'm pissed off!
- Why?

I'm sick of these stupid
bureaucrats. We have no say.

But what happened?

They banned Germ?n's exhibit...

and you can't argue
since they control everything!

Bring me some water, please.

They only accept naive painters
or official ones...

or those pretending to be modern,
that are purely decorative.

Look, you like it?

Just bring me some water.

Don't take it out on me...

I'm in treatment.

Don't be like that.

How do you want me to be?

You want me to laugh?

I didn't keep quiet.

- What did you say?
- What I felt like saying.

There's no freedom in socialism,

Don't say that
without music, Diego!

And all for these sculptures...


These sculptures are weird,

They don't transmit good feeling.

You too now.

What a revolution!

Even whores are art critics!

Don't call me that
or I'll jump.

I'm not a whore!

Come, jump!

You need a push?

Look, sweetie...

Art makes you feel and think.

Art does not transmit.

The government radio does that.

You are too trusting.

Germ?n doesn't deserve it.
He's a son of a bitch!

That thinking will lead
to a nightmare.

There will be danger everywhere.

Next they'll ban children's songs.

Children's songs?

Heard this one?

Things are frightening
Really horrible

Oh, God.
I'll make some tea.

Holy Santa Barbara.

The weather today is so awful.

Don't let them hear you.

It may be awful, but remember
education's free and so is healthcare.

Oh no no no, I am not tolerating
you today.

No, I am not going to cut my veins

Goodbye love!

Hey, poet!

You're hard to find, man.

I've been busy studying.

Hey, I found out about the faggot.

The exhibit could be considered
ideological propaganda...

especially with foreigners' help.

At least 10-15 years in jail.

They're crazy!

They're not even having
the exhibit...

and I'm not going back there!

Are you being recruited
by that faggot?

Nobody recruits me but me!

- How beautiful!
- Cool it, let's go.

You're so controlling!

Don't be such a queen.

Does this gallery owner
know about art?

Well, he likes what I do...

but he had some comments.

He thinks this isn't
the right moment...

for some of the pieces.

What do you mean?

That we have to take some out?

We must be realistic.

Like he said,
better some than none.

Please, try to understand.

Germ?n, I won't argue anymore.

We've fought hard for the exhibit!

We can't sell out
for a trip to Mexico.

All the pieces must go!
You hear me?

we'll put it up in the street.

Now leave, I'm expecting company.

I hope your new comrade...

helps you get
your feet on the ground.

You hear?


- Dye and deodorant.
- Forty.

Next week,
pantyhose and children's shoes.

I'll come by.

Don't look at me like that.

I'm not abusing anyone.

Look, it's all high quality.

I'm the one taking a chance
with the police.

Besides, it's my business.

I can't live on candles like you.

If they want the good stuff,
they'll have to pay for it!

And that's enough, leave me alone.

Are you okay?

What do you think?

I wanted to thank you.

Come and have coffee
or coconut dessert.

Fuck, Vivian...

If you're not careful with it...

I really enjoy life.

There's no reason to kill myself.

It really was an accident.

With a knife, peeling potatoes.

Both wrists?

It was double-edged.

I'm glad you're okay then.

Of course I'm okay.
I have your blood.

- Diego said you tried...
- Don't believe him.

He's a liar.

But he was so caring and scared.

He needs me alive.

Are you close friends?

I'm in the League...

but he's getting me some books.

The Communist League?
I better put on some music.

Since you're Vigilance here...

I wanted to ask you...

What's Diego like,
you know, politically?

- You shouldn't visit him.
- Why?

It's not good for you.

He's a great person,
a wonderful guy.

I love him like a brother.

Nancy, do you have my scissors?

We were just talking about you!

You were? Hey...

I didn't know you were here.
I was waiting for you.

Well, thanks for the coffee.

Thanks for checking on me, David.

Stay away from him, you slut!

What sad music.

Of course it is.
It was composed by...

