Stranger in the Night (2017) - full transcript

Cara is given the ultimatum to uncover a twenty year old missing person case or else her and her friends are going to die. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Where the hell are you?

I could ask you the same question.

I've called your cell
phone like four times

in the last five minutes.

My phone died while I was jogging.


Aren't you off yet?

No, Rick asked me
to stay an extra 15 minutes.

Are you serious?

There's some guy that was
following me while I was jogging.

Did he follow you to the house?

I don't know.

I get off in 15 minutes,
I'll be right over.

He's outside.


Are you serious?


Should I call the cops?

Don't worry,
everything's gonna be fine.

I'll be over in 15 minutes, all right?


- I love you.
- All right, love you.


I'm calling the cops you asshole.

what is your emergency?

Hi, my name is Kelly O'Keefe.

I was jogging and this
man started following me

and now he's banging on my
door and he's outside my house.

And I'm all by myself.

Ma'am, what
is your location please?

I'm at 244 Carson Way.

Remain calm,
officers are on their way.


Oh fuck.


The window.

Oh fuck.


No, no!

No, no, no, no!

No, no!


Hey Hernandez.

Sheriff, how we doing?

All right, what happened here?

We got one dead, no
sign of forced entry.

We got a weapon?

No, no weapon.

We do know it was a weapon,
a knife of some sort.

What's that?

This was left for
you on the crime scene.

- For me?
- Yeah, with your name on it.

All right, all
right Hernandez, go ahead.

Hey, get a hold of coroner, let 'em know

that we're not done with
the crime scene yet.

And make sure the paperwork's done.

Copy that, sir.

All right.

Wait, you haven't heard

the urban legend of Lauren Evans?


I can't believe you
haven't heard it before!

What's so special about
this bridge anyways?

It's haunted.

Yeah right.


Let's go back to the car.

What, are you scared already?

Just let me tell the story.

It was on a night just like tonight.

Oh fuck off.

Come on, those shitty stories
always start like that.

Anyways, it was on a
night just like tonight.

A woman named Lauren Evans
decided to go for a jog.

This night was just like any other night.

Except this night she wasn't alone.

Until suddenly a UFO appeared

and she was abducted by aliens!

Bullshit, that's not the story!

That is the legend.

That's a crock of shit.

Here, let me tell it.

Oh this'll be good.

Back in 1998 Lauren
Evans went on her nightly jog.

She made it to the bridge and
decided to catch her breath.

And she was never seen again.

Okay, well that was a bunch of bullshit.

No, it's not.


Did you guys hear that?

I know what
you're trying to do, RJ-

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Oh my god,

you fucking asshole.

- Hey, smells like roses.
- Shit.

It's good, it's good.

We like it, we all do.


Did you hear that?

Yeah, yeah now this time it's real.

It's the ghost of Lauren Evans.

Oh shut the fuck up.

No it isn't.

Listen Cara, if you're so
skeptical about all this,

I have a dare for you.

A dare?

What, are we in the third grade?

Is that your way of chickening out?


What's your dare?

Just go under the bridge.

That's it?

They say after midnight

you can hear the cries of Lauren Evans.

It's always after midnight.

Come on, just do it.

You're being a pussy.



It's not gonna prove anything.

It'll prove you're not
afraid of the urban legend.

But the urban legends
are a bunch of bullshit.

Okay then what's the big deal?

Just go do it.


Cara, you don't need to do this.

I'm fine.


I'll play along with your little game.

I don't hear anything.

Oh my gosh, Tyler you asshole.

I'm sorry, I had to.

Guys, it's cold as fuck.

Let's go get some hot cocoa.

- I got her.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Did you have fun?

Oo, here comes the
ghost of Lauren Evans.

Oh stop it!

So whatever happened
with Amanda's friend, Laura?

Oh yeah, she just
wasn't, wasn't working out.


Honestly, I like
somebody else right now.


No, somebody else.

It's Cara.

And it's totally obvious.

Let me talk to Amanda
and I will hook this up.

- No, no.
- Dude, come on.

No, it just has to be natural.

Oh my god.

She's just coming off a
relationship with Darren.

I don't wanna be the rebound,
you know what I mean?

I just wanna.

That is so gay.

Shut up.

Don't touch me.

It's bullshit honestly.

I've tried three times to invite
him over to meet my parents

and he has no interest.

Did he say that?

It's obvious.

Every time I even mention
it he gets all weird.

And whenever I try to invite
him over for dinner he bails.

