Strauss' Great Waltz (1934) - full transcript

Schani, Johan Strauss Jr., is forced by his father to forget music and to work in a bakery. Here he falls in love with Resi. The girl gets very jealous when a rich and beautiful contessa asks Schani to write a waltz for her. Schani writes and plays it, but he is always loyal to his girlfriend.



- What?

- Where is the fire?

- What? - Where is...

- Where is the fire?

- At the Ebeseder Confectionery.

- Where is it? - At Ebeseder Bakery!

- Let's go!

- Where is everyone? - Are you?

- Everything will be burned before the firefighters arrive.

- Everybody get out. We will.

- Onde est� Rasi?

- Rasi? - His daughter!

She is taking a music class.

It is all my heart that is agitated.

I live only for you.

Every cry, believe me

It's a heart that breaks down for you

the crying

from a heart

that falls


You love.

The house burns, but he continues to play.

What courage...

Who is this young man?

� o Sr. Johann Strauss, Madame.

He is very handsome.

And you dedicated it to me?

Certainly, like all my past and future songs.

If they are published.

"To Rasi Ebeseder, by composer Johann Strauss."

I will be very proud that everyone knows.

"Thirse Strauss from her husband" will make me more proud.

Say, do you want to get out?

Back off!


- Did you spy on us through the window? - No.

I came to save you.

Of what?

Don't you know? The house is on fire.

What do you want me to do, pass out?

We will. Enough of the madness.

I'm the one who will save her.

Now that I risked my life to go up?

Stop. We will go down together.

No, you need to be saved.

- There's a lot of smoke on the stairs. - I don't believe it.


- Rasi is not for you. - Soon, yes.

- Oh no, in that case. - But yes.

- N�o. - Sim.

- Listen! - Well!

- No. - Allowed.

Save my song, the song you made for me.

I would risk less if you let me go.

Only brigade members can enter.

Hurry, Leopold. Unhook it!

Quickly, a skirt, please.

You don't go into a store

with this behavior!

I'm hosting a very important client, Countess Von Stahl!

I'm sorry!

I will never forget the importance of etiquette for these ladies.

Do not disrespect a class higher than yours.

Onde est� Rasi?

Na casa by Madame Fouchet.

See, the fire spreads!

The fire is extinguished.

He brings your skirt!

Please excuse me.

He blushed!

Are you even who are you?

I come to bring this here for Miss Ebeseder.

She's in the cabin, but don't go in, she's undressed.

Well, I'll wait outside.

We must wear the following.

And here is a very seductive model for winter.

Aren't you the one I saw just now?

In the house of the fire?

Yes, but the fire is out.

What harm.

This world lacks fire, can't you find it?

I'm not understanding.

A fire like the one that animates your song.

Get a chair.

She is for you.

What was that song?

One of my pieces.

Voc� � compositor?

I am the son of a songwriter.

Don't you want to sit down?

My father is Johann Strauss.

You inherited your talent.

He doesn't think so.

He thinks I should leave it to my sisters who study in Berlin.

E voc�?

I am second violin in your orchestra.

It is a very subordinate position.

My father is a great man, you must know.

They are different.

Like all great men,

must bother to understand the youth knocking on the door.

My father has nothing to fear for his reputation.

I wonder.

Not now! I'll see your models later.

Tell me. Would you like to put my verses in music?

- Yes! - I will publish the song.

- Could you? - Easily.

But it won't be enough.

It will need to be staged and sung.

Would your father direct it, even once?

A play written by me? Let's not dream.

But a play written by me...

Understand me well. I'm not a great poet,

but I have a friend who can help us.

When will I read your verses?

They are not ready.

But stay,

tomorrow at 4 pm.

Come see me.

I would like to read

so that you can compose music that suits them.

I'm upset.

Did I scratch you?

My nails are sharpened.

Don't worry, I assure you.


I'd like to thank you for my skirt.

This lady complimented me on my music.

- She'll try to help me. - How kind!

Miss Ebeseder...

May I present Miss Ebeseder, Countess...

Helga von Stahl?

Much pleasure.

I'm going to help Dad make some repairs.

I hope there was little damage.

There was more than you believe.

Well... see you soon.

Short act.

- Short act. - Amanh�.

Is the Madame Countess ready?


Your bath, madam.

It's nothing. He dreams of a sword duel.

My honor is saved.


Who woke me up? Everyone leave.

Bring my bath.


