Strangler vs. Strangler (1984) - full transcript

When it comes to crime, Belgrade is same as any other modern metropolis, except for having its own serial killers. That blank is filled when a flower salesman begins strangling women. A popular, but very disturbed rock star soon becomes telepathically connected with the killer.





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I'd like all mankind
to have just one neck

with my hands around it.

Karl Panzram, who
murdered 23 people

In Belgrade during
the eighties.

A town with nearly two
million inhabitants,

several hundred thousand cars,

around ten museums,
two radio stations.

one TV center,

and one big football club.

The capital!

Its inhabitants have
yearned for years

for their town to
become a metropolis.

At the moment when
our story begins,

good prospects exist for
Belgrade to become one.

You may be wondering what
makes town a true metropolis.

Is it traffic jams?

Or gigantic new settlements?

Or the construction of
an ultra-modern subway?

Some think it's the
number of inhabitants

Belgrade has more than a
million inhabitants.

Others stress the
geographical position

Belgrade is a bridge between
The East and West.

But a metropolis is a best
defined by its crime chronicle.

Broad boulevards, traffic jams
and subways are all in vain.

If there are no
maniacs in a town,

that town is not a metropolis!

This is a story about
unusual events

which placed Belgrade
alongside New York,

London and Paris.

Everything started in a
harmless manner.

Grab him.

Exhibitionists appeared
in Belgrade graveyards

and shocked bereaved ladies.

At Kalemegdan
an authentic

Belgrade type of
voyeurs appeared.

People called them
"Rashomon" after

a character in Kurosawa's
famous film.

Where one of the actors,
is lurking in the bushes

Another Rashomon!

There were also some more
serious cases.

A Pole robbed the safe
of the National Theater

and took away 65 million
dinars, though old ones.

This incited a series
of similar,

more or less unsuccessful

This is a robbery!

Even the firemen helped
two thieves to escape.

And then, the Belgrade
Phantom appeared!

He's not our hero,
though he amazed

town with his wild
driving in stolen Porsche,

defying night after night
the helpless police.

The lift freak meant
a step forward

in Belgrade's development
into a metropolis.

Unbutton my fly!

It is estimated that he
attacked about 300 women,

operating exclusively
in lifts.

There was also the
tragicomic Pavle Siljak,

who shot at women in furs
with a home-made pistol.

There were also rapes,
murders out of revenge,

jealousy and similar
common motives,

as well as many smaller
or bigger robberies.

But all this would not
be sufficient

to give Belgrade the
status of a metropolis.

The king of all criminals
was needed for this:


This is what you get for
not liking carnations!

People like you don't
deserve to live.

His name was Pera Mitic.

He was 48 years old.

weighed 120 kilograms,
and was 190 cm tall.

He had never been married.

This was his third

Come in!

Where are your carnations.
Did you lose them again?

I sold all of them.

Where is the money?

- Here.

There were 120 carnations!

You went to the pastry
shop again

You're never satisfied, Mummy.

Did you ever sell 120
carnations in one day?


Raisin your voice
at your parent?

That's the thanks I get
for taking you to the sea.

Give me the stick!

- No, mummy please!

Then, I'll shut you
up in the cistern

No, not that, please

How can you respect your
your fellow man

if you don't respect
your mother?

Kneel on the shells,
you naughty boy!

Ok, mummy

Just, don't shout.
It gives me a headache.

No wonder you
have headaches

you lay in the sun 15
hours a day last summer.

His mother's scolding would
restore Pera to his normal state

and make him forget
all previous events.


Pera strangled his first
victim a few days ago.

On that fateful

he was selling carnations
in restaurants.

But, at the time
of our story,

carnations were no
longer in fashion.

Some girls wouldn't let
their boyfriends buy any,

so that he often brought
home less money

and had to bear his
mother's scolding.

Give me five, young man.

Thank you very much,

Thank you very much.

Here you are, lovely
red carnations.

Fifty dinars a piece.

Do you have any roses?

I think carnations stink.

I don't have any.

Here you are, lovely
red carnations.


Here you are, for the
young lady.

Do you want one?

Don't make me laugh!

Take some, they are fresh,
picked today.

See how red they are,
like blood.

Don't mix blood and

Give me five.

I don't want any.

I hate flowers. Men think they can solve
everything with them.

But flowers make life
more beautiful.

I don't want any money,
take it as a present.

