Strangers Within (2017) - full transcript

Sam is the envy of her friends: enjoying the riches and comfort of her parents' estate, sheltered from the troubles of "the real world." What Sam doesn't have, however, is her parents' time. Her dad operates a high-flying financial business and his wife is a world-renowned painter. Left alone for yet another weekend, Sam invites her girlfriends - Heidi, Alex and Ella - round for a sleepover that escalates into a full blown party as Heidi invites her boyfriend, Toby, and his gang to join them. As drinks flow, it becomes clear that the strangers are after something else altogether inside Sam's house and will stop at nothing to get it. As the job gets botched, a psychotic sadist emerges amongst them and a bloodied cat-and-mouse chase ensues. The gang's leader, Josh, wreaks havoc but he isn't the only one who isn't what he says. Who will pay the highest price when karma comes back around to bite? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




Hi, Jack.

Hope work was all right today.

I've decided to
set off early to Mum

so Ben can sleep in the car.

But I'll catch you later.

Lots of love. Bye.


Hi, Jack. It's Holly.

Look, I don't
want to worry you, but

Rach and the little
man haven't arrived yet.

They were meant to be
here about three hours ago.

I've tried calling,
but there's no answer.

Look, it's probably nothing,
and everything's fine.

But, give me a call
when you get this message

so I can put my mind to rest.


Where's my family?

I... I can get...
the money for you.

OK? You just need
to give me more time.

Just give me another
day, and I can get it.

I can get all of it.
I can get you more!

Just give me one

more chance. You don't
need to hurt my wife and son.

That's not how this works.

You missed your extensions.

And now...

- you pay.
- Listen to me! Listen to me!

Please! I can get the
money, I just need another day!

You don't have to do this!

Anything but this! Please!

I just need another chance!

Please, Mister--

And that brings us to
the final item of the morning.

A brand-new Martha
Templeton original.

Martha is a true staple of
the modern high-art world

her minimalist style
recognized globally

for raising
awareness for a multitude

of mental health issues.

And so, it gives me great
pleasure to introduce to you...

Ladies and gentlemen


This is
Templeton's latest creation

a true, rare, one-of-a-kind

made up of three stages.

The first depicts the action

the second, the reaction

and the final stage...

the consequence.

Let's start the bidding
at twenty thousand pounds.

Do I hear twenty?

Thank you. Twenty-two?






Fifty? Thank you, sir.


Thank you.





Sixty-six thousand pounds.

Sixty-six thousand pounds.
Thank you very much, sir.

The gentleman
in the charming hat.




Any advances on sixty-eight?

Seventy-thousand pounds.

Seventy thousand pounds.
Thank you very much, sir.

So that's seventy
thousand pounds.

Any advances?

Seventy thousand pounds for this

truly rare,
remarkable, one-of-a-kind

Martha Templeton original.

Seventy going once


all in fair warned?

Sold your way

for seventy thousand
pounds. Well done, sir.

And that
concludes today's auction.

Thank you for coming out.

Get home safe,
and see you next time.


Not, the best I've had.

It's incredible.

You're never in college anyway

so today won't
make a difference.

While I was coming past,
we are both in second period

so I thought I'd come say hi.

So impressed, Mom.

Yeah, that is
like serious money.

Kind of you to say so, Heidi.

Glad you both weren't too bored.

Like I said, they've
done better before.

I give you both a lift
to college on my way home?

But you need to make
your own way back. OK?

- I'll go and get the car.
- Thanks, Mrs. Templeton.

- Saves you bus money.
- Hmm.

- Cold?
- Oh!

- Isn't it?
- What?

The weather.

It's cold.

Sorry, yeah.

I'm new around here. I don't
think I've seen you before.

Do you live close?
It's getting dark.

I can walk you home
if you like. Hmm...

I'm not dodgy. Don't worry.

Thanks for the offer, but

this is actually my bus, and it
stops right outside my house.

Don't worry,
I'm sure I'll see you around.

Sure. I'll be seeing you.

I'm Josh, by the way.





That's new.




See you later, then?


Where are you?


Dad, are you out here?

Still, they
still haven't cleared it?

There's only so much
of this the company can take.

Yes, we've all got
deadlines to meet

and they are no exception.

No one's exempt from karma,
not me, not you, not them.

And you just tell them
that if they don't sort it out

then we're gonna
have to take this further.

This isn't a joke.

This is business.

I'm being fair, aren't I?

Just tell me I'm being fair.

No. Just--

Hold on.

Sam. Everything OK, babe?

Yeah. Is now a good time?
If you're working, it can wait.

Now don't be silly, kiddo.

I've always got
time for you, ain't I?

One sec.