Ignacio Cervantes
when he had to leave Cuba...

or rather,
when the Spaniards kicked him out.

That's why it's called...

"Farewell to Cuba."

This one is called...

"Los Illusions."

Damn it.
Why are you like that?

Like what?

Do you have family?

I didn't come out of nowhere.

For sure they rejected you.

No, I'm Mom's favorite son.

But your father
didn't care for you and left you?

Dad's a saint.

I was taught not to speak
with my mouth full.

I have his eyes.
Thank God, because...

Mom's a saint,
but she looks like a toad.

Then what happened?

- Why are you...?
- A fag? Because.

And my family knows.

It's their fault.

Who says?

Why not take you to a doctor?
It's in the glands.

Please, David!

What a theory...

coming from a University student.

You like women...

and I like men.

It's perfectly normal.

Since the beginning of time.

I'm still decent...

and patriotic.

But not revolutionary.

Who says I'm not?

I've had illusions too, David.

When I was 14, I volunteered
for the Literacy Campaign.

I picked coffee in the mountains.

I wanted to become a teacher...

and what happened?

This is a thinking head
but if you don't always say yes...

or you think differently,
you're ostracized.

What ideas are you talking about?

Setting up exhibits
with those horrible pieces?

- What do you believe in?
- Cuba.

So do I.

So that people know
what's good about it.

I don't want Americans
or anybody...

coming here telling us what to do!

All right.
But with your posturing...

nobody can take you seriously.

Yes, you've read
all those books...

but all you think of is men.

I think about men
when I need it...

like you do about women!

And I don't posture
and I'm not a clown.

Of course, to you,
anyone different is.

Because a guy on a street corner
saying "Hey, man, what's up?"...

is normal to you.

But I am not.

To accept me,
they have to say I'm sick.

Fuck it, I'm not!

Go ahead...

laugh at me...

I laugh at you too.

I'm part of this country,
like it or not!

And I have the right
to work for its future.

I'm not leaving Cuba
even if they burn my ass!

Without me, you're missing
a piece, you stupid shit!

- Dieguito!
- Keep the fucking scissors!

Now, please leave.

If you don't want me
to burn you up...

make him come back!

Be reasonable
or I won't go to Mexico...

and you know I want to!

Are you an artist or a tourist?

You know
I'm more of an artist than you!

What's more, I did this alone.

I'm not kidding!
Leave that.

They are mine!

Give me that!
The show must be complete!

I can't stand you!

You're crazy, damn it!

This is definitely over!

Of course, it's over!

The sculptures are mine!



Shit! What happened here?

You don't want to know.

You wrote these?

Look, they're some
of the first things I've written.

They're just drafts.

I have better things
but I can't find them.

- Give them to me.
- Don't show anyone.

I promise.

A friend typed it,
so any misspellings...

Give them to me.

What's important is the content.

The rest is irrelevant.

I'll read it tonight.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.

We'll see if you deserve
the lunch a la Lezama.

- Did you like the Zenea.
- Yes, I have it right here.

It's amazing Cubans
wrote like that in the 1800s.

I'll put it right here.

What are you doing, dear?

Don't be rude.

Wait until I show it to you.

Who's this to?

A gallery director,
with many copies sent.

What for?

To tell him a few things...

he needs to be told.

They rejected the exhibit again?

Worse than that.
They bought him.

Well, it's for the best.

It would have meant trouble
for you.


But they'll be stunned
when they receive my letter.

When will they understand
that art is one thing...

and propaganda another?

If they don't want to think...

there's TV, newspapers,
radio and the rest.

Somebody has to tell them.

- But why you?
- Why not?

He's taken a wrong road...

the exhibit, the communist kid.

You know I feel things.

Help him. You won't regret it.

The weak submit...

while the strong go forward.

This is a task for the strong.
Jos? Marti.


How are things
back at the commune?

Why do you say that?

Because of this.

It's no good?

It's just not literature.
No life in it.

Only slogans.

You only forgot the proper term
for "former" is "muzhik."

