Strawberry Roan (1933) - full transcript

The mares Jim Edwards are losing is being blamed on a wild horse when it is actually his foreman Hawkins. Colonel Bownlee offers his ranch to anyone who can ride this wild palomino. Ken takes up the challenge and also seeks the real thief.

Howdy, partner.

Hello, stranger.

It's a lovely camp you got here.

Yeah, why don't you join us?

I will.

Make yourself at home.

Do you see what I see?

Why, it's
the old maverick himself.

We just been talking about him.

Why, Ken, you old horse fly!

How'd you happen to find us?

That was easy.
I heard you playin'.

You're the world's worst,
you know?

Where you been keeping yourself
the last two or three years?

I've been settled down
in my own place

for quite a spell,
and I got a hankering

to see the gang, though.
And well, I'm here, ain't I?

Boy, you are welcome.

You know a lot of the boys here.

The rest of 'em
would be mighty proud

to meet up with you.

- Come on.
- Hey, boys!

Hey, cowboys, come up here.

Meet our old buddy, old boy.

You know Billy.

Hello there.

- Ken.
- How are ya?

- Bill, how are ya?
- Nice to see you, Ken.

This looks like quite a gather.

This is quite a reunion,
isn't it, huh?

Yeah, I say, Ken, I just put

a brand new bridge
in this old fiddle box.

Give her some of
that old time music

like we used to play.

Yeah, I don't mind if I do.

You fellas were getting
along pretty good

when I come up though.

Sounds mighty good.

Best choose it. What do
you wanna play, partner?

Well, I don't think
there's any better

rain song than that old "Strawberry Roan" of yours, Curley.

Let's play it.

Old boys.

Sure like old times, boys.

For wine and for women,
he never was strong,

but he's a double barrel
wild cat when it comes to song.

Haven't changed a bit, Shanty.

The only person finds
cowboying captivity, huh?

How's you fitting?

Everything's all
right now, let's go.

All right, here we go.

♪ I was hanging around
just wasting my time ♪

♪ Out of a job
and not holding a dime ♪

♪ When a fella
steps up and he says ♪

♪ I suppose that you're
a bronc fighter ♪

♪ By the looks
of your clothes ♪

♪ He guesses me right
and good one I claim ♪

♪ Have you got any bad ones
that you want me to tame ♪

♪ But he said he had one
and a bad one to buck ♪

♪ And for throwing
good cowboys ♪

♪ He's had lots of luck ♪

♪ Claim this old pony
had never been rode ♪

♪ And the boys
that gets on him ♪

♪ They sure do get throwed ♪

♪ And I gets all excited
and I ask what he paid ♪

♪ To ride that old pony
for a couple of days ♪

♪ He offers a ten spot
Says I am your man ♪

♪ But there never was a bronco
that I couldn't stand ♪

♪ Never was a horse
Never true friends ♪

♪ That I couldn't ride
very far from this place ♪

Here, Hank, take it.

Always something with the boys.

Glad to play.

Yeah, come on back.

Well, gang, how goes everything?
How you been getting along?

Oh, all right, Ken.
We're still punching dogies.

- Yeah, where you working now?
- In the north part, Ken.

Oh, I thought you was over
in that brush creek country.

Not yet.

What have you got to say
for yourself, old buzzard?

Not much, Ken.

Put in charge and just
as poor as I always was.

Curley, that reminds
me of the old days.

That sure is some song.

I'll say it is, and that
sure was some horse.


Some horse, what do ya mean?

Why, that's only a song
some hombre wrote.

Says you, smart guy.

There sure was such a horse.

Hey, Ken,
tell these fellas about

that old Strawberry Roan,
will you?

Well, yeah, what's the matter?

Some of these boys

don't believe there
ever was such a horse.

I guess there was such a horse,
wasn't there, boys?

- There was.
- What a pony!

- He'll tell 'em about it.
- He sure will.

