Strawberries in the Supermarket (2003) - full transcript

Ex-soldier, Marko, storms supermarket and takes all casheers captive because one of them insulted his grandmother. Jagoda is self-conscious country girl in her late 20's/early 30's who thinks that her "expiration date" has passed long time ago. Surreal situation, jazzed with comedy stunts, helps two characters (Marko and Jagoda) to find their place in world.


Jagoda, do you want some
coffee, sweetheart?

No, my new diet excludes coffee
and all the GM food too.

We know each other for ten
years and you dieting

for ten years. You won't gain
any weight by having cofee.

It is the apstinence that
makes you gain weight.

Ljubica, I set up a date with
a guy for tomorrow evening.

Where did you find him?
- In an add in the local paper.

You think that the guy from
add is your prince charming?

Sounds nice over the phone.
I'll read it to you:

Educated gentleman, handsome,
non-smoker, vital,


Shit! - Why?

Shit! That is the worst

What is C-4, Jagoda?
- No idea.

Says that a package size
of a soap blew up

a half of the bus station in

It seems to be some very
scarry dinamite? -Seems so.

What are you two girls doing?

Take that sheep off of you!

I want to see the uniform
I paid for.

Primitive manners outside
my market!

Smile, honey! Big smile!
That's it!

In an american supermarket
you'll work the american way!

If you won't, there's always
somebody who will! Smile!

I don't care! It is not my
ambition to spend

my whole life behind
the cashier desk?

I have my degree as
a sports teacher,

I may get a job as a coach,
maybe marry a rich guy

after my diet is over, and then
I wouldn't have to work at all.

Jagoda, be realistic:
you don't have a degree

and this other thing has nothing
to do with your weight.

And all the models and
actresses you read about

started behind the cashier desk.
So, sit here and wait

for your chance! And put
some make up on, for a change!

It's not about
the make up, at all.

Welcome to our new
Yugo-American market.

Good morning.

You don't see the line?
Go back!

Everybody behind the blue
line! Behind the blue line!

Excuse me, what is this?
- Mayonnaise.

1 565 dinars.

Yugo-America! Ekonomize! Yugo
prices, American selection.

Jagoda look!
There goes my neighbour!

Which one?
- The one with the hat.

He is cute.

Hey, neighbour!

Come this way, you don't have
to wait in the line.

Everybody behind the line!

Make some space
for our neighbour!

What a surprise
to see you here...

I work in the
neighbourhood so...

You've seen the new,
american supermarket.

I'll be here every day.

It is nice in here.
Quite american.

946 dinars... You don't have
to write a date...

just your phone number.

I'll do it!

Don't worry.
My colegue will clean it.

That is my colleague,
my future bride's maid.

Pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you, bride's
maid. My name is Nebojsa.

OK. How about we see
each other after work today,

so we could go back home

Until I get to know my new
neighbourhood, hey? - Gladly.

I am driving... - Great!
I'll leave work earlier.

My bride's maid will take over
and get total for my register.

Would you sweetheart?

Excuse me...

See you.

You'll stand in for me
tomorrow when I leave to meet

that guy from the add,
you know, love!

Honey, today is today
and tomorrow is tomorrow!

We're closed.

You hear? Closed!

Come back tommorow to buy
these strawberries!

I can't. Tommorow is my
only grandson's birthday,

these strawberries are
for his favourite cake.

What now?

What are you waiting for, hey?
For sky to fall?

What's happening? What kind
of people did we become?

Welcome to our new

What's up honey, what's wrong?

Are you having a period?

I don't want to be your bride's
maid anymore. -Why, honey?

Because you are a immoral
intriguer and an exibitionist.

I am all shuddering.

Is this egg fresh?

Dragan, don't rush; you know
we don't have too much money.

Excuse me sir, please, what
kind of meat is that?

Canadian mouflon ma'm!

Cut me a hoof.
At least for a soup.

Let no one rip you off!

Our prices are the lowest
in town.

Which egg is fresher?

You are flirting with guys
by being a naughty girl!

He saw me first!
Stood in my line!

Until he's seen a hot chick.

