Stranger with My Face (2009) - full transcript

After the shocking and untimely death of her husband, Shelley Stratton (Catherine Hicks) moves her daughter Alexis (Emily Hurst) and her adopted daughter, Laurie (Alexz Johnson), to their remote summer house in hopes of giving her family a fresh start. As Laurie begins to settle in and put her life back together, she gets the eerie feeling that she is constantly being watched. Laurie's uneasiness grows when people start claiming to see her in places that she has never been. The family's delicate state begins to unravel when Laurie unearths the dark past, discovering a twin sister that she never knew she had. Laurie is forced to delve deeper into her twin's secrets, for as it turns out her twin has been locked up for years! Laurie must now understand their strange connection in order to prevent her sister from taking over her life and harming her loved ones.



You're home early.

You called out to me.

From the street.

What are you talking about?

My beautiful girl.



What is it?

There's been an accident.

He was hit by a car.


Your father. He's...


Oh! Oh, it's so beautiful.

It's so great

to get away from the city.

Come on.

You've always loved it on the island.

For summer,
not to stay here for good.

I think we're lucky
to have this place.

New York was just...

Too hard.

Right, and it's easy
to dump our real life

and leave all of our friends?

Let's not go through
this again, okay?

This is home now,

and we're all going to
make the best of it.

I like my room here better

Feels like we just put these on.

Because we just did.

Well, let's take them off,
and open some windows.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just been a long trip, you know?

What do we do now?

Now... we start folding.







Oh, you're hilarious.

Oh, you're so funny.

Yeah, I think so.

I'm hope you enjoyed that,
because payback is a bitch.

You don't scare me.

I don't scare you?

Maybe not now...

Live in fear.



You okay?


No. I'm sitting on the floor.

The power's out.

Is it?


Right where Dad left them...
Fully charged.

Pretty practical
for an artist, huh?


You're right.

He'd want me
to get rid of these.


You don't have to do that.
Not yet.

Yeah, it's silly of me
to keep them.

I'll donate them.

Hey... you get some sleep, okay?


Hey, kids, don't be late!

Let me stay.

I can help with the movers.

That's sweet, but you
need to start school.

Come on.

Hey, Laurie!

Let's go.

Come on, you've been
dragging around all morning.

I didn't sleep very well.

She doesn't want to be
the "new girl" either.

Well, you know,
you're not new kids.

You know a ton of people
here already.

Summer kids.
Hardly any townies.

Yeah, well, I hate
to break it to you...

We're townies now, too.

I love you!

Who are you looking for?

No one in particular.

Yeah, right!

It's Gordon.

Oh, please.

You were so into him.

That never amounted to anything.

That's because
we had to go back to New York.

Now you can finish what
you started.

Wow, you're so mature.

Alexis. Hey!

Can I ditch you?

Yes, please.
Go attempt to be popular.


Hey. What's up?

Hey, Gordon.



Oh, it is you!

Who were you expecting?

Well, we thought we saw you
last night at the bonfire.

What bonfire?

Please, you can lose the amnesia.

We saw you
go into the boathouse.

With Jeff Rankin, of all people.


I guess I'd go

all memory-loss, too,
if I'd hooked up with him.

Guys, I haven't left home
since I've been here.


I'm really sorry about your dad.

Such a bummer.

Anyway, the reason sucks...

I'm glad I didn't have to
wait 10 months

for you to get back here.

Got to go.
I'll see you.


These good here?

Those were supposed to
stay in New York.

Well, we got a bunch of these

in the truck.

No, no, no.
You have to take them all back.

I can't have
these paintings here.

Ma'am, we've got
three other deliveries to make.

We're not going back.

Little girl lost?

Got that clueless

deer-in-the-headlights kind of look.

Is it that obvious?

I'm just perceptive.


Um, 107B.



Why would you want to go there?

It's on my schedule.

You know, you look more

Definitely more artist/dreamer

as opposed to algebra/trig.

That's impressive...
But I'm late.

To the left out the door,
across the courtyard.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Why aren't you in class?

You can't classify me.

Henry, the paintings, I just...
I can't have them here.

The whole point of moving was...

Be careful with that!

No, I won't change my mind.


You need to come
and go through them.

How soon can you be here?



There you are.


So that's it?

That's what?

You throw me a vibe
at the bonfire,

but here at school,
you don't even know me?

Are you Jeff?

Ah, yes, recognition.

Okay, I don't know
what's going on,

but people are saying
they saw us together last night?

Well, I wouldn't exactly
say "together."

I mean, we saw each other,

and then I followed you
into the boathouse,

but you got away.

I don't know
how you slipped by me.

Yeah, that wasn't me.

