Strange Frequency 2 (2002) - full transcript

4 stories Soul Man Soft-spoken guitar tuner and roadie Mitch longs to be a guitar player and to have some of the perks of the obnoxious guitar idol he works for, like his pretty, neglected girlfriend. But his luck doesn't turn until he finds a curiosity at a junk shop-sheet music for what is supposedly Jimi Hendrix's last song. Although the aging beatnik who runs the shop warns him that playing the music will summon up the devil, Mitch buys it anyway. When he plays it, he suddenly finds his fortunes improving, thanks in part to the efforts of a new manager, sleek Simon Rathbone. But-surprise, surprise-it isn't all roses from here on out. Cold Turkey Singer, songwriter, and recovering addict Jared is trying to get his act together before his band starts a new tour, but he's finding it hard to write new songs without chemical assistance. Enter an alluring blond, who leads him back to the bottle and into trouble even as she helps him find inspiration again. But who is she, really? (Don't read the cover blurb, or you'll find out way too soon.) Instant Karma Innocent Lara idolizes bad-boy rock star Vince Brava and is convinced that they are soul mates. When she's tapped to join other groupies on his tour bus after a concert, she's delighted at the chance to show Vince how much they have in common. After Vince takes advantage of her innocence, however, she's determined to get revenge;but when she and Vince swap bodies, her vengeance is far more appropriate even than she had planned. Don't Stop Believin' Senatorial candidate Ben Stanton is on the brink of losing the election, to the disgust of his ambitious wife. Ever since he was involved in a car accident in which his young mistress was killed, he's been trailing in the polls. But listening to the CD she made him of his campaign song suddenly takes him back to the moments before the accident. Maybe this time he can change the course of events.

You've got the talent,
you've got the looks.

But you can't quite
seem to make it.

What you need is a manager.

Now, there's good
and there's bad,

and they'll drive you crazy,
but all you really want

is for them to live up
to their side of the bargain.

Hey, Mitch.

Hey, Nicole.

What I wouldn't give to play the guitar like him.

He better be good.

Jason spends more time
with his guitars

than he does with me.

That's a mistake
I'd never make.

Hold it, hold it, hold it!

How am I supposed to play
if I can't hear myself?

Just give me the volume.

I'll worry about the feedback.

All right.

You guys
sound tight.

Hey, baby.

How's my guitar god?

I thought I told you
to wait in the dressing room.

I like watching
you play.

Is that a problem?

What's this?

What's wrong?

It's a crack.

Oh, that's not...

Yeah. It's a freaking crack.

Maybe you should stop scamming
on my girlfriend

and pay attention
to what you're doing.

Why, it's barely
a hairline crack.

Purely cosmetic.

Won't affect the tonality
at all.


I think it adds character--

like a battle scar.

But if your boss
don't agree

you bring it back

and I'll give you
fair market value for it.

What's this?

This, uh... sheet music.

Now that
is a real rarity.

I've never seen music
written like this.

Jimi Hendrix's last song.

He wrote it
the very night he died.

the police found it

laying next to his cold body
in that London flat.

Come on.

Difficult to play, too.

Why, I've tried.

Just as well, though, because

I'm told that if a fella
ever were to play

the "Hendrix Blues"

he'd conjure the devil himself.

Give me a break.

Okay, okay.

I had you going for a while,
though, huh?

No. The music's a fake, anyway.

How do you know

it's a fake?

Well, Hendrix couldn't even
read music

let alone write it,
and lookie here--

here's the other giveaway.

Look at this notation here.

See, this is a coda.

It means "go back
and repeat."

Now, there's one
at the beginning

and there's one
at the end.

The song's
an endless loop.

Bad craftsmanship. Sloppy.

Not like Jimi at all.

I'll give you 50 bucks
for it.

Whoa, now.

50 bucks and a promise

that if you ever do master
the "Hendrix Blues"

you come back and play it for me


Good night, San Francisco!

Funky tune.

Oh, Jason.

I'm sorry.

Uh, I took the guitar to the repair shop today.

I wanted to see
how it sounded.

It sounds great, Mitch.

Uh, they said it was
just a battle scar.

Yeah, well, let me
be the judge of that.

Pack up the rest
of these guitars

before you break
something else.

Jason Astor?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
to give you a start.

That's all right.

Uh, you just missed Jason.

Oh, I heard the guitar,
and I thought, uh...

You mean to say
that was you?


Wow! That was fantastic playing!


When are you going to add it
to the set list?

That song
was absolutely fantastic.

Well, to tell you the truth

I just take care
of the guitars, man.

I'm not part of the band.

You're kidding me.

Well, then, you don't have

the right management
working for you.

Yeah, right.

I haven't got any management
working for me.

Well, then, it seems
that our meeting is fortuitous.

Simon Rathmore.

Iscariot Talent.

What do you want from me?

I'm just a guitar tech
who can hack out a few chords.


I've been
off the beaten path before.

I went to a cow town in Texas.

I found Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I saw Kurt
Cobain playing

to a bunch of loggers
in Washington state.

Now, they were raw

but they had the desire.

No, you want Jason.

Why do you give him
so much credit, Mitch?

You should see
the way the crowd tenses

when he strangles a note
on one of his solos.