OK. You got that?

You just make
sure they understand

who they're dealing with here!

I in front of you.

Just some people not
playing ball, you know?

But I have just found out

I've got to go to
the office this weekend now.

As in... the office, office?

Yeah, I'll be back
Sunday night at the latest.

Because your Mum's
got some work to be doing.

Look, you know how it is.

Someone messes
the company around

I'll have to go in
and show me face.

Give them a bollocking.

I'll do us a nice
roast on Sunday, though.

You better.

Where's your kiddo necklace?

You ain't lost it again?

No, don't worry. It's inside.

Now that's a relief. Breakfast?


I'll see what I can rustle up.

You got a late
start today, then?

Yeah. I've got
to go in, register

collect a letter,
and then leave.

Are they
deliberately wasting your time?

Seems like it.

Tomato, right?

Thanks, Dad.

Making arrangements
for the weekend already?

That's my girl.

Just thinking about
having the girls over.

Well, you make sure Heidi
don't smoke indoors again.

- One day she'll learn.
- Will do.

Two shakes.

Look, Andrew.
I'm with my daughter.

Can't this wait?

I think it's a bit late to be
breaking their legs, don't you?

Look, if they don't deliver

we cut our loses
and terminate the clients.

Now, only call me
if it's an emergency.

Thank you.

Sorry about that, kiddo.

Just as bad as you, hey?

So what's Mom
doing at the office?

She's meeting that guy
that bought her painting.

I still can't believe that
it went for seventy grand!

Your mum's good
at what she does.

I'll take it you want
a lift to college, then?

Yeah, if that's all right.
I'll get the bus back.

Not a problem, kiddo.

He was fine with it, yeah.

Well, Simon's been
called to work this weekend

so I won't be here, either

but we have an arrangement
to pick it up when we get back.

Yeah, yeah.

A transfer, yeah.

No. No, that's OK.

Fifteen percent
this time, right?

No, not a problem.

I just like to get these
things sorted beforehand.

Yeah. Yeah.

Anyway, look,
Harry, I've got to dash.

Yeah. No, sorry it's been brief

but I'll touch base
with you on Monday, yeah?



Bye, now. Bye.

Sorry, Sam.

Just need to get it
all sorted before we go.

So you're definitely
going with Dad, then?

Only till Sunday, though.

Got to get back and get
the painting to the buyer.

You won't even
notice we've gone.

If Heidi can vouch
for Toby's friends

I don't see what the problem is.

A bit of alcohol
never hurt anyone.

Who cares if Ella doesn't drink?

No offense, babe.

- It's cool.
- I mean...

home alone for the
weekend, it's to be expected.

Babe, you're really gonna
have to go outside for that one.

They're gonna smell it upstairs.

Yeah, it's a good thing
Alex isn't here.

It's the third one this hour,
she'd flip.

Man, you guys are
like having two moms.

Oh, how much did your mom's
painting go for yesterday?

Like seventy thousand.

Wow, that's amazing.

The Templetons.

Even your name sounds rich.

Why can I never get any signal?

We're in the middle of nowhere.

None of us gets signal.


I got some in the
bathroom a few days ago.

You get a bar or
two by the window.

Anyway, that is the plan.

Toby's bringing around these
guys that he hangs around with.

They are the hot ones.

Yeah, but, babe,
if Ella's not gonna drink...

Honey, just pretend to be drunk.

They're boys, they
don't know the difference.

I guess.

It just seems a bit weird that
none of us know his friends.

We've been
together, almost a year.

His friends are safe,
and plus, they're hot.

So, what do you care, really?

Sam, you said Bus
Stop Boy was Irish, right?

That's Josh. He's got
this whole mysterious

stranger vibe going on.

Inviting mysterious
boys around. Really?

Well, Sam knows him.

Met him, once.

At a bus stop.

And I know Toby, obviously.

Trust me, it will all be fine.

What do you say, Sam?



Kiddo, what's up?

Come on, Sam.
We've got a plane to catch.


You said you wanted
to talk to me quickly.

Oh, right. Yeah.
I wanted to ask you

if I could have the girls round.

Just the girls?

Heidi, Alex, Ella...


Of course you can.
You can do what you like

as long as it's safe and legal.

Just don't let them
anywhere near the studio, OK?

The painting's still in there.

And my rules, too. Nothing--

Nothing gets stolen, I stay safe

and the house doesn't burn down.

I got it.

And if anything happens,
you make sure you call me

straight away,
and I'll get it sorted.

See you Sunday.

Love you, kiddo.

Well, I'm glad I didn't pay
to see that at the cinema.

Why? I thought
it was quite good.

I want to know what
happens next. Stupid ending.