Leave me alone.
I told you I hate carnations.

Some girls went so
far as to refuse

a gift of carnations
from Pera.

These are the ones he
decided to punish.

Fine "flower children"
you are!

He didn't know
how he would do it,

but he felt an urge
to show these girls,

that carnations are
wonderful flowers

that all people must

Shall I sleep at
our place


Bad karma.

Take a seat, Miss.

You just sit down,
old man!

Pera's problem was that
he was always tired.

Hey, Fatso!

This is the last stop!


After so much walking
from place to place

he could hardly
stand on his feet.

What's wrong with you?

Why get upset because of
stupid flower vendor?

Go down and show that
you're not afraid.

You lost your
carnations again.

Here you go

one blow for each

What do you want?


Why are you
following me?

Go away or I'll call
the police.

And so, thanks to an overly
brave and pretentious girl,

Pera Mitic became
a criminal.

He killed his next victim
the following night.

Before that, he went to
his favourite pastry shop

to eat his fill
of cream cakes.

Good evening, Miss Dobrila.

- Hello, Mr Pera.

You should to change
water more often.

See how they've wilted.

Carnations are delicate flowers.

Why did you all
dressed up today?

Are you going to a ball?

To the opera.

I've never been
to the opera.

You're not going to sell
all these flowers there?

People who like opera
buy flowers.

That's why I
like the opera.




A car will pick you up
at the hotel at 5:20 am.

Wake up call is at 4:20 am.

The ticket is in
your passport.

Two man will see to your
wardrobe at the airport.

Signor Pierangelo will
wait for you in Milan.

With white Mercedes,
and with a bouquet of roses.

I told you not to put
carnations in here!

I hate their smell!

What do you want?

Carnations again!
Get out of here!


One murder can be
an accidental act.

But with his second murder, Pera
Mitic announced the possibility

that Belgrade would get
a true strangler at last,

and thus become

Go to bed at once,
you good-for-nothing

You roam around all night,

while you could memorized
the whole Gospel

You prefer to stuff yourself
with cream cakes!

But, let's go back to
the third murder,

for it was one that
alarmed the public.

Is it true Belgrade
has got the strangler?

These are just rumors.
There is no need for panic.

Dear viewers, there's
no need for panic.

We have no proof this is
a deed of a strangler.

But doesn't it seem
a bit strange to you

that three murders have
occurred recently,

and that all three
victims were women?

Please, let the police
do its work in peace.

Turn off the camera!

Jovanovic, take away
their camera!

Break it up!

Turn off the camera!

Come on, break it up!

Break it up!

The sight of the victim
disturbed the citizens,

especially the lonely
youth Spiridon Kopicl,

talented but still
unknown rock musician.

Spiro, what's the matter?

He's choking
Poor Spiro.

Not like that!


- Son! Son!

It seems I overdid it.

Quick, help him breathe!

Mouth to mouth!

Spiridon was a very
shy young man.

His family situation may
have contributed to this.

After the death of Spiridon's mother,
Marije Kopicli

his father, an eminent

married a beautiful
nurse, Natalija.

This is why Spiridon
hated beautiful women.

He's alive!
Spiro's alive!

Spiro! What's wrong
with you?

Spiro, have you gone mad?

Spiro, Spiro!

The boy is in shock!

The strangler!

He ordered
me to do it!


I'm in telepathic
touch with the strangler!

Is this possible?

If you love, Carmen,
as I love you,

encourage me now
before the battle,

I'll make you
proud of me!

Your love
gives me strength.

You know well, Escamilio,
how much I love you.

I never imagined

how much my heart
would ache!

Mummy, it stings
Not in the eyes.

Mrs. Pospisilovic used to
sing this so nicely.

When he was alive, did
daddy sing with you.

Of course. Every Friday,
we used to bathe you

and we sang together.


And why did children
tease me

that you didn’t know
who my daddy was?

Christ! What rascal
told you that?

Jovica, Ljilja, Mirko,

- Be quiet!

I'd strangle them with
my own hands if I could!


Enough of this racket
A bit more easier.

When will you stop
playing the rebel?

You think you are smart,
don't you?

- Yes, I do.

Hey, you guys, enough
of that. Let' play.

Not before we know
what we are playing.

We have a perfect media
project here, so cool it!


Anyway, they like you
guys with glasses.

You must think up
some more words,

and identify yourself
with the strangler.

