Stranger (2022) - full transcript

John and Rebecca drive up to a cabin in the woods near Idyllwild for some peace and quiet. A stranger becomes increasingly intrigued by their presence - little do they know, they'll soon be forced into a deadly game he's compelled...


Yeah, she needs to be on
set on Monday for that,

so make sure everything goes okay.


Yeah, sounds good.

Yeah, we just pulled up.

Yeah, it like two hours away.

Cool, okay, keep me posted.
- Come on,

it's time to unplug.

You're gonna love it.

Yeah, I, uh, I'll be here until Monday,

so service seems to be fine.

Um, just call me, let me
know if you need anything.


Okay, talk soon, bye.

Call if you need anything,

come on, baby, it's
supposed to be our time.

I love you and I'm very
happy to be here with you,

but just, just don't, okay?

All right.

See, isn't this great?

- Yeah, no, it's lovely.
- Yeah.

Thank you for doing this.

All right,
especially for unplugging.

- John, you know this is just-
- Hey, no, seriously,

I meant that sincerely.

And as much as you can be
present, I'm appreciative of.

Ooh, cute.

- Not bad.
- Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Ah! Baby.


This is exactly what
I've been needing.

- Baby.
- Yeah?

I will tell you what
you've been needing.

Oh, boy!


- Mm, music.
- On it.



Glasses, glassware.

Wow, this is such a cute room.

Yeah, it is.

You know, we should do this
with Paul and Danielle sometime.

Like a, Like a couples getaway.

Yeah, it's a good idea.

But I'm glad that we get
to do this together first.

- Mm?
- Mm-hmm.

Me too.

Wait, should we break
in every room as we go?

- Ooh, is that a challenge?
- Maybe.

Maybe after you make a proper
cocktail, we can discuss.

Wait, wait, are you extorting me

for my cocktail making abilities?

That's kinda the only
reason we're together.

Is it?


I love it up here.

Yeah, me too.

Isn't there another bedroom downstairs?

Yeah, there's a few.

- Let's check 'em out.
- All right.

Didn't realize this
place had so many bedrooms.

Yeah, it's not bad.

Should I go grab our bags?

No, let's just chill and
have a drink for a bit.

- Perfect.
- Okay.

Okay. You want another drink?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

Hey, do you remember
where you put the speaker?

Oh, it's in your backpack.


What'll it be?

Um, surprise me.



- You and this man.

You know you love it.

Ah, always makes me wanna cook.

Should I get started on dinner?

That'd be great.

♪ Got you feeling nothing ♪
- I'll go grab our things.

♪ When my lover's near ♪
- Awesome.

♪ Lord, let this ♪

- Oh, geez.
- Whoa.

Hey, I'm sorry.
- What the fuck, man?

I just wanted to,

I do apologize.
- Who are you?

- I'm Ben.
- Ben?

I'm the caretaker, the groundskeeper,

whatever you wanna call me.

I just live up the way,
I saw you guys drive in,

so I wanted to come introduce myself

and let you know that I'm
here should you need anything.

All right, um, yeah,
so, sorry, man, you, uh,

caught me off guard there.
- Yeah,

- sorry about that.
- But I appreciate

you letting us know you're here.

- Okay.
- But, uh, we're good, man.

Um, we have everything
we need, love this place.

Well, I'm so glad to hear that.

And again, I'm really sorry
I didn't mean to scare you.

No, it's, it's fine, man, really.

You know what?

It looks like you guys are
running low on firewood.

How about I chop you some?

- Oh, no, no, no, man.
- Come on, no, no, no, no, no.

Come on, I don't wanna
get off on the wrong foot.

Let me do this for you,
it'll make me feel better.

Listen, I won't even bother you,

I'll just leave it by the front door.



Appreciate that.

Really, it's nothing at all.

Y'all enjoy your stay now.

Thanks, again.

Were you talking to someone?

Yeah, it's just a really
creepy old groundskeeper guy.

- Oh.
- Scared the shit out of me.

