Strange Justice (1932) - full transcript

Socialite banker Henry Judson maintains his extravagant lifestyle by embezzling from his bank, but is caught by sleazy assistant manager Waters and is blackmailed by him into continuing. ...

Here is your hat.

Oh. And what's my hurry, eh?

The customer is always right.

Oh, hello Rose.

Oh I see. The big dame
hunter is here again.

Yeah. He's been here a half
dozen times asking for you.

Don't you worry. Banking
is not quite so easy as that.

Yes, the hours are
terrible, aren't they.

I have got to tell this one on Edna.

Please now, Jud. Please by quiet.

I won't forget the time she came in my
bank to negotiate a little teeny loan.

Seven thousand dollars.
- Just pin money.

And when I asked if she had collateral
she almost slapped my face.

Oh Juddy, you didn't say collateral.

Don't you worry.

You got your loan, didn't you?
- Yes, and I still have my collateral.

Now Gloria, to what do you
attribute your success?

To keeping my love letters
until they can keep me.

Oh no.

Excuse me, will you.
- Certainly.

Hello, Kearney.
I hear you've been paging me.

Yes, sir.

I've been looking for
you all over the place.

Mighty glad I am to have found you.

Ah, that goes both ways.

How about a little drink?
Just a party of friends.


No, I thank you.

If you wouldn't mind ..

Couldn't we have a few
words alone together?

Could we sit out here?


Well then, what's on your mind?

I am sorry.

I wouldn't have broken in on you like
this but I couldn't see you at the bank.

You don't seem to be much there.

Hmm. Sounds serious.

You've been reading
in the papers about ..

This Harris boy that I am defending?

They're sending the
poor lad to the chair.

Oh, that's too bad.

Well, if you couldn't save
him nobody else could.

That's the rub.

I could save him.

If I had five thousand dollars.
- Huh?

I've unearthed some new evidence.

But it takes a lot of
money to negotiate it.

And I haven't a flat dime to my name.

Oh, you want a loan?

Ha. Why didn't you say so?

I knew you wouldn't fail me.

I'm going home now and sleeping
for forty days and forty nights.

And if you wake me up when you
get in this morning, I'll kill you.

Oh. Here.

What's that?

My latest side-line. Lottery tickets.

I got the 47th Street agency.

If I sell ten I get one free.

See if you can stick
some of your friends.

Listen, you baby-faced killer.

You keep your tickets
and I'll keep my friends.

Now come on, get out of here.

Alright, McGregor.

Goodnight, Miss Gwen.

Oh, listen.

I got something for you.


By investing one dollar,
you stand a chance ..

Not a chance.

Alright, McGregor.

But you're passing up a chance to
win anywhere from one to ten grand.

What would I do with the money?

Buy yourself a new door.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

Well, thank you. Goodnight.

- Tomorrow morning.

Good evening, Mr Judson.

Good evening, Mr Judson.

Is that all you have to say?
- What should I say?

Well, I'd like to teach
you how to say "yes".



Would you mind getting my flask?
It's in my coat pocket.

Why, surely.

In the left pocket.

Wait a minute, I will show you.
- I don't seem to find it here.

Really, Mr Johnson, I ..
- I just want to talk to you.


Now that I have you all alone amongst
these coats and hats and fine derbies.

Please, Mr Judson.

I'll lose my job if the captain sees me.
- Swell.

If I had my way you'd
be fired right now.

And I know the nicest job.

If you really mean that,
I do want a job.

Yeah? What kind of job?


- Yes.

Alright. Hired.
- Thanks.

But it is for somebody else.
- Uhoh.

You don't understand. It is for
somebody who really needs it.

Say. How did you know
I needed a chauffeur?

The doorman said you arrived in a taxi.

Alright, Miss Pinkerton.

Who is the boy?
- Well, he is a ..

A friend of Gwen's who has
had a lot of hard luck and ..

I'll vouch for him if you'll
only give him the job.

Come on, beautiful.

Why, he's got the wrong hat.

That's alright. He'll never know the
difference until the morning.

I say, do you mind if I keep this?

My first money honestly earned.

Here. You can have that in exchange.
- Mr Judson.