It's like they're

spellbound, you know?
You should see--


that could be you up there.

Why are you polishing his boots

when he's up there
living your dream?

Don't fear success.

Don't fear your desires.

You should see the way
his girlfriend looks at him.

You like her, don't you?

Well, she
could be yours.

I mean, just
visualize that.

Well, I'm in a position
at Iscariot

to help you realize
your potential.

Now, if you
sign with us

we would do everything in our power

to make things
happen for you.

Nobody's ever believed
in me before.

Oh, I have faith in you, Mitch.

I just want you to
have faith in me.

I guess we have a deal, then.

Indeed we do.

Good lick!


That was really
great, Mitch.

listen to the boy go.

Just warming her up for you.

Oh, relax.

Let's have a little fun.

Show me what you got.

That's nice.

You've been practicing.


Uh, is that it?

Hey, you don't even want
to go there.




Um, look, man, I'm sorry.

I-I just got kind of
carried away there.

Get these re-strung.


And then get out.


Tonight's your last show.

You're fired.

That is hard core.

I'll talk to him.

That's too bad.

Let's get to work.

All right.

Uppity bastard.

I need this job, Simon.

This small-time thinking
has to stop.

You have to believe
in your talent.

What good is talent when nobody knows who you are?

Rome wasn't
burned in a day.

We just need to get you in front of an audience.

Showcase your talent.

You'll set the
house ablaze.

Where is he?

He's coming.

What a diva.

I'm sorry you got fired.

Yeah, well, I guess
I asked for it.

I'm sorry if I
embarrassed you.

Oh, don't be.

I like the way you play.

All right,
let's rock and roll.

Here we go.


Oh! Damn it, damn it.

Jason, Jason,
are you okay?

Damn it, damn it.

What the hell's going on?

Get the first aid kit.

He cut his hand.

Somebody better be

on that stage
in one minute

playing some very entertaining rock and roll

for the kiddies, or I'm going
to sue you all for breach.

You need a doctor, man.
No, I'll be okay in a minute.

You're not gonna
play guitar tonight.

What about Mitch?

He's a roadie.

He's a guitar tech.

The dude can rock

and he knows the songs.

Will you do it?

Come on, Mitch.

You'll set the house ablaze.

What did you say?

Do it for me.

Go home!

Go home!

Who does this kid think he is?

Good night, San Francisco!

Well, Mitch,
was it everything you expected?

More. I'm so
buzzed right now.

You did it, kid.

I couldn't
believe my ears.

That was
unbelievable, Mitch!

Hey, later, Mitch.





This is Jason's limo.

Not anymore, it isn't.

You're a star now.

A toast.

To realizing
your potential.

This is amazing.

Simon, this is amazing.

The affection
of the masses.

It's a powerful thing,





Holy cow!

They love you, Mitch.

Can't you just
feel the energy?

Simon, I want her here.

If you say so.

Oh, my... God.

Let's not bring him
into this.


Get away from the car.
Step back.

Do something.

Stardom is hard
on relationships, Mitch.

Everybody knows that.

Mitch, please...!

Who are you?

The "Hendrix Blues."

You're really him?

Why is everyone always surprised

that it's me?

Did you really think

that you were
doing this?

This is over.

I want out.

Oh, it doesn't really work
like that.

I mean, I've fulfilled
my side of the contract.

I've given you talent,
I've given you stardom

and for a moment, love.

Now you can have
all these things

for the rest
of your natural life

or would you prefer

that we settle your account now?

My soul.

You won't get my soul.

Open up!

What the hell do you want?

It's true.

The music is cursed.

I played the song, and he came.

He passes himself off
as an A&R guy

and I, uh

I signed a contract.

So what do you want from me?

You sold me the cursed music.


I don't need
a refund.

I need help.

He-he wants my soul.

Ooh! Now that is heavy.

There is something

I picked up.

A spiritual.

I'm told it was written
by Mother Teresa for the Pope.

Will playing something holy
reverse this?

Well, it's worth a try.

I got it out back.

I'll go and get it.

Just who do you think

you're dancing with?

Some genie

you can put back
in the bottle?

But... you...
Oh, you are

a fun one.

"I'm told it was written
by Mother Teresa for the Pope."

You should have seen your face


It was priceless.

You set me up from
the beginning.

You suckered me
into buying that music

and signing that contract.

I'm tearing up over here


I'm having a great time,
and I like you.

Let's go double or nothing.

What do you mean?

You play this music

till the last note

and I'll destroy our contract.

You fail...

and I take your soul tonight.

We have a deal?


Flawlessly now.

Son of a bitch!

Oh, Mitch, I do like you.

You are so much fun.

You are so easy.

You just fall off a truck?

I'll just keep playing.


well, that's what Hendrix said.

Hey, Mitch?

You want to play
with the big boys

you've got to pay.

I did it.

I beat you.

You recognize that, Mitch?

Return to coda.

Go back

and start again.

Want to buy some sheet music cheap?

I know a guy
who'll cut you a sweet deal.

Ever try writing a song?

It's not easy.

Inspiration can be elusive

and record company deadlines
only make things worse.

No wonder so many songwriters
seek inspiration

in an altered state.

