Strange New World (1975) - full transcript

In the near future, a group of scientists living in a space ship wake up from a hibernation state and come back to an apocalyptic Earth.

This is the PAX space laboratory.

We were working on an experiment
in suspended animation.

That's me. Captain Anthony Vico.

I went from test pilot to astronaut
and now I'm leader of the PAX team.

Allison Crowley, navigator
and communications expert.

Dr. William Scott.

In our deep sleep,
we thought all was well.

While mission control monitored our
flight path, they discovered a mass

of giant asteroids hurtling
through space directly toward us.

They were able to recompute our orbit,
way from the speeding asteroids.

They could save us,
but not themselves.

Meteors rained down on Earth for days.

It was the worst disaster in the
history of the world.

They saved us by extending
our suspended animation.

Our new orbit would loop the sun

and return in 180 years.

Back on Earth only hours before
the disaster struck,

several hundred volunteers,

our loved ones among them,

entered the underground suspended
animation chamber

at PAX headquarters. Like us,
they were in a deep sleep.

We were awakened by the computer
and it gave us our instructions:

return to PAX and free those helpless
people from an endless sleep.

That beautiful round ball
was a welcome sight.

Whatever had happened
to it, didn't matter.

It was still our home.

We moved through the connecting tubes to
the shuttlecraft in the exit chamber.

I fired the engines and set our glide
path for re-entry.

We safely blasted away
from the space lab.

What would we find in the
Strange New World?

We survived the crash
landing of our shutlecraft

and we´re able to retrieve
the vesta explorer vehicle.

All of our equipment seem
to be working properly and

Allison was able to tune in
on a PAX emergency recall signal.

We been following the signal for days.

As it fade in and out.

I had the feeling that we were no closer
to PAX now that when we started.

We´re losing it again.

Try now.

I can´t get a fix. There´s
something wrong with our equipment.

We've been teased by that dammn
signal for 10 days now.

But it's on our emergency recall frequency.
It´s got to be meant to us.

But it's not our signal code.
Somebody else must be sending the message.

On our frequency? I doubted if that were
the case it'd be coming in clear.

Allison, I think I found
your radio problem.

This thing's dirty, nothing in
this machine will work right.

Try it again.

It's coming in again.


We must be sitting on it!

Begin with a Capitain Vico work up on
blood consistency and tissue viability.

and do intensive fluoroscopics on all three.

Are we testing tissue h?

Yes, begin.

Remove a portion of blood for testing
and take them to their quarters
and make them confortable.

Yes, sir.

What the hell happened?

The last thing I remember was that...

weird light.

Sound. There was a sound.

What is this?

I had some sort of shot.

- Some sort of injection.
- Let me see.

Fairly large needle diameter.

Check your arm, Doc.
I got one too.

Any unpleasantness will soon pass.

Dr. Scott, Allison...

Captain Vico.

I'm Tana.


Well, Tana...

Can you explain

who you are and
what we're doing here?

I'm not the one who'll explain.

I don’t want any pleasantries, all I
want to know is where we are.

The food is free
from any holocaust effects.

While they are refreshing themselves

Dr. Scott, the Surgeon,
is very anxious to... explain.

- Dr. Scott?
- I'll find out what I can.



There you are at last!

I´ve waited a long time for this...
happy meeting.

You don't think this
is a little out of place?

But what about this?

What´s this for?

- What are you doing?
- Just seeing what it's for.

I must ask you to please keep
your hands off of this panel.

The lady and I are leaving!

It's not possible just now.

Look! Locked doors make me nervous.
So the lady and I would go outside.

Come on!

He's dead.


I didn't hit him that hard.

This is very impressive.

I'm flattered that you think so.

There are many others.

That you might like
to look through at some time.

Yes, I would. But, I don't think
we'll be here that long.

Will we?

I'll answer that question
by asking you one.