I can't take that. It would be my
first money dishonestly earned.

Oh, go on.

No. I'd rather you tell
me about that job.


I'll think it over.

Oh .. oh, I'm sorry.

I gave the other fellow ten cents.

Is this your idea of taking me to lunch?

Sorry kid, but I had to go
to Yonkers on business.

Any phones in Yonkers?
- Plenty, but not so many nickels.

You can't make long distance
calls on charge bankrolls.

So, for ten cents you keep me
waiting an hour on a street corner.

Now, how could I phone a street corner?
- Alright.

What happened in Yonkers?

Believe it or not I was
looking for a taxi.

A friend of mine tipped me about a swell
second-hand yellow cab that's for sale.

It's only 380 bucks.


Well if I could only scrape
up 377 and 50 cents ..

You won't need it, honey.

You've got a job. A peach of a job.

You are going to work
for Judson the banker.

But honey, I don't know
anything about banking.

You don't have to.

You're going to be a
jockey for a Rolls Royce.

I just fixed it for you.

Ah gee, kid.

Let's get out of here.
This place is dead.

What's the hurry?
Don't you like it here?

I know a new place up in Harlem.
Where there ain't no ten commandments.

And the hat-check girls are boys.

Okay baby, now I'll give you a break.

It'll be alright, Wally.

Listen kid, it's wonderful.
But I feel like ..

Well after all it is pretty tough when a
girl has to dig up a job for her fellow.

Shush. Quiet, Wally.

Here you are, gentlemen.

Alright, we are Harlem bound.


Mr Judson.

This is the young man
I was telling you about.


Oh yes. You mean the young
fellow that wants a job, huh?

Alright. Well ..

Go to my apartment in the morning.
Rose will give you the address.

See my man Willoughby. If you can
get by him, that's okay with me.

Yes, sir.

- Goodnight.

A pretty big tip for just
holding a guy's hat.

You forget. I also held his coat.

Tell Waters I'll see him.

And I don't want to see anybody else.

I'm leaving for the day as
soon as I've seen Mr Walters.

Very well, Mr Judson.

You don't think Mr Judson
will disappoint us, do you?

Not a bit of it. Not a bit of it.

And don't you be worrying.

Don't you be worrying.

I'll try not.

Asking your pardon.

Mr Waters.

Oh, good morning, Mr Kearney.

Good morning, sir.

I've been Watling here since
ten o'clock for Mr Judson.

So have I.

What time are you expecting him in?

I hardly think he will be in today.

Perhaps I can be of service to you?

It is the matter of a loan.

Mr Judson promised it to me immediately.

It is .. it is urgent.

If you have your collateral with you ..

I don't think that's necessary.
Mr Judson said nothing about that.

That is a little unusual.

Well, the circumstances
in this case are unusual.

After all, it is ..

A comparatively small loan.

Five thousand dollars.

But surely, Mr Kearney.

A criminal attorney of your standing.

Commanding the fees you do.

Shouldn't be embarrassed for what
you call a comparatively small sum.

Unless it's because you are too generous
in accepting cases like the Harris case.

Wait, wait, wait. You are not
lending the money to Harris.

You are lending it to me.
- On what security?

On the security of a human life.

A life that is being sacrificed.

Because of a miscarriage of justice.

That boy was .. convicted
on circumstantial evidence.

He was framed, I tell you.

The same as I, or you could be framed.

By any enemy.

I'm afraid it isn't quite so
easy to be framed as that.

Easier than getting a loan from a bank.


I am sorry.

Pardon me.

Sorry to disturb you but ..

There are certain matters ..

What's this?

That is exactly fifty percent ..

Of what you have stolen
from the bank since June.

You owe me $480,000.

I want it.

I don't care where you get it.

And when you pay me you
are at liberty to steal more.

I don't care how much.

If I get half.

You're a dirty, rotten blackmailer.

You think you can
get me to agree to that?

I know I can.

I've always been a conservative man.
You know that.

You will take all the risks.

But I will get half the profits.

A good, sound banking principle.

It will make up for all the years
in which I have done all the work.

And you have got all the pay.

I knew your first embezzlement
when you made it.

I could have called you on it then.