What did he want?

Nothing really,

he was just welcoming us
and introducing himself.

- Weird.
- Hm.

Uh, anyways, what all do
you need for dinner tonight?

Okay, I need one of the
onions and then ground beef,

chorizo, tomatoes, pasta,

pasta sauce, and then
whatever veg you want tonight.

Oh, really?

Whatever veggie I want?
- Yes.

You get to-Ah, I get to choose?

Yes, yes.

Hey, thank you for this.

Thank you.

Okay, how about you go sit down, relax,

and pick out whatever terrifying movie

you're gonna make us watch tonight.

Hey, this is not solely my tradition.

Okay, I don't like it anymore than you do.

So then why do we do this to ourselves?

It's just what do we do, honey.



Here, move it, I'll get it.

I know how sensitive you are with onions.

Mm, thank you.

Of course.

Hey, should I make us a cocktail?

Yes, please, uh, I didn't
bring the bar in yet though.

I'll go get it.

- Perfect.
- Okay.

Okay, what are we drinking?

I'll make it.

How about a martini?

Ooh, whenever you want.


Although, being up
in the woods like this

does put me in the mood
for a whiskey something.

Ah, I'm down
for a whiskey something.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right.

Thanks for chopping these, baby.

Hey, thank you
for doing everything else.

Of course.

♪ Where did you go ♪

♪ Oh, baby ♪

All right, I'm gonna make a
Manhattan, sound good to you?

Yeah, as long as you don't
let me have six of them.

Oh my gosh,
that was hardly my fault.

I had just as many as you had.

And I blame that bartender.

Some people are just
too good at their jobs

for public health.
- Yeah, yeah.

So if you don't have
at least six of mine,

I'm gonna be offended.

Thought I was your favorite bartender.

Ah, you are.

Especially because your
drinks are free.

I was doing it right.


we'll see.


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

- Nice.
- Two.



- To us.
- To us.

♪ You're leaving ♪

♪ When I need ♪
- Mm.

♪ You the most ♪

- Good.
- Yeah.

All right, I'm gonna enjoy
this drink on the back deck,

- Okay.
- Enjoy the view,

you should join me.

Ah, let me just get this
sauce going a little bit

and then I'll meet you out there.

- All right.
♪ Hold on to things that ♪


Okay, the sauce will be
good to simmer for a bit.

- Nice.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you.
- Yeah.


Oof, I love it out here.

- It's nice, huh?
- Yeah.

Oh, wanna mention, What's that?

We forgot the key ingredient
to our dinner tonight

at the store.

The pasta.
- Ugh.

- Dammit, really?
- Yeah.

Okay, not a problem,

I'll run to the store
and grab it real quick.

No, it's okay, baby.

I'll go with you.
- No, seriously.

Here, I'll be back before you know it.

Thank you.

♪ With you the sun is shining 24/7 ♪

♪ 'Cause when we're together ♪

♪ It feels like we're in heaven ♪

♪ If it will get dark,
you'll be my million stars ♪

♪ I know I can lean on you ♪

♪ Ooh, you catch me like a
leaf falling from a tree ♪

In a press conference today,

the mayor has announced the reopening

of the North Trail to the public.

This renovation has requested
twice the time and budget

that the town had initially approved

due to the pressure of the citizen.

♪ I do, do, do, do, I wanna marry you ♪

♪ 'Cause when you're around ♪

♪ I know it's true the way ♪

♪ You make me feel is so
good, baby, so good, so good ♪

The city board stated

in their press release that the decision

to increase the budget
has allowed to rebuild

the old fence and secure the whole area,

which is commonly used for walks and hikes

by family and tourists.

The opposition party had run a campaign

for the measure to be assessed
to prevent more accidents

similar to the one that
caused a major concern

in the public opinion last year.

When 23-year-old Caroline Dunnit slipped

and fell off the trail while running,

which nearly cost her her life.

The mayor allegedly ordered the variation

to contrast the growing popularity
of the opposition leader

who is expected to run for mayor

in the city election next year.

