Stranger by the Lake (2013) - full transcript

Franck, a fit gay man, seeks love at a lakeside gay cruising beach. Among the mostly pudgy nude sunbathers, he befriends Henri, a depressed middle-aged bi-sexual who enjoys the quiet but accepts Franck's company. When Michel appears, Franck finally spots a man he'd like to know sexually. Unfortunately, he also spots him drowning his gay lover but opts not to tell anyone in order to consider having a relationship with this handsome yet remorseless killer.

Hey, how are you?


Quite a lot of people
here today.

Yes, it's not bad.

It can still be better,
but well...

So, I’m going to the water.

It’s warm.

Is it good the water?

Warm like a soup!

Are you not coming?


Still digesting lunch?

I’m not a great swimmer.

Sometimes I come here and
not even go into water.
- Oh, really?

Just sitting here
also pleases me.

Would it bother you
if I sit with you?

Not at all.

Are you not afraid
of catfishes?

The ones with 10 meters?

5 meters would be enough.

That's all a bunch of crap.
You ever seen one?

No, but it's obvious that there's some
in the lake. They are everywhere.

I believe that there is a catfish
in the water, even several.

But one with 5 meters,
that must be a joke.

But you know, the ones with
4 meters are not that rare.

Oh yes! I have already seen
catfishes that big.

And from 4 to 5 meters
is not that far.

As for me, I would not like to
meet with one.

Me neither.

But a catfish with 5 meters,
that must be a joke.

I come here every year.
I would have seen one.

Maybe you weren't in the
same place at the same time.

You come here often? - You also wanna
know if I still live with my parents?

No, it's just that I've
never seen you around.

You come here often?
- Yes.

But today is the first time
in this Summer.

You new in the area?

With my girlfriend we used to go
to the other side, with the families.

I see.
- We broke up in Spring.

And since then I come here.

I like the quietness.

It's quiet, there's no one.

And I'm not saying this
so you leave.


I enjoy talking to you.

And what do you do?

Not too much right now.

And before?

I used to sell fruits and vegetables
in the market.

And now... - I'm trying to figure out
what else I can do.

But I still don't know.

What about you, what do you do?

That's not important.

I just told you what I do, you could
do the same.

I'm a lumberjack.


That's not that much.

Yeah but it's really cool.

You work outdoors, in the forest.
You should see it from the good side.

Excuse me, but I have to go.

- How are you?


Good Evening.

Tell me something…

Where are the girls?

Girls? What do you mean?

Some really sexy girls.

Oh, I think you came
to the wrong place.

Oh no, there are girls
here sometimes.

I have never seen.

That’s because you don’t
come here that often.

Good luck.

Long time no see.
That's true.

I don't see you anymore.

I don't see you anymore.

Don't you wanna to sit down a bit?
- I have to say hello to someone first.

I will be right back.
- See you later.

So, how was it yesterday?
-What you mean?

Found your man?

Why are you saying that?

You left so fast...

I imagine that it wasn't only
to say hello to him.

Did you find him?


That's bad.

And the woods are
not that vast...

I mean I found him,
but he wasn't alone.

That even worse.

Would it bother you if I take
off my clothes? - No.

But is it allowed?

Well, actually is forbidden
all over here.

It's not really forbidden over there.

It's not exactly allowed, either.

Are you married?


Do you have a girlfriend?

No, I am gay.

You sleep only with guys?

Would you mind if we
speak less formal?

That would be rare.


I know some guys who sleep with
other guys, but they are with women.

Gay guys, I mean really gays,
I don't see that often.

Have you already been to
the woods back there?

Not really, but I know Cap d'Agde,
and other beaches...

And you've never seen
guys strictly gays?

There was this guy,
really nice and cute,

and also really effeminate.

Not like you.

You I'd never say...

You don't...
You look like a guy.

You look like a normal guy.

And he slept only with other guys.

I've never thought that a man
could make love like that.

Do you also sleep with guys?

It happened, when I was
with my ex-girlfriend.

We had so much fun!