But I wanted to wait.

Until it meant something.

And now.

It means something.

We are partners, Henry.

And I know you would
prefer to have me ..

As the silent partner.

I will kill myself first.

That is up to you, Henry.

Think it over.

Oh boy, it works.


This thing seems to be
hottest in one spot.

Do you suppose that is right?

Did you follow the instructions?

I think I did.

Oh boy.

If I can only just knock off six pounds.

And it will be goodbye hat-check.

Hello, big check.

You can't come in.

Who is it?

It's me.

Rose, that man is here again.

Who, Wally?

Oh .. wait a minute.

No privacy around here.

No privacy at all.

Hello. Wally?

Yeah. I want to tell you
something. Open the door.

Well, I can't.

Well, alright.

Count thirty before you come in.

Five, ten, fifteen, thirty.

What are you supposed to be?

What's the idea of the kimono?

Say, this is the greatest
thing in the world.

I'm going to get the agency for it.

If I sell twenty, I get one free.

Well, what do you want with one?
Gee, you look awful hot.

Look hot?

That's what it's for.


What are you doing up here at this time?

Hello Rose, I'm sorry to break in
on you but I just got to talk to you.

Come on over .. sit down.

I've only got a minute.
I've got to go to work.

- Yeah. I landed it.

Forty a week, Thursday's off.

I got to go right now and
get fitted for my uniform.

Got it all fixed. Got a plan, see.

I'm only going to keep this
job until I get a cab, see.

A cab?
- Yeah.

Then with the profits of this first cab
I'm going to buy another cab, see.

Then with these two cabs I'll pay
off on another two cabs. See?

And when I get four cabs.

I'll get all the profits.
- Yes.

The first hundred cabs are the hardest.

Oh, honey.

What in the world is that?

Oh, this has got it ..

All over that other gadget.

For one thing it keeps
you out in the open air.

Listen honey, look.

Then we get to a great
big fleet of cabs, see.

I'm going to call it the Blue Cabs.

Blue? Why blue?

Well, that's .. that's just
the color of your eyes.

Then we'll get some of
those great big babies.

You know, those 20 passengers?
Coast to coast.

I wish I had time to show
you how it all figures out.


Can we have lunch together?

Well .. gee, I don't get
paid until Saturday but ..

We got a date, Saturday.
- Alright.

Holy mackerel.

What is it? What's the matter?

I've gained two pounds.

You know, not that it
is any of my business.

But .. well ..

A woman's curiosity.

I can only say that I approach the end
of our delightful little t?te-?-t?te ..

With infinite sadness and regret.

You've got nothing on me, baby.

I could burst into tears.

Would it help any if I
were to .. bleach my hair?

No, no. Don't change. You're perfect.

It just means that I am ..

Setting my affairs in order.

Going away?
- I don't know.

My future is a little bit uncertain.

And that, as the saying goes, is that.

Walk, do not run, to the nearest exit.

You won't have to walk.

I beg your pardon, sir.
A Mr Kearney is calling.

Oh, why didn't ..?

Well, well, well.

I thought you were meeting
me at the bank yesterday.

I was there alright.

But there was no sign of you.

Then that parsimonious
Vice President of yours ..

Told me there wasn't a
chance of me getting a loan.

Started out talking
banking principles to me.

Oh, he doesn't understand. But I'm for
you old man. For you a hundred percent.

Sure, sure. I know that, Judson.

But every minute counts.

Well, what was Waters objection?

He said it wasn't a banking proposition.

I guess he's right at that. It isn't.

No. I'm afraid the bank
can't make you the loan.

But I see no reason why I shouldn't.

We'll make it a personal loan.

Now, that is fine.

Fine. I thank you.


Now we got a chance. I can do something.

I ought to get up to
Sing Sing immediately.

You know, that boy's been sick.



They may have to operate on him.


You'd better take my car.
- No, no. That's too much.

Sure. It will get you there quicker
and a lot more comfortably.

Tell Wally to drive Mr Kearney
wherever he wants to go will you.

Very good, sir.

Here you are.


I'll never forget
this as long as I live.

Oh, go on.
- So help me, no.

What's the matter? Drive in, drive in.