Say, Shanty, let's play
"The Strawberry Roan"

again for him, just to
get him in the spirits.

Nice and easy like.

There wasn't a whole lot to it.

Bunch of us was over in the
river rock country one time.

We were poor, didn't have
a dime in our pockets.

That's fine, boys!

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

That's just what
we're playing for.

I'll have mine.

Here you go, boys.

This is sure gonna hit the spot.

This ain't gonna miss.

- You...
- Ha.

I thought you hombres were
out looking for a job.

I should toil
and fret and sweat,

while rounding up dumb steer,
when for a tune,

I can earn the room
and have some left for beer.

Well, we were out looking
for work all morning, Ken.

Honest we were.

Jobs are awful scarce
around these parts.

Yeah, you're right, boys.

I've been out
all morning myself,

couldn't find a thing.

Whoa, boy, whoa!


Take the line there, daughter.

You wait here a few
minutes for me, will ya?

- Yes, Daddy.
- I won't be long.

Bart. Bart!

Bart, hurry, you know this
rheumatism has got me down.

Yes, sir.

Easy now.

Mighty concerned
you don't hurry.

Give me my stick. Give it to me.
You know I can't move much without it.

I gotta ask
for everything I get.


Remember, no drinking.

Who, me?

Not a chance.

Come on, come on, Bart.
Hurry up, will you?

What's the matter with you?

All right, boss.

Hello, Jim.

- Hey!
- Hi, Jim.

Hello, Jim.

I ain't feeling too good today.

No, that's not enough for me.

You're looking pretty good.

Come on, boys, everybody
have a drink with me.

That's it.

Go on then, set 'em up,
set 'em up for the house.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Well, Jim, how are things?

Oh, things are pretty good,

except that old roan is
on the rampage again.

- No.
- Yes.

What's that darned lord
done now?

Killed anybody?

Oh, he ain't killed nobody,

but he pawed up one
of my boys pretty bad.

I'm here to hire any
of you bronc fighters

that's out of the job
and looking for work.

You can count me
and my two partners

in on that, Mr. Edwards.

I'll say you can't.

Boss, it'd be cheaper
to let that roan

run off a few
mares now and then,

instead of staging
such a round-up.

Oh, Bart, I'm determined to see
that roan saddle rode.

That suits me, Jim.

- We'll make a contest of it.
- Contest?

Yes, and I'll hang up a prize,
it'll be well worth riding for.

What prize?

To the man who can ride
that roan till he quits,

I'll deed my title
to the Double Bar Ranch.

- You mean it?
- Yes, sir.

Well, what do
you think of that, hey?

That's some prize,
ain't it, hey?

Hey, sure, Shanty, any one
of us can ride that roan.

Colonel, that looks
like a mighty big prize

for just a little horse riding.

- What's the catch?
- No catch.

I've got enough to last
me the rest of my life.

And I have a notion that the man

who finally conquers that roan

will be the kind of man
to own the Double Bar.

Jim, when you get that roan
corralled, let me know,

and we'll begin the contest.

Attention, boys.

Any of you boys that
want to get in on this

better saddle up.

I'm leaving for
the ranch, pronto!

If I get a chance for that old horse for a long time...

I'd wrangle it
to save us all, boys.

Hello, Alice.

I didn't know you were in town.

How've you been?

I intend but...
I feel neglected.

Why haven't you
been over to see me?

Well, I've been pretty busy
looking for a job.

I finally found one though.

Oh, really?

Something I've
been wanting to do

for a long, long time.

You're not going away?

- Afraid I am.
- Oh, Ken.

I'm coming right over to
your house and go to work.

Your father just hired me.

- No!
- Sure, he did.

Well, now maybe we'd get
rid of this cussing roan.

Well, we'd better, boss.

We've been wanting
this dang thing for a long time.

All right, here we go.

Here, take my cane, daughter.

Yes, Daddy.

Boost up
a little bit there.

You might as well learn
your place right now, cowboy.

