Strange World (2022) - full transcript

The legendary Clades are a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission.

Welcome, explorers, to Avalonia.

A modest civilization...

trapped behind an impassable ring
of never-ending mountains...

whose citizens strive to do their best
despite their humble means.

Believing the key to their future
lies beyond these mountains...

many have tried to get past them.

All have failed.

But hope has arrived...

as Avalonia's greatest explorers,
the Clades...

have now set their sights
on pulling off the impossible.

Meet Jaeger Clade!

Jaeger Clade
Jaeger Clade

Never heard the meaning
Of the word afraid

Hard as nails

Blazing trails

Staring danger in the eyes

He's the manliest of guys
Jaeger Clade

The one and only!

And who's this by his side?

Why, it's none other than
his bouncing baby boy...


Searcher Clade
Searcher Clade

Joining Dad on every new crusade


Smaller build

He's the apple from the tree

With a thing for botany

Searcher Clade

Together, these two are destined...

to finally find a route
through these impassable peaks.

No matter the cost.

Over rugged mountains crawling

Or raging waters falling
In cascades

They're the Clades

On their daring escapades

They're the Clades

All right, Searcher, the path to the
other side of the mountains...

is through this cave.
How are you holding up?

Great. Pretty sure all my toes are frozen off
so at least they don't hurt anymore.

Well, as I always say, "Exploration is
snow joke."



This is exactly what we need.

Sorry! Sorry.

What are you?




Got ya.

Another close call, eh, Searcher?

Do you see that, everyone?

They'll be telling our story
for generations to come!

For what lies beyond that horizon...

is Avalonia's future and our glory.

Hey, Dad.

What about these plants?

There's literally power
surging through them.

Well, Searcher, I do love your inquisitive
spirit, but our crew didn't come all this...

way just to get distracted
by some sparkly plants.

Yes, Dad, but "our crew" did come out
here to make a discovery...

that could change Avalonia.

The discovery "our crew" is looking for is...

on the other side of these mountains
because that's Avalonia's future.

But if "our crew" would just
take a look at these plants...

they could see that Avalonia's
future might be right here.

This crew has been training since
they were a baby to do one thing.


And that one thing is to walk with me
beyond that horizon.

But did you ever bother to even ask
"the crew" if that's what they really wanted?

Oh, they're not really talking
about the crew, are they?

Searcher, we're explorers, not gardeners.

Conquering those mountains is our legacy.

No, Dad. It's yours.

Enough. You're my son.

But I'm not you.

I'm not you.

I don't mean to interrupt, but
I actually think Baby Clade's right.


Jaeger, we don't actually know
what's past the mountains.

But these plants here are real.

We owe it to Avalonia to see
what they can do.


You'll need this to find your way home.



Come back.

Dad, wait.


You can't survive out there alone.

Dad, stop!

Morning, Mr. Clade.

Rory, Mr. Clade was my dad's name.
Call me Searcher.

I can't do that, Mr. Clade.

That would be disrespectful
to the father of Pando.

If it weren't for what you discovered...

there'd be no power, or lights,
or cars, or radios, or...

Okay, okay. Thanks, Rory.

I enjoy our little talks. Bye, Mr. Clade.

Good morning, Avalonia!

It looks like after a week of downpours...

we finally have
a beautiful, sunny day ahead of us.

Which is great for
all you Pando farmers out there.

You need to harvest those crops.

Yeah, let's not run out of Pando.

No Pando means no power.

Back to horse and buggy? No, thank you!

I like my airship.

Meridian! Ethan! Breakfast!

In other news,
President Callisto Mal...

is getting ready
for a much-deserved vacation.

-Morning, babe.
-Coffee first.

-Good morning later.
-I got you.


This is the first image that has to be
imprinted on my brain this morning?

Ethan, does this bother you?

Impossible. I mean, what 16-year-old boy...

doesn't like seeing their parents smooch?

Okay, okay!

You know, I hope you know that
you're emotionally scarring Legend.

Yeah. He looks real upset.

Looks like someone
forgot to weed the north field.

Father, what is a weed...

other than a plant growing somewhere
that you find inconvenient?

I appreciate how clever you are.

But you know what I'd appreciate more?

If I weeded the north field?

You see? So clever.

Come on!

Come on!


-Hey, hon. What's up?
-My engine stalled out.

Can you give me a hand?

Too much hotdoggin', huh?

Is there such a thing?

Pando battery's dead.

That doesn't make any sense.

I picked those pods an hour ago.

Pest must be gettin'
in the root system again.

Well, I'll give our field some extra love...

as soon as I get the duster back in the air.


Hey, the crew's here.

Ethan's crew. Not your crew.

Yeah, but his friends love me.

No, we talked about this.

Ethan's a teenager. Boundaries.

Yeah, yeah. Boundaries. Got it.

-What's up, Ethan?

Ethan, Ethan.

Kardez, Kardez, what?