The press office of the
mayor has denied the rumor.

♪ Sugar on my misery ♪

♪ And I don't fake this kind of feeling ♪

♪ Never felt so real ♪

♪ My heart is on the table
'cause you're my everything ♪

♪ I do, do, do, do, do, I ♪


What the f-?

Jesus Christ!

I'm so sorry, I, I
didn't mean to startle you.

- What do you want?
- I'm Ben.

I met your husband out front.

I told him I'd bring you some firewood.

I'm the caretaker.

Why didn't you
just knock at the front door?

I know, I know, I probably should've,

I just, I had this whole bundle
of wood that I was carrying.

Okay, well,
you just really scared me.

Again, I'm sorry.

I'll just pile this wood
up and I'll be on my way.

It's okay, you just
caught me off guard is all.

Well, that was not my intention.

I saw your car drive down the road,

so I assumed that you
guys would both be out

and that this would be a good
time to drop the wood off.

Yeah, no, that makes perfect sense.

Sorry for my reaction.

Are you okay there?

Oh, uh, yes, yeah.

I just, I cut myself cooking dinner.

Well, be careful there.

There's a lotta things out
here that wanna kill you.


No, I just mean that, you know,

you should get that cleaned up.

It's easy to get an infection.

You got a first aid kit in there with you?

I'm not sure.

Well, you know, I could
run home and grab some stuff

for you and come back if you like.

No, no, no need, um, I'm
sure we have stuff around here.

I just haven't had a chance to look yet.

Uh, there's no need for you
to come back, we're good.


Well, that should do you then,


Should be plenty for the next few days.

But, you know, if you guys
run out or you need anything,

you know, don't hesitate to call or,

you know, just come on by my place,

just, just down the road.

Mm-hmm, yeah, thank you,
it's very kind of you.

All right, no trouble at all.

- Okay. Thanks, again.
- Yeah, I'll see you around.


Back to your
favorite local radio station.

This is still Quote Robinson here

with my fellow community citizens.

It's Friday night.

As in the rest of the country,
we are officially in summer.

As a matter of fact, it's
been a hot summer already,

and it looks like we're going to have

a very long summer this year.

Let's keep updating you on the
unusual tropical situation,

which is predicted to reach
the peak next weekend.

Tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday,

we're going to track the skies

given the monsoon moisture from the south.

Some areas may-

Of 71 and a maximum of 79

with sky conditions that
were almost clear and silent.

We're warning you though,
the temperature will drop

to a minimum of 65 and a maximum of 72

on Tuesday and Wednesday,
where the chances of rain

will have a peak with
an average 65% of rain.

We will then bounce back to-

Who is it?

Who is it?

It's me, who do you think it is?

Sorry, I just, I got
freaked out a minute ago.

Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait, why do you have a knife?

'Cause that creepy
groundskeeper came by.

Dammit, he came
off to drop off the wood,

didn't he?
- Yeah.

And you didn't think to
mention to your fiance,

who was here all alone, that
he might be stopping by, so.

I'm sorry, I forgot.

All right?
- Yeah, and-

- I'm sorry you got scared.

Did you know this
place doesn't have a TV?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I realized that when I got here,

but, uh, you have your laptop, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry, I
just got really scared.

I mean, he like came by the kitchen window

when I was at the sink and
just like came out of nowhere.

Came by the kitchen
sink., why didn't he,

why didn't he go to the front door?

He, he thought that we had left together

when you went to go get pasta
so he didn't know I was here.

Hey, hey, what's this?

Oh, nothing, I just cut myself

when I was cook-
Nothing, let me see.

It's not that bad.

- Baby!
- It's not that bad.

Not that bad? You almost
cut your finger off.

You're ridiculous.

Did you clean it?

I just ran water over it.

All right,
look, I'm gonna get some stuff

and I'm gonna clean it
up for you, all right?

Or at least pour some whiskey over it.

You could take the boy out of the south.

Hey, I heard that.


All right.

