Strategic Command (1997) - full transcript

Rick Harding is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer. While packing up for the night, a group of armed soldiers led by wanted criminal Carlos Gruber, break into the FBI research lab. They steal large amounts of a newly created germ warfare chemical called Bromax-360, loosing two of their men in the process before escaping into the night.


Ten minutes.

Yeah, I know.

I'm looking over the results right now.

Just gonna have to keep trying.

Okay. Sounds good.

Good night.

Man, this is Station 13.
Third floor is clear.

What do we got on the fourth floor?

One minute.

Thirty seconds.

Oh, shit!

Seal it!

Come on!

What's going on?

Sir, we show a chemical alarm
in holding cell B.

Then activate venting measures now. Shit.

I need backup at chemical safe B.
Chemical safe baker. ASAP. Let's go.

Let's go.

Man down.

Come on! Come on! Move! Move! Move!

Move! Move! Move!

-John, how many?
-There's six of them.

-Don't let them get away with those cases.
-Yes, sir.

Come on, move.

Romex what?

Three sixty five.

It's an acidic liquid gel
base non conductive.

But if it's mixed
with the correct explosives,

it becomes gaseous and highly lethal.

-You mean, like, white peat.

Imagine sulfuric acid
completely burning your skin.

And then just for kicks,
it enters your respiratory system...

...and eats you from the inside out
in a matter of seconds.

Jesus Christ. Why the hell
didn't anyone tell me about this stuff?

Because, Rowan,

-I was told to keep it under wraps.
-From me?

Still no word from Washington, sir.

What about Colonel Stevens?

Stevens and his wife
were found dead in their home.

Those bastards cut out the Colonel's eyes
for the retinal scanner.

Jesus Christ. Any usable prints?

No, nothing the place is clean.

Well, check out our stiffs too.

Find out what the hell
we're dealing with here.

Yes, sir.

Jesus. You know you look like...

Why don't you go on home.

But if I hear anything at all,

I'm gonna have to call you,
so be prepared.

Thanks, Rowan.

-Say hello to Michele.
-Will do.

You don't have to give up,
I'm just saying you can't save everyone.

Honey, I know that.

Why don't we just move to Alaska.

That's a good place to raise kids.

We talked about this once before.

And you know as well as I do...

that we hardly have enough time
for ourselves, let alone having kids.

-I know but...

Someday, you and me will have a family.

-Just not now.
-Right. Just not right now.


-I love you.
-I love you too.

Then prove it.

My team recovered Bromex
from Hussein's labs...

...once before the war even began.

Lucky for us they didn't even know
what it was.

So a full scale invasion
was a perfect cover...

-...for further investigations?

Did you lose any of your team members?

Yeah, six died from the Bromex
before we knew what it was...

...and I was chosen to head up
the reconnaissance missions...

...because of my direct experience.

Dr Harding, your wife is here.

Oh, go ahead we can wait for you.

-This is some pretty serious shit.
-You don't know the half of it.

Rick led four covert operations
into various Iraqi labs...

...and almost single-handledly destroyed
all evidence that this stuff even existed.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Honey, you all right?

Yeah, just there's something
I wanted to tell you.

Well, honey, can't it wait? I'm right
in the middle of something right now.

Okay. Well, couldn't we take a quick walk.

Honey, I'll walk with you all,
all you want tonight,

-but right now...

Rick. We got a lead on your Bromex.
Let's go.

-Pier 27. Come on.

Honey, you know what, never mind.

I'm interviewing the vice president
on a flight to Washington tonight.

-I'll call you later.
-All right.


-I love you.
-I love you too. Go. It's okay.


What about this lead we're following?

Two weeks ago the DEA busted this guy
in Long Beach.

Cocaine. So he made a deal.

But we don't know
if the shipment's Bromex, right?


This is unit two.
We're moving into position.

Shit! Peds!

Shit, get out of here.

Get down! Get down!


