Stranger at My Door (1956) - full transcript

Notorious outlaw Clay Anderson and gang rob the town bank and flee in separate directions. Riding hard, Clay's horse goes lame and he is forced to pull-up at a nearby farm. He soon discovers that the place belongs to local preacher Hollis Jarret, his new wife, and a son from a previous marriage. Clay, posing as a weary traveler, tries to insinuate himself into a secure hideout, but the reverend isn't fooled. He agrees to allow Clay to remain at the farm for a few days, but his motive isn't the preservation of his family's safety. Hollis reasons that, with time, patience and a lot of faith, he can convince the outlaw to turn over a new leaf. But Clay's criminal tendencies may run deeper than the preacher had imagined... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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A stranger in front of my doors

That's Klee Anderson's gang.
That's Klee Anderson's gang!

Take this, Joe wears them
Up and hide them.

Of course, Clay.

Do not be together.

We'll meet in Kansas
City at the end of the month.

Kansas City at the end of the month.

To see you. I'll be there.


Hey, hey, Joe.

Come here.

You can take off the gun, sir
they will not hurt you.

He does not attack anything
is less than grizzly.

Sorry to bother you
he did not see many aliens.

You're moving away from the main road
You're just passing?

I did, but the horse started to hack.

O bato, she was really freaking out.

How did he do it?
He went into the hole.

At least not broken.
Are you living nearby?

Just uphill.

Maybe your father has a surplus horse
which one would you like to sell?

The only thing we have
is a pair of working horses.

They are not there now.

Dad's got them in for a car and
he drove early this morning.

How many of you are in the family,
I'm your father?

Only me and Peg.
I almost forgot.

Do you like a cold watermelon,

Of course.

Could I leave my own
your horse for a couple of days?

I think I would agree
with my father, for sure.

Follow me.

What's your name, sir?
My name is Tom. I'm Dodi.

Do you have a lot of children from the neighborhood?
to play, Dodi?

No, sir. The closest neighbors
are three miles away.

They do not have those children.

It will be the church when it's finished.
My father is building.

Your father is a priest?
- Yes.

Hey, Peg!

The horse's hacking.

We got a deal
to help him.

Get what you need from the barn.

- Thank you.
- Here you go, Peg. Thank you.

It's a nasty injury. This is like
pool with mud to extract heat.

Give me that cloth from the hooks.

This will cool her down
and to reduce the island.

How do you know so much about horses?
It's natural, I guess.

My dad will give me a riding horse
when the church is finished.

Where did your father go this morning?
- To the city to get some supplies.

When do you expect to return? - Hardly
It is said, you know what kind of priests are

They often go to visit.

This will be enough. May I
to ride it when it recovers?

Of course. O brother.
- Wash your hands first.

I hope that the horse will heal you

Danijel. Tom Daniels.

I was lucky to come across
expert for horses.

Thank you.
Put it there.

Often traveling this way?
- No, this is my first time.

Oh, we do not have a lot of visitors here.
Foreigners are welcome.

I guess you feel lonely
when you live so far away from the city.

It's not that bad, a few of them come
Sunday at the church here.

At least when it does not rain.
- You do not belong to me here.

What do you mean?
- You do not look like a priest's daughter.

That's ridiculous.

She's my stepmother.

My dear Mr. Daniels,
I'm married to Holly Jeret.

I'm the priest's wife.

I thought you were a nurse's sister.

He does not know me enough
Call me different from Peg.

It's not natural for me to call her
Mom, Dad's called Peg.

I still think you do not look
as a priest's wife.

And how it should look
the priest's wife?

Oh, I do not know, roughly.
Your hands are beautiful.

Do not let them deceive you.
I'm working hard, really.

Holly and I are married a couple of months now
After the wedding, we came here from the east.

He started building a church. You have no idea
How much time has he spent in work.

It means a lot to him.
That's right.

Well yes. As soon as we finish the church
Everything else will be done for a moment.