Do you think he's embarrassed of me?

- No!
- Oh no!

I don't see why he would be.

Come on.

Well, I don't
know what to think.

I mean I don't even know
if we're official or not.

I think we are.

RJ's just a typical guy.

He's gonna get what he wants
from you and then bail.

You can't give him what
he wants right away.

I mean you haven't had sex yet, have you?

- Amanda!
- Amanda!

I know, I'm sorry.

You gotta play hard to get.

Ignore his texts, make
him crave your attention.

And then he'll be your little lap dog.

Yeah, guys want what they can't have.

You gotta make 'em work, dammit.

Amanda, let's go.

All right
girls, I'll see you later.

- Okay.
- Goodnight.

See ya.

Well, and then there were three.


Bye Tyler.

See ya never.


Great friends.

Derek, I'm home.

Hey Cara.


Didn't even hear you walk in.

I got called into work.

This late?

Mm hmm.

Must be something serious.

Well, it is police
protocol to not discuss

or new or an ongoing investigation.

You have no idea what happened.

No, not a clue, no idea, mm hmm.

Hey, do you know how to spell amicable?

It is with one M or two Ms?

Oh, the English minor asking her smarter

and extremely good looking
older brother for help spelling?

This pleases me, yes.

You don't know how to spell it, do you?

No, not a fucking clue, no.
That's what Google is for.

Use the internet.

It's there for you.

Not for me, for you.

On that note, if you
have a real emergency,

you know how to reach me.


'Cause I'm a cop.

All right, I'm gonna go.

Just don't look at porn on that thing.

All right.


Is that you?


You asshole.

What, did I scare you?

Very funny.

How'd you get in here?

You left the back door
unlocked, like always.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

You're lucky it was me that came in.

Well now that that's out of your system

what are you doing here?

You think you can just come
here in the middle of the night

after you ditched my
friends and I earlier?

Cara, really?

You didn't get my text?

I sent you a text

saying our practice ran
later than expected.

I didn't get one,
'cause you never sent one.

I did, Cara.

You can check my phone.

Save it.

It's getting late and I
have school in the morning.

I'll walk you out.


I thought you wanted to work things out.

Sometimes, Darren, I
don't even know what I want.

Well that makes two of us.

I'm not gonna give up on us.

Cara, I love you.

Nice try, Darren.

You're gonna have to try a lot
harder to earn my trust back.

Cara, I will earn your trust back.

Goodnight, Darren.

Goodnight, Cara.





- Hello?
- Cara!


Is somebody out there?

Is everything okay?


You have saved us.

You have saved us all.

Now we're gonna start
with story pitches.

Each one of you's going to submit

three story ideas in writing.

Now these must be typed, double spaced,

12-inch margin, Times New
Roman and 12 point font.

Now each pitch must indicate

what investigative elements will be used,

who will be interviewed, what
visual elements you'll use

to tell the story, and
why you think this story

will be relevant or timely.

Hey Vanessa.


What are you gonna do your project on?

Just kinda looking around
until I find something.

What about you?

To be honest, I have a
serious case of writer's block.

I can't write anything.

That sucks.

Well I'm just kinda looking
around until I find something.

I'm sure you'll find something too.

Yeah, well I'll catch ya later.

All right, see ya.

What's a four-letter
word for tear apart.

Oh I don't know, four letters?


That's a tough one.

I don't know.

Fray, fray?

- Yeah?
- Sure.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Sounds good to me.
- Let's go with that.

How's your dad doing?

Oh, he's slowly but
surely getting better.

He just needs to realize that
there is a recovery time.

Mostly he just really wants
to get outta the house.

He's not used to sitting
around all the time.

That's great though.


Oh, how's Cara doing?

Well you know she's adjusted
well, made some good friends.

So that's nice.

- Oh that's good.
- Yeah.

Look, I gotta ask.

What is the situation with you and Cara?

I mean you two don't look anything alike.

Oh, oh yeah, Cara's my stepsister.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Her dad married my mom
when we were really young.

Her father passed away
in 2009, which is rough.

So we weren't gonna turn our backs on her.

She's been a part of me forever,
as long as I can remember.

Just because you're not blood
doesn't make ya not family.

That's really sweet of you.

Fucking fuck.

Mrs. Fairfield.

- Excuse my language.
- Sorry.

I didn't mean to sneak up on ya like that.

Oh yeah, no no, it's okay.

Cindy, this is my next door
neighbor, Mrs. Fairfield.

