Strange Voyage (1964) - full transcript

Paquita and her brother Venancio, both single and childish, live in a small town near Madrid. Their bossy eldest sister Ignacia, also an old maid, dominates them. One night, Paquita hears her sister tell somebody about her intention to sell all the family wealth. Once the money is gathered, she wishes to travel to Paris with the mysterious person and get rid of her brother and sister. Paquita and Venancio are terrified... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Strange Voyage

Like this one! It was exactly like this one!

They stole a corset like this one!

Jesus! How could anyone steal a thing like that?

Even the thieves are becoming corrupt!

That idiot Beatriz is probably at the dance

instead of keeping an eye on the stock!

Jesus! Oh Jesus!
Where will it all end?

Where is Beatriz?

She's gone into the dance.

I knew it!

Go in and ask Beatriz to come out.

Los Guacamayos Orchestra

You can really shake it, baby!

Don't be silly!

Boss, play something slow
I'm wiped out.

[Clock, don't tell me the time]

[I'm going to go crazy]

[She is going away forever]

[When the dawn breaks once again]

[No more; we've only got tonight]

[To live out our love]

[Your tick-tock reminds me]

[of my hopeless pain]

Want to dance?


Going home, Angelines?

Yes, but alone!

Leave her alone!
She only likes to dance.

She likes everything!

Except you!

Angelines! Angelines, wait!

The stupid men in this town!

This is the last night
I play cards with you lot!

Between this guy that misses everything

and you two watching that
libertine Angelines dance

the game is a total waste!

Hey Don Graciano,
what do you think of the pill?

You'll be flying in the sky!

If it wasn't for my pills,
we'd all be in poor health!

No more arguments!

If you don't want to walk home
with me, I'll go alone!

You don't get it!

Get your head out of the clouds!


[doors creak open]

[floorboards creaking]


[door rattles]

[door creaks open]

What's going on? Who is it? Ignacia?

Quiet! It's me, Paquita!

What's wrong? What do you want?

The lights are out, Venancio.

You scared me!
You wake me up to tell me that?

And you knock everything over to boot!

I was really scared.

I heard sounds, as if someone
came into the house.

I went to turn on the lights, but they're out.

And then I heard someone go up the stairs

and go running down the hall.

Perhaps its a thief.

We better wake up Ignacia.

And if we're wrong, she'll yell at us.

It wasn't your cats?

No, poor dears, they're still in my bed, sleeping.

Ay! Well then, let's wake her up.

Look! There's a light under the door!

At least she's already up.





What's going on?

What are you two doing up at this hour?

Well...Paquita heard sounds and came to my room.

I heard footsteps running.

The lights went out.

I haven't heard a thing.

[lightning and thunder]

Who is in there, Ignacia?

Don't be crazy! Who would be in there?

The lights went out
because of the storm.

Let us stay with you in your room
until it passes.

Please let us in, Ignacia, we're very afraid!

You act like children!

What could happen in the storm?
We have a lightning rod, don't we?

Now, go back to bed and
stop bothering me.

Ok, ok, don't get upset.
Pardon us.

See you tomorrow.

I'm sure I saw someone sitting
in the rocking chair.

She said there wasn't anybody.

Well that's what I saw!

Could it be a ghost?

I don't know.

Maybe it was Dad?
You're pretty psychic, you know.

I don't know.
Now be quiet.


Do you hear anything?


What's she saying?

Be quiet!

Quiet now, girl!

There was some...Ignacio!

What's wrong, Paquita?

Paquita, my girl, don't cry so loud,
she'll hear you!

Eeek Eeek!

What's wrong?! Speak!

I can't!
Oooh! Oooh!

I'll get your drops.


What a fright!

What are you doing running
up and down the hall all night?!

It's Paquita. She's ill and
I came to get her drops.


[cat screeches]

What's wrong?
What hurts?


One, two, three...

Will you speak up?

Will you speak up?!

...eight, nine, ten.


Must be the storm.

Yes, that's it, the storm.

Now you're hysterical.

[glass breaks]

I'm going to help you.

The lights are back on!

Feel better?

Now, go to bed and turn off the lights.

Right to sleep, you'll see.

Off to bed with you too!

I don't know why I believed
in your "discovery"

It's always the same.

We come to this spot again today
and we haven't seen anything

and we're soaked.

I didn't know it was going to rain!

Yeah, but the other night,
you saw a couple?


Look! Who's that?

That looks like Dona Ignacia!

That's crazy!


This rain won't help our health any.

Over there?

Goodbye, Pepe.

You're going to be a singer.

Don't be silly!

You see how that girl dresses?

I'm surprised that Justo and Graciano
weren't at Mass today.

They just got wrapped in their bed sheets.

Look! There's Dona Dracula in her castle!

What an unpleasant woman!

Even as a girl, she was prickly.

And so skinny.

That's the style today.

Nowadays its in fashion.

I think they've sold their land.

Where's Justo? He wasn't at Mass today?

He has a bad cold, he said to tell you
not to wait for him today.