Shit! Rowan, cover me!

Get out here and give me a hand!
Man down!

Where have you been? You were supposed
to meet me a half an hour ago.

-No, wait, wait, wait, where's Martinez?
-.He's not here?

Oh, frigging great.

I am the goddamn network representative,

the most important interview of my life
and we don't have a cameraman?

-Did you call the station?
-Relax, Hertzberg, he will be here.

-I trust him.
-Yeah, well,

if I don't have a camera here very soon,
someone is going to lose their job.

Why don't you go into the bathroom
and fix your hair...

...or your makeup,
or whatever it is you do.

Why, what's the matter?
Don't I look good?

Oh, shit.

Oh, there he is. Mr Vice President.
There he is!

Mr Vice President!

Mr Vice President, do you think
that your recent visit to Shanghai...

...will open the door
to more trade with China?

Well, you can be sure
when we arrive back in Washington,

it is something we will be discussing
with the President.

How do you feel it will affect
the current relationship with Japan?

Ah, well, let me just say that...

...when Prime Minister Nakajima's
in Washington next week,

we'll be certainly
discussing that as well...

...and I think we'll arrive
at an amicable understanding... that all countries
will be benefited.

We really need to start boarding, sir,
if we're going to make that briefing.

I'm sorry, as you can see
I have just been told it is time to go.

Thank you all very much.

Ms Harding.
Stephen Finch your new cameraman.

What happened to Martinez?

Had a family emergency
so the station sent me.

I'm new.

Well, okay.

-Let's go.
-Oh, thank Christ.

Ms Harding is your crew set?

Yeah, we had to replace our cameraman

-I hope that won't be a problem.
-Uh, no problem at all.

I'll just have to take a look
at his camera before he boards.


I trust the rest of my equipment
made it on board?

-Drop it!
-Come on, man.

Now where's the Bromex?

I'm sorry sir. It was all
that was available on such short notice.

Just more tax payer's money
down the drain.

When are we meeting with the President?

We meet him for dinner...

...and you have the press conference
tomorrow at 6:30.

-We're having dinner with him tonight?
-Yes, sir.

-What time is that?
-Eight o'clock sharp.

This is Phil Hertzberg
with Vice President Charles Baker.

This is a conversation
with Phil and Chuck.

Hey, Michele, how's my hair?

-You're looking good Phil.
-You better believe it.

This is a conversation
with Phil and Chuck.

I'll be right back.

Oh, Hey, Bob Goulet, don't screw up.

This is Phil Herzberg
with my good buddy, Chuck Baker.

Oh, no, no, no, Michele.
Look, I can't ask him that.

Come on. You're a producer.
Produce something more complimentary.

Phil, this isn't a popularity contest.

Just ask the question.

It's a bit cruel...

Ms Harding, you can set up your crew
in about 10 minutes.

-That's fine. Thank you.
-It's Emmy time.

LAX confirms departure
five minutes ago form LA international.

Damn. Any contact with 232?

Negative. All radio transmissions
are being jammed to and from the plane.

-We are not able to contact them.

We've have just received word
from LAX security...

...they've just discovered a body
in hanger fifty three.

All right. We're on our way.

Well done, Mr Haines.
Your country will be proud.

Welcome aboard.

He's right over there, sir.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

We better notify Colpart.

-You've done well.
-You expected otherwise?


-You're all set to go, sir.
-Oh, good.

-Good morning.

Good morning, I'm Michele Harding.

-How do you do.
-Fine, thank you.

Our cameraman will be in in a minute,
but, first, if it is all right with you...

...we'd like to go
over the salient points of the interview.

Of course. Please won't you sit down.

Hello sir I'm Phil Hertzberg.

-I... You've got my vote.
-That's good to know.

How about a picture. How about a picture.

Here we go. Say cheese.

-Ah, please sit down.
-Yeah, please.

-I'll send you a copy.
-Good. Amy.

