Strange Confession (1945) - full transcript

A distraught Jeff Carter arrives at a renowned lawyer's home with a mysterious bag and a confession he desperately wants heard. Jeff was an underpaid chemist working for unprincipled pharmaceutical tycoon Roger Graham, who takes the profit, as well as the credit, for Jeff's discoveries and hard work. When Graham prioritizes profits over safety, Jeff resigns and is blacklisted by his boss. A chastened Graham is later forced to relent and rehires Jeff under the latter's terms. He presses him to release an unproven influenza drug, but Jeff refuses and asks to go to South America to perfect the formula. The unscrupulous Graham uses the opportunity to release the drug as well as romance Jeff's attractive wife. When Jeff returns and finds that his son has died from the effects of the untested drug, he decides to take revenge.

This is the inner sanctum.

A strange, fantastic world.

Controlled by a mass of living,

pulsating flesh...

The mind

it destroys, distorts,

creates monsters

commits murder.

Yes, even you,

without knowing,

can commit murder.

- Yes.
- I wanna see Mr. Brandon.

Sorry, Mr. Brandon's in bed.
It's very late.

I know. I gotta see him.

Now, just a minute.
I don't know who you are.

Tell him Jeffrey Carter's here.

Just a minute, Frederick.

It's all right, Frederick.
It's rather late.

I know

but I've got to talk to you.
I've got to.

I don't think I know you, do I?

You did.
We went to school together.

L... I'm Jeffrey Carter.

Jeffrey Carter... oh, yes, yes, I remember.
How are you?

You used to help me
when we were in school.

You've got to listen to me.

Are you in trouble?

Oh, I have no right
coming to you like this.

You're an important attorney
now and I'm.

Well, I'm just nothing.

I remember you were studying
chemistry in college.

You had a brilliant mind

that's what you said,
I brilliant mind.

Well, you'll see how brilliant
when I tell you.

You've got to listen to me.

We'll go into my study.

Strange things can happen to
the brilliant mind, can't they?

Yeah. You oughta know.

In the courts, in the prisons.


The strange things
that go on in the mind.

Particularly the brilliant mind.

Make yourself at home, Jeff.

You better call the police.
I'm afraid he's unbalanced.


sit down, Jeff.

I suppose you think
I'm acting strange.

You're obviously in trouble.

First, let me tell you, if
you've come to me for legal aid,

I'm going to have
to disappoint you:

I'm up to my neck in work now.

If you'll only listen to me.

You've never heard anything
like I have to tell you.

If you'll just listen...

"Til I'm through.

Will you promise to do that?

Very well, let me remind you

I'm too busy to take on any...

I know

you're one of the biggest
attorneys in town.

You only handle important cases.

But ll

let me show you.

Eh, Brandon?

I ook.

You promised to hear me through.

You promised.

All right, Carter.

I'll listen

I can remember every
detail of it.

You see

I have a brilliant mind

you told me so yourself,

My whole life was
wrapped up in chemistry.

Not for glory... no.

I wanted to work for mankind

that's the kind of a fool I was.

That was my philosophy.

I wanted to help
suffering humanity.

That's all I wanted

not money... not glory...

Just to help.

I understand. Go on.

It all started
several years ago.

I was on my way home
from the laboratory.

From a day's work.

It was Christmas Eve
and the only problem on my mind

was how to balance
a Christmas tree on one arm,

some packages on the other

while digging
into my coat pocket for a dime.

- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you.

I liked my neighbors
and they seemed to like me.

Fven the kids.

My packages were just
dime-store knickknacks,

nothing like the things
I wanted to give,

but it was all I could afford.

- Mr. Carter.
- Same to you.

I didn't make much money.

Didn't live in a high-class

- Merry Christmas, Jeff.
- Same to you, Jack.

Oh, Jeff. You startled me.

How are you, darling?

I think I should tie a bell around your
neck so that I know when you're home.

Say, smells good.

Oh, we're splurging for Christmas.
Lamb chops.

- What, no Turkey?
- Not at these prices.

Well, I don't care. Everyone
else has Turkey on Christmas.

We have lamb chops. So, you
see, that makes us different.

Yes, I do see, darling,
but every now and then

I'd like to be just plebeian
and eat Turkey.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Sometimes I think you married
the wrong guy.

You know, I never
will be a businessman.

That's no secret, darling. That's
how your boss, Mr. Graham,

gets rich on your ideas. Yes, and
you have to pay the price, Mary.

Well, sweetheart, I'm sorry.

I just forget what kind
of a person you are.

All the money and the glory
that he gets

through you doesn't
mean a thing to you, does it?

Well, the only
important thing is...

I know. Helping mankind.

Dinner's just about ready.

