Strange Days (1995) - full transcript

Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millennium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer killing a prostitute. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- You ready?
- Yeah. Boot it.

- That's it.
- That's it. That's it. Excellent. I'm recording!

- Good, good, good.
- You crazy?

Wait till I get this thing down.

- You tryin' to ID me?
- What you doin'?

- Fuckin' retard!
- What's the problem?

- God damnit! Stupid!
- Don't be a pussy.


Fuck you!
Don't call me a pussy.

- I'll fucking ID you!
- Alright. Take the gun.

You're giving me this piece of shit?
I can't believe it.

Is it even loaded?

- Asshole!
- I never get the auto.

- What are you doin'?
- Whoo! I love this shit, man!

- Don't fuckin'...
- Fuck you!

- It's right there. Turn left. Turn right.
- Okay, okay, just relax.

- Come on, make a...
- Relax!

- Right, right, right, right. Good, good. Easy.
- Here we go. There it is.

- Easy. Take it easy.
- Alright.

- And one... two... three... go!
- Don't make a fuckin' noise.

Go! Let's go!

- Go, go, go!
- Put your head down, you fucker!

I said down!

This is a robbery!
Everyone put your hands up!

- You, get to the back!
- Hands in the air! Hands in the air!

Hey! No, no, no, no, no.
Where you going, bitch? Over here!

- Get the fuckin' money!
- You! Open the fuckin' register!

You want to fuckin' die,
you little fuck?

- Get the fuck yout of the way!
- Please, don't shoot!

- That's it? That's it?
- Where's the fuckin' money?

Here we go!

- Don't shoot us. Don't shoot.
- Come on! This way!

- Okay!
- Okay!

Go, man. Run!

- That's all I have!
- Run, man, run! Run, man!

Go, go, go, go, go!
Don't look at me, you fuckin' chink!

- Get in there!
- Get him inside!

Get inside!
Get inside, you fuckin' cocksucker!


- Did you get the money?
- Yes!

What are you doing,
you fuckin' asshole?

- Come on, man, we gotta go!
- Fuck!

You get the money or not?
How much? How much?

- There's a door!
- It's the police!


I'm going. I'm going-

Um... fuck. Here.

- Come on, come on, follow me, man!
- Wait for me, man! Wait! Wait!

O! man, go'

- Come on...
- The fucking doors are locked!

Come on! Come on!

Where are the cops, man?

- Fuck! Fuck you!
- What are you doing, man?

- Go, man! Go! Go!
- Shit! Shit!


- Shit!
- Drop your God damn weapons!

- Come on! They're right behind us!
- Go!


- Come on! Come on!
- Oh, shit!

- Go, man! Let's go.
- Come on.

Come on! Come on, jump!

- This is insane, man.
- Hey, you! Stop, asshole!

- I'll grab you, man!
- Come on, grab my hand!

- I'll fuckin' die! I'm gonna die!
- You motherfucker!

God damn it!
You know I don't deal in snuff!

- Don't have a fucking coronary, man.
- You could have at least warned me.

You know I hate the zap when they die.
It just brings down your whole clay.

- Jesus, Tick.
- Sorry.

How did you get the tape? How come
the cops didn't put it in evidence?

I guess with all the blood,
they didn't see the rig.

- They guy had it under a wig.
- And how'd it get to you?

I got ways, Lenny.

I got a deal with
some of the paramedics.

My guy pages me
and I picked it up at the morgue.

What do you think?
This clip's got to be worth a grand, right?

Tick, not to dash your hopes,
but I don't deal this kind of product.

You know that.
I'll give you four for it.

I gotta cut the last part,
and my customers want uncut.

Fuck that, man.
The last part's the best.

Dry dive six stories and blammo,
you're jacked into the big black.

I don't deal black-jack clips!

It's policy.
I got ethics here.

Oh, yeah?
When did that start?

Come on, Lenny, this is what people
wanna see, and you know it.

- So lay it off to somebody else.
- Lenny, Lenny...

I got expenses.
I gotta get my rig fixed.

Look, there's blood
all over the heads.

- Get away.
- Gimme six, it's a good clip, man.

- It gets you pumpin'.
- The first part's okay.

It's better than the usual soaps
you bring me.

Now, that is cold.
I always bring you choice.

Yeah, sure, like this low-grade shit here?
Some girl in a fight with her boyfriend.

It's a test pattern.
Nothing happens. I'm snoring.

Lenny, you're always telling me,
bring you street life, real life.

That one man's mundane desperate existence
is another man's Technicolor.

- I said that?
- Many times. It's a direct quote.

I'll take it for five.
You'll make out okay.

Cos this is pure cream. You don't have
to cut anything back to the wearer.

- Yeah, that's for sure. Okay.
- What else you got?

Calls are a little kooky tonight.
It's a little after 2 a.m.

December 30, 1999. Second to last
day of the whole darn century.

Jer, hi. I'll drop the money
by tomorrow, next clay latest.

It's a little crazy right now.
Would I lie? No. Never to you, Jer.

You're not wrong.
You're not wrong.


- So you're looking forward to the New Year?
- Not really. I mean, what's the point?

Nothing changes New Year's Day.

The economy sucks.
Gas is over three bucks a gallon.

5th grade kids are shooting
each other at recess.

The whole thing sucks, right?
What the hell are we celebrating?

When you shoot the clip,
you get it to me by Monday.

Client wants a guy and two girls,
and the guy wears.

Yeah, I know.
He's trying to be original.

And the girls
have to be young, okay?

So don't use your mother like usual.
Yeah, you, too, asshole.

Go ahead, caller,
you're on the air.

My name's Dewayne. I got a New
Year's resolution for the police.

5-0, you better get down
with the 2K.

- 2K, Dewayne? Help us out. What is that?
- The 2K! The big 2000.

Comin' up tomorrow night.
Out with the old, in with the new.

See, for the man,
no new's good news.

He like t'keep it the way it is, but we're
gonna take it and make it new, our own.

- History's gonna start right here, right now.
- Dewayne...

Hey, hey, hey,
I wanna give a shout to, uh...

- You're on the air, Lori.
- If you read the Bible, Marc...

you'd know there won't be
another thousand years.

- Right now, we're in the last clays...
- The last clays?

You mean the coming of the apocalypse,
the rapture?

You only have to look at the signs.
There are wars, rumors of wars...

Just so the rest of us know
know how much time is left...

when is the rapture
supposed to hit exactly?

- Is it midnight, New Year's Eve?
- That's right.

Now, is that midnight L.A. time
or Eastern Standard Time or what?

- I mean, what time zone is God in anyway?
- I pray for you all

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!

Okay, yeah, I mean, I can use this.
It's not bad, it's not bad.

But listen, honey, you gotta move
your eyes slower next time.

Much slower, like you're making love
with your eyes, okay?

Let me get this straight.
You'll pay me $200...

to put on a hairnet
and bang some beautiful babe?

I don't know.
I got to think about this.

Let's wire you up.

I hope this grease on your hair
doesn't screw up the SQUID receptors.

What is all this SQUID shit,

Superconducting quantum
interference device. SQUID.

The receptor rig I'm putting on your head
sends a signal to the recorder.

We call it being wired,
but there's no wire.

You gotta keep the recorder close.
Like five, six feet away max.

In your jacket pocket, by the bed,
or wherever you're gonna close escrow.

- Know what I mean?
- Yeah, right.

You got a half-hour of tape so give
me some lead-in to the main event.

But not too long cos I don't want
to be going out for popcorn.