Do you mind Mr Kearney
if I wait out here?

What's the matter?

Are you afraid they won't
let you come out again?

By golly.

I got you. I've been trying
to place you all the time.

I was hoping you wouldn't, sir.

I don't blame you for
not wanting to go in.

They operated.

But the boy had no will to live.

The state has a grand sense of humor.

They do everything to save a man's life.

Just to take it away.

A grim joke.

Mr Kearney.

I wonder who the joke is on.


Maybe it is just as well.

I'll be just a moment.

The way you are filling this up you'll
just be working for the income tax.

Why not buy yourself a lottery ticket
instead of giving it to the government?

I'm saving my money.

Alright, McGregor.

Certainly it can be done.

Here is a complete
description of Judson.

Weight, height, color of hair.


Has he any distinguishing
marks of identification?

Like scars or moles?

None that I know of.

Oh, Miss Abbot.

Hello, Mr Judson.

Do you mind stepping
into my office please?

- I won't keep you long.


Remember it?

Oh yes. Your honesty money.

Yes. I've still got it.

Ever been to Europe?

Why, no.

How would you like to go?

Oh, I'd love to.

But I won't.

Why not?

It's too far to swim back.

Ah, don't you worry.

I'd never let you go.

This is different.

You think it is. But it isn't.

And here you stand.

With a fortune practically
in your hands.

And what are you doing about it?
- I told you, no.

Look what you can do with
the prize when you win it.

You can get yourself a taxi-cab.

You can get Rose that ring she likes.

You can furnish up a little flat.
- No.

Just a moment.


But look at the number.

Seven, seven.


But listen, you are ..


A smart dame with those lottery tickets.

If you should change your mind.

But I won't.


Let's compromise.

I'm giving a little party
tonight at my place and ..

You know, just a few friends.

Will you come along?

Would you do something for me?
- Certainly.

Don't ask me anymore. Please.

Hold on. Don't go.

I'd like to.

Well, I am sorry you ..


Drive Miss Abbott home will you, and
then return for me. - Yes, sir.

There is Judson now.

Take a good look at him.

Think it over.

Wally, isn't that nice?

Say. Where is Gwen?

I don't know, Miss.


Say, now ..

Don't you want me to
sit up front with you?

Why should you ride with the help?

That's right. Why should I.

Especially when the help is so dumb.

But I tell you I didn't.

Well, it certainly looked like it.

He must know you pretty well
if he invites you to his house.

Could I help it if he asked me?

I'm not going, am I.

Well, why don't you go?

Because I don't want to.

I think you are ..

You are mean and ..

And nasty and horrible and ..

Oh, don't cry.

Thing are bad enough
without your crying.

Please don't cry.

I didn't mean what I said.

Can I help it if I'm crazy about you?

Can I help it if I love you?

Then .. what are you arguing for, huh?


I'll stop arguing.

Gee, that's a swell hat.

Do you like it?

Yeah, it's a swell hat.

Yeah, it's swell.

Gee, what saps we were to scrap.

Weren't we.

Judson or no Judson, huh?

I'll say so.
- Hmm.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

A man by the name of
Judson just called you.


I'll call him back.

He didn't leave any number.

She knows the number.


What do you mean by making
a crack like that in front of her?

You know what I mean.

You don't really think I meant
to call him back, do you?

Alright, go ahead and call him.
It's alright with me.


Do you think I need a diagram?

I know you've fallen for this guy and
you're all washed up with me.

Well alright, go ahead. Go to his party.
Go as far as you like with him.

It's okay with me.
- What's the matter?

Mad at something?
- No.



Where is the boyfriend going?

I don't know, but I know
where we are going.

Drink anything?


Here, take this outside and make
it a little more potent will you.

Here is this white coat
you told me to bring up.

Well, get into it.

What do you mean, get into it?

Mr Judson's orders were that
you were to get into that coat.

Say listen, I'm hired to look after the
car. I'm a chauffeur. I ain't a busboy.

Busboy or no busboy.

Mr Judson's orders were for
you to get into that coat.

Well you tell Mr Judson
to take that coat and ..

Hey, wait a minute.

Maybe you had better not.