-I'll sit here. This'll be better.
-Yes, of course.

Gruber. This package is in place.

Ze weapon is armed.

Very good. Move into position.

-Brier in position and standing by.

Hold your position
and wait for my signal.

My Washington sources tell me,
no, my sources tell me,

my inside sources tell me...

-You know this camera guy...
-Yes, I know I'll go see.

Okay, good.

Finch, are you all right?

Not a sound.


Sit down!

Sit down!

Put the goddamn guns down!

Wise choice, Mr Baker.

-Autopilot is activated.

-The plane is now your, sir.
-Well done.

Set new headings back
to Los Angeles air space.

Dino, deactivate the scrambler.

It's time to talk.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

What you have done over in Asia
is impressive.

Who are you and what do you want?

Who I am is none of your business.

And what I want right now
is to make a phone call.

So where do we stand at the moment?

All radio transmissions are still
being jammed to and from 232.

Well, there were three large crates
that were shipped...

...and loaded on the 232
from a Brandeis Avionics,

but our tracers have come up
with no such order.

My guess is there's a bad apple
in the secret service.

What the hell is this Bromex 365?

Bromex is concentrated
in small gelatin packs.

And potentially, potentially,
the most destructive element ever created.


-Is there any kind of antidote?
-Yes, sir.

A thousand milligrams of adrenalin
to the back of the neck.

Victims only have 15 seconds
to administer this shot.

You ready to sound all scared
and distressed?

I'm sure you're aware
of the United States policy... dealing with terrorists.

Oh, very. Mira.

Get back in your seat.


Please don't make this
any more stressful than this needs to be.

Yeah, Martin here.

Rowan, there's something
I've gotta tell you.

About what?

-We're getting a transmission from 232.
-Put it through.

This is FBI director Colpart.
To whom am I speaking?

My name is Carlos Gruber
and I have seized control of flight 232.

Please say hello
to one of our distinguished passengers.

This is vice president Baker.

Yes, this is Vice President Baker.

Yes, our flight has been hijacked.

Our demands are simple.

Paul Azrak has been held against his will
for five years by your government.

You will take him
to LA international airport...

...where we will pick him up
and return him to his home country.

For his pain and wrongful persecution,

you will transfer 100 million dollars
through a network of accounts...

...that I will designate later.

We are heading back to Los Angeles now.

I have loaded Bromex 365
and C4 onto this plane.

If you do not comply with my demands,
I will detonate this plane over the city.

I'm sure you know
what the effects of that would be.

You have four hours to release Azrat...

...and an additional half hour
to transfer the money.

Who is Carlos Gruber?

Carlos Gruber has been on the UN's
most wanted list for 10 years.

Supposedly, he's handled over 20 acts
of terrorism in 10 different countries.

What do you mean supposedly?

Well, normally, he's a ghost.

He has no political allegiances
and he never takes credit for his work.

He didn't seem too shy
about taking credit for this.

That's exactly what scares me.

Who is this Azrat?

Paul Azrak was put away...

...on charges of chemical weapons
misconduct by the UN...

...just before the gulf war started.

And we just happen to be
the host country for this guy.

Agent Harding, in your opinion,

what would the effect be of that plane
exploding over Los Angeles.

Well sir.

A hundred and twenty gels
were stolen last night.

If properly used,
that amount of Bromex...

...could wipe out every living organism
within a two hundred mile radius.

I'll brief the president.

In the mean time,
I want a full security black out.

Rowan, assemble your best
anti-terrorist unit.

And get me the probability of success
for a plane to plane transfer.

I've got just the team for it, sir.

Scramble a squadron of F-16's
out of Edwards.

Let's send these assholes a message.

We are entering
Los Angeles airspace now, sir.

Very good.

Set up a holding pattern.
Twenty eight thousand feet.

Twenty eight thousand feet. Copy.

I don't like having all these hostages.
It's too risky.

Can I get rid of some?

Patience. In time.