Why Mr. Daniels does not stay a bit
with us, until his horse is recovering?

I'm sure my husband would want that.
- He can help the dad around the church.

I would appreciate that.
Me and he could go hunting.

There are many reasons for me
to stay

but I'm sorry I will not be

Daddy came back from town.

Dad, Dad, are you me?
brought a fishing rod?

Did you take them?
Did you take them?

Are you looking for this?
- Great, thank you, Dad.

How was it today?
- It was ok, okay.


I can not let them show
a finger at the priest's wife on Sunday.

It's beautiful.
- I almost do not buy it.

Thank you. - Today is
a robbed bank in the city.

Bank robbery? - Clyde Anderson and society
almost completely demolished the city

until they got out.

This is Mr. Daniel. His horse is hurt
and he asked me to take care of him here.

You are welcome for everything you need,
Mr. Daniel.

Have you heard about the robbery of a bank in the city today?
- No, I came from the other direction.

Let's go, Dodi.
Help me around this.

They burned the Livery Barn, and then
they tried to burn the sheriff's office.

If you had gone a bit earlier
he would find himself in the middle of it.

And I was, they are not yet
extinguished all the fires.

Lord, Clay Anderson.

Money or life, it's me
Clay Anderson.

Come on, please
does not do it.

After everything that happened
today in the city, a foreigner riding

A working horse would not be
far away.

Most people know my horses
as soon as they see them.

Not only that, no one would even move a mile
from here without encountering the sheriff's people.

They turned the ground upside down.
They're looking for Klee Anderson's band.

Otherwise, I need both horses
and I would not want to lose one of them.

Okay, now you can lose a lot
more than a horse.

Do not think that you're a priest
It makes me a difference.

Only if I provoke you,
and I do not intend to do that.

You have my word for it. - Like you are
I said maybe I would not move much

Maybe you're persuading me to stay
A couple of days here with you and your family.

I do not think you have one

You have a beautiful wife and child, I would not like
Something happens to them.

What will happen to them?
- It depends on you. - I gave you my word.

It's better to keep it.
You are the one who has no choice, priest.

Hold on to the deal and do nothing
which I do not like

and nothing will happen to them.
- You do not have to threaten me.

I'm glad you decided to
You stay with us.

It does not happen every day for the priest to get it
a chance to save the soul of Kyle Anderson.

When you remove the saddle from the horse, come to the house.
Peg will save dinner in an hour.

All right, guys, let's go home.
Thank you.

Hi, darling.

Betsy, what are you doing here?

Mom and I have a surprise
for you, Dad.

We did not know when you were coming home
so we prepared you dinner here.

I was worried.
- You do not need to worry, Mommy.

We did not even see them at all. Something really
it smells good, and I'm hungry like a bear.

Are you going again tomorrow, John? - Yes, but
I can not ask others to go.

They have their obligations on the farm.

The Lord is my light and mine
salvation. Who am I afraid of?

I bet Clay Anderson is hiding
and the sheriff will never find him.

What do you think, sir

This usually happens.
- Do not talk full mouth.

I bet Clay Anderson
so it works.

He can steal a full bag of wild animals
a cat, not to interrupt dinner.

Sheriff Tightum never made him
they will not catch.

He will fight, this one can not
fingers to make.

For some reason he always chooses
Worst characters to admire.

Coffee, Holise?
- No thanks.

Let's go, we got some
work to do.

If you do not mind?
- Just you go.

When I grow up I will work
all that Clyde Andeson can do.

Very nice to say
the priest's son.

Relax, Mr. Daniel.
I'll scrub the table.

I hope you can endure discomfort
while staying here.

We have to do so much,
and we do not have time at all.

It's getting a little chilly in the evening,
Is not it?

Not so cool, ma'am
Джерет. You do not need this.

I do not understand you very well,
Mr. Daniel.

That's why I understand you.

You know that you can search for anything in this world
and you will get it.

Instead, end up on a failed farm
marriage to a priest with a semidaddy

a child who even
it's not yours.