Say, is Tommy asleep?

Oh, yes, Jeff,
and please don't wake him up.

I had an awful time getting
him settled.

Maybe just a peek.

Oh, Jeff,
he can't eat that stuff

no, but he can look at it,
can't he?

After all, a kid's gotta have a stocking
when he wakes up on Christmas morning.

Then he oughta have
a fireplace to hang it on.

How's he gonna think
Santa claus gets in?

Well, that's easy.
Through the window.

No, no, no.

You're not supposed to cry
when Santa claus comes.

All right, Santa claus.

Talk yourself out of this one.

You get him settled now. And hurry up.
Dinner's ready.

All right.

Here. Here

there, now don't
tell your mother.

Now, how in the world
did you get him quiet so fast?

Just told him
to shut up and he did.

Oh, hurry up and get washed.

Everything's on. - Okay.


Come here and see
what Santa claus has done.

Say, that looks swell.

Complete with ol' Nick himself.

Jeff, I wish we could have...

Why, Jeff...

Where are you going,
Jeffrey Carter?

You don't mean to tell me you're
going back to work tonight?

Well, it isn't exactly work.
[T's only for an hour or so.

I don't care what
you promised, darling.

Your Mr. Graham can exploit your
talents every day of the year.

He can take your discoveries
and get rich on them

while we eat stew seven times a week,
but tonight's different, darling.

It's Christmas... oh, no you don't.
Not if I have...

Oh, so this
is what's so important.

"I find it difficult to express
my heartfelt appreciation

for the great honor you
have done me

I feel that I am merely
a servant of the people

and that it is my privilege
and humble duty...

To help suffering mankind.

I am merely an instrument,
chosen to extend

this new discovery
to a waiting world.

Alleviation of human suffering

has been the motivating force
behind this work.

If what I have accomplished
is worthy of distinction

in the circle of this
learned society,

then I am indeed humble

in accepting the recognition
accorded my effort."

"I am indeed humble" oh

what a nice boss we have.
A kind, generous soul.

He's not only kind enough to steal
your ideas and take the glory,

he's even willing to let you write
his acceptance speech for him.

Cut it out, will ya?

And so at this time, I would like
to pay tribute to the men and women

in my laboratories
who have helped me.

I bet he stayed up all night
figuring out that little bone

he just threw to you.

I don't care.
I think you're crazy, Jeff.

Why, with your brains,
you oughta set up your own lab.

Get some of the credit
you deserve. Mmm

after all, Graham does own the largest
medical distributing company in the city.

I think it's more important to
get the stuff out than to worry

about receiving the credit for it.
Yeah, yeah, I know.

Suffering humanity
and all that stuff

well, I still
think you're a sucker.

Well, it's all in the way
you look at it.

Yeah, maybe you're right. I suppose when
you've made some other big discovery,

like, uh, the cure for cancer,
Graham will be big enough

to let us come and see
the award for that, too. Huh?

- Jeff, the boss wants you.
- All right.

Here we go again.
The big rush act.

Well, for once,
stand your ground, will ya?

You know he can't
do without you.

Stevens, I thought you told me
Carter was gonna have

his formula finished
two weeks ago.

I thought he would, but you know
Jeff Carter as well as I do.

He's a little on the careful side.
You can't rush him.

Well... let me have him.

You sent for me, Mr. Graham?

Hello, Jeff. Cigarette?

No, thanks.

How's the experiment coming?

Oh, I think
I'm on the right track now.

Of course it needs development, but I
believe it has definite possibilities.

Well, I'm sure it has, judging from
what you told me some time ago.

I sure hope it works.

Always cautious,
aren't you, Jeff?

Well, knowing you as I do,
I don't need any further proof.

Now here's what we're gonna do.
You turn your notes in to Stevens

and we'll get this thing
into production immediately.

There never was a better time
than right now

to put that drug on the market.
Oh, but we can't do that.

You see, I have to be absolutely
sure that we're right.

Well, don't worry
about it, Jeff.

As soon as we get
into the process of production

I'll give you all the time
you need to perfect it.

But listen, Mr. gra... - Oh,
let's not discuss it, Jeff.

Turn in the notes and let's
get this thing started.

All of the notes are in my head.

And they're gonna stay there until all
of my experiments have been completed.

- You're forgetting something, aren't you?
- What?

Well, I'm paying
you to take orders from me.

I'm not gonna let you force the medicine
on the public that might prove useless.

You mean you refuse after
all that I've done for you?

Or do you forget the awards that
the chemical society has given you

for the things
that I have discovered?

I'm surprised at you, Jeff.

That doesn't sound
like you at all.

Well, I guess it doesn't, but

well, you're not going into
production on this until I know

it'll do what
it's supposed to do.

