Strategic Air Command (1955) - full transcript

Lt. Col. Robert (Dutch) Holland was a third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, not a pitcher. While at spring training a B-36 flew over the field and Dutch was standing on third base. Brewster was his third base replacement when he, Dutch was re-called to duty. The movie clearly depicts this.

Bombers high

Riding the air

Every man

Doing his share

Men of war

Better beware

When the Air Force

Takes command

Bombers high

Ready we stand


Guarding the land

Thunder rides

Here in our hand

When the air force

Takes command

Our legions

Are legend

Our wings

Own the blue

With jets

Winding free

And men

Flying true

Ride the wind

Follow a star

Find the foe

Strike where they are

Round the world

Isn't too far

When the air force

Takes command

America today is watching her skies
with grave concern.

For in these skies of peace,
the nation is building its defense.

To the officers and men of
The United States Air Force,

to The Strategic Air Command, whose
cooperation is gratefully acknowledged,

and to the young men
of America who will one day

take their places besides them, this
motion picture is dedicated.

Well, here we are.

An Elderly Parson, shouldn't yield
to temptation this way.

Oh, nonsense, Dad.

The sun will do you good.

Good morning.

Hi, darling!

Hey, that boy's good.

Who is he?

He's a rookie named Brewster.
Just up from Columbus.

Hi, Joe. How am I doing, coach?

Well, you're comming along.

Coming along, huh?

This daughter of yours is kind
of hard to please, you know?

Say, how about that Brewster kid?
Doesn't he look sharp?

No. They ougth to play him at third.

He doesn't move well to the right.

You want him to take my job.

Oh!, in 3 or 4 years, perhaps.

He's young. He can wait.

Yeah, true.

What's going on now, Robert?

Intersquad game.
Reds against the blues.

I'm captain of the blues.
See you later.

Oh, that reminds me.

I forgot to give Dutch a message.

Some Air Force friend of
his named Rusty Castle

phoned and said he was comming over.

Oh, well, Dutch won't care much

one way or the other.

How do you know he won't?

Well, I just know.

He's and old war buddy of his,
a flyer or something,

and I know Dutch.

The last thing he wants
is to hass over old times.

You seem to know
you husband very well

considering the short time
you've been married.

Oh, I do! I know him like a book.

- Is that so surprising?
- Well, rather.


I've known your mother
for 30 years.

What I don't know about her
would fill a very large book.

Now, I'm just going to show you.

Brewster is comming to bat,

and Dutch likes him.

And the kid always hits
to the left.

Now, you just watch Dutch.

If he connects,

he's going to try to
make it look like a hit.

See what I mean?

Any more questions, Dr. Thorne?

Well, I guess we better go, Dad.

Good morning, reverend, Sally.

Hi, Tom.

Well, our boy looks pretty good.

Yes, he's coming along.

Can't you stay a while?

No, thank you. Dad has
to work on his sermon,

and I have to go home

and get ready for the housewarming.

You just stay here and watch
your livestock at work.

and pretty expensive livestock...

especially your husband.

Yes, well, feeding him is
no cinch, either, you know.

I'll see you later. Tom.

- Mrs. Holland?
- Yes.

I'm Rusty Castle.

Oh, yes, of course!

This is my father Dr. Thorne

and Mr. Doyle.

Hello, Mr. Doyle.

Well, I'm glad to meet you, General.

- General?
- Rusty!

Rusty, how are you?

Hello, Dutch.

Boy, am I glad to see you.

Hey, you're looking great.
How are you hitting them?

Oh, I'm getting in shape.

- Did you meet all these people?
- Yeah.

Why didn't you tell us
you were coming to town?

Well, see. I was over at
a staff meeting at MacDill...

Oh, General Castle did phone.

I haven't had a chance
to tell you. I'm sorry.

Oh! Oh, well, that's all right!

When, you just got here
at the right time.

We're having a houseworming tonight.

How about staying over, huh?

Well, I...

- Oh, please do!
- Along, come on!

I'd be glad to.


Well, I've got to run, sweetheart,

and I'll see you later.

I'm awfully glad
you can stay, General.

Thanks, Mrs. Holland.

Goodbye, reverend.

Well, what do you know?
What's new, Rusty?

Well, come on, give me the lowdown.

That's just what I came to do, Dutch.

But I think it better
wait until later.

Oh? What, is something cooking?

Yeah, in a way.

Is that so?

Hey, Dutch, you're up!

Oh!, I'll see you later.

Dutch is pretty valuable
to the Cardinals,

Isn't he, Mr. Doyle?


He drove in 152 runs last year.

He just signed a $70.000
a year contract.

We don't pay salaries like that

for fun, General.

Yes, I can understand that.

Dutch was the best
B-29 commander I had.

Not many men with his
judgment, coordination,

and whatever else it takes

to come through in the pinches.

Why did you ask me that, General?


I was thinking...

He'd be just as valuable to S.A.C.

S.A.C? What's S.A.C.?

Strategic Air Command.

We're the Air Forces's
Global bombing outfit.

Oh. You're the boys
that dropped the A-Bomb?

Well, I hope not.

Our job is to be ready and able

to strike back anywhere in the world

if this country is ever attacked.

And quite a job you got there, General.

Yes, It's a big job, all right.

Our greatest problem
is personnel, Mr. Doyle.

We need mature, experienced
leaders in S.A.C.

Men like Dutch.

Are you trying to tell me they
want Dutch back in the Air Force?

That's exactly what
I'm trying to tell you, Mr Doyle.

Oh, boy!

Well, this is the craziest thing
I've ever heard of.

What do you want with a guy me age?

I haven't flown
and airplane in 6 years.

I've never even been close to a jet.

Look, Dutch, we don't need
young kids in S.A.C.

We need old hands
like you, experience.

Well, where's the fire?

I, I, I just don't see
the necessity.

You would if you were in my seat.

Look, do you realize

that we're the only thing
that's keeping the peace?

By staying combat ready,
we can prevent a war.

Dutch, if I didn't beleave that,

If my commanders and crew
didn't believe that,

I couldn't get a single
airplane off the ground.

But I I've don't my share.

Doggone it, why do you
have to recall me?

I'm not recalling you, Dutch.
This wasn't my decision.

Believe me, I fell worse
about it than you do.

I asked you to take
that reserve commission

just as a gesture
for old time's sake.

I never thought the time would come.

All right, whose decision was this?

General Hawkes.

I even tried to talk him out of it,

but they're calling up everyone
in your reserve classification.

The General was adamant...
no exceptions.

I could talk to?

Sure, sure, but he's boss of S.A.C.

There are people who could fire him,

but I'll guarantee there's no one

Who could ever make him
change his decision.

Well, this is it, then, huh?

I report a week from tuesday?

That's right.

Your orders are on their way now...

21 months of active duty.

21 months?

You, you realize
what this does to me?

I'm no youngster anymore.

I've got a few more good
years in baseball left.

No you take me away...

Look, Dutch, there's just
no point in arguing with me.

No, I guess not.

Your orders read report to
my headquarters at Carswell.

Yes, sir.

Well, I...

I guess I'd better be
running along, Dutch.

See you soon, huh?

Yes, General, I suppose you will.

Leaving, General?

Oh, yes!, I'm afraid
I have to, Mr. Doyle.

Would you please give my
apologies to Mrs. Holland?


Well, that's it...

21 months.

I have to report to Carswell
a week from tuesday.

Isn't there anyone we can go to?

Castle says it's no use.