I love my husband.
- Is that right?

How do you know if never
you did not try anything else?

It's time for the bed, Dodi.
- Oh, Dad. - No discussion, run away.

Good night, Mr. Daniel.
- Good night, come on.

I hope you do not mind being there
In bed in a barn, do not we have a lot of places?

Sounds fine. - I'm going to check that
Will Dodi say his prayer.

Holiness, I want to go
with you.

Holiness, how long do you think
Mr. Daniels to stay with us?

Why are you asking me that, Peg?

I do not know, I do not like it.

There's something wrong with him.

That's why I hope I can

What do you mean?

His name is Danijel, Peg, already
Clay Anderson.

You want to say we gave it
Are the robbers robbing?

- We have no choice.

In a way I'm glad. You know Peg, maybe
It was not a coincidence that he came to us.

It may be God's providence.
He thinks he's harassing us at will.

We are all servants of more strength,
The Lord does a strange way.

Would not it be great if I found it
a way to bring him closer to God before he leaves here?

Holiness, we need to get help as soon as possible.
No, Peg, I gave him my word.

It does not change anything, Dodi and me
We can go with you.

Then he can not hurt us.

Peg, give me a job
which I have to do.

But he is an outlaw.

Sv. Luke said, "It will
more joy in the sky

for one sinner who repented
for them 99 are not needed for repentance.

Dad, Dad!
He's gone, he's gone.

Are you sure, Dody? - I'm gone
I woke him up, and he was not in the barn.

See for yourself, he's gone.

Why would I go without saying goodbye?

We do not know, Dodi.
Go wash your hands, the breakfast is over in a minute.

It's him, he's working on the church.
- Tell him he'll be breakfast soon.

Good morning, Mr. Daniel.
- Hello, Dodi.

For a moment, I was scared that you left.
Hey, breakfast just is not.

So what are we waiting for, let's go. - We have pancakes
with syrup, eggs and lots of bacon.

I'm so hungry that
I could eat it all.

After that we go to the Sajlis
to take a load of wood.

Dad will allow me to
I'm running a car.

What do you know about horse riding?
- I learn from my father and he teaches me riding.

Come on, I'll give you my first lesson.
Come on, jump.

Die, horse!

I have a pot of potatoes that you can
use for breakfast, Mr. Jeret.

Hold on. - Go and set up
table with mom. Of course, Dad.

Did you sleep well last night,
Mr. Daniel?

I slept like a baby.

I see you do not mind working on the church?
It is made of the same material as all the buildings.

But I need exercise. You never know
when I should get out of here in a hurry.

Come tell me you're going to pick up
Some city after breakfast?

Only if you do not mind.
Ben Sajlas has a saw just a few miles from here

He's expecting me this morning. - I do not see why
you could not pick up your own building, priests.

We'll all go together.
- That would be nice, she would like to help me.

Peg, get a towel for a gentleman
Daniel, will you?

Hello, Holly.
- Hi, Ben.

This is Mr. Daniel, Ben.
It helps me around the church.

I am glad we met,
Mr. Daniel.

I did not know you could afford it
Helper, Holly.

And I can not. He works voluntarily.

No, it's so nice
from you, boy.

Hello, Monsieur Jeret.
- I see you have a new horse, Ben.

Yeah, it's pretty clean.
It's for sale, if anyone is interested.

Mr. Daniels has a harsh horse,
maybe he's willing to substitute.

My horse is not as bad as I thought,
it's nice to recover.

You seem to be selling today only
Castle, not horses.

Soon I will need new beams
for the church roof.

If you let me know a few days earlier ...
- Come on ... - I'll put them on you.

Hey boy,
Get away from that horse.

Are you okay, boy?
- Sure.

His thunders,
I did not see a prickly horse.

You were not supposed to get in, Dodi.
- He looked just like a little sword.

Just trouble with him. One moment is good
and the next one wants to tear you up.

I was screwing with him.
Damn Jenki.