Do you think I pay you to
fool around with test tubes

month after month and when I get
ready to put something on the market

have you tell me
that you aren't sure?

But these things can't be done in a day.
Sometimes it takes a lifetime.

Well, I have no intention of giving
you a lifetime to develop anything.

I'm interested in the medical
market today.

And that has to be clearly
understood between us

as long as you're
working for me.

I'm sorry, Mr. Graham.
I was working for you.

You have my resignation.

Well, that's gratitude for you.

He'll be a hard man to replace.

Oh, he'll be back.

I'll blacklist him
in every lab in the city.

He won't get a job anywhere.

- Oh, hello, Mr. Carter.
- Hello, Mrs. Todd.

I knew you'd be in today, so I have
it all wrapped and ready for you.

- Oh, thank you.
- You know, that's the 158th box of candy

you've bought from me. - Really?

Yes. Two a week
ever since I've been here.

And it hasn't hurt
your figure a bit.

Oh, Mr. Carter,
you say the cutest things.

How much is it?
Oh, still a dollar.

There ya are.

Well, Jeff...
I let you go home early.

It's new year's fve

are you sure you
won't need me tonight?

Oh, don't worry about me.
The only thing they'll be buying

is headache powders and aspirins
for tomorrow morning.

Have a good time,
you and the missus.

You worked pretty hard
this year.

Oh, oh, Mr. Moore. My wife and
I were wondering if my work...

Listen, don't worry. As long as
I'm here, you'll have a job.

You are the best pharmacist
I've ever had.

You're almost better than I am.

Now, I appreciate your work.

That is... here,
this is for you and the missus.

And these here are for
little Tommy.

- Oh, thank you.
- Have a good time, my boy.

We'll enjoy these.

- Hi.
- Daddy!

- Oh, hiya, sprout. How you doing?
- Fine

that's good, where's your mommy?

- In the kitchen.
- Oh.

And where else would
I be at dinnertime?

Hey, I wanna get in on this.

Oh, wait a minute!
You're with her all day.


Oh. Got a present from
the boss for new year's fve

oh, wonderful. Um, Jeff.

How 'bout the raise?

It was nice of the boss
to give us that, wasn't it?

Jeff, didn't you
ask him about the raise?

No, I forgot.

Oh, well. Go wash your hands.
Dinner's just about ready.


Daddy, what's a raise?

That's something your father,
apparently, isn't interested in.

And stop eating that candy
before dinner.

Well, what is a raise?

You'll have to ask your father.

- Don't you know, daddy?
- More money.

You got more money?

I wouldn't know what
to do with it if I had it

mommy says she would.

Women are funny that way.

Come on, Jeff. I'm all ready.

Okay, I'll be right there.

You didn't tell him what I did?

No. But I think he'll
find out soon enough.

Who broke this test tube?

I said,
"who broke my test tube?"

As though I didn't know.

Okay, young feller.

That's gonna come out
of your allowance.

At a nickel a week, you're losing
money awfully fast, Tommy.

Yeah, I gotta figure out
how I can get a raise.

Afraid your father
won't be much help there.

I always feel as if I've accomplished an
impossible task when I've got him in bed.

You can say that again.

Now, that's that.
Now we can celebrate.



Sounds like we have company.

Hello, Mary. Hiya, Jeff.

Say, in case you don't know it,
this is new year's Eve,

so we're inviting you
downstairs for a party.

- They're much too sober.
- Who's sober?

I feel so awful for anyone
to be sober on new year's Eve.

Come on, come on. We've even got
the landlady higher than a kite.

- Oh, no!
- Oh, boy, is she flying.

- Oh, that I want to see.
- Well, come on.

Well, somebody's gotta stay
here with Tommy.

- Why, can't he take care of himself?
- I'm not so sure of it.

But, dear, if you'd like to go...
Oh, come on, Mary.

- You sure you don't mind?
- Why, of course not.

Go have some fun.
I'l be down a little later

- well, promise.
- Sure, I will.


Excuse me.

It was awfully stupid of me.
Well, not on new year's Eve.

That's one night you're permitted
to fall all over the place.


I'm... I'm terribly sorry.
Well, you should be.

Young man, if you can't hold your
liquor, then just stop drinking.

Oh, that's right. Tell me, do you
know where Jeff Carter lives?

- Oh, you mean Carter the chemist?
- Yes

he makes gin in the bathtub.

All the way up
and first door to the left.

- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome. Oh, happy new year, too.

Come in.

Hello, Jeff.

Who's there?

Graham. I'm glad to see you, Jeff.
It's been a long time.

Yes, it has.
What are you doing here?