Hey. How's it going?

Please, just call me Dawn.

What can we do for you today?

Well I've been meaning
to speak to you in person.

I've been noticing this
guy the past few nights

looking through the windows,
hiding in your bushes.

I didn't get a good look at his face,

but I'd say he's a tall guy, dark hair.

Not sure if you know
who that may be, but...

I'm a sleepwalker, Mrs. Fairfield.

It's me.

I shit in the shrubs
around the neighborhood.

It's a bad habit, I'm sorry.

It's not you, Derek.

Okay, thank you for informing us.

I'm sure it's just one of
Cara's friends messing around.

We'll look into it.


All right, thought you
should know, officers.

Have a good day.


- You too Dawn.
- Take care now.


You think it's him?

That fuck.

What the fuck?

Sheriff Flanagan?

Hello Colin.

20 years and can't keep
your mouth shut, huh?

I, what do you mean I
couldn't keep my mouth shut?

I haven't said a god damn thing.

Somebody knows,
Colin, somebody knows.

Not because of me.

Come on Colin, last chance.

Last chance for what?

I haven't done a god damn thing.

I haven't said nothing to nobody.

Colin, last chance.

What do you want me to say?

I haven't said nothing to nobody.

Mm, you guys should get
Salt and Vinegar Lays.

Those are the shit.

Derek primarily does
most of the shopping.

Well just mention it to him.

Seriously, they'll change your life.

Is that Darren?

He hasn't texted me back yet.

This is the second night in
a row that he's ditched us.

I'm seriously tired of this bullshit.

Okay, that's it.

I need to know the full story.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Oh come on.

As your new best friend I
need to know this kinda stuff.

Well I just...

Cara, spit it out.


All right, so I moved
here a few months ago.

And I didn't know anyone.

Darren was just first
person to be my friend.

I had some shit go down in my hometown

and I didn't really know anyone.

So I needed an escape

and he was just that.

Did I rush into a relationship with him?

Yes, and I definitely
paid the price for it.

One night I was spending
the night at his frat house

and I saw that this girl named Cadence

was blowing up his phone.

And I saw a couple of the text messages

and they were very
flirtatious on both ends.

Not only that but Cadence
was sending nudes.

Cadence Smith?

I don't know her last name.

Get the fuck outta here.

Yeah, so ever since then

he's just been trying to convince me

that it was nothing and
it was all one sided,

but I hardly know this kid.

Why should I trust him?

So he's just been trying
to earn my trust back.

What a bang up job he's doing.


Speak of the devil.

Let's see what his excuse is this time.


Oh, movie night.

Why wasn't I invited?

Very funny Darren, you were invited.

I'm not Darren.


Are you trying to play
another prank on me?

What movie is this from?

No movie, real life.

What's he saying?

I see we're not alone.

Yeah, Savannah's here, you know that.

She gets
an invite but I don't?

I'm not playing your games.


What the hell did he say?

He was making a voice
and trying to scare me.

Probably another one of his pranks.

What the hell?

Who's there?

I don't see anyone.

Shut the door then.

What, you don't think

the ghost of Lauren Evans
is coming to get us do you?

No, stop playing games.

Just shut the door.


You big baby.

Ding dong ditch, really?

How old are we?

I'm already in the house.

Very funny, Darren.

Are you coming over or not?

Savannah wants to meet you.


I must say,

you have a cute little teddy bear, Cara.

Did you break into
my house again, Darren?

I'm not Darren.

Then who is this?

Does your
teddy bear have a name?

Seriously, who is this?


Nah, he doesn't look like a teddy.



Nah, he's not Fluffy.

He's Fuzzy.


His name is Fuzzy, am I right?


Fuzzy huh?

I love him, but too bad Fuzzy's gotta go.


What is he saying?

I don't think it's Darren.

Did you hear that?


Let's just call the cops.


That's okay.

It's probably just a prank.

Hi, please help us.

There's a man in this house with a knife.

626 Croix, St. Croix.

My brother is Deputy Derek Stevens.


They're on their way.

So do you think this was Darren?

I mean...

I don't know.

I don't think he would take it this far.

Anything's possible at this point.

I just don't think Darren would do this.

Did you get a chance to read the letter?

Yeah it's just a bunch of random words.

I came as soon as I
could. Are you girls okay?

Yeah, yeah, thank
you, thank you for coming.

- Come here.
- Thank you.

You don't think this had

anything to do with that
O'Keefe girl, do you?