Goodness, give him one of these envelopes

every four hours with
an infusion of herbal tea, Dona Luisa.

Thank you very much.

I hope he feels better!

And he better not be faking,
he's too old for that!

Yes, Don Mariano?

What's the total due for
this table and Fernando's?

60 pesetas, Fernando had the shrimp.

Don Fernando! Living the good life!

Well, my young couple

When can I give you my blessing?

Don't say that Don Mariano
you'll give me a fright!

Grandfather says
don't wait for him.

He's got a bad cold.

Another one!

Give this to your grandfather

to take one every four hours
with an infusion of herbal tea.

Whose your team, boy?


Oh, Madrid!

You're the son of some musician and
you've come here with your father.

Don't listen to him son

That's the oldest grandchild of Graciano.

Take your phosphorus.

Hey, that reminds me

Justo and Graciano haven't come today!

What do you think we should do?

I think it was all in your imagination.

Who could've been in her bedroom?

and how could Ignacia have said that?

I'm telling you I heard it,
she spoke very clearly.

"When we get to Cabo De Palos,
We'll get rid of them."

"We can't have these imbeciles
around once we leave Spain".

She said, "We'll get rid of."
Do you know what those words mean?

"And these imbeciles" -- that means us!

I don't believe it!

I'm telling you I heard it!

Stop that!

Don't eat anymore until we're all seated.

I don't want to get into trouble.

You tell her then --But!
When you're alone with her.

Since I didn't hear anything...

Take out the wine.




No, nothing.

So then why call my attention?

Venancio, the newspaper.


Sobbing again?

I...I must have got an eyelash...

[Oh Carnation of a woman!]

[toasting to our love]

[As I walk by]

[you pick off the flower's leaves]

[and keep walking]

[without a thought for your love!]

I love it when you sing the classic stuff!

Much better than those silly dance songs!

And I like it when you listen to me sing.

Stop it!

What's wrong?

Are you mad?

Don't be mad, you can kiss me
once we're married.

I've always dreamed that the first man
to kiss me would be my husband.

That's bribery!


How can you call marriage bribery!

And the face you made this morning
when Don Mariano mentioned marrying us.

Beatriz, my love,
I would marry you tomorrow

I would have married you
the same day we met

but there's something that prevents me
that I haven't dared tell you until now.

Then...? Then its true?
You're already married!
Like all the out-of-towners!

Me? Married? Haha!
Don't be silly!

No, that's not the problem.

Its my brother.

Your brother? you never said you had a brother.

Its very painful to talk about.

My brother is paralyzed.

From the waist down.

Tell me everything.

Kike and I have been on our own
for more than twelve years now.

I'm all he's got.

My mother, may she rest in peace,
made me promise on her deathbed

not to marry while my poor brother was alive.

How could she know I'd meet someone like you.

I'll wait for you always,
whatever the sacrifice.

I couldn't be anyone's wife but yours!

I'll never leave you.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Beatriz and friend!

They saw us embracing!
Don't worry, they're leaving town now.

There are? How do you know?

Everyone's been talking about it.

Anyway, I don't care, now.

These photos are all bad, you have to
get some new ones taken in Madrid, and quick!

My agent's asking for them every day!

Depends how interested you are.

I don't really care about being an artist,

I just can't wait to get out of this rotten town!

Everybody criticizes me here!

Look, you have to get two: a frontal shot and another
of your whole body in a swimsuit.

That shows off your figure.

In a swimsuit?

Umm Hmm.

I don't know...

For one thing, I'm embarrassed
and my father might slap me.

Now that's a great start, babe!

You'll get far thinking like that.

Don't be such a hick!

Will you two stop chatting!
The director's here!

Start already, its seven!

Start the dance, we're tired of waiting!

So informal!

Let's go, Carmelilla.

One, two and...

Be careful with the tin
or the dessert will fall.

He'll love it, you'll see!
I made it myself.

You shouldn't have!

That's so nice of you,
Kike will love it.

Does he like sweets?
A lot, especially

since he has nothing else.

Here. Don't lose it.

Tell him to pray with it a lot.

They're looking!

Watch out, that costs money!

See you on Saturday, Pepe!

What a modern walk you have Angelines!

Mr. Colme, tell that to Mrs. Engracia!

If you get a prescription
you don't understand

or a difficult mixture,
come find me.

Don't fill it yourself.
Yes, sir.

Think back. A corset worth that much --
I'm sure I didn't sell it to anyone!

How would I forget?

Well I?m sure you wouldn't.

Then someone's stolen it!

Now try to remember
who was here Saturday after six?

When I left, there were two corsets.

I remember Mrs. Engracia, the bakers wife
buying some buttons

and Juanita and Lucia,
buying some sewing tape.

And no one else, I believe.

I don't understand it!

Are you sure no one else came in?

Well, yes -- just before closing
my boyfriend came to pick me up

but don't you think that Fernando --

Good day!

What a pretty outfit!

Is it expensive?

