Strange But True (2019) - full transcript

A woman surprises the family of her deceased boyfriend by telling them she's pregnant with his child.

Is there
a world beyond this one?

Do we go there when we die?

Does God exist?

If so,

why do bad things happen?

As children,

we ask these questions
to make sense of the world.

To understand what lies ahead.

But I often wonder,

if we knew the whole truth,

would we be less afraid?

Or more?

What the fuck?



You should blow on it. It's hot.

It's split-pea.
You like split-pea.

No. Ronnie likes split-pea.

Sorry, Mr. Food Critic.

That's what I made so
that's what you get.

I'll microwave
something later.


Hi, Philip.


I didn't know that you were...


Guess it's been a long time.

Is it okay if I come in?

No, yeah, of course. Come on in.


Let me clear...
I got it. It's okay.

So I heard you've
been living in the city?

Yeah, I was, um,

I am. Just home for a bit.

You know, till the leg heals up.

Yeah, ouch. Are you skiing?



Uh, but... Whatever.
You know, it's fine.

Are your parents' home?

Ronnie's Melissa?

It's been five years.
What does she want?

She wants to see you.

She's pregnant.
Oh, great!

The last goddamn
thing I wanna hear

is how goddamn happy she is.

Here's a crazy idea.
Why don't you hear what she has to say,

before you freak out, okay?

So, you're pregnant?

About 39 weeks, give or take.

Um, I looked for you
at the library, but,

a woman at the front desk
said that you quit.

Oh, I'm sure she did.
Pilla right?

Bad die-job,
tits like torpedoes?

I guess, um,

Mr. Chase isn't around, is he?

No, Mr. Chase is not around.

Mr. Chase has chosen
to become cliche

and live in West Palm Beach
with his new trophy wife.

I know about Florida,
I just didn't...

If you know, then why
would you assume

that man would be in my house?

Are you looking for money?

Jesus, mom!
It's okay.

I know it must seem,
you know, strange,

me showing up here
after all these years,

but I think about
your family everyday.

Especially you, Mrs. Chase.

Losing a child
is the hardest thing

that could every
happen to somebody.

And, um...

I know that
everybody says that...

...that it wasn't my fault.

What happened...

But, um...

Take your time.

Let me just...
Sorry, this isn't coming out

the way I wanted it
to come out, but...

Ronnie used to have
this old stereo in his room.

Do you know if it's still there?

What is this?

I have this one in a 8x10.

You can see how blue
his eyes are in that.

I can
see in your eyes...

A loss, longing.

There's a human energy here,

gone before his time.

Someone you love.

Someone who loves
you very much.


The energy...

There are pictures,

His brother,
Philip took a lot of pictures.

I actually think he's a
photographer now.

He wants his
brother to keep taking pictures.

Are you serious?

Is this what you
came here to tell us,

that Ronnie
liked Philip's pictures?

Do you have any idea what I go
through every single day?

Every time I
walk past this door?

Will you just listen to it?
There's more.

But you're
here about the baby.

First off, it's pure.

Because we give our entire
heart and soul to that person.

He knows your pain
since he passed over.

That's why he's found a way
to carry on in your life.

This baby, it's a part of you.

So, it's a part
of Ronnie as well.


That's it. What she said is...

It's true.

What's true?

I've only been
with one person... my entire life.

And that was Ronnie,

on the night that
he died five years ago.

So, when I got pregnant,
I was scared and confused,

and I didn't understand
how it was possible.

But now I do.

Some strange
miracle has happened

because of Ronnie.

'Cause of our love.

This baby...

This baby inside of me belongs

to Ronnie.

It's his.

Get her out of my house.

Why are you doing this?

You guys just deserve to know.


it's not possible.

I'm not crazy, okay?

I'm not stupid...

It's just the only
answer that there is.

Is it?

Since the accident, I get these

spells, these blackouts...
Just stop.

And I can feel Ronnie.

It's how I knew to see the psychic.

You ever wanna talk, or...

Come see the baby,

I'm living in a small cottage
off Muxhull Road.

It's my cellphone number.

He likes your photos.

That's something.

How's my tie?
It feels awful.

It's a tie.

It's tied. Big night.

Don't be nervous.

You wanna give me some tips?
I don't know...

Don't mess it up.


Where's the glass slipper?

Shut up.
You look amazing.

Okay, let's get a picture.

No, we're gonna be late.
Can I just take some when we get there?

Oh, no, no.
One for your mom. Come on.

Next year at this time, you're gonna
be in the city with all your friends,

we need something
to remember you by.

One picture.
All right, one picture.


Let Phil take it though,
so it's doesn't suck.