Don't worry, you won't.

- You got it?
- No problem.

You look great. You look...
You look beautiful.


- Shit!
- Shit!

10-17, do you request backup?

Uh, that's a negative.

Suspect is a black male,
35 to 40...

We're handling it.

- Freeze!
- Freeze, you bitch!

You fuckin' bitch!

Fuck! Fuck!

Oh, shit.


Hi. It's Lenny.
Just what do you have in mind?


God damn it, you gotta be there.

You gotta help me.
Lenny, please pick up the phone.

Come on, pick up.

Come on, Lenny,
fuckin' pick up the phone!

Okay, I'll call you back.

Watch what I do.
You okay?

- Hey...
- You're doin' good, honey.

- You do.
- You look so good.

- Faith, come back.
- You alright?

You need help?

Sweetie, you're doing good.

Oh, no...


- I'm sorry.
- Don't laugh.

- Don't laugh.
- I'm sorry, baby. Are you okay?


- How do you feel?
- Lucky.

Dry me.

You wanna watch,
or you gonna do?

Watch and see.

Oh, wow...

Oh, baby, baby, baby...

You're so beautiful.

I love your eyes, Lenny.

I love the way they see.

New Year's Eve, 1999.

It's being called
the party of the century...

but it may be
the biggest party ever.

No one's seen preparations like this, but
preparations require care and insurance...

and the LAPD is one insurance company
that doesn't want accidents.

The bodies of two men
found under the Hollywood Freeway...

have been identified
as rap star Jeriko One...

and band member James Polton,
known to fans as Replay.

Both men were shot repeatedly in what police are
characterizing as an execution-style killing.

The body of an unidentified woman
was found with them...

also shot numerous times.

Police earlier said that the killings
appear to be gang-related.

With his band,
Prophets of Light...

Jeriko One's
outspoken political stance...

and violent lyrics
have stirred nation-wide controversy.

Meanwhile, astrologers have been busy
making predictions for the coming century.

Some of their fortune-telling
is indeed incredible.

Muammar Qaddafi will be awarded
the Nobel Peace Prize.

Turkey will make
reparations to Armenia.

By the year 2025, there will be
a second woman president...

- Hey, Lenny...
- Hey. How you doin', man?


- Keith?
- Yeah.

Hey. Lenny. Lenny Nero.
We spoke on the phone. Hi.


Not to be rude, Keith, but I gotta ask.
Are you a cop?

I understand. No, I'm not.

You understand. Attorney, right?

- Right?
- That's right.

Tassel shoes!
Entertainment law would be my guess.

It's my job to know people and
what they want, what's behind their eyes.

Okay, so tell me, have you ever...
have you ever jacked in?

Have you ever wire-tripped?

Uh, no. No.

A virgin brain? Good. Well, we're
gonna start you off right, okay?

Just tell me, to save us some time.
Tell me what you know.

Just what I've read, that the technology
was developed for the Feds...

to replace the body wire,
and now it's gone black market.

That's right, so...
This conversation's not taking place, okay?

- You're damn right, it's not.
- Good, good.

So do I get the deck from you?

I'ss set you up. I'll get a deck at my
cost. Since my thing's the software.

- Clips, right?
- Clips. Right.

Listen, I want you to know
what we're talking about here, okay?

This is not
"like TV only better".

This is life.

It's a piece of somebody's life.

It's pure and uncut,
straight from the cerebral cortex.

I mean, you're there. You're doing it.
You're seeing it. You're hearing it.

You're feeling it.

What kind of things...

Exactly anything.
Whatever you want, okay?

Want to go skiing without
leaving your den, you can...

but I'm assuming a guy like you,
you wanna go skiing, you'd fly to Aspen.

That's not what
you're interested in. It's, uh...

It's about the stuff that you can't
have, right? The forbidden fruit.

Like running into a liquor store
with a .357 Magnum in your hand...

feeling the adrenaline
pumping through your veins, huh?

Or... you see that guy over there
with the drop-dead Filipino girlfriend?

Wouldn't you like to be that guy
for 20 minutes, the right 20 minutes?


I can make it happen and you won't
even tarnish your wedding ring.

- Sounds good.
- See, I can get you what you want.

I can get you anything.
Just have to talk to me.

You have to trust me.
You can trust me cos I'm your priest.

I'm... I'm your shrink.

I am your main connection
to the switchboard of souls.

I'm the magic man.
Santa Claus of the subconscious.

You say it, you think it,
you can have it.

You want a girl?
You want two girls?

I don't know what your thing is,
what you're curious about.

You want a guy?

Maybe you want to be a girl.

Think of that. Be a girl.

See what that feels like.
Maybe you want a nun to tie you up.

It's all doable.

Talk to me about costs.

Before we get to numbers,
I want you to try a taste.

I got a deck with me.

- Right here?
- Step into my office.

You were just an 18-year-old girl
taking a shower.

You're beginning to see
the possibilities here?

Hey. So, where is he?

He's in the back, making a deal.

- Next time, let's meet someplace less public.
- You're nervous? Don't be.

The cops have more to worry about
in this city than the SQUID trade.

Oh, yeah? Don't move!

That's it. Assume the position,
you miserable techno-perv puke.

Beat it, fuckwad!

- Gotcha.
- Jesus, Max! I was with a client.

You think that's funny?

See the look on that preppy puke's face?
Pissed all over his topsiders!

Okay, it was funny,
but it could cost me a lot of money.

Come on, amigo.
World's full of those.

No one knows how to work them
like you do.

You could sell a God damn
rat's asshole for a wedding ring.

Yeah, I could.

- Let me buy you a drink. Bobby!
- Bobby!

" Bobby!

Tequila, por favor. Double shots.
Make it a Tres Generaciones.

Nothing but the best
for my good friend Lenny...

the finest cop to ever
get thrown off the vice squad.

Fuck you.

Yeah. Nice tie.

- Thanks, Max.
- You dress like a fucking pimp, man.

- This tie cost more than your wardrobe.
- That's not saying much.

It's the one thing that stands
between me and the jungle.

Hey, to the jungle.

Where some shit bird can cap you
in the back of the head and ruin your clay.

- You were lucky, Max.
- Yeah, so darn lucky...

I wake up with a .22 in my brain
and a cop pension I can't live off of.

It's a good thing I wasn't luckier.

Bobby, hit me again.

- So, you seen Faith lately?
- No, she won't call me.

It's just as well, Lenny.

Sure, Faith was by far
the most outstanding woman...

a guy like you
could ever hope to get, and it's...

completely and deeply humiliating
that she's gone...

but you got to face
that it's over, compadre.

Thanks, chaplain.
I'm touched by your concern.

I just hate to see you
pining away, man. Okay?

I mean, you're my friend,
and it makes me want to vomit, frankly.

- Hey, Iris. You okay?
- I got to talk to you. It's serious.

What happened, honey?
Some john get rough on you?

No. Can we talk in private?

I'm in trouble.
So is Faith.

- There it is, the magic fucking word.
- Can you come with me to your car?

- There's something you have to see.
- What's going on?

- It's a bad situation.
- What?

- If they get me, I know they'll...
- Who? Who?

Oh, shit!

Hey, hang on!
That's my car!

Not anymore.
It belongs to the bank.

Hey, wait a second.

- Whoops.
- Oh, yeah, yeah. Great, great.

Two million years of human evolution,
that's the best you can come up with.

Hey listen, what do you get to repo a car?
200? 250?

I'll pay you 350 right now.