I dreamed that you beat me in a duel to defend your honor.

Thank you, my dear.

It is useless to say that I killed my opponent.

Your bath is ready, madam.

Always late!

"Only you I love"?

Who did you write these verses for? Your name!

Gustavo, I have no clothes on.

- That man's name? - Not a man.

These verses are for the Dan�bio.

I'm not an idiot!

Turn the page if you don't believe me.

I beg your pardon.

These verses are charming.

His Excellency's bath.

� indispens�vel?

Very beautiful!

Thank you, Your Excellency.

Voc� n�o, a poem.

Bring me the poem.

The water is getting cold, Your Excellency.

The Countess is speaking. What does she say?

Her Excellency is asking, what did the madam say?

The madam works on her poem.

She said the word "orange" doesn't rhyme with anything.

Madame said the word "orange" doesn't rhyme with anything.

Certainly yes, with "losange".

His excellency suggests "lozenge".

His excellency suggests "lozenge".

- Moron. - What she said?

"Excellent suggestion," she said.

The madam said, "Excellent suggestion."

What is the color of Daníbio?

Madame asks what color the Daníbio is.

Madame asks what color the Daníbio is.

I don't know. What is the color?

It is in the water of the Dan�be that his Excellency bathes.

I know it. What is your color?

Dirty brown.

But what does it do then? Come here!

Would it be a bad joke?

Sorry, ma'am. Do you want the blue robe?

Blue! But certainly!

I should have thought of that.

Honey, The Dan�bio has never been blue in your life.

Could it be silver?

"Silver" doesn't rhyme with anything that can flow.

Is it true?

You are a woman of great intelligence, my dear.

Many men are not equal to you.

His Excellency will go to the palace this evening.

Yes ma'am.

At 16:00, a young man will arrive.

Yes ma'am.

- I won't be there unless it's for him. - Understood, ma'am.

I have an idea.

Strauss put this poem to music.

The great Strauss?

Sure! And is there another?



I will give the poem to Mr. Strauss at the end of the essay.

Sr o Sr. Strauss?

- I can take a look? - Yes, without entering.

Very well. The coppers weren't that pianissimo, but they will.

Tomorrow, at 10 o'clock.

Do you really compose a new waltz?

It is difficult after having composed Lorelei.

How to match Lorelei?

I don't want to match.

I want to overtake.

That said?

That the soul of music is stronger than the soul of composers.

The next waltz to be written will have to surpass Lorelei.

You don't approve of the success of my compositions.

Nobody loves your music more than I do.

But art must advance. One cannot stop to admire.

"Advance", you mean?

Do you think I'm making a step or that I'm done?


And who are the ones who will make this progress?

Are you part of it?

I know you were expelled last month.

His neighbors couldn't stand his improvisations any longer.

Sit down!


Let's listen to one of his compositions.

Afraid to play for musicians.

I don't.

Admiravel. Magn�fico!

What majesty! it is sublime.

You spoke of a breakthrough!

Bring your laurels, the emperor is ready.

Will you take your violin?

- I will not return. - I'm not an idiot.

His Excellency sent you this.

recommending you make a new song. 249 00:21:47,720 --> 00:21:48,550 Excuse me?

- You're an idiot. - Sir!

Germans venerate titles.

Here in Vienna, artists are more important.

At night when the moon shines

Your whispered song knows how to relieve me

I'm the only one I loved like never before

The only one that makes me sigh.

is to suffer for nothing. I don't know.

It was fine.

No, I don't have confidence in myself.

I thought only of my father's words as I played.

What was the song?

The one who sang with her young friend?

The baker's daughter.

No, it was another one.


No, I thought it was very good.

Touch it now.

- Really? - Yes.



I knew she was good!

She is formidable.

When you say these things, I believe myself at last.

I know I can compose your song.

A Madame est�?

She is with a young man.

A youngster?

Herr Strauss returned this.

- Why is it crumpled? - I sat on top.

Oh yes? Did you sit on top?

Herr Strauss said it was too bad.

Now it's sitting on top!

Because Herr Strauss didn't like it.

These verses are a work of art.

Even if they don't like Herr Strauss.

Rest assured, I know how to calm you down. Touch.

The name of Strauss cannot be associated with this.

The naughty! Ignore that I'm cousin

of the last emperor?

Thank you, Your Excellency. is everything?

For now, yes, but Strauss will meet me.

Gustav! What a nice surprise! I present to you Mr. Strauss.