You didn't like any of them.

Not even the one
about the strikers?

That's the worst.

Where did you hear that sugar
subsidy was in Machado's time?

The spelling mistakes and typos...

made by your typist friend
are in red.

It looks like measles.

But don't feel bad, dear.

You have talent.

Among all the rubbish
are some nuggets of pure gold.

Think so?

Of course.

And you've found
the right teacher.

I mean...

if you accept me as a tutor.

All right.

But one condition:

Forget the exhibit,
don't send the letter.

Bye-bye, exhibit.

We live in one of the world's
most beautiful cities.

You can still enjoy it...

before it collapses in shit.

Don't be unfair,
there are too many things...

They're letting it collapse,
you know it!

We're small and struggling.

But it doesn't pain them
to see the city this way.

Some care.
You and I care.

Aren't they Cubans?

Look, Diego...

you can't judge the Revolution...

through your experience.

Look at me, I study
in the University and who am I?

A peasant's son.

Like Stalin.


all we want
is to be independent...

to do whatever we want.

They can't stand it,
same as you...

but as a nation.


It's a whole campaign.

Hungary in 1956,
Czechoslovakia in '68, Stalin.

How does it concern us?

World War II was in 1945.

Stalin died in 1953.

I wasn't even born yet.

Americans should be reminded...

that Truman Capote
dropped the "A" bomb.

Harry Truman, rather.

Truman Capote never; he was gay.

Don't justify Stalin with Truman.

It's sad, mistakes happen
like sending Pablo Milan?s...

to the UMAP camps.

There were many more.

That's over now!

Only the famous ones were freed.

Is that a way to educate us?

That's part of revolution...

but not the Revolution!

Yes, but who pays
for these mistakes?

Who'll speak for them?

Someday there'll be
more understanding for everyone.

That's why it's a revolution.


Communism will make us fags happy?

Yes, homosexuals
and non-homosexuals.

So someday I'll be able
to show any exhibit I want?

And I could say hello
to you in public?

I once had those hopes, David.

But it won't come from heaven.

We must fight...

especially with ourselves.

But until then...

at least
inside these four walls...

give me a hug?

Why does it always
come down to the same thing?

You want me to respect you
as you are, but you won't...

do the same for me.

It's not a matter of men,
homosexuals or...

I just need it so!

I'm afraid.

What's wrong?

Tell me...

I'm your friend.

Militarily and politically...

defeated by the Sandinistas,
Somoza flees to the U.S.

Somoza's dynasty was one of the
most brutal tyrannies in America.

Where were you?

What's it to you?

So you didn't want to deal
with the fag?

The fag's name is Diego.


He's no longer the fag,
now he's Diego.

He has more guts and principles
than you think.

You don't say!

So, he's no longer
a counterrevolutionary.

You set him straight?

I can imagine how.

Miguel, try to understand!

We must give him a chance.

Yeah? What's this?

French communism, Prague spring?

Look, David, right there...

90 miles away, is the enemy!

And the weak and the critics
are on that side.

But we're here,
so why can't he be revolutionary?

'Cause it wasn't
rammed up his ass!

Somebody wants you downstairs.

Will you write me?

What's wrong with him?

It's been hours.

He even asked for a drink
when he came in.

Oh, Diego, he's so cute!

Just like a man of the '40s!

What's wrong
with paying compliments?

- I wanted to ask you for a favor.
- Go ahead.

Get me a bottle of whisky.

I finally sold your watch.

I didn't get much for it but...

Better than nothing.

That makes 300 dollars total.
Count it, please.

Forget it, honey,
that was one hell of a favor.

I can't sell anything else for
you now. It's bad on the street.

- How was the meeting?
- Well, they got my letter...

They didn't even let me speak.
They fired me.

I can't work
in any cultural agency.

What will you do now?

I won't let them get me.

I have a surprise for them.


I got the interview
with the embassy!

That's great!

But, Diego...