Is Mr Judson in?
- Yes, sir.

Up you get and have
a little fun. There is ..

Why, what's the matter?

Well, I ..

I was just passing by.

I didn't know you were entertaining.

Oh, just a little party of friends.

I'd have asked you but I didn't think
you cared for this kind of thing.

Well, come on in and
meet the crowd, will you.

Am I alright?

Be sure and tell me if
I use the wrong salad bar.

You tell me.

Good evening.

Good evening, ladies.
May I have your wraps?

Excuse me a moment, will you.
- Yes.

Rose, this is a pleasant surprise.

Now, it's a real party.

Do you know Gwen, my roommate?

I beg your pardon. Hello Gwen.

I just thought I'd bring her with me.

And a very happy thought, too.

Well then, keyboard is happy.
- Sure.

Come on inside, will you.
Meet everybody.

If you could spare a moment.

Excuse me.

It is quite important.
- Well.

I'll wait for you in the library.



Take the girls inside will you.
And see they meet everybody.

I'll be glad to. Good evening.
- Oh, they are serving drinks.

Serving drinks and how.

Right this way to the
fountain of eternal youth.

Well, won't you sit down?

No thanks.

Well. What's on your mind?

You said the other day you wanted
to get out of this mess you are in.


I don't want to go to prison either.
- No, of course not.

You can get out of it.

- How?

You could run away.

But that would arouse suspicion.

The books would be examined.
There would be a search for you.

You'd probably be caught.

Then .. the suicide.

Impractical. Because that
would also arouse suspicion.

And there must be no
examination of the bank.

Until I've had a chance to
dispose of the securities.

That leaves only one solution.

Some morning.

Suppose you drive your car ..


Don't argue with me.

I know what I'm doing.

I am no child.

I'm not going to stop until I
drink the shirt off your back.

Would you care for a drink?

I suggest straight whiskey.

You'll get cock-eyed quicker and
you won't know what you're doing.

Say, boy.

Hey, boy!

Say you, will you get some sandwiches?
Come on, get the lead out of your feet.

Somebody ought to give me
a good swift kick in the pants.



Take me home.

I'm sorry I came here tonight.

Take you home?
You bet I'll take you home.

Just a minute.

You mustn't.

I almost forgot.

We mustn't lose your jobs.

I'll go myself.

I'll be waiting for you
darling, at home.

Why, what's this?

I'm sorry, I know I've been very
rude neglecting you like this.

But .. business.

I promise I won't leave you
for the rest of the evening.

Well, I ..

I was just leaving.

Oh no. No, you mustn't.

Promise me you will stay a little while.

No, Really. I must go.

Oh, you need a little coaxing.

Say, that looks good.
What have you got there?

Come on, Rose.
- Please.

Just a little one.
- Please.

Say, you.

For heaven's sake, what's happened now?

Just a minute.

If you ever touch her again or
even speak to her I'll kill you.

I'll kill you. Do you hear me?

Oh, my head.

Why did I ever do it.

Just a minute. This will pick you up.

Come on .. drink this.
- Oh no.

Sip half of it. Come on, Gwen.


Oh, that's nothing.

After I got that tally on my
boyfriends shirt up to eighteen ..

I don't remember a thing.

I shouldn't wonder.

What is this, Rose?

Five, ten.


That's when I passed out.

The tale of a shirt.

Here, honey. This will do you good.

So they tell me.

Oh, that's good.

The last time I saw you two you
were fighting like cats and dogs.

What's happened?

It isn't what's happened. It's what's
going to happen. Tell her, Rose.

Job or no job, we are
going to get married.

And you can write that on your shirt.
- Married?

You'd better take her temperature, Rose.

Bye, honey. I got to beat it.

Come on, Gwen. Let me prop you up.

Do people die from this?


Oh, they must.

Oh, Gwen.

Good morning.

There is a gentleman
in the parlor to see you.


What does he want?

How should I know?

I've got work to do.

Are you Wally Baker?

What if I am?

Have you got a ticket on
the sweepstakes lottery?

Number 77.

What if I have?

Well, if you have ..

You'll win 3,000 bucks.

Yeah, yeah. I got a
ticket. Wait a minute.

