Stranger from Canton (1973) - full transcript

Japan has already occupied Korea and now China. Chin, a young woman understands that the Motherland demands all her children to be brave, and sacrifice their lives for the liberation. Disguised as a prostitute, she will board a train to help a Chinese guerrilla group defeat a Japanese army convoy.


Letter of challenge.

The recent karate
match was too lenient.

Kiba Naoto, with Ki-ryu, won
the number one title in it.

We, the Kikoku-ryu, find it
exceedingly ridiculous.

As such, we would
like an actual combat

with the Ki-ryu school, and
request a duel with you.

Time: October 13th
at 9:00 p.m.

Place: Chiijagaike

From Kikoku-ryu's Sameya Ikkan

To Tesshin-kai's
Daito Tetsugen

Where is Kiba Naoto?

He took Sensei's place.

No. Duels aren't allowed
in Tesshin-kai's karate school.

Stop him!

(Karate Killer)

Written by: NAKANISHI Ryuzo

Produced By: FUJITA Baku




CHIBA Shinichi

WATASE Tsunehiko



Special Appearance:
OYAMA Masutatsu

Directed by: TAKAMORI Ryuichi









Don't interfere! Fool!


I want to! Fool!

Hey... want half?

Don't hold back.
I eat this everyday.

Must be a big woman.

Fool. I don't know how
she gets it through, too.

Come on, eat.

Who asked you?


Who told you to make
me eat this?

What a weird guy.
You don't want any?

I see. I won't force
you to eat it.

It's especially good today.

Hey... that stance.
What style is that?

My own style.

That's like an eel.

I want more.

Mr. Kiba.

Mr. Kiba Naoto.

Would you like a ride?

Too bad your sister
can't come to get you.

Did you like the lunches?

Were those from you?

Thanks to you, I was well-fed.

How do you know my sister?

I'm her friend.
She's doing good.

I see... Thanks.

Come here tonight.



Stop over. You can
have beer on the house.

I'm hungry right now.

We have food, too!

There's food?

We just opened, so I'll
give you food as service.

My name is Yoko.

This is an extra service.

Here, have some, too.

Her name is Mari. Don't
set your eyes on her.

She doesn't talk much.

Listen to her. She's
trying her best.

Hey you, drink more.

-Bring more beer!
-I've had enough.

-Leaving already? - How much?

-Bring his bill.
-That'll be 50,000 yen.

50,000 yen? For this?

I don't have that much.

Sir, let's not joke here.

Are you trying to eat
and drink for free?

I don't mean to.

This is all I have.

Hey you, did you just
get out of prison?

That doesn't scare us.

We can call guys
to take care of you.

In that case, call them.

Damn you.


Isn't this yours?
I found it there.

I'm going to take
the money from here.

Leave quickly.


Your attire.


Give me a beer.

Throw him out!

Get him!


Tatsumi, don't worry.
He's here to see me.


Oh, it's you!

Follow me.

That's Kiba.

What's going on here?

Let me introduce you
to Tatsumi, my old buddy.

I have my tough
men in the club.

We don't need any bodyguard.

What's the big deal?

I wanted a personal
bodyguard for myself.

Is that right? Am I
becoming a nuisance?

Don't take it wrong.

Your men can come
to hang out as always.

What's the matter?
You don't like it?

Want to try to kick
him out then?

With your tough men.

From Tesshin-kai?

From Kikoku-ryu?

Stop it!

I know what you're up to now.

I'll have Karasaki
settle this matter.


This is how it should be.

You've proven useful.

I don't plan to work for you.


That's what I'd like to say,

but hearing they're from
Kikoku-ryu changed my mind.

My services aren't cheap.

I'd like a deposit
of five million yen.


Be careful of Tatsumi.

He's not the type
to drop the matter.

He uses those men
as bodyguards to cling

to the president.

Aren't they buddies?

That was long ago.

The president wanted
to cut ties with them.

You're the bodyguard for that.

Internal conflict?

They'll clash with the
president soon enough.

You'll be the target.

It's your chance to
show your strength.

I have to earn my keep.

You would put up a good fight.

I love tough men.


It's wearing out. Hurry.

Stop acting like my husband.

Once you lose popularity,
you are fired.

I get it, Madam.

- Can I sit here? -Sure.

Any profitable jobs?

You're lucky that
you are strong.

But you can't play
the drum, can you?

The one to grasp the
money is the winner.

Things will work
itself out, won't it?

If I stay here, I can
somehow earn money.

It's not a decent place.

The taste of the food
is the same everywhere.


Take care of her.

Stop it!

I'll return the money, so leave.

Just a little.



I want to see the Manager!

What happened?

He wanted me
to dress up weird.

You’re to be mute in
front of the customers.

But he wanted me to...

Just do as you're told!


Hey, Karasuda!