You wouldn't play this game
on Gordon Lambert.

No, it's not...
It's not a game.


I think I'd like it better
if you just ignored me.

Uh, what happened here?

I think I just insulted him.

He'll get over it.

This girl Shannon?

She was so pretty.

I didn't think
she'd even talk to me,

but she was really cool,

and then Julianne's got,
like, five piercings.

She's probably going to do mine.

What's wrong?

Ugh, it feels like
somebody's watching me.

you've got a stalker?

Nice ego.

It's probably Gordon.

You probably like Gordon.


Let's keep them
in the crates, okay,

until Henry has a chance
to look over them.

Why is Henry coming over?

Well, there's been
a lot of interest

in your father's work...

Now more than ever.

So we really need...

We need to be organized
about what he left behind.

We spent so much time
painting in here,

just me and him.

Any new ideas brewing?


He wouldn't want you to stop.

I know.

I can't paint without him.

Well, I hope you can find a way.



Laurie. Laurie!



Laurie, come save me!



You have to come find me!



Who's there?


You okay?


What are you doing here?

I like walking along the cliffs at night.

Who were you talking to?


It's too bizarre.

Well, I love bizarre.

Come on, try me.

Earlier tonight,

I thought I saw someone on the rocks

who looked just like me,

and, um, people
at school are saying

I was someplace I know I wasn't.

It's weird, I know.

I told you.

That is bizarre...



I mean, you just lost
your father, right?

I read about it.

He was a great artist.


What does that have to do
with my father?

Well, I know I'd be messed up

if my father died.

So you're stressing

and blanking out on stuff

and seeing things.

Go nuts.

I mean, I'd say you're entitled.

Laurie Stratton.

I'm Helen.

Helen tuttle.


Ah! Get off!

Get away from me!

Hey. It's okay, come here.

You scared me, all right?

Now we're even!

What are you talking about?

I felt someone choking me,

and I woke up, and it was you!

I wasn't choking you.

I was in my room.
I heard you screaming.

You're such a liar!

Hey, what is going on?

She was choking me!

You were dreaming.

Get out!

Honey, calm down.

No, it's fine.

It's all right.

Everything's fine, sweetie.



I found you.

I heard the door,

and then I didn't know
what was going on,

but then I felt her hands
around my throat.

I looked up...
I know it was her, Mom!

I saw her face.

I saw that it was her,

and she was squeezing my throat,
tighter and tighter.

I couldn't breathe.


You still think
I tried to choke you?

Because you did!

Honey, sometimes,

they can be very real.

This is real, Mom, I swear.

You think I strangled her?

Are you kidding me?

She's just so upset.

Is this how
it's going to be, Mom?

Now that Dad's gone?

What do you mean by that?

You're just... you're going to
take her side all the time?

No. You know what?

I'm not taking anybody's side.

So, you believe her,

because I'm the adopted one, right?


Laurie, that is
a ridiculous thing to say,

and you know it!

Whatever, Mom.


Well, let me guess, more weirdness?

And weirder.

So? Lay it on me.

I saw her again.

Right, your doppelganger?

Your double.

She was in my mirror.

In your mirror?

So you saw yourself.

No, this time she...
She actually spoke to me.

She said,
"Laurie, I found you."



All right.

You want my quickie diagnosis?

I'm the mayor of crazy town?


However, I do think
that you're having trouble

coping with the changes in your life.

Sad, but true.

So, as a result,

you've lost your sense of self.

Okay, go on.

You have conjured up an "other."

A sort of sympathetic version
of "you" to help you deal.

All right, um...
But why would

a sympathetic version of myself

try to choke my little sister?

You did?

I-I mean, she did?

According to Alexis.

I don't know.

Me neither.

Isn't it beautiful?


So, tell me...


How are you?

I'm hanging in there.

I have to admit,

when you first picked up
and moved here so fast,

I was very worried about you.

Well, this place
works for me, Henry.

But you left your whole life in the city.

Everywhere I looked,
I saw James.

But not here?


No, this house, this island...

It's always been an escape.

I can cut everything off.

Is it working?

I'll show you some pictures.

He was painting
with such freedom and passion.

He was really in his prime.




How are you, my gorgeous girl?

Oh, you smell like Manhattan.


In a good way.

You miss the city?

Yeah, I miss home.


I'm just admiring
your father's work.

Yeah, they're beautiful, huh?

Yes, they are.

What have you got to show me?

Nothing new.


She hasn't painted since...


You can't let that talent go to waste.

You're his legacy.

In fact, I'm planning

to tell everyone who buys
one of these James strattons,

"just wait a few years
for his daughter."

Thank you, but we're not selling them.

We're not selling them?