Oh, come on, it's not
gonna hurt, all right?

Plus, we know what the
whiskey's really for, right?

Okay, fine,
let's just get it over with.

Okay, one second.

Wait, should we trust that?

Is it expired?

Do I even care?
- It's fine. It's fine.

All right, just a little bit

to make sure you don't get an infection.

You ready?
- Yeah.

Oh, you're okay.


All good.

All right.

Now just a quick bandaid, you'll be good.


All right, good as new.

Although, I don't know if you
should be drinking alcohol,

you know, it's a blood thinner,

I should probably finish this for you.

Well, in that case,

Doctor Taylor

can go fuck himself.

- Wow, whoa.
- Mm.

Little harsh.

You know this house is expecting sex

- Mm.
- And we wouldn't wanna

disappoint the house now, would we?

Patience, Doctor.


Okay, so, - Yeah.

We have about nine minutes
before the pasta's ready.

Um, so in the meantime we could...

So, what could we do in nine minutes?

Is that what you're asking?

- You're such a perv.

Oh, come on, you should appreciate

my completely appropriate
level of perviness.

- Hey.
- That's where we're at.


For you, yes.

- Huh, you like it.
- Hmm.

Shut up, John.

Or you could shut me up.

Let's see if you can make it nine minutes.


still got about six minutes
before the pasta's done.

- No way.
- Yeah.

Oh my gosh, shit.

Shut up.

Is that the car?

Stay here.

I'm sure it's nothing.

Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

The car's fine.

I'm sure it was just a squirrel.

Nothing to worry about.

Okay, I'm gonna go drain the pasta

so it doesn't get sticky.

Come on.


dinner's ready.

I'll be right up.

What are you doing down there?



What's up?

Nothing, there's a pipe leaking.

I'll notify the owner in the morning.

Okay, well, come up and eat

because the pasta's getting cold.

Gotta watch a movie.

- Yeah, I'll be right up.
- Okay.

So what kinda wine did you get?

Pinot Noir, of course.

Come on, it's your favorite.

- Yes.
- All right, you ready?

Um, am I gonna hate it?

Probably, yeah.

- Okay.
- All right.

- I already hate it.
- Oh, come on.

Give it a chance.

I will, I will, I'm sorry.

Next time I pick a movie.

Hey, these old school
horror movies are classic.

Do you remember one
time when we were small,

we were out here?

It was from right over there.

I jumped out at you from behind the tree

and grandpa got all excited

and he shook his fist at me and he said,

"Boy, you'll be damned to hell."

Remember that? Right over there.

Well, you used to really be scared here.


Oh, you're still afraid.

Stop it now, I mean it.

They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Stop it! You're ignorant.

They're coming for you, Barbara.

Stop it,
you're acting like a child.

- What an asshole.
- They're coming for you.

Look, there comes

one of them now.

- He'll hear you!
- I hope this movie

gets better.
- It will.

- I'm getting out of here.
- Johnny!

I'm relatively sure it does.

- Help!
- Boom!

- Jesus.
- Johnny,

help me!


what's that noise?

It must be the pipe.

Fuck, that's ridiculous.

Well, look, the pipes
are right below us,

right, you're gonna hear it.

Are you sure?


Calm down.

Calm down, you calm down. Fuck.

Remind me why we do this to ourselves.

Hey, I think you're
still just a little creeped out

from the grounds keeper guy today.

Yeah, probably.

Finally a reasonable
choice from this chick.

Yeah, see,
she ain't that useless.

We'll see.

Yeah, but if this was 1968,

you'd be cuddles up to me,
clenching my arm right now.

- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah.

And then you would
have your hand on my knee.

Oh, yeah?

Slowly work it up like that.

And then what?

And then
you'd give me a foot rub.


A foot rub, is that what I would do?

Yeah, what were you thinking?

I was thinking about something else.


Okay, here we go.

I knew it was coming, but now it's on.

Oh, it's been on for a minute.

It's nice to get out of LA, huh?

So nice.

