Stranger in the House (2015) - full transcript

Eve has married the man of her dreams but when they return to live in the house willed to him by his first wife who died under horrific circumstances, it becomes a waking nightmare as Eve falls into a spiral of suspicion and madness. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- It would
only be for a few weeks.

We could bring some of
her schoolwork with us.

I'm not against it.

I just think we have to
talk to her teachers first,

see what they think.

Maybe it's better
to wait for summer.

- Wait for what?

- We're thinkin'
about takin' a trip.

Not without you, Evie.

All three of us as a family.

- Well, of course, sweetheart,

we wouldn't leave without you.

Your dad's thinking
of taking us to Asia.

- Is it far?

- Yes, it's pretty far.

- Do we have to fly there?

- Your grandma wanted you to see

where our family comes from.

And it was really
important to her

and I promised her
we would do it.

- But she won't even know.

- Just because someone dies

doesn't mean they're
gone, sweetie.

- Yeah, sweetheart.

You know, the people we love,

they stay by our side long
after they've passed away.

Some people say they
stay with us forever.

- Oh, Eve!

They have the most amazing zoo.

- Really?

- The best zoo I the world.

Way better than San Diego.

- Max.

- You'll love it.

- Don't.

- What?

- Don't talk it up.

Even if we can afford it, I'm
not sure about the timing.

- Hey, Eve, you know what
an orangutan looks like?

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!

- Max, watch the road!

- Okay.

- Oh, I hate that thing.

It's like a leash.

- Let me just see who it is.

- I'm not getting
a pulse on either of them.

- She's breathing.

- She's breathing,
the girl, close the line.

Get me a stretcher right now!

Is that the house?

- Yeah, that's it.

- It's beautiful.

- Thank you.



- Looks just the same.

Come on, I wanna
show you somethin'.

I had Sanders update everything.

I thought you might like it.

- Ah! I love it.

This is the perfect place
for me to work on my recipes.

Thank you.

- That's what I was hoping.

That's so sweet.

- I'm glad you like it.

Okay, come on.

I'll go get the
rest of the bags.

- Bully?


Where are you, Bully?



- Oh, sorry.

I'm Sanders.

I manage the family estate.

- Oh, Sanders.

I'm sorry, you scared me, I'm...

- Eve. Yes, I know.

on your nuptials.

I'm sorry we couldn't
make it out there.

- Silly to fly 21
hours for a wedding.

I'm just up here looking Bully.

- Oh, well.

Right there.

- Bully!

Hey, hi.

What are you doing?

Uh, Tom's just downstairs.

- Oh, well, let's go down.

I was just changing bulbs
when Bully found me.

We've been waiting for Tom
to come home for a long time.

- Come on, Bully.

- Welcome home, Tom.

- Good to see ya.

It's been a while, Sanders.

- Congratulations
on your wedding.

- Thank you.

- Yeah, well, everything
is ready to go.

I think you'll find
it all satisfactory.

- Feels like I just
left yesterday.

- Yes, well, Menabar's been
taking care of everything.

- Mennie?

- Yes.

- She's still around?

- Yes, yes, yes.

She's looking forward
to seeing you.

- Yeah, I bet.

- You look terrific.

- Thank you, thank you.

It's been a nice couple years.

- Mmm hmm.

It's good you're back, Tom.

We've needed you here.

Maintaining this house
has been a full-time job.

- Ah, I'm sure you have

everything under
control, Sanders.

You always do.

- Are you coming
into the office tomorrow?

- I'll be there first thing.


Come say goodbye.

Sanders is heading
back to the city.

- So nice to meet you.

Thank you again
for all your work.

- Well, it's nothing.

- Come by for dinner soon.

I'd love to cook for you.

- Yes! That'd be great.

- Well, if you need
anything, you'll call me.

The reception here
is still pretty bad,

but I had the land
line connected, so.

- Okay, great.

Come here.

- Tom, be honest with me.

It's not weird for
you to be here again?

In her house?

- It's our house, Eve.

Remember that.

- I don't think
Sanders likes me much.

- Oh, you're not
alone, trust me.

Don't mind him,
he's a strange one.

He's devoted his whole
life to the Blakes.

She used to call
him her "puppy"?

- Really?

- I just realized
I've completely

forgotten something
very important.

- Well, where are we going?


- Welcome
home, Mrs. Stewart.

- This room is beautiful.

Was this where you...

- No, I've never slept
in this room before.

Thought it would be good
to switch things up.

- Ah, feels so good to be here.

I hate flying.

- You hate anything
invented after 1940.

- Planes are older than that.

You need to brush
up on your history.