- You got the cash on you?
- I was gonna write you a check if that's okay.

- See ya.
- Okay! I respect that. I would want cash.

They'll take my check inside.
I can see you're pressed for time.

Just give me two minutes.

You can keep
my watch for collateral.

It's... It's a Rolex.

I'll be right back. Two minutes.
Two minutes?

Son of a bitch!

So what happened to your car
this time?

See, Lenny, if you packed your piece,
you could make the guy see sense.

Bobby, turn this up.
I wanna watch this shit.

How I feel?
Are you asking me howl feel?

We felt Jeriko!
We listened to him!

The LAPD is a military force
turned against its own people.

We live in a police state...

- The major and the council men...
- Hey, Macey.

Sit in their offices
with their social programs that don't work.

They're rearranging deck chairs
on the Titanic.

But a new day is coming.

2K is coming.

The day of reckoning is upon us.

History ends and begins again.

Right here... right now.

Right on!
To the end of all things.

You know how I know
it's the end of the world?

- No. Tell me.
- Everything's already been clone. No?

Every kind of music's been tried,
every government's been tried...

every fucking hairstyle,
fuckin' bubble gum flavors...

you know, breakfast cereal.
Every type of fuckin'.

What are we going to do, man?

How are we going to make
another 1000 years for Christ's sake?

I'm telling you, man, it's over.
We used it all up.

- So, what's this week's sad story?
- They jerked my wheels. Can you believe it?

It's outrageous the computer errors
the banks make.

- Have you noticed?
- No, actually I haven't...

because I make my payments.

So, Max Peltier,
how's the PI business?

But as soon as I get this new logo...

Shut up a second.
I wanna hear this scumbag.

- Do you have any leads?
- Why was there no adequate security?

There was adequate security available
to him. He chose not to have it.

- Why is he a scumbag?
- You-know-who left Lenny for him.

- Faith left Lenny for him?
- Don't say "Faith".

You use the "F" word around Lenny,
you got to tranquillize him.

The LAPD says
that this is a gang-related incident.

I know I've lost a friend.

A man of great courage, which is more
than I can say for most of us.

- Lenny, if you're riding...
- Okay, let's go.

Fuck you, you Pig!

Driving Mr. Lenny.

It's gonna be a big night. Can't you
feel it? Feel the energy in the air.

There's money to be made,
dreams to sell.

- Sleaze to peddle.
- That is so unenlightened.

I sell experiences.

The way I see it, I'm performing
a humanitarian service.

- I probably save lives.
- I don't want to hear this.

Look, everybody needs to walk to the dark
end of the street sometimes.

It's what we are.

The risks are out of line.
The streets are a war zone.

Sex can kill you.
So, you slip on the 'trodes...

get what you need almost as good
as the real thing and a lot safer.

Face it, you sell porno to wireheads.

Harsh. Harsh and untrue.

My clients are professionals.
People with taste.

Some are even celebrities.

- What celebrities?
- The guy from the news.

- He does the weather.
- That counts.

- Hey, you passed La Cienega.
- I'm not taking La Cienega.

It's the quickest way
to the club.

I got to get to the club. I've got
business there. I'm meeting people.

Mace, you're my friend.

I need you. Plus, I'll give you
25% of what I make tonight.

This may be a hard concept for you, but
friends don't have to pay their friends.

- Faith's singing there tonight.
- I should have known.

Look, I've pulled 12 hours.
I got to get some sleep.

I got one last pick-up
at the St. James Club.

They got a taxi stand. You can catch a cab.
It'll take you wherever you wanna go.

A taxi?
Well, someone might see me.

Hold it right there, ma'am.

- Damnit, Lenny. You made me late.
- What's your pickup's name?

- Fumitsu.
- Fumitsu?

Fumitsu. Fumitsu.

You can leave the car
right there, ma'am.

Oh, fuck.

- Nero.
- Strickland.

- Commissioner Strickland.
- Sure, whatever.

Since you shit-canned my career,
I don't even have to call you sir.

It's one of life's
small pleasures.

Aren't peddling your wares
not a little far from your usual gutter?

I was invited here by a friend, Mr.
Fumitsu. He's right over there.

I don't like disappointments, Nero.
You know what disappoints me very much?

Your sex life?
Excuse me.

Mr. Fumitsu.

- Konbanwa.
- Konbanwa.

Leonard Nero,
BLS Limousine and Security Service.

I've arranged for one of our finest
drivers, Lornette Mason, to take you.

She's a security specialist,
she's trained in defensive combat...

and of course, the car's bulletproof
and fully armored.

I'll be coming along to do our
routine periodic driver evaluation.

With your permission, of course.
We do it to ensure that our VIP clients...

such as yourself
are always treated as honored guests.

Good evening, Mr. Fumitsu.
Sir, please watch your head.

Excuse me, Mr. Nero.
Excuse me, sir!

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Coming with you.

You will not live
to see the morning.

Drive on.

- Are you a cop?
- No.

No? Good.
Have you ever been wired?


- The latest technology.
- Oh, that is so beautiful.

You got to take a look at this, okay?

- You're gonna love it.
- You have more?

- I have more. Believe me.
- You have more?


Hey! Hey! Careful on the jacket.
It's Armani.

- Hey, are you angry?
- I told you, no wirehead shit in my car!

- You're on foot!
- In L.A.? Are you crazy?

Hey! Can I come in?
I'm having a hard time hearing the stereo!

Hey, I need my case.
It's still in the back.

Hey. Can we talk here,
like two rational adults?

Um, that would be no.

Okay, you got my attention.

This is cutting off the circulation
in my head. Do you mind?


It's cool, it's nothing.
Two seconds.

This is uncharacteristic behavior for you,
Miss Ice Water In Her Veins.

You pushed me too far!
You made me lose it in front of a client!

- I could get fired!
- Are we still friends?

I don't know, Lenny.

Friendship is more than one person
constantly doing favors for another.

- I know.
- I don't hustle my friends.

You just suck people along with your
schemes, your scams, and your slick act.

- We're still buddies?
- Don't use the time I'm talking...

to think about
what you're gonna say next.

- You listening?
- Yeah.

You ass is always broke,
you go from one score to the next.

You're getting strung-out.
You don't even see it.

It's your brain, so do
whatever the hell you want with it...

but not on my watch.
You understand me?

I got a child, I got a rent...

and I got an ex-husband doing hard time
who doesn't send me a dime of support.

I'm just trying to hold on here.

I know you wouldn't say this
if you didn't care about me. Thanks.

You're getting out with Fumitsu,
and that's the end.

I'll get you to the Templars
in ten minutes, sir.

- I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
- I'm changing my plans.

Your supervisor Mr. Nero has recommended
an excellent club, the Retinal Fetish.

- I believe it's on La Cienega.
- Yes, sir.

- Enjoy your evening, Mr. Fumitsu.
- Hey, Mace, I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Okay, come on.

Excuse us.

Excuse us.

Excuse us.

This is a friend of mine, Mr. Fumitsu.
Can you take care of him?

Show him a good time?

John, could you take care
of this gentleman?

Hey. Bye.

- Hey, Lenny. How ya doing?
- Who's the new guy in Gant's posse?

That's Wade Beemer, played running back
for the Rams, '96, '97.

Like a fucking freight train.

- Rams... that's football, right?
- No, ping-pong

Hey, Iris was looking for you.

Hello, Lenny.

It's okay, Wade, he's an old friend
of mine, Lenny Nero.