- The man has a point.
- Big smiles. Big smiles.

There it is.

Call me if you need anything.

I will.

You have fun tonight, all right.
That's your job.

You look great.

Hey, lovebirds!
Shall we get this on the road?

You're gonna be at
Kiera and Gordon's, right?

Yeah. You're gonna be there?
I'll see you there.

See you guys.

- Have fun.
- My baby.

Take care!


You all right?

I'm still here, you know?

Yeah, yeah, well obviously...

All right, ready?
One, two, and...

Hi, honey.

Hi, Gail.

You look like you could
use some ice tea.


Thank you for letting
me borrow the car.

Oh, you kidding? Whatever Bill
and I can do to help you.

You don't have to go
through this alone.

I won't be alone soon enough.

Can I?

Of course.

Oh, that was a big one.


It doesn't hurt, huh?
Sometimes, but...

I kind of like it.

Makes me feel
like we're talking.

Now, I do worry
about your driving,

having one of your blackouts.

It's been five months and the doctor
says it probably won't happen again.


If it isn't my two favorite
people in the world.

Oh. Sorry. Two and a half.

Oh, Bill, you've been smoking?

No, if you're
smelling something,

it's because I was helping

Rafael load up the truck.
Yeah, right.

That man is a chimney with legs.

Come on. You can
frisk me if you want.

I'm cooking.
Go on, check out my pockets.

Give me a quick once over.
Melissa won't mind, right?

Might be kind of fun to watch.

Enough out of you two.

Okay, I believe you.
You're not smoking.

Go, sit down.

So, what's for dinner?

These new kids, they can't tell
a half inch from a quarter.

Every damn time they pull out
a ruler, the line gets longer

and the customers get angrier.

You're the last
good worker I've got.

We're gonna miss you.

I'll just be gone
a couple of months, I mean,

once the baby comes,
I'll be back in no time.

That's actually something that

I wanted to talk
to you guys about.

Since my parents aren't, uh...

Since they've chosen
not to be involved,

I was wondering...
I was hoping that

maybe you two would
be the guardians ad litem.

It's just in case
something goes wrong,

and I can't make a decision,

then you guys would be
in charge of me, and...

And the baby.
Are you sure?

Yeah. I mean, you don't wanna
try to contact the father?

I mean, a child needs a family.

You guys are the closest thing
that I have to a family.

We'd be honored.


It's just in case.

I do.
Her name's Akesha.

Akesha? Beautiful.

You didn't chose it?

No. She's almost two years
old, and I have to tell you this,

she did this most amazing
thing yesterday.

Does this involve diapers
because we recently had...

No, no. It's very clean.

She has this doll,
and she sucks on his fingers, of course.

Okay, stop. You clearly promised
that it was going to be a clean story.

- You're not allowed to...
- So I'm putting her down for a nap,

she's sucking on his fingers,

and she starts to sing Itsy Bitsy
Spider, so I'm singing it too...

Why would you say that?

What happened to your hand?

Cut it.

So you duct taped it?
It's what I had.

You wanna talk about my hand?

After that, we'll talk
about your leg, okay?


Isn't this a healthy
start to the morning?

Why do you have to be so sarcastic?
Oh, you think I'm...

You know what, forget it.

You're obviously still
upset about yesterday.

You're a selfish young man.

That's what I've raised,
a selfish young man.

This woman...

this girl get herself knocked up
and then comes stalking around,

pointing the finger
at my dead son.

As far as I'm concerned,
I let her off easy.

I should have called the cops.

You're on her side?


Why are you on her side?

Philip, hey!

Why are you on her side?

I'm not on anybody's side.

There's no side to have. Both,
you and Melissa are equally delusional.

That is my point.
It is completely impossible.

Well, it's not
completely impossible.

You are on her side.

Okay, I'm not saying that I
believe her. All I'm saying

is that if you think about it,

there's a chance that
what she said is true.

Then explain it to me. Please.

Look, if...

it's a big if,

Ronnie's sperm was somehow
frozen before he died,

there's a chance that Melissa could've
used it, and impregnated herself,

years later, and thus
we would have Ronnie's baby.

That's ridiculous.

He was a teenager with
his whole life ahead of him,

why would he do that?


Someone's in here.

People do it all the time.

What people?
I don't know, ma, people.

Friends of yours?


You need to get a grip,
and give it up.

Oh, okay, yeah,
just, just walk away.

You're just gonna block
it out of your mind? Just like that?

Well, I can't do that.

This is my son she's talking
about, Philip. Your brother.

Where's the computer lab?

Used to be right there.
Now it's some sorta Starbucks?



It's okay, Bailey, I've got it.

It's been a while.