Now, suppose I were to
tell you that this...


is the culmination and the fruition
of many lifetimes

of scientific and medical research.

Not mine alone, many others
brilliant men

working together
in this colony as one.

Did you send the signal that
brought us here? The PAX signal?

Yes, we did.

Is that how you colonize?
By luring in strangers?

Not strangers at all.

Your presence was long hoped for

and carefully planned.

Excuse me sir.
I thought you'd like to know this...

I'm afraid I must interrupt.

Your rash friend has
complicated things a bit.

Come along, Dr. Scott,
I think you'll find this interesting.

What is it?
Some kind of festival?


A funeral?

Actually nothing to worry about.

A celebration of life, without
a dirge playing homage to death.

- And here are the arab children.
- What happened?

There was an accident.

I wasn't deliberate.
I didn't mean to do it.

Yes, Sprang.

As a matter of fact,
this is his funeral.

I think you must have made a mistake.

What is this? Some sort of
Alice in Wonderland game?

No. He wouldn't be that cruel.

He did die...

in your frame of reference.


A demonstration is an order.


What is our most cherished gift?


And in celebration of life...

I salute you.

Would you say she's dead?

But we're not scrub.

Unlike you my friend we haven't been
asleep for two centuries.

The area is automatically sterile.

How long?

Two maybe three days. At least a
week before any heavy exercise.

That´s incredible.

An open hearty order transplant
and the patient's awake.

- It won't be long now.
- I know, I'm gonna be fine.

She monitors the functions of her own
body with the help of a brain scanner.

No pain.

She controls her own respiration
and bleeding.

Then, Sprang?

He really was dead.

His life functions ceased.
But it was temporary.

Are you really saying what I
think you're saying?

There is no...


as you know it.

- As we know it?
- Death is death.

- Who are the donors?
- Where you get your transplants?

I´m sorry, you´ll have
to hold your questions. All be answered.

Wait a minute.

I'm sorry. You'll have to wait.

Hello, I've been asked to show you around
and also I will answer any questions within
my sphere of knowledge.

Is there any reason I can't remain here?
I'd like to check post-operative procedures?

- Why not? Go ahead.
- Thank you.


No offense, but I was never much on guided tours.
Do you mind if I just sort of look around on my own?

Why not? Go ahead.
Go wherever you like.

See you later.

Oh Sir? What you're looking for is
down below that knoll over there.

There it is. Right where we left it.

Something strange about this.

It looks too easy.

Can I just get in and drive it away?

No, I thought not.

That's it.

They've taken the power relay.

Now they really have us.

It's a beautiful place.

We call it Eterna.

Everybody's so young and healthy.

Where are all the old people?

They're here.
They're all around.

Where are the children?

There are no children.

What happened to them?

There there just aren't any children.
There never has been.

You felt nothing?

A pressure. A dull pressure.

And you were given no
medication that you know of?

- No,no.
- No narcotics?
- None.

That's amazing.

Do you know from where your your
transplant came. Your donnor?

My clone.

- Your clone?
- Yes.

Thank you.

- Where's Tony?
- I thought he was with you.
- No.
- What's the matter?

- There are no children here?
- What do you mean?

I mean the girl told me that.
There have never been any children here. Ever.

There have been many changes in 180 years.

Now, if you accept the fact
that we've conquered death.

I accept what I see.

I mean an amazing operation for which
the groundwork was laid over 200 years ago.

But no children?
How do you reproduce?

We don't.

The holocaust destroyed our
reproductive capabilities.

You´re thriving vital people...
Healthy and beautiful...

I like to show you something.

What is this?

This is our colective womb.

Is this a test tube baby?

Why don't you explain, Dr. Scott.
Since in a way you're partially responsible.

In our time, we knew that a single
cell from a living creature

had the genetic code to create an exact
duplicate of the total being.

You mean you succeeded in cloning humans
and growing them from a single cell?


That's where you
get your transplants.