Of course, you know
how I feel, Dutch.

Yeah, yeah.

What worries me most
is Sally, though.

Sally? Oh! I wouldn't worry
too much about her.

No, but I do.

This is going to be
an awfull wallop to her.

She's been fixing up the house.

She's getting a big kick
out of the ball club.

Now something like this happens.

What am I going to tell her?

Maybe it won't be
as hard as you think.

Well, just don't say anything
to her about it, will you?

She's worked so hard on this
housewarming and everything.

I just want her to have
this evening, huh?

I won't say a word.

I'll figure out some way
to break it to her later

when everybody's letf.
Come on!

It was a lovely party, Sally.

and you look just radiant.

Thank you.

It's wonderful to see a young couple
so gay and happy, isn't it?

it certainly is, Mrs. Thorne.

Good night, Tom.

Good night, Sally.

Good night, Tom. I'll see you.


It was just a wonderful party, Sally.

Thank you, sweetheart.

You know, we're going
to remenber this for a long time

our first housewarming.

That's the kind of thing
you don't forget, you know.

No. That's why I wanted
it to be just perfect.

It sure was.

Your mother seemed to have
a good time, didn't she?

Yes. She always does.

She's beginning to sound more
like a baseball fan every day.

Say, your dad had a drink
just to celebrate the occasion.

I know. I saw him.

Sally, would you...

let me have this a minute. I...

come over here and sit down.

- Dutch.
- Sally. What?

There's something I have to tell you.

Well, what is it?

You're going back into the Air Force.

Tom told me this afternoon.

Well, that's what I've been trying to.

Well, what do you think?

Well, what do I think?
what do you think?

I don't care about this house.
Mother can take care of that.

We can sublet. That's no problem.

I certainly don't mind
missing the season

and losing all that money.


No. I'm not a child.

Oh, honey, I know you're not a child.

And if you go, then
we both go on active duty.

Besides, what's wrong
with being an Air Force wife

and living in a barracks
or whatever you call them?

It migh be fun.

Anything you do is fine with me,

just so long as you don't
leave me behind.

You mean that?

Of course I do.

I married you, Dutch,
not a house room.

I'm lieutenant colonel Holland.
I'm reporting in for duty.

May I see your
identification, colonel?

I, I don't have an I.D. card.
They never sent me one.

I'm sorry, sir.

I can't admit a civilian
without identification.

I'm not a civilian!
I wish I was a civilian.

Here. Here are my orders.


Security officer?

Captain, I've got a man
here at the gate

with no identification card.

His orders say that
he's on active duty,

but he's not in uniform.

Very well, sir.

You'll have to wait, sir, until
the security officer gets here.

Sergeant, if you'd just
call General Castle...


Pull over. Pull over there, then.

General Castle, please.

May I speak to the General?

This is Dutch Holland...
Colonel Holland.

Well, as soon as you reach him,
would you tell him,

I'm having a little trouble
at the main gate?

That's right. I can't get in.

May I see your orders?

Oh, this whole thing's ridiculous.

and your driver's license.

There you are.

License expired.

It has?

Are you Dutch Holland the ball player?

I was.

I've been reading about you.
You don't look much like your pictures.

Well, you don't look much like
your picture, either, Captain.

We had a phony one time.

Fella got on the base

With a pass that showed
a picture of an orangutan.

They had us all
on the carpet for that one.

No orangutans allowed?

I'm glad to see your men
are on the job, Captain.

That's be all.

Hello, Dutch, how are you?

I'm sorry you had so much trouble here,
but a uniform would help, you know.

Yeah, well, I left in such a hurry,
and muy old ones were the wrong color.

Yeah, well, that'll be easy.
I'll drop you off at the post exchage,

first stop.


Did Sally come with you?

No, She'll be here
as soon as I get squared away.

Good. I can get you a set
of quarters here on the base.


"Control tower
calling General Castle".

Castle. Go ahead.

Sir, I've got a commercial DC-3

coming in for an emergency landing.

Why can't he land
at municipal airport?

He says he can't make it, sir.

All right, have the security
officer notified right away.

Affirmative, General.

Notify the security officer.

We're kind of particular
these days, Dutch.

All S.A.C. bases are restricted.

Alert the fire trucks and meet wagon.

Fire station,

we have an unidentified
DC-3 in the pattern,

landing at the present time.

That is all the information we have.

This is Colonel Holland.
I'll vouch for him.

Where does that fool
think he's going?

All right, stand back.

Major, search that airplane.

Yes, sir.

That won't be necessary.

What's the excuse, Rusty?

Well, Frankly, sir,

I thought we handled
this security test pretty well.

Better than I expected.

Of course, you just
lost your life, Rusty.

Why didn't you block off
that taxi strip, Major?

It never ocurred to me,
General Hawkes.

It should have.

Your men should have gotten
here sooner.

My men should never have
gotten out of that aircraft.

Yes, sir. I don't have enough
experienced personnel, sir.

Don't tell me
your little problems, son.

All I'm interested in is results.

I want airtight security, Rusty,

so it'll be impossible
for an unidentified aircraft

to barge right into your flight line.

What the devil is
that civilian doing here?

I'm just carrying out
your orders, General.

My orders?

Yes, sir. He was with me,
General, just reporting for duty.

Lieutenant Colonel Holland,
this is General Hawkes.

You're Dutch Holland?

Yes, sir.

We've been expecting you.

Yes, sir, I know.

In a blue suit.

General, I realize...

Good to have you in S.A.C., Dutch.

Hope you enjoy your tour.

You'll find there's been a few
changes since you were in last.

Yes, sir, I've found
a few already, General.

Come in.

Colonel Holland, sir,
reporting for duty.

Glad to have you
assigned to my wing, Dutch.

Got a real job waiting
for you in operations,

unless you have a preference.

Well, sir, as long as I'm here

I'd just as soon fly
as sit at a desk.

You'll fly, all right

All my staff officers are pilots
first and desk jockeys second.


Come in, will you, Rocky?

Rocky Samford is my
director of operations.

You'll be his assistant.

Sounds fine to me, Colonel.

Of course, I'm an old B-29 pilot.

I don't know the first
thing about a B-36.

Well, we'll check you out on a B-36
while you understudy Samford.

The idea is for you to replace him,

so he can move into
one of the new units.

I see.

S.A.C. has something big coming up...

the B-47.

Colonel Samford. Colonel Holland.

How are you?

Glad to meet you, Dutch.

Been a fan of yours for years.

I heard about you back on Guam

when you where with the 315th.

Well, Rocky, he's your baby.

You've got yourself an assistant.

Shouldn't take you long
to take over my job, Dutch.

No sweat.

I've got 21 months.
I'll do what I can.

Good luck on your physical.

Thank you, sir.

Want to take a look at our setup?




E- D-F... "

Captain Brown.


Call for you, Colonel Holland.

Colonel Holland.


Well, how are you?

Where are you?

I'm at the airport.

What airport?

Here in Fort Worth?
What are you doing here?

Well, what do you think I'm doing?

I came to be with you

Oh!, I've missed you.

I'm your bride of 5 months,
remember me?

Yes, dear, I know, but...

Well, I just didn't see any sense
in sitting around and waiting,

so here I am.

Don't you want me?

Well, honey, of course I want you,

but we don't have any quarters yet.

Now, I have to get in touch
with Rusty and find out.

I'll tell you. You go to a hotel.

Go to the Blackstone hotel,

and I'm taking a physical
examination right now.

What's the matter? Are you sick?