You're not worth it.

Yes, go ahead.

With all the bands on tour this season

isn't it a bit of a risk
to embark on a stadium tour?


But, uh, we like
the stadiums

because it doesn't
matter how we sound.

We just let the fireworks do all the work.

The pyrotechnics will be spectacular.

We've got the same team
that produced

the Stones'
Bridges to Babylon tour.

Yes, next question.

Why is the band bringing
a second guitarist

along for the tour?

We feel a second
guitarist will help

fill out our sound,

in the larger venues.
Isn't he an insurance policy

in case you can't finish
the tour, Jared?

Okay, uh,
next question, please?

Jared, I understand
you've had writer's block

since being released from rehab.

That's not true.

I have been writing and things
are coming together, and...

you know?

The songs will be there.

This tour seems like
a lot of pressure

for a recovering addict.

Does anyone have a question
not related to past drug use?

Okay, that concludes
the Q and A.

What I've learned is...

I have made a commitment...

not to let down this band

or our fans
ever again.

What I've learned
is that the temptation

is with me
wherever I go...

at home, in rehab, or on stage

and I have to deal
with it every day.

More coffee?

Thanks. That's all right.


That was some

press conference today.

The vultures
were circling.

I'm used to it.

May I?

If I say no,
you going to

uh, write a hatchet job
for Spin?

That's not my style.


That's pretty

tame as far
as stimulants go.

I don't want
to be rude, but, uh...

I do need a little quiet.

It's nice meeting you.

"A little quiet"
isn't cutting it.

As I recall,
you were riding the speedway

through Minneapolis
off your head.

Yet, after three stops
you managed to write

one of your best songs.

What was it again?

"Mr. Wednesday."

"Mr. Wednesday."
How did you know that?

Who are you?

A fan.

I spend
a lot of time

with musicians, and

let's face it, you guys
aren't like ordinary people.


I've heard you

channel heaven
through your guitar

and create


Joplin, Jim Morrison.

Well, I don't know
that I'm in that company.

Oh, you could be.

You see,
they weren't afraid

to throw open the doors
of perception and walk in.

Have you ever

written a song sober?

You already know
the answer to that, don't you?

I think it's time you were
honest about who you are

and what it takes
to get you to that place.

Can I get you
anything else?


The engine

always runs hotter
with heavy fuel.

Two shots of whiskey, please.

All right.

Sure thing.

Come on, Jared,
don't beat

yourself up.

When I got out of rehab

I knew I was

Not a riff in me.

But when I'm high,
it's like I'm...

floating through
this tunnel of images.

It's all there.


There you go.

Bottoms up.


that's living.


Bring the bottle, please.

In her purse...

she's got an old,
yellow photograph

of her daughter.

The daughter she refuses to talk to.

She looks at that
picture every day.

She can't throw it away.

And why don't
they talk?

She was a teen mom

and blames the daughter
for taking her youth.

The girl forgives her

but the old woman

won't forgive herself.

♪ It's in the way
you make me feel ♪

♪ Only the pain
that keeps me real... ♪


You're on a roll now.

Five songs.

You're my muse, aren't you?

No, I don't get
hung up on labels.

You wrote those songs, Jared.

You opened the doors

all by yourself.

He can be replaced.

Look, Jared will be here,
all right?

I'm not sitting through
another one of his flameouts.

Hey, guys.

You started without me.

Hi, Jared.

I've been writing, man.

I'm out of control.

I got the songs.

Freakin' great songs.

Don't sweat
it, Jared.

We'll just take it out of your share.

All right.

That's funny.
You got a sense of humor, Pete.

That's good.

Very progressive,

You know, great chord structure.

Hey, a little respect

for the man here.

Wait... wai...

you wouldn't know a good song
if it... if it...

Look, I told you, Jared,
it's the junk or us.

This attitude is getting
a little thick.

I'm the writer
and singer.

How hard do you think
it will be for me

to find a new backup band?

Harder than staying clean.

I doubt that.

We've got an entire
solo album to create

and that calls for some
serious inspiration.

♪ Just where we're going... ♪

Which way is it?

Hey, man...


That works.

He walks into a bar

and he says, "Give me
a beer and a mop."

♪ Gonna try
for the kingdom ♪

♪ If I can ♪

♪ 'Cause it makes me
feel like... ♪

What are you doing?

The keys are in it.
Come on.

♪ Put a spike into my vein ♪

♪ And I tell you things aren't
quite the same ♪

♪ When I'm rushing on my run ♪

♪ And I feel
just like Jesus' son... ♪

Where are we going?


Where's that?

We'll know when we get there.

♪ I... ♪

♪ Have made ♪

♪ A big decision ♪

Are you getting younger?

You want to get out of the car for me?



Out of the car now.

Okay, okay.

Let's go.
Where's Kim?

Let's go.


Where did she go?

All right,
come on, pal.

Behind your back.

That's it.


You're free to go.

They drop the charges?


You made bail.

Where-where is she?

Let's go.


You're lucky you
didn't kill anyone.

I know.

I-I screwed up.



Save it.

What, are you on a diet

of moldy cheese
and baking soda?

I've never written anything
when I was straight. Ever.