Keep this
in case they search here.

That serious?

You shouldn't have sent
those letters.

This is for a present for David.

You'll need hard currency, honey.

He needs clothes
for the lunch a la Lezama.

That's at least 100 dollars!
You're crazy!

He deserves it.

He's talented and works hard.

Sure. Germ?n too
and look at what he did!

But he has it!

To be an artist
one needs more than talent!

By the way.

Don't tell him anything,
not even a hint.

I'll tell him I asked
for a leave of absence.

He shouldn't come so often...

being a communist and all.

One day he'll realize that.

You're very interested
in my dumping him.

Me? Why?

To pick him up.

I've seen you looking at him.

Okay, I'm leaving.

Water that you mustn't drink

If you go to jail,
that's your problem.

The favor has to do with him.

He's never gone to bed
with a woman.


Why don't you initiate him?

How dare you!

Who do you think I am?

- Forgive me, you're wrong.
- I'm no whore!

You've misunderstood me!

I understand perfectly!
Let him fuck a fish!

And don't count on me anymore!

Please, let me explain!

Don't explain anything.

You have a better idea?

So I like the boy.
So what?

Lonely spirit...

get into David Alvarez's heart...

Don't let any woman,
black, white, Chinese or mulatto...

be with him.
Tie him to me.

I'll drink his heart's blood
and take his heart from him.

Make him come to my feet...

like our Lord Jesus came
to Pontius Pilate's feet.

Oh, sweet Virgin!

Help me control myself!

And don't tell your pal
at my place.

- What am I doing here?
- You're not here.

It's a dream.

You're dreaming about me.

And Diego?

Why include Diego in this dream?

He left.

He asked me to feed you
and take you out.

- Take me out?
- Yes, take you out.

Well, do it.

- Aren't they pretty?
- Beautiful.

I'm always giving myself flowers.

When I'm happy and when I'm sad.

You were dead yesterday.

But alive today.

That's dialectics.

What do you want
to know about me?

Your family, anything.

They live in Cabaigu?n,
I was born there.

Look how pretty the sea is.

When is your birthday?

I'm Pisces, and you?
No, don't tell me.

You're Virgo.

- How do you know?
- I can tell.

Virgo men and Pisces women
get along very well.

- Where do you work?
- Let me see your hand!

- The left or the right?
- The right.

The left
is what you are born with.

The right,
what you achieve in life.

What do you see?

Your intelligence line.

Look, very deep.

This is your love life.

I see a love ending here...

another beginning suddenly
that drives you crazy.

- The ferry! Let's go.
- Okay.


This is it.

We had a very beautiful day...

although you have talked
very little.

I've had a nice time.

I was feeling bad
but today I feel better.

May I come in?

It's too late.

Come on!

No, no, no.

See you tomorrow.

Good night.

Santa Barbara,
don't let me screw up!


Nancy, I know you're home.

I didn't mean to offend you.

Open up.

I did myself in
and left a note blaming you.

Don't do anything crazy!

Nancy, look, I feel bad
and I don't want to be alone.

Get your little friend then.

I brought you some rice pudding.

- I'm going to do it.
- What?

Go to bed with David.

Forget I asked you to do that.
I really want you to change.

I won't do it because you asked.

I want him to learn
about love through me.

Are you in love with him?

Handsome, we have recreated...

the banquet
that Dona Augusta gives...

in the pages of Paradise.

The most glorious novel
ever written on this island.

Chapter 7, Cuban edition.

Now, you will soon belong...

to the fraternity
of Lezama's worshippers.

Once you read it,
you too will understand.

It's a gift.

A first edition,
signed by its author.

A toast.

To the "lazy shrimp
and flaming baroque!"

No, seriously.
To friendship.

- And to love.
- Yes, love!

- I'm leaving. It's late.
- What do you mean?

Diego, don't go, please.

I have an appointment,
I'm sorry.

I'll leave this with you.
Have a good time.

Have you got your passport?

What passport?