And so, looking for
the words for his new song,

Spiridon imagined
he was the Strangler.

This girl is the
most beautiful,

this girl I think of
all the time.

This girl is the only
one I love.

You meet such a girl
only once,

don't miss
your chance.

Touch her on the shoulder, and tell her...

Baby, baby, close
your eyes,

Baby, baby, close
your eyes now...

Baby, baby, close
your eyes,

here comes the kiss.

He looked for her
all his life,

he waited for her
all his life.

Now, with his hands around
her neck, he whispers..

Baby, baby, close
your eyes,

Baby, baby

Baby, baby, close
your eyes,

here comes the kiss.

Please, let me hear
the whole song.

Since when do you
like rock music?

I thought you liked
the opera.

A man can change his
taste, Miss Dobrila.

How come this song made
you change it?

All of this sound
sick to me.

I find all these young
people interesting.

Oh, come on, they sing
about a maniac

who strangles women,
as though he was their idol!

Don't speak like that,
Miss Dobrila.

How do you know what
kind of man he is?

You see, I was thinking

Why would someone just
kill those poor girls?

There must be
a reason.

What reason?

simply mad man.

Why do you insist:
A mad man, a madman?

As though we were
all normal.


I have seen him
It's the strangler!


The strangler!

Mister, who will pay me
for my lost time?

I have a lot of
work at home.

And I sit here waiting
to speak to someone.

I am inspector
Ognjen Strahinjic.

I hope you will be
able to help us.

I want to help,
but it seems

no one here cares that
I saw the strangler.

Did you get a good
look at him?

My name isn't Mica
Mojsilovic if I didn't.

Are you sure you'd recognize

- Absolutely!

Our man have brought in
about 20 suspects

they found near
the scene of the crime.

Your task is to look
at them carefully.

If you're quite sure the
man you saw is among them

give me a secret sign
by nodding your head.

What if he sees me?

- That's impossible.

They'll be blinded by the light,
and I am with you.

And who is going
to pay me?

This is your duty as
a citizen.

You don't say.

And you
get a salary for this.

Come on, I wasn't
born yesterday.

Will you help us or not?

- Show the money first.

Hand over 500 dinars,
and let's go to work.

It's torn.

Is it all right now?

- Fine. Fire away now.

Your fried fish,

Thank you.

Bring in the first

Where did you find
that hunch-back?

Whom could he strangle?
You must be crazy!

With a police like this
he could strangle

half a Belgrade if
I hadn't seen him.

Please, be more discreet,
it's in your interest.

Next group.

You must be joking!

That man was

Let those poor creeps
go get some sleep.

Are you sure none of them is..

- Listen , use your brain.

This lot couldn't
strangle a fly.

Give me five
tall ones!

Gentlemen, policemen,

I never separate from my
basket of carnations.

How will the lady recognize
me without it?

Silence! Be quiet,
you fool!

As you say.
Thank you.

Why are you nodding your

-The secret sign!

Secret sign?

him from the others.

We have him at last.

What are you doing?

I am just without the basket.

No, not him!

That's Pera, the flower
vendor, don't you know?

You see, the lady recognized me.

She likes carnations.

Why did you nod your head
then, Mrs. Mojsilovic?

Because of that,
bald one

He must be the killer.

He's horrible!

Do you recognize him?

- Sure, I'm not blind.

He's the strangler!

I'll sign that.

Jovanovic, take 500 dinars
back from Mrs. Mojsilovic.

Markovic, put back
your uniform.

No one was as sad and
lonely that evening

as inspector Ognjen Strahinjic.

All his efforts to find
a link, a common motive,

that would lead to
the murderer, have failed.

The pressure from
the public increased.

The inspector saw the frequent sneers
of his younger assistants.

He knew there was talk
that he should retire.

He knew this was
his last chance

to gain back his
former reputation.

Good evening to all our
faithful listeners.

Our guest tonight
is Spiridon Kopicl,

the singer of the
controversial "Symbols".

His song "The Belgrade Strangler"
has caused a lot of

talks these days due
to its bizarre text.

Let's ask him what will happen
at his concert in "The Brewery"?

Will the girls feel safe in an
atmosphere of horror?

And why will the concert
be on Friday the 13 Th?

The Strangler is sure
to come to the concert,

I want everyone
to know this.

For, in a way, this is
also his song.

What have you got
against girls?