Oh, new year's. You know, new
resolutions that should be made

before the year ends.
This where you work now?

Yes, at nights.
I have a job in a drugstore now.

Oh, that's no place
for you to be working.

You saw to it that I wouldn't
work anywhere else.

I know. And I'm sorry.

But I'm glad to see you're keeping
up with your experiments.

Well, yes... I work at it
whenever I have the time.

Sit down? - Thank you.

- Glass of wine?
- No, thanks.

How are things with you?

Frankly, not too good.

There's no sense in beating
around the bush, Jeff.

I came to ask you
to come back to work for me.

Oh, you feel that I've been
punished enough, huh?

Oh, I don't blame you
for being bitter.

As a matter of fact, I...

I admit that I didn't appreciate
you when you were working for me.

You know, Jeff,
ever since you left,

I've hired
any number of chemists.

Not one of them has produced
anything worthwhile.

Perhaps you didn't
give them enough time?

Hello, beautiful.

Now, relax, sweetheart,
it's new year's fve.

Now wait a minute.
Hey, come back here.

I told you that stuff
would throw you.

I wish you'd reconsider. I'd
make it very worth your while.

There's one thing you've never
quite understood, Mr. Graham.

I guess that's because you're a
manufacturer and I'm a chemist.

Money isn't important.

I make barely enough
to get along,

but my wife and I are happy and
that's more than most people can say.

Of course, I can understand
that, Jeff.

But for the life of me, I can't
see why a man like yourself

can't do just as good work with a
few of the nice things in life

instead of, well, this.

Think what I can give you.

All of the facilities at your
disposal to carry out any experiment

you wish
with all the time you want.

What have you got here: A few test
tubes stuck up in a bathroom?

Oh, I know that sounds wonderful
for a biography of a great chemist

100 years after he's dead,

but you ought to think
of the present.

I'm offering you your
old job back at your terms.

I'm sorry, I'd rather struggle
along as I am, on my own.

Oh, dear. How was the party?
A little loud

dear this is Mr. Graham.
My wife.

- How do you do, Mr. Graham.
- Oh, your wife.

Well, I'm delighted.

I'm sorry I never had the
pleasure of meeting you formally,

that is, while Jeff
was working for me.

I assure you, it was my loss.

I've heard a great deal
about you, Mr. Graham.

Oh, I'm afraid not much
in my favor.

I've been trying to get your
husband to erase the past,

but he's a very stubborn
person, Mrs. Carter.

Yes, I know.

good night to both of you
and happy new year.

- Thanks.
- Happy new year.

Thank you.

Looks like Graham isn't getting
along so well since I left

you should take that
as a compliment.

Yeah, I suppose so.

But any time Graham gives out any
compliments, there's something behind it.

Oh, he just wants to use
me again for his own profit.

Why don't you use him this time?

What do you mean?

Look, darling.
You're trying to develop

one of the most important
things of your life.

You've been telling me for the
last two years you'd give your

right arm for a decent lab
to work in

instead of the corner
of a bathroom.


Graham's offering it to you
and at your own terms.

Yes, but you don't know him.

No, but I think I know you.

You're stubborn, Jeff.

Sometimes you're too stubborn.

Listen, honey,
I want to ask you something.

Haven't you been happy
since we married?

Oh, of course I have, darling.

But I don't see why we have
to spend the rest of our lives

living in a cheap boardinghouse

when you have a chance of doing
something so much better.

You want me to go to work
for him again?

Yes, I do.


Just so that we
can have more money?

Well, if you want
to put it that way.

After all, it's time you thought
a little bit about Tommy and me.

He deserves some of the opportunities
the other children have.

Instead, you're standing
on your own pride.

And here I thought
you were with me.

Oh, but I am, Jeff.
I just don't want you

to go on spending the rest of
your life like a thwarted genius

when a man like Graham offers you
everything you need to work with

oh, if it was anyone but Graham.

Jeff, don't be such a fool.

Take advantage of him this time.

Then if things don't work out,
you can always leave.

I never knew you felt this way.

Well, I do.

And I don't see that
it's so wrong of me

to want some of the things
that the other people have.

Well, such as a decent place to
live and nice clothes for a change.

And not to have to worry
about whether we can afford

a couple of lamb chops, grade b.

Oh, I know these things don't make any
difference to you, Jeff, but they do to me.

They do to any woman.

And if you wanna call me selfish
for feeling that way about things,

well, then,
I guess I am selfish.


Darling, I'm so sorry.

No, that's what
I should say to you.

But I didn't mean to... - I know
what you meant and you were right.

You and Tommy certainly deserve
more than I've given you.

Happy new year, darling.

It's going to be a new year.

Well, and these two seem
to be getting along all right.

