Strawberry Shortcakes (2006) - full transcript

Strawberry Shortcakes (2006) is a Japanese film by director Hitoshi Yazaki. The film, based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Kiriko Nananan, concerns the life of four girls, as they deal with their own insecurities while living in the metropolis of Tokyo. This movie ranked 7th Best Film at the 2006 Yokohama Film Festival and got Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography prizes from the same festival.



A long time ago,
I was dragged along by a man

If you don't like me anymore...

I'll try harder to make you like me

Even if you hate me, I'll try my best
to make you like me!

Don't dump me, I'm begging you!

Get lost!

It was miserable

The most miserable day of my life

I felt like I wanted to die

But then I thought...

I must've been strong to get over
that terrible ordeal

I wanna fall in love...

After I got back on my feet,
I felt I could do anything

Almost two years later,
I'm still alive

I wanna fall in love...



Here's your tea

I need you to make twenty copies

I'll do it now



"strawberry shortcakes"







Thank you for calling Heaven's Gate,
are you a member?

Thank you... Which girl
would you like to see?

One moment, please

Michiru, customer for you


Mr. Inoue

He's so gross...

Can't someone else do him for me?


Oh, Akiyo... Never mind

I'll go

That bitch is trying to
take my customers again!

Watch out

Once a john has her, he sticks to her

What's her secret?

Years of experience

But why does she do so many customers?

Maybe when you get older,
it's all about the money

Or maybe she's just a slut

See you

Akiyo, do you want something to drink?

Buy a condo...
Higher than the fifth floor

Save up your pennies

Oh, buying your own place
is a good goal

Would you live with your boyfriend?

Nope, alone

When my body gets old, but before I go
senile, I'll commit suicide

If it's not above the fifth floor,
the fall might not kill you

Excuse me

Thank you for calling Heaven's Gate,
are you a member?

Oh, yes...

One moment, please

Akiyo, customer for you

Hey, do you think there's a God?


I'm home

Welcome back

Long day?

What are you drawing?



It doesn't look like him

I know...

Is this another book cover?


"Don't think about culture or religion"

"Just draw what 'God' means to you"

That's crazy

Why don't you draw Doraemon?

Hey, Chihiro...

Do you think there's a God?

For me, maybe God is a boyfriend

Someone who buys me anything I want

Whatever I want to do,
they grant my every wish

You're nuts

It's been a long time

I'm Akiyo, from Heaven's Gate...
Am I to your liking?

Thank you

It's Akiyo... I'm inside now

Excuse me

Thank you

Shall we take a shower together?

Okay, I'll be right back

Hi, Kikuchi? It's me...

Hey, are you free tonight?

My parents sent me some
fresh vegetables...

Sure, you can have 'em

Okay, see you at nine


By the way...

Quit with the "it's me" stuff
on the telephone


'Cause I'm like "Who is this girl?"

As if there are so many women
who call you

Shut up...

You know, orange doesn't
suit you at all

It's too orange...
You look like a Wakayama mandarin!

So what? I like this shirt

How's the part-time job?

Don't call it "part-time"

But you're not a full-time
company worker

Yeah, well...

Architecture's a tough business

How's the bar?

Out of everyone from college,

we're the only ones without real jobs

We really screwed up

I'm glad you're the same way...

It's not only me

- What the hell?
- You're all sweaty

- Don't
- It looks bad

Hey, they wiped the ashtray with that

It's clean

Satoko, you're still here?

Oh, good evening

Miss Matsushita phoned to say
she'd be late


And Akiyo's off today

That's the way it goes, eh?


What are you sorry for?


Answering phones is kinda boring. Why
don't you put yourself on the market?

No, I'm too ugly...
I'd never get requested

I'll stick to the phones

There are clients who want
ugly girls, too

Think about it

Just think about it

I'm sorry I'm late


Is "Hope" all sold out?

Strange shape

A meteorite?

The stars are really clear tonight

Are they?

Thanks for the tomatoes

Okay, take care

See you

See you

It looks like something...


God, can I ask for something?

Please kill the shop manager
who touched my ass


I want love...
I wanna be someone's girl

I want to be someone special
to a special someone

Yeah, right

Drink up


This is Sasaki from Griffin

I'm wondering how the artwork
due last week is coming along

Please call me back

Hello, this is Nakamura from
Amagiri Publishing

Regarding the picture of God
we requested...

How is it progressing?
Could you give us a call, please?

Thank you, goodbye

"I want to puke... I want to puke..."
"I want to eat so badly"

I'm back


Look at this...