No, his I.D. card.
That's what he calls it.

Listen to this.
I was saving it for you.

Give me a drink?

Behave! And if you want
to misbehave, wait for me.

Listen to that!

Let's dance...

Come on.

I want to kiss you.

Where do these stairs go?

What do they say, Godfather?

My life?

My age?

Age doesn't exclude love.

My past?

I'll explain...

and he'll understand.

He'll know...

there's something clean
inside me...

that nobody can dirty.

That's what I offer him...

you know it.

Don't take him away.

Don't let her take him away.

Don't let them take him away from us.

Even just a year, Santa Barbara.

My God, you're going to help him.

My God help me.

God help us.

Diego, right?

I'm a friend of David.

May I come in?

Come in.

These are for Diego.

Aren't they pretty?

And look, for you.

Kick him out of college?

Do you know
what you're asking me?

Take it easy.

Don't get nervous.
It isn't about you.

It's better if you sign this.

I told you I won't sign anything!

And please leave!

Hey, keep it down.

- I know what you're doing.
- I do what I feel like doing!

And I told you to leave!

A scandal would ruin you.

Do you think
I'm afraid of scandals?

You want a scandal?

David is forty times
the man you are!

Look how he defends his man!

Man, my ass, you faggot!

I've had it!

Take it easy, girl.

What's going on here?

Let me go, David!

This won't end here!

I wanted to catch you
bringing flowers to your lady.

- This is not over, you hear?
- What's not over?

You're both faggots.

You'll pay for this, David.

I thought things
had to be clear between us.

Why were you in a diplomatic car?

I'm leaving the country.

Oh, yes?

What are you doing?

Not because I want to;
they're kicking me out.

Who is?

The exhibit...

the letter I sent...
All that got too far.

Nobody is kicked out for that.

No? Look.

Do you think that
with these reports in my record...

someone will give me a job?

Only in agriculture
or construction.

And what do I do
with a brick in my hand, what?

I thought I could speak out...

but no.

You people decide
what is "revolutionary."

You can't leave!

You'll have
the same problems there.

Do you think I'm leaving
because I want to?

Can't you see I have no options?
No other choice!

I have only one life, David.

And I want to do things...

make plans, like everybody else.

Be what I am, damn it!

Why shouldn't I have that right?

Let me try it...

at least.

Isn't it wonderful?

Let me have a good look.

It's my last chance.

Why the last?

Do you know
what my enemies call me?

The Red Queer...

because I've spent
so much time with you.

Others think you recruited me...

that I'm actually a Mata Hari
going to Europe.

So, how did you become a fag?

Are you crazy?

If you knew you'd freak.

You tell me...

What was your first time like?

You can't fool me.

The face of an angel,
but a devil in bed, I bet!

- If you only knew.
- Go on, tell me.

You won't believe this.

My first time was with Nancy.

No! Impossible.

Such an attractive guy!

- Guess where?
- At Nancy's, right?

At the hideaway, in your bed!

Shame on you two!

- And what will you do now?
- About what?


I like her a lot.

Nancy is a little sparrow.

She seems strong and bright.

But she's a sparrow...

that anybody can hurt.

Nobody will.

She's with me.

If you knew how delicious
a woman can be.

How disgusting!

It's the only good thing
they make here!

A strawberry!

Today is my lucky day!

Anybody want one?

You're so beautiful.

The only problem is
you're not gay.

Nobody's perfect.

I'm not as noble as you think.

When we met in Coppelia,
I was with Germ?n.

And I bet him
I'd get you into bed.

Spilling the coffee on you
was part of the plan.

Your shirt outside
signalled victory.

Then Germ?n spread the word.

And I didn't say anything...

because I liked
being associated with you.

I didn't realize I could harm you.

That's why...

That's why I asked
for a hug so often.

I thought hugging you...

would make me feel cleaner.

I love you very much, David.

What can I do?

Subtitles by mlucan1
with additional translations
by Victor I Cazares