You mean you take parts
of duplicates of individuals?

I think that's horrible.

And unnatural.

We were faced with extinction.

There was no choice.

Either develop this method
or perish.

Well, I still don't believe it.

I guess I just don't want to.

Behold and believe!

A complete complex human organism

grown from a single cell
of the human body.

What's wrong, Tony?

They've taken the
power relay from the Vesta.

Case it's escaped, you two
we're prisoners here.

Tony, please try not to be
so paranoid, really.


Because they're all so damn polite?

I tell you. We're prisoners.

And if you don't believe me,
ask him.

Go on ask!

Is that true? Are we prisoners?

We are all prisoners here in Eterna.

We mean we're all prisoners?

Let's have some plain straight talk.

You've got us here against our will.
What do you want from us?

- Given your choice would you leave here now?
- I'd like that choice.

Are you staying here against your will?

Well, whether or not against our will
seems irrelevant for the time being, Tony.

I mean, there's a lot to be learned here.

Give me until this evening.

Am I out of my mind or is...

- Is that?
- Yes, it´s Tana.



Sprang, you can leave us.

- Are you sure, sir?
- You might ask...

- Sir?
- Yes, right.
- You said I might ask...

You might ask, Tana...


The drawback is immunity.

That's what I meant when I said
that... we're all prisoners here.

Each clone...

is grown from cellular tissue

and it that takes about four days.

From a single cell to full growth in 4 days?

Each time this happens the host organism

loses a small fraction of its immunity
to disease and infection

Now your blood

has no such weakness.

If it were transfused into ours...

- Hold it! Right there.
- Wait a minute, Tony!

He's got an interesting point.
It would be like donating blood.

Small amount maybe once a month.
You wouldn't be harmed.

I'm afraid you'll have to leave now.


Show our guests out.
It's almost super time.

You come with me please.


Come on!

More than 17...

Super time.


Scott's got me worried. He's really hung
up on this surgeon's medical ideas.

It's as if he knows something we don't.

This Surgeon's the one
that's got me worried.

and how...

How old do you think he is?

I don't know.

He looks about 40,

but his symptoms are all clinical
textbook examples of senility.

That doesn't happen at 40.

Unless there's some sort of strange
atrophy that goes on around here.

I don't think that's what's happening.

Well, this business with
the bloods got me spooked.

They're still treating us like guests,

but I've got a feeling the longer we hang around here,
the tougher it's going to be to get out.

And I think we should get out now.

Ok. I agree. What about Scott?

Let's fix the vesta. Then maybe
it'll be easier to convince him.

Listen, you know where the Vesta is?

Yes, unless they've moved it.

All right. I'll meet you there

In 40 minutes. Make it an hour. Ok?
- Ok.

Open wide. Open, open...

Open... good.

That's very good.
Good. That's very good.

Get out!

Get out, now!

Good Lord!

What's the matter with him?

He'll be all right.
He'll be all right in 30 minutes.


I swell.

I don't understand.

Explain it to me.

Here. Explain it to yourself!

What's this?

- A medical school diploma?
- His.

But then according to this
his age would have to be...

212 years old.

What are you doing here?

Planning hardscape.

Will you help?


Help us!

Come with us!

I don't want to leave.

I won´t.

Even if it were possible,
I wouldn't want to.

I don't want to decay
while I'm still alive.

Growing old isn't decay.
It doesn't have to be.

Terrified of death.

It's sometimes...

I must confess I long for it...

I'm lonely here.

Terribly lonely.

Then come with us.

Help us to escape and
come with us.

I can't leave here.

Even if you did get your
machine your vehicle to work,

you can't get through
the decontamination shield.

Why not?

If it were turned up
even for an instant,

the germs and the wind...
even those...

might end all for us.

If they got us in here,

there's got to be some
way we can get out.

He made one mistake.
Don't make another.

No way!

I don't have a catalog of spare parts.

