Strangers in the City (1962) - full transcript

A father loses his job, which puts his family in a crisis situation. So the son goes out to find work as a delivery boy and the daughter eventually lapses into prostitution. Trouble brews when the son confronts a local gang leader whom he believes has misused his sister, and the mother similarly tracks down a bully for more or less the same reason.



[Flamenco song]

[Spanish Guitar chords]

[Spanish Guitar chords]

Come on Jose let's eat.

Your father lost his job again.

Felipe serve the food.


You awake?

Well you know...

we used to have good times.

Now it seems every time the
family sits down to eat we fight.

Sometimes I wish we never came here.

[Spanish Guitar chords]

Jose, come it's late.

[Spanish Guitar musical chords]

- No!
- Go!

No, no... the children

the children!


Oh Antonia...



Come on...


[Traffic sounds]

You have a sign in the window?

- Yeah I gotta sign the window.
- You need a helper.

- Do you wanna work?
- Yes I do.

- What's your name?
- Felipe Alvarez.

You live in the neighborhood?

Right down the street.

Where do you live with?

My family.
My mother my father and my sister.

Turn around.

Turn around! Let me see how you look.


I can work.

Empty your pockets.

Let's see what you got in your pockets.

Come here for a job,
I didn't come here to...

Come on, let's see what
you've got in your pockets.

What's in the back pocket?

I've got anything in my back pocket.

Where's the knife?
Let's see the switchblade knife.

I don't carry any switchblade knives!

All right, all right.


I'm sorry. Can I have the job?

All right

I'll try it.

It's 25 $ a week. Okay?

I'll take it!

When I got it.

I don't have it... you wait.

All right, I'll wait.

There, wear this.


You're working.

One more thing...

Steal for me I won't have you pinch...

...I'll kill you.

- Don't worry I'll work hard.
- All right.

- Look, I can't wash any dishes!
- No, no...

listen I don't care what
kind of musician you are.

You play the piano the drums
the guitar... anything.

Wash the dishes!

But but I'll ruin my hands!

I won't be able to play the guitar again!

Wash the dishes or get out!

Well I don't wash any dishes for anybody.

All right.

That's enough.

- But...
- There's 2 $, get out.

But listen I I paid 5 $ for

I got tired to argue with you... get out

Rudy... up the agency get
me down a dishwasher.

I'm sorry man but these prima Donnas...

because they give me dirty jobs!

Is the second in five days.

That's okay papa I have a job now

so soon we'll be bringing money
home so things will get better.


Oh will you keep it?

Yes he will keep it if he
finds decent persons there.

They're all gross them guys.

Check this boy he's got a
job 25 lousy bucks a week.

25...? Pop it's money, it's something papa.

Yeah it's money but it's not enough

it's nearly Christmas.
what are we gonna do?

I could do it too!

You doing day labors...?
Never as long as I am alive!

And as for you... you better watch out!

I know what happens in those factories!

So you better watch out for yourself.

You know what they do?

They don't charge you money for need
for jobs, they charge you flesh!

That's what they do!

But papa these are decent jobs!

They have unions they
have hospitalizations...

these are decent people papa!

Ah but they have men! I
know what I am talking...

Papa, what you talking about?

I'm talking about what I know!
that's what I'm talking about.

What do you know papa...
how do you know...?

I know I know because I hear the people.

- But you know Martinez.
- Yes I know Martinez.

You know his wife's is a
pretty woman she dressed well...

...they got a car
do you think they can afford it?

What you talking about?
how did they get the car?

I'm talking about what I know!
They got through...

So what? How do you know...?



[Woman crying]

Well let's eat now.

[Glass Sounds Song]


Look at this tree.


- 10 dollars?
- 10 dollars... oh my god!

That's not too much for this tree.

It's the biggest tree we got in the place.

Not full enough!

No, it's nice but...

it's not full enough
look at how full it is.

Look at how big the branches are.

All right we pay you 8 dollars.

- It's so big.
- Well, cut it off!



Yeah... this neighborhood!

[...You want to start the year off right...

... this coming year
which is going to start now?"]


That tree cost it 6 dollars!

It wasn't my fault I was waiting on
a customer he grabbed it and ran.

Don't come with alibis,

it's your job to watch that nobody you...

You can blame me I wasn't looking...
I couldn't...

you guys are all alike!