In the weekend we used to go to the Cap
and have sex with 3, 4, 10...

That was great.

Why did you break up?

No idea.

Maybe we had enough of all of that.

Or enough of each other.

Can you take care
of my stuff?

You know how to swim.


And you are not bad either.

Not as good as you.

You used to be a pro?

Only as as kid.

Can I sit here?
- Yes, please.

You come here often?

Kind of.

Funny that we have
never seen each other.

And you?

Since I discovered the place,
last month, I come regularly.

So you new around here?

What are you doing?
I'm waiting you.

I'm coming.

Shit, it looks like they are
serious together. He is never alone.

Well, he is not the only
guy in the world.

But I really like him.

I understand, he looks
really good.

Always the same story. I always
like those who are not available.


I'm leaving.
See you tomorrow?

I'm not coming tomorrow.

Then another time.

Yeah, see you.

Let's go a bit up there?

Oh shit!

Can you go do that
somewhere else?

I can't stay here?
- No.

That was ok,
he was harmless.

You don't mind people observing you?
- I don't really care.

And if that can make him happy...

It bothers me.

Doesn't seem to bother
you that much.

You have a nice dick.

You're not gonna suck
me without condom.

Are you sick?

No, but...
-So what's the problem?

You never know.

I trust you.

Do you trust everyone
just like that?

It's just a blowjob,
what's the problem?

I'd rather not.

You got a rubber?

You don't?

I used all I had.

I'm gonna cum.

Kiss me.


Let me go!

I thought you were not
coming today.

Changed my mind.

What's wrong?

Not feeling good today.

And you?

I'm ok.

What's your problem?

Nothing important.

I will be alright.

Wanna talk about it?
- No.

Does it bother you if
I stay here with you??

Did I give you the impression?

- So?

Why you ask?
- No idea.

Since you like to stay
by yourself.

I'm alone because
no one comes.

That's too easy to say.

From there it seems you
don't want to be bothered.

If you want to meet people, well
go and meet people.

How's that?

You go there and you
talk to them.

Oh, not my style.

But that's why you are here, no?
- No!

But why you stay here, then?

Why you don't go to the other side?

Or to the other?

Because I like it here,

If I'd go to the other
I wouldn't see anyone.

On the other side if I start to talk
to people there they'd think I'm crazy.

That's the good thing about this
place here, I can talk to everyone.

But cruising, that's not for me.

And what you do now
that you are single?

What you mean?


I don't have it.

Aren't you too young?
-What you mean?

Is there an age?
- No idea.

He is not coming today.

Should we go have a drink?

Not today.

I would love to,
but today I can't.


Did you stay late yesterday?

And what did you do?

I went home.



You come for a drink?





Can we share the towel?

You alone today?

What you mean?

Without your boyfriend.

What boyfriend?

The guy you are always with.

Oh, that's not my boyfriend.
- I thought he was.

We met five days ago.
- You look like a couple.

And you, what did you
do with yours?

He is not really a boyfriend.

He looked really into you the other day.

We just see each other once in a while.

Nothing serious.

And if he sees us now?

He won't see us.

I like the way you kiss.

I can do more that that.

Kiss me, I'm coming.

I have to go.

Shouldn't I make you cum?

See you, I hope.

I'm gonna stay a bit longer.

It's gonna be dark soon.

What you gonna do here then?

Don't you have time for a drink?
- No.

See you tomorrow?

Is this your car?

Yes, why?

Just like that.

It's been ages I saw a
Renault 25.

Yeah, they don't produce it anymore.

I don't know why.

Specially because it was
a great car.

Anyway, I'm really happy
with mine.

So, see you tomorrow.

What's your name?


And you?


Hello there.

-How are you?

Keep walking!

He is with me.

He was just saying hi.
- Yeah, I saw that!

How should one do it then?

I'm starting to get you,
you want to get every guy here.

Well, that's what this place is for.
- Yeah, but not here.

There you can flirt and look
for guys, but not here.

Where is the border?

Next to the trees over there.

Where do you know
this guy from?

- I don't know him...