Rowan you gotta let me be a part
of that team.

I know more about Bromex
than any of those guys.

-Oh, I don't know.
-What, you don't think I can hold my own?

Hey, no one says you're not qualified.

If anything you're overqualified.
But it's not my call.

Things are different now.

Well, you just better make it your call.

-Michele's on that plane.

She's part of the press team
that went to Washington...

...with the Vice President.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

A personal involvement
is the worst thing that can happen... the success of a mission.

Now don't you think I know that.

You gotta get me on that plane, Rowan.
You gotta.

ETA target intercepted 35 minutes.

Red Squad, we're tightening up formation.

Switch ITF transpotter to 5-8-5-4.

Full standard formation and wait
for my signal upon target acquisition.

Roger that.

I don't believe you.

What? I always floss under pressure.

Of course, this had to happen
on my interview.

Now all I'll be remembered for
is my horrific death... the hands of terrorists.

And what do you want to bet
he's not really a cameraman.

What are you doing? I need that.

-Hey, pretty boy.

You're the only pretty boy here.

-Shut your mouth.
-That's a good idea.

Colpart, I know you've been here before...

...and I think we're gonna have to go
with your plan...

...even if it is highly unorthodox.

Well, as you know,
our options are extremely limited...

so we're going to have
to exhaust every possibility.

And I do not want to be forced to submit.

Very well, Mr President.
We will proceed as explained.

All right, gentlemen,
good luck and godspeed.

The president has given
"Operation Intercept" the go.

Our options are extremely limited... we're going to have to exhaust
every one of them...

...before we're forced to submit.

We have just over three and a half hours.

Our primary objective is to eliminate
the Bromex threat.

Then we have room to negotiate.

A special forces team including
our chemical weapons man, Rick Harding,

is assembling and preparing to scramble.

A newly modified SR-71 transporter
will fly them in undetected.

Once on board,
they will have approximately two hours... defuse the bomb
and neutralize the situation.


-Hi. Dr Rick Harding.
-Yeah, we know who you are.

I'm Captain Ratner.
And this is Lieutenant Wells.

Nice to meet you.

-Be a pleasure working for you.
-I wish I could say the same.

-Is there a problem?
-Yeah, there is.

You got no business being on this mission.

What makes you so sure of that?

Ernie, what elementary school did I go to.

St Agnes of the Cross.

First grade teacher
Sister Maryann Margaret.

Favorite color is blue.
And he likes his cereal without the milk.

Take a look at us, Dr Harding.

We're a team.

We were trained to work together.

To know everything there is to know
about one another.

So when it comes down to it,
there'll be no guessing.

Just instincts.

Now you're thrown into the mix
and I don't know shit about you...

...except that I'm responsible
to make sure...

...that you don't fuck this mission up.

Maybe I can't do nothing about you
being here...

...but don't expect me to pretend
like I'm happy about it.

Look, Ratner...

Yeah, this is Abel.
We are ready to receive.

Radar contact closing at angle 235.
Two minutes to intercept.

Switching to SST Track load.

Initial contact.
Red code approach pattern delta.

-Red three and four moving to position.
-Roger that.

We've got company. F16's.

Standard formation.

They're late, but that's all right.
Patch me through.

Roger switching to COM one.
One one eight point five.

-Hence, switch to 128.3.
-Roger that.

Two thirty two, land your plane at once.
By order of the United States...

They're ordering us to land, sir.

We'll land soon enough. Pick one.

-Come on, sweetie.
-Wait a minute.

-Wait a minute.

Take me for God sake.

Very heroic, Mr Vice President,
but I need you.

Listen up. Once we're in position
Ernie's gonna neutralize the bomb.

We're gonna smoke them
and take them out one by one.

Arty questions?

Two three two incoming transmission.

Transmission coming in on 232.

Mr Colpart.
I notice you have sent us a little party.

You Americans have much to learn.

This is not the way
to handle terrorist activity. Amy?