We just came back from the game shop.

The special edition of Primal Outpost
just dropped.

They sold out in 15 minutes.

What? They sold out already?

I knew I should've camped out.

Don't worry. We didn't forget about you.

Hey, Diazo. I didn't see you there.

Not that you're not noticeable.

I just, it was just...

What's up? Hey.

I knew you had to work this morning
so I made sure we grabbed you a pack.

You did? That's really sweet.

Okay, we have allotted three to five minutes
of cute flirtation.

Can we open our packs already?

Yo, I hear the new creatures are steep.


Cook. Yes.

I'm gonna make some stuff.


Here, I'll trade you.

This one feels more Ethan to me.

Isn't your grandpa, like, a famous explorer?

Maybe it's in your blood.

He kinda looks like you.

Except for that.

No! Hey, Diazo.

Give it back.

Hey, gang. What's the haps?

Dad, what are you doing?

-Is this him?
-Dad. No.

-'Sup. I'm Ethan's dad, Searcher.

You must be Diazo.

He talks about you all the time.

Not all the time.

Maybe sometimes or on occasion.

So, Diazo.

Tell me about yourself.

That's not really necessary.

Are you into farming?

Because Ethan is an amazing farmer.

You should see him out there.

He's strong, smart, super cool.

Or as you kids say, steep.


-Don't we have some deliveries to make?
-Oh, right. Right.

Sorry, guys. We gotta go now.

Apologies that my dad is so dad. Bye.

-Bye, Ethan.
-Farewell, Ethan.

Bye, Ethan's dad.

Hey, Diazo seems cool.
I see why you like him.

-Please stop talking.
-I remember my first crush.

-Why are you still talking?
-She had braces, I did too.

-Stop. Please.
-And then one time we got stuck...

and it wasn't such a bad thing.

What is happening to my life?



Thanks, Searcher.

Thanks, Ethan.

Thank you.

-There you go.
-Thanks, Searcher.

-Legend, go get it.

Would you look at that.

Three generations of Clades.

I wonder which one
Ethan takes after.

I think that's pretty obvious.

You know, he's gonna grow up
to be just like me.

And leave you, just like I did.

You okay, Searcher?

Yep, yeah.

We'll see you next week, Ro.

Come on, Ethan. Let's go.

You know, I bet your dad would be
really proud...

of everything you've accomplished.

You clearly don't know anything
about your grandpa.

I mean,
I would if you ever talked about him.

Dad, he's my grandfather.

I want to know about him.

From you.

Everyone thinks of Jaeger Clade
as this amazing hero.

But that's only because
they didn't have him as a father.

To me, he was just a really bad dad.

And he didn't care about me...

he only cared about
conquering those mountains.

And I only care about you...

our family and our farm.

Well, I guess that's
what makes you a pretty good dad.

Wait. What was that?

Nothing. Nothing. I opened my mouth
and no words came out.

-Actually, Legend, did you...
-No, no, no. Nope.

I heard you. You said I'm a really good dad.

Pretty good. Pretty good.

My son thinks I'm an amazing dad!

I'm right here.


What kind of airship is that?

I don't know.
I've never seen anything like it.

Hey, hey. What are you doing?

No, you're damaging our crops!

Baby Clade, hey.

How long has it been?

-You know her?

Yeah. She used to work with my dad.

What is the leader of Avalonia
doing in our front yard?

-I don't know.
-Get in here.

So good to see you, man.

You too.

-You must be Meridian.

-So lovely to meet you.
-Great meeting you.

And Ethan.

The future of Clade Farms.

Your dad must be so proud.

Hey, is it okay if we park the Venture here?

You know, I can tell my pilot to move it.

It's not a big deal.

I mean, it is a big deal,
but it's not a big deal.

No, it's fine.

Can the Venture fly over the mountains?

Well, sorry. Nothing can fly that high.

Well, not yet anyways.

But that's not why I'm here.

Why are you here?

There's something I need to show you.

-Where did you find these?
-It started in the northeast territory...

and it's been spreading like wildfire
ever since.

According to our estimates,
every crop will be infected...

within a month.

Including your farm.

Searcher, I'm mounting an expedition
to save Pando...

and I want you to come with me.

Callisto, I don't go on expeditions.

I'm not my father.

Yeah. He didn't come back, you did.

And you brought back a miracle.

And now there's something
wrong with it.

Look at how they glow out there.

It's like a heartbeat, isn't it?


I was there when you found Pando.

Look what it's given us.

Airships, the lights in our homes.

But most importantly...

it showed us our future
wasn't out there somewhere...

but here.

Pando's dying, Searcher.

You and I...

we have an obligation to save it.


When do we head out?

Hold up. You're not coming with me.

But we do everything together.

Not this.

Then what's the point of you showing me
how to grow Pando my whole life?

So you can take over the farm.

But this is so much more important.

-But, Dad.

I will not risk your life.

Not now, not ever.