It's crazy how you can
see the stars out here.

- Yeah.
- Mm.

The town is so cute too.


But it's so crazy how like the stores

are only open like a couple days a week

at really weird times.

Yeah, it's a family town.

Get a lot of people come
up here and raise families.

Raise kids.



Hey, remember we gotta get
the stuff out of the car.


yeah, we should do that.


- Want some first?
- Mm.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'm gonna brush my teeth really quick.

Okay, I'm gonna change first.







Mm, mm-mm.

Move over.

- So?
- Maybe.

Ah, I'll take a maybe.

Okay, I know you will.

Hey, what time is it?

- It's like 11:30.
- Mm.

You better put that lid down
before you flush that toilet.

Don't I always?

You know how many germs fly
up when you flush a toilet?

Like a million.

I mean, yeah, it's gross.

Like, what do you wanna do,

brush your teeth with a poop toothbrush?

I don't think so.

Oh my gosh, is this like
some, uh, some fetish thing

we should talk about?
- Just-

- Okay, okay, look, I'll flush
the toilet now and forever.

Thank you.

Do you wanna go on
a hike in the morning?

Do I look like I wanna go
on a hike in the morning?

Well, not yet.

Mm, and you guessed right.

You either get sex or a hike?

- Pick one.
- Ah.

Which one do you think I'm gonna choose?

I know which one.




- Good morning.
- Mm.

Wake up, Johnny Boy.

Wake up.

- Mm.
- Want me to make

you some coffee?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, that'd be great.
- Okay.


Oh, or you can come back in bed.

Smells great.

I'll join you in a minute.

John, did you leave this
door unlocked last night?

Ah, shit, um, yeah, I might've.

Are you fucking kidding me?

After that creepy guy
scared the shit out of us,

you're gonna leave this door unlocked?

Like, I just came out to have a smoke.

Okay, we're fine, it's
not that big a deal.

I get it.

Ugh, unbelievable.

Why, thank you.

Oh, wasn't a compliment.


Thank you.
- Yep.

How about I make us some breakfast?

You hungry?

Yes, please.

Do you want one egg or two?

Uh, two.


Wow, so cute.


Come look at this.

They're available for fostering.

Just saying.

Well, I'm just saying
that'll be really nice

for whoever fosters them, anybody but us.

But, hey, since we're on the subject,

I could do a baby instead.

We haven't even started
planning our wedding yet.

Right, have you set a date for that?

Okay, we're not
about to have this conversation

right now on our vacation, so.


I'll just go back to making breakfast.

Mm, delicious, baby, thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, so I know you said
you didn't want to earlier,

but it's nice outside, - Mm.

I would love to go for a hike

or a walk around the neighborhood.


And you're invited
if you'd like to join.


I don't know, I, uh-

- Don't worry about it.

I'm probably just gonna
go after breakfast.

No, yeah, I just, I
love that for you, baby,

I just don't really feel like it, so.

No pressure.

But I think I'm gonna
go and take my mat out,

do some yoga on the deck.

That's great.

I won't try to convince you.

Thank you.

Couldn't even make it through breakfast.

No, I just have to send
a quick email, I forgot.

I'm just messing with you.

What? Are you mad?

No, no.

I better go get ready though.



All done.

Should be good for the rest of the day.

That's great.

You gonna be like this all day?

I'm not being like anything.

I just wanna get outside, go for a hike,

get out in some nature.

Why did you move my toothbrush?

I didn't.

John, it's okay, if you
knocked it over or something,

just tell me.

Rebecca, I didn't touch your toothbrush.

I only do when it's to
put it on the charger.

John, I know what I did
with my toothbrush last night.

I finished brushing my teeth
and I put it right there

next to the soap.


um, yeah, I don't know what to tell you.

Well, I know I didn't move it so,

had to have been you, but whatever.



What the fuck?



Who is it?

Oh, just a neighbor.

I said, who is it?

Oh, I just live down the street.

How did you get into the gate?

Oh, I'm an old friend of the owner.