If only you had one in red with black trim,

that would be so much prettier.

What do you want?

Do you have any swimsuits like these?

We don't sell those things here!
Go to Madrid for that!

Or have one of your musician friends
bring you one!

What a tacky shop!

Thank goodness we're not so modern as you!

And you call it "La Parisienne"?

Let me have these two cloths.

That will be 50 pesetas.

Have fun!

I didn't show you the picture
because you?re a proper young lady!

But you should have seen it!

Now that I think about it
she was here too, late Saturday.

Don't say another word!

I'm going to file a complaint this instant!

Give Don Miguel a shot of liquor.

Well, Don Miguel we won't keep you
as I'm sure you're busy.

Yes, taxi is waiting below.


Hurry up and drink it!

I'll walk you to the door.

Venancio, you didn't listen

but now we have to deal with this trip.

Search her house! You'll find it!

I can't search her house just because
you misplaced a corset in your store!

Interrogate her!
Interrogate her right now!

She'll confess, you'll see!

You filed the complaint,
now please go home peaceably.

But you're in charge!
I'm going to find someone who will listen!

The corset will turn up! You'll see!

I'm sorry my dears, my babies.

How many times do I have to say
I don't want those creatures

dirtying up the house?

I'm having your leftover rice pudding
from yesterday.

Since you didn't want it...

Now what?s wrong?

Days on end, crying for no reason!

Its such a shame we sold the farm.

How Dad loved the pears from the orchard!

Now we have nothing!

What do you mean?
We sold it, we have the money.

Yes, but when it runs out...

Before we had the property income.
Paquita's right about that...

We shouldn't leave town.

I'm doing it for the two of you.

You're young, you should enjoy life.

See the world!

In this town there's only uncouth people.

That's why none of us got married;
they're not in our class.

We live here like we're besieged.

You sold the farm where
we used to play as children

You remember the apples? Ah!

Paquita, you're still young enough
to meet a man

who makes you happy and get married.

In this town you're an old maid

but outside Spain -- that's another story.

She's right, Ignacia:
outside Spain it's another story.

You really think so?

Of course, woman, of course!
Now stop crying!

Where are we going to go?

First we'll go to Cartagena: the sea!

And on to the Canary Islands.
There we'll cross the Mediterranean by boat.

We'll see far away and exotic countries:
Paris, Hong Kong, Brazil...

And when do we leave, Ignacia?

Very soon.

In Paris, we'll split the money into thirds

Each of us free to live our lives

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

And tell us, why don't you, Ignacia

who was with you the other night
in your bedroom?

Well! Speaking of the other night

If I catch you spying on me in my bedroom again

or slandering me with
the idea I'm hiding someone,

There will be trouble. I'm warning you.

Ah! So if you heard about the theft,
you wouldn't say anything!

Not if it was in confession.

Isn't that nice!

Confession is no detective agency.

A priest hiding a thief!
What a thing!

Would you confess to me if I took
advantage of the sins you confessed?

You're not comparing me to that loser!

We are all the same in this case.

Oh! You socialist!

Just like that disgraceful girl,

I won't enter that church again
while you're the priest!

And to think how I've treated this parish!

[music plays]

Leave that light on so we'll know if he comes.

You want the first or second watch?

I'll take the first.

OK, but don't fall asleep.
Don't you worry, relax.

You hooligans!


Shhh, Almendrito...

[door creaks]

[tiles clatter]

Drink your milk, dearie,
before the baddie comes.

And what a baddie, right my dear?

You're such a good kitty!
You won't leave the house.

Mandito's gone now two days.
Venancio, you don't think something's happened?

If you'd spayed him like Rudolfito,
he wouldn't leave.

Don't remind me,
how he suffered!

[doorbell rings]

I'll get it.

Who will that be?

What's in here?

The ironing room.

How many bathrooms does the house have?

Just one. But very convenient
to all the bedrooms

on the upper floor.

Of course, in these old houses...

Is there a pool?

There's a patio with garden.

But I could put in a pool?


No, please, you first.

They are in your room.

[cat screeches]

My brother and sister.

Good afternoon.

This bedroom is identical to the other one.

The patio is a little small for the pool.

This wall could be removed
to add another bathroom.

You'll have to give me
some kind of discount.

The remodeling will cost a lot.

Good afternoon.

She sold the house!
To make a spa!

She figured out I've been sleeping in here!

We'll be on the streets with the house sold!
We have to defend ourselves!

Not the house! Not the house!

I'm sick of waiting!
No more dances for me!

The dance is cancelled!

Let's go see;
The mayor's up on the terrace.

Ooh! Ooh!

Go on, you idiot!

I can't believe it!
Waiting there all night for the dance!

That's vice for you!

After all, they're men,
they have to let go once in awhile!

Right! But the girls?

What would Dona Ignacia say!?

Being so serious and all...

She would be ashamed!

She's right not to mix with anyone.

I'm not surprised she wants to leave town.

Me neither. Or me.

I don't think they're coming tonight.