You didn't hear?

Kelly O'Keefe was murdered
in her house last night.


I can't discuss that Cara.


You said the guy was
wearing a scarecrow mask.

- Derek talk to me!
- I can't, Cara!

I can't.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to take this
evidence back to the station.

I'll have Deputy Hernandez stay here

until Derek can get back.

Thank you.

I'll see you later.


Hey, good morning Deputy.

Good morning, sir.

I was just wondering, do
you think it'd be possible

for me to have a look at the letter

found at the O'Keefe crime scene?

You know I got that handled.

I got it all covered.

No need to get involved.

What I do need is that
letter from last night

on my desk immediately if you don't mind.

Of course sir.

With the other letter
it's really no trouble,

I just wanted to analyze
it a little bit further.

What is this?

Uh, I'm sorry...

You have a sister, right?


You don't need to be
involved in this case.

I'd hate to see something happen to her.

You wouldn't wanna see that, would you?

No sir.

I'm gonna ask again.

Please get that letter on
my desk immediately, Deputy.


Yes sir.

Did that just fucking happen?

Derek, what is going
on that's so urgent?

Cindy, something is not right, okay?

And you're gonna think I'm crazy

but you have to trust me.

Derek, what is going on?

I, look, I,

I need a huge favor, all right?

But you cannot tell a single soul.

I need you to pull Sheriff
Flanagan's cell phone records.

What? Why?

- Look, look-
- Derek!

He seemed off today.

He seemed nervous.

He wasn't himself.

Something's going on.

But Derek you are losing it.

No Cindy, I wouldn't make this up.

I approached him, I asked
to analyze the first letter.

He refused, he was very protective of it.

He says, "You don't want something bad"

"to happen to your sister, do you?"

What the fuck kinda shit is that?

Who says that?

He's hiding something, Cindy.

We have to find it out.


He asked for the second letter, all right?

I made a copy of it
before I gave it to him.

I have it here with me.



Cara what are you doing home?

I thought you had political
science or whatever you have.

Instructor absence.

Hey Cindy.


How's it going?


Yeah, you know we're doing
some work stuff right now.

If you could just give
us a little privacy.




Hey Cara, we gotta head
back to work, all right?

Should be home around 5:00.

Please, please call me
if you need anything.

I love you.

Love you too.

Bye Cindy.

Nice to see you again.

You too.

Probably just a bunch of gibberish.

I overheard my brother saying
this is the second letter.


This is the second letter you've gotten?

No, I guess there was a letter

left at Kelly O'Keefe's house.

This is so scary.


So did they say it was
just a buncha mumbo jumbo

like this one?

I only heard a little
bit before he caught me.

But he said that Sheriff Flanagan

has something to do with this.

My professor said I can have the time off

of the next assignment
considering what happened.

But I don't want to.

I'm finally over my writer's block.

And I wanna do my investigative
journalism project on this.

How To Catch a Psychopath.

Oh, pizza's here.

Cara maybe if you see the first letter

it'll help you understand
the second letter.

You're probably right.

Second letter.

Second letter.

Can you hand me that pen?

- What?
- Hurry!

What are you doing?

Whoa, what did I miss?

I have no idea.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Second letter.

O'Callahan Park at 9:30.

Come alone.

Holy shit, batman.

Wait, wait, wait.

You aren't thinking about going, are you?

No, you better not.

Do you really think they
would send me this message

if they were gonna kill me?


I think something else is going on.

Why go through all these lengths

just to get me to go somewhere?

I think something else is going on.

Listen Sherlock, I know you wanna be

some investigative journalist or whatever,

but this is a matter of life or death.

You can't risk your life
for something like this.

I'm not gonna let you do that.

Just think about this logically.

You're right.


Where the hell is this guy?


Hello Cara.

You wanted me here, why?

- This was a test.
- A test?

To see how smart you are.

I honestly thought your
brother would be the one

I'd be talking to.

But boy was I shocked to
see you standing there.

Okay, what do you want?

Are you the one who
murdered Kelly O'Keefe?

That's a personal
question, don't you think?

Why don't I ask you a personal question.

Why did you move here from your hometown?

Wait, I know the answer to that.

It seems death follows
you wherever you go.

What do you want from me?

You sound hurt.

You fucking asshole, what do you want?

I have an ultimatum for you.

What do you want me to do?

You have
until Halloween to uncover

what really happened to Lauren Evans.

And if I don't?

You and your
loved ones are gonna die.