Come to peddle me some clips
for old time's sake...

or just makin'
a few extra bucks for the holidays?

You're not
a client anymore, Gant.

I wouldn't sell you
the sweat off a dead dog's balls.

I've already got everything
I need from you, Lenny. Thanks.

Cut it out, Philo.

Too bad about your guy Jeriko.

Tough break.
You lost your golden goose.

Try showing some respect sometimes.
The man was an important artist.

Important for your label, which is
no doubt why you're mourning.

Don't worry, his records will sell out
now he's dead, and you'll make out.

Always do.

Faith, can I talk to you
for one second?

It's not a good idea
right now, Lenny.

I just got to talk to you
for one second, okay?

- About what?
- That would be between me and Faith.

Funny, I don't feel anything
between you and Faith.

You see,
that's your problem, Lenny,

You assume too much. You assume
there's something where there's nothing.

You assume
that you have a life...

when in fact, you're just peddling
pieces of other people's lives

and the broken parts
of your own.

- Faith...
- Wade, get him to his car.

Call me, okay? Faith!

Call me!

Lenny the loser.

- Leave him alone, Philo, okay?
- You shouldn't be talking to him.

You shouldn't talk to anybody,
not with everything that's going on.

You are too goddam paranoid.
You know that, Philo?

Paranoia's just...

reality on a finer scale.

Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey! What's up, my brother?

- So, those rascals haven't grown back in?
- No. Any clay now. I just know it.

Hey, I got something for you.

It's a present,
something I had custom-made.

Happy Millennium.

I got something for you, too.
Just showed up tonight.

I don't know who from.

Fan mail from some flounder?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi, baby.

I missed you.

Lenny, you have to leave.
I mean it.

Iris said you were in trouble.
What did she mean?

- You talked to Iris? When?
- Tonight.

I haven't seen that girl in months.
What the fuck would she know?

Who knows what's going on
in that whore's head?

Strange, she used to be
your best friend.

What, Iris?

You're really running out of excuses
to come around, aren't you?

I know you, Faith. You're afraid
of something. What's going on?

Just let it alone, Lenny.
It will take care of itself.

It's Gant, isn't it?
This guy's poison, Faith.

He's got you walled in
and he uses the wire too much.

He gets off on tape, not on you.

That's a good one
coming from you.

- Why don't you just split?
- Cos I don't want to.

Do you love him?
Faith? I don't think so.

To him, you're some kind of possession.
You're like a Ferrari.

You're just something
to show the other guys.

He has his uses, too, you know.

He going to record you on his label?

He might.

You never know, right?


Faith, listen to me. I've watched you
create yourself out of nothing.

You're like a goddam cruise missile
targeted on making it, and you will.

I know I will.

It's you up on that stage,
not him.

You don't need him.

You have to get out of here.
If Philo catches you, he's gonna hurt you.

- I'm already hurting.
- No, I'm serious. He's acting crazy.

He's doing way too much playback.
He's gotten completely paranoid.

He's such a control freak now,
he's even paying Max to follow me around.

- Max? You're kidding.
- Yeah, for about a month now.


Look, Lenny, just stay away from Philo,
and stay away from me.

Stop trying to rescue me.
Those days are over.

I'm a big girl now.
I've changed.

Stop trying to save me, I don't
need saving. Just give up on me!

I just... I just wanted to make sure
you were alright.

You know one of the ways that movies
are still better than playback?

Cos the music comes up,
there's credits...

and you always know
when it's over.

It's over!

You were great.

Hey, man.
I know what you're thinking.

- She told me about your new gig.
- I was gonna tell you.

- It's just a job. Man, I feel like shit about it.
- You should feel like shit.

I do feel like shit. Okay?

- Hey, you introduced me to that prick Gant.
- I introduced him to Faith, too.

Questionable move, definitely,
given the historical perspective.

The way I had it figured,
I can take his money -

you wouldn't believe what I'm charging - and
make sure Faith is okay at the same time.

Keep an eye on her,
for you, okay?

Which you can't do without getting
your fingers bent the wrong way back. See?

I'm busted, man. I need the money.
This does us both some good.

Fairly twisted logic, man,
even for you.

' Hey, You got a job.
- I got a job.

Okay, I'm sorry.
You got a job.

- That's great.
- I got a job!

Hey, listen. You got to stay on her.
Watch her for me, please.

- I'm on her.
- OmĀ»

- Cool.
- Take care.

- Take it easy, alright?
- Yeah. You, too.

Come on.

Here, chicky, chicky, chicky,
chicky, chicky...

Hey, wait a minute.
I recognize you.

You're Wade Beemer, right?
Running back for the Rams. '96, '97.

- Am I right?
- Yeah. Th-That's right.

I saw you play, man.
I mean, you were good, really good.

I mean,
like a fuckin' freight train.

So, what happened?
Injuries or what?

- Oh, bullshit politics.
- It's always politics.

Like this thing we're in here.
Like he's paying you to tune me up.

I could pay you more not to.

- I could write a check right now.
- Ah... I got to go.

Okay. Cash... Cash!
Here's everything I have on me.

Oh, look. What do you say?
How about, uh, a Rolex?

I got a real one.

Come on. It won't hurt too bad.
It's nothing personal.

Just one second.
Just one second, please.

It's my jacket. It's...
It's really expensive.

And just not...
not the eyes.

You're bleeding.

Some jerk puked on the stairs,
and I slipped. I should sue.

- You came back for me.
- I came back to pick up my client.

No, you came back for me.

I got to lie down, Macey,
please, in the back?

Some piece of work, Lenny Nero.

You're calmly backstroking along
in the big toilet bowl...

and somehow,
you never let it touch you.

I mean, between working vice
and your current so-called occupation...

you must have seen
every perversion.

But you just like
some Teflon-Man.

Still come out this...
goofball romantic.

It's my sword
and my shield, Macey.

A little B&E action.

- What'd you say?
- Oh, nothing.


No, no.
Please. Please.


You can let me go, please.
I haven't seen your face. Please.

Let me go.
Let me go, please...

Oh, my... Holy...



Go to the Sunset Regent right now.
Go! Go!

Oh, Christ.

He's jacking it
into his own output!

She's seeing what he's seeing.

She's... She's seeing herself!

Lenny... What is it?

- A black-jack.
- Black-jack?

A snuff clip.

It was Iris.

- The sick fucker killed her.
- Are you sure it's real?

Tell 'em we got a 187.
Call it in.

Well, I lost my appetite...

for about a year.

- Wanna take a look?
- Hell, no. I don't fool with that.

- You alright?
- Yeah.

- You okay?
- No. Not really.


Alright. Let's work it.

No, I... I can't.

Come on, Lenny,
you used to be good at this shit.

Let's play it down.
What's the perp doing?

- I can't.
- You used to be a fuckin' cop, okay?

- Now, that is a fucking murder.
- I can't...

- What's he doing?
- Okay. He stalks her.

And, uh...

he rapes her...
and he does her.

And records it, right? He's a thrill-killer.
He wants to see it again and again.

He records himself
raping and killing.

- While sending a signal to her.
- So she feels what he feels...

while he's inside her.
The thrill while he's killing her...

is sent to her,
heightening her fear...

which, in turn,
heightens the turn-on for him.

I've seen...
I've seen a lot.

- So have I. Too much.
- It's a bad one.

He makes her see her own death,
feeds off the reaction.

He records it all.

- And gives it to you.
- Yeah. He wants to share it.

Of course he wants to share, man.
That's his deal.