Can you believe that?

Look, forget
about the songs.

Forget about the tour.

Just get
yourself together.

I'm all right, Chris.
I am.

I just got to start over.

Today's day one
of my sobriety.

All right.

I'm, uh...

I'm going to go
to the grocery store.

Chris... go home, really.

I just need to ride this out.

What are you going to do?

Watch me moan
and sweat all night?

Yeah, if I have to.

You know me;
I'm king of the night sweats.

All right.

But I'll be back
first thing in the morning

to force-feed you
some wheat germ pancakes.

Get out of here
before you make me puke.


See you later, man.


Is that you?

Just a second.

Did you miss me?


what's wrong?

I hate going
cold turkey.


What a mess.

I can't leave you alone
for a minute, can I?

I don't know if I
can deal with this.

I'm an addict.

You know I hate
labeling people.

My life is out
of control.

Let me control it.

Just leave me alone.

Settle down.

Now I thought
you had a solo album to write.


let's write it.

I'm writing this one sober.

That's cool.

We can stay in.

We could write about last night.

I've got a song.

"Cabbies On Crack."

That's a Ramones song.

What kind

of muse steals songs?

You're the artist.

I'm just here
to get you cranked up.

Why don't you, um...

try it slower
and maybe bring it down?

Okay, maybe...

That's beautiful.

I like it.

You do bring it out of me.

We're a team, baby.

I feed off you.

You feed off me.

Let's go celebrate.


I can't.

Are you afraid
you can't handle it anymore?

You are truly damaged.

I'm a recovering alcoholic
and drug addict.

Oh, who isn't?

I have no control of my life.

Who does?

We're done.

You can let yourself out

or go poof
or do whatever muses do.

I'm going to bed.

You're such a lightweight.

I'm sorry.

You know, it's, uh...


But it's late and...

I get a little cranky
without my crank.

That's charming.

Just 'cause
you have

the shakes, it's no reason

to lose your sense of humor.

I'm sure you'll feel like playing in the morning.

What? Hey!


What are you shouting about?

What is this?
You were

thrashing around.

Untie me. Now.

You could have hurt yourself.

What kind of muse are you?


I'm your addiction, baby.

This is all in my head.

I'm in your head
and I'm in your blood

and when you try
and push me out of your veins

look what happens to us.

Untie me.

Quit screwing around.

Where the hell is it?

I don't know what you mean.

I can smell it.

There's $500 cash
in the first locker.

Go buy all the
drugs you want.

I don't want
your money!

Where's the emergency hit?!

I don't have one.

Liar! Every junkie has one.

You never really
gave me up. You couldn't.

I'm an addict.
I have no control over my life.

A greater power
will restore me.

Please! If you believe that,
I wouldn't be here right now.

I am an addict.


This mantra is pissing me off.

I am an addict.
I have no control over my life.

A greater...

I found the hidden treasure.

Oh, and it looks
magically delicious.

I don't want this.

I want to quit.

It's a little
late for that.

You've got me
all hot and bothered.

I'm going clean.

I don't want you anymore.

Come on, Jared,
it's me you're talking to.

We licked coke off
a bus station toilet.

This isn't real.

The hell it's not.

No, that's too much.

You're going to kill me!

Relax. You're not going to OD.

I'd never let that happen.

Please don't do this.


You know...

you're a real drag

until you get
that first beer in you--

true sign of an antisocial personality.

I'll do whatever
you want--


All I want is to party with you.




Jared, are you in there?

He has a key.

Get rid of him.



Hey, I was
starting to worry.

These are heavy.

You know...

it's not...
really a good time.

All right, I got
some protein bars

I got some soy milk...

Chris, I can't stop her.


Stop who?

My addiction.

She's here.

Jared, this was a mistake.

All right?

I got to take you back
to the center.

I think he's dead now.

Another senseless
drug-related death.

What do we think?

Feel like a hit yet?


Stay away from me.

Come on, Jared

it's time to fly.

I'm always with you.


I can stop.

I can quit you.

That attitude has caused you endless grief.

Let me
take you away.

No, I don't need you.

I don't want
to be negative here

but you're nothing without me...

a creatively
bankrupt has-been

a sloppy junkie...

a murderer.

I didn't kill him.

A friend-murderer.

Now, that's got to be worse.

You stay away from me.

Oh, cut the
drama, Jared.

Let's put this friend-murdering business behind us

and go play.

Then what? Huh?

When will you be satisfied?

I can't get no satisfaction.

I can break you.

Take the needle.

Without me, you're nothing.

I'm clean.

Take the needle.

I'm clean!

Take the needle!

I'm clean!

I'm finally clean.


Wow... never saw anyone break
this many bones before and live.

Course, won't be
much of a life.

We may have to increase the morphine drip.

164 broken bones.

Morphine on the hour.

Welcome to junkie heaven.

You buy his album
on the day it's released.

You sleep in line
for tickets to his concert.

If you could only talk to him
for five minutes

you know that he'd get you
the way you get him.

Surely, no good
could come of that.