I'm taking these things for lunch
today, it's down on this paper.

Drop there... listen!

It's coming out of your salary.

6 dollars Friday.

Get back on time.

What happened to Benny man?

What happened to him... got pulled
him by the cops... what do you think

how many times I told you guys?

I mean, don't go using no stilettos
I mean it's cliche, man...

I mean you guys... you
guys ought to know that...

...the cops the cops are wider
to that kind of stuff...

they don't they don't put
up with that stuff anymore.

So if you're gonna do something,
play it smart.

Do what I tell you to do.

Go around and you if you're
gonna do something you know...

you do anything at all, that make sure...

here comes the new man.

That sister boy

uh gentlemen...

...let's play some cat and mouse,

I wanna see what the
little lady is made of.

What you doing around here boy?

You new in this neighborhood?

What's your name?

Ey, boy...

don't you look at me like that.

What's the matter you worried
about your groceries?

Easy boy easy...

you put those things down!

Make sure you know who you're
talking to pork when you talk

hey Caddy!



let him go!

Let him go!

Come on, come on...

Go home with your mama, ?huh?

Maybe she may help you out.

Pick up all the boats
you buy, pick them up.

Come on! Come on! You are bringing
to your mama's, ?don't you?

Don't you think guys all this
pretty things belong to his mamma?

Go ahead, boy! Go!


What do you want to do?

Let's go marino's house.

Marino's house?

Go for some kicks man, a couple of beers.

[Spanish song] "What you
have done to me..."

[Spanish Guitar Sound]

Felipe, what is the rest of the food?


I lost some of it.


Some boys on the street...


they what?

They what?

Say... what?


they took it away from me.

What do you mean they
took it away from you?


That food is money!

It's your responsibility to bring it back

I know papa...

when you go out to buy
something you bring it back.

No matter what you have to do

what are you anyway?

Are you a man?

I didn't know I had a sissy for a son.

[Spanish Guitar Sound]

It's time to eat.

I am waiting for Elena.

Elena's waiting when she gets home.

I am hungry now,
I want my food now.

"Hey puta!" (Hey, Whore)

- Come on...
- Help me!

Deja! [Leave me alone!]

Oh, Felipe... don't worry.

Let me see your face. Oh, my boy.

- Mama, it wasn't so bad.
- It was so bad!

You stay away from him.

Open the door.


Elena come here!

Elena come here!

Come over

sit down.

Oh God... God...

what is happening to my family?

Come on, come on...
?Get to work!

There! Make up the order

it's a big order. Mrs Cassini.

Bring this Christmas tree.

Uh, Felipe...

no funny stuff with the money

watch... the money.

Oh what kind of cheese is this?

Provolone! Read what it says!

[Guitar sound]

Hey Joseph... I'll come back here again!

Let's get the stuff... come on!

You're going to pay for everything you,

you are gonna pay for my dad,
you are gonna pay for all!

What you guys doing down there?

Go get Caddy.

All right take the tree and go home, ?huh?

Thanks a lot.

Go on, go home.

You're new around here, ain't you kid?

Yeah I've been here two weeks.

I've just got a job.
There's my job

I'll never be able to pay for that stuff.

Look, if that caddy bunch pushes you
around again, you just call buck

everybody knows buck

let's go pick up your stuff.


Hey Buck!

Wrong territory, remember?

You're taking a big chance by protecting
this punk ?you know that buck?

You better pick sides pig...

...and you better know
just what side you go on..

Because you're in bad trouble.

Who is it?

Me, Felipe!

What happened this time Felipe?

[Leave him alone!]

[Guitar playing]

Do you know that...

that little bastard in this
neighborhood they call Caddy...

...well I'm gonna kill him.

From what I saw, I think
he's gonna kill you



you must learn how to live with them.

What do you mean papa?

You must learn how...

how to get along with them.

I tried papa.

Papa, in this neighborhood I walk
the street I mind my own business.

- They spit on me.
- But don't let them!

- ?How papa?
- I'll fight them back.

When I played my guitar...

and I walked the streets...

they all looked up at me with respect.

Nobody would dare spit on my face.

Fight them back!

But papa...

you fight them and...

you can't even keep a job!

And mama...

mama she understands everything.

I can't even walk the streets.

My son!



Get out!

Where is it?

Over here!

Is here?

Cuidado! [Watch!]

Is about over here, papa!