Unfortunately, Searcher...

every second we delay
puts Avalonia in grave danger.

Let me go get my things.

All right, everyone.

President Mal is about to give us
our mission parameters.

Mr. Clade, my name's Caspian.
I'm a huge fan...

Oh, thank you.

...of your dad.

Do you think you could forge his autograph?

-Listen up.

Thank you, Captain Pulk.

Though Pando seems to be thousands of plants
here on the surface...

underground, it is actually
a singular organism...

with an inter-connected root system.

We believe whatever's making Pando sick...

is attacking it deep within this system
at its heart.

Three weeks ago, Captain Pulk here
tracked the roots out to the Atlas Range...

where they suddenly took a turn downward.

They started excavating...

but the ground gave out,
revealing an even bigger mystery.

Our mission is to follow these roots...

until we reach the heart of Pando
and stop whatever's harming it.

So, how far does it go down?

We're not sure.

But Avalonia's future depends on us
finding out.

Psst. Clade, come here, listen.

We got no idea what's down there.

If you wanna back out, I could drop you off.

Wait, seriously?

No, I'm just messin' with you.

Look at your face.

We need you to figure this out,
otherwise, we're doomed.

We are doomed!

Lieutenant Duffle...

can you please earn your paycheck
and fly us down?

Yes, Captain Pulk.

Wow. It's beautiful.

Oh, I wish everyone in Avalonia
could see this.


What is that?

Whatever it is, it knows your name.



What? Meridian?
What are you doin' down here?

I've been trying to flag you down
for the last four hours.

Our son is on your ship.

What did she just say?
Honey, what are you saying?

What is she saying?

She said your son is on our ship.

-Hey, Mom.

Oh, hey, Dad.

You brought the dog?

What are you doing here?

Look, Dad. I just wanna help.

Ethan, we talked about this. I can't.

I need you to take care of the farm
while I'm gone.

Now, please, go home with Mom.

Wait, but, Dad.

What is happening?

Dad, what are those things?

Head inside. I got this.

Hey, razor face. Yeah, come and get me.

Oh, no.

Duffle, get us out of here.

Hold on!

-I got him.

Brace yourself.




-We're comin' in too hot.
-I know.

Come on, Venture. Hang in there.

Not today.

Did you have any idea
all of this was down here?

Not at all.

We are definitely off the map now.

Okay, they're okay.

And we're okay.

Oh, yes, yes.
Look, I know, I'm happy too.

Easy on the tongue.
Easy on the tongue. Easy.


This place is amazing.

No. Hey, Legend, Legend.
Leave it, leave it.

Hey, hey, we have no idea what that is.

Get that out of your mouth.

All right, boy.

Let's get back to our family.


What in the...?

Hey, Legend, get back here.

Hi, hello.

I'm a human being from the top world.

You probably don't understand
a word I'm saying, do you?

Of course I understand you.

What do you think I am,
one of those mindless monsters?

That's right, bub.

You're in the presence of the one,
the only Jaeger...



Okay, everyone.

We are clearly in uncharted territory.

I know you're all feeling scared. I am too.

But the mission remains the same.

We're here to save Pando, okay?

But before we can do that,
we need to get our ship back into the air.

What about my dad?

Shouldn't we be saving him first?

He's a farmer.
You can't just leave him out there.

No one's leaving anyone.

I know you're worried about your dad...

but I've seen him out in the field firsthand.

He knows how to survive.

If we want to do the same,
our best bet is to retrieve him by air.

Which means fixing this ship is the priority.

But that's gonna take way too long.

-She's right, Ethan.

No, I know, I know.

But, babe, we have no idea what's out here.

The Venture is our safest option.

-But, Mom.

why don't you go hang out in the cockpit...

while I help them with repairs?

I promise you, Ethan,
we're gonna save your dad.

Thanks for the backup.

I'm gonna hold you to that promise.

You have your assignments, get moving.

Caspian, can you keep an eye on Ethan?

Come on, Ethan.
We're gonna have the best time.

You like board games, right?

We have the best games.

Rung and Rafters, Candy Jams, Battletrip.

Nope, no. No, no. Mm-mm.
You're not my son.

What? What are you talking about?

You're probably just some oddly-shaped rock
that my eyes want to believe is a person.

I am not an oddly-shaped rock.

That's exactly what an oddly-shaped rock
would say.

Wow, okay.

Well, would an oddly-shaped rock know...

that you gave me a machete for my birthday?

Classic, Jaeger Clade.

I was two.

I'm real, Dad.

It's really me.

Your son, Searcher.


This is incredible.

I was thinkin' the same.


Oh, that means that flying machine
that crashed is also real?


Well, let's get moving.
We've got no time to lose.


Wait, hey!

Will you get that off your head?

There you go.

It's not pretty,
but it'll get us back airborne.

I gotta say, Meridian...

for a crop duster, you are one gutsy pilot.

Well, the three things I love the most are...

my family, my farm, and flying.