I'm not going to bed without a dance.

You think something has happened to them?

They must have had an accident!

[applause and boos]

[knocks softly]

Snore! Snore!

We've had an accident! We're a bit shook up!
We even have an injury!

In the old days, we'd be dancing by now!

But nowadays the kids
in this town don't give a damn!

Get up! Play!

Why else do we work all week with no break?

Where's the fire anyway?

Oh man!

There it is again!

I was right, you see?

What should we do?

Shhh! Quiet!

[floorboards creak]

[door creaks open]

Don't be such animals!

You hooligans!

There will be a dance!

The first one who throws another stone

is going to remember the mayor!
I swear on my father!

Now be quiet, I'm going up to take care of it.

Awww! Go on already!

You want me to get mad?
Shut up you punks!

Oh! What a disgraceful town!

Back! Back!

I can't hear a thing!

Be quiet! Quiet!

The dance is starting now!

But here in the plaza!

The band is going to play
from the windows

They are a little tired out

after all, they are human too.

This way everyone's happy!

Here's to the Mayor!


[creaking sounds]


Where have you been?

To take care of this.

Sure. Angelines took care of you, right?

Come on, we're starting.

And Fernando?


I'm coming! I'm coming!

[band begins to play]

Help! Help!

No, Ignacia, no!


Ignacia! Aahhhh!

Ahhh! Ahhh!

When I was young, the band would get up
and play no matter what!

More vinegar.

That's all for tonight!

This dance has shown

that the kids aren't all bad!

Let's call a doctor.

She's dead.


I killed her.

[door creaks]


The Vidals weren't at Mass today.

How strange.

All the balconies are closed up.

Somebody must be sick.


They never miss a single Sunday

What time is it?

Two o'clock.

No one can stand her.

Sometimes I think about quitting my job

and never speak to her again.

Don't you worry, we'll be married soon

Before you know it.

But, what about Kike?

Right, we'll find a solution.

We can't sacrifice him - Kike comes first.

Even though I haven't met him
I've come to care about him.

What does he think of me?

He likes you a lot.

Every Sunday night, he waits for me
just to see your latest gift.

He hasn't been very well this week.

Don't let it get you down,

Go on, eat.


What are we going to do?

What have I done, Paquita?
What have I done?

Don't think about it any more.
You didn't mean to.

The police will get me, put me in jail.

I'll get the death sentence.

What shame.

No one will find out.

I didn't mean to,
I didn't mean to.

Of course not.

Oh the shame!

What a sorrow!

I was just protecting you,

she was going to kill you.

Poor woman...

God has forgiven her.

She was such a bad person.

Get your papers in order
We're going to get married soon.

Very soon.

See you on Saturday, Fernando!


But there's no photo of you in bikini!

Don't be silly!

I didn't bring them before because

I was embarrassed to
show you them in person.

Don't show them to the other guys.

See you on Saturday, baby.

And you better get with it
or you'll never be an artist!

Goodbye, Angelines!

Goodbye, Mr. Graci.


Listen, Beatriz --

Don't be formal.

Well, listen, I haven't stolen any corsets.

And you can tell that witch
Dona Teresa the same.

I'm no thief.

And anyway, why would I want one?

I don't need one.

Don't worry, I'll tell Dona Teresa.

I know it wasn't you.

Its like a betrayal!

Who would believe it?

Its unthinkable!

Jesus! There's so few of us left!

You said it!

What's wrong?

Oh, he's just scared.

Because of the slap he got tonight.

Well, when are you marrying
the haberdasher girl?

Come on, get your brother's bags
and let's go eat something!

Looks like she makes good desserts!

You're not upset because of
that princess, are you?

Don't call her princess!

No joking about her!

Wow! He's really in love
with the haberdasher girl!

Don't call her the haberdasher!

Her name is Beatriz!

If you are in love with her,
well -- marry her!

I've a problem with my paralyzed brother.

Where do I get a paralyzed brother?

I just made that up to get
out of the situation. And now...

Just kill him off!


Kill who? What are you saying?

Kill your brother.

On Saturday you show up
in mourning,

you say that Kike has died,
and that's that!

Very easy!

So stop thinking about it!

That might just work.

Now that that's taken care of,
let's all go to my house.

Open some cognac and those desserts of yours!

No, no. I want to go to bed early

and finish off that song for
the Benidorm festival.


Come on, let's go!

I do.

I accept.

Let's go in!

No, I'm afraid.

Why not tomorrow?
It'll be easier in the daytime.

We've been putting it off all day.
And now you say tomorrow!

Well, alright, we'll go in.
But feed the cats.

She can't harm us now!

There...there are dead people who don't
leave until they're satisf --

Shut up! Don't get me started!

And boy, she must be upset with us!

Me especially.

If you go on like that, we'll never go in.

And we have to get the money!

One, two...



[laughs hysterically]

What a terrible liquor smell!


The keychain!

And to think she used to scold me
for having a sweet tooth!

Go on, have one!

No, I'm not sure...