You're still on your diet?

Look, I go out and run and
you do whatever it is you do.

Wait another minute.

There's always
a scene after the credits.

Shh, Alex.

- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?

I think it was there.

Wait! No, no, no.
I wanna see what happens next.

Thank you.

His friends won't
disappoint, I promise.

It's not quite his friends
I'm worried about, Heids.

- Hello, babe.
- Hey.

Hello, stranger.

Hello, yourself.

See, I told you it was Josh.

Small world, hey?


Oh, Sam. Shit.
Sorry. This is Matt.


Matt's clearly
the talkative one.


Guilty as charged.

Sorry. Guys, come in.
You must be freezing.

Thought you'd never ask.

So how do your
parents afford this palace?

Her mom's a famous
painter, that's how.

I didn't know decorating was
something you can be famous for.

It tends to be
more, easel-based.

She's being modest.

One of her mom's paintings went

for seventy grand the other day.

No shit.

What about you,
Sam? Any good at it?

Depends on
what you mean by "it."

By that, she means "no."
I'm definitely not an artist.

She does have
other talents, though.

I think that's what
Heidi was getting at, hey?

I'm just gonna go
to the bathroom a bit.


- Uhh, has anybody seen the time?
- What about it?

Uhh, I think it's time
we had a drink. Don't you?

Ah. Shots, shots, shots, shot--

Oh, there it is.


Yeah, I think I'm gonna
have to sit this one out, guys.

I'm not feeling too good.
I'm like, have a lay down.

I think I smell a pussy.
Oh, shut your legs, laddie.

That is disgusting.

Why are you my boyfriend?

Now, Matthew.
No more secret ingredients.

What have I told you?

It's morally wrong.

Fuck you.

Oh, shit.

Gonna make a phone call.

I'll be two seconds.

Gonna have my shot for me.

I'll try.

You won't get any signal
here. It's a literal blind spot.

I'm full bars.

Must be a good network.

Or I just have a terrible phone.

Tell your mum I said hello.

Have you got everything?


How long are you gonna be?

Last house on the left.

You can't miss it.


Did you get that?

Repeat it back to me.

Come on, then, Ella.
Let's get you a drink.


Don't be such a bore, Ella.
One shot is not gonna kill you.

So, you've been
offered some of my booze

- for free...
- You're gonna say no?

Be fucking rude.

- OK, maybe I'll have one.
- That's the spirit.

Oh. Sam, do you know the light
in your bathroom isn't working?

It keeps flickering.

I know. The window's broken too.

Dad's gonna
fix it when he's back.

Oh no, not a broken light
in the Templeton household.

What's going on?

There's a broken
light in the house.

Would it be too cheeky to ask
to invite a couple mates round?

They're safe. Don't worry.

Yeah, it would be cheeky...

But whatever.

Uhh, more drinks
over here, please, tots.

Whoah. Easy, tiger.

Alex is passed out
in the next room.

Why don't we
show them round some?

- Show off the manor.
- It's hardly a manor.

Here, come on.
Let's have a look.

Fine. But don't touch anything.

If it looks expensive

it probably is.

Her mom will have a fit.

Wake up Alex, will you?

Oi, Sam, is everything
you've got up there your mom's?

I think so.

She's done so much,
I really can't keep track.

Your smoke is probably gonna

not to mention--

- Our lungs.
- Chill out.

A tiny bit of second-hand
smoke is not going to kill you.

Problem solved.

I'll stand here
and smoke instead.

Yeah, and now it's freezing.

And that banging
is annoying as fuck.

For fuck's sake.


Only 'cause it's
your house and your rules.

Hey, Sam!

Any chance we could see
where the magic happens?

My mom's art studio?

I'm not really allowed
to let anyone in there.

Oh, go on. Show us how
she makes all the money.

Fine. But leave your cups here.

And don't touch anything.

Where are you going?

I, uhh...

Sorry. I just guessed.

I've got no idea
where I'm going.

- Must be the booze.
- Uhh, Sam?

What's in these
two, funny doors?

Well, one's a shoe cupboard

and so's the other one, I think.

They're not very big

but there's a connecting door
between, which is kinda cool.

They're not that big.

It's fucking massive.


I'll take that.

Now. Seriously, guys.

Don't touch anything.

- I'm dead if you do.
- Got it.

This is it.

Just think about all the money
that's been made in this room.


Is any of her stuff even here?

I don't think so.

What's this, then?


That's my mom's painting
that she sold at the auction!

I told you, don't touch it.

What if I just touch it?

- What are you gonna do?
- Josh!

I wouldn't dare.


What's going on here, then?


What's with all the plastic?