I decided I'm glad we
came back to the States.

- Me too.

- I love you, Tom.

- I love you.

- Wow.

- Wow.


Bully, wanna go for a walk?

Come on.

Okay, suit yourself.

- Hello.

- Hi.

- Can I help you
with anything, dear?

- No, I'm alright, thanks.

- Are you staying
here here in town?

- Yes.

- Oh, wonderful!

Where are you staying?

- Uh, my husband and I
live on Chestnut Street.

- Oh, what a beautiful street!

I didn't know anybody
had moved to Chestnut.

- No, it's my husband's house,

but he's been overseas
the last few years.

- The Blake House?

Are you married to Tom Stewart?

- Yes, do you know Tom?

- Blake House.

Oh, my dear.

- Mrs. Stewart.

- Yes.

- I've been taking
care of the house.

- Sorry, I wasn't
expecting anyone.

Oh, I think Sanders
mentioned something.

Are you Mrs. Menabee?

- Menabar.

- Sorry, Mrs. Menabar.

I'm Eve, Mrs. Stewart's a
little bit formal for me.

Um, I don't know that
there's much to do.

The house is already so clean.

Of course, you cleaned it.

Well, I've never had
a housekeeper before,

Mrs. Menabar, so I'm
not really sure...

- Uh, shall I help you
with your groceries?

- Uh, sure.

Get dinner started.

Thanks, that'd be great.

I bought a chicken to
roast with some potatoes,

and I'm gonna make an
apple pie for desert.

- That sounds tantalizing.

- Perfect.

Enjoy your evening.

- Don't you wanna
say hello to Tom?

- Another time.

- Tom, finally.

I missed you.

- Mmm. I missed you, too.

- Come here.

- Where's my boy?

Where's Bully?

- I don't know, I think he's
wandering around the house.

What do you think?

Doesn't it look nice?


- Did you have a nice day?

Chicken's delicious.

Evie, I'm sorry.

I've had a really long day,
and I wasn't expecting...

- What, a nice dinner?

- No.

I didn't think it'd
bother me, but,

coming into the house,
seeing the dining room

laid out with our wedding china.

- Wedding china?


Mrs. Menabar didn't
mention that,

or I would've never taken...

- Menabar?

- Yeah.

- She brought them out?

- Yes, I told her
I wanted something

special for our first dinner.


- Mennie never liked me.

I doubt it was a coincidence.

- Tom, don't say that.

She's been very nice to me.

I'm sure she just
wasn't thinking.

Has she really been nice?

- Yes, she has.


- Well, she was so crazy about ó

Well, I'm glad she's
been nice to you.

Maybe she's mellowed.

Anyway, there's something
I need to discuss with you.

- What?

- Well, I realized I've
been gone too long.

I really need to look more
closely at our accounts.

Sanders was right
to call me back.

They're a mess.

We need to start streamlining,

really rethink some of
our investment strategies.

Anyway, the point is, I'm gonna

have to be much more
hands-on than I thought.

I'll be going into the city
every day during the week.

- Oh.

- At least for the
first few weeks.

- At least for the
first few weeks.

- Tom ó

I think there's
someone in the house.

- It's just Bully.

I love you, Eve.

Hope it's not too
lonely up here.

- I'm used to being alone.

All I need is you, and maybe ó

you know that thing
you talked about?

- Mmm hmm?

- I didn't refill
my prescription.

- Good.

Then let's hope we made a baby.

- I love what you've
done with the room.

Oh, hold on, Mrs. Menabar.

Sorry, one second.


- Hey, it's me.

- Hi, sweetheart.

- Is something wrong?

- No, Mrs. Menabar
just gave me a fright.

- Well, tell her I say hi.

- Tom says hello.
- Hey, can you do

dinner with Sanders tomorrow?

- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.

- Yes, that's fine.

- How are things?

- Good, I'm just
working my recipes.

- Okay, love you.

- Okay, I love you.

- Be home soon.

- Bye.

- Tea?

- Yes, please.

- Eve?

I'd like to apologize
about the china.

I wasn't thinking, and
that was tactless of me.

- It's fine.

I'm sure it's been a difficult
adjustment for everyone.

Tom just called, he
said that Sanders

is coming for dinner tomorrow.

- Will you be cooking?

- Yes, of course.

I'm gonna make
something special.

- Are these your recipes?

- Yes, I'm working
on a cookbook.

- How impressive.

- Thank you.

I found a publisher who
seems kinda interested.

- May I ask what you did before?

- I, I worked in a restaurant.

- How nice.

- Actually, that's
where I met Tom.

- How romantic.