You think you are some sort
of hot chick?!

I am compared to you!
Shall we ask the people?

You saw he likes me so you
immediately got rid of me

so I wouldn't spoil
"your combination"!

You bet I did!
He is my neighbour,

should I set you up
to get laid with him?!

And I would put
my arm in fire for you!

Wait! Where are you going?!

Stop when I am telling you!

I will shoot! I swear!

What are you staring at?
Down on the floor!

Everybody down!
You motherfuckers!

I am gonna kill
all of you, bastards!

- Shut the fuck up!

What robbery?!
Go over there! Move!

I'm not a thief!

You come here!
Go there...

You will pay for those
who ran away!

That's Kinder egg, grandpa!

On the floor!

Down on the floor!


On your knees!
All of you!

What are you waiting for?
Special invitation?

What are you looking at?

Back to back!
Wrap yourselves up!

Did I tell you to look at me?!

Did I fight for this for ten
years, motherfuckers?!

Is this the justice
I fought for?

So you could harass
my grandmother here, is it?

Does she have to change three
bus lines to get here?

To buy strawberries?

To give you money and you
make a fool out of her!

Is this the justice
I fought for?

Don't look! To kill somebody is
just like "Hello" to me!

Mister! Just point the person
who did that

and she will be fired

That's what you are going
to tell me!

That's why I am here,
to find out!

If you need time to remember,
take your time!

We'll stay here until you
freshen up your memories!

And believe me - I will
thoroughly mistreat you!

I'm a violent man.
I am a war veteran.

Hands up! On the floor!

Do you want me to demonstrate
it on you first,

You Valenssa fool?!
Get the fuck out!

And don't let me see you
in the supermarket again!


Yo, punk, we are here!
You better surrender now!

Did you hear sergeant's order,
you monkey?

Do you want us to break in,
do you?

I already broke everything in
here that needs to be broken!

Lunatic! - Terrorist!
- Kamikaza!

I'll blow myself up!
- Run!!

What's going on here?

Some lunatic. He has some
hostages inside, inspector.

You are surrounded!

Put down your weapons and come
out with your hands in the air.


Everything is going to be
just fine...!

It's Nebojsa, girls!

You made out with a cop?!
How embaqrassing!

I repeat: throw down your
weapons and surrender...

I'll shoot a magazine full of
bullets at you, you fool.

I am not here to surrender!

Stop, stop!

All right, we'll surrender.
If you want.

I am a chief inspector,
only in civilian clothes,

my intentions are good.

That's how I like you, puppy!
With good intentions!

Let me point out: we are in
a very delicate situation...

Which one?

You made a terrorist attack
on a foreign territory.

This is not an embassy,
I am not a sucker!

Go tell that story
to your mother!

Maybe you don't know:
the capital is 1 00% american.

US dollars!

I am gonna blow everything up!

Don't... Why?
What is your problem?

Injustice! That's my problem!

I'm rightous man!

Didn't I tell you inspector,
the guy is crazy!

Call for backup.

I asked for regular backup.
Why did you come?

Because we are mean
motherfuckers, my colegue!

To finish it up.

Get ready to get in, boys!
- Where are you going?

We cannot just provisionaly
get this guy? -How else?

First, psychologicaly...

Is it? What kind of pain
does he have? - Injustice.

The ones I like the most.

A stick learned
a bear how to dance.

My headquarters claims that
your requests are abstract.

I repeat.: l am getting an
objection from my headquarters

that your requests
are rather abstract.

What headquarters? It's been a
while since the WW2,my friend!

If you don't get me seriously,
I am afraid I will have to

let the operational unit
to take over.

What operational unit?

Special unit - SWAT.

Everything is surrounded.
You don't have a chance.

Come out and see it
for yourself.

Back! You bastards!

I'll kill you all!
Go back!

Do you listen to the orders?

Put down the guns!

Nobody here is listening
to my orders?!

Now, they're gonna see!

Don't play with me people!
I am a kamikaza!

I'm loaded with explosive!

Bride's maid, I recognized you,
everything is under control!

Back! Go back!