How are you?

Everyday's a blessing.

Where's the computer lab?

We scaled back
the lab years ago.

Why don't you just follow me.

We got a grant
to digitize all the pre-articles

and research papers
going back six years.

So, whatever you're
looking to research,

it'll be relatively
easy to find.

I'm the highest credentialed librarian
this institution has, or will ever see.

I know how to use a search bar.

The system resets itself every few
years if the cards aren't used.

So, I'll update it.

You can use mine for now.

Now, there are some tricks
to these searches.

For example, what are you
looking to research?

I don't see how
that's any of your business.

Right. Okay, well, if you need
me, you know where to find me.

Sitting behind my desk.

It's good to see
you again, Charlene.

After the ejaculate
has been donated,

and the sperm bottled,
and collected.

Cryo protectives are added,
and the sperm is frozen...

"Medically assisted

"Recent advances
allow for collection

"of sperm samples to occur
for up to 24 hours after death."

After death.

Four wheel driver,
all-standard features...

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Let me guess, you're
looking for something safe. Am I right?

Oh, shit!

Phillie C. How you doing, man?

It's good to see you.

Sweats and tee, casual choice.

I like it. I like it.

What's up with the leg, man?

Uh, bike accident.
I was going up Broadway,

and some asshole in a
convertible ran a red doing 50.


Lucky it was just your leg.

Yeah, I know.

So, what are you looking at?

What kind of car?

I can hook you up. Junior
Salesman as of last month.

40k base,

commissions on top, and I can take any
one of these bad boys out for the night.

Impress the ladies.

So, you and Stacy
aren't still together?

We still see each other, but
it's not, you know, exclusive.

Right. Come on,
I'll show you the good stuff.

Hey, what about Melissa?

You still talk to her?

It's been a bit.

She kind of freaked out

after what happened.
You know, blamed herself.

So, what is she doing now?

She dating anybody?

Don't think so.

To be honest, I don't really
think she moved on at all.

Her parents kicked
her out a few years back.

So she's not really
in the loop anymore.

Why'd her parents kick her out?

Some tight-ass
Christian bullshit.

Her pop got pissed off at all
that magic stuff she was into.


What do you mean?

I don't know,
she as always going on about

talking to the dead,
contacting spirits, re-incarnation.

She wanted to talk
to Ronnie again, you know?

Oh, but Stacy saw her down at
the hardware store last month,



She must be dating somebody,

right? At least
for a couple minutes.

You want her number?
I bet Stace still has it.

No. I was just wondering.

You sure?

You two always had a thing.

Hey, no, no, it's cool.

I just mean, Ronnie
would have liked

you looking out
for her, that's all.

South Miami Hospital,
fertility Clinic.

Dr. Richard Chase.

Who's calling please?
His wife.

Is this urgent?
Yes, it's urgent.

Cathy at the front desk, she'll put
something in the books for next month.

But, looks really good.

Dr. Chase, your wife's on the
phone. She says it's urgent.

Holly, what's wrong?

Wrong wife.
But you sure answered quickly, didn't you?

For Christs' sake, Charlene,
you can't do that.

I was with a patient.

Can you freeze sperm?
You're calling me for what?

Can you freeze sperm?
Of course, you can freeze it.

Post mortem?

Yeah, it's been done. Yes.

By anyone you know?
What are you driving at?

We had a visit
from Melissa Moody.

She's pregnant.

But, wait, it gets better.

I'll call you back.

None of what you're saying makes
any sense. It's impossible.

Yeah, welcome
to the goddamn club.

But then Philip got me thinking,
and so I did some research,

"Post Mortem Cryogenic

You think Melissa
froze Ronnie's sperm?

Well, who was working the night
they brought Ronnie in?

Oh, yes, that was you.

And then I thought, that just the sort
of freak stunt my husband would pull.

That would be ex-husband.

Ex-husband. Trust me,
I thank God for that everyday,

and now you're acting cagey,
so I know something's up.

Okay, so let me make sure
I got this straight,

you believe that I
extracted Ronnie's sperm,

after her was dead, and I froze it,
and I put it in Melissa nine months ago?

The girl knew you
lived in Florida.

Why is that?
I have no idea.

So you haven't seen her,
or spoken to her?

What's this really about?
You want me to come up there?

Oh, you'd like that,
wouldn't you?

White Knight
riding up in his horse.

No. You stay down there
with Malibu Barbie.

Don't bring Holly into this.


Look who's home early.


Couldn't live
without me, could ya?

Bad day?

Feinstein baby, delivered early.

It's a boy.

Mazel tov.

Charlene called.

Little off the deep end.

And she's usually
pretty hostile, but

she seemed...
I don't know, scared.