- Oh, I love this
old-fashioned tea infuser!

It's so pretty.

- Pretty things
for a pretty girl.

- Oh, great! Finally.

- Uh, Eve Stewart?

- Yes.

- Just sign here, please.

- Okay.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

Come on in.

In here would be great.

- There's more on the truck.

- Mrs. Menabar!

- Your things have arrived.

- Yes, and I was just
going into the city.

- Go ahead, we wouldn't
want you to miss your train.

- I just want the boxes
in the sitting room,

and I'll organize
everything later.

- Of course.

- You're a life saver.

- Hello, there.

- Hello.

- You're Tom Stewart's
new wife, aren't you?

Oh, I'm sorry, what's your name?

- Eve, nice to meet you.

- I'm Alice.

Welcome to Isling-on-Hudson.

Susan Gummerby told me
you were a pretty one.

- Do you know Tom?

- Oh, yes, we all know Tom.

I suspect everyone remembers
the day he arrived.

He was such a beautiful boy.

Oh, no offense, darling.

I'm sure he's still
a very handsome man.

I haven't seen him myself, yet.

But, whoowee!

What a splash it made when
he came into town with her.

Well, her being so
much older than him.

How old is he now?

- 38.

- Time certainly
does fly, doesn't it?

He didn't know anything, then.

I hear he's quite
sophisticated now.

Of course, that
will happen when you

inherit all that Blake money.

But this is all
ancient history to you.

You're only a baby.

How old are you?

- 27.

Then you still have no idea.

Old age. No fun.

Aching bones, can't
sleep, blood freezing,

some unrecognizable old biddy

staring at you in the mirror.

- Aren't you taking the train?

- Oh, no.

Susan Gummerby told
me that you walked by,

and I just wanted to say hello.

You know, I don't know how
you can sleep in that house.

- What?

- We'll talk again soon, dear.

You have a fun time in the city.

- Tom?

- Evie, I'm in here.

- Hi, you're home early.

- Great timing, I was
just making some drinks.

- Perfect.

- Our stuff came today.

- Mmm hmm.

- Where you been?

- I went into the city.

- The city?

Eve, why didn't you call me?

- I don't know, I
didn't think to.

- Evie, you know the deal.

If you don't wanna
carry a cell phone,

you have to let me
know what you're up to.

- Okay, I'm sorry.

- Thank you for
unpacking all my clothes.

To my most perfect wife.

- Why would she ó

Oh, so embarrassing.


- Eve. It's afternoon.

- I must have overslept.

- Well, that's alright.

Did you sleep well?

- Not really.

Mrs. Menabar, why did
you unpack all my things?

- Because you told me to.

- No, I didn't.

- You said you hated
having everything in boxes.

- What? I didn't.

I said to leave everything
in the sitting room.

- I'm sorry if I put
anything in the wrong place.

I was just trying to help.

- But I didn't tell you...

- Did I put anything
in the wrong place?

- Not really.

- Good.

I'm glad I remembered
your instructions.

Being tired and jet-lagged
makes you do strange things.

You need a good night sleep.

- I sleep too much here.

- Your body's adjusting.

Don't worry, if you
need help, I'm here.

Don't be afraid to ask for it.

Isn't Mr. Sanders coming
for dinner tonight?

How can I help?

- Mmm, smells delicious in here.

- Good, we've been working
in the kitchen all day.

- Looks great.

- Excuse me, you have to help

set the table, and you're
in charge of drinks.

Napkins are...

- Got 'em.

- 'Kay.

- Looks great in here.

- Surprise.

It's been so long.

- Wendy.

- Sanders let it slip that you
were having a dinner party.

- Oh, perfect.
- I'm Eve.

I've heard so much about you.

- Have you.

- I have to set another
place, excuse me.

- Yeah, come on in.

Eve's made us a delicious meal.

- So hot and humid!

Must be a relief to
be back Stateside.

- I enjoyed it there.

There are so many
places to visit.

- Yes, tell us about them.

So exotic.

Was the food terrible?

Didn't your nephew get sick

in Thailand, Sanders?
- Yes, he did, yeah.

- Stomach flu, or something?

Mmm, how awful.

I'm sorry, is that
your homeland?

- Eve's American.

We just happened to
cross paths in Asia.

- Well, lucky for you.

Where are you from, then, Eve?

- Originally the West Coast.

- Mmm, is your
family still there?

- I don't have any
family anymore.

Except for Tom.

- Ooh, how grim.

- Eve's putting
together a cookbook,

inspired by the tastes
of South-East Asia.

- Hmm, that's sweet.

What, just for fun?