No, no, everything's fine.

As soon as...
I'll call you later.

Bye, dear.

Good bye.

Where was I?

Say "A".

Captain Johnson.

It's for you, Colonel.

Colonel Holland.

You're at the main gate?

Well, yeah, I got ahold of Rusty,

and he's checking on it now, but I...

get somebody to take you
over to the officers club.

I'll come over
as soon as I'm finished.

I have no idea, dear.
They go over you from head to foot.

They're just down to my throat now.


Well, this one says
I don't have any adenoids.


Good bye, dear.

We're going to take you
up to 45.000 feet.

Major Fleming.

Colonel Holland can't come
to the phone right now.

Just a minute.

It's your wife, Colonel Holland.

She says it's urgent.

Well, uh...

Tell her I'll call her back.

He says he'll call you back.

He's up to 45.000 feet.

I don't see him.

No, no, in a training tank,
Mrs. Holland.

Mrs. Holland is at your quarters.

She says to meet her there.

My quarters? Where are they?

She says General Castle
drove her to your quarters.

She has no idea where they are.

Do all Air Force officers
live in such luxury?

Oh, no, this is just because

General Hawkes has taken
such a shine to me.

Yeah, well, he certainly has,
the old bat.

Now, shh, shh.

Sally, now, we're on a S.A.C. base.

Dutch, are you angry with me

because I didn't wait
for you to send for me?

Well, I was kind of upset at first,

but now that I see you
in that nightgown,

I've kind of changed my mind.

It's all right. All right, dear.

All right.

- Hi. - Hi.
- Hello, Mrs. Castle.

What's happened?

The cards are ahead 6 to 2.

Do you know that Brewster
just drove in another run?

Eh, good for him!

Well, I guess
I'd better get out there.

You wait for me, honey.
I won't be long.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Rocky's going to show me

one takeoff and one landing.
That's all.


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hi, Dutch.
- Hi, Rocky.

- We're about set.
- Fine.

I'm going to ride copilot today.
Check the crew's proficiency.

You can ride behind the aircraft
commander, see how it's done.


This is a select combat crew,

all sharp tools.


Colonel Holland!

Sergeant Bible, how are you?

Good. gee, it's good to see you.

I thought the cardinals had
you all signed up, Skipper.

Yeah, I thought so, too,

but General Hawkes
has a prior claim,

and he wouldn't give me a waiver.

Well, it's looks like we're
taking up were we left off.

well, I hope not.

We had 2 engines shot out the
last one over Tokyo, remember?

Oh, boy, that was quite
a night, wasn't it?

I thought you were going
to get out on the Air Force.

No, I'm still in. Still in the
same racket flight engineer.

Got married a while back.

Fine. Any kids?

Sure have, one on the ramp,
one in the hangar.

Ha! Good for you. Good for you.

Say, now, what about this?

Don't tell me you've rigged up
this great big thing so it'll fly.

Well, if it doesn't, it'll be my neck.

Preflight completed, sir.


I'll give you your safety
procedures in a minute, sir.

All right.

Checklist completed.
Ready to start engine, sir.

"Roger, crew, this is A.C."

"Brakes are set, fire guards
are standing by."

"Start engine."

Roger in aft compartment.

"Uh, ground, this is panel."

"This is ground."

"Clear 4-5-6-3-2-1 for start."

"4 is clear, sir."

"Roger. Starting 4."


"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6."

Fuel pressure, oil pressure,
and alternator on board. Clear 5.

"Number 5 clear."

Turning 5.


Start jets 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Starting jets.

Entrance ladders.


Windows and hatches.


All compartments.

Nose ready for takeoff.

Radio ready for takeoff.

Aft compartment ready for takeoff.

Engineers, takeoff configuration.

Standing by for propeller
reverse safety check

and takeoff power.

Aircraft commander to crew...
standby for takeoff.

Engineer, give me takeoff power.

Jets 100%

Power stabilized.

- Autopilot.
- Off.

- Nose steering.
- On.

- Propellers.
- Safe. Light's out.

Checklist complete.


Hey, aren't you fellas a little
high for a landing pattern?

We're right on flight plan, Dutch.

How high you going?

40.000 feet, Colonel.

40.000 feet?

Oh, I see!

One takeoff, one landing?

Where's the landing going to be,
Rocky, Fairbanks, Alaska?

Right where we told you.
Back at Carswell.

Oh, I see!

Profile mission, huh?

Texas to Alaska and back?

You know, when I was a kid,

somebody sold me the key
to the pitcher's box.

Looks like I just bought it again.

You sure did, Dutch.

Now, you know who's

Really gonna appreciate this?

My wife Sally. I asked her
to wait for me.

Don't worry, Dutch.
Espy's gonna tell her.

Colonel, you wanna see
the rest of this big cigar?

Yeah, yeah.

Take over, onionhead.

This is Colonel Dutch Holland.

Captain Miller.

Hi, Captain.

Sergeant Jones.

Mighty glad to meet you, Colonel.

Wait till my kids hear about this.

We saw in the papers
you were coming.

You and I are goin'
in opposite directions,

you might say.
This is my last flight.

Oh, you gettin' out?

Yes, sir. My hitch is up.

No more of this
high pressure stuff for me.

Fella likes to get home
once in a while

and see his wife and kids.

Kind of rough duty in S.A.C, huh?

Oh!, no, sir, I wouldn't say that,

not if you like being away
from home all the time,

temporary duty in England,
North Africa, Japan,

maintenance of weekends,
working all night.

Oh, great! just not for me,
that's all.

- You wanna follow me, Colonel?
- Were we goin' now?

We're goin' through the holland
tunnel to the gunner's compartment.

Left gunner from radio
2 men coming through.

Well, I'll be darned.

- I'll see you later Sergeant.
- Yes, sir.

- All right, Colonel.
- OK.

That's quite a trip.

Yeah. It's about 80 feet.

I never have gotten used to that thing.

Fellas, this is Colonel Dutch Holland.

Sergeant Lassiter.

How are you?

Let's see... Sergeant Dames.

- Hello, Colonel.
- Oh, how are you?

Airmen lay.

Hello, Colonel.

It's not quite ready.
We'll have a cup in a minute.

All the comforts of home?

Sure, sure.

This is airman Davies.

Hi, Colonel. Have a seat.


Well, what do you think of her, sir?

She's a battleship.
Oh, what am I saying?

I guess it seems a lot different

from our old B-29.

That's the same gunsight
we had in the 29. Isn't it?

Same type, different model.

Of course, when you boil it all down,

it's still an aircraft and a crew

working together to get
a bomb on a target.

But there isn't a war on.

Do many of the men feel like
that radio operator?

Every day in S.A.C.'s a war, Colonel.

Pressure's on all the time,

and General Hawkes is
breathing down your neck.

We never know when the other
fella may start something,

so we've gotta be combat ready

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do you find the guys

that will take it
at these pay scales?

Well, it's the competition, maybe.

You take a sellect crew like this,

they've all got spot promotions.

Our aircraft commander

would be a Major instead
of a light colonel

If he weren't on this crew.

If one man lets the crew down,

The whole crew gets demoted.

It keeps 'em in there pitchin'

I can think of an easier way
to make a buck.

Well, the coffee's free, anyhow.

Colonel Holland,

This is Major Mapes,
our radar observer.

How are you?

Hi, Colonel.

Major Ike Knowland, our navigator.

Hi, Major.

You sure have my sympathy, Dutch.

How do you mean, Knowland?