It seems like you were a couple of minutes ago
Wanted to sell it?

You can not blame a man if he tries.
I could have expected that.

I got Jenkija a bad guy
and I've been through badly.

What a man can do
with this horse?

Shoot him.
- To shoot him?

The sooner the better,
before someone gets hurt.

I guess there's a way to calm it down.
I do not have the strength to shoot him.

I grew up surrounded by horses and from time to time
on time, one of these would appear.

No matter how well they look and how much
They are friendly, you can not trust them.

They are outlaws and there is nothing
can not change.

Who is this horse? - I can not know that,
Visitors are implied in the priest's house.

Maybe somebody came to agree
about details related to baptism.

Or for a funeral.
- I do not like the funeral.

You know what Dodi and I will take the car and unload them.
You two discover who the visitor is.

I want to go with you, Dad.
- Stay by the car, Dodi.

Come on, Dodi.
You drive.

Come on.


What's bothering you?
Put that gun down, man!

You scared us to death.
- Reverend Hastings!

This is the Reverend Hastings.
Mr. Daniels helps me build the church.

Dad, you should have seen ...
- Get in the house and help your mother.

Yes, Dad.

- What about him?

I've never seen it all these years
Someone so nervous.

There is great fear in him,
I'm trying to help him, Reverend.

Teach him to be afraid of God and will not have
It's time to be afraid of anything else.

The least you can do is get him
You take the gun before killing someone.

I heard you were saying to God's house, Holly,
I had to see it.

It will be an honor to visit,
the next time you come, brother.

I'll be honored, Holly.
A man can relax in a small church

It is better to feel the presence of God,
while in it.

Why do not you get in the house, Peg will
Give us a cool melon.

Spring cooled melon sounds delicious
but I have to go further.

Young man ... - I'm sorry not
You can stay, Grandmaster.

Um, let me know when you are
Raise the roof and I'll come again.

Goodbye, Holly.
- Goodbye.

I'm glad you stopped by.
I hope we'll see you soon.

Come on, say it.
- What to say?

You have so much anger in you
that he's coming out of you soon.

I did not know it was right
He sees so much.

You'll feel a lot better if
You take that stone off your heart.

A man is scared if he does not
Feels the best.

Many things have been told about me
but I'm never scared.

Every stranger you are afraid of,
every shadow that moves, every step you hear.

You're afraid to stay here
and you're afraid to go.

But you are not afraid of God and that
I do not understand.

You can escape from people with weapons
who are looking for you

you can hide your whole life from the law,
but you can not hide from yourself.

Time is not on your side. - It sounded
pretty good for a moment, priest.

Let's stick to the making of the church,
We will do so much better.

Do not you believe in salvation?
- Yes, it's different for everyone.

For most people it will be this church
when it's done.

With all prayers, repentance
and the defeats that go with it.

For me, salvation is a clean gun and
A good horse.

Oraspoloži, priest.
It's not your fault that you have such a hard job.

This is all.
I'll take the horses to feed them.

Let's go.

I thought you were thirsty.
- Thank you, Peg.

Can I help you, Mr. Danijels?
- Get up and take the rails off.

What did you talk about?
- I can not get to him.

It is unavailable.
- Nobody is unavailable.

You gave yourself all. It should now
you understand how to dump it out of here.

Look, Holise never asked for you anything.
If you love me, you'll find a way to get him

you're ruining today.
Do not you see it bad?

Only those benefits. He said it was salvation
for him a clean pistol and a good horse.

You did not listen to me. - He said real
he said, which no one understood at the time.

Peg, I'm showing you how
to get to it.

Where did you go?
- Let me ride the car.

You do not have to lose them.
I need a short trip.

It's a bit unexpected, is not it?
- Very unexpected.

Can I go too, Dad?

I'll be back.
- Of course you can go, Dodi.

We want to see the home again.

Get outta here.
- Your husband wants me to stay.

I'm a guest.
- I know what you are.