I feel like anything
I touch in here might break.

Sam, your mom's
paintings are shit.

But do you know
how much they go for?


Do you reckon your parents
have every fucked in it?

OK. Let's go.

So, a hot tub and a pool.

Well, that's when
you know you've made it.

Hey, Sam! What's
in those two garages?

My dad's car collection.

He's got a
Jaguar, and an Aston--

I would kill, literally
kill, to drive one of those.

And the quad-bikes.

I'd rather not get killed
by your reckless drunk driving.

OK, guys. Ready, after three?

One, two, three.

No, that is
definitely enough now.

I am properly peaking

and my 8 a.m. run is
looking more like an 8 p.m. run.

Yeah, I'm
definitely ready for bed.

Not sleeping.


Good shout. I'm feeling pretty
tired too.

Guys, we'll have the--

No attempt to be subtle.

Oh, and they say
romance is dead.

So how do you guys know each
other? Through college, or?

Oh yeah,

Oh yeah, went there
a couple of years ago.

Didn't do too
well, though, mind.

Well, speak for yourself.
I absolutely smashed it.

So you're the odd one out, then?

Well, what can I say?

What do you take?

She takes it hard
and she fucking loves it.

Yeah, I take
Sports Science, actually.

In case you
couldn't already tell.

Oh yeah? Uhh,
my mate Mike does that.

Oh, Mike.

Yeah. Are we still
talking about Sport Science?

Yeah, but it's a part of it.

Oh, get involved.

All right, I'm not that good.

You know what these
sport scientists are, dear?

Look at this little
player trying his luck.

- Any jealous types?
- I'm more of a dunce, really.

So, how did you guys meet?


I met these two,
through a friend

when I had to leave

in my hometown, in Ireland.

We were into the same sort
of stuff, so

we got a flat,
just outside of town.

Oh, that's sweet.

Yeah, it's a pretty nice place

considering you're only 24.

How do you afford that?

Oh, I... my nan left it to me.

That's a cute necklace, Sam.

What does it say?

My dad got it for me.

"Kiddo." That is cute.

Where is your dad?
What does he do?

Oh, he's into the
whole global stock trade

financial crap.

He doesn't really
like to get me involved.

He is a firm believer, people
get what's coming to them.

Hence why he's in New York

raining hell down on
some poor guy right now.

Sounds scary.

Don't worry.

Mom is much scarier.

Cheers for
inviting us round, Sam.

It's actually been
a really good night.

And I can tell
it's only gonna get better.

Fucking right.

It's fine.

I'm glad we got to
know each other better.

Are your other
friends still coming round?

I think Ella's
getting a bit lonely--

No! Really, I'm fine.

We completely forgot.

I'll be two seconds.

I meant to say
to you about that, Sam.

I... don't think
it's a good idea

for Josh to invite anyone else.

- Why not?
- Ella. Chill out.

Stop going on about it.
They'll be here in a second.

It'll be fine.

And we stay up
here until we finish

and then they'll go.

Yeah. Sam, it's cool.

We all live together
with a bunch of us.

They're only
gonna be a few hours

and they know it.

Exactly. Come on,
Ella. Have a drink.

It's not gonna kill you.

I'm not really
up to getting hammered.

Sorry to disappoint.

I'll be right back.

Could you see
where Josh is, Ella?



Keep walking,
the alarm's been cleared.

Yes. Go right at that one.

All right, boys.
This is much appreciated.

We owe you, man.

Just set us up

You know what
you're here for, right?

Bottom floor, you can't miss.

Start with the keypad.

Look at the code.

The four girls upstairs

Matt and Toby wouldn't know.

It is just over here, boys.

You were right, Josh.

This place is a goldmine.

You think that's impressive?

Just see what we're here for.

So we're just gonna take
it without bothering them?

In, and out. It's easy.

Follow me.

Is that you, Ella?

You been there long?



Come on, Ella.

We only want to talk.


Listen, Josh. I am
calling the police right now

so just leave me alone!

If you go right now,
I didn't see a thing

and we can forget
about it and move on.


Please don't hurt me.

Not again.


This doesn't have to go too far

if you let us do
what we're here to do.

You've ruined


Boys, listen.

Where's Mike?

Hey, boss.

There's a slight change of plan.

You boys get out of here.

We'll handle this.

What's in there?

Just some tools. Torches.

- Stuff we might need.
- OK. Here. Now.

Yes, if I see her, I will.

I'll be, I'll be back in a sec.

What the fuck?

What's happening?

She saw us.




What about the plan?

The plan's changed.

Changed? To what?


It will be easier,
the less of us there are.

You guys, get out of here.

Mike, we'll call
you when we're done.