Now if that last thing
could protect the other two...

I'd fly through fire.

-Mrs. Clade?
-Yeah, what's up?

Remember how I was given the crucial
responsibility of watching your son?

Is he givin' you trouble?

Just send him back to me.
I'll put him to work.

I would love to do that.

Except, I don't know where he is.


Dad! Dad!

This is way faster than our tractor.

I gotta get me one of these.

A vast, undiscovered wilderness
filled with fantastic creatures.

This is just like Primal Outpost.

Okay, this is nothing like Primal Outpost.

You can do this, Ethan.

Just be brave.

It's in your blood.


I'm alive.

I did it.

Oh, hey, Diazo.
How was my weekend?

What did I do?

Oh, yeah, I just ran through
a nightmare tunnel to rescue my dad.

No big deal. Yeah.



That is so weird, but also kinda cool.


Hey, buddy.

Hey, it's okay. It's okay.

I'm friendly, see?

I'm a friend.

See? We're all friends.


Yeah, I guess I deserved that.

I did splat you into a wall.

Hey, that's my dad's.

Where'd you get that?

What? Can you bring me to him?

I'm so lucky I ran into you.

By the way, you're not dangerous, right?

I mean, you don't look dangerous,
I just, you know...

Quickest route to your flying machine is
through that valley up ahead.

Okay, I have so many questions.

Like, for one...

what is this place?

A subterranean labyrinth...

where everything's alive.

And most things, well,
they want to eat ya.

You mean like this thing?

Nah, that's harmless.

And these things?

Funny little goobers, aren't they?

Every time I blaze a trail...

they un-blaze it.


So, how did you even end up down here?

Through ingenuity and sheer tenacity.

After months of battling the elements...

I figured there was no way
anyone could ever survive...

walking over those cold, deadly peaks.

So, I went searching for a new path.

The ground gave out.

And I found this place.

Oh, so you're stuck down here.

I wouldn't put it that way.

I found this place.

And it occurred to me...

instead of going over these mountains...

I'll go under them.

Even if I had to fight every monster
down here.

Nothing was gonna stop Jaeger Clade...

from fulfilling his destiny.

That is, until I came upon...

the Burning Sea.

A place where the cliffs are alive...

and the waters will dissolve
the flesh off your bones.

But now, with that flying machine of yours...

we got a way to fly right past it...

and onto the other side of the mountains.

Wait. You literally discovered
a world beneath our world...

and that's not enough?

This discovery may be fine
for some second-class explorers...

but not for us Clades.

Whoa, there. This Clade is not an explorer.

This Clade is a farmer.

A farmer?

Your mom has a lot of explaining to do.

She's gone, Dad.

Penelope's dead?

Dead? No, she's not dead.

She's 60 and works out five days a week.

I said she was gone.

As in, moved on with Sheldon.

Twenty-five years, Dad.

We thought you were dead for 25 years.

What did you think was gonna happen?

-No! What?
-I am going to kill Sheldon!

-I've always hated him.

-You've never met him.
-I hate his name.

And I'll probably hate his face.

Yep, he's takin' this really well.

We should go.

This place is so crazy.

Who knew that this was all down here?

I mean, you knew this was down here...

because you're from here...

but it's not like this up top.

Like, these colors,
these colors are so trippy.

And these trees...

Even the trees are cool.

Why is it doing that, Splat?

By the way...

do you mind if I call you Splat?

I just came up with it.

You just kinda give me Splat vibes,
so I just thought...

Wait, are you offended? I can't tell.

You know what? I'll just follow you.

Searcher, you call that climbing?

I'm a 40-year-old man that farms.

Climbing isn't really part of my day-to-day.

So, you just forgot...

everything I taught you?

No, just the pointless explorer stuff.

So, yeah, everything.

Well, scoff all you want.

But, when I get past these mountains...

I'll return to Avalonia a hero.

Bet they even give me a statue
in the town square.

You already have a statue.

-I do?
-Yeah, and it's right beside mine.

You have a statue?

What, do they just give statues
to everybody these days?

No, Dad. I discovered Pando.

You know, the thing
I'm actually down here to save.

The discovery that actually
changed the world...

and transformed Avalonia into the utopia
that it is today.

And not that it matters,
but my statue's taller.

Here you go, little guy.

Well, so much for the whole
humble farmer bit, huh?

Maybe you're more like me
than you want to admit.

I am nothing like you.

Just keep tellin' yourself that.


I created a real legacy when...

Hey, there. Is this thing dangerous?


No, no, no.

Hold it.

There's someone else out here.

That's Ethan's. That's Ethan's.


I said, that's Ethan's.

-Who's Ethan?
-My son.

Your son?

Jaeger Clade is a grandpa?

I guess, technically, yes.

Well, he's not alone.

-He's with a what?
-A scout for the Reapers.

They only got one job...

to lure you to your death.

Can this thing move faster?