♪ I got my loan shark guitar,
vitamin C ♪

♪ I'm a Hollywood, grade-A,
American G ♪

♪ I've been rocking
all the ladies ♪

♪ From Maine to Pensacola ♪

♪ I got them calling me daddy ♪

♪ Way out in California ♪

♪ Just one kiss... ♪

♪ Just one kiss,
maybe I'll be you ♪

♪ Kiss this, kiss this ♪

♪ If I were you, well,
I wouldn't want to miss this ♪

♪ Kiss this, kiss this ♪

♪ If you were me, well,
you wouldn't want to miss this ♪

♪ Like a high-rockin',
bad tone sucker MC ♪

♪ It's a quality ride
and it's built for speed ♪

Backstage pass!

♪ I'm a double-barreled,
out-of-sight... ♪

That is all-access,
baby-- we are in.

Did you see the way
he looked into my eyes?

He was not looking
in your eyes, honey.

It's not like that
with Vince and I.

I respect his mind.

Yeah, and he looks
great in chaps.

His music is
so incredible.

It makes me feel like I can
do anything or be anybody.

You play this one right

and maybe you'll be
the next Mrs. Vince Brava.

Just her.

But... can't she come, too?

She won't be any trouble.

Well, if she can't go,
then I don't want to.

Suit yourself.

Lara, go-- this is a
once-in-a-lifetime moment.

No, no, not without you.
Go on.

Go, go.

Are you sure?

In or out.

She's in.

Okay, um, I guess
I'll see you at home.


Tell your soul mate I said hi.


You see Limp Bizkit?

Did the drummer.

I like drummers.

Creed's playing
on Saturday.

That singer is a hottie.

And a born-again

I could be converted.


Hey, do you guys think we'll get
an autographed T-shirt?

Okay, settle down.

You all know
the drill.

You will ride
with the band

on the tour bus to the hotel

with the option
of continuing to party upstairs.

You all are of
legal age and hereby

give your consent
and willingly enter the bus?

Good, let's go.

I'm Vince. Hi.

Hi. I'm Lara.

It's pretty
crazy, huh?


Vince, your music means
so much to me

and I can't even explain to you
how much it affects me.

Oh, yeah?

a depth

and a personal strength
that I can totally relate to.

You got that?

Very cool.

You want to go
in the back?

It's quieter,
we can talk.

Yeah, okay.

Vince, when...

when you looked
at me before

I felt this... you
know, connection.

I've never real...

Vince, please,
can we just talk...


Here's your T-shirt.

So, how was it?

Lara, oh, my God. Wha...?

Are you okay?

What happened to you?

You have to report this.

What am I going to say?

That some big rock star

invited me on his bus
and I went?

You did not
ask for this.

You know that
they'll say I did.

I can't believe
I was so stupid.

Nuh-uh, no way.

This is not your fault.

How could he
do this to me?


I mean, how many
other women...?

Someone has to do something.

Yeah, like what?

Castration's too good
for this guy.

Castration may be
a place to start.

Look, hey...

I know that this
doesn't mean much now

but sooner or later,
he will get what he deserves.

Karma will bite him on the ass.

We should get some sleep.

Good night, you.

Kiss this.

♪ Just one kiss,
going to bum a thrill ♪

♪ Just one kiss,
and maybe I'll be you ♪

♪ Kiss this, kiss this ♪

♪ If I were you, well,
I wouldn't want to miss this ♪

♪ Kiss this, kiss this ♪

♪ If you were me, well,
you wouldn't want to miss this ♪

♪ Kiss this, kiss this ♪

♪ If I were you, well,
I wouldn't want to miss this ♪

Hey, I know you.

Hey, guys,
wait up a minute!

Hey, get your
hands off of me!

You got your kiss, honey.

Now get lost.

What'd that psycho bitch
do to me?

♪ It's a human race
to the top of the food chain ♪

♪ It's a human race
just to be run away ♪

♪ It's a human race
to the top of the food chain ♪

♪ It's a human race and the
winner don't win a thing... ♪



Great show.

Have a beer.


Hey, get your hands off her.

Dude, el cabin es ocupado.

Stop it now.

Stop means stop!


Get off her!

What crawled up
your hole?

I am sick of you guys acting
like animals every night.

Why are you
freaking out?

Because... the opening act

blew your sorry asses
off the stage.

I should replace you with
a bunch of trained monkeys.

You stole money
from those kids tonight.

Vince, relax.

When we get back to the hotel

I want to see you in my room.


Whoa, where do you think
you're going?

What? I'm going
up to my room.

Use the main elevator.
This is for the VIP suite.

Listen, I'll have you fired,
you fat-ass carny freak.

That's my room.

Now let me through.

In your dreams.


Listen, I need
to talk to her...

to, uh, Vince.

And I repeat, in your dreams.

Look, I'm, uh

I'm... I'm Vince's sister.

Okay? I'll prove
it to you.

His wife is

supermodel Annie-May
But her real name

is Annibell Marie Stephens.
Get lost.

His birthday,
January 20, 1976.

Yeah, and, um,
what time was he born?

What time was he born?

Uh, I don't...

I don't know.
In the morning?

In the afternoon.

2:37 p.m. at St.
Jude's Hospital in Austin, Texas.

I'm his, uh, sister, too.

Shut up!
He's got a dog named Brando

after Marlon Brando.