I think is back here!


Papa! Papa!

[Yelling & Laughing]

It'll bite you!

I think is here!

?M?ralo! [Look at it!]

Aqu? est?! [It's here]


- You took?
- No!


Where is he?

He got away.

Did you catch?

No... he's gone!

Go back in the bathroom anyway.


[Flamenco song]

- Elena how do you feel?
- I feel fine, mama.


[Traffic noise]

This is a union shop, we waste
35 hours at week here...

...and you to get time ahead
following 35 hours now.

Uh all your shift patterns
are paid for...

and you get a two weeks
paid vacation, ?see?

Now with one big happy family.

Uh... see on your application here
that you can run a sewing right?

All right I'm gonna let you run
some sewing right here, see?

Now you come in here and run this
machine like a little doll and huh...

I'll turn it on for you...

why uh just a minute there right.

Did you say that you had a little uh...

experience at operating these machines?

Yes but it's just a little fast.

Well uh...

I can see that you don't know
how to operate a machine but...

there are other jobs around
here you can do, ?see?

Now uh..

How would you like me to break you
in on one of those jobs today?


I'd like that very much.

Okay doll... you just follow me.

What do you think you are doing?

I'm going home.

Oh no you're not!

I fixed it up for you to
get an hour's overtime.

So get in the back room where you belong.

And if you say a word to anyone
about what's going on here...

you'll never work as long
as you live in this city!

Now get back there!

How about the Christmas Bonus...

Christmas bonus all the time
you're bugging bugging all day!

Come on you promised last
week did you fix it up

I'll fix you up with a Christmas bonus!

Haven't... doesn't Danny fix
you up constantly every year?

I'm gonna fix you up tonight. Right now

come on in the back room!

I got something for you'll never forget.



Christmas? You'll get a bonus
that you'll never forget.



Hey! You awake?


What about that business that
happened to you the other day?

Why don't you want to tell me who did it?

Forget about it.

It was one of the boys in the
neighborhood, wasn't it?

The one they called Caddy...
wasn't it?

Leave me alone Felipe!

It was him, wasn't it?


I'll get him!

[Humming Spanish song]

An email?

Yes, is for you!

- What is it?
- she gonna cut up the light

next week

too bad Felipe lost his job, huh?

You know I can't understand Felipe

I remember when I was his own age.

I was taking care of my
mother and my two sisters.

And I had time for my guitar... mind you.

He's only a boy.

A boy? He is a man!

The trouble with Felipe is that he's weak.

He's weak... look, he is new in this town.

New york city does... he's affected.

Always on the street fighting with
the boy... with those gang...

Oh I'm so scared we're
gonna lose him... Felipe.

Why don't you do something?

Why don't you be his father?

Why don't you help us?

Why don't you take care of us?

I will Antonia.

I will

wait if they hear me play.

We're gonna have all the good things.

We're gonna have lots of money...
we're gonna be rich!

And you're gonna have nice clothes...

and Elena is gonna have
a wonderful dowry...

and maybe Felipe.

Stop dreaming, you were big before!

But you couldn't keep your job!

You have to fight with everybody!

Only night's dead-end!

I'm tired of all this!

Why don't you get a job?

And take care of us!

Now you're picking on me?

Well I took care of all
of you with my guitar!

Oh your guitar, your guitar...!
why don't you sell it?

And buy some food with it!

Sell it?

Okay okay...

keep it!

Do what you want with it... I don't care!

I don't want to tell you before Jose.

Felipe is going to get a job...

and I've got a job!


Take your hands off me.

[Traffic noise]

Dan? Come on in here!

Come on!

What about this girl?
I've seen her around

what's her name?

Do you think she'll play ball?



Sure she'll play ball.


her name is... Elena Alvarez.

She's like... the rest
of the girls out there.

You know, an easy pushover.

Offer anything... especially money.

You can use it, Jo.

She hates where she lives and...

...she wants new clothes.


I got a uh...

Good deal for a short time.

- So?
- A girl I met

what's the bid?

This one the guys will ask for.

- How old is she?
- About 18.

Bad habits? She hip?

She doesn't smoke a drink

she's liable to be a bad influence on you.

- Hum, sure...
- what's her story?

Uh poor family, a couple
of bum breaks lately...

she's right

- Blonde?
- Uh...spanish type.

Oh no... not another one of those.