And why do you like
the Strangler so much

that you have dedicated
a song to him?

Have you ever tried to
strangle girl yourself?

No, I never had
that opportunity.

I can't touch their necks.

They keep their eyes open.

Let's give you a chance.

I'm not scared of men.

Try to touch my neck.

I'll even close my eyes.

Dear listeners, now you'll
all hear strangling.

What do you feel?
Do you want to strangle me?


Where are you going?

Who gave you a license?

Give me the phone

To call the police!

- I'm the police.

A call for you!

That wasn't
a funny joke.


"Rockolade" here.
We're listening.

This is inspector
Ognjen Strahinjic.

What are you up to
in "Rockolade"?

In a program listened
by so many teenagers

you promote stupid
song applauding crime.

You're all a bunch of
maniacs that I'll.

This is a strangest
experience in my life!

You're really not
quite normal!

Play the outro.

- Wait! Let me explain.

I'll stop the concert, if
it's the last thing I do!

A concert?
Why not?


Find me 20 women
agents at once.


Oppressed with problems
he couldn't cope with,

Spiridon wandered
around the town.

The incident in "Rockolade"
raised many questions

which sought
an answer.

Obsessed by
the Strangler,

waiting tensely for the
concert, he asked himself

Who am I? Where do I come
from? Where am I going?

What binds me so strongly
to that Strangler?

I feel like an instrument
of an unknown force.

Sometimes I think
that I am - HE.

I am Spiridon Kopicl

I'm ordinary
young man!

I am normal!
I'm in love.

Girls, we are faced with
a difficult task.

Maniacs multiply like
fleas in this town.

It is my assumption that this
concert will attract them

as honey the bees.

Rodoljub, is that you?

We couldn't find 20 women,
inspector, so I volunteered.

Not bad, not bad.

At least, some use from
your film ideas.

But remember: maniacs
are mad, not stupid.

This won't do. You must
also feel like a woman.

I understand.

- No, you don't.

You must identify with
a woman's personality.

You must acquire
a female psyche.

You must repeat
to yourself

I am a woman,
I am a woman!

I am a woman,
I am a woman!

I am a woman,
I am a woman!

I am a woman!


What's the matter?
What are you doing?

Why are you rooted
to one spot?

Move around, dance, sing!

You're a woman.
I am a woman!

Show off, creep,
I always dance alone!

Look out, this
one's tall.

Be a nice little girl!

Fresh red carnations
for the little girl.

I shit on your

Scatter over the area and
act like a lonely girl.

Come on, let's go.

Everyone was so
kind tonight,

they all bought carnations
except you.

My last carnation
ending like this!

This boy isn't normal.

Bravo! On core!

Sleep well and dream
about the Belgrade Strangler.


Dove 12, receiving you.

Are you at your post?

According to our plan,

Act carefully, someone
could be watching.

Don't underestimate
any passer-by.

Each one could be the Strangler.

- Yes, Sir.

Hey, turtledove.

Oh, where are you

To the party?

Looking for some action?

Do you want some beer?

Why not.

I told you I don’t like that.


This is Dove 12.

- Anything new?

No, but I was nearly
raped by two creeps.

Excellent, keep it out.

You're the only one who
attracted a male so far.

The other doves have
nothing to report.

Keep it up, and
repeat constantly

I am a woman,
I am a woman...

I am a woman...

I am a woman...

I am a man!

I am a man!


Dove 12! Can you hear me?

Are you there?


Rodoljub, can you
hear me?

Dove 12! Can you hear me?

Quick! To post 12!

All doves: the Hawk
has attacked Dove 12

Run to its nest!

What's going on tonight?

Everyone's going crazy!

The Strangler
has struck again.

Spiro, stop boring me
with that story.

It's in very
poor taste.

I admit your music is great,
but your image is idiotic!

You think I was fooling
around on the radio?

We were in parapsychologic
touch with the Strangler!

Now I've really had

Go home.pester your daddy with
your juvenile madness!

Look at the newspapers

you'll see what juvenile
madness is!

Grab him to the right Milojka!

Easy, George. Ogi has
brought you some fish.

Some fish for
little George.

Eat your fill, this may be
our last supper.

The death of Rodoljub
was the worst blow

in the career of
Ognjen Strahinjic.

His whole investigation
had gone down the drain.