He did the same with me
last week.

He was alone,

he came here just to tell me
to stop staring at him.

He told me he wasn't available.
And that I shouldn't be either.

Why he said you're
not available?

They see you talking with the same guy
a couple of times and say he's your man.

It wouldn't surprise me if now
he thinks I' with you.

How are you doing?

Looking forward to getting
back to work.

At least it keeps my mind busy.

There I'm always moving, doing stuff,
don't have the time to think too much...

Here all I do is thinking.

If you are looking for the swimmer,
I didn't see him today.

He will come.

Oh, so did it go well?

I think I'm falling in love.

That's great!

That's why you look
a bit sad?

Well, I'm leaving.

See you.

Have fun.

I missed you.

Me too. Come.

I want you to fuck me.

It bothers you if we
don't use a rubber?


Kiss me.

Come here.

Why you don't want to spend
the evening with me?

Because I have my things.

Sex is great, but it doesn't mean we
need to have dinner and sleep together.

I would love to spend the
whole evening with you.

If we start like that
in one week we will be bored.

I don't think I could
get bored so fast.

What's going on?

They found a body in
the lake this morning.


Over there.

I think you should start going
somewhere else now.

This gonna last the whole summer.

Why do you think that?

Would you want to swim where
someone has died?

Maybe not today, but in a few days.

The catfishes should be enough.
- There you go again with the catfishes.

The fisherman, who told me
about the drowned man,

he mentioned catfishes.

The body had any bite marks?

I mean, I don't know.

He hasn't seen the body. He was just
trying to find an explanation.

Anyways, catfishes don't
attack humans.

Not that I know.

But that's not because we've never heard
about it that it can't happen.

Well, I think that's
it here for today.

Wanna have a drink?

I will stay a bit longer.

Should we have dinner
together later?

Will you be available?

Of course.

I call you, ok?

Have you heard?
- About the drowned man?

Did you know him?

I think I saw him.

Oh, really?

But I don't know where from.

You looking for someone?
- Yes.

Watch out, the police is
in the area. - Why?

No idea.

I didn't see them.
Just heard about it.

Maybe that's just crap.

See you.

- See you later.

Detective Damroder.

Good morning.

Did you know the victim?
- No.

Have you seen the pictures on
the newspaper? - Yes.

I didn't.

Check this one.
It's more visible.

Yes, I knew him.

I saw him here around
a couple of times.

On this side?

Was he gay?

Yes, I think so.

And you, did you know him?
- No.

But I don't come here
that often.

Last Tuesday in the afternoon?
- I was here.

And you?
- Me too.

Were you together?
- No.

And how long did you stay here?

I normally stay until 6 pm.

And last Tuesday?
- Same thing.

What about you?

I stayed until late.
It was already dark when I left.

And what were you doing
here until so late?

I was in the woods.

Did you have a view over the lake?
- Sorry?

Could you see the lake?

No, I was in the woods.

Yes, but you can see
the lake there anyway.

Not from where I was.

Were you alone?

- Excuse me, do we need an alibi?

Not yet.

I just want to know
if you didn't see anything.

- No. - And you?
- Me neither.


If you remember anything, you know
where to find me.

It wasn't an accident?

We still don't know it.
It wasn't a catfish, that's for sure.

Why you said you
didn't know him?

Because that's true.

You've never seen him?



You met him last Sunday or Monday,

we were talking and a guy
came to get me. You don't remember?

Oh, yes.
- That was him.

But it was really fast.

He was wearing a cap...

And you, why did you lie?

I don't want people to know I
come here to get guys.

What you mean by 'here'?

Or somewhere else.

I want to be discreet.

Cruising on a lake, you think
that's discreet?

Are you not sad that
he's dead?


I will not miss him.

You staying here?

I'm gonna say hello to him.
I will be right back.

I'm waiting...

Everything fine?

And your boyfriend?

Just wanted to say hi.

That's nice.

Bad mood?

What you mean?

I have no idea,
it looks like that.

It has nothing to do with you.

Feeling a bit depressed today.

You wanna be by yourself?