- No, there's an
editor who's interested

in maybe publishing it.

- Well, that's very nice.

Tom, next time you
come to the city,

you have to see the apartment.

I've got this new
interior decorator.

You wouldn't even
recognize the place.

I can take my own, 'kay?

What a tragic orphan.

Did they all perish in a fire?

- Yeah, what did happen?

- Car accident.

- Car accident.

- Yes.

- Didn't your parents
die in one, too?

- Wendy, come on.

- I guess you do have
something in common, after all.

u can just
leave it there, thanks.

- Don't you have any help, dear?

- Yes, but only during the day.

- Oh, good.

Good help is really
so hard to find.

It's a cliche but it's true.

- Yes, Mrs. Menabar
is wonderful.

- Mennie, is that
witch still around?

I thought she had
gotten really sick.

- Oh, no, she's still around.

- Hmm, rumors of her demise
were greatly exaggerated.

Well, look at that.

Full circle.

My sister couldn't live
without Mennie, either.

- Your sister?

- Oh, she wouldn't
know the first thing

about running a house.

Couldn't live without Mennie.

And Mennie, of course,
was devoted to her.

My sister would say, "Jump,"

and Mennie would stick
a rocket up her ass.

- But I thought you
were Tom's sister.

- Oh, my god.

- I'm sorry, am I
missing something?

- No, God, no.

That would be so wrong.

Tom was married to my sister.

I'm Tom's sister-in-law.

Well, I was.

- His first wife
was your sister?

- Yes. But I met him
first, in college.

We became quite close.

But then I introduced
him to my big sister,

and, well, she always
got what she wanted.

When she passed away,

Tom came to stay
with me in the city.

He was quite a comfort to me.

I'm pretty sure I
was to him, too.

But then one day,
out of the blue,

he said he was going to travel,

and that he needed some space.

And, well, you know what
happened from there.

- I guess so.

We better ó

- I grew up here, you know.

In this shitty town, this house.

Never meant much to me, but
my sister, she loved it.

Left it to Tom.

But he's never to sell it.

The only occupants are
to be him and his blood.

Stipulated in her will.

- But he doesn't
have any family.

- Well, she wasn't
counting on dying so soon.

I think she thought they'd
have children someday.

Of course, she was
no spring chicken.

I'm sure her ovaries were
already shriveled up,

but that's my sister for you.

Sure, she was gonna get her way.

But now ó

well, the best
laid plans and all.

She'd roll over in her grave
if she knew Tom had found you.

She'd just kill him.

Ask Mennie.

My sister was one jealous bitch.


We should go back in.

To this day they still
save me the corner table

at Niko's, waiting for
the day I bring Tom back.

Do you remember all
those good times we had

at that restaurant?

The time you got a
little tipsy and...

- Okay, Wendy, that's enough.

- You know, it's getting late.

Why don't I give you a ride
back to the city, Wendy.

- No, I'm catching
up with my brother,

and his new lovely young bride.

- It's late, and we have
an early day tomorrow.

- You have an early day
tomorrow with Sanders,

or you have a late
night with little Eve?

I bet you can't get
enough of that young skin.

- Enough, Wendy!

- Is it.

- You okay?

- Wendy!

- She can't breath, Sanders.


We gotta get her up.

You okay?

- Jesus.

Are you alright?

- The hell was that?

- You know, let me
get you some water.

- Whew, I must have choked on

- Here you go.

- Oh, screw the water.

- You alright?

This was a tough one.

Come here.

Come on.

I'm sorry about Wendy.

- You told me she
was your sister.

- I think of her as a sister.

- That's disgusting.

She was your sister-in-law
and you slept with her.

How can you say you think
of her as your sister?

- Eve, it's not like that.

- Not like what?

How stupid do you think I am?


- We were friends.

For a long time.

It was a strange
period for me, after.

After I left here.

I wasn't thinking straight; I
had a few moments of weakness.

But I swear, I only think
of her as a sister now.

- But she isn't!

She is your dead wife's sister!

- Sweetie, calm down.

You're upsetting yourself.

I've always been alone.

I've never known what it was
like to have a real family.

You of all people know
what that feels like.

Wendy was the one constant
in my life for a long time.

Now, I'm sorry if you
feel like I misled you,

but for a while,
especially after she died,

Wendy felt like the
only family I had.

You understand that?

- Yeah.

- But you're right.

She's not my family.

You are.

We are going to
build our own family.

- I don't like her.

- Then you never have
to see her again.

- Oh.


I need some coffee.

- Well, if you prefer
coffee, I can fix you a cup.

- That's alright,
I'll start with this.