You bought that, Chihiro? If you
told me, I would've given you one

There were tons of copies laid out
at the bookstore

You're amazing!

No, the writer is amazing,
I only drew the pictures

But that's still great!
Not everyone can do it, right?

I wouldn't say that

You have talent

It's nothing

The bath is still hot

Okay, I'm gonna take one

I hung up the laundry you left
in the machine

Sorry, I forgot

Hammy doesn't seem well lately,
don't you think?


It's your hamster

I didn't notice

Because I'm at the office all day

I started going steady with a guy

A guy?

A guy who works for our client company

This time I think I can
really be happy

My fortune said we're
totally compatible, too

Uh-oh... wrinkles


Sorry, did I wake you up?


Did you pull an all-nighter again?

Oh, thanks for the blanket


Shit, I'm gonna be late

Here you go

This one's yours

You've lost weight recently,
so make sure you eat it!

This, too

I'll tidy up later

Okay, I'm going!

Have a good day

"Saturday, August 20th"

"Nagai called me again today...
I'm so happy!"

"At work, Miss Sugino resigned
to get married"

"I heard her fiancé is a lawyer...
Lucky her"

"Mamiko said 'Chihiro will be the
next lucky girl"'

"I hope it's true"

Excuse me, I was still eating that


Your phone is ringing

My Japanese... no good

Hello, "Raieiken"

Yes... For delivery?

One moment, please

Why are you putting them on?


Your clothes

'Cause I'm shy

Don't bother,
I'm gonna wear 'em anyway

But clothes feel better
if they're folded


You're a woman meant for
marriage, huh?

You think so?

I'm glad

By the way, is Tokyo your hometown?

Yeah, why?

Just asking

Are you a university student
or something?

Thought about another line of work?

What do you wanna be?

A peaceful substance...

Don't know what that means

Me neither

The clock's tickin'...

2:17 a.m. - Eternal Sleep


Oh, Hi Satoko!

Such a good girl, always remembering
your grandma

One more, please

It's not my grandma...
It's my mother

She had me when she was 50



Let me introduce everyone... This is my
mom and her boyfriend Mr. Tadokoro

This is my friend Akiyo

- Hello
- Hello

This is the first time Satoko has
brought a friend...

Sorry it's not a boyfriend

If you had my looks, you'd
have a boyfriend

Why did you have to
take after your father?

Oh, be quiet

Satoko, over there!


- Here, right?
- That's it

It's not working...
Something's stuck inside

Do you have a lover, Akiyo?


There is someone I like a lot

But it'll never come true

And I don't think I'll ever meet
someone better than him

Maybe it's better not to be so sure

If you don't take things so seriously,
life is a lot more fun

"Fun"...Is it that important?

Satoko, how about some tea?

Good idea

Let's have some tea...
Akiyo, over here

Chihiro should clean up her own mess

Are you sure here's okay?
I can take you all the way home

This is fine

Well, see ya tomorrow

Thanks for the tomatoes

No problem

I wish fifty years would
flash by in a second


Can I borrow this?

In feng shui, if you put pink objects
near the window, it brings love

Go for it

It's starting to look like God

Sorry, I'm trying to finish this

This is kind of shitty to ask,
but can I borrow some money?

How much?


Thanks, I'll pay you back
when I get paid

I'm here, you know

Look at the moon


The moon is always there

But tonight's is special

I'd like to go to the moon

Then I'd be cool, too

Just like yesterday...

Another beautiful day

A perfect blue sky

I really wanna fall in love

I want a lover I can share silly
talk with...

Like "Look at the blue sky" or
"The stars are really beautiful"

Good morning


Here you are

Are you all set to buy a condo?

You think someone in my line of work
can get a loan?


Wow, it's quite nice

Thank you very much

Well, goodbye


If they wanna drink something,
why don't they serve themselves?

That bitch just wants to
suck up to them

To the bald department manager...

You don't see us doing that

She'll suck up to any man!

I'm Akiyo from Heaven's Gate...
Am I to your liking?

Thank you

Perhaps Michiru's more to your liking?

But today's her holiday

Would you prefer a different girl?

Is what Michiru said true?

She said that you let men
do it without condoms


Sorry for coming inside you...
Keep it secret from Michiru, okay?

We've checked with a bunch of
train stations, but...

Miss Kondo didn't mean to lose it

So, could you do another
illustration for us?

Naturally, we'll pay
an additional fee for it


You had to redraw the image
two or three times anyway,

so we'd be thankful if you could
whip off one more version

Hello, Osaki speaking

Oh, I apologize...
I'll call you back in a few minutes


I'll redraw it

Really? That's great

Now, about the schedule...