He gave me an extra remote
in case for emergencies.


- Hi.
- Hi, how can I help you?

I sincerely apologize
for disturbing you,

but my little Piglet got out last night.

Your cat's name is Piglet?

Yes, ma'am.

Okay, well, I haven't seen him.

That's strange, I, I swear
I saw him come this way.

And this is the only house that...

You know, it's okay, ma'am, if
you could just do me a favor?

If you happen to see him running around,

do you mind just calling that number

on the back of the picture?

Uh, we just live a ways down the road

and, well, there aren't
that many neighbors.

Are you sure he is not in here?

I know what I saw.

And if you could just let me come in

and take a quick look.
- No, it's okay,

I have your number, right,
so I'll just give you a call.

I'd rather you not come in the house, so.

Are you hiding my Piglet?

- What?
- Are you hiding my baby?

- No!
- I know he's in here.

Okay, I know what I saw.

Please just let me come in,

just for a second, please.
- Okay, you're crazy.

- Let me in!
- What the?

Let me in.


Fuck it.

Still got it.


- Hi, baby.
- Hi.

Did you get a little sleepy out here?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

And I feel like I was dreaming about you

'cause now here you are.

Here I am.

Got back as soon as I could.

Aw, thanks, baby.

- Yeah.
- I love you.

I love you too.

I'm gonna go shower real
quick, I'm all sweaty.

Yeah, I know, I got sweaty too.

Shower sounds nice.

But I like it when you're sweaty.

Aw, gross.

Why don't you go start the shower

and I'll be up to give you a surprise?

- Okay.
- Okay.


Ooh, why, hello there.



I miss you.

I'm right here.

Where are you?

♪ The wind it blows ♪
- What's wrong?

♪ Blows me through ♪

♪ Your hands ♪
- You're distant.


♪ It's gold ♪
- You tell me.

♪ The sun cast your shadow long ♪

♪ I see in you ♪

♪ Something time will turn ♪

♪ Into gold ♪

♪ Even though ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ Still to me ♪

♪ You're gold ♪

You still got it.

Hmm, you still got it too, Mr. Taylor.

Now get out.

- I have to pee.
- Oh, all right.


- So?
- What do you wanna do

the rest of the day?

Um, like beyond sitting on
the couch and drinking all day?

Yes, beyond that.

Mm, I don't know, what
were you thinking about?

I don't know, I mean,
we can go into town.

We can go to the lake.
- Mm-hmm.

Both sound fun.


honestly, nothing sounds better

than just lounging in
our underwear all day.

All right, can't argue with that one.


Of course, she got her UGGs.

Hey, hey, come on,

you know I can't go anywhere
without them.

I've been wearing these
UGGs since you met me, boy.

- I know.
- Better know.

No way.

Yes, ma'am.

The absolutely perfect martini.

Hey, this martini is
a special $20 martini

with blue cheese stuffed olives.

- Wow, that's a pretty

high price tag to live up to, baby.

But I'm rooting for it.
- Hey, these olives

are stocked with the finest blue cheese

that money can buy.
- Ah.

- It's a masterpiece.
- Cheers.

Cheers, baby.

- Mm.
- Huh?


I mean, that's a fucking
pretty good martini.

- Yes, it is.
- I don't know

if it's worth $20,

but it's pretty fucking good.
- Okay.

I'll take that.


Everything just tastes
better up here, huh?

- Yeah.
- Hm.


I mean, we could just move here.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

What, in like 10 years?

Settle down, start a family.

Yeah, that's an idea.


I'm being serious.


you know

I can't leave LA 'cause of work,

I mean, plus our whole lives are there.

What would we do, just abandon everything?

I'm just saying,

think about it?

Let's play a game.

- A game?
- Yeah.

- What game do you wanna play?

Let's play poker.

- You wanna play poker?
- I'm good at poker.

Okay, do you have
the cards? Poker chips?

I mean, like, it's not
gonna be that much fun

without any poker chips.