Actually, I asked Henry
to set up a show.


Laurie, you don't know
our financial situation.

I mean...

Our financial situation?


We're fine.

I'm sorry, we're not
going to be selling them.

I'm not going to let you.



I'm... did I scare you?

I'm sorry.

No, I thought that...

What's with the steam?
You taking a shower?


I have to go to New York
tomorrow afternoon.

I'll be gone for a few days.

Will you be okay here, with Alexis?


I know it was always easier
for you to talk to your father,

but, you know,

you can talk to me now.

You already think I'm losing it.

You don't believe that I saw Dad

the night of the accident,

or that he spoke to me, right?

I believe that you believe it.

Well, it happened.

He was there,
and then he wasn't.

Okay. What's going on
with you now?

I saw someone...

A girl...

And she looked just like me.

A girl who looks like you?

Just like me, yeah.

You saw her where?

That's hard to explain.

I don't understand.

Did this girl try to contact you?

Do you know something?

No, no, no, no.

I don't know who
or what you've been seeing,

but you've been under
a lot of stress lately,

and the mind can play tricks.

That's what Helen said.

Well, she's right.

I wouldn't worry.

Have fun in New York.

Help me.

Help me, Laurie.

Help me!

What's wrong?

Laurie, come here.
Sit down.

There's something
I need to tell you.

Your father and I...

We wanted to wait,

to find the right
time to tell you...

What's that?

When we adopted you...

...there was another baby,

a girl.

Your identical twin.

I have a twin?

What happened to her?

I don't know.

We wanted to adopt both of you,

but we didn't really
have a lot of money,

and we didn't think

we could really provide
for two infants.

So you just...

You left her behind somewhere?

Oh, please, don't see it that way.

How else can I see it, Mom?

Where is she now?

We didn't keep track of her,

but we thought, you know,

when we told you,

that someday
you might want to find her.

So now that you say

that you've seen a girl

who looks like you...

I mean, do you think
she's already found you?

I don't know!

I have no idea.

I'll postpone my trip to New York.


Go to New York.


You should have told me.

I had a right to know.

I mean, I knew my birth parents

were dead, but...

I mean, the whole time,

I've had real family out there?

"Real family?"

You don't think of Alexis
and your mom that way?

Well, I used to...

But now this explains

why I've been having these visions.

Have you ever heard of
astral projection?

Here it is...
Realizing astral projection.


"Our soul... our spirit...
Is our essence,

our bodies,
merely a shell to transcend."

How do we do that?

"Soul projection..."


What are you doing here?

Contrary to popular belief,

some jocks can read.

Kiddie section's that way.

I'll catch you later.

Hey, so I've been
looking for you.

Do you realize

that we have yet to go out?

And that is just unacceptable.

Is it?

Well, how about tonight?

I can't, actually, my mom's out of town.


And I have to take care
of my little sister.

I'll come by and keep you company.

I have tons of reading to do.

So you'd rather curl up

with that book

instead of me?

Another time?

Yeah, count on it.


Oh, hey...

Can I talk to you for a sec?

I-I wanted
to let you know,

I'm sorry.

For what?

For not believing you

when you said you saw me
at the bonfire the other night.

I think you saw someone
who looked just like me.

Oh, okay. I get it.

No, it's really hard to explain.

Can we just start over?

I'm Laurie Stratton.


Jeff Rankin.


It's fine.

I didn't mean to stare.

Don't worry about it.

How did it happen?

Uh... my dad rebuilt a Harley
for my 6th birthday,

took it for test drive,

and met up with a drunk driver.

Simple as that.


It changed your whole life.

Everybody's got scars from something...

Except mine show.

I'm sorry about your father.

I know it's been rough.

Anyways, don't listen

if people try to tell you to get over it.

You'll get over it in your own time,

in your own way.

You're really sweet.

Don't sound so surprised.

Where're you goin'?


Mom said I could.


I thought we could stay in

and make popcorn
and rent some movies.

Laurie, it's a sleepover party.

What if they never invite me again?

Are you scared to be here alone?


Are you afraid
to be here alone with me?

Al... you know
I'd never hurt you.

I know what I saw.

I'll be back in the morning.



I thought we could
play a few rounds

with your sister.

Um... she bailed on me.

Oh, really?


Well, that's a problem,

because we need
more than two players.

Unless we play a different game?

Oh, we're not playing twister...

But come in.


I'm actually really glad
you surprised me.

Are you?


You know, it's scary
being here all alone.

Well, now you don't have to be.

Hey, relax.

Hey, we had a great time
last summer, didn't we?

Yeah, but it's just...

It's different now.

I'm different.

You look the same.

You look even better.

Wait, let's just
talk. Okay?