Bet 1 million yen on Race 9.


Akamatsu hired a karate
trained bodyguard?

I know what he's up to.

He wants to sever ties
with us and rise alone.

From before, you were
the brains, I was the

strength, and he handled
all the finances.

That's how the three
of us got along.

He's trying to ruin that

I hope you weren't eyeing
Akamatsu's nightclub.


He's the type who
reads into the future.

If he has to pay 3 million
yen a month to you,

he'd fear the future
and hire a bodyguard.

Is that what he told you?

I can figure that much.

Tatsumi, let me make
this clear to you...

I won't allow you to
clash with Akamatsu.

If any one of us should
leave the group,

we will all be destroyed.

That is why we made
that promise back then.

Tatsumi, do you hear me?

If we should split up and
our secret goes out...

You won't get away
with it either.

I know that!

As long as you know.

I'll talk to Akamatsu, too.

Why make a big deal
over one karate master?

Brother, is that you?

That's right.

When did you come out?

Yesterday. I heard you
are doing much better.

I can be completely cured.

Is that true?

It was dangerous
at one point, but...

It must be because she
was trained in karate.

Is that right? I'm glad!

Brother, I can do
amazing things now.

Nurse, where is the pillar?

In the 9 o'clock position.

What about his right hand?

10 o'clock.

I know the positions
by the clock hand.

You're right, it's amazing.

Please take care of her.

Brother, about the
hospital bills...

Silly. You don't have
to worry about that.

Tetsugen-Sensei paid it.



Don't think about anything.
Do you understand?

Maki! 3 o'clock!

You got me!

I'm next.

What did you come for?

Where's the girl named
Mari from yesterday?

She's not here. Leave.

I see. I came to return
this to her.

Give her my regards then.

That ex-con!

It's loaded! Shall we keep it?

The man from yesterday
dropped this off.

It looks like he's in
love with you.

Wait! Wait up!

Thanks for yesterday.

This is too much.

It's all right. It's in

I didn't do it for that.

Why did you come to return it?

It's only natural to
return what I borrowed.

I didn't expect that
from a customer there.

What made you
decide to lend it then?

So there are people
like you on the mainland.


I thought they couldn't
be trusted.

Are you from Okinawa?

When did you come?

Four years ago. Right
after middle school.

Don't you miss your parents?

My mom was shot.

So have you been
with that bar for long?

About a year.

Maybe you should
find another place.

It's the same wherever you go.

Money is money.

Which prison were you in?

You don't have to say.

It's not an item of
interest to a young woman.

Are you alone, too?

Yes, that's right.

Did you find a job?

Yes, I did.

What is your job?

It's nothing much.

Maybe I'll go to listen to
your singing again tonight.

Tenshagu no Hana?

Do you know that song?

I have an Okinawan friend.

I see...

It's better that you don't come.

It's like throwing
your money away.

Okay. I'll have you sing
for me outside of work.

You insist on letting
Tatsumi go?

That's right.

We're not the same
men as before.

We are all independent
with our own businesses.

Just because Tatsumi is
the only one struggling,

I can't have him hanging
on for old time's sake.

Akamatsu, I hope you
haven't forgotten our

little secret from three
years ago.

Karasaki, I know you are
trying to use that to bring

Tatsumi back on board
and keep me in control.

But it won't work that way.


Forget the old comradery!

I'm going to do things
my way from now.

I see. So you're going to
cut ties with me as well?

I have no choice if you are
going to stick to Tatsumi.

But I have enough power
to control Tatsumi now.

Come in.

Is this the man?

That's right!



I'm going to borrow her.

Not her.

Aren't you losing there?


What are you doing?

We'll give you a good
experience with men.

Get her!


What a bitch!

So you came. This is pay-
back from the other day.

Akamatsu's bodyguard!


She's just a woman
from Okinawa.

Will you make love
to her after this?

Stop it!

I'll spare you for now.


You're one of them!


Who are you?

Where's the office?

What do you want?

Oh, it's you!

How did you find me?

Why are you here?

Nanjo! You're back!

So you're doing fine!

I'm glad you stopped by.
Let's celebrate your release.

Hey, loosen up!

Come in.

President, you have a
call from Mr. Akamatsu.

Bring the phone here.

This is Karasaki.

What? Nanjo?

I was shocked. He had
two more years to go.

I have him at my place.
Come quickly. Please.

Oh, it's you.

How do you know Nanjo?

We were in prison together.

What about you?

I took care of him before.

Glad to hear that.

If you weren't here,
I'd have beaten him up.

We haven't settled
the score in prison yet.

Listen. Don't give
him any trouble.

This is the 30 million yen
that I promised you then.

Please accept it.

This measly sum isn't
going to settle it.

What was that?!

So you suffered... I'll put
that into consideration.

How much do you want?

You all made it successful
with my share of the loot.