No, I wouldn't

say that, John.

Hey, hey!

Whoa, hey, man,

who the fuck are you?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

I wouldn't do that if I was you.

What is this, man,
huh, what the fuck do you want?

Is this how you treat a guest?


- May I sit?
- Hey, man,

hey, whatever this is, man,

it ain't fucking funny, all right?

It isn't funny at all, what would be?



Hey, man.

Hey, look, we'll give you
whatever you want, man,

all right, please just, just
stop pointing the gun at her.

Do you see that, Rebecca?

This is John way try to take
some sort of control back

in this situation.

You have lost control, John.

Okay, all right, hey,

hey, what can I do, huh?

Huh, what can I do?

I'll tell you what you can do.

How about you fill that shaker with ice

and grab everything you need

in order to make one of those
perfect martinis of yours?

- Now?
- Yes, John, now.

If it takes more than a
minute, I shoot your wife.

Chop, chop.

Don't do anything stupid,

I can see her forehead
from here perfectly.


It's okay, sweetheart.

Hurry up, John,

the clock is ticking.

Here we go, John.

Thank you kindly.

Have a seat.

Whoa, this is a perfect martini, John.

It's like a confection for bartender.

Why you don't drink?

Sweethearts, come on, have a sip.

You're a sick man.

Do I look like sick for you?

Do I look like sick for you?

I mean, John, do I look like sick for you?

'Cause I feel so healthy right now.


Damn, eh, fuck, I just wanna
play our little game, man.

I need you to put these on, guys.

Come on, John, have a seat over there.

I said now, John, - All right.

- Have a seat over there.
- All right, all right,

okay, okay, all right.

Chop chop, sweetheart.

Have a seat there.

I want your left hand, her right hand.

Hey, you never told us your name.

My name is what? My name is who?

What's your name? Hey!

Hey, are you okay?

Hey, okay, okay, all right, all right.

Put them on.

Could you squeeze them a little bit more?

You know, there is something
so satisfy about that sound.

Like this.

There you go, John.

What now?

That's the question, John.

We could watch a movie, how about that?

I'm not sure, did you guys ever finish

"The Night of the Living Dead?"

Or, or maybe you can lead
us through some yoga.

That would be nice, Becky.

It's okay.

No, John, it isn't okay at all.

But it will be, I promise you.

why are you doing this, huh?

I've been playing this game

since I was

16 years old.

My father passed it on to me,

and I must play one per year,

every year until I lose or I die.

It is what it is.

This is the way it has to be.

But why us?

Why do you have to do this to us?

We don't deserve this.

Why not you?

Why not you?

I mean, what makes you more
special than any other couples

in any other cabin in this little town?

Why you?

Well, I'm afraid just the luck of my draw.

I'm curious though,

would you ever replace yourself
with an innocent couple?


I'm always so intrigued at this
moment between any couples.


Okay, what happens now, huh?

Straight to the point, I
like that about you, John.

But, you know, maybe
sometimes Becky will love

a little bit more of foreplay.

You son of a bitch.

All right,
John, all right, John,

I think it's time to play our game, right?


I assume you both are
familiar with the game of War.


This is my beauty,

my extremely reliable beauty.

I'm gonna place a bullet

in one of the chamber.

We play by the rules of War,

then the loser,

they're gonna play their own
game of Russian roulette.

We play until there only two of us left,

and I'm gonna be

in every bit as much as you are.

Exciting, right?

Who goes first?

Meeny, miny,


let's put our fate in Rebecca hands.

Would you like to draw it first?


What you mean no?

I'm not gonna take part
in your sick little game,

if you wanna see someone dead,

you can pick up that gun
and take your own life.

This isn't on us.

This is you being a psycho,
okay, we didn't do anything.


the rules are simple.

If you refuse to play,
that's called forfeit.


Any card that we draw
will be higher than yours.

So if you keep this route,
this game will be fairly quick.

The choice is yours, baby.

God, John.

- Goddammit.
- John, what do we do?

