Strange Events (2017) - full transcript

In a world where monsters, ghosts and other dreadful creatures are a reality, nightmares can come true. And they will. An anthology that delves into the paranormal, the bizarre and the downright insane. No place is safe.

I have to unpack everything.

Repeat. You guys have fun.

Alright. I'll see
you guys tomorrow.





Katie, calm down.
It's just a dream.

You have to stop.

Behind you.

There's nothing there, Katie.

Please, stop him.

Katie, I've told
you every night.

Look, this is not good.

You're scaring me! Stop it!


Behind you.




Ah. He's catatonic.

No response.

Never thought he'd
be one of our own.


Oh, yeah, I'm just
shocked to see him this way.

Are you sure it's him?

I found his wallet on him.

I even found his favorite
recessionary goal in the trunk.

They said that he lost
control of his car on 35.

His wife will be
here any minute.

Stay with him, uh?

Pick up.

Pick up, you asshole.

What's up? This is Nico.

You know what to do.

You dickhead, we had a deal.

You were supposed to
make sure he was dead.

Not just mostly dead, dead,

as in no more beat,
no fucking breathing.

Now I got to spend the
rest of my evening

making sure he doesn't flatline.

For a message press...


He was on his way to our
daughter's birthday party.

Late as usual.

Job always came before family.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, really.

I need to make a call.

Of course.

What's up? This is Nico.

You know what to do.

You stupid son of a bitch.

You were supposed to put
a bullet in his head,

not a car accident.

Now I have to explain
to my daughter

why her father is vegetable.

I am not gonna spend
the rest of my life

fitting him into a stroll.



Hey, Jim.
Been a long time.

Wish it wasn't under
these circumstances.

I know.

You know, you were
one of my best nurses.

Never been able to replace you.

I'm just a full-time mom now.

Happiest I've ever been.

Your husband's an amazing man.

No matter what the press have
been saying about him lately.

I know.

He'll put through.

I'm sure he will.


Can I get you any food
or anything to drink?

Ice tea?

Right on. I'll send some up.

Would you like something?


Yeah, a-ha, some too.

Thank you, Jim.

You look great, by the way.

So, seems like we're
gonna be here a while.


Nice to meet you, McKenzie.

So, did you know Donald?

Yeah, we've passed
each other a few times.

Seemed like a nice guy.

Ha-ha, he is an asshole.

Shh. He can hear you.

I don't care.

He knows he's scum.

He was screwing a nurse
he got his hands on.

I don't know who, but I knew.

All those late nights and
coming home smelling like,

well, you know.

I have a picture of us.


Your daughter's beautiful.

He never did take me
out for anniversaries.

He was always too busy
chasing tail or playing golf.

To make matters worse,

he was just about to
lose his medical license.

Douchebag took a selfie while
doing a fecal transplant.

Surgery didn't go
quite as planned.

But I'm sure you
heard all about that.

I'm sorry. He seemed nice.

You don't deserved to
be treated like that.

Look, he's awake!

So, McKenzie, how long
have you worked here?

About a year now.

And you and
Donald never talked?

We passed each
other in the hallway.

It's just kind of weird that
you and Donald never spoke.

I mean, you're totally his type.

Young, firm body.

Nice boobs.

I'd give him about a week

before he tried to
jump your bones.

He was very
professional around me.


Nice necklace.

Oh. Thanks.

Where did you
get it? Boyfriend?


Two years now.

Great guy.

I found a jewelry box in
my attic a few weeks ago.

Thought that maybe
he'd finally got me

an anniversary present but...

My anniversary came and
went and, still no necklace.

So, tell me,

how was he?

It was the best
sex I've ever had.


You know what? He
was right about you.

You really are a
pathetic, washed-up waste.

We found Donald's phone.

Looks like it still works.
He's got two messages.

That's not Donald's phone.

Found it in his pocket.

I'll just leave that with you.

What the f...


Is it done?

He's out of the picture.

I don't like this, Sarah.

I'm coming home.

I'm fine.

We knew this was gonna
happen sooner or later.

It's fine.

I mean, even if you
rented a car and drove

you wouldn't be here
until tomorrow morning.

Look, let me call Kelly.

She will be...

I don't need a babysitter.

I'm fine.


I haven't heard from
them in a long time.

I'm sure they're not just
gonna suddenly show up

because you're not here.

I'm safe.

I'm inside, I'll just lock
the doors and be just fine.

Will you promise me

you'll take at least one?


Put it down.

You know they can't help you.

911. What's your emergency?

Don't make
me put you away again.

Hello, is anybody there?

Sorry. Wrong number.

It's been a while.

Did you missed us?

Why can't you
just leave me alone?

We're a part of you.
We always will be.