The two of you
shut up now!

You sisters seriously

need to get a life.

Now, please, step back
or I'm calling the cops.

No, look, I've got...

Just step back.


Hotel operator.

Yeah, Vince Brava's room.

I'm sorry, there's no guest
by that name.

I... I mean Vinnie Salami.

One moment, please.

I want $50,000

to go to the National
Organization for Women.

I'm not even sure
NOW still exists.

It does.
Write it.

And $50,000 to go
to a rape crisis center

in every city
we play.

This is a worldwide tour.

You'll go broke.


Is Lara Plasky there?

No, there's no Lara Plasky here.

I'll take that.

Give me the phone.

Excuse me.


What did you do to me?

Oh, it's you.

I don't know how this happened,
but it did.

And I'm going to make sure you
get exactly what you deserve.

Give $50,000 to a charity
for unwed mothers.

You're killing me.

Hey, what are you doing?
That's my money.

It's my money.

If you think that's bad
wait until tomorrow's show.

I am going to kick your ass!

Bring it on, Lara.

Oh, don't push me!

Karma's a bitch and so am I.

Oh, my God,
it's you!

It's really you!

Oh, my God,
I love you so much!

How did you get
in here?

Oh, your music means
everything to me!

Who are you?

When you looked
at me in the concert

I felt something,
a connection.

We are soul mates.

Soul mates?

Yeah, the way you
looked at me, I knew.

I just knew
it was true.

Okay, all right,
take a deep breath, okay?


What's your name?


Angie. Angie, sit down.


Okay. Angie, I hate to break
this to you

but we're not soul mates.

Well, you can't say that.

I mean, you just met me.

I'm not who
you think I am.

I know all about you,
Vince Brava.

If you did

you wouldn't be here.

Why are you saying these things?

Because Vince Brava is a pig.

There is nothing
in here that you want.

I... I really thought
you'd like me.

I don't deserve someone
like you.

And you know what, Angie?

When the truth
about me comes out

you'll be embarrassed

that you ever
wanted to know me.

I understand.

What'll it take
to get upstairs?

They're nice, huh?

Can I help you?

Yeah, hey, Randall,
I need to see Vince.

Vince is in the
hospitality suite.

No, I mean, I'm Vince

and this girl's me.
Man, we swapped bodies.

How do you think
that happened?

I don't know how
it happened, man.

I'm backstage after the concert,
she's kissing me

and next thing I know I'm
getting kicked to the curb.

Rock and roll can
get a little crazy.

Yeah, tell me
about it, man.

Come on, guys.

Please see that
she finds a cab

and find out how
the hell she got up here.

Randall, it's me...

Randall, I'm Vince!

Look, I hired you after...
after Hanson canned you!

I took you in when
Jasmine threw you out!

I'm Vince Brava!

Get your hands off me!
I'm going!

Get your hands off!

Have a super night.

Yeah, kiss my ass!

Kiss this.

♪ Check it out now ♪

♪ Check it out now ♪

♪ I got my loan shark guitar,
vitamin C ♪

♪ I'm a yada blada yada
yada American G ♪

♪ Um... and put
your left foot in... ♪

♪ Put your left foot out,
put your left foot in and... ♪

Come on. Come on, everybody.

You know this song,
"Hokey-pokey," right?

♪ Do the Hokey-pokey and you
turn that stuff around... ♪

Come on, everybody!

♪ That's what it's... ♪

Guys, girls, all right,
let's stop...

Can we stop for a second?

You're all a bunch
of stupid cows.

I mean, I could sing
nursery rhymes

and you'd still pay 50 bucks
to see me...

shake my ass...

Pay 50 bucks to see this
rehashed show?

Are you kidding me? Suckers.

50 bucks?

I mean, think about it.

I am rich because you're stupid.

You are so stupid.

And you're still here.

What the hell was
that out there tonight?

What are you
talking about?

That little outburst?

It's going to be
in every paper tomorrow.

If you're trying
to throw away your career

you're doing a good job.

Mind your
own business.

Your career
is my business.

Give me back my body.

You again!

I'm Vince and she's me.

That's the crazy
girl that called me.

Randall, don't
just stand there

do something!

Get the cops!

Both of you stay here.

I don't know how you did this

but you better switch
us back now!

Or what?

What are you going...?

I'll cut you.

Go ahead, cut me, genius.

You don't get it,
do you?

Women love you,
your fans look up to you

and you abuse your position

by taking advantage
of the very people

that worship you.

I treat everyone the same, man.

The way they want to be treated.

What about me?

You wanted me
and you know it.

Now give me
back my body!

How does it feel,

How does it feel
to be held

against your will?

Know why you get
pushed around, hmm?

Because you're weak.

You're a nobody.

It doesn't matter
what body I'm in.

If I want you,
I can have you.

You need to know how it feels.

I'm going to make you pay
for what you did.

What the hell
are you doing?

You want my body, huh?

Stop it!

Come on.
You know you want it...

Get off me or
I'll scream!

Go ahead, scream.

See what good
it's going to do.

I'm Vince Brava.

Help! Help,
someone, help!

Whoa, now is
not a good time.

You know you want it.

Kiss me, baby.

No, no...!