He needs an audience.
This is a sick puppy.

- Why me?
- Cos you're the magic man, Lenny.

You make dreams happen,
don't you?

If it's got something to do with the wire,
sooner or later, it washes up on your beach.

I've never dealt in black-jacks.

- Everybody knows that.
- He's just skull-fucking you, buddy.

He just wants
a reaction out of you.

He wants to make you do something
that you do not want to do.

Maybe he figures Lenny
will appreciate what he's created.

It's the dark end of the street.

- How do you like it now?
- Jesus, Mace, back off.

No, this guy's one of your
SQUID-head contacts.

- He's somebody you know, Lenny.
- The problem with that is...

Lenny knows... everybody.

- Let's take the tape to the cops.
- No.

No. I'll...
They'll crucify me.

So this wire-freak
gets to keep running around, huh?

Lenny's right.
The police will think he's the perp.

They'll go through his client list,
and ruin his life...

such as it is.

I'll call my buddies at homicide, I'll
tell them say Iris was a friend of mine.

That'll put me in the loop. I'll get
the forensics and all that shit, okay?

Get some sleep.
I'll call you when I get something. Relax!


Keep moving, man.
Somebody's thinking about you a lot.

Leave me alone!

Don't come to my house.
Are you trying to ruin my life?

Iris is dead.
She was murdered.

- Who did it?
- Whoever he is, he's damaged goods.

Iris knew something.
She said you were in danger, too.

- I'm not in any danger.
- Faith! No more games.

Whatever you're hiding,
you have to get out of here.

- Please, come with me now!
- Then what?

Are you gonna protect me?
Are you a big tough guy?

You're a fucking talker.
You don't even own a gun.

I have a gun.
It's under my bed.

You don't know
what you're fucking with here.

- Tell me.
- Tell him, Faith. Go on.

Uh, listen. Lenny just stopped by
to give me some bad news, okay?

An old friend of mine's been murdered.
Remember Iris?

- How the fuck did you get up here?
- Charm.

Tell you what, Lenny.
Just for you, hm?

Make you a deal.
Why don't you just take her?

If she's so unhappy
and she wants to leave, she can go!

I'll let her decide.
Faith always knows what she wants.

Don't you, baby?

Hands off.

Tell you something else.
I'll tell you this, you fuck:

If she says she stays, you go.

You crawl back in your little cockroach hole
or whatever the fuck it is you came from...

and never cross my vision again.


Come on.

Come on...

I've made my choice, Lenny.

Get him out.

Get him out.

Fucking crazy, Faith!
You're fucking crazy! Come with me!


I don't love you anymore.
Do you understand that?

You mean nothing to me.
Leave me alone, Lenny, please.

You said you were gonna
get Iris out of this.

Now you understand
the danger we're in.

So sweet what you said out there.
So touching, I almost believed it.

I don't even think he understands
that you did it for him, right?

He doesn't even know what's going on.
Leave him alone!

I'd love to, if he'd stop coming around
and you'd stop talking to him.

The only time a whore should open
her mouth is when she's giving head.


- Mace! Help!
- This is your floor.

Just go.

Come on now, Lenny!

- Guess who's going to the hospital?
- Can we be smart here?

I could make it
really worth your while.

I'm not saying you don't land
a couple shots, just go light.

Here, look. Take my Rolex.

Nice watch.

- Is this impact-resistant?
- Yeah, sure.

You stupid piece of shit.

You stupid fuck, get up!

Come on, get UP!

Pain... pain...

Hey, Lenny, we tried to find a smaller girl
to beat the shit out you...

but it was short notice.

It was short notice.

That one had to hurt.

Safety's on.

Come on. Let's go.

Hey, wait!

That's fucked up.

I need a drink.

- Lenny, I want you to get some rest.
- Cops know they'll never nail this guy...

the second they walk in the room.
It's all about what they see walking in.

A dead hooker, handcuffs,

Cops are lazy, and they know nobody
gives a shit about a dead hooker.

They're road kill. They'll come in,
take some pictures, make jokes...

just shrug it off
like it's a random kill.

A trick gone wrong.
The kind you never solve.

- That doesn't add, does it?
- No, it doesn't.

Because Iris said, somebody was after her.
That is not random.

- If they get me, I know...
- She said "they."

"If they get me."

Which means this whole random
sex-killer thing is bullshit.

- Somebody whacked her for a reason.
- So the guy's not a psycho?

No, Macey, he's a psycho.

To do what's on that tape,
he's not a well-adjusted human being.

I gotta get some sleep.

Okay, Lenny.

Put that down.
I'll check on you tomorrow.

Hey, you wanna to rub my neck?

- Shoulder's real sore.
- Okay. Alright, come here.

- Right here?
- Yeah. Oh, yeah...

Don't stop.

How's Zander?

He's fine.

- I miss him.
- He misses you too.

I'm real sorry about
being so hard on you earlier.

It's just that I see you getting
sucked into this deeper and deeper...

Mace, come on.
I know you still love me.

How do you do this in front of a child?
Get away!

- In front of your own son!
- Mace, hold up.

- In front of your own son!
- Mace...



"A child loves you for a long time. Not
just to play with. It really loves you."

Hi, Mommy.

- This is Lenny.
- Hi.

Hi. It's Lenny.
Just what did you have in mind?

Hey! Last day of the world,
you spend it in bed?

- What's up, Max?
- Not a whole hell of a lot.

They've been saying words
over Jeriko.

Tensions running pretty high down here.
I'm telling you.

- Faith okay?
- Yeah.

She's leaving with Gant.
So I gotta go real quick.

Iris checked into the Regent last night
under a false name.

- She paid cash.
- Looks like she was hiding out.


I heard you dropped in on Gant.
Another slick Lenny-move.

He's in this somehow.
I don't know how.

Just stay close to Faith, okay?

No worries, bro.
I gotta jam.

What up, Lenny?

- So where are we going?
- Anywhere.

You're acting strange.
What's going on? What?

We'll talk about it in the car.

Hand me that box of tapes.

Oh, shit.

- What's the matter?
- This tie doesn't go with blue.

Lenny, would you relax?
We're not being followed.

- Stop being so paranoid.
- The guy had a knife...

to my throat, in my living room.

Relaxing might be out, okay?

Oh, man...

That is one unbelievable
piece of eye-fuck.

Skip the art criticism.
What can you tell me about the wearer?

- The guy's fucked up.
- We know that.

No. The killer's got some kind of
distortion in his visual cortex.

The color and gray-scale values
are all messed up...

like color blindness.
See the peak period ratios?

There could be a tumor or brain lesion.
Some kind of trauma.

Whoever's doing this is using a box
to split the signal so that...

- Ever make a box like that?
- Yeah, a few.

But I can't see the gear well enough
to see if it's mine.

I don't like this.

- This is not good.
- What?

It's cutting awfully close to me.
She was just here, man!

- Who?
- Iris! Would you pay attention to me?

- Iris was here?
- She was shaking like a junkie...

saying she wanted me
to copy some clip.

- What clip? What was it?
- I don't know. She wouldn't let me see.

She said I wouldn't wanna see it.
She was gonna give it to you.

Like insurance or something.

- She never gave me a tape.
- Think back to what she said.

Alright. She came into the bar. She was
crying. She wanted to go to my car.

Can we go out to your car?
There's something you have to see.

- Something about my car.
- Something in your car.

That's a handy little
attitude adjuster.

Damn. I'm boxed in.

- What's it say?
- Nothing.