At least I had one.

I have one someplace.

It ought to be in here.

Dogs, races.

Here it is. Here it is. Look at that.

Number 77.

Of course, you understand why
we didn't send you a check?

Yeah, yeah. Sure.


All the luck in the world, kid.
- Much obliged.

Much obliged.

Three thousand.


Eddie, come here.

Come here and look her over, will you.

Look at this paint job.
Get a load of that motor.

Look at this horn.

It's mine, it's in perfect condition and
it's all paid for. What do you think?

Maybe I can fix it.

Fix it? Say, listen. You grease this up.

I got to go get me a hackman's license.

Hey, taxi!


The handle is ..

So naturally, I came to you to see
if you could get my license back.

Sure. I can fix that.

But considering your ..

Your little.

You mean my little trip up the river?

Aye, that's it.

It would make it easier for me ..

If you could get a
recommendation from your ..

Former boss, Mr Judson.

That's off.
- Huh?

Mr Kearney, we had a little run-in.

Yes, you see I was
sort of compelled to ..

To sock him one on the jaw.

Sock him? For what?

Well, he made a play for my girl.

If you knew Judson
as well as I know him.

You would pay no attention to that.

I'll fix it. Don't worry.

No, no, Mr Kearney.

One thing at a time young fellow.

How do you expect me to concentrate
on the telephone number ..

If you are talking in
my ear all the time?

I'll fix it up.



I want to speak to Mr Jud ..


Oh, it's you is it?

How are you? Say, listen.

I want to talk to you.

About your ex-chauffeur.

A Mr Wallace ..


Baker. Wally Baker.

That's funny.

I was just thinking of him.

I want to see him.

Sure, he is right here in my office now.
Yeah, I will be sending him right over.

Yeah. Yeah, I thank you.

Go over and get your letter of
recommendation for the license.

You say I don't know people I know? Ha!

Thank you Mr Kearney.
Gee, I hope you are right.

You hope I'm right?

There you are.
- Thanks.

And now that you've got your reference.

There is something else coming to you.

An apology.

I had no idea that you and Rose
were in love with each other.

It made me feel kind-of
ashamed of myself.

That's alright, Mr Judson.
- Well.

Will you shake and say
there's no hard feelings?


You are a pretty lucky fellow, Wally.

She is a fine kid.

Yeah. We're going to get married.

I've got a little surprise for her.
I've fixed up our flat uptown.

I'd better be getting up
there right now too.

Wait a minute.
- Huh?

Can I give you a lift?

Oh, it's way up on 181st Street.
- It's alright. I'm going up the drive.

Fine, if it won't be putting you out.
- No. Of course not.

Much obliged. This is it.

Of course, it don't look much from the
front but you ought to see the inside.

Say. Come on up and see it, will you?

Sure. I'd like to.

Hello, Mr Baker.
- The furniture come yet?

They've been hauling it up all day.

That's swell.

I tell you I got about ..

Come on in. Swell, huh?


Of course, it ain't fixed up yet, but ..

Say, look at that clock.
That's an antique.

It's brand-new though.

Look at this other stuff.

Look at this. It's for me.

Gee, I wish this stuff was unpacked
so you'd get an eyeful of it.

Something goes on here, see.

You know, the best thing about this?
Rose don't know it.

It's a surprise.

Oh. Oh that.

Let me tell you about it. I got a great
bargain, see. Down in the basement.


It's just half price, see.

The fellow said things will never
be as cheap as they are today.

Say, Wally.

I've got to ..

Leave town for a little while and ..

This thing came as rather a surprise.

I don't know what I will do
about a wedding present.

Say, that reference you gave me was more
of a wedding present than we expected.

What about Rose?

Well, gee ..


Take this.

Oh no.
- Go on.

I would.

Rather like you to have it.

She admired it once.


Go on.

You take it and have it reset.

It will be another surprise.

Yeah, but ..

Gee Mr Judson. Don't you
think this is too much?

It isn't half what I would like to do.

So long, Wally.
- So long.

All the luck in the world.
- Yeah, thanks.

Hey, come up and have
dinner with us sometime.

Hello. Hello, say can I ..?