Get off her!

I said, get off her!

No, she switched bodies.

She switched bodies!

She switched bodies!

Make her kiss me again!

Randall! Randall,
you don't understand.

She set me up!

Do unto others.

What goes around comes around.

Don't accept backstage passes
from strangers.

It's funny how a song
can take you back.

You hear the first few notes

and suddenly you're transported
back to your high school prom

your wedding night,
or the worst day of your life.

If only we knew then
what we know now.

...and the bad news
continues tonight

for the Stanton campaign.

With 37 % of the precincts

the one-time front-runner
now trails

with just 23 % of the vote.

Let's just wait until the other districts check in.

We'll finish strong.



Will you excuse me
for a minute, honey?

Sure, darling.


It's over.

You sure?
Only a third of the districts...

Our exit polls show it's the same across the state.

It's over.

Well, I guess it's
about that time.

Yeah. It's about
that time.

Your wife drafted
some remarks.

Did she?

Usual stuff--
thank the volunteers

fought the good fight.

Is there anybody
downstairs to hear them?

I won't lie--
it's pretty bleak.

More reporters
than supporters.

Ross, I want to take the time

to tell you that I appreciate
all the things you've...

Save it.

Let's just do this
and get it over with.

I just wanted to say that if...
if I could do things over again...

You should have

thought about that weeks ago

before you got involved
with that girl...

before you got in that car.

Do you realize how much
time I have spent...

No, I'm not going
to do this. I'm not.


Just look over the speech.

I'll let the press know we'll be down in ten minutes.

We have many more
district races to report to you

but first we return to Megan
and Ken in the studio

for more on the Stanton
campaign. Megan?

We're joined by political reporter

Dean Spencer Andrews.

Dean, the Stanton campaign

has to be one
of the biggest meltdowns

in political history.

No question, Megan.

Just two weeks ago

Stanton was as upbeat
as the famous song

that became his anthem.

Then, quite literally,
his bid for the senate

crashed into pieces.

Please, no... n-no questions.

I came from that direction

and then this guy just runs
into the road flagging me down.

We tried to save
the woman, but...

it was just too late.

That woman, as we all now know

was 23-year-old campaign worker

Denise Cole, later revealed
to be Stanton's lover.

Cole, a native of Tacoma,
studied political science

at the University of Washington.

She worked on several
statewide races

before joining the Stanton
campaign ten months ago.

For God's sake.

Uh... I was just
watching the latest...

Yeah, the latest is,
she's still dead.

Maggie, I never wanted...

Listen, you were

to break it off,
buy her silence.

That was the deal.

I tried.

What, by going off for
the weekend with her?

If I'd known you'd try
to keep her on the side

I'd have paid
her off myself.

Sweetheart, we...

Don't call
me sweetheart.

I am not your sweetheart.

I am your wife.

And for the next
30 minutes

I will play the part.

I will smile,
I will hold your hand.

I'll even give you that
sympathetic, understanding look

I've become so good at
the last couple of weeks

but after that, we're through.

We've been through
for years.

Let me ask you
something, Ben.

Did you even
for a minute

think about what
this meant to me?

My plans,
my dreams?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Put on a fresh shirt
and pick a different tie.

Never mind.
I'll do it myself.

You know the best thing
about losing--

I'll never have to hear

that damn song again.

Hey, they're
playing it again.

I thought you'd
like to have it.

It's the one I burned

the night
we chose this song.

It's great.


♪ ...I can see ♪

♪ It took so long
to realize... ♪

It's perfect
for the campaign.

Retro for the younger voters

and nostalgic
for the older folks.

Not that you're old
or anything.

You're not falling asleep on me,
are you, Senator?

No, I'm just tired.

I like the sound
of that.

Senator Ben Stanton.

Maybe this will wake you up.

Hey, watch the road.


♪ I see beyond the road
I'm drivin'... ♪


we have to talk--

about us.

You sound serious.

These next few weeks
are critical.

We have to be careful.

If word about us
were to get out...

I don't get it.
Are you dumping me?

No, I'm not
dumping you.

We just have
to cool it a little.



You're right.

This is dangerous.

You've worked
too hard on this

and you're so close.

You sure it's okay?

I knew what
I was getting into, Ben.

Well, I'm relieved.

I thought...

What? That I'd have a breakdown?

It's just
a few weeks.


A month, tops.

I'm fine.

And if you need money...

Whoa, you're offering me money?

Is that what's in the bag?

Hey, careful.

So, how much
am I worth to you?

Are you paying me
by the hour?

Or maybe you're paying me...

Watch the road!

♪ I see beyond the road
I'm drivin' ♪

What happened?

Denise, are you okay?

Uh, I-I can't...
I can't move.

Ben, help me.

I can't get out.

Open it.

I can't.

It's jammed.

I smell something.

Ben, it's gas!

Get me out of here!

I'll get help!

No, Ben, don't leave me!

I'll be right back!


Help! Help! Please stop!

We've had an accident!

She's trapped!


Did you say something?

Um, no, no, nothing.

Here, put this on.

Wha...? Um...

Have you read
the remarks?

Just stick to what's
on the page

and no improvising.

Can you stop,
just for one minute?