What is this thing?

Hey, we're still looking for my dad, right?

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

But this Pando fell off the Venture...

and we don't waste pods, so...

I'm just gonna grab it really quick, okay?

Hang on, hang on. Really quick.
Just let me grab the rest of these.



Here, it's okay.

I can help you with that.

Let me see.

You can trust me.

Here, here.

It's okay, it's okay.

And there you go.

Good as new.

Are these friends of yours?

Hi, I'm Ethan.

I thought Splat here
was bringing me to my dad.

Maybe I was wrong.

Don't see my dad anywhere.

I'll just be on my way.


Stay behind me.

-Who's he?
-Ethan, meet your grandpa.

That's Jaeger Clade?

The one and only.

Follow me.

-Now what?

What are these things?

Our ticket out of here.

They're not gonna eat us, right?

No, but they will.

-Just run.


Come on, Searcher.
Stop embarrassing me out here.


He's awesome.

He is not awesome.

He just saved my life.

You know, I was a part of that rescue too.

He just saved your life.

You ain't seen nothing yet, kid.

No, Ethan.


Thanks, buddy.

Are you okay?

I'm talkin' to my son.

I'm fine, Dad.

Can you not show off
while we are running for our lives?

Calm down. The kid's all right.

How are you my dad?

You want to have that conversation?

Well, when two people love each other...

Don't! Stop talking, stop talking.
Stop talking, stop talking.

Time for a barbeque.

That ain't good.

Heads up.

Get on.


No, no, no. Don't you "Mom" me.

Once we get home,
your butt is grounded for life.

-I like her.
-Who's he?

-My dad.

Hurry up. Go, go, go.

A wall of monsters.

Wall of monsters.

Don't worry. I got this.

Okay. So, they're smarter than they look.

I could've told you that.

Wait. Jaeger Clade?

-The one and...
-We know.

Guys. We're stuck.

Great idea, Splat.

Splat? Its name is Splat?

-Callisto, give us a push.
-I'm on it.

Hang on, everybody.

I'm so glad you're safe, little Ethan.

-You had me so worried.
-Okay. Sorry.

What is that?
It's so cute.

I wanna merchandise it.

This'll do just fine.

Other side of the mountains, here I come.

Okay, that's not what we're here to do.

Right. Your silly little plant.

It is not silly.

Fine. Your boring little plant.

You know what I find boring?

-Your terrible comeback.
-What? No.

-Oh, clever.

Okay. Adult speaking here.

Searcher's right.

The mission is to get to Pando's heart.

'Cause as we can all see...

we are on a clock.

But after we do that...

there's nothing stopping us...

from continuing on to the other
side of the mountains.

Sound like a fair deal?

Okay. Then it's all settled.

Come on, Ethan. Let's go get a sample
from that Pando root.

Meridian, care to do the honors?

All right, Venture.
I guess this makes us official.

Just don't make me look bad
in front of my family.

Hey, look. It's Jaeger Classic.

The one and only.

-So nice to meet you, Mr. Clade.
-Nice to meet you.


Hey, get out of here. Come on, get, get, get.



Seemed pretty harmless to me.

Better safe than sorry.

So, you're my grandson?

Yep, that's the rumor.

Well, tell me about yourself, Ethan.

What are you into?

Fighting, hunting?

Any sweethearts waiting for you back home?

There it is.

Who is it?

It's no one.

Diazo. His name is Diazo.

Diazo, huh?

I really like him a lot.

I just don't know how to tell him...

because I just get this.

I always get so this.

Hey, let your grandpa
give you some solid advice.

If you really, really want to
impress this fella...

this is what you do.

You get him into a dangerous situation...

like maybe one in which he almost dies.

And then you save him from it.

Bonus points if it includes bandits,
alligators, and/or spectacular explosions.

Yeah. All that sounds like a really toxic way
to start a relationship.

Not to mention, crazy dangerous.


You're a Clade.

We love danger.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Really? Okay.

Yeah. That's a Clade boy right there.

Pando schmando.

Hey, Dad.

I really appreciate you bonding
with Ethan here.

But maybe a flamethrower isn't his thing.

I appreciate that you think that.

But maybe Ethan doesn't know his thing...

unless he tries.

So, go ahead, kiddo.

Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm...

but Ethan already has a thing.

And it's called a Pando Picker...

and he's really good with it.

I appreciate your appreciation, but maybe...

we let the kid decide.

Well, I appreciate your appreciation...

but maybe you'll appreciate me
a little bit more...

and respect my wishes, please.

And maybe you should step out of my air.

Or maybe we lower the temperature
a little bit.


What do you have in mind?

A little Primal Outpost.

Ethan, the fate of Pando is in our hands.

I don't think we have
the luxury of playing games.

Oh, we got a little time
before we hit the Burning Sea.

You go babysit your plant.

My grandson and I are
going to play some cards.

Deal me in.

Can someone trade me a weapon?