That's ridiculous.

Halloween is in two days.

You better get a move on it.

It's impossible.

Lauren Evans went missing years ago.

How am I supposed to
figure that stuff out?

That's not
my job, that's yours.

You have until Halloween to do so.

And if you tell your brother

or any other cops for that matter,

I'll start by killing your
friends and your brother,

then I'll save you for last
just so you can suffer.

Why me, huh?


You're a smart girl.

See you on Halloween.


You dickhead.

Cara what are you doing here?

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Tyler, we need to call everyone.

Come on.

All right, what's going on?

Some serious shit is
about to go down, guys.


We can't go out on Halloween.

We need to stay together.

I received a death threat on all of us

from the guy who murdered Kelly O'Keefe.

You're kidding?


He wants me to uncover what
really happened to Lauren Evans.

Or he's gonna kill us all.

Then what the fuck are you doing?

Tell your older brother, call the cops.

If I call the cops he's
gonna kill all of us.

What the fuck?

Then what are we supposed to do?

Solve this mystery.

This isn't Scooby Doo, we
don't fucking solve mysteries.

RJ, calm down.

Okay Darren, it's
time for you to fess up.

Excuse me?

- I know you're doing-
- Who the fuck are you?

I know you're doing some
weird fucking prank on Cara

and you let it go too far.

I don't know what the
fuck you're talking-

- Oh yeah fucking right.

Amanda told me that all the phone calls-

- I don't give a fuck what she said.

From your phone.

- From your phone.
- I lost my fucking phone.

Oh bull fucking shit.

It's not him.

He was at work when Savannah
and I almost got attacked.

He could be lying.

I'm not fucking lying.

The cops came to my work.

It all checks out, it wasn't me.

What about you, RJ?

You seem defensive.

How do we know it wasn't you?

Fuck you, I've had enough of-

- Fuck you.
- Your god damn bullshit.

I'm outta here.

RJ wait.

I'm sorry.

You okay?

I'm fine.

I just, I think I'm gonna take off.

You don't have to go.

I know, I just, you
know I wanna cool off.

But thank you for defending me.

No problem.

And I will be here on Halloween.

No one will lay a hand on you, I promise.

Thank you.

See ya.


I don't like him.

Is it 'cause Cara likes him?

I don't like you either.

Sheriff Flanagan
held a press conference

in front of town hall
Wednesday, October 25th, 1998,

declaring 25-year-old Lauren Evans dead

just two weeks after her disappearance.

Evans was survived by her
husband and three children.

Sheriff Flanagan.

Please no.


Please no.

No, please no.


Evening Sheriff.

If this is who I think it is,

you need to quit while you're ahead.

Oh you
have no clue who this is.

Over 35 years of police
work, I think I have a clue.

Cold night
tonight, isn't it, Sheriff?

What do you want from me?

To watch you
squirm and beg for mercy

when I cut you open.

You know I have a Glock 27 on my waist

that says that ain't gonna happen.

I know your secrets.

You'll be exposed.

You'll slip up.

They always do.

That'll be
the day. Sit tight, Sheriff.

We're in this together.

We're in this for the long haul.


Piece of shit.


Cara, what are you doing here so late?

Can I use the computer lab?

I was just locking up.

I just really need to
look up a couple things

on the public records app.

I see you got
over your writer's block.


You know Cara, the best way
of getting over writer's block

is to say thing out
loud as much as possible

instead of writing 'em.

Eventually the more you say

you'll eventually get through it.

That's great advice, thanks.

Honestly I wish I could stay

but I have somewhere I need to be.


But what I could do is
I can keep the door locked

and put a door stop under it

and then you can close it on your way out?

- Is that good?
- Absolutely, thank you.

Never stop a creative mind

when it's in the zone.

- Thanks.
- Alrighty.





I could've saved them.

It's all my fault.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Late night?

I have something.

Oh yeah?

I think it's Sheriff Flanagan.


Why do you think that?

The other day I overheard
my brother and his partner

talking about Sheriff Flanagan

and how he basically threatened me

to stop my brother from
pursuing the investigation.


Wait, there's more.

Last night I snuck onto
my brother's work computer

and I saw that all the paperwork

done for Lauren Evans' disappearance

was done by Sheriff Flanagan.

I can't believe it.

And that's not all.

He made some sorta slip up.

He declared her dead only after
two weeks reported missing.

You can assume she's dead, but
you cannot officially declare

until seven years have passed

without sufficient
evidence stating otherwise.