Can you stop
trying to plan...

Let go of me.
My arm!

I only wish it were

a sharp, stabbing pain

radiating to your chest.

If I could have done
things differently

I would have.

Differently? How?

Would you never have
gotten involved with her?

Or would you just have avoided
getting caught that day?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Now, get dressed.

they're playing it again.

♪ Don't look back ♪

♪ A new day is breaking ♪

♪ It's been too long
since I felt this way ♪

♪ I don't mind
where I get taken... ♪

I thought you'd
like to have it.

It's the one I burned

the night we chose
this song.

It's great.


It was perfect
for the campaign.

Retro for the younger voters

and nostalgic
for the older folks.

Not that you're old or anything.

That was strange.


Nothing. Deja vu.


This happen before?

Oh, be careful, my arm.

What about your arm?

I don't know.


we have to talk-- about us.

You sound serious.

I am.

The next two weeks
are critical.

We can't let
anything go wrong.

If-if-if word were
to get out about us...

I don't get it.

Are you dumping me?

No, I'm not dumping you.

We just have
to cool things.



You're right.

This is dangerous.

You've worked
too hard for this

and you're so close.
And you're so close.

You did that again.

It's weird.

You're sure it's okay?

I knew what I was
getting into, Ben.

Well, I'm relieved.

I thought...

What, that I'd have a breakdown?

It's just a few weeks,
you understand?

A month, tops.
Ben, I'm fine.

And if you need money...

Whoa, you're offering me money?

Is that what's in the bag?

Hey, careful.

So, how much am I
worth to you, hmm?

Are you paying me by the hour?

Or maybe you're paying me by...

Watch the road!

What happened?

Denise, are you okay?

I-I can't move.

Ben, help me.

I can't get out.

Open it.

I can't.

It won't budge.

I smell something.

Ben, Ben, it's gas!

It's jammed.

Get me out of here!

I'll get help.

No, Ben, don't leave me!




My arm.


God, I'm sorry.

Ben, come back!


You haven't changed.

No, I-I haven't.

Better hurry--
don't want to keep

the press waiting.


My concession.

very funny.

Once again, we predict that

Ben Stanton will be
the new senator

by a margin of two to one.

Maggie wrote up
some remarks.

My arm, I had a...

What about your arm?

Usual stuff--

your admiration and respect for
the prick who ran against you

thanking the volunteers
for a perfect campaign.

Get dressed, Senator.

Destiny awaits.

How do I look?

Every inch the senator.

Well, I couldn't have
done this without you.

No, of course you couldn't.

Funny how a song
can take you back sometimes.

Did she really mean
that much to you?


I've been thinking--
about the money

the investigators found at the crash.

They haven't been able
to trace it back to you, yet

and they never will
if we say she stole it.

I can't...
We'll come across as very sympathetic--

how we delayed coming forward
out of respect for the dead.


we have to be smart here.

We have to play to win.

Just like you did when
you left the crash site.

Can you imagine if they'd
caught you with her?

So you'd ruin
her reputation?

Yeah, to save our own.

That money is the only thing
that could connect you to her.

It's the only way.

Okay, okay, let's go.

Don't forget the speech.

Um, why don't you
go ahead.

I-I still have something to do.

Well, you don't have much time,

I can change things.

I can save her.

they're playing it again.

♪ Don't look back ♪

♪ A new day is breaking ♪

♪ It's been too long
since I felt this way... ♪

I thought you'd
like to have it.

It's... it's the
one I burned

the night we chose this song.

It's great.


It was perfect
for the campaign.

Retro for the
younger voters

and nostalgic for
the older folks.

Not that you're...
Not that you're old or anything.

Stop the car.

Stop the car.
Why? What's wrong?

We're almost there.
Can't you wait?

Denise, please,
you need to pull over.


Now, what is
so important?

I'm not sure...

but I think
everything's fine now.

: What has gotten into you?

Everything's perfect.

Okay, we're going to have
to cool things for a while--

just until after
the election--

and then I want you
to find a place in DC.

Are you serious?

Look. I've brought enough money
to get you settled.

Uh... Ben...

Everything's going
to work out.

I am going to be senator.

I know.
No, I mean it.

Don't ask me how,
but I know it's going to happen.

And we're going
to be together.


♪ Far away and left behind ♪

What happened?

♪ Left behind... ♪

Not again.

I-I can't move.

Open it!

I can't-- it's jammed. See?

I smell something. Ben!

Ben, it's-it's...

It's gas.

Denise... I can change this.

Get me out of here!

I can change everything.

Next time, we'll park
in a different place.

What are you talking about? Ben!

I can change this.

Don't leave me.

You have to let me go.

Don't go, Ben.

You have to let go.

For God's sake,
let go! Ben...


You have to let go!



Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome

the next senator from
the great state of Washington!

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Well, what a night.

Two weeks ago,
I would never have believed

that I would be standing
before you as the senator-elect.

When I was asked
to take Ben's place

on the ballot, my first response
was... disbelief.

My place was
at my husband's side.

But even as he lay unconscious,
I could feel his spirit move me.

Ben's dream of a brighter future
is a dream

I needed to keep for him...

Tonight is about the future--

a future
of limitless opportunities.