All I got is dirt and gardening tools.

I have masonry stones.

Chucking stones could be effective.

Yeah, so that's not what
masonry stones are for.

He's right. I need crossbows.

You got any crossbows?

Hey, Splat just stole my cards.

You get anything good?

Okay, and time's up.

Trading period has ended.

A crossbow.
I knew you were holding out on me.

Okay, event card time.

Are you ready to deal with...

a demon spider?

Kill it.

The point is not to kill it.

I know demon spider sounds scary.

Yeah. That thing will devour
our crops for sure.

That's what you're worried about?

The objective of Primal Outpost...

is to live harmoniously
with your environment.

I throw masonry stones at it.

And I shoot it with my brand-new crossbow.

Okay, fine. It's dead. See, you killed it.

That's what I'm talkin' about.


Over the...
No around the...


Oh, but wait.

The demon spider was the only thing
keeping the murder locusts...

from destroying all your resources.

Congrats, you're dead.

I agree with that snot bubble here. What?

Wait. The demon spider wasn't the bad guy?

For the 27th time, there are no bad guys.

The objective isn't to kill
or destroy monsters.

You're just supposed to build
a working civilization...

utilizing the environment around you.

Yeah. I don't get this game.

Me neither.

It is not that complicated.

-Maybe I'll just farm Pando.
-Pando's not a part of the game.

Can we conquer the monsters
and use them as weapons?

Monsters aren't weapons.

What? No.

Check out my new weapon.

If he gets a monster, I get Pando.

No monster, no Pando.

And no bad guys?
What kind of game has no bad guys?

That's just poor storytelling.

Okay. You know what?

You want bad guys?

Fine. You two are the bad guys.

Because you both are annoying me.

Teenagers, right?

I win.

The Burning Sea.

It's the one obstacle that stands
between Jaeger Clade...

and his destiny.

Can you go be dramatic somewhere else?

What do you see?

Looks like the roots continue
across the ceiling to the other side.

Well, if we're gonna find
the heart of Pando...

we got to get through this.

Hold up.

You all have eyeballs, right?

We're all seeing the same thing, yeah?

That's acid.

No one can fly through that.

What's happening here?

This is gonna be awesome.

Are we doing this?

Oh, we're doing this. Okay.

That was so Primal Outpost.

So glad we're not dead.

Get off my ship.


You don't happen to have
another one of these, do you?

It's okay.
I got a better weapon.

Aim at center mass.

-Who taught you how to throw?


-Keep us covered.
-On it.

All right. This is how you throw.

Center your weight...

breathe in, focus...

and follow through.

You see, it's all in the follow through.

All right, your turn.

Okay. Center weight...

breathe, focus...

and follow through.

There you go.

Now, take 'em out on the right.

Attaboy. Light 'em up.

-Serve it up.

Come on, Pops.


You ain't nothin' against the Clades.

Not too bad for a farmer, right?

Yeah, not too bad at all.

Okay, I gotta ask...

why farming?

Well, I love being outside.

And being my own boss.

Right. I get that.

And I like that I can pour my heart and soul
into what I'm growing.

You know, make sure it becomes
exactly what I need it to be...

something strong that lasts.

And a legacy that my son can be proud of.

I get that too.

You want to know why I didn't
try harder to come home?

Well, the thought did cross my mind.

It's because I'm stuck.

Well, yeah. I know.

Yeah. Different kind of stuck.

You see, I've been an explorer my whole life.

Chasing that horizon,
that's all I've ever known.

Even though it cost me everything.


your mom...

the last 25 years of my life.

If I gave up on it...

what would I be?

Who would I be?


too old to change now.


Let's go get another drink
while we still can.

Hi, you.

Hey, don't touch that.

Hey, hey. Stop it.

Stop touching those things.
Hey. Hey. Don't.

Hey, stop pushing buttons. Bad Splat.

You tried.

Look at that.

They're finally gettin' along.

About time, right?

Yeah. Especially since
they're basically the same person.

Don't let your father hear you say that.

Hey, you wanna take the wheel?

I'm dyin' for a cup of coffee.

-Wait. Really?

Just follow the roots.


If only Diazo could see you now.

What? You don't think your dad and I talk?

You're doing great.

Yeah, just watch out
for the walking landmass!

And I got it. See?

Sorry, sorry.

My bad. We're all good.

Why is this place so weird?

I don't know.

I think this place is...

it's kind of amazing.

You know, I gotta say, Ethan.

I've never seen you so happy
as you are down here.

I guess, just...

The farm is so small.

The world is so big.

I just feel...

like I'm in my element.
I don't know.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

-I can look at you.
-Mom, please don't make it weird.

Moms can't be weird.

We gave birth to you.

We've got rights.

And I'd like to exercise my right
to stare at you uncomfortably.

No, you have to focus on the road.

You have to look at the road. You're driving.

Calm down.

I'm just saying, you should keep
exploring those feelings.