You are going to tell them all to go away
or I am going to start killing passengers.

Do it.

Do it.

They are going to start killing people
if you don't pull back the fighters.

Hold their positions. Don't go anywhere.
Not just yet.

Red three, four, let's turn off the heat.

-Roger one, let's do it.
-I'm on it.

I repeat our captors
will start killing people...

...if you don't pull back the fighters.

Christ, what are they doing?
Why haven't they called them off?

They're calling his bluff.

They're not responding.

No. Okay.
Let's see if they respond to this.

Puck, yeah.

Hello. Anybody there?

You need a new press secretary?

Tell them to get out of here
or you'll be next.

Call them off for God sakes.

Do as they say, please.


Yeah, my wife.

-Call them off please.
-Damn it.

Disengage the fighters.

Red Leader to Red Group.
Break off, I repeat, break off.

Roger. Breaking off.

They are pulling back.

They're pulling back.
They're pulling back.

Wise decision.

Please don't make me do that again.
You're time is running out.

No one told me your wife
was gonna be on that plane.

That's because no one needed to know.

I don't like it. I don't like it all.

I knew you would screw up
this operation some how.

Look, Ratner, you may not like me,

but don't think for one second
that I am not prepared to do my job.

I was commanding missions
while you were learning your ABC's.

So why don't you just shut up
and start acting like a leader.

-Fifty four ten.
-Fifty four ten.

-How long to intercept?
-Five minutes.

Gruber, can I get someone up here
for a dead pilot removal please.


Hey, we're gonna make a move.

-I don't think that's a good idea.
-We have to.

These people aren't gonna let us go.
We have to move now while we can.

It's gonna be fine. Trust me.

Hey! Hold it!

Do something.

Put the gun down!

You sick bastards.
Put him on the ground now.

Drop the gun, Lisa.

Jesus, Jack, what in God's name
are you doing?

You'd never understand, sir.

-Put the gun down, Lisa.
-I won't do it, Haines.

-Drop it, Lisa.

-Drop the god damn gun, Lisa.
-No, I won't do it.

Lisa put the gun down
or I'm gonna have to shoot you.

Put it down. Put it down.

Thank you very much, Mr Haines.

Mira. Kill this woman.

No, Gruber! No more killing!

You're in no position
to demand anything, Mr Haines.

Are we clear?

Clean up this mess.

Two thousand milligrams of adrenalin.

You're crazy if you think
I gonna stick myself with that thing.

This is nothing compared
to what Bromex will do to you.

All right, listen, gear up.

I want this thing smooth
and by the numbers.

I'll go first. Remove the forward hatch
and secure the bay.

Nixon, you got the rear.

Hold tight.

It'll smooth out
when we get into the slip.

A little closer.

Hold it.

Fifteen feet.

What was that?

Brier, is everything all right?

Everything looks okay here, sir.

Voila. Locked down and pressurized.

Time to go to work.

Let's go. Let's go.

We got 22 seconds.

Hustle. Hustle.

Transfer not complete.
We need another 30 seconds!

Let's go. Move it! Move it!

Brier, what the hell is going on?

I got a cargo warning light, sir.

Indicating a pressure leak.
Switching to manual control.

Cargo hold. Mira, check it out.

It's cracking.

She's breaking loose.
She's breaking loose.

Close the hatch. Close the hatch.

Damn it!

Cargo hold has stabilized.

You got an hour and 43 minutes.

I think we should get going.
I think we should move.

They've gotta know we're on board.

Let's go. Ernie, how you doing?

Right up to Control.
Only three men made it on board 232,

transport arms has damage
and was forced to disengage early.

Ratner, Wells and Harding
are the only three members to make it.

-Roger. Return to base.

Jesus Christ. Only three on board.
It's getting worse and worse.

We have to give them a chance, sir.

-Everything normal on cargo.
-Come on back.

Leave it. Leave it. Leave it.