Yes, it's the other one
I'm worried about.

Well, that's not good.

Well, stick to it, professor.

Oh, gee, I better get going.
I don't want to miss that date

see you later, Jeff. And
don't work too now, remember

Graham won't pay
you any overtime.

- Hello, Dave.
- Hello, Mr. Graham.

- Well, how's it coming, Jeff?
- Well, I don't know.

A few days ago I injected these
four rabbits with disease germs.

Today, three are alive and well,
the other dead.

Well, sounds like you
accomplished a great deal.

Well... not with the dead one.

Oh, I'm afraid if we tried
perfection in everything,

we'd have to wait a long time.
Seems to me that a 75% average

in a thing like this
is pretty good.

I don't know...
I've been checking my notes.

It's not good enough.
We must have perfection.

- Have you named the drug yet?
- Zymurgine.

- Sounds all right.
- There's only one trouble.

I haven't been able to lay
my hands on a particular mold.

This mold comes from certain
plants in south America.

Hmm. South America, hmm?


I've been burning a lot of
midnight oil studying up on it.

Well, tonight you're coming over to
my house with your wife for dinner.

Oh, that'll be fine.
She'll like it.

You know, she hasn't been out much
lately since I've been working on this.

Well, we'll try to show
her some fun.

- She deserves it.
- Make it about seven.

- Fine. We'll be there.
- Good.

Uh, miss Rogers. Have Stevens
step into my office right away.

Yes, thank you.

See you later, Jeff. - Right.


Mary! - What's going on here?

Coming into the house blasting
the place down and... and

Mrs. Carter trying
to put a child to bed.

Well, I... I... I'm Mr. Carter.

Oh, you are, are you?
Well, I'm Mrs. o'Connor.

And I'll thank you to not
be making so much noise

when you come trampin' in.

Ho, ho, all right.

Hello, darling.
I was just putting Tommy to bed.

- Say, who's that?
- Why, that's Mrs. o'Connor.

She answered our ad
for a housekeeper.

She's wonderful.
She doesn't like noise.

W... w... well, I... I guess a person
has to kinda get used to things.

Say, maybe she's
got something there.

- You mean we have.
- Ah... ah... ah.

Don't you sit down.
We're going out tonight.

We are? Where?

Over to the boss's.
He invited us to dinner

- you mean Mr. Graham?
- Uh-huh.

Oh, darling. Things are looking
up all over, aren't they?

They sure...

I don't know when
I've enjoyed a dinner so much.

Yes, it looked
almost too good to eat.

Thank you.

Judging from the looks of Jeff,

you must be an excellent cook
youself, Mrs. Carter.

- She is.
- Oh, it isn't that.

Jeff's so easy to please.

Well, we'll have coffee
in the drawing room.

You have a lovely home,
Mr. Graham.

Yes, it's nice.
Gets lonely at times.

Beg pardon, sir. There's a
telephone call for you.

Oh, just make yourselves

I'll be back in a moment.
Do you mind pouring?

- I'd love to.
- Thank you.

Excuse me. - Sure.

- He's nice, isn't he?
- Mmm-hmm.


yes, Stevens, I hear. I found
the formula in the notes

I'm copying them right now. It'll
take at least a couple of hours.

Well, that's all right.
Take all the time you need.

Be sure to copy everything carefully.
All right.

I'm so sorry. That was a long
distance call. Thank you.

Well, Jeff,
I've good news for you.

I saved it until after dinner.
What's that?

It's all arranged
for you to go to south America.

South america®?

You mean you'd really send
me down there?

Of course, if I thought you
could find what you're after.

I had no idea you were
thinking of any such thing.

Well, it just developed today.

Yes, darling, I'm on the brink of
an important medical discovery.

Why, I practically
have it in my grasp.

I lack only one vital element.

A certain mold that
comes only from south America.

I've arranged to have Dave,
your assistant, go with you.

You can set up your laboratory and
complete your experiments down there.

Oh, you wouldn't mind,
would you, darling?

After all, it's in the
interest of medical science.

No, I wouldn't mind.

How long do you
think you'd be gone?

Oh, that depends on how
it takes to find the mold

oh, thank you, Jason.

- Thank you.
- Well, now, that's settled.

When would you leave?

Oh, just as soon as I could
get my equipment together.

Well, here's to Jeff...
Success and a pleasant trip.

I'm going to miss you, darling.

And I'm going to miss you, too.

You'll write to me, won't you?
Every day.

All ashore! Exploring the shore!

Well, guess I better get off.

I did all right
in the knife boat to Albany.

I hope I don't get seasick
in this trip to south America.

- How's your Spanish, Dave?
- I know the book by heart.

Jeff, I got you all fixed up on a deck.
Much better cabin.