If I don't, would you stay?

Don't be silly!

I could stay for a while.

We can talk if you want.

I have time.

Come on, go back to him.

Wanna have dinner tonight?

I invite you this time.

You are not spending the
evening together?

No, it's not...

Excuse me,
may I ask you a few questions?

To me?
-Yeah, you. In private.

Last Tuesday evening,

may I ask who was with you?

Someone who could confirm
your story.

Do you think it was a murder?
- We still don't know.

The vicitim was a good swimmer.


I don't know his name.

Not at all?

You stay a couple of hours together
and you don't know his name?

Phone number?

No, I'm sorry.

But this is common here.

And what do you do to see
each other again?

Maybe we won't.

You are with someone, with whom
you don't even see the time passing,

wouldn't you want to
see him again?

It's a small world, I
would say.

You all know each other.

Not everyone.

And that's not all I do.

You sure he was gay?

We don't know nothing about
him seeing women.

Which doesn't mean too much.

Even if, for a good-looking man
like he was...

I'm not gonna hold you longer.

Did you meet him here?

Cruising or swimming?

Cruising while swimming.

Not bad.

And what was his problem?

Don't you think the detective asked
already enough questions?

You don't tell him anyway.
So you could tell me.

Why should I answer you?
Is this an interrogatory?

If a guy I was seeing
was found dead,

this would be unexpected,

and of course this would
worry me.

You think I'm not?

I think you don't care.

Maybe things weren't going well
between you two.

It's not that I don't care.

Even more if he was killed.

Do you think it could be that?

How can I know?

Since he was a good swimmer.

Yes, he wasn't bad. But...

good or bad. Bad luck comes
to both.

I'm going swim.

Are you coming?

We have the lake only for us.


A guy just died here.
- Ah, come on...

We are together here,
what could happen?

You go, I watch you from here.

You don't need me to swim.

Fair enough.

I'm coming.
- Me too.

What's the problem? You eat alone,
sleep alone. Why you don't come with me?

I already told you. I don't
want to get married.

And also I'm good by myself.

What's the point then? If each one
goes different ways?

And what about the pleasure
of seeing each other again?

If it's only for that,
then I say it's stupid.

I can't stand it too long.

Did you tell the detective I was
here when that guy was killed?

No, I don't even know
your name.

Somebody said having seen my
car on that evening.

I don't know what's your car.

The only thing I said was that I wasn't
alone. - You didn't describe me?


What's the matter?

They know I was here.

If it wasn't you, who could have
told them I was here?

No idea.

You went towards the lake
that evening?

Did you see anything?
- No.

Shit. I come back later.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

Yes, you forgot about me.

We didn't confirm we would have
dinner together, did we?

I thought so.

I don't know if you have noticed,
but I really enjoy to be with you.

I'm really worried about this
story with Michel.

Be careful, there's more
than sex in life.

It's not only about sex with me.

If we don't spend the night together...

I know a bit about it.

You know, not even two years ago, sex
was the only kind of relation I wanted.

For me friendship was pointless.

Now, I really miss you when
we don't see each other for two days.

When I see you coming my heart starts
to beat faster, like I'm in love.

But I don't want to sleep with you.

You also want to be with me.

And it's not to fuck me,
I imagine.

To sleep alone, to eat alone,
always being alone. It's difficult.

And I wonder if you have to
fuck someone to sleep with that person.

If you want to sleep with someone that
means you want more from that person.

Yes, but something else than sex.

Your man can also be really jealous.

Maybe he realized what
was going on.

- He came to see me.

He was asking if I was with you
in the woods last Tuesday.

He had a weird
look in his eyes.

Ok, he has a nice body, a nice skin,
he looks hot...

But don't fall in love with him. I swear
to you something is wrong with him.

And the detective was asking a lot
of questions about you and him.

I would be scared if I
was you.

And what did he ask you?

What you are doing?

I'm waiting for you.

I'm here.

Easy to be found.

You don't want to be
with me anymore?

I just wonder for how long.

And does it turn you off to know
it's not gonna be forever?

