Stranger in My Bed (2005) - full transcript

To escape her abusive spouse, Sarah fakes her own death and flees. Seems like a good plan, right? Sadly, it doesn't take her estranged husband long to get wise and hunt her down. This game between them will turn deadly and it looks like only one will survive.

Someone help me please what happen my
wife is hurt she needs a doctor right away

we need a gurney here right away. what happen?
I don't know I found her at the bottom of the

Stairs we got to get her gently
down. you gonna be ok alright.

Ok good that's alright. Get us
to the OR now

Alight does she have any allergies?
I don't know. We can take it for now

You taking any prescription medication?
No not that I know of.

Cat scan in here.

You'll have to wait here sir.
Someone will be with you shortly.

Sara Ill be right here baby.

Mr. Hansen? Yes. I'm Dr. Berry
I treated

Your wife. Is she going to be ok.
Your wife is going recover but she

suffered a concussion and severe bruising
and we'll need her to stay a few days.

For observation. Thank You Dr
Berry Can I see her?

She sedated right now. Please!
Just a few minutes.

Remember just one minute of

Sara baby


Hey its me Ryan

I Love you baby

Everything's ok baby

Doctor says I can take you home
in the morning.

Hi, These are for you.

Thank You

You had me worried.

I don't know what I'd do with
out you.

This will all be behind us
soon. Come here

Let me help you Sara.

Lets get out of here.

Thank You, Thanks

You must be glad to be coming
home? Yeah

What did you say? I am glad to
be coming home.

I don't like this hospital

Or the way that Dr. Berry was looking
you and the way he was looking at me.

Did he ask you any questions?

He asked me what happen. You

How I was hurt. You know what
happen I fell down the stairs

I'm gonna get you home safe

To my wife on her birthday.

For you my darlin to wear on
your special

night. I love you

Are you ok? Yea I was so worried

You should'nt be. Well I'm not just
your boss Sara I'm your friend.

Sorry Um

He hurt you again Didnt he? I
should report that baster.

Now don't Christine. It's only
gonna make it worse. Besides this

was kinda my fault.

Now don't Christine. It's only
gonna make it worse. Besides this

was kinda my fault. Are you
kidding me your a victim here Sara.

Your not responsible for this.
Please don't say anything.

I just cant stand by quietly and
let him do this you. Someone has to

tell the police.

This wasnt always like this. I know.
I Remember when I first met him he was so

handsome and caring and loving

attentive. Yes but he's not the
same Ryan that

your married to now. Honey he
controls everything you do

Do you remember you

use to be so outgoing. The Sara
I knew was fearless.

You do or try everything

When was the last time you went
climbing or did anything adventurous.

Ryan needs help and you need

I'm calling the police. No
Christine don't don't

Just let us work this out
ourselves. Ok

He doesn't mean it.

He says he gonna get help and I
believe him.

I just him and he loves me.

I can change him

you gotta give me the chance

Ok I'll hold off

Thank You. But you gotta do

I will. Sara look if you

need me day or night you call
me ok. Yeah You promise. I will

Thank You

Well I have a toast

To the birthday girl and the

beautiful wonderful woman

I know

Ok close your eyes

close them

This is just a little something
to show you

how much you mean to me

Ryan there beautiful

put them on. come on


You like them? I love them

You do. Yeah how do they look?

Wow. Yeah Really. Your stunning

Thank You,


I know I haven't been the best
husband lately.

And um

I'm truly sorry

for the way I've treated you

but thing are going to be
different now

we're gonna get our marriage
back on track.

I promise baby

Now lets get out of here.


And once again Mrs Hansen Happy

birthday. Thank You. Let me
guess twenty-one right.

Oh yes over and over again.

What a night

What the hell was that?

What? The guy the waiter. Oh he
was just

trying to be polite and make conversation.
We're customers that's what he is paid to do.

He was flirting with you Sara and
you flirted back. No he wasn't.

Don't lie to me Sara. Ryan I'm not
lying to you. I said don't lied to me.

Get in the car

You know I don't like it when
you lie

to me Sara.

What do you think you was doing in there making
a fool of me. Please Ryan It wasn't what

No Ryan don't

No Ryan stop it no Ryan! Shut

Shut up. Please I'm so sorry so sorry
your right. I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Shhhh. Ok ok ok

I'm sorry

You know I just cant stand the
thought of you with another man.