Well, where is she?

Fuck, Josh. Jesus!

She's still breathing.

What do we do?

She's not drunk, mate.
She won't forget this.

Do we stick to the plan?

Toby, man...

You know I wouldn't suggest this

unless it was
the last resort, but...

I really can't see other way.

Don't say what
I think you're getting at.

We're gonna have to kill her.

- What?
- We...

We, we kill her.
We hide the body.

By the time anyone finds it

we'll be long gone
with what we came for.

You said this
wouldn't happen, mate.

Not again.

We had one task.
One simple fucking task.

We can't just kill her.

She's got family, mate.

Think about it.

We thought about it.

You think I want to do this?

- We don't have a choice!
- This isn't a game, Josh.

She doesn't get a second chance.

Well, neither do we.

There are other
ways to solve this.

She wakes up,
rats us out to the police

our entire plan is fucked!

At least this way,
we'd still pay our debt.

I can't let you do this.

Jesus Christ, Toby!

Just weigh up your
fucking options here.

I'm not killing anyone.

Help Matt wrap
stuff up in there.

I won't be long.

Whoah, steady on, babe.

Everything all right?

Yeah, yeah. I just, had to
come up here, felt really ill.

So you decided to combat
that by drinking even more?

Good plan.

Where's Josh?

Is he still with Ella?

Come on, Sam.

Queen of frigidity. As if.

I heard...
she's just wandered off.

Probably trying to get signal.

Is he still looking for her?

You guys continue. I'll go help.

Wait! Umm...

She'll be back in a sec.
Don't, don't worry about it.

Here. Have another drink.

I'm good for now. But cheers.

Everything OK?



You out there?


You know, Ella?

You've only got
yourself to blame, really.

It was like
two o'clock in the morning.

I was really smashed, and...

Did you guys hear that?

Hear what?

Sounded like
somebody's getting freaky

in the Templeton household.

I take it she
found him, then.


Oh, come on.

My house isn't that big.




Going down!





- Sam!
- Mmm.

What's happening?

I don't know. I've just
woken up and seen you and Alex.


- Alex, wake up!
- Oh, my head.

Oh, how much did we drink?

Oh, what happened?

Yeah, I ache like a bitch.

Where is everyone?


It's fucking freezing.


They've all just... gone.

Hang on. The lights.

- Fuck.
- Hey. Just use this.

I just don't
understand it, though.

Even if they did drug us

why come to a party,
leave halfway through

and not even take anything?

Exactly, and I know
Toby wouldn't try anything.


Oh no.

They wouldn't dare.

I wouldn't dare.

Sam, what is it?

Oh no.

This isn't happening.

What is it?

Oh shit.

All my mom's paintings gone.

No, you can't blame yourself.

They obviously knew
what they were looking for.

I can't blame myself?

I let them into my house.

I showed them where it was.

I even left
the bloody door open!

Blame me.
He's meant to be my boyfriend.

I'm gonna call him now.

Shit. My brilliant phone.

You got Sam
in so much trouble.

Look, can we just
come back to all this later?

And focus on
the slightly bigger problem

of where the fuck is Ella?

Why don't you
just report her missing

if you're so fucking
worried about her?

I'm just saying, where is she?


Maybe she's just passed
out upstairs or something?

If Ella isn't in here, I
don't know where she's gonna be.

We have looked everywhere.

Why would she be in here?

Thought she'd
had enough mid-party.

She'll be downstairs.

It's OK. Heidi,
it's all right. It's all right.

Breathe, OK? Everything's
gonna be fine. Just calm down.

Just breathe. Let it out.

In breathe. Slowly.

It's gonna be fine.
You're gonna be all right.

Hey, it's gonna
be fine. I promise.

Hey, everything's gonna be OK.

I'm gonna open the cupboard.

They're gonna jump out
at us. It's gonna be hilarious.

Just, keep calm.

The most important thing to do

is keep calm.


Oh my god, Ella!
Wake up, please.

Wake up. Wake up, please.

- Hey.
- OK, roll her.

- Hey.
- It's gonna be fine.

Ella. Ella, come on.

Ella. Ella, come on.

Ella, come on. Wake up!

Wake up. Wake up, please.

Ella, come on.

Oh! Oh!

Heidi, no!
They might be out there!


Her... her face...

Call the police, Alex.

Why can I never get any signal?

We're in the middle
of fucking nowhere!

None of us get any signal!

- Oh shit.
- Just use the house phone.

You did cut the
phone lines, didn't you?

- Yeah.
- Good.

We're in enough shit
as it is now, thanks to you.

- Is there a problem?
- She didn't have to die.

You could have just
injected her and got on with it.