Let's talk.

Uh, talking's overrated, Laurie.

I know you're sad.

I just want to help.

Let me put your mind off things.

Okay, Gordon...

Just give me a chance.

No, Gordon...

What the hell did you do to me?


Stay away from me, freak.


What are you doing?

Why are you home?

Well, I finished
in New York early

and I didn't want to leave you
alone another day.

Mom, thank you, I'm fine.

You've certainly been busy.

I'll clean it up.

You know,

there's nothing in these files
about your sister.

Really? That's funny,

because I just found
some information here

from the Hastings
adoption agency.

Maybe they can help me out.

I know how important
this is to you, but...

This is already
such an emotional time

that, you know...

Adding finding your sister
to the mix just...

I have to find her.

She needs my help.

How do you know that?

Laurie, what makes you say that?

Because she told me.

When I saw her in my mirror.

Your mirror?

I knew you wouldn't believe me.

Help me understand.

How am I supposed
to explain this to you

when I don't even
understand any of it myself?

Okay, y-you think

you saw your twin appear to you
in your mirror?

Mm-hmm, and it's the truth.


And if you were
really my mother,

you'd believe me.

Is there a listing

for the Margaret Hastings
adoption agency?

Do you have anything
on just Margaret Hastings?

Okay. Thank you.

I'm sorry.

What if something's
happened to her?

What if she never
appears to me again?

You know, is it possible
you're just imagining?

No! I read, in that book,

how people can "project"
their souls from their bodies

and travel anywhere.


I know it's wild, okay?

But if she can do that to me,
maybe I can project to her.


you need to slow down.


So now you think
I'm a psych case too, right?


Look, I need
to ask you something, all right?


Did you attack Gordon Lambert?


He said you tried to choke him.

The whole school
is talking about it.

For your information,
he tried to attack me.

It's just that's what you said
about Alexis.

She was dreaming.

And I never touched
Gordon Lambert.

I think she did.

- Who?
- My twin.

I think she was trying to protect me.

Wait, you saw her?

She was there?

You know...

It wouldn't hurt to talk to someone.

No, it's okay.

I'll figure this out on my own.

All right.

Be careful.


Hi. It's Helen tuttle,
I'm a friend of Laurie's.

Oh, hi!

Let me go get her for you.

Actually... can we talk?

Uh, sure. Is anything wrong?

She's going to hate me for this,

but I'm at the park
near your house.

Can you come meet me?


I'm really scared for her.

I'll be right there.

I need you.



Laurie, it's okay.

Laurie, it's okay.

I'm here.

Is it you?

It's me.

Helen? Hello?

Don't go.

I'm right here.

I'm here now.


I'm Lia.

I'm your sister.

I know you've felt

lost and alone.

I'm here with you now.


You've been reading about it.

So it's possible?

My soul can leave my body.

It's a gift.

Where's your body now?

You can't touch.

I've been living in foster homes

ever since I was five
and our mother died.

Two months ago,

a family picked me up

from the agency.

We drove all night,

and when we got to their house,

they locked me in the basement.


I don't know.

They feed me
through a hole in the door.

I've been their prisoner
ever since.

I don't
know where the house is,

and this is my only way out,

but I need your help.


What do I do?

I think you might have the gift, too.

And I think, if you learn how to use it,

your soul will leave your body
and be drawn to mine.

Was it you that everyone saw
at the bonfire that night?

I was looking for you.

I was getting closer.

And when Gordon was being choked?

I didn't want him to hurt you.

What about when...

Alexis woke up choking, too?

I don't know about that.


We don't have much time.

If they check on me
while my soul is here,

they'll see my body
and they'll try to wake me,

and they'll know something's wrong.


She's coming.

Don't go.

Who are you talking to?

Nobody. What's wrong?

Your friend, Helen.

She's had an accident.

What did the doctor say?

Her parents are still talking to him.

It's so lucky that you found her.

It wasn't luck.

Helen called me
and asked me to meet her there.


She was worried about you.

Do you know what she wanted to tell me?


I... I guess...

...she was worried I was, uh...

Getting too caught up

in trying to find my sister.

How? What have you been doing?


Hey, how is she?

She's in a coma!

It must be hard for you

to see your friend like that.

I-I can't imagine

what her parents are going through.

I'm really tired.

Yeah, sure.

Come on, Lia.

Come back to me.

Come on.

I need you.

Come back.

Come back, come back,
come back, come back.


Oh, hey.

Were you at the hospital?

Yeah, I just got back.

I played her a mix of her favorites.

It's like nobody's there.

She was the only person I could talk to.

I totally pushed her away.

You know, Helen's not
the only one you can talk to.