If you do not get out of here before
my husband is coming back

I'll tell the sheriff that you are
Klej Anderson.

That would be a big nonsense.

Why are you staying here?

Your husband wants Clive Anderson
See the light.

You make a fool of him.
- Man makes himself a fool.

Please, go away!
You do not belong here.

Maybe it's not a place for me
to the priest's house, but not to you.

Look what kind of life you have to lead.
Married to an elderly man with an adult child.

Why do not you admit the truth?

You hate everything around you and you are not in love with your husband.

He's a fool with so much pride
not to see what's happening.

He believes in what he is trying to do.
You not.

You and I are similar.
You will not regret what we met.

Hey, Peg, look what we brought.

Open the gate, Dodi.
- Sure, Dad.

Dad bought it, sir
Danijel. He'll tramp him and ride.

He called him Lucifer, a fox
angel. Dad will raise it again.

Free him, Ben.

Help me cancel my car,
Will you?

Come on, back up a bit.
You're gonna try to ride that horse?

It'll be fine, as soon as he finds out
What to fear.

What did you mean when you sold the priest?
A horse that nobody can ride?

I tried to answer him, sir
Daniel, but he did not want to listen to me.

Do not blame him,
This is my idea.

Holiness, what the earthly reason you have
so you own that kind of horse?

Maybe it's not an earthly reason, Peg.

Mr. Daniel said to one apostate
always an outlaw without a chance of redemption.

I'll prove it wrong.

Holiness, do not turn his back never before. Some of them
The best riders from the surrounding area tried to ride it

and he threw them all over and tried to kill them.
You may be a good priest, but you do not know much about horses.

There is something good in everyone. He just needs it
find it and throw it to the surface.

Sometimes it's just a job for a priest.

Do not be a fool. - It's your wife
right, let me get him back.

The horse stays, Ben.

Hi, Sheriff. - Sir
Dzheret, Mrs. Jeret, Ben.

This is Mr. Daniel, Sheriff.

You're still searching for
Anderson's band?

I'm going around and I'm trying to
I find out if someone has heard anything.

I suppose you are nothing
heard? - Everything is quiet here.

I have some jam that I would like
to send Ms. Tejtum.

You want to come home with me, Sheriff?
- That's very nice of you, Mrs. Jarrett.

Come on, get home and get a jam
For your mother, will you?

There you go in a minute, Dad.
- Where are you from, Mr. Daniel?

Klamtet district.
- Mr. Daniels works with me at the church.

It's doing pretty well.
Would you like to look?

I do not have much time, I have to go to Sol's
and to the Jeger farm to come by.

You been in this region for a long time?
- I can say that I'm a stranger.

You're lucky you know Jerry.
- Here you go, Sheriff. - Thank you, son.

Ms. Tightum will be happy
when he gets this.

I'll be with you sheriff.
- All right, Ben.

Sheriff ...
- Yes?

Will we see you later?

Not for a few days, I have to
I'm exploring the area of ​​the western valley.

Have a nice day.

It hurts.

You're scared.

Easy, you do not have anything
to be scared.

Easy, boy.

Easy, boy.

Hold on, Dad, hold on.

Look out, Daddy, watch out.


Run, come on!

You refuse ...

Back, back.

No, do not kill him.
- Are you crazy?


bring me the rope.

Thank you, Chris is not hurt
and what a good boy I do not forget

Wash your hands before eating.
Bless Dad, Peg, maybe I'll help Dad

to find a new horse
which is not so dangerous.

Bless the gentleman
Daniel and all others. Amin.

Come on, come on, now
Go to sleep.

Good night.

Good night, come on.

I do not see what I pray constantly
that brought something good.

Why do you say that? - I prayed constantly that
You're seizing Lucifer and see what happened.

Come, remember what Jesus is
told his followers.

Why are you so scared that you do not have it?
no religion. Keep praying, Dodi.

Good night and nice dreams.
- Thank you, Dad.

Well, I'm going to bed.
- Good night, Mr. Daniel.