I just love you so much.

Let get you upstairs and
cleaned up. Ryan

come here

Oh hey Sara

Yeah. come with me

Let me see

No honey not again.

That's nothing. What you mean
nothing look at

your face. This cant go on. You
have to leave

him. He's gonna kill me if I do.
He's gonna kill you if you don't.

Your right Christine.

That is not the same man that I

I'm gonna leave him

good. Just don't call the
police. please don't. Ok

Im so sorry.

I'm sorry

But now for the latest news.
Archaeology are excited

about the initials findings discovered
right here in Washington State.

Humans remains estimated to be between
eight and ten thousands years old.

Has been uncovered deep with in
the coconieve cave system.

Claims there are hundreds of such caves
systems through out the state, many of them

verticule uncharted and now to
john Walter for the weather

Hey, So whats this great idea

have. Well I thought a lot
about what you said about me

not being my self and not being
adventurous and it really struck a nerve.

I want to do a piece on Caving

in our state.

In our state. Caving?
You know nature

at its best and what it has to

Ok I'll give you this one. Hey

Good for you. Its a step in the
right direction.

What are you reading?
Scared me

You were in another zone.
Yeah well

I'm just getting ready for this cave story.
Its due in a few weeks.

Listen Ryan I have to go out of
town for a few days.

Out of town? You know I don't l.

Its just going to be for a few.
Just a few days?

Ryan why won't you come with me?

I'd really love to have you the.

Why not. I mean it could be
dangerous you out there all alone.

Thanks honey.

Its been so long since we done.
I know

I know long over due.

Cheers Cheers So hows

your caving project coming?
Good Good We're leaving tomorrow.

Ryan is coming with

me. We are going to spend some
time together and

listen before you say anything,
I asked him. He didn't force himself on me

he didn't try to stop me. I just hope
the hell you know what your doing

Please be careful.
I will, I will

Christine, you've always been
there for me

Thank You,
You sure your doing the right thing?

Yes, Yes I am.

Your Spending a lot of time of
this cave stuff

Hey yeah I am. It's my job.

Really want to be theory for tht

ragging newspaper.
Yeah it is ragging

I know I was kinda thinking um

the extra money that I make may
We can what?

I'll decide what we do with the
money you make Sara.

Just remember that.

Of course Ryan
That's good.

You know I support your career,
right honey

If there is anything I could do
to help you just let me know.

Well I really appreciate that.

I love

you for supporting me.
Well that's what a good husband does Sara.

He looks after his little woman


Where exactly are we going?
Oh we are going to brighten Caves

Yes its quite remote. Its a
five hour

trip through the woods before w.
Well is there any

cell service. You know I'm gonn.

Are you sure your up for this?

Your not trying to get rid of
me are you?

Maybe there is someone else you
rather go with.

No Ryan I want to go with you.

Come on please don't
Don't what

Don't just don't hurt me.

Oh sweetheart I'm not gonna
hurt you.

So when do we leave?

If that's ok with you

Yeah yeah that should be fine.

Get back here
Stop it

I told you to be good

stop it

I told you

Where were you where were you
Please Ryan

Look what you do to me. Why you

Look what you made me do to
you. look what you made me do

I didn't mean to

This is it. let's get ready

Here we go

That's incredible

You alright?
I'm doing good.

Oh man This place is spooky

It's magnificent

This is it.

Which way?
I think we should continue straight.

My light seems dimmer. Yea now
I'm really

losing my light. Let me check i.

You beam my way

It's weird I put fresh
batteries in

those before me left.

Yeah it's really low.

We still have mine.

Let just keep moving for now.

You got it? I'm ok Ok

Feels like we are descending
into hell

Check this out

Yes this is it! This is

Oh its spectacular

Ok just gonna get a few shots.

How you holding up?
Good. Alright

Let me just take a few shots
and we'll be out of here.

You know what. I want to get a. Are you
sure that's a good idea? Yeah yeah yeah

Just stay here so I can get som

Get up Yeah right perfect

Ok Ryan now pretend like your
having fun

Sara just hurry up will you just
smile and pretend your having

fun. Alright I just want to get

one cheese. Aw your handsome.
Let just hurry up

and get out. Ok one more.
Sara Sara!