In his mind he kept hearing the
words of his closest assistant

Mr. Strahinjic, can't
you see we are dealing

with a mass murderer,
a psychopath?

All the elements point
in that direction.

All his victims were women and
they were all wearing trousers.

There was no sign of
sexual assault,

they were all strangled
by a very strong man,

who just used his hands.

- So what?

If we catch this maniac,
we'll make history!

A feeling of guilt due
to Rodoljub's death

was destroying
inspector Strahinjic.

He thought life wasn't
worth living any longer.

Disappointed, shaken
and dejected,

he decided to commit

Good-bye, George.

Maybe there's another
better world,

where we'll meet again.

Don't do it, Ogi.
This society needs you.

Who will revenge Rodoljub?

Only you can stop
the Strangler.

You are right, George.

That's what Rodoljub
would have said.

If I let him down
when he was alive,

I won't do it now
that he's dead.

My clever George!

Tonight marks the beginning of
Ognjen Starhinjic's new life.

As usual, Pera Mitic didn't
remember the previous events.

Friday, the 13th didn't
exist for him.

But the place where he
work up made him guess

that he had massed up
something again,

and that he could expect
his mother's scolding.

My God!

I thought I asked you
not to walk around naked!

Sorry, daddy.


I just wanted to tell you
to look at my report

on your concert in
tonight's "Mosaic".

It may help you solve
some of your problems.

And yeah...

Halo. needn't buy
today's newspaper.

There's nothing there
about the Strangler.



Go on pumping!

Mummy, let me just hear
this song I like.

Pump, when I tell you!

Mummy, not so loud, I want
to hear this song.

You should listen to
God's song, you rascal!

Mummy, not so loud,

The Belgrade far out
crowd has a new fashion.

Evil has been popular ever
since the Sex pistols.

Our pseudo-avant-garde
rock singers offer us

their version Os someone
else's ideas.

After the "Nazi-Punk"
and the "Serbian Caps"

Spiridon Kopicl, the leader
of the "Symbols",

offers us an innovation
the strangling of women.

The fact that a real
maniac exists in Belgrade

amuses the "Symbols" and
helps their morbid image.

What has Spiridon Kopicl
against the women?

Women were...

Let's hear this lucid
statement once again.

Unfortunately, our public bites
at this morbid bait

which Kopicl and CO. use to
hide their creative impotence.

Everyone in the "Brewery",
had a great time,

without thinking
of the implications.

The girls were buying

apparently amused by
their own funeral.

See for yourselves what
our cameras recorded.

That's me!

Mummy, that's me!

Mummy, I remember now!

I was at the concert and
I sold all my carnations.

Look mummy, that's me
at the concert!

That's me.

Mummy, my headaches

Mummy, my head aches.
Play something.

Play mummy, please.

I have a terrible headache.

Here, I'll pump.

Sing, mummy, sing.

Sing something, mummy.
You have a nice voice.

Perica, my son,
you are ill.

I am ill,
my head aches.

I am ill, very ill.

Spiro, I brought you
some rice pudding.

For God's sake, Spiro,
when will you stop

playing with that
horrible doll?

I'm sure many girls would
like to be in her place.

I told you hundred times not
to come in without knocking.

I'll show you who
Spiridon Kopicl is!

I'll show you
who is impotent!

Torn apart by contradictory
feelings, provoked by

Sofia's report, Spiridon was
on the edge of despair.

He felt he should
do something.

Finally, he decided to
take direct action.

He took scissors
and started

to cut out letters
from the newspapers.

At first it looked like
an anonymous love letter.

But the letter begun for
the emcee of "Rocklade"

turned into a letter to
inspector Ognjen Strahinjic.

"The next one's on Friday.

The Strangler."

We finally have something
tangible in my hands.

The killer has become

and this will make
him less careful.

We have three days
to get ready.

This time, there must
be no mistakes.

I think this letter has no
bearing on our case.

This sends some fool.

Mitrovic, you haven't taken
this case over yet.

You think I don't know
you're out to get me?

I won't let you undermine
this action!

Last Friday, the Strangler
attacked on Friday.

I see no reason why he
shouldn't do it again,

since he informed us
that he would.

So, you're all free
till tomorrow morning.

Have a good sleep and get
ready for the work ahead.

What if the Strangler
wanted to confuse us?

Mitrovic, don't put a spoke
in my wheel.

Let me work out the plan
of action in peace.