Oh, that's swell. See?

That's what comes
of knowing the right people.

And greasing the right palm.

- Goodbye, darling.
- Goodbye, dear.

- Well, goodbye, Jeff.
- Goodbye.

- Bye, Dave.
- Bye, Mr. Graham.

- Have a successful trip.
- Thanks.

May I see you home?

Why, yes, thank you.

I want you to have
a look at these samples.

Those boxes are for the pills,

those bottles for the powders
and these for the liquids.

Well, I think you could make
the lettering larger.

Make it stand out more.
Yes, I thought so, too.

Well, how's that strike you?

Well, that's okay. Very nice.
Get a big spread. - Right.

Well, Stevens, looks like we're on
our way. - Certainly looks that way.

Uh, when do you think you
could get this on the market?

- About three weeks.
- Good.

How long will Carter
be in south America?

For quite some time yet.

"So keep your fingers crossed.

We may know in a week
or so what we have"

the rest is personal.

It looks like he's really
accomplishing something

down there, doesn't it?
Oh, I hope so.

It's been over a month now

it hasn't seemed that long.
Oh, by the way,

I have something here
I want to show you.

Jeff sent it to me
from south America.

- Oh, it's interesting.
- Isn't it?

I wonder where
it would look best?

Over the mantel, of course

then that's where it'll be.
Right here, huh?

I'll have Jason hang it later.
Isn't this beautiful?

Where did you get it? Oh, I picked a
pair of them up years ago in Bombay.

That must have been exciting.

Oh, it was more than that.
It was educational

you know, people in the orient go far
beyond the boundaries of physical life.

As a matter of fact, I spent quite
some time with a hindu teacher

who taught me how to develop the power
of the transmission of the will.

When you have that, you can
have anything you want in life.

Mental suggestion?

I don't believe it. -

oh, you don't, don't you?

Well, why do you suppose
you're here tonight?

You came
because I wanted you to.

You're wrong.
I came because I wanted to.

Hi there, senor Gonzalez.
Here... come here. Come on.

Don't be shy.
Oh, you don't say, huh?

Next time, make sure
that her husband's not around.

Hasta la vista, my friend.

Or words to that effect.

How you doing? - Okay, I guess.

You know, that mold was just
what the doctor ordered.

I've mixed enough of it with
the drug to start to work.

You mean success at last?

Oh, don't write that q.E.D.
Quite so fast.

You know we haven't
tried it yet.

Tonight we're going to inject
these eight monkeys

with various diseases,

then we'll try the drug
on four of them.

That ought to prove something.

Pipe down, sweetheart,
he wasn't talking to you.

Right now I could do with something to eat.
How about it?

Si, senor, my assistant
sefor Gonzalez and I

will prepare for you
a most delicious meal.

The food,
she is coming out soon now.

Uh, maybe later, too.
All right, chef.

I'll write Mary a letter
while you're doing that

and tell her how I could use
a good meal.

I resent that.

How about that lettering? Is
that more what you had in mind?

Oh, yes, yes, that's much better

we'll give this the biggest exploitation
campaign any drug ever had.

Well, here's three testimonials.

Two of influenza,
one of pneumonia.

Uh, did these people
actually use the drug?

Oh, yes, but after they were
well on the way to recovery.

Oh. I see.

What are you doing?

Trying to get
up the nerve enough

to go in there
and see what happened.

You mean you haven't
been in there yet?

No, to be honest with you,
I'm about half afraid.

- You want me to go in?
- Oh, no.

No, I've gotta face
it sometime. Come on.

- All four of them are dead.
- Yes.

But look at the others.
Alive and kicking.

Dave, it works.

It sure does

how do you feel, professor?

Oh, I don't know.
I can hardly believe it.

Well, there's your proof. The four
you gave the drug to are alive.

The other four are dead.
I don't know what more you want.

Gee, it's marvelous, Jeff.
You did it, you did it.

Gonzalez is congratulating
you, too.

You know the wonderful part
about it is

is that substance we were
looking for in the mold

can be made synthetically
back home.

Hey, say, Graham
will be glad to hear that.

He was sure getting
itchy fingers

to put this drug
of yours out on the market.

Yeah, well, he can go to work on
it as soon as he gets my formula.

Wait'll he sees this.
Yeah. He'll mail ya a medal.

- Yes, Stevens.
- Take a look at that

mmm, that's interesting.

Looks like we got zymurgine on the
market just about the right time.

To be on the safe side,
we better double our output.

- Cable for you, Mr. Graham.
- Oh, thanks, must be from Jeff.

Well, let's see what the wonder boy
is doing down in south America.

Well, he's completed
his experiments on zymurgine.