Sara hold on. I'm standing on
the ledge Give me your hand baby

Just hold on. Sara reach up and
calm down

just give me your hand.
I'm slipping Sara


No No No Sara

Hold on baby

Sara Sara

If you can hear me I'm gonna go
get help

Your responsible for this

Why did you have to kill Ryan

Just get bored with beating on her or
did you find out she wanted to leave you

I love Sara
oh right

This was an accident
accident huh

You may have everybody else
fooled but I know you killed her.

You took her to those caves a
perfect place to do it

Come on

Ryan why don't you go with me

I love for you to be there.
I don't understand I put fresh batteries

in both headlamps before we left

Sara No Sara

My light No no no Sara





what the hell were you up to

Nice to finally meet you in pero

Let's cut to the chase

Why do you think your wife is
still alive?

My wife told me when her father passed
away she received nothing from his

estate. That's not true

She got two hundred thousands
from his will.

Then I found this

She disappeared in the cave
system about a year ago

she was officially declared
dead all though her body

was never recovered.

So she set the whole thing up

That's her personal information
birthday social security number etcetera

Last question

why do you want to find your wi?
She's my wife

I love her to death

I'll see what I can do


I have something you'll be
interested in Mr. Hansen If you like

I can drop by your house this eg Great
look we'll see ya at eight o'clock

Just over two years ago your
wife opened a bank account

With initial deposit over two
hundred thousands dollars

I manage to get a copy of the

The account was cleaned out

just a few days before your
wife's disappearance

The funds were wired to a bank
account under the name of

Julie Nickles

Julie Nickles is that whats she
calling her self


So where is she?
Turlin West Virginia

But the trails end with the wire.
Unless I actually go there myself I cant

tell you whether Julie is your.
So I guess you'll be going to Turlin

Well in that case

I'll need some advance money for
my expenses

As I said earlier money is not.
I like the sound of that

Give me just a minute

This is a picture of Sara.
You'll be hearing from me

Ok close together

big smile big smile there it is

yay Great

We got it. We're all done

Ok Ill have these ready for you
first thing next week.

Perfect sounds great.
Ok and you

Thank you Ms. Nickles

See you bye bye

Sorry we're closed for the

Oh I was hoping you might be able
to squeeze in one more customer

Oh no can do unless your ready
to bribe me

Well I could throw in a dinner
for two at Luke chicanos or maybe

just a weekend ski trip.
Your on brad


I found her

I'll be back tomorrow

Those the pictures

attractive woman your wife

who's the guy?
Brad Taylor as far as I could

find out they been dating for about
three months. He's a local contractor

Have you got

the rest of the info. Its all in the file.
She owns that photo

studio and a small home just
out of town. Address

is there. Even through in her
phone number.

What a bitch

Does anybody else know about th?
No one so that's everything

That's it nothing else. Well
except you have to pay me

cash like we discussed
Yeah I got it right here for you

forty forty-five hundred right? t

you don't have to do this Give me your gun!
Keep your hands up and get on your knees

Keep the money I walk away

and not say a word to anybody
Shut up and let me think

this is crazy
No she is crazy

Hi, Ryan Hansen I have

Welcome back to the anamoral
New York

Mr. Hansen enjoy your stay Thank
you, Could you have someone

put my bags in my room. Im late

Room 1104. You also have a car

The concierge is out there.
Thank You Have a wonderful day Will do

♪ ring ring

Hello Hello

Brad are

you toying with me? Hello

Hello Brad

♪ ring ring


hello Brad?
Nope it just me

Oh karen hi Feel like stopping by today?
Things are a little slow here

Sure Great cause its your
turn for the lattes Its done

How about something like one-th?

ok bye

♪ ring ring

So I'm a little bit curios Julie
About what? Oh about you and Brad

You know those shoes you love I
saw them fifty percent off

Ok don't you change the subject
on me

You guys been seeing each other for awhile
now and you know I'm just a little curious