Strauss? This kind of...

Sorry. You are not the musician.

"Musicaster"? That would please your father.

Oh, it's your son.

M. Strauss will turn my poem into music.


Strauss' name will finally be associated.

No, my friend?

Good morning my dear.

I didn't expect you so soon!

Don't you kiss me?

Are you sure no one is looking at us?

Not even me, my eyes are closed.

I told my father that we are in love.

- What did he say? - That I thought.

He asked what we could live on.

Of bread and milk, to start.

He wants his son-in-law to work with him.

Do you see me as a confectioner?

I understand.

The Ebeseder have been confectioners for four generations.

E da�?

You should look at our records.

The last thing Metternich ate,

it was our chocolate rolls.

- And he's dead. -Of course he's dead.

He asked to die happy.

See this coffee stain on the wall?

- Why don't you have it cleaned? - Clean?

She is from Winterhalter, the painting.

He makes you better, doesn't he?

Don't play! He threw a coffee at General Radetzky.

The one from your father's march.

A march.

I wonder...

The Dan�bio doesn't flow like that.

But what are you talking about?

Look, a poem to adapt to music.

- A order? - Yes.

� formid�vel!

The song will be published.

It's not a very pretty poem.

but the idea is good.

The one who wrote it is smart.

Wait a minute.

What was the phrase I liked so much?

No be.

I do.

That one fits perfectly.

Danbio uncle blue, uncle blue, uncle blue

Do you remember?

Yes, it's my waltz!

That fits perfectly. She should have thought of that.

- You will be able to finish. - I am going yes!

The main one is already done.

Is this how you work?

Come a moment.

I will not tolerate this anymore!

Her mother allowed me to impregnate her before six months of marriage.

That's why you were 50 when I was born.

My God, what insolence!

That's what happens when you let him hang out with artists

and with musicians.

Go away.

He came to see the bakery!

I told you of your dream to my suitor

be ready to continue an Ebeseder.

Are you truly interested?

- Enormously. - Best.

I'll show you the bakery.


- Prepared me.. - He will be delighted.

N�o �?

Uncomfortable theme.

but it is not the case.

The wood.

the flour.

O p�o.

Here are our tangled celebs that the great Metternich...

Liked to die.

You are a connoisseur of history.

Then come and see our famous oven.

beautiful west child

You run to the sea

That said? Go to sea?

No, the curled ones.

- Can I see where they are made? - Certainly. The coils are.

Here's where we make them.

The recipe is secret.

- I have her! - Do you have it?

I was the one who had it!

It was formally done. I believe you are inclined to...

I've just composed a song in your bakery!

Danbio uncle blue, uncle blue, uncle blue

As I gave him the recipe for the famous Ebeseder rolled up,

- did you compose a stupid song? - I'm upset! �...

It's a sacrilege!

I made great musicians visit this place

Franz Schubert came down here.

Compose the incomplete symphony,

but did he try to finish? no! He ate cakes.

Eu tamb�m.

It's sad.

I wanted to ask...

- What is it? - It is a dough mixer.

My great-grandfather's invention.


Show it.

- I'm busy. - Do what I say.


A� est�.


It's the ideal time.

When I hear the sound of your voice from afar.

I feel in me a soft emotion

Does that have that effect on you?

Completely. Please hurry up!

But what are you doing?

The charm walking

Your voice enchants terra

In my dreams, you join the sea

To dive In your silver waters.

Hurray! Oh, it's all set.

What? Our marriage?

No, the song. I made all the arrangements.

The song... Did you see the bakery?

No, I was very agitated.

- Didn't you upset my father? - Do not even think about it. Listen:

Danbio uncle blue, uncle blue, uncle blue...

- Don't sing here. - Then come.

Who will stay in the store?

The store? What does the store matter?

She matters as much as her song.

Surely you are right.

Where are you going?

Meet the one who wrote the poem.

sweet sir.

I shouldn't have done that.

It's your magnificent music.

- You don't want me? - No.

Of course not

So play now.

Here's the second move.

It's your most beautiful song!

It's you I have to thank.

Without that first sentence...

You can show your gratitude by dedicating me.

It looks like you don't want to.

Haven't I already dedicated them all?

Yes, but particularly this one.

She will be more valuable if my father listens to her.

To Helga Von Stahl with my gratitude. Johann Strauss.


I will publish if you require.

Do more than that.

Get his dad to include it in his orchestra schedule.


It's accurate, Drexler.