Oh this isn't another one of those,
this girl is beautiful.

She's got a good body,

and pass her off as a model type.

She doesn't drink or smoke, ?how
can she fit in our operation?

It's kids like putty... she listens to me.

And I figure, uh... after she, uh... get finished talking with
her she'll listen to anybody.


Don't mention it boss.

[Jazz Music]


[Drum Battery Music]

[Police whistle]


[Solo trumpet Music]


Miss Alvarez?

Stand there.

Don't move!

Yes... I see what Jo meant.

Yes uh...Polynesian...


...dark exotic type Mediterranean
Spanish, Italy...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry.

Oh I 've made you nervous.
Won't you sit down?

Of course, isn't that ridiculous
I've been talking...?

I'm just thinking.
what is your name?

Elena... Elena Alvarez

Elena... Alvarez yes.

Well now...

The only thing you keep, is that
name. The rest is all different.

All changed all new brand.

Now what I want you to do...

is you listen either...

to our little friend Jo...

...or to me.

In order to do this thing properly,

we have to, uh... those
clothes you're wearing...

we have to change those.

So, what we do now is we go shopping...

and we change all that we frame you... the beauty that I see in you.

[Christmas Music Songs]

Well, here we are...

...just come on in.

This is my do-it-yourself
den of antiquity.

Uh... put your thing down there my dear.

Ah there we are.
Bright-eyed bushy-tailed, ?huh?

Oh here sweetheart...

just just here let me take these.

They're gonna be very warm
in here in a minute or so.

After all the flurries of snow.

Let me take your coat.

You like the paintings?

They're all contemporary artists,

some of them are friends of
mine I represent a few of them.

There we are.

Now uh... just make yourself at home.

Enjoy the paintings and don't go away.

I'll be right back.


Oh you like that.

Uh that uh...

...was supposed to have been
buried during the civil war.

I picked it up for nothing,
a real bargain.

One of those auction galleries.

Do you like auctions?

- Yes.
- Good.

Uh right now I'm going to
make you one of my famous...

partner martinis...

I... uh... I wonder...
have you uh noticed the music?


Yes you know how that comes about?

Very simple.
When I open the door...

automatically, music.

I hope you like.
Now then here is uh...

you must remember this because,
you may want to make yourself one.

Put the vodka over the
ice cube, like that...

...and then of course the vermouth.

Now there's a lot of discussions...

...about how much vermouth one must add...

but I'll show you.

How you do this?
you see you take the glass...

and you just whisper: Vermouth.

That's it.



Drink it up it's good for you.



My idea either have to...

oh... well...

yes indeed...

yes... well, I'll make you another one.


you see, you must always remember...
about the vermouth...

...that's the important
thing about Martini.

Now then...

here we are...

I think this is a cause for a toast.

Now see... you say something.

Oh no, no... how is in
yous Spanish, you say...?

It's a very marvelous thing... it's a...

Salud! Prosp...

[No. Health, money, love
and time for both.]

Yes... drink it right up, dear.

Notice how it burns going down.


I uh..

I'll tell you what I'd like
you to do for me... darling.

Of course we're uh...

we're rushing the season a little bit here.

Now we have all these wonderful
little Christmas presents...

?you know what I'd like
you to do for me now?

I'd like you to uh...

try these on.

They're so beautiful and
I know they're gonna...

make you even more...

chatting than you are.

By the way what is this?

- Cotton?
- Cotton... ja!


Silk, satins and laces.

Buttons and bows.

This was, uh... made in France.

Yes, France.

Yes, well when you are with me...

...and you are a good girl...

you will have your own couturier... now.

Uh... Couturier that's a dressmaker.

Yes, now go... put that on.

Oh yes...

[Jazz Music]


Well, of course, dear... natural...
where else?


you're nervous.

Oh my darling, look...
no false modesty with me, I...

I'm so ashamed I want you to feel...

about me like you would your own father.


let's put it this way.
I'll turn my back.

All right, now go ahead... and try that on.


You know modesty is a very silly thing.

It reminds me especially
with your long hair...

...about a very famous woman
lady Godiva who, uh...

rode on a horse.

Completely nude.
To help her husband...

No, not her husband...

he charged the poor
villagers a lot of taxes...

and she rode, well she had
long hair like you did.

But she rode on a horse.

You'll never have to ride on a horse.