First, can I get a proper apology?

Oh, I'm really sorry

She thinks she's hot shit

Fall Book Fair

Summer Book Fair

Are you okay?

Hey, are you okay?

I didn't mean it like that...

My drawings are the only thing
that matter to me

I work so hard on them...

I just want people to think
they're important

So apologize through your tears!

That'd be enough...

If you cried for forgiveness...

I'd draw hundreds more!

"Heaven is the only place of happiness"

"Someday you'll understand that"

Sorry I'm late

Are you all right?

Yes, my husband just gets a bit
jealous, that's all

Love's a strange thing...

Oh, Akiyo left early today

Good evening

Hey Satoko, are you free after work?

Isn't the night view pretty?

You're not drinking?

I am!

I just can't relax...


When I'm with you,
I'm totally relaxed

I'm thinking of separating from my wife

Oh, I didn't know you were married

No kids, though

I recently met a girl that
I like a lot

You wanna know who?

Well, it's you

Welcome home

I thought I'd cook you dinner!

Wow, it's really full

Are you hungry? I can cook now

Maybe it'd be more convenient
to have a second key


That way, I can have dinner all ready
for you when you get home

But I'm always coming home late...
Anyway, it's not like we're married

You'd get bored of waiting

Yeah, maybe

What about your last train?

Oh, it's okay

Taxi fare from here is crazy,
and I can't give you a lift

I'll go then...

Okay, see you

Take it easy

Oh, Chihiro?

Can you take this stuff with you?

I don't cook at home

Hey, Toko


This letter...

What is this?

Isn't that your ex?

It's only been six months
since you broke up

What the hell?

What's so funny? Isn't it sad?

Why? It's ancient history!

I take back my request to have
the shop manager killed


When I said I wanted a boyfriend,
I didn't mean just anybody

I want to like someone, and by some
miracle, he likes me back

Oh, please

How dare you say you love me
when you're wearing a wedding ring

"If everyone dies, it's okay"

"So die, Aida"

"You'll never be happy!"

Well, here's your final pay plus
a little extra I put in

Thank you

You're really quitting?

I meant what I said before

Come back anytime, okay?

Thanks a lot

I have good memories of working here

Hey, don't!

Stop it!

"Am I to your liking?"

God, please kill him after all

This is the voice-mail center...

"Now Hiring - Japanese Speakers"

Hello, Raieiken


Thank you, may I take your order?

That's ramen, dumplings
and fried rice

We'll deliver that to you
as soon as possible


Lee, an order of ramen, dumplings
and fried rice

There's inflammation...

It could be followed by hemorrhaging

Rough activity like that isn't good...
It's a sensitive part of the body

You're not that young anymore

Thank you

You should choose your partners
more carefully

When was the last time
you had your period?

Would you like to try them on?

Yes, please

Like this... Take a look

They're perfect

Could you wrap them please?
They're a present

Of course

"I think the things that live off
dead bodies are revolting"

"When daphnia die, their bodies
dissolve into water"

"I'd like to disappear that way..."

"This LancĂ´me eye cream is not bad...
I think I'll buy it again"

"Tomorrow's my birthday"

"Tomorrow's my birthday"

Hi, Nagai?

I tried calling you a bunch of times

Are you free today? It's my...

Oh, you have work? That's too bad

Good luck with it

Hi, Sakamaki?

You remember Mita from school?

Sort of

He won the grand prize
in the new architects competition

I got an invite for the award party...

I can't just grin and bear it

Don't worry, you're a late bloomer!

Another beer, please

Hold your horses, I'm broke this month

How about drinking at your place?

My place?

If we drink at home, it doesn't cost
as much... My treat



Thank you


I thought you quit smoking

Yeah, then I started again


No, there's just a lot of stuff
bugging me

Hey, Kikuchi...

Why don't we fool around, just once?

What the hell are you talking about?

Just once, okay?

No... I have a girlfriend

I don't like you that way either

You know...

Why did I have to be a Virgo?

It's sad

Nagai is an Aries...

A fire sign

I'm an earth sign...
We're a bad match by nature

Plus, my blood type is B...
I don't think I'm cut out for my job

Anybody can do that work

I need a job with more responsibility


What's wrong?

Are my problems boring?

No, why do you say that?

No reason

But you're lucky

You make lots of money,
and your name is known in that world

And you can make your opinions heard

But you don't know the pain and fear
people like me have

Are you making fun of me?