I'm sorry the kitchen
was such a mess.

- Oh.

That's what I'm here for.

Did you enjoy your party?

- Mrs. Menabar, how
long have you been here?

- I'm sorry?

- Since before Tom moved here?

- Oh, yes.

Long before that.

- And, your husband?

What does he do?

- My husband?

My husband left me.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed.

I didn't realize.

- That's alright.

It was a long time ago.

And I believe that everybody
gets what they deserve.

Heartbreak begets heartbreak.

But, to get back to your
original question, yes.

I've been here a very long time.

- You knew here well, then?

- Who?

- Tom's first wife.

- Yes, I knew her very well.

- What was she like?

- You really wanna know?

- Yes, I think I do.

- She was wonderful.

She was kind.

She was smart.

She was beautiful, full of life.

The house was always
filled with guests.

Everyone loved her.

Especially Tom.

And she adored him.

They were so in love,
he never left her side.

She took care of everything.

They spent all
their time together.

Boating, traveling,
throwing parties.

They were so happy.

And then everything
changed when she got sick.

It was very hard on everyone.

It's a terrible thing
to lose your mind.

- Mrs. Menabar?


- Hi.

- Come in, please.
- Thanks, yeah.

- Make yourself at home.

I'm gonna put on some clothes;

I was in the shower when
I heard the doorbell.

- 'Course, sure, sure.

- I don't know
what he sees in her, but...

So how is she?

- How could this happen?

- Well, don't worry,
it's in the early stages.

I'm taking care of it.

It won't be a problem.

- Sanders?

- Sanders?



- Didn't Tom tell
you I was coming?

- No. He didn't say anything.

- Well, that's odd.

I got what I was
looking for, so.

- What were you looking for?

- Tom is probably waiting
for me at the office...

- Sanders, you can't just...
- Thank you again for dinner.

It was wonderful.

- Mrs. Menabar, I
thought you had left.

Sanders was just
here and I didn't...

See you.

- Are you alrighty?

- Yes.

- Sit down.

- Did you see a package
on the table by the door?

- No.

- There was a package on the
table, and it's gone now.

- Eve.

- I'm just a little

It's nothing.

- Light headed.

Anything else?

- No.

What do you mean?

- Oh, it was just a touch
of deja vu, that's all.

- Like her, you mean?

- Maybe it's something you ate.

- No. Say what
you meant, please.

- Are you worried, Eve?

- Of course not.

I'm just wondering.

- Well, it started
with little things.

She was very lethargic.


And sometimes faint.

She slept badly.

And then she started
to forget things.

People told her.

Whole conversations, sometimes.

And it got worse, quickly.


She thought the whole
world was against her.

Are you sure you're okay, Eve?

- Yes, I'm fine.

- It's funny,
I didn't hear Sanders come in.

- Where were you?

I was calling.

- Well, I was
right here the whole time.

- In the kitchen?

- Yes. Why?

- Never mind.

Must have been upstairs,
but why would she lie?

Why would she say she was in
the kitchen the whole time?

- You sure walk fast.


- Hi.

- Alice.

We met at the train station.

- Yes, I know. I remember.

How are you?

- Well, good. Can't complain.

Where were you heading?

- I was just out for a walk.

- I'll walk with you.

How are you liking
our little town?

- It's very nice.

- It is, isn't it?

- Yes, very nice.

- How, uh, how are you sleeping?

- Excuse me?

- How are you sleeping?

- Fine why do you ask?

- Well, are you seeing things?

- Seeing things?

- Things that aren't there,
things that nobody else sees?

- I don't know
what you're talking about.

- The minute that you
start feeling strange,

you go straight to a doctor.

You hear me?

And don't let Tom cook for you.

Only eat what you
prepare yourself.

And if you start feeling unwell,

you just go.

Don't tell Tom.

You go.

Don't forget what I told you.

- Tom?

- Hey. I came home early.

- Are you cooking?

- Yes.

We're celebrating.

I got some good news today.

- One of the accounts?

- Uh, not quite.

I'll tell you when
everything's confirmed,

but I think you're
gonna be happy.

Philly cheese steaks
with mushrooms.

- Okay.

- Dinner is served.

- You don't want any peppers
or mushrooms on yours?

- Mmm, it's good.

Naw, I like mine plain.

What's a matter, you not hungry?

You're missin' out.

- Tom, can I ask you something?

- Sure, what?

- Can you tell me about Margo?

- What?

- You never wanna talk about it,

but I wanna know.

I need to know.


- I was young.

I met her, and ó

for a while we were very happy.

- Tom?

- Limbic encephalitis.