Do you want me to blow away
the bride's maid's brain?

Take it easy!
I'm in charge here!

They had no permition
to take an action!

Who had no permition?!
- It won't happen again!

You need to step away until
I finish what I have to do

and everything
is going to be OK.

Do you think we're morons?
That we can buy it?

I personaly guaranty you,

we'll identify the ones
that done you wrong.

He's serious! He is going
to blow us away!

We'll all gonna fly
to the Never Neverland

to see Peter Pan, you punks!

Sir, he is bluffing, sir.
He's got nothing!

Say here, to these people,
what kind of fucking explosive

you've got,
you motherfucking bum?!

Come on, hurry up...
- What? - Say something...

C-4! He's got C-4!

You bet, plastic.

And I am not a bum,
you police frog!

Police frog!

You have some explaining to do!

Police frog!

I see you are communicative;
let's make an arrangement:

release some of the hostages
as a sign of your good will...

Everything else can be
resolved by a dialogue.

Thank God that
I am such a good person

and that the cop over there
has some education

and composure, so I decided
to release you.

You, lady, stand up!

Stay there! Don't move!

You too! I can't listen to
you anymore! Go there!

You too. Where are you going?
Did I tell you so?

Now I won't let you go!

Dragan, what are you doing?!

Come on, you can only
make me problems.

Rest of you don't move!

The one I've picked-out!
Hurry up!

Let's go!


Out, all of you!

Get the fuck out of here!

Don't let me see you in the
supermarket again, ever!

Easy! Don't panic!


What did I tell you?

From now on I am your Dragan
and your mum and dad!

I have a date
with my boyfriend, tonight.

If I let all of you go, why the
hell did I come here for?

Somebody here has to be

Shame on you!

You let men walk out
and you keep the women!

I'm aware of the situation.

And I'll stay here
as long as it's needed.

You all stay here!

Wrap them up again!

Grandpa, it's Kinder egg.

Let's go, pa.
That way.

Grandpa! Grandpa!

What do we do now,
you smart ass?

We negotiate
and wait for him to surrender.

This is a democracy now.

What about us who don't
recognize the democracy?

How should we behave?

Pretend! Until you get
a different orders.

Hey, you, mongrels, what's up,
did I keep my word?

Did I release some people?
What are you waiting for?

We are waiting, you lunatic,
because we are democrats!

Well democrats, come to your
senses, you animals!

Did the girl clearly say
that I am dangerous?

Fulfill your part of the deal,

until I finish
what I came here for.

Is it because of the justice,
you lunatic?!

Because of the injustice, Fido.
That's the big difference.

You want another international
campaign against us,

because of a lunatic,

who made a terrorist act
in a foreign country?

You want them to sacralize us
again in the media?

To satanize, not to sacralize,
you mongrel!

For a moment I was stunned
with your eloquence,

and now you blew it. Who will
satanize us? The Americans?

We are friends
with Americans now!

Maybe they are your friends!

They gave you
those funny uniforms,

and now you have
to kiss their asses!

Who is kissing ass?!
- Calm down, colegue!

Should the Yenkees sell us
their genetic engineering?

Cloned sheep,

mad cows, foot and mouth

You asshole!

Do we even need to eat
their recycled shit?

Stop, stop, please!
That's cruel!

You're here because of your
grandmom, don't ask for more!

It is not because of my
grandmother anymore!

This is because of all of us!

He's right. The aditives and
conservances make me fat.

There's always
someone else to blame.

I got to pee.

I protest because of
such a savage intrusion

into my property.

In USA destruction of
the private property

is considered
as the eighth deadly sin.

Are you some sort of
american social analyst?

I am a democrat!

Too bad. I am a
conservative, fuck! - Me too.

You abnormal idiot!

My shift's finished hours ago!

I don't give a damn for you
and for your grandmother,

your ideas of healthy food.
I just want to go home!


The better I treat you,
the worse you behave!

Ladies, don't make me
be a scumbag!

Here, wash your mouth.

You see, she's missing the date
but you're complaining.

General, I think that we need
to pickup the right strategy,

to be patient and wise and, of
course in a legal manner.