You know, you proved something today.
- If I was a bigger fool than you thought.

It's not that. I always thought a man had to
It's a bit crazy to be a priest.

Today you have proven that
You have a loop.

Uspeva, Peg. You heard him.
I come under his skin.

Holiness, what did you mean when you said Dodi
to continue to pray?

Exactly. I need all the help I can
to get it as long as this job does not end.

Do not give up on that horse? - I started
Something I can not give up because it's hard.

What if he killed one of us?
It could have been Dodi.

What would I prove then? - We can
thank God for not having happened.

The fact that I'm a priest does not mean
that I can not make a mistake, Peg.

The priest is the man who is
committed to keeping the agreement

who has done with his companion.
It's not guaranteed to be

Do not be afraid of the suspicions and fears of other people.

I need faith, Peg. Faith in God,
The faith that this is what I do right.

I need your faith.
I'm sorry, Holmes, I can not.

I'm just not strong enough.
I can not believe the same as you.

If you do not give up on working with it
I can not live like this anymore.

Holiness, please, please
Do as I asked you.

No, Peg.

Pleasant watching the movie wants you Tatuine

What a night, what a night. - What you are doing
Outside this late, Doctor?

I went to the Cirers and stopped
to see that you will not be with me.

Good evening, Mrs. Dzheret.
- Good evening, Doctor.

It's Old Dive
the situation worsened.

Sometimes the priest can
bring more peace from a doctor.

Do not wait for me.

Even if you have a loop to pull that
It will not change anything.

I discharged the rifle yesterday.
And the killing of that horse

would not change anything
You will be married to a man

who thinks completely
Different from you.

Peg, the wind woke me up.
Why are you crying?

Go back to bed, Dodi. - Where is he?
Daddy's gone? - He'll be back soon.

Come on, I'll take you
Back to bed.

Kiss me for good night, Peg.
I already did it. I know.

- Good night.

This is Sheriff Tateum.

I'm sorry to disturb you
at this time of night.

Ms. Dzheret
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

That's why I want to go back
to ask him a few questions.

They will not last long.
- No, wait. I'll bring it to you.

You do not have to bother, ma'am.
- It's not hard, please sit down.

Sit the sheriffs, I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

The sheriff has come.
- I know, I saw it when he arrived.

Please do not kill him. She has a wife and a little girl
to the girl of Dodi's age, please.

I'm going or I'll be back.

Just a moment, Mr. Daniel.


Drop the gun.

Please, I shot the boy.

We'll know later, he's still bleeding.
We can only wait.

We do not know anything yet.

If that child dies and you will.

If you want to
help, pray.

Help me, Father. Find it
grace and goodness

Give him strength in this
time to come back to us.

Please, gentlemen,

Save this little life.

Give us a chance to grow into a man.

Listen to our prayers,
hears our prayers.

The boy will be fine, is not he?
- Why do you think so?

Answer me!
- Of course I will answer

That boy has nothing
the chance to survive.

I did not mean to say it before his
parents, but this boy will not stand the clock.

There's no way he can
Stop bleeding.

Who released that gum?


Come on, you're awake.

How are you feeling, boy?
The bleeding stopped. A real miracle.

Of course it's a miracle.
Mr. Daniels.

He's not here, he's gone as he discovered
that the sheriff left.

He's going to kill him.

Holiness, please.
- I have to stop him.

Go to the barn and bring the reins.

Get the reins.

Open the gate.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on!

Come on!

Get off.
- He'll come and survive.

I do not believe you. - I suppose not
You do not even believe I was bouncing on this horse.

The sheriff is good.
Holly arrived in time.

Come on!

I have to go,
I came to say goodbye.

Be a good boy.

Take a look at him, he's special.
- Both of my men are special.

Very special.

Wait, son. You need help.

I need more than what you do
You can provide me, Doctor.

He went to church.

Because of this, my son was my son
dead and he was again alive,

he was lost
and it was found again.

Translation into the hearing: Mary