I mean, look at
us now. We're fucked.

- Wait.
- What?

They could still get help.

There's a police station.
Twenty minutes down that way.

Ten, if they run.

We've got to go
back and finish the job.

- No way.
- Absolutely no way.

You can't be serious.

Did you not hear
what I just said?

You are serious, aren't you?

Josh, I'm not hurting anyone.

How can you so easily talk

about murdering three
innocent girls like that?


As much as I hate your
fucking guts right now

you're right.

We've got to do something, but

I swear to god
we ain't repeating

The past, is the past.

No. But we've got to do

what we've got to do.

Get in the car, circle around.

If you see anything, call us.

And be ready to drive.

Jesus Christ.

Yeah, it's me.

No. Change of plan.

It's all gone to shit.

We need another pair of hands.

No. Just you.

Toby's lost his nerve.


Take the painting.
Keep it safe in the front.

- Was that Mike?
- Yeah, he's on his way down now.

I'll be in the car.

Listen. It's us, or them. OK?

We do, what we gotta do.

Nothing else, all right?

I don't want you
getting carried away

enjoying yourself.

No one dies.

Do you hear me?

I mean it.

Got it.

So, to sum up.
We've got no signal

no internet, and no home phone.

And I've got a sprained ankle.

Could we be in any more trouble?

We should get some knives from
the kitchen and stick together.

We're gonna be fine.

And do what?
Wait until daylight?

This isn't a film, Sam.

The bad things don't
only happen at night time.

I say we head
for the police station.

It's ten minutes away.
Can you both keep up?

Umm, hello?

I'm not going anywhere. I can't.

We should just
sit tight and wait.

Just stay here, Alex.
We'll come up with something.

Don't rush. There is
no point in splitting up.

We don't have time
to come up with something.

What if they're on their
way back now to finish the job?

I'd rather take my chances.

- Seriously?
- Shit.

Just wait,
Alex, for fuck's sake.

Look, it'll be ten
minutes to get into town.

I'll bring the
police back with me.

Just, stick together
and you'll be fine.

Now what do we do?

Like I said

we arm ourselves

we hide

and we wait.

Josh, you've got
to listen to me, mate.

We're not killers.

- What's the plan, then?
- We lock them upstairs

I give them the injection

then light it up.

They could still
get out of the window

but it gives us
enough time to get away

before they call the police.

These people are
bigger than the police.

If we got caught, prison's
the least of our worries.

How did you get in this
mess in the first place?

It's a long story, mate.

I'll tell you when we're done.

So you think there'll
be some in there, yeah?

My dad fixes up classic cars

so it's got to be one or two.

Besides, we got all this booze.

What's that?

Ain't gonna
be them, is it, Josh?

She's not gonna let
them come downstairs.

Let's just get on
with the job and fuck off.

Hey, Mike. You got that torch?


Gonna need that later.

Oh, thank you.

Fucking batteries.

Mike, Matt.

Let's do what we gotta
do, and get out of here.

Come on, come on.
Please, please. Come on.

Oh. Oh, thank god.





I'm so sorry, Alex.


Check over there.

Keep an eye out, will you, Mike?

Mate. Have you seen this car?

It's an original.

It's even got a car phone.

Imagine how much this is worth.

Yeah, I'm sure it's nice.

Any chance of you having a look
so we can get out of here?

Fuck's sake.

I've got it.

That's the one.

Where is she?

- That's got to be ten minutes.
- Any minute now.

So hoping she will be safe.

Just keep quiet.

I just don't
understand why Toby's done this.

I feel so guilty.

For you.

For Ella.

Do you think
our whole relationship

was to get him here tonight?

I doubt it, Heids.

We've got no way of proving it.

I just wanna know why they're
so desperate for the money.

I promise I wouldn't have
suggested inviting them here

if I'd known something
like this was gonna happen.

Toby was so perfect
before he met Josh and Matt.

And now all three
have become strangers

within a couple of hours.


Heidi, wait! That
could have been anything.

I don't know if I
could make it downstairs.

My ankle's killing me.

That's fine. Stay here,
but keep your knife on you.

I'm not staying here.



Come on to the balcony,
but keep your knife on you.

I don't want anything
to happen to you, Heids.

I'll keep a look out.

See anything?

There's no one.



I think it was
just the door swinging.




Oh my god!


I'm sorry you got
caught up in this, Sam, but...

that's just the way it is.

We need to get on with it.

I don't want to hurt you.

Come on, Sam!

You know me.

I promise.

Doing what you think.


Where are you!


Anyone home?

Listen, Sam.

Just want to lock you in a room.

So we can burn the place down.

No biggie.