Who is this, Rose?

Rose, it's me.

Yeah, yeah. Sure, that's music you hear.

Yeah, I'm up at a friend's house.

Yeah. They are throwing a party
for you and me. Come on up.

What are you talking about?
Who are they? Do I know them?

Will you quit asking questions.
Come on up.

Take this address down, will you.


West 181st Street.

You got that?

It's apartment 2.

Hurry up now, honey.


[ Radio: ]

"Calling car two-fifteen."

"Car 215."

"Investigate automobile accident."

"At 243rd Street."

"Two four three Street. Near the river."

Alright, keep up on the bridge.
We don't want any of you around here.

Keep out of here.

Look at his face. What's left of it.

We'll have to identify
by the car-license.

What an accident.
- Here is his wallet.

This was no accident.

He was clubbed.

Henry I. Judson.

Judson, eh?

[ Buzzer ]

Come in.

Come in.


When you go downtown I wish you'd get
a couple of ashtrays, We're about out.

What are you talking about?


Well ..

Where are your things?

Well, I thought we'd spend a quiet
evening at home alone tonight.

Well, where did you get the money?

I got a rich uncle in Australia.

Wally, tell me.

Never mind. It's a
swell layout, isn't it.

Gwen helped me pick out everything.

I think it is wonderful.

It is perfect.

Only ..

Only what?

I don't think that
lamp looks well there.

Well, look. You read by it here.
- No. You'd better move it, Wally.

It doesn't look well there. And that
Davenport. That belongs over here.

What's this?

Oh that? Why, that's ..

Gee, honey.

You think of everything.

Yeah. Well it was cheap.
I got it for half price.

Well, is everything the way you want it?



Oh, now don't tell me I've
got to move this again.

Oh no. Now I know you
don't want that there.

That is going to stay there.

We're going to be very happy here.

Happy? Say, this is just the beginning.

You know, I've got plans.
- Wally.

Let's not talk.

[ Buzzer ]

Who could that be?
- That's Gwen.


Come in.

Wally Baker?


You've got a date downtown.

Come on.

What for?
- Ask the inspector.

What's the idea?
- Get your hat and come on.

So you still insist you won that
money in a sweepstake lottery?



Well, you'd better change your
story when you go into court.

They don't cash in on that
lottery until next Tuesday.

We checked on it.

I'm only trying to help you.

That's how I got the money.

How did you get this ring?
- I told you. Mr Judson gave it to me.

Before or after he fired you?

It was a wedding present.


A wedding present.

What did you do time for, Baker?

I was framed.

That's what they all say.

But this time you're not
going to be framed.

You are going to be burned.

What do you think of that?

If you please.

Mr Waters.

Do you know this man?


He used to be Mr Judson's chauffeur.

Used to be?

Yes. He was discharged a few days ago.

What for?

There was a fight.

He ..

He threatened to kill Mr Judson.

Sit down.

How do you know?

I was there.
So were a lot of other people.

Thank you, Mr Waters.

If I didn't have business here ..

What would I be doing here?

Just a minute. I must see him.

May I go to him?
- Sure. Sure, Rose.

Wally. I got him.

Don't worry, honey. It will be alright.

Is this your case?
- It is.

Well, you are going to
have a tough time.

I've never seen a case of
circumstantial evidence so complete.

You don't tell me.

Well, that's fine.

I thank you for the information.

And for your information.

Let me tell you that is
just why I'm handling it.

And since you have been tried.

And found guilty of murder
in the first degree.

It is my hard duty to
sentence you to death.

In the electric chair.

You have argued the appeal
most ably, counsellor.

But this court can see
no error in the trial.

The verdict of the jury seems
fairly based on the evidence.

And we therefore sustain ..

The decision of the lower court.

Here is your dinner, son.

My last one?

On the house, huh?

[ Radio: ]

"In the Baker case, the last appeal for
clemency is denied by the governor."

"Wally Baker has just
five hours of life left."

"He was served his last supper at 7."

"At midnight he takes his last walk."

"Baker faces the terrible ordeal
of execution with fine courage."

"Consistently maintaining
his innocence and .."

Here is your passage
on the boat to Lisbon.