I give you 10 seconds

before the rumor mill
starts churning about us.

10 seconds?


You underestimate them.

Thank you.

What for?

For not treating me
like some tragic figure.

You know, "the kid with the cane"

and the scars and stuff.


Listen, if you really
want to talk about this,

this is probably not
the most private place.

Do you want to come over later?


Yeah, I could stop by.



What happens between us...

Has to stay between us.

But, you know,

I thought, when I found you,

I found someone who might care.

I do! I do care.

Then you can't have any distractions,

like that guy.


Laurie, if you want the gift to work,

you need to free your mind

and you need to
follow your instinct, okay?

That's the only way
you're ever going to find me.

Okay, I'll try.

Okay, you got to hurry,

because they strap me to the bed now.



Who knows what else they might do?

Come on down.

Just forget about them!

No, no, no.
Look at me.


Don't, just focus, stay with me.

Let me just go see
what they need. Okay?


What is it?

Mom made history tonight.

I cooked!

That's great.
I'm not that hungry, Mom.


You know, the food's not the point.

Come on, let's all be together.

Maybe later. Okay?

Honey, you've been
holed up in your room

- ...all night.
- Every night!

I'm in the middle of something!


I just...
I don't want to be down there

pretending like we're all happy

and nothing's changed.

You're not the only one who misses him.

Laurie, help me...

You hear that?

Hear what?

Help me, Laurie.

I need to go.

No, no, no, no.

Wait a second.

Your father may be gone,
but we're still a family.

She needs me, Mom.

Okay? I have to find her.

Are you talking about your twin?

Oh, that's great.

Took you how many years to tell me?

I know how much
you want to find her,

but we need you,
and we're right in front of you.

Laurie... Laurie, do not leave this house.


Hi, Jeff!


Hey, stop!
Hey, get out of the way!


Get out of the way!

Oh, my god!

Why... why're you standing in the road?

You were right there!

I just saw you in the road!

My twin.

What, you have a twin?

This is going to sound really weird...

I've been reading these
books on astral projection.


People who can put their souls

out of their bodies

and project themselves.

I think that was her.

Her name is Lia and she's...

I think she's in trouble.

Are you telling me
that was her soul I just saw?

It wasn't me.

She called out to me.


She called out to me!

She was standing
in the middle of the road

and the truck was coming,
so I tried to save her...

Oh, my god.

That's just like my father.

Wait a minute.
Did you tell Helen about this?

She told me to be careful.

And then she got hurt.

No, Helen slipped on the rocks.

She slipped...
That was an accident.

Just like tonight
was supposed to be.


That makes no sense.

Why would Lia ever try to harm anybody?

She's the one who's in danger.

I can't wrap my head
around any of this,

but I know one thing for sure...

Helen was right.

You need to be careful.

Oh, thank god.


Please don't leave that way again.

We can fight,

you can be mad at me,

but please don't run away!

If anything happened to you, I'd just...

Nothing happened, okay?

It's fine.

Wait. Wait.

I've got something to show you.

What is it?

I was planning
on waiting till your birthday

to give it to you,
like your father wanted.

He was painting it for you.

He never had a chance to finish it.

Can I keep it?

Of course you can keep it!

We would never sell it.

This belongs to you.


The way you found out about your sister...

...i feel terrible.

Your father, he would've handled it better.

He would've handled all of this better.

I just... I just...

I miss him so much.

Maybe you could finish it?

I can't paint.

Not yet.

You left me.

I had to work some things out with my mother.

That doesn't matter now.

Well, it's important to me.

We haven't been getting along.

Laurie, listen to me.

They beat me and they hurt me.

I thought I could count on you.

You can. I just...

I need to understand
why Jeff thought he...

There's no time for any questions.

They're coming back.

Lia, wait...

They're going to hurt me again!

You got to help me.
You got to save me.


Is that you?

You're dreaming.

She was here, Artie.

I felt a presence.

I know, honey.

Go back to sleep.




What was wrong with you?


What's going on?

I couldn't wake you up,
it's like you were dead.

Well, I'm not dead.

Let me get this straight...

Your soul left your body...

Traveled to Albuquerque,

and played "I Spy"

in some stranger's bedroom?

You don't believe me?

Well, I want to,

because it sounds awesome.

What did it feel like?

Like a really, really intense dream.

And the people there couldn't see you?

Yeah, I don't know

how Lia makes herself visible.

This is incredible.

Do you realize you can go
anywhere you want to?

I know, but why did I end up
in their house?

There was no sign of Lia
being there anymore.

What'd you say
the last name was, the Abbots?

Artie and Ellie.


Mr. Arthur Abbot?

Yes, this is Arthur Abbot.