It is very difficult
to diagnose.

We didn't realize she
was sick at first.

Started with night terrors,

something she hadn't had
since she was a child.

Her behavior became
more and more erratic.

She'd go into town for groceries
and come back screaming.

She would lock
herself in the attic.

She thought everyone was
conspiring against her.

She scared everyone in town.

They all loved her so much,
but they didn't recognize her.

I didn't recognize her.

She was so paranoid, she
thought she was being poisoned.

She didn't trust anybody.

By the time the
doctors figured out

what was wrong, it was too late.

- Mrs. Gummerby?

- I'm a bit busy right now.

- I don't mean to bother you.

- But you are.

- Yes, well, I'm
sorry about that.

But I need you to tell me

where I can find
your friend, Alice.

- Try the library.

She likes the smell
of forgotten things.

- Thank you.


Anybody here?

- How are you, dear?

Oh, did I scare you?

Oh, child.

You have to have a
stronger stomach than that.

Can I help you with something?

- Are you the librarian?

- More or less.

They don't have a
full-time one, anymore.

So I help out when I can.

Can I help you with
a particular book?

- Actually, I was
looking for you.

- Me?

- Um, I was hoping you
could maybe explain

what you meant the other day.

About being careful.

- I see.

Something give you
cause for concern?

- No.

No, of course not.

I was just curious.

- Were you?

- Yes. What did you mean?

- Oh, I'm just an old biddy.

Can't you see?

But since you're here ó

I do have a few books you
might find interesting.

There it is.

- What is it?

- The very last book she
borrowed from the library.

- Who?

- You know who, dear.

- Margo.

Barbiturate Acid... odorless
powder, soluble in water.

Effects include sleepiness,
hallucination, headache.


Effects include restlessness.


Effects include
mania or psychosis,

headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

- Back to the Blake
house so soon, dear?

- It's my house, Alice.

- If you say so, dear.

- Sanders?


- Mrs. Menabar.

- Here.

- Was Sanders just here?

- Sanders? No.

- Are you sure? I just saw him.

- Here, in the house?

- What? No.

He looked right at
me and kept walking.

- Do you see him now?

- What? Of course not.

- I saw him outside.

- He didn't come to the door.

- I'm not crazy, I...

- No one's saying
you're crazy, Eve.

- Forget it, just forget it.

- Maybe you're just
a little confused.

It's alright.

Happens to all of us.

- I know what I saw.

- Why don't you
go lie down, hmm?

You look tired.

I'll bring you a
nice, hot cup of tea.

- Mrs. Menabar?

Did Tom used to cook
for her, before?

- Yes.

He was very proud
that he could make

all of her favorite dishes.

- He never cooked for
me until we moved here.

It's probably because I just
never gave him the chance.

- Yeah.

That's probably the reason why.

- Thank
you, Mrs. Menabar.

- Thank
you, Mrs. Menabar.

- Tom?

Pick up.

Oh, my God!

- Shhh!

Hey, what's the matter?

It's me.

- Oh, my God, Tom.

- What? What is it?

- There's
something in the house.

- Shhh, calm down, it's alright.

Let me have a look.

- No, no, no, no!

No, there was banging, and...

- Banging?

It's just the boiler.

I'm sure it hasn't been
serviced in a while.

I'm sorry it scared you.

- Where were you?

- I missed the train, I'm sorry.

Come on, let's go in.

- No, there's
something in the house.

The door opened,
and there's no one there!

- What did you say?

- The door.

It opened by itself.

The handle turned...

- That's not funny, Eve.

- Tom!

- Who have you been talking to?

- What?

- What, did somebody tell
you it'd be a great joke?

Huh? Have a laugh about it?

- What are you talking...

Who put you up to this?

- I don't know what
you're talking about!

- I'm sorry, Eve.

I don't know what got into me.

- Why were you so angry?

- I thought you
were playing a joke.

I thought maybe
someone had told you

about the crazy
things she started

to say after she got sick.

- She said she saw doors open?

- Yes.

All kinds of crazy stuff.

She would get so angry with
me when I didn't believe her.

- But it really
was the disease, right?

- Of course it was.

- I really did see it.

- Eve, maybe you
should see someone.

You're not well rested,
you've barely been eating.

Have you had a single night

of proper sleep since
we've been here?

I'll have Sanders see if he can
get some sleep aids for you.

You know doors can't
open themselves, right?

- Right.

Tom, do you ever
feel like we made

a mistake coming back here?

- A mistake? What do you mean?

- I just haven't felt like
myself since we've been here.

Is there any chance
we can go back?