No, I'm just saying I'm jealous

I'm not having it as easy as you think

In any case, even if I told you,
you wouldn't get it

"In any case"?

Basically you're looking down on me

I'm not looking down on you

It's not like that

The fact that you think that is worse

Get off your high horse


I don't have a condom


Aren't you gonna eat, Lee?
It's getting cold

What is that, lost and found?

It's pretty

Like a virgin


I'm the one who should say sorry...
I was totally drunk!


It's only sex, you don't need to
keep saying "sorry"

It's ridiculous

Saying sorry isn't fair...

You're gonna be late

I - like - fall

I - like - fall

The long autumn rains

I feel like having sex while
I watch it come down...

No, I didn't mean it like that!

I wasn't referring to you

Call it humble simplicity...


Miss Iwase?

Registered mail...
Sign here, please

Thank you

"Dear Toko,
How are you?"

"As you already know, I got married"

"Here's the money I borrowed from you"

"Good luck in what you're doing"

"Toru Aida"

After all this time

Coming here like this...

I'm sorry, but I...

I want you to be straight with me

You don't answer my calls and you
won't see me... I get it

But I'm stupid, so I need to hear it
directly from you

I live with a friend of mine

She split up with her boyfriend
six months ago, but she's over it

When I asked her how she got over it
so quickly, she said

"If I think someone's really important
to me, it's tough when they're gone"

"But if I think I hate the guy,
it can even make me glad he's gone"

That's a strange way to be

I think it's...

I've gotta get back to work

I know I'm bothering you,
but let me finish

When I think of you,
I don't want to hate you

I want to feel I had
the greatest love in the world

If we just stop seeing each other,
I'll start liking someone else,

and I don't want to just forget you!


Say it


Let's break up

I'm very sorry


What the fuck is this?

I apologize, sir

You better be sorry

Kikuchi has touched my body...

No one else is allowed to

Hello, Raiei-whoops

Satoko speaking

Hi, Yuri

A funeral?


Hey, you

You seem kind, but you really
don't care about me at all, do you?

Of course you don't

Were you calling back home?


Is your mother okay?

Thank you...

You made me remember something

It was so sudden,
I can't believe it

"Cerebral thrombosis" or something...
I'm not sure

And his kids are still so young

So he did have kids...

Is it scary to die?

What are you talking about?

Now, we must bid farewell

Lee, can I have the salt?


Excuse me

These noodles suck

I know

Don't, it's rude

- Have some beer
- Thank you

Me, too

Hey Satoko, that apron really suits you

Hey, I was still eating that

Never mind, if we don't leave now
we'll be late for work

The shop is open today?

No idea

Oh, by the way, how's Akiyo?

Akiyo? Not too good...

She beat up a customer...

Kikuchi? It's me

I wanna meet today

Even if you have plans,
I still wanna meet

Meet me

What are you doing here?

Don't look

Just get out

Get out

All this time...

You've been doing this?

Please, get out

Get out


I really like you

I've liked you for a long time



Thank you

Here's a box lunch and some tea


Oh, here...

Forget it

No, this is the money I borrowed


I really hated you

I really hated you, too

See you

Take care

It's been a long time...
How are you?

Why put a Ferris wheel here?

Wanna ride it?


You can see my house,
but it's pretty tiny

Why here?

No special reason...
I couldn't get a loan

You need a lump of cash in Tokyo

Anyway, it's close to the ocean

Brings back memories


Cake from Shimamura Bakery?

'Cause we didn't have any
on your birthday

Ever since I was a little kid,
I had Shimamura cake on my birthday

I knew you'd like it

Eating cake by the beach...

It's just like a scene out of a
Harlequin romance

Don't tease me

I think I'll grow old in this town



What is that?



Tears I've collected since I left for
Tokyo until yesterday

Today, I'm gonna pour them
in the ocean


Let me have them

I can use them to mix paints


Let your tears go, too

This is the head

Is it?



It's for your house and the
baby... Isn't it nice?

What's it supposed to be?



Oh, and...


You asked me before if I thought
there was a God

For me, this is God

A rock?

It really answered my prayers


A vapor trail!

Oh, yeah


That picture...

What is it, Toko?

I don't need "God"

I wanna fall in love...






ANDO Masanobu

Producer: ASAI Takashi

Associate Producer: IZUMI Masataka

Based on the Comic "strawberry shortcakes"
written by NANANAN Kiriko

Screenwriter: INUKAI Kyoko

Director: YAZAKI Hitoshi