In some perfect world, we would,
little inspector

dance on a field all together
under the full moon

and sing songs about legalism
and we would pick lilacs.

But this is not
a fucking perfect world,

you fucking educated
parliamentary moron!!!

You have one hour to chop
him off with your teeth, moron,

or l'm going to organize a
legalistic orgy on your asshole

in a prison, so that Cicciolina
is going to look like a nun

compared to you!
Am l clear, boy?!

Clear enough.

- Hot chick.

She's too skiny for my taste!

Since when do you
have taste, honey?

It is not the chick.

I would really like
to have a dress like that.

Me too, what can I tell you.

I thought you were a soldier,
not a sissy.

I'm not a soldier,

I'm the warrior.

Don't say! You can't even
keep the women together here.

I respect you
because you are women.

But I am a cold blooded killer.
- No, you're not!

Don't break the inventory!
I'll fire you!

I am a war criminal, ladies!

I don't want to listen to that!

You are fired!

I wanna go home!


You see what's happening?

We are being held
by a war criminal!

OK, don't get me
by every word now;

I've exaggerated a little.
I am not that bad.

You're not?! Shame on you!
You made her cry!

Let's see how nice you are!

Get her a same dress somehow!

You could buy it only in
New York, London or Paris! What?

If there isn't any,
then order perfume!

You can find it here.
- Yes, you can!

Be a gentleman!
Be a Serb!

Open up your wallet!
- Shut up, ladies!

What parfume, are you women
out of your minds?!

Eau de toilette.

Hey, yo, mongrels!
Are you still here?

We're still here.

Fly around and get me
the same toilette.

Toilette! Toilette!

You, commander go first,
from the back.

Through the warehouse

no break-ins and no noise!
I want it flawless this time!

You already have one minus,
watch what you're doing!

I will fuck that kid for sure,
don't worry, sir!

You two, as soon as he gets
in, from both sides-tear gas!

And don't walk around too much
once you're inside.

You kid, shoot the ceiling
to get his attention.

Meanwhile, all the hostages
have to be taken out!

As soon as it gets clear,
the punk is yours. OK?

Yes, sir!

Why did you destroy my sample?

You'll get the whole parfume
for yourself.

What if I don't?

Then I'll break
their mongrel heads!

Go to sleep, now.

How can I sleep
in the supermarket?

Well, I won't let you go home!

Get down!!!

Faster! Faster!

Tranquilizers, quickly!

What tranquilizers?!

- Ah, Nebojsa!

I'm such a fool!

It didn't even cross my mind
that you too are a hostage.

Let me go!

Let me go!


Let him go!

I want a file about this guy,
in the shortest possible time!

Is this clear?!
- Yes, sir!

Where are their guns,
god damn it?!

Don't just look at me!
C'mon, help me!

If you want to stay,
then you have to help me!

I stayed here to save your life!

You - to save my
life, ha?

Sorry, I study sports
university. I'm strong.

You nearly killed me.

I could've run with the
others, I had a date...

So, why you didn't?

Because they would've
killed you! That's why!

To kill me, ha?! - Those were the
SWAT cops, man!

Do you think I am some kind of
fool?! I am a specialist too.

See, we all have tattooes.

The panther, that's me.
The snake is my enemy.

To kill the snake,
that's my moto!

Yes, but these are the
real specialists.

You have to surrender.

Me, surrender?! Never!
I am not here to surrender!

Is that your tear gas
democracy, you mongrels?!?

Is that how you're trying
to get me out?

Is this what you sponsors from
western countries taught you?

I don't have any sponsors
from western countries!

I'll show you what I know and
can do! Turn off the lights!

Get down! - Now you'll
see what I'm capable of doing!

Turn on the lights, you buggers!

Do you have
some other special wishes?

I could organize for you
angels chorus up in the skies.

We'll tear it piece by piece
until we get you out.

We'll use racket launchers
if we have to.

Don't! You will kill me!

Who's there?

I can go now...
if you want.

I am the hostage!

Oh, Nebojsa, I'm so scared!