Wait a minute did Brad talk to?
Oh no no no

Did Brad talk to you

Actually yes
But what

what did you say? He just wanted to know
if you would considered living with him and

ask for my advise
and you said

I said if I was you I would say

I'm not ready for that kind of

Come on are you insane this guy
is head over heels for you

think about it he is sweet

good looking, makes a great
living. Ok

seriously whats with the hesita?
Come on karen I

just want to be sure. You know I don't
want to rush into anything thats all

Julie, Brad is a good guy

I know Don't wait to long or you
might risk losing him and remember

the years can sneak up on you just like that
and then you might find yourself single

lonely and wearing the latest
leopard print fashion

that is pathetic yeah actually
speaking of pathetic that reminds me

of the first time that I met yo
Stop it you did not

Remember it was puring down rai yes
I saw you tredging outside you had

no hat no umbrella. I felt so
sorry for you

remember I gave you a umbrella
yes I had to walk three in half

miles cause my car broke down ae

and you look just like something the cat dragged
in actually I was going to say drowned rat but

close enough

Are you ok?

You look like you just saw a gh
I thought

I saw somebody I knew

Just to much caffeine I guess.
Oh gosh

I'm late again. I'm gonna call k
ok bye

I see you later sweetheart

Karen listen I thought a lot

what you said the other day and
well your right

about Brad.

Call me as soon as you get this
message ok

♪ ring ring

Hello Hello

♪ ring ring

Hello Hey its me whats
going on you sounded

odd. I don't know somebody keeps calling
me and hanging up well it wasn't me

Anyways sorry it took me awhile I was painting and
I wanted to finish it so I could show you tonight

tonight Yes remember our
favorite show is on and

it's not a rerun alright ill be
there why don't you come early

I'll make you some dinner
Your on I'll see ya

♪ door bell

Hi sorry to bother you

ok how can I help you Well actually I'm new in
town and I'm thinking about buying the house

one down the street.
The O'reilly house

That's the one. I was just wandering
if this is a nice neighborhood

absolutely in fact if you have time for
coffee come in and ill tell you all about it

Mr. Jackson Dave Jackson
and I would love to

Thank You very much

Hey Karen its me I'm running late sorry
I'm gonna run home take a quick shower

and ill be right over see you
soon. Bye

Oh god
Julie it's me

Its ok goodness your scared me
You frighten me

Frighten you Yeah I'm
shaking myself here

oh my goodness whats this all a?
Yeah I'm a little shaky

today you know I've had

someone call me a lot hang up on my
phone and you saw the glass down stairs

Yeah was anything taken

Well ok do you want to call the

I don't know they could search for finger prints
or other clues an just keep an eye on the house

listen I'm really running late to meet
Karen. I'll meet you at your house later

ok yeah ok ok

I'm good

Say Hi to Karen for me

I will


Sorry I'm late I'm here


No no god no

Oh my god help

Yes please hurry something
happen to my friend

12427 barkley Please hurry

Julie you ok
Ryan I don't know

she's dead

Mrs. Nickles

Your free to go now mam. we'll contact
you once we conclude our investigation but

at this part looks like an
accidental death. Seems she lost

her balance while she was trying
dust the fan and fell over the rail

I'm sorry for your loss mam

Thank You,

I don't know where to begin

It's alright just take your time

Ryan I love you very much

I love you too baby
something I need to tell you

Eighteen months ago I moved
here to get away from my past

My name isnt Julie Nickles It's
Sara Hansen

Ok well well well what are you

I never meant to lie to you

I was married for four in half

married? you said you never
been married

Yeah well it was a mistake but I
didn't know that until it was to late

I was married to a man that
beat and abused me

He treated me like I was nothinh
Well why didn't you leave

him. You don't know Ryan.
He would have killed me

if I did. Brad I was

a caged animal.
Ok but please just don't tell me you

killed your husband and took off
No that is not what I did

I killed myself Brad that

is what I did. You killed yourself
I knew that was the only way

that I could be free of him and

happy was to staged my own
death and

make certain that he believed i.
How Whats

important right now is I think
he figured out and he's

come here and he's tract me
down and he is gonna kill

me for leaving him. You believe he is
responsible for these mysteries calls

and the broken window
Yeah and Karen's death he did it

Brad I know he did

Brad I know he did Look you
heard the police they said is was

accidental she fell over a railg
before we left Karen's house I saw a

caving magazine So That's how

I did it. Staged a caving

He left me a calling card

Brad he's going to kill me for
leaving me him

You know I don't know what to
make of all of this

to believe



Promise I'm never going to lie
to you

again. Brad he is here and he
is crazy

Pack some bags and you can stay at
my place till we figure this out

Thank You, I thought you was
going to turn your back on me

I love you

I love you

♪ ring ring
Hi this is Julie

I'm not here to take your call right now but
leave me a message and I will call you back