Go on! With all this suffering,
we have to eat, don't we?

Is there a cream-filled one?

Yes, That one. And this one too.

Oh, that's so good!

If she is watching us now...

I love the angel hair filling ones.

What a treasure! Its beautiful!

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Look, Venancio

the doll I got at Christmas!

She's so cute!

The toy kitchen!

[door creaks]

My poor dears!

How she hated you, and made you all suffer!

Now, you can lie on her bed.

Oh, if she were watching us now!

Its my Hula Hoop!

No, that one was mine!

No, no, its mine!

Its mine, See the P there?

They got us each the same one,
cause you were jealous of me.

She had such nice clothes!

What is this?

The photo of Philip II.

This one is you.

And this one from Carnaval --

When we went to the Juvenile Dance at the casino.

You remember?
Yes, yes!

Hey, you want a shot of liquor?

Don't mention liquor!

You're right...

Peppermint schnapps!

I'll have some of that!

[tiles clatter]


You know her reputation in this town!

And she steals in my store,
which was your responsibility!

I don't think it was Angelines.

No?! You say all the time!

I never said it was her

I said she was in the store that day.

You said it.
Are you calling me a liar to boot?!

Look, you can take it
from my pay if you want

but let's just drop it.

What? Did you give that corset
to your girlfriend?

or maybe you took it yourself!

Let it all out!
I won't have to take it much longer!

Oh, are you becoming an "artist" too?

No. I'm getting married.

I wouldn't be surprised
if they fired the French girl.

I don't think so.

Nowadays expect anything!

They weren't at Mass yesterday
and today no one's on the terrace.

They can't have gone, because
I bought some wine from Dona Ignacia,

and it hasn't been delivered it yet.
And its paid for.

What wine! Its the best in the region!

Because Dona Ignacia adds
ham to the barrels.

It gives it such taste and flavor!


Look, there's the victim now,
having her afternoon snack!

Good day!
Good day!

Waiting for your boyfriend?

No, he?s not coming until Saturday.

She's not too bad looking!
I think she looks good!

The young women are for the boys!

Or for old men! Hah!


They called me to their house
to perform a service.

To pick up three people:

The two that were found dead,
and a tall, thin woman.

Did they happen to mention
where they were going?

No, sir.

Did you notice anything funny in their manner?

No, sir.

What did they do when they got to Cabo De Palos?

I left them in a restaurant outside town.

They paid me, and said goodbye.

And why were you in town this morning?

Why didn't you go back to Madrid?

I was very tired from driving all day
and part of the night

behind the wheel, so I slept here to rest.

What time did you go to bed?

Around 10:30 or so.

And you never left the hostel after that?

No, sir. I went straight to bed.

Did you happen to hear
what they called the other woman?

Yes, sir. They called her Ignacia,
several times.

Were they fighting?

No, they dined happily.

And were very hungry.

Especially the two of them -- the woman ate less.

Can you describe her?

Not very well. She was tall, thin,
since her dress was dark

and with the veil
I couldn't see her face.

What time did they leave your establishment?

Around 11:30 or so.

The driver got to the hostel just after 10:30.

He had dinner and went to bed.

Certainly he's no criminal!

I didn't have a killer in my house, did I?

That would be too much!

Don't worry yourself, Miss,
try to answer faithfully:

Could he have gone out at night
without you seeing him?
And returned the same way?

No, sir!

Definitely not. To go out,
all guests have to pass
through my bedroom, sir.

And I have to unlock the door to the street.

That way no one can leave without paying.

Or sneak someone in,
you know what I mean?

"The mysterious disappearance only
underscores the mysteries

of the shocking case.
According to the latest reports..."

Look at that Angelines!
She has no shame!

So, you finally decided.

Yes; if you stick around here, you'll dry up.

Good luck to you!

Same to you.

Well, I'll see you soon,
I'll be back for at your wedding.

That's the only reason
I'd come back to this town.

You're invited of course.

Let's go! Maybe we'll see you
presenting at the dance hall!

You're so silly!

[cat screeches]

What a stink!

Smells like rotten meat.

Yes, seems like.

That will be Dona Ignacia's body.

It's coming from there!

Seems they expected to be gone
only a few days and return.

Otherwise they would have
let the cats out

or taken them with them.

This meat has been here at least eight days.

Check out the closet.

How strange -- you said
they planned to leave for good.

Yes. That is what Dona Ignacia told me.

She didn't go into more detail.

And I didn't want to pry

serious as she was...

Well her wardrobe wasn't exactly conservative.

This can't be Dona Ignacia's clothing!

No way! I'm quite sure of that!

Here are the receipts for the sale of the farm.

The house was never sold,
despite the verbal agreement

because they left beforehand.

Its incomprehensible!

The trip seems to have been
a last-minute decision

How much was the total of the sale?

Without the house,

a total of three million
two hundred thousand pesetas.

We haven't found anything important.

Looks like the house search is over.

Hey, have they found Ignacia yet?

Man, I doubt it.