I was a student in a seminar you gave
at the World Genetic Center.

A young research assistant...

two centuries ago.


I'm astonished.

I've used many of your...

theoretical applications.

Applications of single cell growth.

Much more advanced.

More refined.

I've had time to develop.

To do research.

Time is growing short.

Our bodies can live indefinitely.

But the cloning process,

and the problems with... immunity

My brain...

is not what it once was.

I have lapses.

You manifest initial senility symptoms.

Yes, I've noticed.
Much worse.

I fear total madness.

You're the only one
who can take over here.

You'll have your chance...

at the laboratories.

200 years,

to answer problems.

Questions haven't been formulated yet.

I've dreamed about your taking over.

I prayed and plotted that one day

You would pass close enough to Eterna.

To be tempted into taking the bait?

Yes and you did.

Now, you must think carefully

and give the only answer

that a scientist can answer.

What are you gonna do?

I'm sorry they had to force you into this.

Please understand that it's nothing more
than a simple blood extraction.

It has to be this way.

I think they're ready.

Then let's begin!

In 15 minutes you'll both be drinking
juice and walking around,

wondering why you made such a fuss.

When I get loose, doctor,
you'll know what the fuss is about.

You better believe it.

It must be difficult for you.
After all, they're friends and colleagues.

They don't understand
the ramifications of this.

I'm sure they cooperate willingly if
they knew how important it was,

both to your survival and future research.

Is it you or your zombie double?

How many are there of you anyway?

Several more of them up there,
than the one you saw.

The clones wearing the masks.
What are they?

They're defectives. Nobody likes
to see his mirror image less than perfect.

All right, sir.
Ready for the readout scan do.

What now?

We're going to run a test to see
if the pre-holocaust blood is clonable.

What these embryos got
to do with my colleagues?

I assumed you know.

And mine.
Where is mine?

You're too valuable to this little
corner of the universe.

- We couldn't risk that.
- Risk what?

- Are you ready?
- 0.15.


- What happened?
- Nothing.

- What's going on?
- Run it again!



Sedation's wearing off. Give him
another quarter unit please.

But subcutaneously.

What are you doing?

Just a minor alteration.

We do the best we can and
then we adjust the ciscumstances.

How many brilliant discoveries were
the result of unplanned accidents.

That's what makes it exciting, isn't it?

What size cruets did you prepare?

Number A3, sir. Two of them.

Get an R15 and one's enough.


Did you say R15?

Yes, get an R15.
Oh, I did say it clearly, didn't I?

What is that?

Unfortunately, that the embryonic
blood isn't clonable.

We're going to have to shift.
Clone the blood by itself.

But the capacity of an R15 is nine liters.

The adult human body only contains
approximately six liters of blood.

That can't be helped.

Oh, Dr. Scott, they're your friends,

you may do it.

Oh, I remember,

I had a girl student

working in my lab

and she became attached to

a hamster we were using

and when we had to... kill it,

she broke down.

Science makes its demands.

Doesn't it, Dr. Scott?

Tana, Help the good doctor take blood!

That will be a total non-life condition.

A real death.

Think of Eterna.

Our survival here.

What it means to all of us?

You're right, Dr.

I'll do it.

And Tana.

You'll assist me.

I know to be difficult,

But the quicker we do it,
the easier it will be.

Lie still, please.

I can't believe that
you're gonna do this.

I just can't believe it.

For the love of god...

Quiet both of you!

You're only making it more difficult.

Hand me a piece of coil tubing, please.

Come on...
Come on...

Yes, Doctor.

Hold this please while I tie it.

I never forget you for this.

Hold still!

Keep your arms still!

I might cut you...

Wait a minute!

Your clones are gone!
No more spare parts!

There is nothing we can
do for any of them now.

Let's get out of here!

Allison, try and set us a course.

Anywhere as long as it's peaceful this time.

The dreams and reality ever merged
without a flaw somewhere.