Excuse me.

He needs some water.

-May I please get him some water.
-Go ahead.

Why don't you get us all something
while you're at it.

A cola.

I like your American cola.

Oh, shit.

Looks like it's patched
through the plane's wiring harness.

It's drawing power from the plane itself.

I'm telling you.
These guys aren't playing around.

What about that crap.

Looks fine. No sign of degeneration.

Ernie, how long?

I don't know.

Give me 10 minutes to figure out
what I'm dealing with.

You got five. Harding, you're with me.

Let's set up a surveillance.

Regardless of what he says,
you just take your time.

Excuse me sir, Mr Gruber.

I've been waiting for the
appropriate moment to apologize...

...for that very unfortunate
poking incident.

-Is there a point to this?
-Yes. Yes. Yes. There is a point.

You see the media can be your best friend,
if you let it.

You see now we all have to be concerned
with our public image, right?

You know reporters
are the only people I know...

...who gain fame and fortune
off the deeds and misfortunes of others.

Or are you working that angle
for personal greatness.


I despise you and your profession.

I couldn't agree with you more.

Shut your mouth.

You are unbelievable.

I know you're busy. I'll just...

You're a very pretty woman.

I could have you spared, you know.

Could you get me another can?




I might be.


Got two, three, no, four guys with guns.

Four prisoners.

Probably two in the cockpit.

Doesn't look like it's gonna be easy.

Is it ever?


Michele. This isn't diet.
I really prefer diet.

That's all that's left.

You're kidding.

What kind of plane is this?

Just drink it.

Why don't we switch?

-We can't.
-And why is that?

Cause yours has caffeine
and Phil is caffeine sensitive.

Aren't you, Phil?

Yes, yes, it makes me edgy.

I think he'll survive.

Fine. Suit yourself.

Bottoms up.

Don't drink that.



We gotta do something.
We gotta do something.

What's your plan? What's your plan?

Hell, there is no plan.

Half my team, my equipment
never made it on board.

We're on our own, man.

Okay, fine. Phase two.

Phase two.

-You don't got a phase two?
-I don't have a phase two.

Ratner, we got a problem.
I think you better get back here. Now.

We're on our way.

Any word from our team?


It's possible they might not be alive
or already captured.

We have to wait just a little longer, sir.

I'll give them 20 more minutes.

This thing is rigged
to a remote detonator.

Probably controlled by our friend, Gruber.

He can blow this at any time.

Gotta get that controller, man.

Can you defuse it.

Well, you see these?
Those are electronic sensors.

If disturbed, they send a signal
to the remote detonator...

...that the device is being tampered with.

These guys didn't miss a beat.

I can diffuse it,
but it's going to take some time.

Well, we got exactly
one hour and three minutes... you better start working on it.

In the meantime, we gotta get some way
to signal command.

Wait a minute.

Is there any way you can tap
into the plane itself?


Well, then we're just gonna have
to give your boys...

...a little more time up there then.

We'll create the illusion
that we're going to free Azrak.

Maybe you can bait Gruber along
and let him talk to Azrak on the phone...

-...before the deadline.
-Very well, sir.

All right do whatever you have to do,
but keep me posted.

Take him to the airport.


-Take Haines below and check our cargo.
-I don't trust him, Gruber.

I think they might fold.

If he gives you any trouble, waste him.

Mr Brier. Take altitude down.
Eighteen thousand.

Roger. Descending to 18,000 feet.

Should be able to splice through it here
and create some kind of transmitter.

If we patch it in here,

it'll only send our feed
right through to the cockpit.

Well, then, where would you patch in?

Close it up.

Ernie, we got company.

Copy that.

Haines. Hold on a second.

Hold it. Hold it. I'm Secret Service.

-Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy.
-Check my ID. Check it.

Hell anyone can make one of those.

If you're such a good guy...

...then what are you doing
chumming it up with the bad guys.

They're holding my family hostage.