Let's go play this back.

Give us the tape right now.

What tape?
I'm just wanna get my car back.

- But the place is closed.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Give him the tape.
- It's in my case.

- I'm gonna open my case.
- Facing us, so we can see it.

- Take it and turn her loose, okay?
- Yeah. Absolutely.

Oh, no. No.
"We're not being followed, Lenny.

Don't be paranoid, Lenny."

- Shit!
- Take it easy.

- The glass is bullet-resistant.
- Whatever happened to bulletproof?

- Shit!
- Calm down, baby. This is what I do.

Hang on!

Oh, Christ.


God damn it! 911 is busy.

It's alright, Lenny.

They'd never make it
in time anyway.

It won't open!
Oh, they're crazy.

Oh, God!

- This is bad.
- The gas tank's gonna go any second.

Hold on.

- Are you out of your fucking mind?
- The fire is out, isn't it?

Get in here, Lenny.

Come on! Move it! Move!

Get ready to hold your breath.

Just kick out hard
and follow me, okay?

Let's get out of here.

I can't believe you had to give them
the damn tape.

Yeah. Me neither.

It was one of my favorites.

Me and Faith in the hot tub
on my birthday.

Are we impressed yet?


Pretty impressed.

Well, you got me missing
the party of the century.

- Hauling your asses around like I got...
- Hey, Curtis. Just drive, alright?

This shit is wack.

- Those two guys were cops.
- You sure?

It's the walk. Anyway, they'll run
your plates and get your address.

We got to keep moving.

What you doing all wet?

What's up?

Zander, we're going to
Aunt Cecile's house.

- We'll watch the fireworks from there.
- Aw, Ma.

"Aw, Ma". Come on, boy.
Chop chop.

Hey. Come on, Zander. We're going
for a ride, okay? Come on, buddy.

- I wanna know what's going on.
- Get in the car, Cecile...

- What's goin' on?
- Now.

Yo, what's up?
How y'all doing?

- Yo, Mace. What's up?
- Hey, Ronnie.

- You never come around here no more.
- I'm working, brother.

Hey, Zan.

- This is Lenny. He's with me.
- What's up, man?

- Watch the fireworks, baby.
- How you guys doing?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hi. Good seeing you.

Tell me.

I can't tell you.

- You gotta see it.
- I'm not doing it.

I know what you think about the wire,
but you gotta see it.

It's that important.


I'm sorry this has to be
your first playback.

It's alright. Keep your eyes closed,
or you'll see double.

Mm, baby, yes!

I wanna thank you, Jeriko!
I owe you one for this, my brother.

- You owe me two, you bastard.
- That's right!

- As long as I don't owe you 3, 4, 5, 6!
- That's right.

Hey, baby-

What you doin' back there?

- Taste good?
- Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, yeah, baby.

- Lights! Damn. Look at this, man!
- Fuck!

- Oh, god damn, man!
- Hey, just be cool, Jeriko. Yo.

- Slow down. Stop the fuckin' car.
- I'm not speeding, man!

Man, what's the matter?
A black man can't own no jeep, huh?

- Pull all the way to the foot of the ramp.
- No problem. No problems at all.

You know how it is.
If we be cool, they gonna be cool.

Alright? I don't want no trouble.
I can't afford no trouble.

I'm upset.

A man can't do shit
in this town.

- I ain't going back, Iris. I don't give a fuck.
- Shut up.

- I ain't going back. I don't care.
- Driver, step out of the vehicle!

Get down on your knees.
Put your hands behind your head... now!

Everyone else, out of the car.

Goddamn, man.
What the hell you pull me over for?

If I went slower,
I'd have been parked.

Get down on your knees,
put your hands behind your head.

We'd going backwards.

Put your hands on
the hood of the car.

Don't move. You, too.

I suppose you pulled us over because you had
suspects fitting our description in the area.

Is that what you gonna tell me?
What was the description?

Two black males in a car?

Yeah, right.

- I heard that one before.
- What the fuck?

You know what? You pulled over
the wrong black male tonight, officer...

What is it? Steckler?
Officer Steckler!

Because I'm that
800-pound gorilla in your mist, fucker!

I make more money in a clay
than you make in a whole year.

My lawyer
loves spending my money...

dragging sorry-ass Aryan,
Robocop fuckers like you into court.

Get a man down on the ground
with no probable cause. Fuck you!

- Shut the fuck up.
- He didn't do anything.

Shut up and get back over there!

- Yo, man. You alright, man?
- Motherfucker kicked me, man.

- It's that rap-asshole.
- You're that rapper puke.

Jeriko One?

You're the one that's been getting all
the gangbangers together, going downtown...

forming citizen groups...

trying to rake the LAPD
over a cheese grater?

Yeah. That's right.
And you gonna be in my next song.

It's gonna be called

It's all about a cop
who met his worst nightmare.

A nigger with enough political juice
to scrunch his ass like a stink bug.

- You gonna be famous, fucker!
- I don't think so.

What the fuck now!

Stop that bitch!

Oh, no! Oh, no!

- Get her!
- Oh, no. Fuck. Fuck.

Oh, God!

There she goes! Get her!

You bitch!

I don't see her!
I don't fuckin' see her!

Oh, God!

Hang on. Hang on, Max.


You see?

You had to see it.

I see the world opening up
and swallowing us all.

Yeah. I know.

Max, are you there?

Meet me at Tick's in half an hour.
And, Lenny...

Don't get pulled over, okay?

Do you know what this tape could do
if it got out?

- Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.
- People finding out...


that the LAPD
just flat-out executed Jeriko One.



Maybe they ought to see.

But tonight's probably not the best night.

Mace... Come on.

We're rolling.

I don't think those cops did Iris.
Whoever Iris was wearing for killed her.

- Why?
- To break the trail.

If those cops had gotten her, they had
beat it out of her who she was wearing for.

And then gone after them too.

Our killer is running as scared as we are,
which makes him really dangerous...

judging by how scared I am.

Move it up.

Let her go.

Sounds like Tick's
already celebrating, huh?

- Seem a little overdressed for this party.
- I want to look nice for you, Lenny.

Hey, Tick!
I gotta talk to you!

He's been cooked off.

- Is he dead?
- No. But his frontal lobes...

are like two runny eggs.

They use an amplifier in line to boost
the signal, and it fries his brain.


It's Lenny!
Hey, hey, Tick! Come on!

Tick, it's me, Lenny!
Come on. Wake up. Tick!

Come on!

Come on, Tick! Come on!

- He's totally cut off from the outside world.
- How long does it last?


Those psycho cops
are on a slash-and-burn...

to find the tape
and cover their tracks.

Since Tick is a known duplicator,
they wanna find out what he knows.

Like, if copies were made
or who wired up Iris.

It doesn't even get investigated as a
homicide since he's technically alive.

Yeah. That's right.
He's technically alive.

It seems too sophisticated for them.
These are not subtle guys.

- There's more to this than you think, Mace.
- What do you mean?

All I'm saying is, you don't know
how high up the food chain this goes.

- I heard stuff.
- What stuff?

I heard stuff, smoke, rumors.
I've heard stuff.

I've heard stuff
about a death squad.

A group of guys, cops,
loyal to the hard-line school.

Guys who've had too many years
of City Hall, review boards...

and the goddam media
pissing down their necks...

suspending cops right and left,
tying their hands...

while these same people are squealing,
"Save us! Save us!

Do something, you fuckin' morons.
Crime is totally out of control."