You can go, but I'll
stay awake.

And now - get going!

There's nothing to get
hold of here.

That man kills without
any reason of sense!

Thousands of women wear
trousers in this town.

So, how can I predict which one
of them will be the next victim?

And now, Johnny Stulic and
his latest hit!

Rockolade invites you to
phone in your requests.

Our number is still

And now, Johnny Stulic and
"Oh, my God, what a terrible film."

You have a call.

Yes, Rockolade.
Go ahead.

What do you have against
my carnations?

Excuse me?

What are you talking about?

- You know what I'm talking about.

You put me on the film for TV.

You criticized my carnations.

That's not nice.

I don’t like girls who
hate carnations.

I really don't like carnations.

Turn down the radio,
there are disturbances.

There are no disturbances.

It's me eating cakes.

Beside carnations, I
really like to eat cakes.

And I'd also like to hear
my favourite song

"The Belgrade Strangler".

Rockolade only fulfills
the requests

of the listeners who
state their names.

It wasn't nice of you
to criticize me on TV.

I know you did it for your career.

That wasn't very smart of you.

- Please, tell us your name.

No, I won't.

- Dear listeners,
I think this is just one more

of Spiridon Kopicl's
witless jokes.

But since he likes his
song so much,

Rockolade will fulfill
his wish.

Here's for the last time
"The Belgrade Strangler".


There's a dead girl
down below.

What does she want?

- He wanted to say she is dead.

What does that have
to do with me?

Well, it's another victim
of the Strangler.

That's not true!

That's not true!

What do you know?

You all
want to be inspectors!

It's not true!
It's not true!

It cant be!
He wouldn't lie to me!

The Strangler wouldn't
lie to me!

The Strangler wouldn't
lie to me.

We must just let him
work off his aggression.

All these murders,
contradictory theories,

his obsession with
"the strangler",

overly increased his

He needs an outlet,
that's quite simple.

Shall I tell him he's
no more on the case?

That's out of question!
He mustn't find that out now.

At present, his condition
is nearly normal.

He'll be as quiet as
a bug when he comes out.

I need panthers,
not little bugs.

He won't be capable of
working on the case.

But let him think he's
still in charge.

That's very important
for his recovery.

Damn it, Dobrica, how
will I manage that?

We're not a bunch of actors.

- I don't know.

It all depends on how much
you want to get well.

But remember: another
blow like this,

and he will definitely
end up in here.

Please, sit down.

Rest a bit, sit Dow

Rest a bit, sit down.

You may go now.

Would you like some juice?

- Thank you, you're very kind.

Here you go.

This juice is delicious.
Where did you buy it?

- Yes, Gane..

Ognjen, how do you feel?


As a panther ready
to jump.

Well catch him tonight.
you can be sure of that.

I was thinking
about it

and I could find no weak
spot in the whole plan.

Please, excuse me.
I have a lot of work to do.

If you don't mind,
I think I'll go now.

Excuse me.

You just go and
do your work.

You can take my car
and driver.

See the inspector off
while I make the call.

Follow that guy
on roller-skates.



Get of my back. You idiot!

Go and pant to your mama!

That's the fifth time
he called today.

That's what you get when
you want to be a TV star.

Don't you start
pestering me now.

Come closer,
close your eyes.


1:05 p.m.


Mister, your flowers
have all fallen out.

Never mind... Are you
boy or a girl?

I am a girl and my
name is Sofia.

Why do you wear trousers?

- Because I want to.

That's not nice.

Girls should wear dresses
and like flowers.

Here's a carnation for you.

I don't like carnations.

You are a naughty
little girl.



Where are you?
What are you doing here?

Daddy, my ball run away.

- Be a good girl, Sofia.

Sofia, Sofia...

That name echoed in
Pera Mitic's head.

He couldn't remember why
it was important to him.

Then he remembered there
was another Sofia.



There's a call for you.

It must be that creep.
Tell him I moved.


Sofia doesn't live
here any more.

She moved out.


Gane? This is

He's been following
a kid all day.

I don't know what to do?


Just let him go on
following him.

Don't bring him here
unless you have to.

Let him run around till
morning if he wants.


You see, Mr. Gane,
it's just as I said

The fingerprints on the
fork from the pastry shop

are the same as those
found on a victims bag.

It's clear that
it's the same man.

And the letter has no
connection with this.