I hope you can help me.

My name is Laurie Stratton,

and I'm looking
for my sister, Lia.

Uh, Lia?

She, uh, she...

Doesn't have a sister.

She does, actually.

I'm her twin.

I was adopted

from the Margaret Hastings
agency as a baby,

and I've been searching for her.

I think she may have lived

with your family for a while.

Yes, she was our foster child for two years.

Where she is now?

Miss Stratton, let me ask you something.

Are you happy

with the family who adopted you?

Do they treat you well?


Then forget Lia.
Leave her be.

I don't understand.

You don't want someone like her in your life.

But she's my sister,

and I think she's in trouble,

so, if you have any information...

She's in a hospital.

A hospital. Why?

I can't say any more.

Wait, m...

You found the Abbots?

I was, uh...

I was... I was at their house last night.


Yeah, I did it.

I have the gift.

That's fantastic.

But why, why did I end up
at the Abbots' house?

You're closing in.

That was the last foster home
I was in,

before the one I'm in now.

He said you're in the hospital.

Why would he say that?

You tell me.

And why does Jeff insist

that he saw me standing in the road

the other night?

I guess he imagined it.

Like my father did?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Witnesses said

they saw my father
run straight into traffic.

He must've thought
he was saving me, right?

He was hit by a car in an accident.

See, I never told you that...

And if you were trapped in a basement,

how would you know how he died?

Are you accusing me
of something?

You wanted him dead, Lia.


You can't get away now.

I know how to come after you.

It's like the sleep of the dead.

Let her stay that way.

I guess it's safer.

You know, the last time she was awake,

she tried to hurt herself.

Better that than someone else.

Well, you know what she's done.

The court ruled her innocent.

"By reason of insanity."

What a crock.

Oh, she knew what she was doing.

She rode that horse
straight at that Abbot girl.

She wanted to trample her.

She wanted her dead.

It's so awful.

You know,
all of her foster families

suffered some sort of tragedy.

A baby drowned in a tub?

Two kids burned in a fire?

A little girl smashed in the head?

You can't tell me
those were all "accidents."

I wanted to believe in you...

But you lied to me.

Thank god, they're okay.


Hello, Laurie.

Did you have a nice trip?

All I had to be was patient.

That's it.

I knew you'd want to know me.

I knew you'd learn to project your soul

so you could find your long-lost

desperate sister.


I've had to fight my whole life,

and look out for myself.

Nobody ever wanted me.

I don't understand.

All the foster families, the Abbots...

They're just like all
the other foster families.

Their children always came first.

You know, they said
they wanted to adopt me,

but I knew that Kathy
would always be their favorite.

So you killed her?

So I eliminated the problem.

And you got sent to a psych ward.

Yeah! Where, lucky for me,

they had a library there, right?

And I found this very interesting magazine

on James Stratton
and his beautiful family,

and there you were.

It was like staring
into a mirror.

Only your life
was nothing like my life.

You had everything easy.

You had all the advantages.

That isn't my fault.

No. Mm-mm, mm-mm.

This isn't your fault.

You weren't dragged around
by our teenage mother

while she was killing
herself cleaning houses,

were you?

Until one day

she actually did it.

She walked straight into the ocean

and drowned.

She left me on the beach, alone,

with a note pinned to my shirt.

Guess what it said?

"At least one of you got out."

It was her last breath,

and even then she was thinking about you.

It doesn't have to be this way.

I can help you.
I can help you.


I don't need your help.

Then what do you want with my family?

I want what they have.

I've already taken care of your father.

"Daddy! Daddy, help me!"

The way he dove in front
of that car to save you?

So noble...

So heroic...

And so stupid.

What a terrible, terrible accident.

Like Helen's...

And like the one

that your mother and Alexis will have.

Don't you dare hurt them.

Oh, there's nothing you can do about it,

because everyone's going
to grieve and pity me...

The sole survivor.

You see?

I win.

But don't worry.

The millions earned
from the sale of his paintings

will get me through
that mourning period.

- Laurie?
- Mom!

She can't hear you...

And she can't see you.

Because I'm you.

Don't you get it?

Who are you talking to?

No one, I was just...


...thinking out loud.

Mom, I know I haven't been

the easiest person
to deal with lately,

- and I'm sorry.
- This is not happening.

You know,
it's stressful enough...


...without me going
all aggro-psycho-bitch on you.

So from now on...

Mom, can you see me?

...I'm low-maintenance.

Glad to hear it.

All right.

Get some sleep.

I will.


Good night.

I love you.

Mom! I...

Why can't she see me?

Because, making yourself visible

and touching things

takes way too much energy
and concentration,

and you'll never be able to do it.