I don't need you anymore.

You'll always need us.

You're nothing without us.

I'm not listening to you.

You're note here.

Go away!


Hi, this is Vanessa.

I'm not home right now.

Leave a message after
the beep.

Vanessa? Hello?

I've been sitting at
J.B.'s for 45 minutes

getting hit on by the
drags of humanity,

and your ass is
nowhere to be seen.



Oh, hey.

I just about to go stairs again.

Looks like we're
the last ones, hey?

Yeah, I think so.

I didn't realize it was so late.

Well, at least you're
getting out of here.

Looks like I'm pulling
an all-nighter.

God dammit!

These fucking things.

I don't think that's gonna help.

Just your luck, uh?

Are you okay?

Are you claustrophobic?

Don't worry. There's plenty
of room in here to breath.

We'll be fine.

I mean, this happened
just last month.

Just give it a second,
it should reset itself.

I think it might be a
good idea if you sit down.

Is there something
I can do to help?

No, no. No, that's fine.

Well, I guess we're stuck
here until it resets itself.

Or until somebody finds us.

Hmm. Sorry. Bad habit.

You're up on 26, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm sure I've
seen you before.

It's a shame what happened
to that girl from up there.

Too bad.

Don't you fucking move.

Lock it down.


♪ Anal, oral, what
you could do to her.

♪ Anal, oral, what
you could do to her.

♪ All up on the floor.
All, all up on the floor.

♪ Put my thumb
straight in your bud.


Shut up.

Dude, this is the
shit and you know it.

Yeah, until we
get skinned alive

and turned into a fucking suit.

Dude, you are tripping.

We'll see.

We'll see? See this bitch.

That is the hottest
girl from the Internet

wearing, what is that?

That's right. Nothing.

Waiting for us right now.

Telling you to hurry

to lick your flacid ass up.
Come on, jackass.

Just fucking saying.

Saying what?

Fuck. Just, what's
the fucking address?

Ah, what's that one?


I don't know. 2031 Blurdrive?

It's 2033.

Or was it 43?

Nah, it was 33.


How did you not write
down the address?

Text her and ask.

I did when we left, but
she's not answering now.

Well, forget it
then, we're not going.


Naughton, I'm not rolling
into some rich fool's house

and getting a fistful of
bucks out of some pussy

that probably don't even exist.

Forget it.
Alright, Blake.

And that's not gonna happen.

'Cause this is the
right house. I swear.

I swear!

Stupidest fuck, man.

That girl is pretty fine.

Anonymous Internet pussy.


That's what I'm talking about.

I'm all up, though, look,

I need like a
weapon or something.

I don't wanna go in
there empty-handed.

I got my keys.

No, no, no.

Hold on.

Fist pack.

Fist pack?

Homie, that's a fucking cat.

No, no. If you got to
hit a motherfucker,

you hold it up in your fist,

makes your punch feel
like Chris Brown and shit.

So eloquent. You
should be a philosopher.

No. Those are gay.

I would die for
a pussy like that.

Yeah, Internet pussy.

I believe you'd care for
a person like her, right?

Feelings wear
off people spirits.

Read up.

Please, Lord, watch
over this family tonight.

Watch over Tina, Ryan and me.

But mostly, please,
look over on Marley.

We just walk in then?

That's what she said. She
said she'd be waiting for us.

She didn't say where?

No, she just
said we would know.

Lord, be in our site tonight.

We need you now more than ever.

Are you sure about this?


So we just go for it?

God, please just keep the
evil out of our house...

We go open this house...

And out of my sister.

Then we go open this bitch.

What's up, girl?


Sorry, sorry we're late.

You did all this for us?

Jesus, baby, it is
cold as hell in here.

I'll warm you up,
just untie my hands.

Girl, what's the fun in that?

Untie me and find out.

Alright, girl, you
don't waste any time.

Naughton, don't.

No, Blake, you don't.

Now get over here and help me.




There's fucking crosses
and candles everywhere,

the shelves are empty.


It's like 40 degrees in here.

Get to the point, dude.

This ain't for us.

And neither she.

You're trying to fool me.

Dude, how did she tie
both of her own hands up?

This is a Goddamn exorcism.

Untie me, you stupid fuck!

What the...

Who the hell are you guys?

You can't have her, priest.

She's mine.

It's too late.

There's nothing
left of the bitch.

She's gone.

In the name of the
Father, and of the Son

and of the Holy Ghost.


The Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost.

The Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost.

No! No! No.

Hit her! Hit her! Fist pack!

Stop it! Stop it!

No! No! No!

No! Stop! Stop it!

No! Stop!

There is a gun inside my purse.

Hey, who gives a fuck?

Let's get the fuck out of here!


It was 43.

We can still go.