I was yanked back in, too.

Just when I got a nice
tv business started.

Built a house for the wife and kids.

Well, you'll only
be in for 21 months.

What do you mean, "only"?

You can't tell me they need
radar navigators this bad.

Anyway, I did my share once.

We're not in a war.

I think I know what you mean.

Come on, Dutch.
We'll put you to work.

OK, she's yours. Course 3-3-0.

I've got it.

Where did those jets come from, Rocky?

Our fighter escort. Part of S.A.C.

- I'll take over.
- OK.

That's it. Let's go home.

Airspeed 1-3-5.



Arm 'em.


I'm terribly sorry, honey.

I had no idea this thing.

Oh, I know. Now you
clim in, Marco Polo,

before I sure you for desertation.

Did you ever go over
Niagara Falls in a barrel?

Yes. That makes 2 of us.

- Hi, Sally.
- Hi.

Hey, Dutch, not so fast.
You're not through yet.

Now what?

Steam bath and massage in
the physical conditionating room.

Just a couple of hours more.

Honey, you better go on home.

This may take another couple of days.

See you later.


Well, here you are.

The same night, too.

You angry with me?

No, darling. I'm just confused.


I don't know whether to fix you
breakfast or dinner.

Well, let's see...

It's nearer breakfast.

You hungry?

Not very. I'm tired.

Where did you boys go
on your little jaunt,

or is that a secret?

Well, this was
a local mission... Alaska.

All right, you don't
have to tell me.

Honey, I just did tell you.

We went to Alaska!

Alaska and back without
landing or anything?

Yeah, yeah.

Well, I'm certainly glad
I didn't know that,

or I wouldn't have slept at all.

You don't look like you
slept very much, either.

Well, I did fly the airplane
most of the night,

with a lot of help,

but that's not it.

It's just being out of
the picture for so long.

Having so much to learn,
so much to cath up on.

Oh, sweetheart, you're just tired.

You wouldn't believe
the mess of new gadgets

they have on that thing.

The aircraft commander
was a real pro.

Even he say he's still learning
things about the B-36.

Well, why are you worrying
about all of this?

You said you had a desk job.

I'm supposed to be
an operations officer.

And you can't tell an aircraft
commander what to do

unless you can do it yourself.

In this outfit, everybody flies,

from General Hawkes on down.

In other words, then,
you're going to fly a lot

of missions like this one?

I don't know any other way to do it.

Well, that's a happy prospect.

Especially if I find out too late.

I'm in over my head.

Maybe I better quit right now.


Well, It's better than crossing
things up in an emergency.

Honey, you know, I used to think

the old B-24 was a lot of airplane.

Do you realize that
one B-36 with an A-Bomb

can do the job of 1.000
world war II bombers

and 10.000 crew members?

Now, just think
of the responsability

that places on everybody
that even goes near

one of these airplanes.

I've never heard you
talk like that before.

I've never come up against
anything like this before.

Well, neither have I, for that matter.

Being an Air Force wife
certainly is not for me,

but it isn't that simple.

I could go in to Rusty tomorrow

and lay it on the line,
tell him I can't cut it.

Oh, don't talk like that.

Well, wouldn't you
like that, Sally?

Well, of course I would.
I'd like nothing better,

especially under the circumstances.

What circumstances?

Oh, that's what makes me so mad.

What's the sense of talking
about it when you know

you're not gonna do any
such thing, and you know it.

How do you know I won't?

Because I know you.

You'd no more walk in there
and tell Rusty you're gonna quit

than... well, I was gonna say fly.

I guess maybe you're right.

You know me pretty well, don't you?

Do I? Wish you'd put that in writing.


I'd like to send it to my father.

Honey, you where gonna
say something back here.

No, I've said everything
I have to say.



How do you want your eggs,
scrambled or fried?

Uh... scrambled.

No. Fried.



You know, I'm beginning to know you

pretty well, too, young lady.

You are?

I learned a lot than night
at the housewarming.

You remenber when I had
to break the news to you?

That was a lovely house.
It was a lovely party, too.



I've got something to tell you.

Now, it's pretty personal,

but I think it's gonna
make you very happy.

What is it?

You're going to have a baby.

How dou you know?

I met the Stork at 40.000 feet.

Then I met doc Baxter,
and he congratulated me,

so that was the other.

Well, what do you think?

What do I think?
I think it's wonderful.

I hope it's twins.

Oh, Dutch.

Well, all I can say is
we're mighty lucky it happened

before you had
to report for duty.


Well, judging from my short
experience in the Air Force,

it couldn't very well
have happened after that.

Will do, General.

Well, you got what you wanted Dutch.

Your own airplane
and a crew... temporarily.

Now you're talkin'.

General Castle did the talking.

But don't forget, you're still
flying a desk for me primary duty.

You sent for me, sir?

Colonel espy has ordered me
to reassing you, Knowland.

Your aircraft commander
has asked that you be replaced.

Anything wrong with my qualifications

for a select crew, sir?

No. That's the unfortunate
part of it.

You're as well qualified as any
radar navigator in this wing.

He says it's your attitude.
You haven't been putting out.

Well, what do they expect
my attitude to be?

Gratitude for wrecking
my business career?

What about my request
for transfer, sir?

Or is the only way to get out
of S.A.C. to be carried out?

Don't hold your breath
while you're waiting.

We'll let you know.

Meantime, you're not
getting out of flying.

You're being reassigned
to a noncombat ready crew.

You lost your spot promotion
a couple of days ago.

Hey, Ike.

Wait a minute.

Say, uh...

They're giving me a pick-up crew

to train with for a while.

I'll need an experienced navigator.

Not particular, huh?

Maybe I am.

We're both in a particular
sort of situacion.

Yeah. Same raw deal.

Well, you migh say the same deal.

How about it?

It's ok by me.

It's OK with me,

until the first time
you get me off course.





Arm the props.

Ike, you missed your ETA
by 45 seconds.

You owe me a buck.

Ok, Dutch,

But it's the first time
you've won it in 6 months.


No more fuel leaks so far.

Maybe the modification's
all right, maybe not.

The next series of tests
will give us the answer.

Has Dutch Holland been running
these fuel tank tests?

Yes, sir.

I thought he had a staff job.

You made him an aircraft commander?

Well, I'd say he's doing both, sir.

But he sure likes to fly.

He does, eh?

Going, Dutch?

Now don't have the baby
till I get back.

I want to be here to greet him.

I'll certainly try not to.

You know, I kinda have a feeling

the little fella's
not going to report in

for about 2 weeks.

I'll be back in 4 days.

Well, I certainly hope
it's a little fella, for your sake.

But you know, it could be a girl.

A girl?


I suppose it's a possibility.

Sweetheart, do you have to go
on this trip right now?

Honey, I've been running
these cold weather tests.

I have to go through with them.

Couldn't it be postponed,

even just till after
the baby gets here?

Well, Sally, we've got a job to do.

Now, if we start scheduling flights

to fit the birthrate,

do you realize
there are 1.500 babies

born a month in S.A.C.?

And do you realize

you're getting to sound more
like General Hawkes every day?

- I am?
- Yes.

I promise I won't smoke
any big black cigars.

That will be very nice.


Where are you going?



- Where's that?
- Greenland.


- Yeah.
- In february?


With all that ice and snow?

Well, we're running
cold weather tests,

you see, and in order to run
a cold weather test...

you have to have cold weather.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

What do you want me to bring you,

a polar bear, penguin?

How about a husband?

Got one.