The Prince desires it.

Know that I will do everything for you and His Excellency,

but no one can oblige Strauss anything.

- You are afraid of him. - No way.

I told him he is wrong to treat his son like that, but to no avail.

Johann made a serious mistake

- Hurting your father's vanity. - Yes.

We must try everything within the rules,

but if that doesn't work out, we'll need to be bold.

Don't be surprised that he calls it dangerous.

It is safe for you.

That, I ignore.

- Is he? - Herr Strauss? Yes.

He rehearses for the Dommayer party.

Gentlemen. This chord must be accented.

It's not at all what I want.

I'll show your song to Mr. Strauss.

Allow me to deliver in person.

I am friends with someone who is close to you.

Well, but by no means interrupt him.

Hi, Jonny, are you here to see your dad?

N�o, Sr. Drexler.

- He's with a lady. - I know, I'll wait.

What do you want?

Let him have this score played by his orchestra.

Was it my son who sent you?

No, he doesn't know anything.

Are you your girlfriend?

Yes, but I hope one day we get married.

So I advise him a trade that he understands.

No fair!

You didn't even touch it!

Useless, I know how to read. is null!

You believe that you are the only one who understands music.

Leave those scores alone.

From the beginning.

My song.

The Countess must continue to rest on your shoulder.

With another copy it would be more practical.

I don't understand!

It's not the same song.

This one is dedicated to a Miss Ebeseder.

How is that?

I'd like to explain, Rasi.

It's the same song.

The countess wrote the verses.

I don't want to cause trouble.

If your young friend wants the song dedicated to her,

let him do it.

I don't want to. - I don't want to hear it ever again. - Wait!

Let's play for Mr. Drexler.

I can't leave her.

I will do it for you.

Thank you, but certain things count more than success.

This is not the talk of an ambitious man.

It does not matter.

Please excuse me.

What an idiot!

Let a girl like her squander your opportunities.

Young people love passionately.

Above all, say it stupidly and madly.

I had never seen her lose her beautiful serenity.

Useless, we will occupy ourselves more with this song.

I'll touch you one more time,

then we will throw it into the fire.

Hey, Rasi. Let me explain.


I want to give up music.

What do you want me to do?

Would you abandon music for me?

Certainly. You are worth more to me than ambition and the rest.

I love you very much.

I was so unhappy!

Come, let's find your father to tell you.

No, my dear, we will not burn this.

Johann will orchestrate it� and this song will live�.

- For Mr. Johann Strauss. - On whose side?

Madame doesn't want me to say her name.

it is useless. I know his name.

Countess Helga Von Stahl.

I could give it to someone else if I wasn't a lady.

- For you. - Thanks.

What does she mean?

That she wants your scalp at her waist.

If you still have any place left.

- Listen to what she wrote. - That doesn't interest me.


So? Now is it a secret?

Of course not.

She wants me to come to the Santo Est�v�o festival for a big surprise for me.

Listen well. Go to that festival and I'll never speak to you again.

So far, I didn't think about going.

- What? - Don't give me orders.

I do not give you an order, but a warning.

If I want to go to the festival, I will.

Okay, but you know what it means.

I abandoned everything for you, Rasi.

All my dreams.

I became an artist in chocolates and gingerbread.

You are unhappy, here.

I know well.

I'm not a good muse.

- I never said that. - I know.

Times, ent�o. Times had.

She can help you.

He will never be a pastry chef.

Your heart is not for this.

He goes to that party with her.

A party? What a party?

But look! I would forget.

We were entrusted with the Santo Est�v�o Festival buffet.

� a big order!

- Another cup? - Thanks.

Our young composer no longer interests him.

I think it's wonderful.

You can't let your talent get lost in a pastry chef's house.

All your talents wasted on a baker's daughter.

Drexler, voc� � incorrig�vel.

- Did you put the sugar on? - Yes.

I'm an old man, Let me laugh at my senile graces.

My desire to help a young musician must not let him...

No, no, no, of course!

And if I thought so, I would keep it for myself.

It would be useless for the young musician to let himself be killed

by a jealous prince Gustavo.

You gave me an idea.

The prince will help our plan.

What a thing! Nothing frightens you.

He does not tolerate Strauss.

He would love to have fun with us.

The pistols, 25 paces away.

I couldn't kill him.

This is my 50th. duel in the name of your honor.

Come here, Gustavo.

I want to tell you something.

- Good morning, Johann. - Good night.