Through the woods and over the mountains

to grandmother's house we go.

We survived the crash landing

and retrieved the Vesta
explorer vehicle.

We traveled for days across barren plains
somewhere in the southwest united states.

Our food and water
have almost run out.

But our water detection unit is leading us
toward a forested area in a desert canyon.

So, what's our position now?

I have checked and rechecked but the
instrument reading is still the same.

As well.

We should have crossed
the Mississippi river yesterday,

but instead we're in the middle of a desert.

A cup of mud?

What's in it this time?

Pretend it's coffee and enjoy it.

Because this is the last of the water.

What about the water extraction servo?

- That's it.
- That's all the water in 24 hours?

This equipment was made to extract it
from the atmosphere of Venus,

not ring it out of
these dust clouds on Earth.

All right. We'll just take a detour.

If we go due north we'll be able to
reach the lake region within a day or so.

Allison, you're a fine navigator,

but you have to remember that this
equipment doesn't always work properly.

Give me a headache.

235 magnetic.

Or as the crow flies, south by southwest.

I'll take the flare gun.

If any of us get separated,
I'll send up the shot like always.

Well, the water's loaded with salt.

But there must be streams feeding it somewhere.

This place looks like it was man-made.

You mean somebody built all
this and planted the trees?

- Tony could be right.
- I'm sure of it.

These are tropical trees and the
bottom looks like concrete.

What do you think the water's coming from, Dr.?

Well, probably a spring back in the jungle.

Let's go find it.

Well, it's concrete.

Somebody built it.

But when?

How long ago?

They used the water, then they left it.

Well, they didn't.

Maybe nobody survived in this area.

Oh, if the birds and the animals made it,
why not the people?

- We can eat these, can't we?
- Let me see.

Sure. I can make us a fruit salad.

I Tony can rig us a still of some kind
I can spike it with guava like her.

Hey, Tony, look.

It's been 200 years since I've
had a taste of the cool.


I used to see these in fruit stands on 8th avenue.

It's great!

Well, ok. Go ahead, get some more.
We can use them.

Tony, I've been thinking.

How would you feel about staying
in this place for a while?

What do you want to do?

Huh, slow down a little bit.

- Why not?
- Pitch camp?

And hang around here?

Oh, look. When you and Alisson
gonna realize we're not gonna find

anything like PAX or civilization as we knew it.

We've been running around for 10 months. This place
is no better or worse than most others, problably.

I mean, uh. We got to face the fact that everything we've
touched probably been shot through with radiation.

Even the air we're breathing now
may be filled with gamma particles.

I mean, I think it’s time we
just slowed down and started living.

This is my ideal home.

Poor thing, I'll help you.

Oh, you'll be all right.

Just a second.

What is it?


Is this... yours?

Well, now. We got fornies robbing our snag.

Where's the girl?

We know she was here.

You got our snag!

It's elope.

Where's the elope?

Our snag has blood available on it.
Where is it?

We're looking for a girl.

This forest is not your account!

We don't let foreign state game from it!

We don't want your game.

We're trying to find a girl
who was with us.

And on the way we found that.


See you can track out an woman.

We'll see if there's an woman.

You think it's an act?

It's no act. It's too elaborate.

They haven't got her.

They got us.


There was a woman here.

Them from inside.

They found her.

She was with our elope.

She fought.

This Four five. They took her...

...and our elope.

Who took it?


The Band of fellows old Sirus.

He lives up in there.


She be branded now.
They brand if they catch us.

How do you know?


Show the foreigns what's
gonna happen to their woman.

We've got...


Things to trade.

If you help us get her back.

Inside, they got animals that eat a man.


Giant slithers.


We got this.

A shooter?

People of your camp got shooters.

Ain't no good without presses.

Won't work. Like this.


It works.

Like this.

Give me the shooter.

And I'll take you inside.

We find their tracks

and get your woman.