No. I want a husband
right here on the ground,

not one that's
8 miles over Greenland

or Alaska or Timbuktu.

Whatever happened to that nive guy

who played third base
for the Cardinals?

You mean Brewster?

No. I mean you.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's just so hard to be
a good sport at 5 A.M.,

especially when you're
9 months pregnant.

Now don't you worry.

The little fella's never
gonna know the diferrence.

before he's a year old,
I'll be back at third.

I hope so.

Good bye, dear.

Take it a minute.

Aw, we're never gonna
get under this stuff, Leo.

Call Thule approach control
for G.C.A.


Thule approach control
from Air Force.

I've just been out
on the left wing, sir.

We've got a bad leak
in number 2 fuel tank,

gas sloshing around
near the fire walls.

May have a fire any second.

All right, cut off every
electrical system you can spare.

We're gonna be over the base
in about 40 minutes.

Aircraft commander to crew...

we have a bad fuel leak
in the left wing.

Gasoline fumes. No smoking.

Take stations for possible
emergency bailout.

Take bailout stations.

Might be that sudden
temperature change, Dutch.

42 below zero out there.

Rear scanner to aircraft commander...

we're on fire, Colonel.
Number one engine.

Feather 1, 2, and 3.

Fuel switches off to 1, 2, and 3.

Fire extinguishers on.

All right, start jets 3 and 4.


Full power on 4, 5, and 6.

A.C. to crew standby
for inmediate bailout

when you hear the long ring.

A.C. to navigator

call Thule tower.
Give 'em our exact position.

Keep giving it to 'em.

Roger. Radio, this is navigator.

Our position is 68 degrees,

45 minutes west longitude.

76 degrees,

10 minutes north latitude.

I repeat.

Hadn't we better belly land, Dutch?

We'll freeze to deatch down there.

I'm afraid we'd blow up first.

Fire spreading over
the whole wing Colonel.

A.C. to crew...

Bail out as close together
as you can.

Try to join up as soon
as you hit the ground.

All right, here we go.

Go on, Leo.

Thule tower, this is 2-3-5-0.

I just broke out of the overcast.

I'm too low to bail out.

I'm gonna attempt
a gear-up crash landing.


Who's that? Ike?

You all right?

Yeah. I guess so.

Just my ankle.

Just wait a minute now. Don't move.

Wait till I close this hatch here.

Witch leg is it?

Right leg, Dutch.

No movin' now. Just lie still.

Here. Put that blanket over you.

Wait till I get things
closed up here.

We're darn near buried, Ike.

Storn comin' up, too.

Oh, that's great.

All the air rescue boys need
is a good blizzard.

Well, It's no use trying
to find the crew out there now.

Not a chance.

The bailed out miles from here.

Let me take a look at that leg.

Hold that.

Davenport's got the emergency radio.

- That's one thing.
- Yeah.

Good thing the guys in back
bailed out in time.

Yeah. They'd have had it.

This ankle's broken.


Can you reach that
first aid thing there?

Hold that.

Why didn't you bail out?

Waited too long, I guess.

I was trying to give them
a continuous voice fix.

You mean you kept
talking till we hit?

Oh!, just in case we were off course.

Well, I'd say you were
rigth on course, Ike.

Is this all of them, sir?
All but Dutch and Nolan.

No sign of the wreck, General.

Why couldn't they have had
the same luck we had?

Why couldn't they have come down

with an Eskimo Village in their lap?

Let's get back out there, Lieutenant.

I'm going with you.

How's the arm, Dutch?

Oh, it's pretty good, but it's still sore.
Up around the shoulder joint there.

I think I'll have another look.

Anything doing?

No. It's still pretty gusty.

Our smoke signal's burning fine.

Close the blister, will you, Dutch?

We don't need any more ventilation.

All right.

You know... you know, with only
4 hours of daylight,

it might take quite a while finding us.

I hope not. I'd like to
get out of this igloo.

I supoose they've notified
our wives we're missing, huh?

They'd have to after 2 days.

Sally's a wonderful sport about
everything, but after all,

when you're having your
first child, this is rough.

When is it due?

When's it due? I don't right now!

Maybe now! How do I know?
Here I am out in a pile of snow.

Hey, sit down, Colonel, sit down.

We've got trouble enough without you

pacing up and downlike
a nervous father.

Don't suppose it does much good.

What do you want, Dutch?
A boy or a girl?

Oh... Boy, I guess,

but I just have a hunch it's a girl.

Never. I'll bet you on it.

- You want to bet?
- I'll bet you 5 bucks it's a girl.

- Did you hear something?
- No.

No, there.

Listen. That...

Hey, Colonel, what are you
doing down there awol?

Say, I want to get
a message to my wife.

She's already been notified
that you'r ok, sir.

This came for you
a couple days ago, sir.

A baby girl.

Just happened to have this handy, sir.

Well, have one.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, Rusty, it's a baby girl.

Congratulations, pappy.

Look. It says right
here a baby girl.

That's great, Dutch.

What do you know? A baby girl.

Amazing, Colonel.

6 pounds, 5 ounces it says.

It's a good thing
we found you, Colonel.

6 pounds. What do you know?

She wants to know about a name.

Well, what about...

can you get a message
to her right away?

Yes, sir. I'll take care of it.

Before you do anything else,
why don't you go get washed up,

get some hot food and have
that shoulder looked at?

We have about a half an hour

before General Hawkes gets here.

We got word a couple of hours ago

that he's landing here
on his way back from England.

Oh, yeah! Well, that figures.

Yeah. Here.

Get that off right away,
will you?

Yes, sir.

And, uh, this one for the General.

How much time was there
on number one engine?

341 hours, sir.

Did you inspect the fuel tanks
personally before takeoff?

Yes, sir.

Captain Symington
and Sergeant Bible, too.

Any fuel stains?

No, sir.

How much time did you spend
pre-flighting the aircraft?

Over 4 hours,

and that's not including
engine run-ups.

You consider your flight
engineer fully qualified?

I consider him the best
in the business, General.

Well, Rusty, there's no use
trying to get the rest

of this picture until Holland
meets the investigating board.

But accidents don't
just happen, Colonel Holland.

There's always a reason.

As Aircraft Commander
you're completely responsible,

even if a wing drops off.

especially if a wing drops off.

I'm leaving for Carswell in an hour.

Would you like a lift?

Yes, sir.

We'll continue this on my airplane.

Yes, sir.

Flight surgeon seen that arm yet?

No, sir, but I've talked to him.

I'm OK. I'll have it checked

as soon as I get back.

It's just a bruise up
on my shoulder, General.

Make sure of that.

Yes, sir.

I want the latest results

of your last performance
and stability tests

as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

That cigar, sir.

Doesn't the General know
the aircraft might explode?

It wouldn't dare.

While we're gassing up

I've got something to show you.

Yes, sir.

Holy smokes.

So this id the B-47, huh?

She's the most beautiful thing

I've ever seen in my life, General.

Just look at her.

Look at her.

I sure would like to get
my hands on one of these.

Maybe you will, Dutch.

Maybe you will.

How are you, sweetie?

Oh, how are you?

Hey, what are you doing home
from the hospital so soon?

The birth rate of Carswell must
have jumped up or something.

Boy, they were so crowded.

They sure got rid of me in a hurry.


Well, you seem to beall in
one piece. Was it very bad?

No. I sure oiled up
an airplane, though.

We were all mighty lucky.

The main things was

I just kept worrying about you.

I knew we were all right.