That way you
can't prove anything

and we can do what
we've come here to do.

No one has to die.

No one else, has to die.

How about

a key?


How tall do you
reckon you are, Sam?



Five, seven?


I've got this.

We're gonna go with...


- Go, Sam!
- In the night!

Fuck off! Leave me alone!

You must be Sam!

Fuck did you go?

Right here, dickhead!

I guess we're
gonna have to explain

how you accidentally
strangled yourself.

You bitch.


What the fuck, Sam?

We're not even
trying to kill you!

Everything all right, babe?



I'm right here.

We're gonna figure this out.

Him and me.

If Ella hadn't
fucked all this up

I'd be very
fucking rich right now

and you'd be safe
and sound asleep upstairs.

Now look how much of my
precious time you've wasted!

Didn't see that
one coming, did you?


All we wanted to do was
steal that fucking painting.


doesn't have to end badly.


You're my best friend!

I'm sorry, Sam.

I really am.

Toby offered me money
to help the guys out.

I didn't think one painting
would break your mom's bank.

You pathetic

worthless piece of crap!

I hope you rot!


you can sort this out later

when we have a

a little bit more time.


Would you kindly head
upstairs so we can lock you in?

As for you...


you'll definitely get
your cut when this is over.

Where's Matt?

Sam locked him in.
Shall I go and get him?


This is perfect.

Shh, shh

Just, just let it all out.

Just cleaning up
loose ends, hey, Sam?



The fuck?

Oh shit!

For fuck's sake!

You better start talking, mate.

What's going on, Josh?

And why is that bl--?

That's fucking Heidi, isn't it?

- What have you done?
- You better step the fuck back!

This wasn't me.
I arrived a second ago.


This is Sam.

She must have found out
that Heidi is working with us.

This is too far.

Toby's gonna break.

You know what
you've done here, Sam.

We only wanted the paintings.

Now three people are dead

and you have killed two of them.

We ain't got time for this!

Better not being
silent, little whore!


No signal.

She never gave me her number.

Wait here. Keep your eyes open.


She'll have it.

Fucking house.

You must have wanted that
painting pretty fucking bad!

You... have no


Look, she is gonna die.

Would you like to join us?

- Enough is enough.
- Oh, really?

I guess today is
your lucky day, Sam.

You might want
to stop struggling.

You see...

that painting's
gonna clear our debt.

You and your friends?

You're just collateral.

Well, what about
Heids? What did you--?


Told us that her
friend's mother was some

famous artist.

So, I got her to
do a bit of research.

It was simple, really.

A simple plan

that Ella really fucked!

Just get on with it, Josh!

We haven't got time for this.

Just light up the fucking place.

- You won't.
- Oh...

I will.

Picture it.

Flames, tear into these walls...

your mother's art studio

burning to the ground...

your dad's cars
going up in a fireball.

You're sick!


I'm losing a lot of blood.

I'm feeling woozy here.

I've been stabbed
in the fucking shoulder.

You know he's lying
to you about Heidi?

I would never kill
someone like that.

- You fucking what?
- Yeah.


Guilty as charged.

Best not let this get any
messier than it needs to be.

You and Toby

can't even get the money to him.


I guess you need me.

Once this is done

me and you are gonna have words.

You see, Sam...

this was never part of the plan.

So I don't know
that, this will kill you.

Or just send you to sleep.

Either way...

it's going to hurt.

We could have
been good together, Sam

you and I.

You like me.

Your dad really liked me, too.

We could have
fixed up cars together.

My dad will fucking kill you!

Sweet dreams.

- Kiddo.
- Don't use it all.

We might need some later.

Good point.

Alex went...

So at least she's...


What did you say?

Mate, we're out of time,
we've got to fucking go.

Just leave her here.

Still can't believe
what you've done back there.

If you came here to

- Are you listening to me?
- What the fuck...


What the hell, Toby?
What happened here?

Just listen.


- Where's the cargo, Toby?
- It's there.

It's there. It's no
time to be talking--

The fucking car!

Josh! Listen, please!

I was going the block
like you told me to.

- She came out of nowhere.
- She?


Good boy, Toby.

Good boy.

What happened to you?

I got fucking stabbed, mate.


What, what happened?
Where's Heidi?

- She won't be joining us.
- Why?

We've got to get out of here.

We'll talk on the way.
But we don't have long.

I think I need a hospital.

I've lost a lot of blood, hey?

We can't drive in that.

The brakes are fucked, and you
can't even see out the front.

So we've got
to walk, then, boys.

Take that.

We're going through the forest.

What do you mean,
Heidi's not joining us?

Come on!

Come on.

Come on.


- Daddy?
- Hello?



Oh god.