- Bad weather for the party. - This storm will be quick.

Always optimistic!

Listen me...

I want to take you to Prince Gustavo.

I don't have time for princes.

I need to go to the party.


- You have time. - I doubt!

It's only 19:30h.


I don't want to see it anyway.

I'm going to play my new gear for the first time.

All critics will be there.

The prince was categorical.


He wants to tell you about a decoration the Emperor wants to give you.


The Order of François Joseph?

It would be difficult.

Or the Order of Leopold or the Order of the Eagle.

Why not Marie-Thirse?

Tell him which one you want.

The prince has great influence in Schnbrunn.


Very well, I will.

We have 40 minutes.

This way Mr. Strauss. His Excellency wants to receive you privately.

Certainly a message from the emperor.

I'm going to the party to let you know you're here.

N�o � necess�rio.

I have a lot of time.

Good job, Drexler.


Please. Are you Strauss?

No, Mr. Strauss did not arrive.

I can wait? I would love your autograph.

Yes, but it will still take 30 minutes.

What business they do!

Already ten barrels of beer.

Tonight will go down in the history of music.

What are you looking for?

Tell me, Leopold, have you seen Johann?

- I don't want to see it. - Don't be contemptible.

There's nothing! It's what I think.

If you hear a scream, it's me laughing.

Don't be silly.

You will find a girl prettier than me.

I don't worry about that.

But if you repel me, I won't stand a chance with her.

Better find Johann.

- Good night, Dommayer. - Good night.

Good night, Countess. Is the maestro with you?

He won't be long.

Best. He was worried.

He is playful, but he is never late.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have the honor to introduce you to the great Johann Strauss.


Herr Strauss, play Lorelei, please!

I'm sorry, but I can't. I have little time.

She has prestige with the Emperor!

Oh, maybe I can.

Don't worry about it.

- That's what I do, thank you. - I came to help you.

Go back to your lady.

I have no lady.

- I saw her. - She's not with me.

Dressed up like that to help out at the buffet?

No, of course.

I came as a guest of the countess.

But seeing you, I changed my mind.

I don't believe you.

Carl, come here.

Look. Are you better?

I was a real pest.

No more arguing, right?

Don't avoid the Countess.

It's promised.

I love you so much...

Why are you laughing?

You always say that.

I am impossible.

My dear.

What's going on here? Who do you serve? Him or the customers?

Are you for the concert or the buffet, young man?

Decide once and for all.

You are sometimes a musician, sometimes a baker.

He's just decided.

He chose the bakery and me.

To work, now. See who wants to drink.

- Where? - L.

I've never seen the maestro so late,

in more than twenty years.

Shall we start with the "Beautiful Blue Dane" by young Strauss?

It is not program.

It's strange that the conductor touches him after all he's said.

Where is Strauss? I didn't come to drink.

If Strauss does not arrive, we will ask for a refund.

Good night madam.

Stay a moment.

It's impossible. I'm on duty.

Leave the service and listen to us.

It's the greatest moment of your life.

Join the orchestra and play the Blue Dan�bio.

Does my father consent?

Yes, he offers you that chance.

- The orchestra is not ready. - Yes it is.

I made them rehearse.


Why, if my father was against it?

After what he said about his waltz in front of the orchestra,

his pride was too great for himself to rehearse.

What to say?

It is not time to speak, but to act.


Mr. Drexler, where is Strauss? explain yourself.

Ice cream o Sr. Strauss.

A pastry chef?

Here's Johann Strauss Jr. He will conduct your waltz.

I suggest you see it advertised.

wait. I can't.

Yes. He will.

- Can't you? - I must speak with Rasi.

Time passes. You must play before your father arrives.

See you soon. It's your chance.

Ladies and gentlemen!

� with great pride, tonight,

that the direction of the Dommayer gardens

introduces you to your program

for this exceptional night.

You will appreciate for the first time...

From the start, you resolved to take him away from me.

Yes, I would like to take it from you,

but not as you are thinking.

If he listens to you now,

will never reach success.

Did you tell him that?

Yes, to be honest with you.

I believe that after tonight, he will understand that it is true.

Don't worry.

After tonight, I don't want it anymore.

I leave it to you.

Your music, your love...

Everything stays with you.


Why do you talk to me like that?

Because I learned tonight what I should already know.

Our paths cannot be the same.

How can you tell me that right now?

I thought it through. Come join her.

She can help you.