Oh, so did I, really.

I kept listening to the radio
reports every day.

I knew you were coming back.

You just had to.

Oh!, yeah, sure.

Especially me being
a father and everything.

A father. Well, where's the baby?

Where are you hiding the baby?

Oh, she'll be here.

Oh, she's so pretty.

- She is?
- Yeah.

Dutch, are you
terribly disappointed

because she's a little girl?

I'm delighted.

I won 5 bucks from
Mike Knowland on it.

Wait. I've got a present for you,

all the way from Thule.

My goodness. It looks
as big as the baby.

A penguin.

I couldn't get a polar bear.

Oh, but I didn't ask
for anything but a husband,

and I got him.

Here we are.

Dutch, I want you
to meet your daughter.



Well, how do you do, young lady?

Very glad to meet you.

She says she is, too.

Would you like to hold her, Colonel?

Would you like to hold her?

I'm not checked out on this, but...

Oh, OK!

She's not very big, is she?

- No.
- She sure is cute.

What did you name her?

Just what you said. Hope.


Hope? I said Hope?

Well, yes, that's what
you said in your telegram.

"Can't think of any name but Hope.

"Everything fine.

Oh, honey, see, I said,

"Can't think of any name,

"but Hope everything fine.

Well, Hope. That's a pretty nice name.


What do you think of the name Hope?

She says she likes it fine.

All right.

It's OK with me if it's OK with you.

I think it's really pretty.

Well, Hope, it is, then.

Well, now, you say
good bye to your father.

Good bye, Hope.

I guess I'll be seeing you around.

That's was sort of a
silly thing to say.

She's gonna like it in Florida.

Florida. Oh, I forgot to tell you.

We're gonna move.


In about 2 weeks.

I've been transferred to MacDill.

We're going back to our old house.

Oh!, that's wonderful.

We'll be there just in time
to watch the spring training.

How did that happen?

They're setting up
a new B-47 wing.

General Hawkes gave me a chance
to get in on the ground for.

General Hawkes?

What's a B-47?

It's a new jet bomber,

and it's the most beautiful,
wonderful airplane

you've ever seen in your whole life.

Sally, this is the most
wonderful thing

you could ever imagine.

In the B-36.

We've got a good
long range heavy bomber,

but we've needed a medium bomber

to replace our World War II types.

The B-47 can fill that need

and greatly increase
the overall capabilities

of the Strategic Air Command.

It's been under development
for 8 years.

It's the fastest operational
jet bomber in the world.

Recently it was timed

at a ground speed
of 794 miles per hour,

and it's ceiling
is over 40.000 feet.

This wing is so clean

that mechabics have to wear
soft soled shoes

If they walk on it.

A scuff on this metal skin

could slow it down 20 miles an hour.

With the new family of nuclear weapons,

on B-47 and a crew of 3
carries the destructive power

of the entire B-29 force
we used against Japan.

Up until now the B-47 has been

in the hands of test pilots.
It looks good.

We don't now how good

until it's been proved out
by our regular S.A.C. crews.

That'll be General Castle's job

with the first new wing at MacDill.

I want to see a year of flying
crammed into 6 months.

I'll tell you why I'm in a hurry.

When units of all 3 S.A.C. Air Forces

are equipped with B-47's,

our overall mobility will be doubled.

It all boils down
to less danger of war.

With each B-47 delivered,

S.A.C's capability of quick
retaliation is increased,

and an enemy
would undoubtedly know it.

We'll be better able to realize
S.A.C.'s best hope:

to prevent a war from ever starting.

I've called you to Omaha

for the special briefings
that will follow

because each one of you
is gonna be a key man

in the B-47 program.

Let's leave it this way.

The B-47 is on third base.

It'll be up to you to bring it home.

Canopy Coming closed.

You all squared away, Ike?

Ok, Dutch.

How about you, Rocky?


MacDill tower, this is 5024.

We're ready to go.

5024, you are cleared for takeoff.

Roger, 5024.


Arm A.T.O.

Fire A.T.O.

Air force 5024.

This is eagle control. Say again.

We're just in time.

The B-47 is on a bomb run.

Eagle control, this is Air Force 5024.

Type a bomb run, radar,
observer, Major Knowland,

I.K., altitude 43.000, 43.000 feet.

Type of release, automatic, over.

Eagle control, Roger.

Give us a call when
you depart the I.P.

Eagle control,
this is 5024 departing I.P.


Ike, you all set?


Ok, it's your airplane.

We are 25 miles out.


Tour tone is loud and clear.

Standing by for information.

Bomb away.

Dutch, that's a shot.

You mean this city's been wiped out

theoretically in a storm

by a bomber we didn't
even see or hear?

Sure. With radar,
weather's no problem.

We've been bombing cities

every day and every night
all over the U.S.,

only people never know it.


Seventh hour stretch.

Thanks, Ike.

Hey, Rocky, we've got about
an hour and a half more to go.

Do you want to take it the rest of
the way and shoot the landing?


You have it.

That shoulder again?

No. I'm stiff all over. Who isn't?

Pop the chute.

Say, you know, that boy's
got a lot on the ball.

He could be another Bobby Feller.

Oh!, he looks great.

He won 18 for Rochester last year.

Dutch, will you stop
looking at your watch?

You said you don't
take off until midnight.

Well, honey, I'm not hopping
a streetcar, you know?

A mission like this takes
6, 7 hours pre-flight briefing.

And what about the 4
days between missions?

You've only had 2.

I know, I know.
I'm filling in for Charlie.

You could watch the rest
of the inning, anyway.

All right, all right.

Hey, I just noticed those eagles.

When did you make chicken,
Colonel Dutch?

Couple weeks ago.

They figure we needed the raise

on account of the baby.

She's not kidding.

How a Sergeant with 5 kids
makesit, I don't know.

Well, I'll say this much
for General Hawkes.

He's certainly doing
everything he can for them.

Struck him out. 2 in a Row.

Honey, I've got to go. Bye.

Now look, this time I don't
want any penguins.

I'll bring you a pelican.

Bye, Tom.

Bye, Colonel.

What's the matter, Sally?

Oh, nothing. I was just wondering

where he's going this time.

Hello, Sally. How are you?

Oh, hi, Rusty!
I'm fine. How are you?.

Fine, fine. May I present
General Hawkes?

It's a real pleasure, Mrs. Holland.

I've been looking forward
to meeting you.

Same here.

Only I'm a little disappointed.

I thought you'd be breathing fire.

Well, I usually do.
I just had a flame-out.

Oh, well, if you're here recruiting,

please don't take Brewster.

Oh, no! I'm a great ball fan.

Oh, good. Why don't you
tell that to Mr. Doyle?

Mr. Doyle, General Hawkes.

How do you do, Mr. Doyle?

Thank you for letting us in.

My pleasure. Won't you sit down?

Thank you.

So you're the man that
stole my third baseman.

I wish we could keep him, too.

I'll bet you do.

So you're on Mr. Doyle's side, eh?

Yes, I am.

Well, we've got a job
to do, Mrs. Holland,

and getting men like
your husband isn't easy.

Don't tell me your
little problems General.

I'm only interested in results.



Oh, mother!, it's you.

Nothing, nothing at all.

It's just that every time

Dutch goes on one of
these missions I just die.

No, of course he doesn't know.

No, and he never will.

No, no, but he should
be here any minute.

Yes, it was a long flight.

Please don't ask me.

I never know where he's going.

Look, mother.

We thought we'd take you all

to the officers' club.