Might just lead you down
some interesting paths.

I've been down here for 25 years...

and I've never seen anything like this.

This doesn't make any sense.

Pando seems to be getting stronger
the deeper we go.

If Pando is dying,
shouldn't it be getting weaker?

President Mal, the Reapers are here...

and they brought friends.


Meridian, go!

I can't outrun 'em.

They didn't attack us.

But why didn't they attack us?

It might have something
to do with that.

I think we found the heart of Pando.

What are they doing?

Well, they're doing what any pest would do.

They're trying to dig into Pando's heart...

and devour it from the inside.

It's fighting for its life out there.

That's why our plants are dying up top.

Pando's rerouting all its energy
to protect itself right here.

Our plant's not sick...

it's at war.

Well, let's even the odds.

Easier said than done.

We have Pando.

Do you know how much Pando that would take?

You got a better idea?

Yeah. We abandon this lost cause...

and fly to the other side of the mountains.

How does that save Pando exactly?

It doesn't. But I've lived my whole life
without the stuff. You'll be fine.

We're not dropping Pando
just so you can plant your flag.

Avalonia is depending on us to save it.

And that's what we're gonna do.

I couldn't agree more.

Dad, what are you doing?

Just like how we do it on our farm.

Now that's a Clade boy!

Listen up, bring up every crate of Pando
from the hull.

Looks like we're turning the Venture
into the world's biggest crop duster.

What is it, Splat?



What does that mean?
I don't understand.

Ethan, come here for a sec.

I'm sorry, Splat. I gotta go.

Yeah, Dad?

We came down here to save our farm...

and that's what we're gonna do, together.

You know what?

I'm good. I wouldn't even know what to do.

It's simple, you just point and spray.

This is more your thing, Dad.

This is our thing, Ethan. Father and son.

It just doesn't feel right to me.

I don't want to kill all these creatures.

Well, don't think of it as killing.

We're just exterminating some pests
trying to destroy our crops.

We're farmers, Ethan.

This is what farmers do.

Well, then, maybe I'm not a farmer.


I'm not a farmer, Dad.

Ethan, where is all this coming from?

This doesn't sound like you.

But it is me, Dad.

This is probably the most me I've ever been.

I feel like I'm in my element
when I'm exploring this world.


Well, yeah. I mean...

there's just so much to discover here and...

Wait, wait, are you saying,
you want to be an explorer?

Hey, is everything all right?

-Is this because of him?

-It is, isn't it?

-What did you say to Ethan?
-I didn't say anything.

Dad, it's not Grandpa's fault.

Are you trying to brainwash my son?

-Ethan, will you trust me?

You do not want to be like him.

The only thing he cares about is himself...

and conquering those mountains.

I know you, Ethan. And this isn't you.

Ethan, come back here.

Ethan. Ethan!

Are you crazy?

-Hey, get on this skiff now.
-Leave me alone.

Hey, what is this all about?

-You, Dad. You.

You just assume
I'll follow in your footsteps...

but you never asked me what I wanted.

You're a kid.

You don't know what you want.

I know I don't wanna be you.

My whole life, I worked so hard...

to be the exact opposite of my dad.

And looks like I ended up just like him.

I just wanted so badly
to build you a legacy...

you could be proud of.

But I mighta got a little bit
caught up in it.

Dad, stop talking.

Ethan, I'm trying to apologize here.


I think we're on the other side
of the mountains.

There is nothing but water out there.

That's an eye, right?


A really, really big eye.


And it's looking right at us.

You know what this means, right?

-It's judging me?
-No, no.

If this place has an eye...

it has to be attached to a head.

And if this place has a head...

that means what we've been travelling through
this entire time was its insides.

Like, its guts and stuff?

Okay, yes. Hear me out.

The windy forests that we were in...

that's the lungs.

And the acid lake?
That's the stomach.

And this giant eye must be its eye.

The Reapers aren't monsters.

-They're an immune system.

That's what Splat was trying to tell me.

This place is alive.

It's a living thing.

We didn't find the heart of Pando.

We found an actual heart.

So, all this time...

we've been living on the back...

of this giant creature?

Yeah. And Pando is killing it.

This creature's immune system
has no way to defend itself.

We need to hurry.


I don't know what you just said,
but I'm pretty sure it was inappropriate.

Mom, you have to turn the ship around.

-I'm sorry, what?
-Mission's over.

This place is not what it seems.

-Is there a problem?
-Big problem.

Listen, Ethan and I got into a huge fight.

So I jumped off the ship.

You jumped off the ship?

-But he's safe.
-Dad came after me.

And the next thing we know,
we're on the other side of the mountains.

-Staring directly at...

-a giant creature!
-A giant creature!


-A giant creature?
-He can't be serious.

Okay, listen. This place,
this world that we live on...

is a living thing.

And Pando is killing it.

If we want to survive, Pando has to go.

-What? You want us to destroy Pando?

-They don't know what they saw out there.