He's sending the formula
by airmail.

It'd take us quite a while to
change our setup, wouldn't it?

- Certainly would.
- Well, forget it.

With the uprise
in this new flu epidemic,

we're bound to lose
out on sales.


yes, Mr. Graham?

Uh, miss Rogers, bring in your
book and file 6-8-3-4

we've developed
a new interest temporarily.

Take a cable to Jeff Carter.

"The formula which you
are sending will be put

into operation as soon
as is humanly possible.

My congratulations to you
on your success.

Certain new developments make it imperative
for you to remain in south America

for further work

in a day or so, we'll mail you an
outline of these new experiments.

Again, my heartiest
congratulations and best wishes"

send that right off.

Jeff will be gone
for quite a while.

You think we ought
to put on a new man?

That's a good idea.

All right.

Uh, get me Mrs. Carter.

It's been a very pleasant
evening, Mary.

I've enjoyed the dinner, the
play, but mostly your company.

Of course, the play could
have been better

I thought it was quite good.

A little old-fashioned,
don't you think?

All that triangle stuff.

You don't believe it could
have happened?

Oh, it could have happened, of
course, but not exactly that way.

It was a bit too far-fetched.
The reason for suspicion?

Well, after all, I thought
she was an attractive girl.

I think he had
a reason to be jealous.

It served him right,
he left her alone too long.

And when Jeff comes home,

I'm going to make it my business
to make him see that show.

- If it's still running.
- What... what do you mean?

Well, Mary, certain things
have come up

that make it necessary for him
to stay there a little longer.

Well, he didn't say
a word about that.

He wrote that he'd completed
his experiments

and that zymurgine
was a proven success.

I thought from his letter
that he'd be back any day now.

Scientists are like doctors,
their work is so unpredictable.

Uh, waiter, check, please.

It's been a lovely evening,
Mr. Graham.

I can't thank you enough.

I can't tell you how much
our association has meant to me.

I was hoping maybe it meant
something to you, too.

Well, it has.

I guess I'd better go in now.

Good night. - Good night.

- Why, Mrs. o'Connor.
- Oh, I'm so glad you're home, ma'am.

I've been trying to get you all evening.
Well, what's the matter?

- Tommy's sick.
- Tommy!

I called the doctor.
He's upstairs with him now.

- Tommy...
- Hello, mommy.

- You're Mrs. Carter?
- Yes

- I'm Dr. Williams.
- How do you do, doctor? What is it?

Shall we go outside?

He's a pretty sick boy,
Mrs. Carter.

I'm afraid it's influenza

but he was all right
when I left home.

Is it very bad, doctor? It's a
little too early to say yet.

His fever is quite high.
It's over 103.

If it gets any higher, call me.
All right.

Dr Williams?

Dr. Williams,
can't we give him zymurgine?

- Zymurgine?
- Yes.

Oh, yes. I'm afraid I couldn't
honestly recommend that

it hasn't been thoroughly
tested and proved.

But Jeff, that's my husband,
he wrote me about it.

He worked on it.
It's a positive cure.

Well, I can understand
your enthusiasm, Mrs. Carter,

but unless we're sure

oh, but you don't understand.
Wait, I'll show you.

"After extensive tests, I can say
without hesitancy that zymurgine

is a definite cure for influenza."
So, you see, it must be so.

Mrs. Carter,
I would advise against it.

Good night. - Good night.

How much is that?
65 cents, please.

Thank you.

Mr. Reed, do we have any more
zymurgine in the stockroom?

- Zymurgine again?
- Everybody's after it.

Don't know why. From what I hear,
proved nary too effective.

Well, you can sell almost anything
if they advertise it enough.

- Cable for ya, genius.
- Oh, thanks.

Well, it's either
from Mary or Graham.

Take a guess. - I'll take Mary.

On account of I like her
better than Graham.

That makes it unanimous.

What's a matter?

It's from Mary.

Tommy's sick with influenza.

Oh, gee.

She says they tried zymurgine
and it doesn't do any good.

He's getting worse.

But I know it works.
We proved it.

- Yeah, sure, we did.
- Come on, I've got to go to town.

We've got to send Mary
a telegram.

- Buenos dias, senors.
- Buenos dias, José.

Well, how's business, José?

Well, sometimes she's good
and sometimes she's bad.

Now it's good and bad.

You sure got everything
from soup to soy beans here.

Clothes, vegetables, materials,

canned goods, medicine, I...

Jeff, come here.


José, where did you get this?

Oh, that is very fine
medicine, senors.

That is from the states.
How long have you had it?

Oh, long time now.
Maybe one month.

But Graham hasn't had
my formula that long.

Look at the label on the back
see what the contents are.