Mana for the rest of the hands.

Look here, Bart,
I ain't siding in

with any of them
highfalutin notions of yours.

Now, Mr. Edwards,
as your foreman,

I think I ought to be able

to handle these
men in my own way!

All right, Bart,
have it your own way.

You got your orders, get going.

All right, partner.

Here we go, let's get
rolling on out of here.


Come on, Ken, let's get going.

Come on, let's go!

Be right with you, boys.

Let's go!

Boys, there's your wild horses,
all right.

Strawberry Roan himself.

I wonder where
that kicker came from.

I've never seen him before.

What a battle he's putting up.

Say, you know, I've been looking

that herd over
pretty careful-like.

I can't seem to see
them bloody mares

Big Jim has been losing.

Can you, Bart?

Now's your time, boys.
Ride him down.

Wait a minute.

That's no way to go about
catching that animal.

That is, providing you
really wanna snare him.

Just what do you mean by that?

Why, we ought to split up,
sneak up on him.

Less danger
of a stampede that way.

All right, Masters.

You ramrod the outfit.

- I'll look on.
- All right.

Hey, boys!

You fellas go out
over those rim rocks

and down that north
canyon, will you?

Rest of you boys
better slip down

that coulee over
there and come up

on the left-hand side.
I'm gonna watch this box canyon.

We'll round them up in no time.
It's gonna be a cinch.

Go ahead, get after it, boys.

Miss Alice, we should
keep an eye on Bart.

Don't let him know
you're watching.

- You mean that...
- I don't know anything yet.

I got a suspicion he don't
want the roan caught.

Now we're gonna
take it easy, boys.

You fellas better circle
up over that hogback.

I'll watch this canyon.

Go ahead.

Whoa. Whoa, boy, easy.

Now, listen, bust straight down

on the herd and chase
that stallion off.

If anybody spots you, well,
we'll say you were drunk, savvy?


With that roan corralled,
it's gonna be

kind of hard
covering up the loss

of any more mares.
It's liable to...

Shut up.

Get going.

What's the matter with you?

You spoiled my loop.

I were trying
to help you, that's all.

I was trying to forefoot it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I guess you were, all right.

Take it down around
that post, Alice.

That's it, hold him now.

All right, I've got him, Ken.

Whoa, boy, whoa.

Well, you got out of that
all right, didn't you?

I'll say I did.

You're lucky.

You're not hurt, are you?


Just pride.

Well, we got him all right,

but riding him is bound
to be something else.

Really tall, ain't he?

He sure don't look tough to me!

Say, Shanty, you better
ride double with Curley

and leave your horse
here for Miss Alice.

All right, Ken.

Now, Buck, don't get jealous.
I haven't forgotten you.


Why, Miss Alice,
what are you trying to do?

Tame him like you did the deer?

I hope to.

We were getting along
fine until you came along.

I can't understand that.

He's been perfectly quiet.

I guess it's because
he's penned up.

It would be a shame
to break his spirit.

You think you can ride him?

Well, I don't know, Miss Alice.

I'm sure gonna give
him a mighty whirl

if I get a chance.

Ken, please be careful.

Of course I will.

Hello, honey.

We've been looking for you.

Yes, we want you
to draw the names

of the boys that are going
to try to ride the roan.

Oh, I'd love to, colonel.

Come on, come on, now,
let's get going.

Hey, boys, come on, get started.

Say, you, I want you to keep
away from Alice, savvy?

We're engaged.

I don't believe it.

You mean to call me a liar?


You guessed it the first time.

Well, I don't wanna
cause any trouble now.

We'll settle this
after the contest.

You mean if I turn my back,
don't you, Hawkins?

I hope I draw it first.

Well, Jim, looks
as though it's going

to be mighty tough for somebody.

I reckon as how.

Boys, in this hat
are strips of paper

containing the
names of all of you.

Alice will draw
them one at a time,

until someone succeeds
in riding the roan.

How does that suit you, boys?