Before she all burned
and scarred with the iron.

When she's with us...

and safe...

The shooter is yours.

A woman.

And four men.

Into the forest, on this trail.

Let´s go!


See anything, fournies?

Depends on what you're looking for.

- What is it?
- Hold!

You run down that trail...

and the stabber gets you.

You Follow Badger.

Easy, old friend.

Let us pass.

I know this is your place.

Let us pass.

Easy, old friend.

Who are you?

Please, let me go back to my friends.

Animals live here.

This is their place.

Just listen to me, please!
You've made a mistake.


- You poached.
- I'm not...

In a typical fashion, with
a snag wounding this elope.

This book of our law dates
back before the famines.

Even before the great firestorms.

Punishment is prescribed here in section 12.

As written by the elders commission.

First offenders shall be permanently marked
for identification by the letter "P".

To be firmly branded on the
four flank of the offender.

But I tried to help the animal.

It's our duty to punish pochers.

We're the chosen wardens of the forest.

Its fruits, feed us.
Its animals, know us.

As their friends and protectors.


What do you say?

She's your captive.

She doesn't seem like a poacher.

She's got no bow.

She's loud and clumsy in the forest.

Of whose camp are you?

I'm not from any camp.


I'm old. I come from the past.

From a time when this was a park.

I used to come here with...

places like this with my husband
and my little girl.

- And it is they were looking for you on the outside?
- No, they're still in the past.

You were here in this forest,

before I was even born?

And yet it's true,

you are strange,
different from other poachers.

Even your shoes,

are of a kind we've never seen.

But your story reeks of magic.

Certain some animals are able to sleep
through periods of hardship.

- It's called hibernation.
- Yes, we understand these things.

Well, that's what happened to us.

My friends and I...

For the past 200 years,
have been in hibernation.

Since another age, we've been in a
special kind of sleep.

Only certain animals have this ability.

Not people.

No, it's possible to induce it into people.

My friends and I have have a lot of
knowledge that we brought with us from our time.

If I have medicines,

I could make that elope well again.

We can help each other in a lot of ways.

We'll see how she can help us.

I'll not finish reading the articles.

For the time being,
there'll be no punishment.

Go find the others from her
camp and bring them here.

I'll take that shooter now, fornie.

We better find your woman now.

They have game and water while we scratch for
life outside. We can't do nothing.

When the springs dry up the
oldies and the weekies die.

We'll make a deal and share it with it.

Share nothing.

Take it.

Take it and kill him.

Up those steps, lights are
camp of old Sirus.

Hold here.

When I call, you follow.

Run, my lion, run!

Give me that gun!

Give to me!

You think we can make it without him?

We'll have to.

And when I die it'll be Daniel.

He will have taken a wife by that.

- Is Daniel your son?
- No, I have no children now.

He's chosen by the animals themselves.

Many of our band can speak with them,

but the one who is best, the one who is
most trusted by them is the head warden.

Like all commissioners, he is then schooled in
the speech and manners of the past text.

Who wrote your laws?

The articles?

No one is sure of those times,

but it was a time of great famine

when wandering hordes came from
the cities and devoured the animals.

Do you know what caused the famines and the fires?

No one is certain of those times.

Like blind man describing an elephant.

One feels the trunk and
calls it a giant slither.

Another grasp to lag and calls
to the huge column of flesh.

Like blind men,

We know only pieces of those past events.

Mccreegan! He's with other poachers!

They tried to kill me.
They have shooters that blow flames.

- He's betrayed us. He's a liar.
- That's not true.

It's not true.

Cage her.

Are you all right?


That is a leaf in a wind.

I'm sorry, Tony.

Sirus remembered you hadn't eaten.

My friends aren't going to attack.

They only want to help me.

We wouldn't hurt anybody.

We're just looking for...

the place where we used to live.

A place we lived in peace.

I can't believe in peace.