Brad I don't think that's a ver
If you go to the police

now and your wrong he will find

you know where he works.
Just let me call and see if he is there

Trust me he wont know that its


His number is 253-555-0253

Good Morning Ryan Hansen please

Put me through his office

Yes I need to speak to Mr.
Hansen please

Do you know when to aspect him

New York uh no Ill just try
again next week. Thank You,

Bye. His office says he is in
New York

till early next week Yeah I know
the hotel that he always stays at

it's the Imperial

Hi could you get me number to

the Imperial Hotel in New York

Thank You

Good afternoon the Imperial

How may I help you?
Yes do you have a Ryan Hansen registered

at your hotel?
One moment please

Yes we do have a Ryan Hansen

registered would you like for m

him in person thank you very
much. He's in New York

He's confirmed as a guest at
the hotel.

So I'm over reacting

I don't know what to make about

I saw someone it looked just
like Ryan and

then Karen's death

It's just



Look I cant imagine the terror
you had to go through

but you have to move on and I'm

for you.

Yeah your right

I have to get my mind

off this. I'm gonna go to the studio and
work a little bit. Can you take me there

k thanks

Good afternoon

I got turned around in the moung

to Loom Lake Oh your
not far off the track

Just head back up that road about
ten miles turn left a mayberry

and follow that to the highway Thank You,
Do you have a phone I could use real quick

My wife was expected to hear from me
hours ago she will be worried sick.

Follow me
Nice place

Live here long
Oh about

forty-five years, my wife passed
away didn't want to move out

to many memories
I guess you still miss her

Sure do every day

Well thank you for seeing me on
such short notice

Well Mr. Crother it's been a little
slow lately so I'm more then happy to

take any work that comes my way. It's a
nice lot I'm just anxious to build on it

ASAP Well when would you like
for me to come service the site.

I'm mean we can book
something next week

If it's convenience for you.
I'm running short on time

do you think you could come up to the property with me
today and size up the job? I mean of course I'll pay

for your time. Should only take.
Yeah I

can rearrange my schedule If yo.

Hi it's me Um I wont be
dropping by for

lunch this afternoon. I'm gonna
go see a clients site ok

Yeah that's fine I'll see you lu
I love you too

Bye Alright

Shall me Yeah we'll
take my car ok

It's pretty safe out here. Not
many people

come around here

So what brings you out this
way? what made you decide

to live out here.
I like the area Yeah

Thought I would start off new I grew up
on farms this this is a beautiful country

yeah it's very nice. I think

I got a flat

Alright well I'm pretty good
around the cars so don't

worry about it.
Good to know

This one looks ok up here

They seem ok over here

Probably a jack in the trunk

What in the heck is that

Hello Bradley comfortable
What the hell is going on

Let me introduce myself Ryan
Hansen Sara husband

If you hurt her I'll kill you

I don't think your in position
to threaten me

Now I need you to do me a favor

I want you to call Sara

What for? So you can break
it off with her She'll never

believe it.
She better believe it

Both your lives depend on it do
you understand me


♪ ring ring


Hi it's me Hey where you been
I been calling your office

all afternoon I thought you was

all afternoon I thought you was

all afternoon I thought you was

all afternoon I thought you was
There was no plans this afternoon

all afternoon I thought you was
There was no plans this afternoon

What are you talking about This
whole thing with your husband

Your lies I cant deal with it
right now

Don't Brad your scaring me don't
do this. Come on I'm

I need some time to myself to think
things through. I'm sorry Julie goodbye

wait brad don't hang up on me
Brad don't hang

Great performance brad

Look I'll make you a deal

just let me go and I'll leave
town. Just don't hurt Julie

You'll never hear from me again

You make me a deal

What makes you think I'm gonna
hurt her

No Brad I'm not gonna hurt my

For staging her own death
embarrassing me

You know

she just like all the other
woman out there


Nope they need us men

to teach them how to behave
Bradley no

I'm not gonna hurt her I'm gonna kill
her and your gonna have a front row seat

what the hell did she see in you

Your crazy!
Shut up

Oh I gotta go

My wife doesn't like me to be
late for dinner

But don't worry about not seeing her
again Brad. We'll be back soon enough

Take care buddy

♪ Knock Knock


You look so surprise to see me

I've missed you

Sara Sara

Sara Sara Din't I teach you any
manners what

were you gonna tell the cops you left your grieving
husband left behind to shack up with someone else.