Draw a card, Rebecca.

Bravo, John, bravo.

Draw the card.

- Oh, Jesus.
- I mean,

there is plenty below her.

Action on you, John, you now.

Oh, God.


Oh, okay.


lucky number seven.


I'm not so lucky today, huh, John?

Go ahead.


Told you this was exciting.



How many times have you done this?

Are you sure you want to know that?

17 people, they come and
go the touch of this gun

since it came into my life.

Yes, John, now you know.


Well, I'm not a believer,

but if the Bible is true,

I'm sure it's on your side.

You're not dead yet,
John, you're not dead yet.

How they say, winner, winner,

chicken dinner, right?
- Oh, fuck.


It's okay, it's okay,
baby, it's okay, it's okay.

Oh my gosh,

- John.
- It's okay.

Hey, I'll take this one.

- I'll take.
- Don't you fucking

touch the gun or I'm gonna shoot her.

If you don't play - Okay.

Okay, okay.
- By the rules, I both shoot.

Okay, okay, I fucking get it.

I get it, okay?
- Don't do it again, John.

Don't do it again.

I'll play by the rules.

Ah, fuck!


it's okay, its okay.

Now, you bring up an
interesting carrier.

Rebecca can take this gun,

she can put it to her head.

Or she can choose to turn the gun on you.

No, no, I could never.

- No, but you have to.

- What?
- Honey, you have to,

look, I couldn't live
with myself without you.

All right, all right, you
have to do this, all right?

You have to do this for us.


- No, no, no, no, no.

Please, please, sir, please,
I'm sorry for everything,

but please just d-don't
make me do this, okay?

We'll do anything, please.

I will kill you.

And don't do anything stupid.

It's your choice.

Hey, hey, baby,

just grab the gun, okay,

one step at a time, okay?


Come on, you got it.

Come on, there you go.

There you go, baby, there
you go, there you go.

But, John,

What if the bullet is in
the chamber when I shoot?

Honey, I'm not kidding, it has to be me.

- No.
- All right, it has,

you have to pull the trigger on me,

- No.

Look, I know this isn't fair
of me to ask for you, honey,

but I need you to do this, okay?


I can't hurt you.

Oh, no, you're not hurting me.

All right, you're giving me what I want,

you're giving me a chance to see you live.

All right, whatever happens,

it's okay, it's okay.


Okay, we've had a beautiful life together.

Huh? Right?
- Mm.

We have, we have.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- We have.

It's okay, it's okay.

All right, you have do this.

You have to do this.


Okay, okay.

- Just grab the gun, baby.
- No.

- Grab the gun, baby.
- No.

- Grab the gun, baby.
- No.

All right.

This is how it ends.

It was gonna end one
way or another, right?

I love you, Rebecca.

I love you so much.

So much.
- I love you, baby,

I love you.

I've always loved you.

Pull the trigger.

Pull the trigger.

You son of a bitch!

No! You son of a-

♪ I am ♪

♪ Held together ♪

♪ Inside ♪

♪ A breaking soul ♪

♪ By this ♪

♪ Single stitch ♪

♪ Holding what remains ♪

♪ I'll go ♪

♪ Somewhere else ♪

♪ I'll move ♪

♪ To the floor ♪

♪ Your silence moves
through me like a drug ♪

♪ Haunting what remains ♪

♪ I'll fall ♪

♪ Into dark matter ♪

♪ Wandering ♪

♪ Through the past ♪

♪ I feel ♪

♪ A tug untie me ♪

♪ Scattering ♪

♪ Remains ♪

♪ In your life ♪

♪ I'm just a space invader ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Been a little stranger ♪

♪ I know, I don't need to be told ♪

♪ I'm a space invader ♪

♪ In your life ♪

♪ I'm just a space invader ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Been a little stranger ♪

♪ I know, I don't need to be told ♪

♪ I'm a space invader ♪

♪ This stitch inside ♪

♪ Unwinds ♪

♪ This stitch inside ♪

♪ Unwinds ♪