- There's a stipulation
as part of my inheritance.

- For you to never
rent or sell the house.

- How do you know that?

- Wendy told me.

- The full stipulation ó

is that I'm to live
nowhere but here.


- But you've been
in Asia for years.

- Living in hotels.

If I were to ever put down roots

anywhere but here, I'd
lose the inheritance.

The investments, all
the money, all of it.

- So we can never leave here?

- I'm workin' on it.

My lawyer thinks there
might be a loophole.

In the meantime,
I'll tell you what.

I won't go in tomorrow.

We'll sleep in.

Spend the day together,
mae go on the boat.

What do you think?

- It's so nice out here.

- Yeah, it is.

- Don't you like BLTs?

- I do.

- Take a bite, then, please.

You need to eat.

- I will.

Tom ó

Have I done something wrong?

Are you ó

- What? What do you mean?

- No, nothing.

Tom, that's Alice.

And Mrs. Gummerby.

- So?

- Why are they staring at us?

- Eve, they're just
enjoying the view.

- No. They're staring at us.

- Just ignore them.

This town is full of busybodies.

It's always been like that.

u can't let it bother you.

- See? They're leaving.

- Are you not feeling well?

- I'm fine.

- You haven't worked on
your recipes in a long time.

- I know.

I should.

I just haven't been in the mood.

- Is something on
your mind, Eve?

- Why do the people
in the village ó

They look at me like ó

I don't know.

We were in the boat yesterday,

and people gathered to watch us.

- Are you sure they weren't
just out for a walk?

- Yes, I'm sure.

- Maybe they were
looking at the boat.

- Why?

- It was hers.

It's been in dry
storage for years,

but she used to take it
out almost every day.

Must have given them
a shock to see it

out on the water
after all this time.

- I didn't ó

I didn't think of that.

- No. Why would you?

Eve, you're looking
a little peaked.

You need to catch
up on your sleep.

- No.

I sleep too much.

Mrs. Menabar, you don't th...

you don't think it could
be something else, right?

- What do you mean, Eve?

- Things just haven't been the
same since we've gotten here.

Tom ó

Tom seems so different.

Tom's first wife ó

You don't think Tom ó

She really was sick ó


- What are you
trying to say, Eve?

- Nothing.

I don't know.

- Are you frightened?

- Sometimes.

- It's terrifying, isn't it?

You give your life
over to someone.

You trust them with it.

And in the end,

who really knows anybody?

- Please, stop.

- I was just thinking out loud.

So, you were gonna
ask me something.

- Is there a picture
of her somewhere?

- No.

- There must be one, somewhere.

I know it sounds strange.

But I feel close
to her, somehow.

- Of course you do.

If there's nothing
else, I'll be going.

- Of course.

Thank you, Mrs.
Menabar, for everything.

You've been such
a big help to me.

You've been such
a big help to me.

- Why would I put that there?

That's not right at all.

God, this is a mess.

What am I doing?

This is so disorganized.

No, no fish is in here
because it's chicken.

- Open this door!

never forgive us.

Where is she?

- Sanders.

- I need talk to her.

I need to find her.

- What the hell?

- This was your idea,
you little bitch.

- Sanders, you're scaring me.

- This house has been in
the family for generations.

How could he do this?

She needs me to
take care of her!

She needs me to take
care of the house.

What will she do if I
can't take care of her?

- Please, you're hurting me.

- I'm sorry, I don't
wanna hurt you.

I just need you to help me.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Oh, yeah, you do. You do.

Where is she?

You need to stop Tom
from selling the house!

He's found some sort
of loophole, and

It can't end this way.

She will never forgive us.

- Who?

- Oh, my God, you really
don't know, do you?

- Sanders, you're
not making any sense.

I want you out of
my house right now.

- She will not let this happen.

You don't know what
she's capable of.

Tell her I will fix this.

- You need to go.

- You'll be sorry.

- Get the hell out of my house!

- Alice? Alice?


- Yes, dear.

I'm here, dear.

No need to shout.

- Last time I was here,

you said that if I
had any questions

I could come to you.

Well, I do.

I need to know more about her.

- Who, dear?

- Margo Blake, Tom's first wife!

- Shush it!

No need to shout at me.

- I'm sorry.

Can you help me?

- Of course I can.

All you had to do was ask.

Her family founded this town.

Her great-grandfather
started this library.

We love her, here.

Here she is with Wendy.

Oh, they were such
beautiful children.

- Like angels.

Here she is in the stable.

Oh, she had such a
way with animals.

She could control any
horse, no matter how wild.

- Alice?

Alice, why do you have
all these personal photos?