Bullshit, Max.
It's conspiracy paranoia.

The issue isn't whether you're paranoid.
Look at this shit.

The issue is whether
you're paranoid enough.


Exactly. Get religion, man.

I love you like my own blood, Lenny,
but don't walk near me in public by now.

The only card we gotta play is the tape.
Get it to the media.

- That's right, blow it open.
- Mace, no disrespect...

but you run that on the news,
by midnight you got the biggest riot ever.

- They'll see the smoke from Canada.
- So what are you saying, Max?

Pretend it didn't happen?

- I didn't say that.
- It happened.

The LAPD executed one of the
most important black men in America.

Who are you to try to bury it?

Trying to rake the LAPD
over a cheese grater?

You want blood running waist-deep
in the storm drains, go do it.

200,000 gangbangers will spread
like a wave through this burn this city...

and burn it
to the fucking ground, Mace.

And as soon as the fire starts, the street
cops'll cap off anything that moves.

It'll be an all-out war,
and you know it.

I don't think so.

Maybe it's time for a war.

You really want that
on your head, Mace, huh?


Whoever did Iris did Tick.
It's the same sick wirehead shit.

It's the same reason,
to burn the trail.

If Faith knows anything
about this...

- and she does...
- Somebody's going to kill Faith?

Jesus, Lenny, you scared
the fuck out of me!

- What do you want?
- We know about Jeriko.

Iris gave me a copy of the tape.

Goddamn it, Lenny,
I wanted to keep you out of this.

- I know. How did it happen?
- What was Iris doing...

riding around with Jeriko,
wearing a wired?

Faith, listen...
Look at me. Look at me.

You gotta trust us.
We're here to help you.

- Alright. I'll talk to you alone.
- Mace is in this.

Tell us.


Philo, he's gotten
obsessed with playback.

He's a total wiretrip junkie.

He's such a control freak now,
he's been having people followed...

he's recording
his business partners' calls...

he's wiring up people
left and right.

Philo and Jeriko
weren't getting along.

He was afraid Jeriko was gonna dump him,
but he wasn't sure...

so he starts
with this surveillance.

A couple of nights ago,
he wires up Iris...

and he sends her and the other girl,
Diamanda, over to Jeriko's table.

Hi, baby.

Hi. My name is Iris.


I got a present for you.

And it's so beautiful.

So that night, Iris calls up crying.
She's freaking out.

She comes over
and she plays the tape.

Philo loses it. He can't believe
the disaster she's gotten him into.

He's afraid the cops
are gonna beat it out of her...

who she's been working for,
and then come looking for him.

Why not go public with the tape,
save himself that way?

If it got out that he had his own artists
under surveillance...

he'd lose all his other acts,
and it'd be over for him.

So he gives Iris some money.

He tells her to check into a hotel
under an assumed name...

- until he can figure out what to do.
- He figured it out, alright.

- Why? You think he killed her?
- The killer knew where she was...

because he put her there.

What a nightmare.

I don't know where the fuck she is,
but we're late. Let's go.

Philo, listen, man.

I was wondering how you want me
to work it tonight at the Bonaventure.

You want me downstairs at the party,
or upstairs at the suite?

- Lenny.
- Leave here with me right now.

Come on.

- We'll talk about that later.
- No, man. I really need to know.

Upstairs, downstairs,
where you gonna be?

Joey, what the fuck you waiting for?
Get her. Go!

I just say things once, baby, okay?
So, we will talk about that... later.

Oh, okay, man. I'm cool. I'm cool.
I'm sorry, man.

Hey, Wade,
go out for a pass, bro.

- Oh, shit!
- Get out of my fuckin' way!

Come on! Come on!


GO! Go!

Pardon me! Sorry! Sorry!

Get out of my fuckin' way!
Move it!

- Move! Move! Get out of my way!
- Faith.


Hello, Lenny, you fuck!

Let's go, darling. Walk with me.
Happy New Year!

- Look out! Get out of the way!
- Lenny...

Excuse me.
Get out of my fucking way!

Vita, not now, baby.

Come on. Not here.

There he is.

Mr. Gant,
a few questions, sir?

Well, I'm certainly
in the mood for a party.

- Wade, take her up to the suite.
- No problem.

You go and have a glass
of champagne... or six.

See you up there in a bit,
help you ring in the new year.

I live for the moment.

sorry-ass motherfucker.

Take it easy.

So... So where are they now?

He's got her up in the room,
under guard.

Uh, he's still working the party,
acting smooth like nothing's nothing.

So, buddy,
I say we work a trade.

- What do you mean?
- Give him the clip. It's fuckin' brilliant.

The tape for Faith. I know he'll
go for it, and I can set it up.

This is what we laughingly
refer to as a plan, right?

Hey, come on.
Just get your butt down here.

If I'm not downstairs, go to the room.
It's 2203. You writing?


If he gives us any shit...
we kill them all.

What do you say?
Really scatter the pigeons.

We got to get over there.

Can you borrow a dress
from Cecile or something?

I'm not going.

What do you mean?
We're going!

- Gant's going to do her right there.
- Shut up.

Lenny, park your mouth and listen.
It's a set-up. Think about it.

Why is he sending tapes to you?
To freak you.

Get you to rush in,
put a bullet in you, one in her...

- and the gun in your hand?
- Yeah, that sounds right. I'm going.

You going to get yourself killed for this?
For this toxic-waste bitch?

What the fuck are you doing?

This is your life!
Right here! Right now!

It's real time, you hear me?
Real time!

Time to get real, not playback.
You understand me?

She doesn't love you anymore.

Maybe she did once, I don't know,
but she doesn't now.

These are used emotions.

It's time to trade them in.

Memories were meant
to fade, Lenny.

They're designed that way
for a reason.

Have you ever been in love with...
someone who didn't return that love?

Yeah, Lenny...

I have.

Didn't stop you
from loving them, right?

Or being able to understand them
or forgive them?

I guess.

Didn't stop you from wanting
to protect them... did it?

When I met Faith,
she was just another...

another runaway...

giving $20 blow jobs
to buy crank.

Just another lost soul.

And she had this voice
that was...

Well, that was scary.

Like she could take all the hurt
and rage of the entire world...

and lift it up to heaven
in one voice.

I helped her.

And I promised her
that I'll always just be there...

to protect her.

See, it's not about what's in her head.
It's about what's in mine.

I can't let go of the promise.

It's like it's all I have left.

No, it's not.

Come on.

Let's go to a party.

The end of the world, yeah!


Let's bail.

Hey, Mace...

You look great in that dress.

- I mean, better than I would.
- Thank you, I think.

Come on, let's go.

What's your plan for getting into
the most sold-out party in history?

Relax, Mace.
This is what I do.

You see Gant?


Come on, Max.
Come on, buddy.

- Come on, buddy...
- The customer you have called is unavailable.

I still got one ace to play.

- Gant has what I want, I have what he wants.
- This is the original.

- There are no copies.
- Exactly. That's why it's a makeable deal.

Look, this tape
is a lightning bolt from God.

It's worth more than you,
more than me...

and more than Faith,
you understand?

It can change things
that need changing...

before we all go off
the end of the road.

And you do not have the right
to use it for currency.

So if you go...
you go alone.

You see, I care about you, Lenny,
a lot more than you know.

Which makes us both
pretty stupid, huh?

But if you pawn this tape...

you mean nothing to me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You see that guy over there?

That's Deputy Commissioner
Palmer Strickland...

the sanctimonious prick
who busted me out.