Don't you worry Ljubica, it is
not that poisoneous tear gas

that they used before -
this one is the ecological one

according to the respect of
the human rights.

Oh, Nebojsa, my heart is
beating so fast. Feel it.

Get off that kid!

While you are fooling around
that lunatic has

one more hostage!
Shame on you!

What do you want, you
primitive cop!

What hostage?
She wanted to stay inside!

Fuck off!

I support your struggle.

Struggle against what?

Against the globalization,

genetic engineering,

everything you've been
talking about.

I was talking about
the injustice.

That such american exponents
harass grandma in my country.

Why are you pointing at me?

Because you work here.

Are you still mad
because of that?

It is all this shit
as a consequence!

Because of my grandmother!
Do you remember?!

If you say that in public,
They're going to laugh at you!

What kind of hijacker takes
hostages because of grandma?

I would do anything for
my grandma.

I was raised in patrialchal

I can go with it,
but for the cops

you must find
better explanation.

I never did that before.

You all say that,
and I know that you are lying.

Turn off that light,
you mongrels!

Release the girl and give back
the guns, you scumbag!

It's your last warning!
- It's your last warning!

We're gonna fuck you up!
- We're gonna fuck you up!

Shut the fuck up, you bastards!

Shut the fuck up, you bastard!

Don't come closer!
I'll kill her! -He's serious!

We didn't kill none yet,
let's keep it that way.

I'm in charge here.

I know. Could your guys
somehow find his grandma?

What grandma?!

I don't even know who he is,
not to mention her!

Where is the file I've sent for?
Bring me his fucking file!

Santa Claus won't bring it!

I had a chance to meet the girl.

Lovely creature.

Are you really gonna kill me?

Depends, what you're thinking.

You like it - the grass?

It's better than
the pills I take.

You got yourself
hooked on pills?

These are good for the diet.

I eat a lot when the
times are rough.

You had a rough time?
You? What about me?

You don't know
what the rough times are?

I've spent ten years in
ditches, on the frontline,

in constant danger.

I've seen the chaos,
desperation, blood and tears.

The soldier? -No, the warrior.
Special unit.

If I was not there
you would have finished

your special hijacking career
at the very beginning!

You are underestimating me
without really knowing me.

I am very crazy!
- Who are you really?

If I tell you
I will have to kill you!

Tell me!

Marko Kraljevic.
(Prince Marc)

Is somebody pulling my leg
here?! What Marko Kraljevic?!

I guess that's this guy's
first and last name...?

What kind of name is that?!
- Our, Serbian.

I thought that is a title!

Thirty six years old;
drafted in May ninety one;

sixty third parachute brigade;
fought in East Slavonia,

Republic of Srpska Krajina,
Republic Srpska,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo.

Trained for diversions,
fight agains terrorists,

trained to kill, including
most drastic examples.

So, that's me in short terms.
War veteran! Dog of war!

A dietitian with special
nutrition recepies for keeping

the physical and mental
abilities of soldiers...

He's a cook!

Danger and death! Persistant
balance on a razor blade.

No compromise!

Now you know.
Judge for yourself!

You sealed off your destiny.
You're going to die with me.

Here in the supermarket.

How romantic.

Incredibly romantic.

Do you know anything else
to do, besides killing?

I can cook.

But, I've told you already,
I'm on the diet.

I could fix some low calory
food if you want!

I am very good at that.

How many hostages are left?
- Just one. A female.

Then bomb the place down,
with psycho bombs.

You mean, just a little bit?

Let their heads ring like bells.

One hostage more or less
- who gives a fuck?!

Till the break of dawn,
l want it done.

New day brings the publicity,
And that's what l don't want!

Get it?

She could be my daughter.

She is not leaving
the supermarket without him,

you have to be clear on that.

If I disobey the order
I will lose my job.

To die from psycho bombs
is a horrifying death.

You're in charge, now.

- Who?

Or was it Grouse?
I forgot his code name.

Is it possible that I didn't
come up with him earlier?!

Grouse, dear sir!
- Sparrow hawk.

Bravo! Hawk, Hawk!
I knew it's some mean bird.