Holy shit.

Cara, you might've just saved our asses.

I hope this is what he wants to hear.

I'm just scared.

I know what you mean.

But hey, tonight Darren, Tyler, you and I,

we're all set to sit at home, watch movies

and hand out candy.

I'd have us stay here, but
my brother's working tonight.

No worries.

Any word from Amanda?

Oh yeah, we were texting last night.

But RJ doesn't wanna come over.

Apparently there's a party
he can't miss out on.

Typical RJ.

Typical Amanda being his little lap dog

and going along with it.


Hey, do you wanna go
to the store with me

to pick up candy?


I do not wanna be alone any longer.

Hey stranger.

Hey Vanessa!

What are you doing?

Oh I was just shopping
for Halloween candy

and I forgot my phone in the store.


What about you?

Oh I'm just getting a couple of things.

What are you doing tonight?

I'm watching movies and handing
out candy with my friends.


How are you and Darren?

As of right now, we're good.

That's good.

You should totally come tonight.

Oh, yeah sure.

I actually, I have to do a
couple things before hand,

but I will definitely text you afterward.

Okay, I'll see you later maybe.



I have those Evans files you requested.

Yes, thank you.

No problem.

Okay are you ready to
go check out that car?

Sheriff's already on it.


Did he say he needed backup?


He said he's got it under control.


That's what he said.

We're so cute.

I think I'm gonna post this one.

You almost ready to go?

I am.

I just feel guilty is all.

I mean, Cara asked us.

I don't give a fuck.

I wanna go to the party.


Cheer up.

We're gonna be with our friends tonight.

They're your friends, not really mine.

All right, fine.

We'll go to Savannah's tonight.

But after we go to the
party for a little bit.

We'll end the night there.

We can watch a scary movie
with them or something.





Oh my god, you guys got me.

Spooky, you're very spooky.

Have fun.

Hey trick or treat guys,
have a good time, okay?

Get some good candy.

Hey Cindy, what do you got for me?

- A lot.
- Okay.

What is it?

Okay, I've been combing through

Sheriff Flanagan's phone
records like you asked

and for the most part
they seem pretty normal.

But where things get interesting

is that on the night of
Kelly O'Keefe's murder

he had five phone calls from
an outta state phone number.

What state?


And he's had daily phone
calls from that same number

like every day since.



Look, I ran the number and
it's registered to a P.O. box

under the name Mark Sheffield.

Mark Sheffield?

Who is that?

Well that's just it.

I can't find a birth
certificate for a Mark Sheffield

in Wyoming or Nevada.

So there's no direct
connection to Sheriff Flanagan.

Well then who the fuck is it?

Look, I have Deputy Winston here with me

helping me dig deeper.

I promise I will call you as
soon as I find something out.

All right, well let me know.

Mark Sheffield?

I know a Gary Sheffield.

He played for the Yankees.

Any word from him?


I swear if he ditches I'm gonna kill him.

Poor choice of words given
the circumstances we're under.

You know what I mean.

Why do you even give
him the time of day?

Why not date a nice guy?

Nice guys are hard to find, Savannah.

If I meet one I would.

What about Tyler?


Yeah, he's a sweet guy.

He doesn't like me.

Uh yeah, he does.

He makes it totally obvious.

I don't know what you're talking about.








You got a new number.

Yep, I'm on my way over.

All right, it's just
Savannah and I right now.

I'm at the gas station down the street.

I should be there in a few minutes.

Okay, bye.

Why are you so giddy?

Darren's on his way.

He's just stopping at the
gas station down the street.

Oh, it's going down tonight.

Oh my gosh.

Well if you two are gonna bang,

do it before Tyler gets here.

Where are you going?

I gotta run to the
store to get more candy.

There are more trick or treaters
this year than last year.

You really don't have to go.

What kinda friend would I be?

I'm not a cock block.

Are you outside?

Hello Cara.

I wasn't expecting your call.

Sorry to disappoint.

No, I was waiting.

What do you got for me?

I, I spent hours doing research

and I found out that Sheriff Flanagan

is behind the disappearance
of Lauren Evans.

Oh, really now?


He's the one who did all the paperwork.

He prematurely declared her death

and he's been acting
very suspicious lately.

Ah very good.

But you're just missing one thing.

What do you mean?

Tonight is Halloween
and you had your chance.


I thought you were smarter than this.


I figured it out.

You didn't figure out shit.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hey, this is Darren.