Why are you playing the
jealous boyfriend now?

You wanted your freedom,
your space,

and me when I talk to Henri,
you get mad.

I've been here for hours already.

Why you got here so late?

Would you like me to get here at
the same time as you?

Well, maybe if you were as
in love as you say...

I had some stuff to do.

And like you were saying the other day,
it's good to miss each other.

I thought you liked that.

Yes, but when I feel that you don't
want to see me, then it bothers me.

What you mean?
I'm right here, no?

Pascal seemed to always be there.
I don't think you liked it.

That was different.

With him it was only about sex.

And that's different with you.

Maybe not for him.

Maybe he wanted to have dinner with you,
to spend the night with you...

What do you mean?

You are allowed to fall in love,
but the others aren't?

People can't always adapt to you.

Would you mind to go
jerk off somewhere else?

I really can't stay here?

We are not having sex. We are talking
and we don't want you here.

I'm not listening to anything.

Even if you don't listen to us
you can still hear something.

Come back later, when we
are having sex.



Do you think I killed him?

And why should I think that?

Why you still talking
about him, then?

If I thought that it would be
something really silly.

Really silly indeed.

May I sit here with you?

Lost your husband?

He didn't come today.

I'm happy to finally being
alone with you.

I want you so bad.

I know.

No you don't.
- Yes I do.

What's your name?

Eric, and you?



I will be back soon.

What a great dick.

Ok, I have to go now.

You getting used to stay
here until late.

Do you know that the victim was
with your boyfriend?


People here knew that.

I don't come here that much.

You seem to be here often.

Since a couple of days...

Since you know...
- Yes.

I mean, since the murder.

Now you think it was him...

I don't think anything...

I observe, I listen...

By the way, I found the man who
was with you that evening.

He said you were together
before the evening.


You said you both left in the evening,
and not before.

Yes, that's because I met
someone else after he left.

And why didn't
you tell me that?

Because I didn't want Michel
to think I fuck with everyone.

You know, we are still fresh together.
- Yes, I understand.

And from this unknown man, I imagine
you don't have any information either.

Don't you think strange, we found
a body in the water a few days ago,

and everyone is back, cruising.
Like nothing had happened.

We can't stop living.

One of yours is killed, and that
doesn't bother you?

The poor man was three
days in the water,

his car was here. And no one
noticed anything, not even his lover.

We know that they weren't a couple.

However, I think that sometimes you
have a very strange kind of love.

Can you imagine how
lonely he was?

I'm asking you neither for compassion
nor for solidarity.

But it could worry you at least a bit,
even if only about yourself.

It could be that there's a
gay killer in the area.

Do something, before something
is done to you.

You sure you don't have
anything to tell me?

Well, we will see that tomorrow
at the police station.

Good night.


What are you doing here?

I wanted to know what you do
here when I'm not with you.

And what you're going to tell the police
now that you don't want to be with me.

And where did you hear that?

I think you still love me.

It doesn't bother you to spend
your days staring at the lake?

It's the holidays.
It can't kill you.

But it must be horrible on
a long-term.

I just have three weeks in
the Summer.

And that goes so fast.

What you really looking for?

Do we have to look for something?

Don't tell me you come here
everyday, just like that.

And if that's the case, what's
the problem?

Don't you think that people here
wonder what you want here.

Someone who is never naked, who
is never cruising, who doesn't swim...

Don't you think it's odd?
- Is it?

It is here.

You mean it's odd and dangerous?

I don't get it.

You're saying people wonder
whether I killed Pascal?

No, I'm not talking about that.
- But I am.

You plan to drown him
when you have enough?

Why you say that?

You are not very subtle...

If I'm not how it comes the police
has nothing against me?

Don't worry, it's not gonna
take too long.

Ok, I'm gonna have a
walk in the woods.


Just leave it.

I had what I was after.

The only thing I was afraid
of was the pain.




Where are you Frank?

I'm not gonna hurt you,

Come on, Frank.

Don't leave me, Frank.

I need you!


Let's spend the night together.