You are our last hope,
Sparrow hawk!

What do you think,
I am your last hope?!

What the fuck were you doing
there in training centre

now that you are waiting for
an ill and unmotivated

retired old man to finish off
your job, damn it?!

I didn't know you were ill!

Is that sparrow still
on the branch?

Yes, it is, Grouse,
that's why you are here

to shoot him as a bird,
Mr. Grouse! - Sparrow hawk!

No contacts! I don't want
to pick up some infection?!

That's the position.

Are you sure this is
low on calories?

That for sure, isin't.
- That's for you.

I don't eat strawberry cake
for over twenty years now.

But your grandma came to buy
strawberries for the cake.

How do you know that?
- Well, you told me.

She always makes the same cake
over and over again.

I have no heart to tell her
that I can't stand strawberries.

Let it be a candlepost.


What's he doing up there,
I shit on his sniper!

Down with the sniper!

Grouse, so what's going on?
Why don't you shoot?!

Yo, Grouse, do you read me?!
Grouse! Grouse...!

I'm not Grouse! I'm
sparrow hawk!! H-A-W-K!!!

What don't you shoot?
- I shit my pants, people!!!

What do you mean
you shit your pants?!

You're cold blooded killer,
you should not be afraid!

I literally shit my pants!

Maybe your boyfriend is
worried, now?

Maybe he's gonna come over
looking for me?

Just let him come.

Your name is Jagoda
(Strawberry)? -Dimitrijevic.

Why are you laughing?

What's your name?
- Marko.

Marko Kraljevic.

We have to surrender,
Marko Kraljevic.

No, I am not crazy!
I will surrender later.

We are getting in.

Don't blow it now, bro,

it seems like there's
even bird's milk in here!

You're nuts! Stealing
with police around.

Whose gonna catch us?

The cops don't know
where they butt is now.

C'mon push!

No use, my stomach is
swallen like bagpipes.

The spagetti are going
to kill you, my friend!

Fuck, bro, this looks like
the bomb just exploded?!

Who cares! Pack everything
that's in one piece

and lets hit the road!

Look, Raffaelo, bro.

Leave it!
Let's not collect peanuts.

Look for something more

Actionman, bro, fuck it!

Comrade, take it easy! We didn't
want to, but we had to!

We live hard,
low standard of living, dig?


Give him something to sit on,
not to shit our vehicle!

Grouse, I could have counted
with everything,

but I couldn't dream
that you will shit your pants.

I had tonus on my sphincter
for years when I had to shoot.

Professional deformation.

And you were in
the Foreign Legion!

I now have to kill those kids
with pscyho bombs!

Drive him away, I don't want
to look at him no more!

I used violence on 9th of March,

and during the winter protest,

and on 5th October and many
more times in between.

Fuck, I believe in force.
It's in my veins.

I am not a democrat.
But I want to become one.

Now you have a chance,

Take over and finish off
this operation using

your democratic methods.
I will watch and learn.

Tell your guys to bring his
grandma at last.

Then, we go alone: you and me.
We leave the weapons.

To show our good intentions.

That's how they do it
in advanced world.

Bite the barrel!

You can't imagine
what I'll do to you.

Then I'm gonna play with her.

Marko Kraljevic, my friend!

I want to come in with my
colegue, no weapons.

We want to make a deal with you.

Put down your gun!

I order you to put it down!

You heard the order!
Put down your gun!

I've killed a lot of guys
like you, you sod!

We surrender!

Who told you to come in,
you democrats?!

Listen, kid, killing a policeman

is a serious offence!
No democracy for that!

Jagoda, please, tell him
to put down the gun!

It's all my fault.

I was the one
you're looking for.


You were lucky to run into me
in my new mature stage.

If we've met couple years ago,
it would be a different story.

We have to do everything
transcendently now.


you pig!

Seems I'm getting softer
more and more as times go by.

Give me the key!

Jagoda, you'll choke yourself!

And what do we do now?

This time we'll kick off
together from the supermarket.

Jagoda, take your parfume!

Keep it! I don't need it!