You know what to do.

Darren, please get over here.


Hey, have you seen RJ?


Have you seen RJ?

I think he went outside.

Whatcha doin'?

I just needed some fresh air.


I thought you so desperately
wanted to be here.

Okay, maybe you caught me.

Maybe I just wanted a
little bit of alone time.

RJ wait.

What if there are trick or treaters?

Let them watch.

They'll like it.



I don't know, I've just been thinking.

About what?

Are we official or not?


You wanna talk about this right now?

If not now, then when?

Any other fucking time.

You're giving me blue
balls for Christ's sake.

It's just a simple yes or no.


Are we official?

No fucking way.

That's that haunted house
everyone's talking about.


Yeah really.

Let's go fucking check it out.

Really? RJ!

Amanda come on!

Let's go!


Seriously. Fuck.

RJ wait!


Fuck that.


We're sorry,
the number you have dialed

is not in service.

She went to Savannah's.


Cindy, what's up?

Are you still patrolling the streets?

Isn't that what Flanagan told me to do?

Well I hope
you're ready for this.

What do you got?

Mark Sheffield is an alias.

I ran his name in our legal
name changing database

and guess whose name came up?

- Who?
- Greg Flanagan.

Sheriff Flanagan's estranged son.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Get the fuck outta here.

I know.

It says here that Greg had
his name legally changed

to Mark Sheffield at 5:48
a.m. on October 25th, 1998.

That's the night-

- Yes, that is the morning

after Lauren Evans
reportedly went missing.

Oh my god.

Greg Flanagan murdered Lauren Evans

and came back to Elmwood
to finish the job.

Are you shitting yourself too?

We just solved the biggest
case in Elmwood history.

Oh my god.

I gotta call Cara.

Listen, I gotta go.

Great work.

Thank you.

What the fuck is-


Police, come out with your hands up.

I know you're in here, you son of a bitch.



Sheriff, fuck, what?

Sheriff, I'm here.

What's going on?

Oh fuck.


Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hey, this is Darren.

You know what to do.




What do you want?

To play a game.

I'm tired of playing your stupid games.

Whoa now,
calm down.

You're gonna need to
focus to hear the rules.

Didn't you hear what I said?

I'm done playing.

I'm gonna call my brother.

Then they both die.


Now I've got your attention.

What have you done?

You've got seven minutes
starting now to save one of them.

I have your handsome boyfriend here

at O'Callahan Park and your
good old faithful best friend

is tied up at Elmwood Park.

You have a choice.

You can only save one starting now.



Help, help!

Shh, shh.


I thought I was going to die.

You're okay, I got it.

I got it.

No, no.

Come on.


You're free.

Oh, thank God.

Come on.

Oh god.

Oh I thought I was going to die.

Come on, we have to hurry.

Darren's at O'Callahan Park.


- I'll explain in the car.
- Okay.

Look for Darren, okay?

Okay, I'll go by the bridge.






Darren no!

Oh my god!


Darren no!


Oh god.

He killed him.

They really killed him.

Oh Cara, I'm so sorry.

What do we do?


Darren, no.

Darren no.

Oh my god.

Darren please, please, please, no.

Darren no.

Cara, Cara, we gotta go.

Cara, it's not safe to be out here, Cara.

- We gotta go.
- I can't leave him like this.

Cara please, please, we gotta go.

Come on.

Come on.

Cara, Cara don't worry.

We're gonna get through this.

Thank you, Savannah.

Cara, let me in.

Tyler, what are you doing out there?

I just saw Darren's fucking dead body.

Let me in.

What are you doing here?

Just unlock the doors.

There's somebody out here.

- Wait.
- Huh? What?

Cara, why is he out there?

- What?
- Cara!

I mean what if he killed Darren?

I mean why else would he be here

after Darren was just butchered?

Tyler we're gonna leave.

I need you to move out of the way.


I'm sorry.



You have any idea where Sheriff is?

No, last I heard he went to
go check on that red Honda.

Why, what's up?

Colin Thompson's awake.


He was critical, now he's talking.

And he said...

He said Sheriff shot him.

We need to find Sheriff.

Excuse me.

Why are we stopping?

I have to call my brother.

It's Derek.


Close but
no cigar.

What have you done to my brother?

Nothing yet.

What do you want from me?

I want you to
meet me where it all began.

I want you to come to
Kelly O'Keefe's house.

How do I know this isn't a trap?

If you ever
wanna see your brother alive,

you'll meet me here.