You'd notice a thing like that.

And now what will happen to the house?

The judge will seal it up and
no one will be allowed to enter. wine! I already paid for it!

Hurry up and tell the judge
before they seal the house!

Don Miguel! My wine is inside,
down in the cellar.

You know its paid for!
I have to have it!

Yes, I remember.
But there?s nothing I can do.

Tell it to the judge.

If you take less than four hours
to siphon out your wine

We'll wait to seal the house.

Work it out with the secretary here.
He'll tell you what to do.

I need a signed letter
together with your order.


I don't know what those two are going
to leave for the wedding!

The witnesses must give testimony
one at a time!

But we're all together.

According to the law...
It doesn't matter:

The important thing is to
tell the truth and be helpful.

Let's see now: who's going to start?

You start, Cosme!
Me? You guys start!

Let Justo begin!
If you want, I'll begin!

No! No, no, you go last!


You see...

Keep going while I check the wine cellar.

Don't go. Stay with me.

I have to put this away.
Do it later.

It's my engagement dress.
I made it as a little girl

just waiting for my perfect man.

I put it there hoping you'd see it today.

But now that Kike's dead,
I don't think its right.

You're so good, in everything.

Well, as I was saying,

On Sunday they weren't at Mass. True!
It seemed strange to us because
they never missed a Sunday.

With the judge's permission,
I would like to remind you that
the declarations must be individual.

Try to organize yourselves.

It was unusual because they never
missed Mass, even though
they were a bit strange.

What do you mean,
"a bit strange"?

They never mixed with anybody!
But that was Ignacia's fault!

The other two were just unhappy souls.

Did Dona Ignacia have any enemies in the town?

I doubt it -- she never did anyone
any favors in her life.

Would you let me speak!

I am the one giving my declaration!

Its fate! You'll see, the judge will listen to me!

And then that corporal will get his!

Surely they will arrest her!
Or at least send her away!

No theft can go unpunished!

The police will catch her in Madrid!

The next day, on Monday,
we saw them on the terrace.

The three of them were there.

Is that the last time you saw Dona Ignacia?
Yes, Judge, the last time.

If it hadn't of been for you, Mr. Colme
I wouldn't have gotten out my wine!

Right now, I'm going to bring you
all a well-deserved glass!

Thank you, Felix!

So, between 2:30 and 3 in the morning,

You saw a car waiting parked
in front of the house.

Then Dona Ignacia and Dona Paquita came out,

Then Don Venancio. And then?

I heard the car start up; Dona Ignacia
waved to me. And they say
she wasn't friendly!

Is that the last time you saw her?
Yes, Sir, the last time. Who could of known?

We don't know if she's still alive.

This wine is excellent!

There's no wine like this one
in the entire province!

Dona Ignacia knew her wine!

She knew...or she still knows!

Adding ham gives the wine
such body and flavor!

And its healthy too!

Is this wine Andalusian?
Be good!

Mr. Felix!

That pitcher is empty now.
Start on the next one. You stay here.

I'm going to take out the sweet wine now.
Its better than this one, if that were possible!

I like the sweet wine better!

You two are just in time!

Have a glass of this wine!

Have some, you'll feel better.

What do you think?

Mmmm, very good.

Well, if it hadn't been for Mr. Cosme
I would have lost it all

This is the Vidals' wine
that was in the pitchers

And since they're going to
seal up the house...
[glass breaks]


Fernando! What's wrong, man?
This wine would raise the dead!

I don't feel so good.

Here! Take a pill!
I bet its your liver!


I think this pitcher is plugged up.

There's no wine coming out the hose.
Get a long stick.

Its empty!

It's the other one, the first one.

I hope we finish soon, its getting late.

Its hitting something.

There! I got it hooked!

More! Jam it more!

What is it?
Looks like rags.

I think its hair!

Rags and hair?

There it goes!

Look, Cosme, there was a hair in the wine.

No, Severo, that's grass.

Don't listen to him, Cosme, you know him!

Let's go, Beatriz.
I need to lie down.

Stay in bed this afternoon
you can leave tonight when you feel better.

She's right! Listen to your fianc?e!

No, I'm better go now --
what will the band do without me?

Your sense of duty is too much.

What's going on?

It's happened, Don Juan!
They found Dona Ignacia's body!

It was in the wine pitcher!
Poor thing, like that!

She's dead -- I think they had to fish her out!

What a shame, now I can't
try any of the sweet wine.

Don't you get it?
We drank wine from that pitcher

with Dona Ignacia's body inside!

They just found her now!

That's what I'm saying!
Now I can't try the sweet wine!

Wait! He's right!
We haven't drank anything bad

because the wine Felix gave us
was from the first pitcher!

We were there when he decanted it!
The body must have been in the other one.

Sure! In the sweet wine pitcher!

I was feeling sick too, thinking
I drank that wine! Disgusting!

You look better, too.

I mean, drinking that wine and
knowing there was a body inside

that would be enough
to kill anyone!