I'll learn, then I'll be able to stop you.

By the way,

now that your soul
is separated from your body,

you're going to get weaker and weaker.

It's kind of like a flashlight
running out of batteries.

You're going to get dimmer and dimmer

until you're just... gone.

Unless, of course, actually,

you take over my body back at the asylum...

But then you'll wake up ranting

that you're really Laurie Stratton,

and not Lia...

And who is going to believe such a lunatic?

You are evil.


I'm a survivor.

You know...

There's no point in hanging around.

Not unless you want to watch

how easily I can fool them.

They'll know something's wrong.

They'll be able to sense it.

Sense what?

That my soul is in your body?

Who would believe
something like that?

What's all this?

It's breakfast.

Wow, you made breakfast?

I tried.

Well, what's the occasion?

I just think we should
be helping out more

around here.


This isn't just for Mom.

You know, I know I haven't
been the best sister lately.

I think I've just been jealous

about all the friends
you've been making here.


Just give it time, I guess.

Now sit.



I love your jacket.

And you're talking to us why?

Look, guys, I understand
if you want to freeze me out.

I've been totally self-obsessed
and a real downer.

It is true.

You're just... you know,
you guys are intimidating,

and you have way more style

than any of my friends
back in Manhattan.

We do?

Of course we do.


I just wanted to say hi.

Why are you
sucking up to Nat and Darlene?

I live here now, don't I?

I have to fix your mistakes.

There's my favorite.


I had a dream
about you last night.

Yeah? You were in my nightmare.

Ugh, that night
totally freaked me out, too.

Except you weren't

the one who was choking.

I don't know what that was about.

Can we just start over?


I want my dream to come true...

And I promise,

you won't be disappointed.

What's gotten into you?

Oh, you'd be surprised.



Hey, can I talk to you?

She's busy, man.

One sec.

Hey, why are you talking to him?

I don't answer to you.

No, but you're better than him.

Oh. Jeff...

You're a really sweet guy,

but someone like me

with someone like you?

I think we both know

that's never going to happen, right?

What about finding your sister?

She's fine.

I spoke to her last night.

Yeah, she's in a foster home.
Everything's fine.

You spoke to her?
Did you call her up,

or did you project yourself again?

I can't believe you fell for that.

I was totally kidding.

No, I don't believe you.

It was a joke, Jeff. Okay?

So just don't bring it up again.




No, no, no, no.




Want to get out of here?


Jeff, I'm right here!

Jeff, it's Laurie.
Come on, feel me!

I'm here. Jeff!

I'm here!

Fine. Thank you.

We're all set for the
Sherwood Gallery in Soho.

It's the perfect space.

The light is fabulous.

Thank you, Henry.

You didn't show me this one.

Oh, no, no, that one stays.

You see, James painted it for Laurie.

Ahh! Speak of the devil.


How are you, sweetheart?

Oh, never better.

You seem...


Are you taking the paintings?

We're shipping them out next week.


You're okay with selling them now?


Like you said,

we have to be practical.


How much do you think
we'll get for that one?

That's not for sale, Laurie,
that's your gift.

Oh... yeah...

It's so pretty.

It was good to see you.

That is so strange.


Jeff! Hey...


Hey, it's me.

It's Laurie!

Come on...


I don't know what to do.



Hey. Hi. It's me.

It's me.


Come on, you can feel me, can't you?

Um... Jeff!



Hi. My name's Jeff.

I'm calling on behalf
of Laurie Stratton,

Lia Abbot's twin sister.

I did speak with your friend,

and I told her
not to make contact with Lia.

But... she did,

and, uh, unfortunately, I...

I think that
something's happened to her.

I'm not exactly sure what it is,

but I think that Laurie's in trouble.

How can I help you?

Tell me how to find Lia.

Laurie said that she's in
some sort of new foster home?

That's... not possible.


I'm sorry.

I-I'm not at Liberty to say, but...

I'm really worried about her.


Listen, I...
Think I can help you.



Do you want to come
to the cliffs with me?

It's beautiful outside

and I thought we could hang out
and gossip, or whatever.

Okay, it's weird enough

that you want
to hang out with me,

but you know
I hate the outdoors.

Plus, I'm afraid of heights.

Oh, come on...
It's not that high.

We live on an island now.

We should be enjoying it.

Maybe later.

I'm just not up
for a expedition right now.


There are plenty of ways

for your dorky little sister
to have an accident.

Don't you touch her.

Stop me.

You should look at yourself.

You're already faded.

You know, if I were you...

Which I am...

I would go back to my body pronto,

because, without a soul,

you're not going to last much longer.

Hi, this is Jeff Rankin.