You know, for dad's birthday,

if Dutch is here.

Well, I haven't had
a chance to ask him yet.

Oh, here he is. I'll call you back.

Oh, hi.

That's a real bear hug.

Oh, I'm just so glad to see you.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Was it rough?

No, no. Everything went off fine.

It was like clockwork.

My shoulder bothered me
the last couple of hours,

but outside of that...
How's the baby?

Oh, she's fine. She's still asleep.


You know, Tuesday is Dad's birthday,

and I thought we'd take them
to the officers' club.

You'll still be here, won't you?


I think so.

It all depends on
the operations schedule.

You won't be going
on another mission that soon.

Honey, I don't know.

All I know is we should be.

Should be?

You shouldn't be flying at all.

Dutch, why don't you go
and see the doctor?

Every time you go
on one of these trips,

when you come back
your shoulder is much worse.

You know how flight surgeons are.

It's not that bad.

I'm not taking any chances.

Now, honey, I know what I'm doing.

You're so tired, you don't
know what you're doing.

All right, all right, all right.

I'll fix you some breakfast.

Then you should go to bed.

All right, all right.

So this will be the first
overseas movement

of an entire jet bomber wing.

While we're at it,

we've been ordered to try
something a little special:

a new record.

30 B-47s will make a routine
refueling stop at Seattle.

But the other 15 airplanes
will attempt to fly

from MacDill to Japan nonstop.

Now, General Espy has
some additional information.

The flight will be
7.400 statute miles

in almost 16 hours.

I will fly number one position
of the nonstop group.

Colonel Holland will fly number 15.


Now here's the plan.

This operation will be
carried out in 3 phases.

First we'll move
the wing bag and baggage.

Everything, spare engines,

fuel trucks and maintenance crews.

Tomorrow at 08:00,
globemaster cargo aircraft

will load the men and equipment.

The second starts
the following morning at 06:00

when our KC-97 tankers will take off

so as to be in place here...

and here.

For in-flight refueling
rendezvous with the B-47s,

who will proceed
to destination, Yokote.


And third, the B-47s
will depart when ordered.

All B-47 combat crews will stand by.

A word of caution.

There is a security blackout.

Let's do it first, then talk about it.

She's still asleep.

Does that child sleep all afternoon?

I have to get home.

Oh, now, she'll be awake soon.

You just be patient.

- Patient? I haven't seen her
since yesterday. - True.


No, Colonel Holland isn't here.
This is Mrs. Holland.

Oh, it's long distance,
mother. Tom Doyle.

Hi, Tom. How are you?

Oh, I'm fine.

She's just fine.

No, he's over at the base.

You can reach him at MacDill.

I see.

Yeah, I see.

Oh, I'm sure he can.

Oh, yeah, me?
You know I'm all for it.


Fine, then I'll see you in a few days.

Bye, Tom.

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

God bless Tom Doyle, Brewster,

and everybody in St. Louis.

What's come over you?

Oh, the most wonderfull
thing just happened!


Brewster broke his leg.

Oh, wonderful? The poor boy.

Oh, I'm sorry about it, of course,

but don't you see?
This puts Tom in a spot,

and he wants Dutch to come back
and finish the season.

You know, I'd almost forgotten
Dutch was a baseball player.

Oh, gosh, so had he.

Oh, but he'd never turn Tom down.

He'd love this,

and you know,
this settles everything.

Well, if you're going
to St. Louis,

I'd say it unsettles everything.

Oh, no, Mom.

No more long missions,
no more worrying.

Sally, I hope it all
works out for you.

Oh, it will, Mom. It really will.

Where are you going?

I have to find the sports page

to catch up on a few things.

You know, I don't even know
the Cardinal lineup anymore.

Well, this just came out of the blue.

You know I want to do everything
I possibly can to help.

Uh-huh, yeah.

That's right.

Well, let me call you
in an hour, huh, Tom?

What's your number?

What is it?


I'll call you in an hour.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Did Tom get you?

Yeah, yeah. Talked to him twice.

You know, he called here first,

and he told me all about it.

I suppose you'll still have
to make the flight, anyway.

Well, we've been standing by all day

for weather and word from S.A.C.

How soon can you get away?

Sally, I had to turn Tom down.

I had to make a decision,
and I made it.

I'm not getting out at all.

I'm staying in the Air Force

Oh, you don't...

I know it's rough on you.

I know how you feel.

I took all that into consideration,

but when I got rigth
down to rock bottom,

this was the only thing I could do.

But you've served your 21 months.

There's no use arguing.
It's all settled.

I've signed up.

You just went ahead and made
this decision all by yourself?

There are some decisions
you have to make alone.

So this is going to be it?

The Air Force...

for the rest of your life
and mine.

One station after another,
one mission after another.

And you just walk in here
and calmly tell me this.

Well, there are times

when you are given
certain responsibilities.

You can't ignore them.

Well don't you have
any responsibilities

to Hope and me?

Is it always General Hawkes?

General Hawkes didn't have
anything to do with it.

Oh, he's been working
on you for months.

Flattering you, promoting you.

Sally, if there was a war on,

you wouldn't question any of this.

Well, that's just it. There isn't.

But there is a kind of war.

We've got to stay ready to figth

without fighting.

That's even tougher.

That's why I made this decision.

You made it. We didn't.

All these months
I kept telling myself,

"It isn't how much
you're together that counts.

"It's that you are together.

And... and now, suddenly,
we're not together at all.

Oh, Dutch, what's happened to you?

I just don't even know you anymore.

I... I'm still the same.

And here I am all alone
with a stranger.

Colonel Holland.

Ok, I'll be right over.

Word just came through
from S.A.C. I have to go.

Sally, I can't go this way.

What difference does it make?

We couldn't be any farther apart,

even if you were in Tokyo.

Hey, Dutch, let's go!

Armadillo flying taxi runway 2-2,

wind is south 1-0.

Altimeter 3-0-1-1.

Hello, Sergeant.
This is Mrs. Holland.

Can you please tell me

if Colonel Holland has left yet?

You what?

You don't...

W... well, then where can
I find General Castle?

The control tower.

No, nevermind.

Where can I find General Castle?

Has Dutch left yet?

Oh, I'm sorry, Sally,

but Dutch took off
about 5 minutes ago.

Oh, there's something I've got to
hell him. I can't let him go this way.

I wish there was something
we could do, Mrs. Holland.

Well, I'm affraid there isn't, General,
and I hope you're satisfied.

Wasn't one war enough for
you without calling him back

just when he was beginning to live?

And you gonna let him go on and on?

How much more do you want?


I'm sorry you fell
that way, Mrs. Holland,

but I want you
to understand one thing.

This was Dutch's decision, not mine.

His decision because
you maneuvered him into it.

Promoting him, putting him
in important jobs.

Now let's get one thing straight.

If you think I promoted him
because he was Dutch Holland,

you underestimate him.

He's an exceptional commander.

Dutch earned this the hard way.

I just hope he can
get through this mission.

There any reason.

He shouldn't be on this mission?

I think there's every reason.

And someday, when he
cracks, it's gonna be

because you didn't
give him any choice.

Mrs. Holland...

I, too, have no choice.

45 aircraft now airbone, Dutch.

OK, navigator, how we doing?

On course.

On time, Dutch.


In 6 minutes the formation
will break up,

and we'll proceed on
our individual flight plan.

There's our fuel tanker.

Right on schedule.

Air Force 3-4-1-1,

what'll you have, ethyl or regular?