She can make you a great man.

- What program is this? Drexler? - Don't tell me you don't know.

I don't believe it. � the work of his authorship.

I'm sorry for having offended you.

They want you to delight them.

You would have other compositions.

Did you understand what I told you? This is my orchestra.

Hear them call me.

I'm sorry, but it's not you they complain about.

� for your child.

You weren't there.


I'm old fashioned.

I'm not there and it's you they complain about.

An outdated Strauss

and his illustrious son.

play something

for those fat vultures. I, I refuse!

Don't talk like that, I don't want to offend you.

offend me?

Do you think I'm weaker than you too?

Onde est� Rasi?

It's gone.


To her house.

Rasi did not leave.

She is helping her father.

Very well, I lied!

This is from my father.

- The countess is waiting for you at Dommayer's house. - No, I'm going home.

You owe her this great success.

Her and her mistake.

I should have known she was lying.

I just explained to your father that you didn't know anything.

He won't believe in anything.

- Come! - I can't, thank you.

He returns to see his sweetheart.

A formidable girl who inspired him.

I'm formidable too, what do you think?

Where does he live, Drexler?

Somewhere in Schulgasse, I believe.

Won't you go tonight?


Come c.

Do you know where Mr. Strauss?

The young man, certainly.


In a small street, at the top of Schulgasse.

- The house with green shutters. - Thanks.

She will meet him.

- Who are you talking about? - From the countess.

Do you think this interests me?

We'll have fun somewhere else.

Good evening, Your Excellency.

So, Dommayer, do you understand the Blue Dan?

Did I understand you? I have never seen a greater triumph.

You see! He is a master of the subject.

And those words... I participated in their elaboration.

Danbio uncle blue, uncle blue, uncle blue...

Mr. Strauss, congratulations on your brilliant son.

I congratulate Your Excellency on the brilliant Countess.

Do you mean the poem? It was a mistake to quote me.

I was not referring to the poem.

She made fun of me tonight.

And your talent excels at making fun of you.

- How dare you? - I'll explain.

What did you mean?

Why help my son like this?

For the taste for art.

And she left to meet him and talk about art?

Left? I don't believe you.

She is here. She promised to wait for me.

Good evening, Your Excellency.

Where is she? Where is the countess?

- She was here not long ago. - And now?

She must be gone.

Did she leave? But where?

- She should wait for me. - I don't know.

I saw her asking Ebeseder for help, then she said good night to me.

What help? Was there something between them?

Of course not, Excellency.

She asked him something.

Who is he? Where is he?

At the buffet, with a white cap.

Hold this.

Where is Countess Von Stahl?

Do you really want to know now?

Stop that mocking laugh!

You are not mocking, Your Excellency. Brilliant at best.

Do you know where the countess is?

She is at young Strauss's house.


It's true! She asked me for the address.

Me d� o endere�o!

Don't tell him!


A house on a small street. I forgot the name and number.

On top of Schulgasse.

Why did you say? I will never forgive you.

On a small street. I don't know the number.


To Schulgasse, asshole!

I should come tell you how sad I am.

- Sad? - Yes.

I wanted to help you and I did hurt.

Could you forgive me?

Don't talk like that.

I was ungrateful to leave without thanking you.

I shouldn't intrude.

You were happy in your bakery.

No, I wasn't.

Was love not enough?

It's hard when you love music as much as I do.

All this is over, it is useless to talk.

Is it all over between you and that girl?

You cannot live without love.

Do you believe?

I know myself very little.

You are young and inexperienced.

It's a shame you feel that way.

Like this?

You are not aware of your success.

When you get up tomorrow, you will be famous.

- Famous? - Yes.

This is the reason for my coming tonight.

You will never be the same.

Why do you speak like that? I will not change.

You are very young.

The world is at your feet.

I won't forget that it's you I owe.

Wait here!

What is it? Did you see anyone?

It is a carriage.



Where is she?

Who? Who are you talking about?

If you want to duel, I'll send my godparents.

Your godparents?

Yes. Swords, pistols, choose.

What would I choose?

It's the countess's scarf.

You got it wrong.

Strauss must be happy tonight.

But how?

My Gustav!

You arrived first.

I hope you congratulated Mr. Strauss as he deserves.


Are you okay?

I'm happy.

what happened tonight

doesn't mean anything to me,

if I have to lose you.

Can you give me an autograph, please?

One minute.


Original French subtitles by H�lo�se Chouraki