Big cars...

compartments on trains...

your own planes,
you have to listen of course.

You have to be a good
girl and listen to me.

Whatever I tell you to do...

that's what you do, right?

Oh my darling how could
you possibly take so long.

You have so much to begin with.

Oh yes... premiere.


Try that for me.


Well..ja ja ja...

uh you follow directions so well.


Yes indeed.

You see the whole point is
if you listen...

and you don't argue with me...

you give me no arguments
about anything...

we go right to the top.


Oh success at last,

think nothing of it.'s nothing at all
it's just uh...

we can blame it on the wavy flaws.

Here, this will make you feel better.

Oh, my darling little adorable child.

Reminds me of my youth,

in the foreign legion.

They never did know what rank I have.

Well I guess you can figure this out.

The girls have a way of doing this.

Now, you carry on...

...and I shall go over
here and think about...

what I'm going to have you do tomorrow...

and the next day and the next day...

now Jo, is going to handle
all these things for you.

And uh... you listen to her because...

...Jo uh well I mean of course...

I tell her, first,
what I want her to do...

and then she will tell you,
and then you do it.

And that's the way we get along.


Yes, indeed... right.

Well it's so nice to
have a man around the house.

Be my guest.

These zippers are marvelous things.

I understand that...

we're not going to need them anymore

as and goes on I am making these all...

out of, uh...



You know

I'm old enough to be your father...

but uh...

I want you to know one thing...

that... whenever you
need help, of any kind.

I want you to come to me...

I'll help you.


I think...

you're wonderful.




Do you have any money?

- What for?
- I'm busted.


Give it back to me Felipe!

Elena where'd you get this?

Where'd you get all this?

I borrowed a friend.

From a friend... in the factory?


what do you mean "no"?
that's where you work, ?isn't?

I met a wonderful man and the girl...
his girlfriend

they're gonna show me how
to make lots of money.

If they show me how to get
ahead and be somebody

I'm gonna meet important men

they're gonna show you how
to make lots of money, ?how?

What are you gonna have to do?

Elena you can get into trouble.

A girl like you was bait,
these people are smart.

Look what happens to some of the rest
of the girls in neighborhood.

Quiet I say! Shut up and go to sleep.

[Traffic car sounds]

Now I've shown you how to do your makeup...

I have to do your hair...

...and you have this dress here
that Mr Lou bought for you.

All right these are clients of Mr Lou...

he's got them set up for
a very special deal.

They have to be kept very
happy, ?you understand?


All right. I want you to
do everything that I do.

Watch me very closely.
you think you can?

Oh yes yes yes I can.

All right. Now this is a job...

you come here, you do the job...

you leave, when you leave, the job is over.

You don't know them they don't know you,

you forget everything that happens.

Now remember this:

Never take money from a client,
Mr. Lou will take care of everything.

And Elena,
the better you treat the client...

the better Mr. Lou will treat you

let's get you ready now.


Hi there!
Mr. Lou say something...

I'm Barney, this is Walter.

- Hi, I'm Jo.
- hi!

All right,
we're glad to know you, Jo!

We take your coats.

Yeah how is this Lou?

Oh he's just fine!

Say, he said he was going
to have a party up here!

Oh well the other guests didn't show them.

So, a party of our own.


make yourself comfort

come on in Walter sit down be
comfortable boy, enjoy yourself.

I'll go get the ice.

Fine, Jo...

Ey, Jo say this is the first time
you've been in new york city...

...isn't it?


Oh, have you got a treat in
store for you and now look...

...anything you want you can get...

...right here in New York City.

It's a pretty nice place.

Yeah, but you haven't seen anything yet.

Boy, Lou really knows how
to take care of you.

You know, but I'll tell you...

I'm afraid of this business with Lou.

You know his stuff doesn't
come from a warehouse,

comes from Canada.

Do you think we're safe
giving him such a big order?

I think maybe it's illegal.

Ah look Walter don't you worry about that.

Now this is the first time
you've done business with Lou?

I've been dealing with him for years!

I know his prices are a little high but...

he always knows how to...

Ja! ...Deliver the goods

and you always get your cut

Elena? Come on in, we have company

here's the ice.

And the glasses.

Well Jo, ?can I give you a hand?

Oh thank you... please.

Oh... this is Elena... this is Barney.

And I use a high fashion
model here in New York.

Oh say, she's a big one!