His ass is so tight,
when he farts, only dogs hear it.

If there's one cop
who's not dirty, it's him.

- Take it to him.
- You want me to trust a cop?

No. Trust me. Here.

What if you're wrong?


Excuse me.


there's a clip in here
that you need to see right now.

If it weren't New Year's Eve,
I'd have you arrested...

for possession
of illegal equipment.

Just look at the clip.
You wanna know who killed Jeriko...

you go into that stall right now
and hit "play."

Sir, is there a problem here?

- Damn it, I knew it.
- Come on, let's go.

- Let go of me!
- Sir?

Wade, can we talk here
like two human beings?

It's nothing personal.

Remember me, you fucking bitch?

Come on! Come on!

What are you looking at?

God damnit!

Enjoy the party.

Steckler... Steckler!


I didn't hear you come in.


No... no!


You Okay?

Did I hurt you?

I love you, Max.

You're so pretty, Faith.


Come here! Come here, you fucker...
Fucker, you want to fuckin' die?

- Max!
- You want to fuckin' die? You'll fuckin' die!

This piece of puke hired me to kill you.
Can you believe that?

- Ain't that right, Gant?
- Oh, my God, I can't believe this is happening.

Believe it!

Bring me the 'trodes and the deck.
Come on, quick!

Come here, big shot, suck on this.
You wanna suck on something?

What are you gonna do?
You can't just kill him, Max!

I'm not gonna kill him.
Give me that.

I'm not gonna kill him.
Just a little poach job.

You shut the fuck up!
Shut up!

Shut up or I'll pull
this fucking trigger!


- Here's how much I love you, baby.
- God, Max!

Hope you enjoy the show,

you fuck.

- Take it, you prick!
- No, Max, don't! Don't do it! Fuck!

Take it! Take it!

Take it!

Don't make any assumptions
about our friendship, okay, Lenny?

I didn't know you
were color blind, Max.

Only way
I could stand your ties.

Manos arriba, amigo.

Glock .23.


- Where's Faith?
- I sent her to the party.

- I'll wait here until you kill Gant.
- What makes you think I'll kill Gant?

You just did.


You know, statistically, that's the second
most common word people say...

right before they die.
"Shit" being number one.

So... I killed Gant, then you ran in,
being on his payroll... and shot me.

- That's just about the way it happened.
- Wait a minute. Now I'm remembering.

- I killed Iris, too, didn't I?
- That's right.

They'll find the original
of her snuff clip in your apartment.

The one I left at the club
was a copy.

Was I a really busy guy?
Did I do Tick, too?

- Oh, you bet. Did you like it?
- So, why, Max?

- Why did you have to do Iris?
- Oh, picture it.

I feel like I got to share this with
somebody cos it's just too perfect, okay?

- Don't worry, I won't say anything.
- Oh, I know.

So I'm working
for this puke, right?

And he says he'll pay me large
to do the hooker.

But I also got to do
his bitch girlfriend...

cos she knows the whole score
and she's out of control.

Only he doesn't know about
me and Faith.

So I say to myself,
"If I turn the job down...

he'll get somebody else,
and I lose Faith", to coin a phrase.

So to buy time, I do the skank,
but I still got to deal with Gant.

I figure it's him or me, but I can't cap
him without some chump to take the fall.

And who better than
his girlfriend's loser ex-boyfriend...

known criminal and who's been seen
hassling him in public numerous times?

Who is, regrettably,
also your best fucking friend.

Hey, no plan is perfect, Lenny.

Cheer up, the world's gonna end
in ten minutes anyway.

You must be so pleased.

I mean, I followed
your jelly bean trail right here...

- like a good little chump.
- You got foggy on me a couple times.

Remember the riff
about the death squad?

I had to keep you from going to the cops.
I've heard stuff about a death squad.

The issue isn't whether you're paranoid,
Lenny. I mean, look at this shit.

The issue is whether
you're paranoid enough.

- So there never was a death squad.
- No.

Just two loose cannon cops
running round covering their butts.

Pretty zany, huh? All this shit
caused by a random traffic stop.

Nothing means nothing, man.
You know that.

Look around.
The whole planet's in fucking chaos.

The day of reckoning is upon us!

You gotta get what you can
while you can...

cos some shit can put a .22
in the back of your head... any second.

How'd you hook up with Faith?

This fuck hires me about a month ago
to eyeball her, only...

Faith knows me from you.

So she comes up and says,
"Max, why are you following me?"

And I say, "I'll buy you a drink.
I'll explain."

- And she says...
- Do you enjoy watching me?

You're supposed to go downstairs, baby.
Go downstairs.

I know. I don't always do exactly
what I'm told, Max, you know that.

So I said,
"Do you enjoy watching me?"

Come on, Max.
Play with me.

And then what did you say?

I said,
"Yeah, I'd even do it for free".

I said, "That's good, because I like
the feeling of someone watching me."

I acquired the taste from Lenny.

Then she said, "Since we're gonna be
spending so much time together..."

why don't we make
the best of it?"

The very best.

You know all about that,
don't you, Lenny?

Faith and me, we found a place
that you could never reach, Max.


Faith... I know it's gone...

but you, Max,
you can't fucking touch it.

Enjoy it.


Fuckin' bitch!


Get off, you fucking bitch!

Fuck off!


Fuck you!

What the fuck are you doing?

You're coming with me!

Come here.
Come here, Lenny!

I'm taking you with me, you motherfucker!
Come here!

Come here with me!
Come here! You fuck!

Come here!

There she is!

Get out of here!

Get the fuck out of here!


I said, fucking freeze!

All the way down! Right now!

Now pay attention, motherfucker!

Stay down.

Down! Down!
Down! Down!

Down now! I swear, you son of a bitch,
you ain't goin' anywhere!

- Shut up and move!
- Get back! In a circle!

- Break this circle!
- Shut up and move!

Put that gun down!

- Get on the ground now!
- Hold on. Hold on.

I'll tell you what's going on here.
Let me tell you what's going on.

Get on the ground now!

Let me tell you what happened,

- Just listen to me!
- Get on the ground now!


Get these fucking things off me!

- No! Don't uncuff him! No!
- Shut up! Get down!

- Wait! You don't know what happened!
- Yes! Fuck her up!

Hit her! Hit her!

Leave her alone!

Commissioner Strickland!
That is the cause of all this!

Right fucking there!

These two are under arrest
for murder!

- Read them their rights! Move it!
- Yes, sir.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will
be used against you.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney...

- Get this woman some medical attention.
- You heard it! Get some medical attention!

Mace, are you okay?

I've got 'em.

Get the fuck outta here!

Back the fuck up!

Drop your weapon!

Drop it now!

No! No!


Put that gun down!

- Drop your weapon!
- Drop the gun now!

Now! Drop it!

- Put it down right now!
- Drop your weapon!

- Shoot!
- You fucking... nigger bitch!

Lenny! Lenny!

Lenny! Lenny!
No, no, Lenny, Lenny...

Lenny! Lenny!



Are we under arrest?

Nah, they just have to ask us
a few questions...

for about six hours.

Okay, where are you hurt, sir?

Ma'am, you okay?


We need to get that coat off you.
You hurt anywhere else?

Ten! Nine!

Eight! Seven!

Six! Five! Four! Three!

Two! One!

You need an ambulance, sir.
Let's go this way.

Come on this way, sir.

Hey, Lenny. We made it.

Yeah, we did.

You should get going.

Yeah. See you downtown.

See you there.

Make way.