Well, I'm off to the casino
to do my duty.

Good afternoon.
We have to speak with you.

Its very urgent.

Did you forget something in your declaration?

No, no, its something that just happened.

And very important.

Ok, let's go up.
Yes, let's go...

I don't think anyone's coming this afternoon
what with the dead woman.

That's what I think!

Hey Fernando, why don't we cancel the dance
and go have a few drinks?

Oh! right -- you're in mourning!

I bet your girlfriend felt awful,
the way she loved your brother!

No more dessert boxes!

What's wrong with you?
You're taking this seriously!

Come on, with the dead woman
we've got no public.

Let's start, Carmelilla.

Shall we go?
No, what with Fernando's brother and all

I feel so sad.

Take a moment.

How did you know the body
was in the wine pitcher?

Because the night they killed her --
Who killed her?

I...I didn't have anything to do with it!

When I when in, she was dead.

And who committed the murder?

Her brother, Don Venancio.

What was your relationship with the Vidal family?

I was a friend of Dona Ignacia's.

A "friend"! Weren't you engaged to
Beatriz Lopez San Andres,

the employee of the haberdashery?

Engaged? Yes, we were to be married.

But! You won't bother her, will you?

I will explain everything, but please
don't drag Beatriz into this!

She had nothing to do with it!

I swear it! I'll tell everything!

I will tell you everything...

"Please come to my house this evening
for an important matter."

"To avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings,
come after the last show and through the back door."

"Please be completely discreet.
Affectionately, Ignacia Vidal."

Yes; it says here Stradivarius Cremona

Of course, I don't know if its authentic or not

Better send it to Madrid for analysis.

Couldn't you handle it for me yourself?


Well, it's a delicate matter --

It could be a fake,
you might think I switched them.

Although its the first time we've spoken,
you inspire my trust, you see.

Thank you.

If its authentic, I'll pay you the sales commission.

No, no! I'm happy to check for you free of charge!

I couldn't accept any money, Mrs....


My apologies.

It's nothing, I know
at my age its not common...

You're not that old.

Ah! Right.

Let me get you a shot of liquor.

If you don't mind my saying,
the way you dress makes you look older.

You should wear clothing more
appropriate for your age.

Please don't speak so loudly,
you'll wake my brother and sister.


Yes, you may be right;
but in these towns

one has to maintain appearances.

Have a seat.

You have a very svelte figure.

You look French.

Oh, don't exaggerate!

When will you bring me the answer?

Next Saturday, when I return
with the orchestra.

Do just like today --
I'm worried my siblings will find out.


The violin turned out to be a fake

but Dona Ignacia and I became friends
and I continued visiting her every Saturday night.

It might seem ridiculous to you

making you sneak in like a thief.

Or like a lover.

That dress is nice on you.

Dressed like that, you look your age.

You look much younger.

We grew closer and closer.

Mon Cherie, here I am!

What do you think?

Will you be proud of me tonight?

It's real!

Of course it is, Mon Cherie!

You think I'd put on costume jewelry?

Stop kidding around! I'm serious!

It's real, it was my grandmother's.

But let's keep on playing... little sparrow.

Don't be cheeky, we're in an elegant place!

You really like me?

Very much!

When are we going to Paris?

Why don't you answer?

I'm thinking about my brother,

the doctor said he might be cured but...

...the treatment is very expensive.

How much is it?

About...30,000 pesetas.

I don't have it, I'm desperate.

Its for my brother's health!

Maybe even his life!

Don't cry, I hate tears.

I will help you.

Come on! Stop being so sad!

When we began to really know each other,

her secret vice, hidden of all those years,
came out -- clothing.

And since we had the same height,
and almost the same measurements

she had me try on her dresses
as if I was a model.

I just had to follow along.

She said I had good taste and would
give me money to buy her clothing

since she had to maintain appearances.

When she saw something she liked at La Parisienne,
I would have to go buy it for her.

Good afternoon, Dona Ignacia.

That's how I met Beatriz.

Your wife must be thrilled with you.

I am single, Miss.

Ah! I understand...for your "artists" then.

Good afternoon, Beatriz.
Good afternoon, Fernando.

I need a pair of black stockings.

It seems your sins don't bother you...

Only because I haven't found
the woman to redeem me yet.

I heard you at Mass on Sunday,
you sing very well.

Except I have to sing those little dance tunes.

I love Zarzuela.

I am a baritone.

Why don't you sing in the theatre?

The theatre is dead.
Public tastes have changed.


But I'm saving up
to start my own company.

I'm going to risk it.

You know, I really like Romanza --
"La Huesped del Sevillano".

No, no, the other one!

I can't here.

You sing so well.

Zarzuela brought us together
and made us lovers.

If you think I'll agree to this
you are mistaken!

I'm doing it to throw them off the track,
so they won't suspect us.

That's just an excuse!
No one suspects anything about us.

I'm not resigning myself to waiting here
for you to leave that stuck-up...!

And come see me secretly!
Have I treated you that badly!