Hope I get the first set.

I sure hope
this is my lucky day.

Yeah, and I'm
feeling just right.

Man, but I'm
gonna hang onto this

rabbit's foot with my left paw.

- Shanty!
- Shanty!

Shanty, where are ya, Shanty?

- Shanty?
- Where are ya, Shanty?

Come here, you long hard.

A lot of luck to ya.

You're gonna need it, too,
when you ride that critter.

Old Strawberry Roan
is sure in for a ride.

I'm gonna tie him in bone hearts
and peel off his hide.

- Onward!
- Good luck, Shanty.

Get the handle.

Get him out, boys.

Come on, put that halter on.

Well, hold him there.

We'll get him on here.

Hold him right there now.

- Get him!
- Kick him!

Don't let him there, Shanty.

What a ride he's getting!

Boy, what a fall
that fella took.

Get a hold of him.
Man, don't let him buck around.

Hurt you bad, boy?

He's not hurt real bad,
is he, boys?

Nah, he's just knocked out.

Take him up, see what
we can do for him there.

He's not hurt too bad.

Here, pick out the next victim.


Hey, he's not hurt
very bad, fellas.

Let's make another draw.

He'll be all right, let's go see
who's gonna ride next.

Lay here, boy.

I don't think there's
any broken bones.

He's just knocked out.

Pretty hard ride. Better take
him to the bunkhouse, boys.

- Okay.
- He's just shaken up a little.

He'll be all right.

Well, there's one
of them out of the way.

Can you make it?

Come on, Alice,
let's have some more fun.

This contest is an outrage,

and I'm not going to have
anything more to do with it.

I'll see if I can get her
to change her mind, colonel.

All right, kid.

Well, Jim, I guess
it's up to you to pick 'em.

Looks like it.

Hey, boys!

Come on, we're going to pick
another number out of here.

That's fine, wonder who's gonna
be lucky this time.

Well, are you all ready?

- Sure!
- Well, here she goes.


Hey, you get to
ride this time, boy.

Come on, man.


Honey, I wouldn't
worry about the cowboys

getting hurt in this contest.

They're used to
that sort of thing.

Nothing is worth risking
your life for, Ken.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to disagree with that.

One thing I know is...
and then some.

There he is.

Say, I wonder if
this little hombre

here's really hurting bad.

Nah, he's all right.

You couldn't kill
him with a pickax.

Well, if he's playing possum,
I'll bring him out of it.

Go ahead.

What's going on here?

Nothing's going on,
but a lot's coming off.

Lay down, cowboy.

Oh, now wait a minute, boys.

What's this here?


Get out of here!

How's Shanty, boys?

Hey! Hey!

I guess he's all right.

See, you done all that
worrying for nothing.

You can't kill a cowboy.

Cut him loose.

Little roan!

- Come on, Slim!
- Ride him, Slim!

Ride him, Slim.

Ride it on the neck.

See, honey, what did I tell you?

He picked out a nice
little place, didn't he?

Cowboys are smart that way.

Come on, boys.

Come on, let's see
what the next one is.

Well, if that's the best riding

the boys can do, I reckon
I better get married

and find my heir in
the usual manner.

Jim, pick a good one this time.

Go ahead, here goes.


- Atta boy, Curley.
- Me?

I'll say he picked a good one.

Wait a minute, boys.
Wait a minute.

Now in fairness
to all concerned,

I believe the man whose
name is on this paper

should get the next ride.
That is, providing

Curley fails to make the grade.

- That's fair.
- Is that fair?

Bart, if this contest
goes over another day,

you'll get a crack at the roan

the first thing in the morning.

Colonel, once I throw
a leg over that cayuse,

you're gonna get a moving
picture of your ranch

moving right out on you.

Oh, yeah? But remember,
I'm riding him now.

Attaboy, Curley.

Good luck, old fella.

Now take a deep seat, cowboy.