You leave him out of this
Don't tell

me what to do
Ok ok I'm sorry

I'm sorry ok you can have me
you can do whatever you want

Yes I will cause your my wife

You will do exactly what I say
do you understand me

Please don't do this If you
want to save him you'll do

exactly what I say

It's gonna be just fine

Don't fight it Sara

You wish don't you

Well it's not gonna happen

Get dressed

You know we could have had a
great life together Sara

But you had to go and screw it

everything I did

I did for you

but I guess that just wasn't
good enough now was it

why did you have to do this to
me Sara

Well I guess that just doesn't
matter now does it

Hurry up lets go

I can't believe you thought you
would get away with this Sara

You see this

You ruined it

we were the perfect couple Sara.
The life that we had together

was the life that I always dreamed of.
The perfect doting wife

the perfect love but you ruined

You see

I've changed my ways I'm not
gonna hit you

I'm gonna kill you

let go we're taking the knife

You know what kind of hell

you put me through this last

do you know what kind of hell you've put me
through the last few years to drive me to this

I loved you Sara I gave you

a broken nose and a broke jaw
and broken ribs thats everything

I remember you giving me

Why Sara why did you do this to

I loved you


No no no

Now your gonna pay
No no

Sara I'm not finished with you

I'll make sure you have a slow
painful death but not till I

take care of your boyfriend firt
He means nothing to me Ryan

Your the only man in my life
Please let him go

We can run away together we can
start again. Please Ryan

just you and me.
I'm tired of your lies Sara

Get out of the car Sara

Get out of the car

Scream all you want Sara no one
can hear you there's no one here

to help you belong to me Ryan
your not getting away with this

you know you can still run why
you have a chance

No I can't do it Sara you'll just run to
the cops and blame me for Karen's death

No Sara I just cant do that
Why did you have to

kill her! She didn't do
anything to you

Sara Sara Sara haven't you
learned anything about me

This is no room for others to
complicate our lives


You are mine till death do us part
and in till then you remind mine!

Oh Sara

I don't think you realize what
that did to me


We're gonna have a good night of peace.
Tonight we'll put this to rest forever


we're back

Brad Julie We're coming

come on Sara

no god Brad let me go

Julie What did he do
to you Get away from

I'm gonna get you out of here Im

Stop it
Have a seat


It's time we have a little chat
see if we can resolve

some of our domestic dispute
all though

it does look like they
reconcile but they fix it

Let's see

first you fakes your own death
leaving me to face false accusation

of the police and our friends. Not to
mention the public embarrassment Sara

Your face is final

get up get up and now this

final humiliation you fall for


you know Sara I don't even

know how I could think of
taking you back

well glad we had this little
chance to talk

you convinced me to see things
your way

our marriage is dead but you

whats going to be so very
special about your death

no one's even gonna miss Sara Hansen
they may look for a Julie Nickles

but there not gonna find her.
I have a special little treat for that

unlock him it's time for us to
say our goodbyes

come on Sara

No I'm not leaving you

come on Sara

are you ok

save the nurse crap Sara lets me
Ok Ryan stop please

you can have me this is between you and me you
can do whatever want just leave him alone.

I am gonna do whatever I want to you
but I can't leave brad he's a liability

You sure picked a real winner
there baby

get up

come on move

oh Sara wait till you see what
I got

for you

come on Brad

You ok
Yes I'm Fine

The key what He has the
key Ok I'm going back

I'm going with you No
stay here your to hurt

I'm fine just stay here just
locked the doors

till I get back



I didn't get to show you my
surprise yet and I worked so

hard to prepare it for you

Good one hunny

no no

no please no

please no

not so fast Sara I told you

not to leave me now come on I want
to show you my little surprise

no no no

wow baby it's just a little
acid baby

it's good for the complexion




looks like its just you and me Brad.
I'm going to enjoy finishing you off

So you and Sara can spend eternr
Her names not Sara

It's Julie
Doesn't matter anymore

Let's get going

no something we need to take caf

Ryan needs to disappear