Portugal is a non-extradition country.
When you get there you will be alright.

I'm not going through with it, Waters.

I can't.

An innocent kid is being
electrocuted at midnight.

You promised me that would never
happen. You said you'd save him.

You lied to me!

Can I prevent the law taking its course?

I should have known better than to trust
you with that crooked mind of yours.

That crooked mind saved your skin.
- And made you president of the bank.

If I hadn't thought of faking
that corpse for you ..

And pinning the crime on Baker,
you would be in Sign Sing now.

Sing Sing?

That's where I am going.

I can't stay here and see
that boy go to the chair.

I will give myself up.
I am going to confess.

And involve me?

No you're not.

[ Gunshot! ]

If you don't get out of here ..


Please let me go with you.

I want to see him for myself.

No, no. Rosy child.

No. You'll regret it
as long as you live.

Best to remember Wally as ..

As he was.



Well, for the love of ..

Kearney, I wanted to ..

Man, what's the matter?

Get me a glass of water.
A glass of water, quick.

He's fainted. Look here. You get
on the telephone to the governor.

The governor of the state. Right away.
Quick. There is the money. Here.


Rose, get hold of a taxi.

Get hold of an automobile, a car.

We can't take any chances
catching the train.

Right away. Quick.

Hello? Long distance?

I want to speak to the governor.

In Albany.

I don't know his name.

Well, there is only one governor.

Yes, I'll hold the line but
rush the call, please.

It's a matter of life and death.

The governor can't be located.
- Listen.

Listen. You get Sing Sing
prison on the phone.

Tell the warden we're on our
way up there with Judson.


Mr Kearney!
Mr Kearney, I've got the car.

Fine. Help me get this man out
of here. We got to get him up.

Take it easy old man. Take it easy.


Give me Sing Sing and
hurry will you, please.

Where is the driver?
- It's alright. It's Wally's cab.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

No, wait a minute. I want to speak
to the warden myself. Please.

Alright. I'll tell the warden.

That's the funniest one I ever heard.
- What's that?

A dame says Judson isn't dead at
all and he's on his way up here.

Can you feature that?

The squirrels always pop out
when a guy is going to burn.

Keep straight up Broadway
and on to 72nd Street.

Then cut across to the drive.

The Lord is my shepherd.

Thy shall not want.

He maketh me to lie
down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

Wait a minute, fellows. Wait, will you.

Ah, pipe down.
- Let's have your license.

I haven't any.

What you doing with this taxicab?

Listen, officer. Listen.

Hey, what's the matter
with the man in the back?

He's been shot.
- Shot? - Yes.

There is a young fellow
Wally Baker. Up at Sing Sing.

He is to be electrocuted
at 12 o'clock tonight.

I'm his lawyer.

This is the man that can save
him, if I can get him there.

We're telling you the truth, officer.

Please, please for heaven's
sakes give us a hand.

What do you say, George?

Well, let's take a chance.

Alight. You follow us and
we'll clear the road.


You are taking it like a man, Wally.

I am trying to.

I'm trying.

He that dwelleth in the secret
place of the Most High ..

Shall abide under the
shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of The Lord.

He is my refuge.

And my fortress.

And my God.

In Him .. will I trust.

The prisoner is on his way up.

The warden asked me to warn you
against any demonstration of any kind.

Thou should not be afraid
of the terror by night.

Nor of the arrow that flieth by day.

Nor for the pestilence that
walketh in darkness.

Nor for the destruction
that wasteth at noonday.

A thousand shall fall at thy side.

And ten thousands at thy right hand.

But it shall not come nigh thee.

Warden. Warden!

What is that?
- Wait, please!

You must come into your office.

They've got Judson in your office now.
- Judson? What do you mean?

That's impossible.

Yes, yes. I must speak
to him for a moment.

We have the stretcher outside, sir.
- It won't necessary.

Let him rest here.
- Very well, sir.

Don't ..

It's the finest thing you
ever done in your life.

There is nothing to worry about.

Everything is going to be alright.

A dime.


Wally, Wally.

0h, Wally.

It's alright. It's alright.

We've still got the cab, honey.

We have so much ahead of us.

You'll be alright, honey.