Now, listen, you fellas,
when you turn him loose,

I want you to get
plumb away from him.

I don't wanna any interference.

I'm gonna ride this
roan till he quits.

All right, let him go.

That was a fine thing to do.

Get him up to the post.

Man, don't let him
buck around.

Give me that rope.

Take him up, boys,
get him out of the corral.

Hey, are you hurt real bad, boy?

Hey, get out of there!

Get on your own side
of the corral, hurry up!


He's got Ken down.

Stop him!

- Hurry, boys.
- Get him, fellas.

- Get a rope on him.
- Rope, rope.


He'll paw
that man to death.

- Get a rope on him, Buck.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Come on.
- Are you all right, Ken?

- Are you hurt?
- No, no.

I'm not hurt.

Looked as if that roan was gonna
paw you to death, Kenny.

He'd done his best
for a minute, wasn't he?

We better get that roan
back on his own.

There can't be
anymore riding today.

- How's Curley?
- All right, Jim.

He's all right, he's coming to.

Better go take a look at him.

Come on.

I'm all right, boss.

Come on, let's get
him on his feet.

I'm all right.

How're you feeling, Curley?
Not hurt, huh?

Oh, nothing's broken,
I don't reckon.

You're gonna be all right in the morning and just as poor as ever.

Better take him to
the bunkhouse, boys.

All right.

We're gonna have things
to pull pretty soon.

He took a pretty hard bump.

Oh, I do wish we could do
something to stop this contest.

Someone's gonna get killed.

Gee, Alice, the boys would
never stand for it now.

There's too much at stake.

You'll feel differently
about it in the morning.

Sure, you will.
It'll be all right.


I want you to ride
over to Bat's place

and bring the gang back here.

I've got a scheme
all figured out.


Suppose you'll let me in on it?

Right after dark, I plan to get
a rope around that roan's neck

and get him out of the corral.

After I get him far enough away,
I'll choke him down, now savvy?

Yeah, I get you,
and in the morning,

you'll be able to ride
him easy like, hey?

You said it, now dust.

Say, listen,
why bring in the gang?

Me and you can handle
this job alone.

You know we gotta get that
herd out of the country.

With that roan corralled,
they'll catch up with us in no time.

Oh, all right.

The only horse you'll ever ride
is on a merry-go-round.

Oh, yeah?
You didn't look like the old horse lassoer on that roan yourself.

Do you want me to get
these chaps off for ya?

No, no, Benny,
just leave 'em on.

I'll get 'em off.

Get me a drink of water, Donny.


Well, partner.

How're you feeling now?

Yeah, I'm all right, Ken.

Just kind of busy in the head.

Busy says ya?

Boy, you sure get my manny.

Your head solid bone,
and your brain's in your...


You're gonna be all right
in a little bit, anyhow.

That was a plumb lousy trick
you pulled on me, Bart.

I'll be remembering it
when I get out of this bed.

Say, you insinuating I
tried to get you thrown?

Well, I was just
cheering you on.

On his back, you mean.

I ain't insinuating nothing.

I'm just making
a straightforward statement.

You pulled a fast,
and it's a dirty trick.

Say, you.

Just a minute, mister.

Curley ain't able
to help himself,

you can do your arguing with me.

Oh, yeah? Well, I'll bend
a six-shooter over you.

- Let up, Ken!
- You stay out of this, boys!

He's had this coming
for a long time.

He's gonna get it right now.

Come on now.

Get him, cowboy!

Thanks, partner.

You did just as good a job
as I was wishing I could do.

It's all right, kid.

Well, that was a real fight.

He really shot the moon
that time.

- Yeah, he did.
- A dollar and a half, you owe me.

- And split with you.
- Yeah.

I'm even with you, boys.

Ah, cut out the arguing.
I wanna go to sleep.

You know we're going
after that roan tomorrow,

and I might get
a chance to ride him.

You won't wanna ride
him after tomorrow night.

Why, you bloodhound.