Ah, whatever you've got.
Just fill her up.

Your slipway doors are open.

Receptacle clear.

Everything looks normal.

Tanker ready for contact.

Receiver ready for contact.

Forward 2.

Stand by for contact.





Up 3.

Your position is good.

Fuel pressure 35 pounds.

Tranfer completed.

Disconect when ready.


Just caught a sports
broadcast, Dutch.

You're front page news.

All about your passing up baseball

for an Air Force career.

Call that news, huh?

How about you, Ike?
Made up your mind yet?

You staying in?

Oh, I guess I might as well.

Seems like quite a few of
the boys are staying in.

You started quite a fashion, Dutch.

We bumped into
a 129 headwind, Dutch.

Jet stream.

40 knots faster than briefed.

We've lost 13 minutos already.


Well, we better do
something about that, Ike.

Leo, what do you think?

Think we better try
and get over it?

If we stay under it,
we'll use too much fuel,

that's for sure.

How much higher do you think
we'll have to go, Ike,

to get out of the jet stream?

Oh, maybe 2 or 3.000 feet.

Well, that altitude's
kinda critical for us

at this weight.

I think maybe we better try it, though.

Here we go.

Well, that's about
as high as she'll go.

How much longer we got, Ike?

5 hours, 11 minutes.

Well, we're preactically there.

I went crazy the first 10 hours.

My hellmet's killing me,

and I feel like I'm sitting
on a block of concrete.

I'll trade you that block of concrete

for this picket fence
I'm sitting on.

You guys should've been navigators.

At least you can get off this seat

once in a while.

Air Force 3-4-1-1,

This is Yokota tower.

Ceiling is still variable
from 1 to 400 feet.


Visibility varying
from 1/4 mile to 2 miles.

Occasionally zero.

Uh, how about the other airplanes?

They all land OK, Yokota?


The last one barely made it.

Conditions may improve
in 30 minutes.

Can you hold?

Well, I... not if I have
to go to an alternate.

What's the forecast?

3-4-1-1, Okinawa is reporting
broken and still V.F.R.

Your other alternates
are still instrument

and bellow minimums.

Well, If I'm going to Okinawa,
I have to leave right now.

My fuel reserve's low.

Uh, stand by, Yokota.


Yokota, this is 3-4-1-1.

Proceeding to Kadena
Air Force base, Okinawa.


Yokota tower out.

Air Force jet 3-4-1-1.

This is Kadena aproach control.

You're now 68 miles out.

Weather getting worse.

Ceiling dropping rapidly.

You've got 3 miles and 500 feet.

Now you tell me.

That's a fine how do you do, Kadena.

I got 11 minutes fuel

and 9 more minutes to go.

It's gonna be a close one.

Air Force jet 3-4-1-1,

contact GCA on 1-18.2

and stand by for immediate
jet penetration.

Affirmative. Affirmative.

Air Force jet 3-4-1-1,

You're cleared for immediate
jet penetration.


Hey, Leo.

Yeah, Dutch?


There's something wrong. I...



I can't move my right arm, Leo.

Leo, you take ahold of the throttles.

Reduce your power 10%.


A little more.

Hup. There you are.

All right, now...

You handle the throttles,

I'll handle the controls, OK?


Wheater now reporting 100 feet.

Visibility 1/4 of a mile.

Advise you hold east
of the outer marker.

Uh, negative.

Negative, Kadena.

I can't hold.

I'm committed.

I don't have enough fuel
to go around.

Go on now. Bring me on in.

Affirmative. Continue your penetration.

Air Force jet 3-4-1-1,

This is your final controller.

You need not acknowledge
any further transmissions.

You're 6 miles
from the end of the runway,

40 feet above the glide path.

Increase your rate of descent.

You have now passed

through the GCA minimums.

I will hold your rate of descent.

You're right at the center line.

Steer to a heading of 1-7-5 degrees.

All right. Back another 5%, Leo.


A little more.

Now forward.

A little more.

All right. Back a little.

There you are. Hold it.

Your course is good.

Your rate of descent is good.

Now steer to 1-8-0 degrees.

You're on glide path.
You're on course.

Your heading is 1-8-0 degrees.

You're on glide path.
You're on course.

You're 2 miles
from the end of the runway.

Your heading is 1-8-0 degrees.

Your rate of descent is good.

You're on course.

You're approaching the end
of the runway.

You're now over
the end of the runway.

Take over visually.

We're breaking out, Dutch.
I can see the ground.

All right, back a little more.

I got the runway.

Hold up. Hold up.

All the way back.

All the way back, Leo.

All right, fine. Pop the chute.

Thanks, GCA.

Thanks for getting us down, fellas.

Surprised you can use
that arm at all.

Well, the inflammation's
gone down already, sir.

In just 3 days.

I ordered you back to
Omaha, Colonel Holland,

because of this medical report.

It indicates a chronic condition.

Might happen again any time.

Especially on long,
high altitude flights.

I suppose that's true, General.

You know, I ougth to throw
the book at you.

For not following
existing instructions

about reporting to a flight
surgeon after an accident.

For concealing a condition
that could have grounded you.

Yes, sir.

What you did could have resulted

in the loss of your
aircraft and your crew.

Until this last mission, sir,

It was nothing more than annoying.

I wouldn't have taken such a risk.

I'm inclined to give you
the benefit of the doubt.

I suppose you know
you're all through flying.

Yes, sir.

You can't command
an operational unit.

You can stay in,
of course, at a ground job.

Would you like that?

No, sir.

I didn't think you would.

I'm going to let you go.

You're out of the
Air Force as of now.

Is your wife here yet?

No, sir.

I haven't seen her
since we left MacDill.

I don't suppose you can play
much ball with that shoulder.

No, sir.

Not this season, anyway, sir.

What are to do?

I'm sure Tom Doyle

will have a spot
picked out for me, sir.

Well, if he doesn't make a
manager out of you, he's crazy.

Well, that's fine with me.

Let's hope so.

Good luck to you.

I'm sorry it had to end
this way, sir.

So am I, Holland. Damn sorry.

I hate to lose you.

Thank you, sir.


Dutch, I...

I suppose that you know
better than anybody else...

what an uphill battle it is
to keep S.A.C. going.

The job is big

and the pay is small.

The things that I've fought for...

better family housing,

better breaks for the combat crews

and the non-coms.

The things that help us
to get the best people

and keep the best people.

and 80% of them,

reserve officers
and citizen soldiers

just like you.


None of these things
are easy to come by.

We need all the help we can get.

Yes, sir.

I want you to know this:

The job you did
while you were with us,

and the decision you made
when you had an easy out,

gave us more help
than you'll ever realize.

We're grateful to you.

I'm glad to hear that, sir.

General Hawkes,

will you please tell Colonel Holland

that Mrs. Holland is here?

She says to tell him
she'll be waiting for him

in General Wheatley's office.

Ask her to come in.

Hello, Sally.

Remember me? I'm that stranger.

Well, sure.

I'd know you anywhere.

You couldn't fool me.

I don't care what uniform
you're wearing.

You're still my husband.

I'm very proud of you.

I'm ashamed of me.

We, uh...

We had a medical report
on that arm, Mrs. Holland.

I've got to let him go.

He's all yours.

Is that it?

That's it.

That's our new B-47 wing

Flying its first training mission.

We'll have 4 full new wings

by the end of the year.

Ride the wind

Follow a star

Find the foe

Strike where they are

Round the world

Isn't too far

When the Air Force takes command