If I don't cooperate, they'll kill them.

-Well, that's too fucking bad.
-It's the truth.

Hold it. I believe him.

-Well, I don't.
-Well, I do.

-This guy's a fucking traitor.

Tell me everything you know
about the terrorists.

This is Colpart. Who am I speaking to?

-Commander Ratner, sir. Over.
-What's the situation.

Five terrorists,
three hostages have already been killed.

And four remaining
including the Vice President.

All pilots have been killed.

They control the plane. Over.

But what's the status of the Bromex?

Agent Wells is on it, sir.
Says he can dismantle the bomb.

We need more time, sir.

Mr Gruber.

-I want to talk to you for a minute.
-You can talk all you want.

If you land this plane
and let everyone go,

I'll negotiate for you directly
with the president.

And here I thought the US
never negotiated with terrorists.

Or is this a new campaign platform?

You have no need to hold anyone but me.

Don't confuse courage with arrogance.
You might get hurt.

-Gruber, everything is secure.
-Very good.

It's almost time.

-Mr Gruber...
-Sit down, Mr Baker.

I'll let you know if we need you.

What now. What's the count?

Forty six minutes.

Well, at that rate,
we'll never dismantle this thing.

-I'm working as fast as I can.
-Well, that ain't good enough!

Ease off.

You know I think it's time to see
if you're as really as bad... you think you are.

Just keep doing what you're doing.

Transmission is ready, sir.

Mr Colpart, according to my watch,

we are due to speak
with my recently pardoned friend.

He's at the airport now.
We'll patch him through.

I must admit, Agent Colpart,

I'm pleasantly surprised
at the swiftness of your actions.

I only hope for the sake of the passengers
that the transfers will not be delayed.

Well, coming up
with a hundred million dollars,

that's not something that can be done
with a phonecall. We need more time.

You have the time I gave you,
no more, no less.

Sir, the President.

This is Rowan, put him on.

Go to the bathroom.

-Ernie, how you doing?

If I didn't have all these Bromex,
I could move a lot faster.

Get on it.


Yeah, I understand.

Won't the fallout form the explosion
have the same effect?

Our sources tell us
that if the plane is destroyed... an altitude of about 10,000 feet,

we can safely assume
Los Angeles would be spared.

We'll have to wait until the last moment,
but we have to be ready.

It's your call, sir.

You keep your boys up there
as long as you can...

...but if that plane falls
below 10,000 feet,

I think we both know what has to happen.

-Just keep me apprised.
-Yes, sir.

Scramble a squadron out of Nellis.
Fully loaded.

-Where's Vlos?
-In the toilet.


Vlos, are you there?

Go check on him.

What's going on?

One of them is missing.


Vlos. Sheiss.

Mira. Vlos ist tot.

-Carlos. Vlos is dead.
-I'll be right there.

They're onto us.

It's time to get the controller
and take this plane.

His neck has been broken.

-Dino, grab the reporter.

Actually I'm very comfortable where I am.

And if you don't mind I'd like to stay
where I am.

But I'll go with you, I'll go with you.

-Let him go.
-Press credentials...

Attention all passengers.

This is a message to our uninvited guests
who have rudely eliminated one of my men.

I feel at this time
we should meet face to face.

So if you would so kind as to join me...

...and the rest of the passengers
in the upper passenger area,

I would appreciate it.

If you to show yourselves
by the time I count to 10,

Mira here will kill this man.

-Ratner. Are you in position?
-Right above you.


Mira's 14 feet forward,
four feet to your right.

Got it.

I'll take Phil here
and slit his throat from ear to ear.

Please. Please. Just do as he says.

Do as he says. I don't want to die.

You in position?

I'm ready.


Time to go to work.
See if you can keep up.


Make it happen down there.
We're going in.

-I am doing the best I can.


-Harding, on your mark.







Sorry, Phil.


We got a severe pressure leak
in the main cabin.