Come on,
get 'em up here, fellas.

What're you doing, partner?

Trying to figure
out how many acres

I lost by getting bucked off?

Nah, Curley.

I'm just putting
two and two together.

That old tune of yours,
the nature of that wild horse.

I think I got something
pretty good here.

Get that guitar of yours,
let's try.

- All right.
- Hey, Shanty.

- Yeah?
- Come on.

Get that old pie box
of yours, that push box.

- Sure, Ken.
- Let's try this.

What are we gonna play?

Here, right here.

Let's try that now.

All right, you ready?

- You have me on.
- I am, partner.

♪ I was hanging around
just wasting my time ♪

♪ Out of a job
and not holding a dime ♪

♪ When the fellas came through
and he says I suppose ♪

♪ That you're a bronc fighter
by the looks of your clothes ♪

♪ You guessed that right
and I put in my claim ♪

♪ Have you got any bad ones
that you want me to tame ♪

♪ He said he had one
and a bad one to buck ♪

♪ One's a fighter
He'd had lots of luck ♪

♪ Says this old pony
had never been rode ♪

♪ The cowboy got on him
was sure to get throwed ♪

♪ Well, I got all excited
and I asked what he pays ♪

♪ To ride that old pony
for a couple of days ♪

All right, man!

That sure is a good song.

Chief, I'll take
some of the boys

and get that herd started.

Now you know what I
want done to that roan.

Leave it to me. I'll fix him
so a baby could ride him.

All right, boys,
bring him on out.

Hey, hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, you ain't
playing the thing right.

What do you mean, I'm
not playing it right?

You got it in
the wrong key yourself.

What do you mean, the wrong key?
Well, I had enough keys...

Hey, listen,
why don't you tune it down then if he wants it down?

- All right.
- If he wants it up, change it.

Well, let him tune his,
I've got mine all right.

How can he change that pie box

without jerking all
the stops out of it?

He can't tune his up,
or down-tune.

Sure cannot.

Well, I ain't gonna tune
this picture right here.

- Come on.
- No, no, that's the wrong one.

Right over here,
see, right in the C.

What are you...?

Okay, left, left,
left here, Shanty.

Right here.

Hey, hey, Ken, you ain't
running out on us, is ya?

I guess you just
getting disgusted

with your own words to my tune.

It's not the words
that's bothering me.

The way you want to sing 'em.

Boy, I always told you.

All right, let's start
now, let's start it right.

Well, if you just give me
enough to...

Shanty, you can make
them madder than...

Come on now.
That's not starting the number.

Now let's start the number.

Well, put it in C
and come on, come on,

and don't argue with me anymore.

Less talking and more playing.

Start... play on then.

Come on.

Evening, Alice.

Why, Ken.

I thought I heard you playing
with the boys in the bunkhouse.

Well, I was.

I had something else on my mind,
and I just walked away from 'em.


Well, you see,
such a pretty evening and all.

I... I thought maybe...
maybe you'd go riding with me.

Of course I will.

You go saddle my horse.

Sure, I will.

Well, looks like you took
an awful lot for granted.

Ain't mad, are you?

Of course not.

It'll only take me one
minute to change my clothes.

All right.

Now, boys.

Gonna be a lot smarter horse
when I get through with it.

Whoa, boy.

Miss Alice, you know...


Somebody's moving a bunch of your father's saddle horses up the draw.

I didn't know they was taking
out anything tonight, did you?

Neither did I.

You better wait here a minute.

I'll go down and find out
what that's all about.

Come on, boy.

Watch yourself, boys.

Turn him loose!

That stampede will run us down.


Come on, Alice, we gotta
get out of here, quick.

I can't, Ken, my ankle's turned.

Come on, Alice, can you make it?

I think so.

You all right now?



Good work, old man.
Mighty good work.

I'll say it was, Tarzan.

You better look after that ankle
of yours now Alice.

Oh, it's all right,
don't bother, Ken.