- Well, Wendy didn't
really care for them.

The children never
really got along.

Wendy was always very
spiteful, very jealous.

Tom left them with
the family estate.

They're stored here.

With me. For safekeeping.

Well, it was only right.

Tom married into the family,
but he never really belonged.

And he brought you.

Did you really think that you
could ever take her place?

Did you?

Did you think you'd be welcome?

To this town, to this house?

To her boat? Her bed?


Wedding picture.

- Mrs. Menabar!

- What?


That's Mrs. Menabar.

She died a few years ago.

- I'll bring you
a nice, hot cup of tea.

- And, of course, I took ó

This one.

A very last photo
of Margo Blake.

- No! No!


- Just Bully.

- You knew her well, then?

- I knew her very well.

- My sister was
one jealous bitch.

- We've been waiting for Tom
to come home for a long time.

- No!

Oh, my God, no!

I need to use your phone.

I need to use your phone!

Please, please,
please, please, please.

- Hello?

- Oh, my God, Tom!

Thank God!

- Evie?

- Tom?

- Is that you?

- Tom! Can you hear me?

- Evie?

Eve, I can barely hear you.

The reception's terrible,
but I'm almost home.

I have some wonderful news.

- No, no! Tom, don't

- I'll see you in a few minutes.

I think you're gonna
be really happy.

- No, no, stay away
from the house!


- Tom!

- God, Sanders, enough. Please.

- Tom, you gotta listen to me.

You can't do this.

- I know how much
you loved the family,

how much you loved her.

But she's gone.

- She's not gone!

She's been waiting for
you for years and years!

- She's dead, Sanders!

Get over it. She's dead!

- She's dead, but
she's not gone.

Just because she
hasn't let you see her

doesn't mean that
she's not there.

She's been trapped
in that house,

but she's been waiting for you,

and what do you do?

You marry some dumb little slut,

and then you try
to sell her house!

Jesus. Are you insane?

- I need you to
give me your word.

I need you to promise me.

She needs me to
take care of her.

She needs the house
in the family.

- There's no family, Sanders.

The Blakes are gone.

Margo is gone!

- You, you never deserved her!

It should have been me!

- No! Tom!

- Give me the gun, Sanders!

- No!

No, oh my God!


- Promise me you'll
always remember me.

- You're the love of my life.

You'll always be with me.

I swear.

- I'm gonna hold you to that.

- Noooo!

- What have I done?

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- Tom!

- Mrs.
Stewart, can you hear me?

- Calm down, your baby is fine.

- What?

- You're in the first trimester,

and you've been
through a major shock.

We'll make sure your
pregnancy is a healthy one.

- Tom?

We made a baby!

- No, no, no, no.

- Mrs. Stewart.

Wow, I guess I
almost missed you.

Um, I'm glad to see you
got your personal effects.

I'm Gary Davidson.

The attorney that your husband

engaged to look into the house.

- You work with my husband.

- Very sorry for your loss.

Tom was a good man.

Uh, listen, I didn't wanna
take up too much of your time.

I was just wondering if
you had any instructions

for me regarding the house.

- Instructions?

- Well, now that Tom has passed,

you're the sole beneficiary.

You inherit everything.

Including the house.

And as you know, Tom was
determined to find a way

out of his first wife's caveat

that he live there,
and we did it.

We were about to put the
house on the market, when...

- No!

Thank you.

- Um, I'm sorry.

Your husband led
me to believe that

the two of you were
very anxious to sell it.

- No! No.

I have to go home.

My husband's waiting for me.

- I'm sorry?

- I have to go home.

Tom is waiting.

- Perhaps this isn't
the best time to ó

We'll talk soon, Mrs. Stewart.

- Bully?




Tom, I have some good news.


Tom, please!

- He's gone.

He's gone.

He's gone.

- You don't have him?

- He was supposed to be here.

He was supposed to
be here in the house.

He was supposed to be mine.

- But I thought, I thought
he was here with you.

- He's lost.

Lost forever.

- Tom is gone?

- You are the reason
this happened.

You took him away from me!

You're the reason that he
wanted to sell the house.

- No!
- You!

- We still have a part of him.

- He's gone.

- I can give us a piece of Tom.

- He's gone.

- We're having his baby.

- We have Tom's baby.


You. And me.

Yes. Yes.

I have no one.

I have no family.

Nobody loved Tom like I did.

Except for you.

But we still have each other.

- I finished!


I'm not calling you, Teema.

I finished my cereal.

Can I go play now?

- Sure.

- Can you come with us today?

- Another time.

- We are going to
build our own family.

- We are going to
build our own family.