Is that you?

Please don't tell me
something's happened.




Come on.

Even if we don't drop
Matt off at the hospital

we'll never make it to
the drop-off point in time.

I can't...

We keep, moving.

We will make it to
the drop-off point in time.

But Matt won't.

Look at him.

I've had enough of this.

Just call the fucking guy--

I'm in charge here!

And I say, we make it.

Once this is done

you better keep your distance

you sick son of a bitch!

What happened in that house?


He killed your girlfriend!

- But...
- It's all bullshit!

He cut her fucking throat!

This is again,
isn't it?

If you weren't
such a fucking psycho

we wouldn't be in
this mess in the first place!

He came begging.

Fucking nutjob got
chased out of his own town.

Any guesses why?

He'd be fucking
crazy in another job!

Started killing all
these innocent people again!

Sound familiar?

- You killed Heid!
- Leave it, Toby!

You don't know
what he's capable of.

Let's just get the
job done, and fuck off.

You can't run from the guilt!

There's no redemption.

You've just got to
make the most of it.

Like me.


all of those people...

I loved every second of it.

Josh. Listen to me.

Josh, wait!

You didn't have to kill anyone!


I might need you later.



Oh my god.


Sam, where are you?

Sam. Shit. Sam!

Sam! Come on, Sam!


Wake up, Sam!

We've got to go now!

Toby! Stop!

Leave it.


What the fuck, Toby?

I never killed anyone, Sam.

It was all Josh.

We needed your mom's
paintings to save our lives

not to hurt anyone.

Then, and I saw
Josh, and he did what

- he does.
- Where is he now?

He's gone to meet our boss

to deliver the painting.

Just on the
other side of the forest.

They're not
interested in us, Sam.

I really am sorry.

You know what?

We need to get to
a hospital or a police station.

Now! Take your pick.

The police.

But Sam, it really wasn't me.

It was all him.

I know, Toby.

You could drive, right?


Thank fuck for that.

Are you Templeton?


Get inside and we'll talk.

The boss is on the line for you.

Mr. Templeton, sir.

It's me.

You have the money?

One better.

We got this, painting

from this rich girl's
house, up in the country.

It's got to be worth,
three times what we owe you.

We left a bit of a mess there

but, the extra
money should cover that.

The painting.

Yeah, the...

the rich girl's mom's some...

world-famous artist.

It's got to be
worth a pretty penny.

It's called Guilt.

It's by...

One second, sir.

It's called Guilt, by...

Martha Templeton.

Mr. Templeton, I...


Straight to the
police station, yeah?

You can do this, Toby.

That's strange, I've...

always wanted to
drive one of these, but...

under the circumstances,
it doesn't seem so important.

You're doing
the right thing, Toby.

You've redeemed yourself.

Are you sure, boss?

I mean, they're hardly
professionals, are they?

Every single one of them.

I don't care who they are.

Terminate them all.

Guess you wanted to know
why we needed the money so bad.

I don't care anymore.

It must have been bad,
that's all I need to know.

But what I don't understand

is why Josh didn't drug
Ella like he did the rest of us.

We'd have found out the
painting was gone either way.

That's Josh for you.

He's unpredictable.

What the fuck is that?

What? Where?

Back there.

On the ground.

It looked like-

- Alex.
- Sam, listen. I can explain.





Sam? Sam! Wake up, Sam!


Even this one, boss?

- She's got a--
- We've got our orders.


You killed her!

She had nothing
to do with any of this.

That wasn't us.

That was you and your mates.

You're gonna wanna see this.


Torch it.



No. Please. We
can work something out.

- It's done.
- No, put it out!

Minor complication,
Mr. Templeton, sir.

One of them was
wearing a necklace.

And tonight's last item.


The final work
of Martha Templeton

a truly beloved figure
in the high-art world.

This piece

tragically foreshadowed
her own fate, however

as, after losing her
18-year old daughter

Templeton blamed herself

and could not
live with that guilt.

She took her own life

leaving her husband behind.

Our thoughts go with him

as he now has no one left.

As the painting depicts

there is always a reaction

to every action

a law applicable to us all.

No matter who we are

big or small


or powerful.

Let's start the bidding at
five hundred thousand pounds!

Do I have five
hundred? Five hundred!


Five-forty? Five-forty!

Five-sixty at the back!

Five-sixty! Five-eighty!

Six hundred!
Six hundred thousand!

Six-twenty. Six-forty!

Six-fifty? Let's go to fifty.

Seven hundred thousand!

Eight hundred thousand!

Eight-fifty! Eight-fifty!

Nine hundred? Nine hundred!

Nine-fifty! One million!

One million!
One million at the back!