No, please don't.

You have 20
minutes to get here alone

or else your brother gets it.

And if you call the cops, I'll
slit your brother's throat.

What's going on?

We're going to Kelly O'Keefe's house.

What? Why?

We have to.

He has my brother.

Oh god.

A bat?


You never know.

Come on.




Savannah it was a trap.

He's not here.


Grab her.




She's awake.


Just in time for the show.



Crazy bitch!

Shut the fuck up.

Why are you doing this?

Oh come on.

You dumb bitch.

You still haven't figured it out yet?

What the hell is going on?

Oh come on.

Just think about it.

You really don't know?

My name is Tiffany Evans.

I'm Lauren Evans' daughter.

And my mom was murdered
by this asshole's son.

Sheriff Flanagan over here

realized what a sick fuck his son is.

And helped hide her body.

So where is she, huh?

Where'd you bury her?

Is she in the lake?

Is she out in the woods?

Fuck you.

Wrong answer.

Oh that felt so good.

Who are you?

Boy, you aren't nearly as
smart as we thought you were.

After bouncing around
foster homes my entire life

I never really knew who I was.

I did some research to
try and find my parents.

But I only found heartbreak.

Mom was murdered in '98.

And Dad died drunk driving in '99.

I always dreamed that I would find my mom

and we could see if we
had the same color hair,

same eyes, same nose.

But I wouldn't get to do that.

She was taken from me.

So I grew up an angry
and resentful person.

I knew I wouldn't be
able to lead a real life

if I didn't find some closure.

This would hang over
my head my entire life.

My mother deserved better.

So, in searching for the man who did this,

I found I had a brother.


No, David.

Interesting work on Darren.

I didn't think you were
gonna take it that far.

What the fuck Tiffany.

You weren't supposed to kill Amanda.

I liked her.

Oh shut the fuck up.

You didn't give a shit about her.

You just liked fucking her.

Fuck you.

Anyways, turns out
my mom had another kid

I never really knew about.

Of course I never really
knew anything about my mom.

She was taken from me when I was two.

What the fuck?

You'll never get away with this.

Shut up.

Someone'll figure it out.

Yeah, they will.

They'll find you here.


Oh come on.

You don't think we know about your past.

They'll think you snapped
and went on a killing spree.

Starting with your
brother, your ex-boyfriend,

your slutty friend and then Sheriff.

I mean records do state
you're not 100% mentally stable

after what happened back home.

Fuck you!

Oh what, did we hit a nerve?

Can you keep it down so I
can go talk to my buddy,

Sheriff over here?

Derek, where's my brother?

Where's Derek?

Will you shut up?

You're ruining this for us.

Please tell me where my brother is.

All right, I need you to do me a favor

and shut the fuck up, okay?

'Cause we're trying to
do something over there

and you're being real fucking annoying.

No please.

I ain't telling you
shit. I ain't talking.

Oh, you'll talk.

They all talk.

We'll break what's left of you.

And you'll tell us
everything we wanna know.

Fuck you.

If you don't, my brother,

he's gonna start knocking out teeth,

pulling on fingernails.

Speaking of which,

do you know why we
brought you here tonight?

Fuck you.

You know nothing.

Oh come on, Sheriff.

I know you know.

This was our home.

David, we would've grown up here.

Hey buddy.

How's it going?

I'm gonna need you to tell me where he is.

Hey, hey, stay awake!

Stay awake. Where is he?

Fuck you.

Where is your son?

Oh come on.

We know he's in Wyoming.

Which part?

Which part of Wyoming?

No, no, no!

God dammit!


- Tyler!
- Are you hurt?

Thank you so much.

I'm so sorry I left you at the park.

Come on, let's go.

She's getting away.




Oh my god.

Oh no.




Okay, don't move.

Apply some pressure to it, okay?

Just try it.

You need to, you need to try, okay?

Okay, I'm calling an ambulance.

Okay, okay.


We need an ambulance.

My friend has been stabbed in the stomach.

We're at 244 Carson Way.

Okay. They said that they're on their way

and that you need to apply pressure to it.

I never meant for any of this to happen.

I was just trying to protect my son.

20 years ago my son became
obsessed with this waitress

down at the local diner.

He began following her, watching her.

I had to clean up his
mess, dispose of the body.

Pay off the eye witness.

We changed his name and he
completely fell off the map.

I love my son even though some
may view him as a monster.

My son is not a monster.

He's not a monster.

He's not a monster.