Dad, stop.

Where are you going?

To the other side of the mountains.
I'm gonna see this for myself.

Are you serious?
This world is dying.

I need your help.

What do you know about this world?

What do I know about this world?

I know what I saw.

I dedicated my whole life...

to doing something
that no one has ever done...

and I did everything I could
to train you up...

so that you could be
right there with me...

when I did it.

This was supposed to be our legacy.

Father and son.

You wanna talk about legacy?

I'm about to destroy mine.

For my son.

Something you could never do.

Oh, right.

Because I'm a horrible father.


But you didn't have to be.


The other side of the mountains
is due east.



-Get your hands off me.
-Emotions are running really high right now.

And I don't know what you think you saw.

But we came down here to save Pando.

That plan hasn't changed.

You have no idea what you're doing.

-You are going to destroy Avalonia.
-No, let me go!

-Please, you gotta listen to me!
-Get off me.

You're makin' a big mistake.

You gotta get us outta here.
Unlock this door.

No, you can't do this.
You have to listen to me.

-What are you doing?
-I'm trying to see outside.

Hey, Ethan, you think you can
reach your arm under here...

and up to the door handle?

Clearly, no.

Wait. What's that noise?

-No tongue.

Hey, boy. Hey.
Open the door. Yeah.

-He can do it. Open the door.
-Open the door.

Come on, Legend. You can do it.

-Come on, Legend.
-Open the door.

Open the door.

That's Mama's baby. That's Mama's baby.

-You can do it. You can do it.
-Open the door. Open the door!

Can you not yell at my dog?

Well, I wouldn't yell
if he were actually trained.

He is trained.

He hasn't peed in the house
for the last two days.

We've been on this ship
for the last two days.

You still have to unlock it.

There's a switch right beside the handle.

Legend, do you see the switch?

Legend, you see the switch?

What is that sound?
Is he licking the switch?

Legend, stop licking the switch.

Legend, stop.
Legend, stop licking the switch.

Stop licking the switch!

Okay, what's the plan?

Let's get back control of this ship.

I'm not qualified to fly this ship.

It is all yours.

Piloting is hard.

-That was easy.
-Okay. What now?

Pando defenses are keeping those creatures
from destroying it from the inside.

But if I can dig a hole for them...

They can take care of the rest.

I'll keep Callisto off your back.

And you keep our son safe out there.

Wait, what? He is not coming with me.

Tell him that.

Hey, you comin' or what? We're on the clock.

Remember, everybody,
Avalonia's depending on us.

Was that Searcher and Ethan?

What's happening?

They took the bridge. Come on.

Right there.

Where all the roots converge.

If the Reapers attack that...

the rest of the plant will crumble.

Meridian, open this door.

Sorry. Can't hear ya.

Don't worry, President Mal.

I got this.


Wait here.

You and Splat round up every creature
you can...

and you send them my way.

-I'll do the rest.
-You've got it, Dad.

And, Ethan.

I'm sorry if I ever made you think
that you had to be a farmer...

to make me proud.

I'm always proud of you.

I know, Dad. I know.

Let go of those controls.


Grab the controls.

Put 'em on, take 'em off,
put 'em on, take 'em... Make up your mind.

Hey, guys. Remember me?

Meridian, stop this ship right now.

No problem. We're here.

Now do you see what we're dealing with?

That's a heart.


On your feet, Searcher.


My legacy isn't those mountains.

It's you.

Now let's do this.

Father and son.


Keep digging.


Get out of the way! Here they come!


Yes! Yeah!

Yeah, we did it. We did it.

We did it.


We were too late.

All right, next stop, no power,
cold coffee and angry masses.

Who's ready to go home?

Actually, I'd like to make one stop...

for my dad.

I spent my whole life
wondering about this moment.

What'd it be like?

What it'd look like?

What'd it feel like?

And how does it feel?



Dear Dad, though it's been an incredibly
challenging year...

it's inspiring to see how
resilient people can be.


We can be resourceful.


We can surprise.

The world's clearly changed.

Thanks, man.

And it continues to change.

And though we can't live
like we did in the past...

we've now given ourselves
a better chance at a future.

We're not quite there yet, but we will be.

Because the best legacy we can leave...

is making a present worth opening tomorrow.

Thank you...

for everything you've given me.

I'll do my best to live up to your legacy.

I hope I make you proud.

Love always...

your son.

They're the Clades
They're the Clades

Cue the band
And start the grand parades

Ever bold

Hearts of gold

Over sea and sky and land

Bound together hand in hand

They're the Clades

Forging brave new chapters

Of their legacy

Facing every scrape and jam

As a mighty family

They're the Clades
They're the Clades

Worthy of the highest accolades

Standing tall

Risking all

Braving roads beyond the maps

Bounding generation gaps

They're the Clades

Whether farming or exploring

Raise up your voice in roaring


For the Clades

And their endless escapades

They're the Clades