I deserve better! I'll sell everything
and we'll leave the country.

You said that in other countries
no one would notice us,

I wouldn't seem old.
So we'll go there and get married!

And my brother?

I've got to get rid of mine as well!

But mine is paralyzed.

And mine are retarded!
That's worse!

I'm just jealous, my love.

Let's leave the country.

You're not in love with her,
are you, my little sparrow?

But she forgot right away about our fight
and our strange love scenes continued.

She started planning the trip in a hurry.

She told her brother and sister
they were going to Cabo de Palos

to take a boat to the Canary Islands

and to take an Atlantic cruise from there.

In...In Cabo de Palos she would meet me
and we would escape in a skiff

with the money while her siblings slept.

And I...I thought I could
slip away from her afterward,

but on Saturday Dona Paquita discovered us,
in spite of our precautions.

The lights went out.
I haven't heard a thing.

Who is in there, Ignacia?
Don't be crazy! Who would be in there?

The lights went out because of the storm.
Now, go back to bed and stop bothering me.

Ok, ok, don't get upset.
Pardon us.

They saw me!

They didn't get a good look, don't worry.
But we have to be careful.

Any day now they could catch us, the idiots!

When we get to Cabo De Palos,
we'll get rid of them.

We can't have these imbeciles
around once we leave Spain.

I'm tired of waiting!
You can't go in, Miss!

Of course not!
I might say something to implicate you!

But I'll speak! Judge!
I've come to demand justice from the judge!

No one in this town backs me up!
A corset has been stolen from me!

I ask you to please leave the room and not interrupt!

It was me, Dona Teresa.

Another extravagant fancy of Dona Ignacia.

But since I was Beatriz' boyfriend
by that time, I couldn't buy it.

I had to steal it.

Poor Angelines is not at fault.

Please, have the kindness to wait outside.


Go on.

Yes, Sir.
Afterward I felt terribly for having done it.

Poor Beatriz! I wanted to marry her,
but first I had to finish with Dona Ignacia.

That's why I told her about
my paralyzed brother as well.

That afternoon, I returned
to give her a wig she had ordered

And I was going to break it off with her.

But that morning, she got the money
from the sale and I didn't dare say anything.

In any case, I was in love with Beatriz

and the old hag repelled me.

Try to remember: When did Dona Ignacia die?

The night of the accident.

I'm leaving. We have to play
and they'll miss me.

But come back here later,
my little sparrow!

I'll walk you out.

Don't be long.


Coming! I'm coming!


She's dead.

Yes, sir.

I thought about notifying the police.
I wish I had done it.

But I pitied those unhappy fools.

And there were more than
three million pesetas in the house.

It was a chance to marry Beatriz
and start my own dance company.

So I decided to help them.

The first thing was to get rid of the body.

I knew about her using hams in the wine
because Dona Ignacia told me.

At first I was apprehensive.

May I smoke, Judge?

Yes, go ahead.


Go on.
Yes sir.

I agreed to return to fix things
and then I began to to think.

There was a solution, but we needed
a woman to pass for Dona Ignacia.

And who was that woman?

No, I want to go to bed early.

And finish that song
for the Benidorm Festival.



[plates crash]

The results of my test were encouraging.

But I had to do it again
before we left on the trip.

Don't show your face!

Don't turn your face!


You wouldn't do to us
what you were going to do to Ignacia?

Of course not.

But call me Ignacia!

Let's not screw it up now!

You?re right, I can't wait to be abroad
and call you Fernando again.

They are for my nerves.

These last few days, if it wasn?t for the drops

I'd have just died!

I brought three bottles
to be able to sleep on the trip.

Come on, come on.

You want a little bite, Ignacia?



Before we got to the beach

by some little town

they saw some stores

and went crazy shopping.

"Modern clothes! We want modern clothes!"

They were like two kids!

Tonight neither Fernando nor I are going to sleep!

If you want, Venancio, go over there
and take a nap.

We'll find you later.

And if you leave me stretched out
like Ignacia was going to?

The three of us better stick together!

I think the best thing is
for the two of you to go

and I'll stay here.

No, no!
No, the three of us!

Why do want me to go?

I'll just take my share, you two take off...

No! If you're staying, I'm staying too!

No, you stay with us.
That way you won't report us to the police.

There it is! There it is!

We're saved!

Take out the flashlight and signal the skiff.

Lets drink a toast to our success!

Yes. Give me one.

I'll get my glass.

Ole! Ole! To freedom!

To Paris!
To Paris!

To Fernando!
Fernando, come on!

Ok, all in one gulp, that brings good luck.

To success!

I just wanted to knock them out

I felt terrible when I read in the paper

that they were found dead.

I...didn't mean to kill them

I swear!

I hid so the men in the skiff
wouldn't find me when they got there.

Later I went back to Madrid by train.

I feel sorry for Beatriz

We were going to get married...

I didn't mean to kill them,
I didn't mean to kill them!

All the money's here.

Except what we spent on the trip.


Fansubs by paulcito.