Well, this isn't
my complete formula.

This is the old one

I can't understand
how he got a hold of it.

But I'm beginning to understand

our little trip to south

Yes, and a lot
of other things, too.

That man Graham
is a disgrace to our profession.

When I get home, there won't
be a single organization

that'll do business with him.

Now, don't worry, Jeff.
Tommy's gonna be all right.

He better be. - And don't worry
about anything here either.

I'll take care of everything.
And I'll close up the lab.

Thanks, Dave. You've been swell

I just can't understand
how I've been such a fool.

You mean about Graham, huh? Yeah

when I think of how
he must have laughed at me

behind my back.

Why, it's... it's just like
he'd taken my head,

my mind and brain and used it.

Used it like something
you've bought in a store.

Only he didn't buy it.
He stole it

well, now I'm going
to get it back.

Now [I'm going to use it,
not Graham.

If anything happens to Tommy...

I told you to stop
worrying about Tommy.

Nothing's gonna happen to him.

To think that I've been
living in another world.

Why, I haven't been fair to Mary
or Tommy or even to myself.

- Hey, sir.
- Now, I'm back to earth.

- We better get going.
- Yeah.

No, Gonzalez, you stay here
and clean up the joint.

Mrs. Carter...

Mrs. Carter.

This just came.

Hello. I'd like to speak to Mr.

What? Out of town?

Thank you.


Mrs. Carter, I...

I can't tell you how sorry I am.

- Oh, hello, Jason.
- Good evening, Mr. Graham.

- Glad to see you back, sir.
- Oh, thank you.

It's nice to be home. Anything
happen while I've been away?

No, sir.
Things have been rather quiet.

Oh, uh, Mrs. Carter called.
Oh, really?

Get her on the phone at once.
Very good, sir.



Just a moment,
and I'll call her.

Mr. Graham's on the phone.

Graham? Tell him I'm not home

yes, ma'am.

No, wait a minute.
I'll speak to him.


Yes, I think
I'd like to see you.

No, I'd rather
come over to your place.

Yes, I'll leave right away.

You can go to bed,
Mrs. o'Connor.

I'll be out a little while

Thank you, Jason.
You may have the night off.

Thank you, sir.
Have a good night.

Hello, Mary. So nice to see you.

It was good of you to come over.

I hope you're not angry
at my calling you so late.

- No.
- Let me take your coat.

Thank you.

Your purse?

Please sit down.

Mary, I've missed you.

I tried to reach you,
but you were out of town.

Oh, a little business trip.

Would you like a glass
of champagne?

- Yes, I think I would.
- Fine.

Mr. Carter.

Hello, Mrs. o'Connor.
Where's Mrs. Carter?

She went out a little while ago.

Well, how's Tommy?

I said, "how's Tommy?"

I thought you knew.

Knew? Knew what?

What are you trying to tell me?

He's dead

- Where's Mary?
- She's out.

I said where is she?

She went over to see Mr. Graham.


Mr. Carter!

More champagne?

No, I think I've had enough now.

Mary, there's something I've been
wanting to tell you for a long time.


I'm sure you must have known
all along how I feel about you.

No, Mr. Graham.

I don't think I ever really
understood you until now.

I've loved you ever
since I first met you.

Is that why you sent Jeff
down to south America?

Well, I must admit you were
the inspiration for the idea.

You had no intention
of bringing him back.

You meant to keep him
down there, didn't you?

You haven't been too lonely
without him.

Mary, you have to listen to me.

I'm crazy about you.
I've always wanted you.

You don't think
I came here tonight

just to let you
make love to me, do you?

Mary, I don't understand you.

You're a murderer

you killed my son.
I killed your...

Jeff told you how to make
up the drug

that would have saved Tommy's
life, but you didn't.

You let him die

Mary, you don't know what you're saying.
You're hysterical.

No, I'm not.

And I'm going to kill you just
as sure as you killed my son.

Surely as you killed
hundreds of other people.

You let all
of those people die, Graham.


Including my son.

You've taken everything
in my life away from me.

Wait a minute, Jeff.
You've got to let me explain.

- Don't, Jeff!
- Now you want my wife?

I'm going to take something
back that belongs to me.

Stay where you are.

Stay where you are.

Something I've got to have.


I killed him

I had the feeling

that Graham was me.

Me, Jeff Carter.

My mind was his.

My brain was in his head
and I knew that I must

have it back
to make it mine again.

Don't you see"?

That's why I killed him.

Just to get back something
that belonged to me.

That's all

yes. I think I understand.

I know that nobody can help me.

I know that now

Jeff. Jeff, darling.

Jeff, darling.

Don't worry. He'll be all right.

I'll do everything
I can for him.