Well, how do you know?

Let's take the boot off,
come on.

It's all right,
I just turned it.

Let me take a look at that.

Give me that foot.

Get back!
Go now, get out of here!

Do something!
Jump out that window!

What's happened, boys?

I don't know, somebody
must have stampeded them.

You go and saddle the horses.

We'll saddle on
and watch them all.

Go on now, go saddle
the horses up there.

There he is again, men!

Let's whip.

We'll corner him
in that box canyon.

If I could just ride that old

Strawberry Roan,
I'd be sitting pretty.

Then we could...

Get it on him.

Get it on him now fellas.

I guess you'll have
to ride double, Alice.

Come on.

I sure hate to do this, Jim.

Well, we've got
to do it, colonel.

Wait a minute, colonel.

You're not gonna shoot that horse down in cold blood,
are you?

It does seem cold-blooded, son,

but it looks like
the only way out.

That horse is
a menace to the range.

You're wrong, colonel.

He never did anything
but fight for his freedom,

like he did when you had him
penned up for that contest.

How about that stock
he's been stealing?

I'm not so sure he
ever stole any stock.

You mean to say they
were taken by a rustler?

Sure as shooting.

Earlier this evening,
I caught your foremen

running off with one of your
best bands of saddle stock.

It was his shooting
that started the stampede.

Where is Bart?

Hey, get your ropes
on him, boys!

Don't let him get away.

He won't get away this time.

I didn't know that
hombre was down here with you.

I figured he'd be
making his getaway,

or I'd have had him
a long time ago.

Watch this.

Hey, finally got ya.


For a long time,
I've known you've been

rustling off stuff
and laying it on the roan.

Tonight's the first time
I ever had the goods on you.

What have you got
to say for yourself?

I guess you've said
about all there is to say.

Take him on into town.

Hand him over to the marshal.

I don't care against them.

Well, I still think we ought

to rid the range
of that roan right now.

You're right, Jim.

He don't belong to nobody,
and I reckon nobody wants him.

Ken, isn't there
any way we can save him?

I think so, honey.


Before you pass
sentence on that roan,

I'd like mighty well to
have my chance to ride him.

Well, Ken, Jim and I decided
to give up the contest.

Oh, you did, huh?

I'd hate mighty bad
to think of a westerner

going back on his word.

You're right, son.

I never looked at it that way.

Can we call him in?

Are you all willing
to let Ken have next try,

- now that Bart's gone?
- Sure.

Let him
have the next turn!

Sure, let him have at it.

Let him have it.

Thanks, colonel.

Boys, let's put
a saddle on that pony.

We'll get going right now.


Ken, I'm afraid.

It's the only way we can
save his life, honey.

If I ride him,
he'll belong to me.

Don't worry.

I guess I'm going
for a ride, all right.

Wait until I get
a deep seat on him.

Get her down tight there,

All right, ready, boys.

Ride him, cowboy!

Turn him loose!

Stick to him, Ken.

Attaboy. Get him!

Stay with him, Ken.

Stay with him, Ken, attaboy.

Stay with him, Ken.

Attaboy, Ken, attaboy.

That's the way
I shoulda rode him.

Good ride.

Pick him up.

- Ken, it was wonderful!
- Ken!

- I was so thrilled.
- That was a wonderful ride,

and as far as the contest
is concerned, it's over.

All right, colonel.

Then I wanna take
advantage of that

old time range law.

The rider's possession
to a wild horse I've rode.

Fair enough, Ken.

You've won that right
as well as the ranch.

Thanks a lot.

Now just one more thing
I wanna do for the roan.

Old boy showed a good hand,
didn't he, fellas?


Come on, honey.

I'll take him now, boys.

Well, now, Ken...

Ah, he's all right.

He give me a good ride,
but he's a good horse.

Huh, come along,
let me have him.

Well, old pony, you're mine,

but I'm gonna give
you back to the range.

How would you like that, huh?

Go ahead!