He didn't announce first
four strangling,

and the last one is not
in accord with the letter.

It's evident that letter
was sent by some nut.

It drove poor Ognjen

I assure you that this
letter is pure nonsense

and that there won't be
another murder tonight.

Hey, stop
What are you doing?

You can't compete
with me, pal.

You all think I'm crazy!

I'll show you who
Ognjen Strahinjic is!

The Strangler!






You saved my life

You saved my life?

While kissing Spiro with
Pera's blood on her lips,

Sofia realized that her
future is in his embrace.

She didn't' know how
right she was.

That's carnations
for you.

See what you've done
to me.

Carnations are more important
to you than I am.

How will I get married
without an ear?

How will I get married
without an ear?

What girl will want me
looking like this?

Mummy! Help me,
find my ear!

My ear! You found it?

Dear viewers, the ear you see,
belonged to the Strangler,

and now it belongs to us.

Tell us, did you get
a good look at him?

I think that man is
completely crazy.

A dangerous sexual

Mammy, why am I
a sexual maniac?

Did I bite off someone's
ear, or did they?

Why are you laughing?
What's so funny?

Tell them to give
me back my ear!

Stop laughing!

I've had enough of you
and your TV!

I'll shut you all up
in the cistern!


After a magnificent
Orthodox wedding,

attended (in honor of Sofia's father)

by high church

Spiridon carried Sofia
over the threshold.

Sofia, in a state of

could not guess that
that night of passion

would also be a night
of decision.

The mysterious thread
that linked the fates

of Pera Mitic, Spiridon,
and inspector Strahinjic,

was to become an
inextricable tangle of crime.

The same night, rehabilitated
inspector Strahinjic,

satisfied with the recent events,
informed his cat about them.

I've had a very
hard day today.

My dear George!

No one seems to understand that we...

...must develop our own methodology.

Our methods must defer...

...from those use
in other countries.

This ear will ensure us a place
in the history of criminology.

My George.

It will lead us to the
Belgrade Strangler!


The moment George
swallowed his ear,

Pera Mitic emitted
a cry of pain.

His mother appeared
to him in his dream.

Pera, my son,
don't worry.

Your mother will
get your ear back.

I'm going to see
that wicked singer,

to ask him where
your ear is!

Pera, my son,
don't worry.

Your mother will
get you ear back.

I'm going to see
that wicked singer

to ask him where
your ear is!

Dressed up in his
mother's clothes

with make-up and
a wig on his head,

Pera set out in search
of his ear.

Spiridon's strength
was running out

when a face appeared
at the window.

The face of Pera Mitic.

I'm going to die!


I'll strangle you!

I'll strangle you, 
you monster!

There you are.

With nerves worn to frazzle,
inspector finally caught

and strangled his cat.

At that moment, something
snapped in Spiridon.

I'm dying!

Well, die, then!

See what
she's doing to Spira?

Let them be, it's
their first wedding night.

Well, it doesn't have
to be the last.

Oh, God! Was Belgrade
destined to become

the scene of
the most morbid,

the most incredible crime
story of the eighties?

Give my son
back his ear!


The Strangler!

Open up, Daddy!

You bite and then call
my son a maniac!

Police! Help!

The Strangler!

My son is not a maniac.

My son is not maniac,
you good-for-nothing.

I'll show you!

I'll find you!

You'll give back Pera's ear!

Give me the ear!

At the moment when
Pera Mitic ripped off his ear,

the hum in Spiridon's
head crystallized

into the chords of
his first symphony,

which, a few years later,

would make him a famous composer.

Known as the man who rid
Belgrade of the Strangler

Spiridon lived as
an eminent citizen.

Sofia was believed to be
Pera's last victim,

which in fact, she might
well have been.

Dr. Kopicl's sudden
death in his marital bed,

left in Spiridon's care his
bereft step-mother, Natalija.

The first performance of
his symphony,

conducted by the composer
was shown on TV,

so that millions of
viewers could enjoy it.

The only ones who could
have said something more

about the genesis of
Spiridon's masterpiece

were the unlucky
inspector Strahinjic...

George! George!

Now I am sure

Young Kopicl is
the Strangler!

and the corpse of
Pera's mother, forgotten

in a cistern, in front
of a dead TV set.

Such is life!

Some stranglers are born
under lucky star,

and some are not.

The authors and crew of this film
dedicate their work

to the memory of BOSKO SAVIC