So what of it?

In other words, a fourth
of what you're all worth.

That's my fair share of it.

Don't be ridiculous!
We've been through a lot!

That's an unreasonable demand!

In my eyes, it's reasonable.

Or I wouldn't have stayed
in prison for three years.

If I spill the beans now,
who knows what'll happen.

With that in mind,
isn't that a cheap price?

Decide by noon tomorrow.

I knew you'd be coming.

I was worried about you.


How much are they
paying you to kill me?

I'm just a bodyguard.

I'm out of it unless you
cause trouble at the club.

What makes you think
they want you dead?

You were given a warm
welcome back there.

You don't seem to trust
them, do you?

Is there any mainlander
that is trustworthy?

So you're from Okinawa.


I'll return the favor
from prison someday.

But if you stand in my
way, I won't hold back.

Are you taking them on?

It's none of your
concern, Mr. Bodyguard.

I want to know as
the bodyguard.

I have to work with you.

That's all up to them.

If they reply favorably,
we won't clash.

What are we going to do?

Nanjo kept quiet for three
years to blackmail us.

Then you have no choice
but to cough it up.

What was that?

He’s dead serious. If
we don't pay, he'll talk.

To keep him in control,
we have to pull him in.

Just this club alone is
worth hundreds of millions.

Even if you pay a fourth,
you'll still have change.

Give me a break!

Why should I pay it all?

Akamatsu, I thought
you cut your ties with us.


That's right! You are
on your own, right?

You don't need our help.

Wait a minute, Karasaki!

I was wrong.

Will you forget that and
team up with me again?

So you'll work under
my orders like before?

Yes, you are our boss.

Tomorrow, huh. As
for disposing Nanjo...

It'll be your job.

You're late.

A man came to see you earlier.

Is he another ex-con?

You have no decent
men coming to see you.

He had a scar on his face.

Where is the scar?

Around here.

Out of my way!








Sorry to put you
through hardships.

I'll get a lump sum
coming in soon.

Then we can live together.

Takeshi, are you
still after them?

Of course.

That's what I lived for.

That's why I bore it in
prison for three years.

I'll get them... and
make them suffer dearly.

I'll help you.

They deserve to die.

I'll kill them!

Mari, did something happen?

Did something happen
with them?

Why do you want to kill them?

Tell me what happened!

Tell me!

Takeshi, I'll go with you.


So you won't give me
a cent of my share?

That's right. Got
a problem with that?

No... if you don't
mind my talking.

I guess I have no choice.
Thought you'd understand.



I have personal
business with you.

You do?

What's this about?
Why are you after me?


Nanjo! Stop it!


I'm on payroll. I have
to earn my keep.

Run away quickly!

Do you want her
killed? Go quickly!

Don't get in our way.


I said, move.

Come at me.

All right.


I wanted money
to live with Mari.

I jumped at the
30 million yen share.

The group had those
three and a Korean.

Come quickly!

The money we stole
was 420,000 USD.

Karasaki exchanged that
for Japanese yen, and

was supposed to split it.

They're late.

They hired him to kill
me for a million yen.

That's what Kim said
before he died.

I went to jail for three
years for killing him.

Kim, the Korean, and I,
an Okinawan, were used

by those mainlanders.

Are you set on doing it?

Of course. If I don't
crush those three men,

my three years in
jail would be in vain.

You'll lose your life.

I didn't quietly submit
to them for nothing.


He came to save me.

Where are you off to?

I'm a bodyguard.

If you storm into the
place, I'll kick you out!

You are here to
settle it for Nanjo?

Isn't it best to pay
him off as he wants?

You're a bodyguard.

I'm saying this for
your own safety.

He plans to die.

If my hunch is right,
you men will die.

Or end up in prison.

All right. We'll give
Nanjo what he wants.

Where is he now?

I'll contact him.

He plans to wring them for me.

I can't only put him
in danger.

Wait! If you go now,
they will target you.

I know that, but I
can't leave him alone.


Don't come.


Nanjo is here?

Is that true?


We'll bury him.


Mika! Give me drugs!

Leave me alone!

Mika, please!

What a pest!

They want to talk.

Where's Kiba?

I'll show you the way.

- Mari!
- Where's Takeshi?

He went to look for you.


Where's Kiba?



What's wrong?

We've got trouble.
That man was taken!

- Nanjo?
- Takeshi?






- Takeshi!
- Nanjo!








It's your fault.

If you hadn't got involved,

I could've died with him.

You couldn't possibly
understand how I feel.

Stay out of this!



I heard you had
a younger sister,

so I decided to use
her to control you.


Wait! Please wait!
I was wrong!

Please forgive me!

5 o'clock!


3 o'clock!


It's Mari.

You loved her, didn't you?

Don't be silly.

I can see that.

Why, you little...!