We've gotta get the plane
below 10,000 feet to re stabilize.

We have radar contact Bering 240
and 334...

...closing 100 miles.

ETA in three minutes.

-What's their altitude?
-Eighteen thousand and falling.

Hold it. Stay here.

Get her out of the door.

Hold on.


Oh, God.

Hold onto the chair.

-We're moving to the chair.


Seat belt! Now!

Get him down!


Red Two, switch transpotter to 137.61.

Red Leader to Control,

target is lowering altitude
11,500 and falling.

No. We can't allow that plane
to drop below 10,000 feet.

Ratner, what the hell is going on?


Where the hell have you guys been.
What's going on up there?

I'm hit. We messed up most of them.

Couldn't stop Gruber.

He's gonna blow it.

Do something.

When this is over,
I want a big frigging raise.

Just cut a wire.

It's over, Gruber.

Oh, you're right about that.

It is over.

Go ahead. Push the button.
That things useless.

I think I'll call your bluff on that one.

Call it.

Bomb deactivated.

Switching the missiles!

Weapons are hot!

Target is continuing its descend
10,800 and falling.

-Ratner. Ratner, are you there?

Pilot's dead.
You know anything about flying a plane.

Pull back the stick. Level out the plane.

There's other planes out there.

-What do they look like?

I hate to be the one to tell you this,
but I don't think they're here to save us.

It won't level out.

Flight 232, you're aborting
the level of 10,000 feet... order of the United States
Air Force, do you read?

Give them a warning shot.

Roger, control doing the guns.
I'll lay a pattern right across bound.

Shit. They're firing at us.

They think the terrorists
are still flying.

Rick, there's a comm panel
underneath the altimeter.

Switch it to 133.20.

And tell those F16's to fuck off.

-One three three what?

Going to 10,100. Switching to missiles.
I got TOW. Locked on!

Hold your fire. Hold your fire.

This is FBI Agent Rick Harding
on flight 232.

I repeat 232.

Do not fire. Over.

Roger that 232. You got control
of the aircraft? Over.

Yes, we have control of the plane.
Situation is under control.

All terrorists are dead. Over.

Roger that, 232. Over.

Disengage the fighters.

Evacuate the surrounding areas of LAX.

Tell them to keep the runway clear
until that plane comes to a full stop.

Red Leader to Red Group, disengage target.
Repeat, disengage target.

-Form up and turn left heading 187.
-Roger. 187.

-Do you have a visual of the runway?

Rick, you gotta pull back the accelerator,

switch the flaps
to the number two position.

Right. Flaps. Ratner, where's the flaps.

Above you. Panel four.

-Four of them?
-That's it.

Advance to number two position.

What's your altitude?

Altitude is eight hundred feet
and we're moving too fast.

We're moving too fast.

Tell everyone to brace for landing.

Everyone down!

How do I stop it?

Reverse thrusters. Put the breaks on.

Tower confirms. They made it.

-You're all right?

Not a bad day's work.

Pleasure flying with you.

-Are you two okay?
-We're fine.



-Thank you.

Well, actually,
there was no time for fear.

The lives of the other
terrified passengers were all at stake...

...and not to mention
the Vice President of the United States.

In fact in one particularly
harrowing moment,

Charlie looked at me...

I'm sorry, the vice president,
looked at me... apparent awe of my actions
and he was shaking his head...

...and he said, and I quote,
"You are unbelievable."

End quote.

Agent Harding.

Vice President Baker.

Mr Vice President.

I want to take this moment
to personally thank you.

Your country is very,
very grateful to you...

...and acknowledge
you are truly fine Americans.

Thank you, Mr Vice President.

You're wife did a great job as well.

Thank you.

All the best.

-We are going to Alaska.

You came by the office...

...and you had something to tell me
and I was too busy.

What was it?

I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?

Is it okay?

Oh, honey, of course, it's okay.

Of course it's okay.

We're gonna have a baby.