I'm calling on behalf
of Lia Abbot's twin sister,

Laurie Stratton.

Can I speak to her?

I'm afraid you can't.

Please? It's very important.

Look, I shouldn't tell you this,

but no one ever calls for Lia,

and I've been really worried about her.

Why, what's wrong?

She's been non-responsive
for days.

What do you mean?

We don't know why, or how, it happened,

but... she slipped
into some sort of a coma.

Why are you still here?

Because I'm going to stop you.

Mm, good luck with that.

Nobody can hear you
and nobody can see you.

I'll find a way.

Well, you're wasting your time...

What little you have left.

Laurie, Helen's mother called...
Helen's awake.

She woke up this morning.

I mean, she's still feeling very weak,

but she's starting to talk,

and they think she'll be fine.

That's great!

She said you can go by
after school today.


Don't you want to go?

Yeah. I was just...

I was planning on
hanging out with Gordon.

Laurie, your friend
just woke up from a coma.

I know, and I'll visit her tomorrow.

This doesn't sound like you.

Mom... you said you wanted
me to be happy, right?

Well, being with Gordon makes me happy.

What's the big deal?



I'm right here.

That's what
I wanted to tell you about.

Helen, do you really believe this?

I know it sounds crazy,
I thought it was crazy, too,

until that night I was waiting for you.

You know, I heard Laurie calling to me,

I saw her out on the cliffs,

and I was...
I was going to go help her...

But Laurie was in the house

when I left to meet you.

All I know is what I saw.

I was just about to reach her, and she just...

She just disappeared.

I swear.

Next thing I know, someone pushed me.

That's the last thing I remember.

Come on...

Come on!


I can't wait.

I'll be worth it.

What are you doing?

Look at you...

You stupid...

Stupid girl.

Your energy is all gone.

It doesn't matter.

They'll see the truth.

No. They won't.



When did you do that?

Just now.


But you were gone all day.

I was inspired.


Mom. I'm here, Mom.

I'm here.

I'm right here.

Oh, my god...


You see... you see.

What's up?

Alexis, get back!

I was just fooling around, Mom.

Mom, you know it's not...

Mom, I'm here!

What's wrong with you?

I'm out of here.

Want to tell me what's going on?

Okay, okay.





You're not Laurie, you're her twin.

Oh, Jeff...

I'm so sorry.


No, I've been trying so hard to fit in.

Things have been so messed
up since my dad died.

Yeah, I've been...

Been trying to start over

and fit in here.

You've been so good to me,

and I've been so awful to you.


Jeff, it's me. It's Laurie.

If that's true,

then why'd you tell me
Lia was in a foster home?

I was ashamed.

I don't want to end up
at a mental institution,

like she was.

Don't believe her.

Don't believe her, Jeff.

I'm right here.


You got to forg...
Can you forgive me, Jeff?




I hate myself.

I'm a horrible person.

No, it's okay, all right?
You've been through a lot.

I feel so alone.

Hey, hey. Hey, it's okay.

All right?
I'm sorry for y...

Get away from him!

Stay back.

Stay back...

What have you done
with my daughter?

I am your daughter.

You are not Laurie...
But she's here...

I can feel her. Laurie!

So can I!

Laurie, I should have...

I should have listened to you.

Laurie, I should've believed you.

I should've believed you
when you needed me.

If you can hear us,
then come back.

Please, come back to us, Laurie.

She's never coming back.

She's never going to come back.

Please, come back to us, Laurie.

Get back!

Get away!

Stay back!



Can you see me?

Ah, I knew it!

It's over.

It's over, Lia.

They know who you are.

Who's going to believe 'em?

It won't matter.

People will start talking,

and they'll see
that you're a fake.

Shut up.

You're as trapped now
as you were back in the asylum.

I'll go back, yeah.

I'll be somebody else.

You're done hurting people!

I still have your body, don't I?

And if I can't use it...

Neither can you.




Is she breathing?


Laurie, please? Please!


Are you sure Lia's gone?

Laurie, can you hear me?

Are you sure?

Yes. I think I know my own daughter.

It's me.

Oh, baby...

Oh, baby.

It's good to see you painting again.

You think he'd like it?

He'd be so proud.

Aren't you glad we didn't sell them?

They belong here.

And we do too.

You got a call.

Mr. Abbot?

Mr. Abbot?

Miss Stratton, the, uh...

Hospital just called,

and I thought,

since you're really the next of kin...

Uh... what happened?

Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but...

Lia's dead.

It seems she just fell asleep
and never woke up.

I see.

They've already cremated her body.

You know,

for a lost soul like Lia,

I think a peaceful death like that

is really a... blessing.


I think so, too.

Peace to you.

Thank you.