Never had. It we never will.

But you could...

Someday you'll lead your people...

you could try to teach them to
talk instead of fight.

I hope I could learn from you.

It may be that our world is only this
forest, but of your world in time there's
only dust and ruins.

Nothing at all.

It's all clear.

Looks like an amusement arcade.

Hey, Tony, look!

What is it?
Med supplies.

This whole area had to be an old zoo.

Those are hypodermic darts for
tranquilizing animals.

But it looks if there's enough juice
here to knock over an army of elephants.

What are you looking for?

The gun to shoot him with.

They used an air rifle.

Tony, look.

It's still pressure sealed
and hasn't crystallized.

- No, Tony! That's just a toy the thing they usually...
- I know, I know...

Come here...

I got an idea.

Leaf springs. It's Perfect! Tell me...

Give me that screwdriver.

When I was a kid I saw zip guns made
with less than this

and it'll be silent too.

Why don't you make some darts.

Ok. Just may work.

Although you can't be
too certain about stuff this old.

Maybe weakest water.

How to tell how much to use?

Just make it enough.

Now, let's see if it works.

And here is yet another case
from our ancient book of laws.

Any person or persons who should be found
guilty of betraying the inner forest,

shall be punished by the board of part
commissioners herein as follows.

There are many such cases...
and in all of them...

the commission has pronounced

the punishment of death.

During my rule I've never passed a death sentence.

There's never been a crime so grave.

I read the articles...

But I withdraw from this judgment.

Who would vote to spare her?

Sirus, I won't follow the articles.

- As to the method of killing?
- In the idea of killing.

Killing this woman because we think
she's betrayed us! There's been no attack!

But it was your word that condemned her.

They attacked you with a shooter.

But what if we're wrong?

You mean,

if you are wrong,

wrong in your accusation.


Can you deny that you have
a special feeling for the girl?

I wanted to believe her because I thought
she could bring his knowledge from her time.

Daniel, we respected your thoughts in
past matters,

but now...

you must remove yourself from this judgment.

Let her go!

We don't want to harm anyone.

We just want the woman back.

All right.

Stand back.

Let her go!

And we'll let him go.

- Are you all right?
- I don't know.

If you leave the forest, I'll guarantee
you safe conduct to the outside.

Well, it looks like the old man's word was good.


Tony, come here quick!

There's our friend.

- What is it?
- He has the flare gun.

You see him?

Go warn your people!

Go ahead, the poachers are attacking!
Go warn your people!

We can still make the Vesta and be safe.

What defense have they got against our flare gun?

They'll kill each other.

Why did you come back?

Because Badger has that shooter.

Sirus has given the defense of the
compound to me.

You have no defense against it.

What do you want us to do?

Keep your people away from here!

Put them in the caves, out of sight.

All right.

- Doc, get some more darts.
- You've got the last one in your bow.

Then we really have only one chance.

I gotta be so close, I can't miss.

I got the shooter now.

Badger just got the shooter.


Come out now!

I got the shooter.

Where's the foreign?

I want the foreign.

Give me the foreign!

No! Don't shoot him!

Don't move, foreign!

Foreign can't hurt Badger with stinger bug.

Try it again, foreign.

Come on, try again!

Get over there with him.

What about them?
What you going to do with them?

Our book of laws prescribes punishment.

Daniel's in charge.

He wishes, I'll read good sentences
and the branding will begin.

Some of them will receive the penalty of death.

Nothing's going to change.

You keep following that old book

stop those people from getting any water
they're... they're gonna come back...

Only maybe next time they'll win.

- Challenge our laws?
- I challenge our lord.

The articles were written for a
different time.

Things change.

Would you write new laws for our book?

You're going to have to have new
laws if you want peace.

Order the poachers can raise food, maybe
they'll leave the animals alone.

Maybe we'll trade with them.

Maybe we'll meet them as friends.


I have learned from you.

Thank you.