As big as they come from Texas!

Sit down dear, these are Mr Lou's friends.


you're a high fashion model...


I really go for high fashion models.

Big ones like you are,
boy, oh boy...

...uses the biggest ones
when we got back home.

Here are you.

So, how long are you going
to be here in town?

Well, depends.

Yes sir I think you're just
about the size that I want.


[Music Bass]

[Music Ends]

Take it easy go back to the party!

Come on let me know let's go.


How are you doing tiger, how you feel?

A little sore on the ribs.

How are you?

Huh... little booze.

Don't feel bad about the boys.

They don't know you yet you
know ...They'll get use to.

Yeah... you know what I'm here for?

Oh yeah yeah yeah...

I asked one of the guys
to find out what he could.

Hey Scratch! Come here.

He's a little drunk

hey, uh...?would you find
out about Felipe's sister?

Well I I heard some chicks
say she's...

...working in a restaurant
down by my house street.

That's all?

- There's more but you...
- Yeah yeah...

Well look uh... Felipe wants talk you,
ask you a few questions, uh...

Figure out for the details, okay?

For what?

For what kind of place is it where is it?

Look uh...

?do you know where...

...the factory section is
down the house on the street?



there's like uh...

you know, coffee shop...
where chicks use to go.


I'll tell you what...

if you give me a pencil,
I'll write down your address...

and you go see for yourself,

I got no pencil.


Baby give me a pencil


Ey, Felipe!

Where you go man?

I gotta go home.

Hey buddy, don't... the
party just started it. family's waiting for me,

Stay away, come one, come here...

- You play this thing?
- No, I...

Come on come on... play this thing.

Come on turn it on my frequency, will you?

Go man, go!


That's for play, not to hold it.
Come on!

Antonio, just play the song.

[Music Guitar]

("Play Louder!")


[Song Rock music]


[Music Bass]


I'm going to house uh...
the white coming along.


Yeah you check the size
on these shirts here...

...make sure they're correct.


Joe, you want in the foreign office.

Okay thanks.

How are the sizes Antonia?

Fine, I've just make 12 boxes.

Oh that's good.

Say, ?you're no Antonia Alvarez?


That reminds me of an
incident that happened... the last place I worked.

Well there was his foreman there,

he was a dirty pig.

...and you know all them, Ricky boy.


When it gets finished, I'll have her
brought in just the right way.

Anytime you want it Rick,
you just let me know.

Old Dan will pick you up good, Ricky, eh?

I told George about it,

...and George is in the back room
right now trying to promote her.


I believe her name was Elena,

she was a little puerto rican girl.

- What's the matter?
- Give me...

...give me, give me the...

- Why... why.
- She's my daughter...

You're daughter?


You say, your...

My daughter...

[Drums Music]

How much loot you have?

I got plenty man...

And the kiddo pal Antonia.

Let's go out there.

Wow wow look at this.

Nobody wants to drink with Danny?

[Mumble drunken voice]

Danny, Danny...

Let you have a little drink...
with Danny, huh?

It's a little tiny drink, oh...

that's a good way I have a drink.

I... wanna...
make a little love to you.

Did you make love to Elena?

I made love to her... don't
talk about that shrimp.

You know something?

You look a little bit like her.

You got eyes like her...

and a hair like her...

and even your lips look like her.


Danny's the best manager
in the whole world.

I want to give you a nice beak.


[Jazz Music]

Sweetheart... come on give me a kidnap

Elena, get the hell out of this car!

Would you go away?

Get rid of him!
Get him away out of here!

Leave him alone!

Go! You get out of here!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on!


Come on, way out!






What happened?

What happened?

Oh I should have gone..

That man... that man...

that man!


He beat me!

- Did you make you love to him?
- No!

- Did you make you love to him?
- No!






[Spanish Music Guitar]







[Drums Battery Music]

What's the matter with you!

Oh, leave me alone!

I'll leave you alone!

Is that so fine?

You run around with all
these kind of people... that slut girl you're sitting with.

She's not a Slut, she's my friend.

She's trying to help me, Felipe.

Help you to do what?

Help me to get some money so we can eat.

Eat? We can't eat the
perfume you buy yourself.

That's what you do with the money...

you buy yourself these
things like perfumes.

[Sea Wawing sound]



[Spanish Music Guitar]



[Spanish Music Guitar]

[Traffic cars sound]