Of what?

is not her strong suit.

So, I don't know.

I'm sure it's nothing.
I'm sure you're right.

Knock-knock. Room service.

What did you do to this?

It's sugar free. I was hoping
you wouldn't notice.

Well, you might as well slap me
on the face and call it a kiss.

Darling, you've got to see
a doctor about this cough.

Don't look at me
like that, I'm fine.

All right, well, please
don't stay out too late.

The floor won't fix itself.

Are you gonna drink that?
Yeah, I'm drinking. Thank you.

Hurry up.

Five more boards,
then I'm done.

Hey, dad.
Hey, buddy, how you doing?

Same old, same old.

Yeah? How's the leg holding up?

It's still attached.

Well, good. Hopefully you're
getting outta the house,

finding a few good shots?

Camera's still busted up, so...

I'm pretty much stuck inside
staring at contact sheets.

Oh, listen, if you
need a new camera,

I'm happy to do it, okay?

It's no big deal.

It's okay. I got it covered.

I spoke to your mom.

She, um,
she told me about Melissa.

I bet she did.

Kind of threw mom for a loop.

How did she
seem to you? Melissa?

Seems pretty damn pregnant.

No, no, no. I mean, you know...

does she seem stable?

Just bringing up
Ronnie like that, and

not saying who the father was.

I don't know,
things seemed pretty strange.

But I don't think
it's our problem.

No. No, of course, not.

It's not. I just, um...

Look, I just wanted
to check on you,

and see how guys
are holding up.

Yeah, well,
mom's gone off the reservation.

I can barely take a piss

without getting it
all over myself, so...


things are not the best.


Philip, if you need anything,
I just want you to ask.

Okay, I'm here for you.

Sure, dad. Got it.

Tell Holly I say hi.

I will. Take care of yourself.
I love you.

Yeah, you too.

Hello, Bill's Hardware.
Bill Harmen, please.


Is that you?

I brought dinner.
Come down.


No one likes a nosey neighbor.

I was just cleaning up.

She seems happy, right?
Why not?

Baby on the way.

Yeah, but she's all alone.

Why won't she tell us
who the father is.

She has her own life to lead.

It doesn't matter you don't approve.
That's not what I meant.

She's not our daughter.

We open ourselves up,
do what we can. Let her get on.

You'll see.

Everything will be okay.


I'm off to the library.


What are your big plans?
Solve world hunger.

Smart ass.

Gum is for the children.

You're welcome
to have a piece if you like.

Sorry, I'm looking for a woman

named Chantel.

You found her.


Now you're doing my job for me.

You had a client recently

named Melissa. She was pregnant.

I can't talk about others
who've come for my guidance, but

you're welcome to come
and have a session for yourself.

No, thank you.

What happened to your leg?

I don't wanna do
your job for you.

I'm a psychic, not a surgeon.

But I can tell it
embarrasses you.

And you lie about it.

You're like
a regular visitor now.

Yeah, well,
I'm doing research on children.

I might be a grandmother soon.



Well, I should get going.

I didn't steal
your job, Charlene.

You didn't show up
for six months.

The place was going downhill.
Someone had to take over.

I know.

So... what now?

You, um,

you tell my future?

The future hasn't happened yet.

I tell your present.
The parts you can't see.

I'd like a strand of your hair.

A strand of my...


What is that for?

The things we see,
and feel, and do,

they stay inside us.

Joy and pain lives on
long after you experience it.

It's the same
for everyone, everything.

We carry it alike.

Man, bird, fly...

what lives in one,

can live in another.
That's what connects us.

That's what gives us strength.

You think about Ronnie often.

He's here?

But Melissa had
a boyfriend Ronnie, right?

And Ronnie
had a brother, Philip?

Half this job
is just having a good memory.

Your pain is deep.

But it's different than hers.

This emptiness,
it's not gonna go away,

because you're not
ready to be whole.

You've tied yourself
to the world around you, but

there's more answers than
those you can touch and see.

You don't believe we live
in a world beyond this one.

What, like ghosts?

It's alright, you don't have
to believe in ghosts.

I do. That's my truth.

And Melissa believes,
and it's true for her.

But the question is,
what do you believe in?

That's why you're running from
the things you find difficult.

The things you find painful,

you ignore, or ridicule.

That's why you've given
up on yourself. Okay...

And you've
given up on everyone else.

Find your truth,
whatever or whoever that is.

Only then will you walk out
of the shadows.

I'm not supposed
to be telling you this.

He says that,

there's a chance
you could get hurt.

Who says?


There could be
trouble for you...

For those you're close to.

That's it.

You know what you have to do.

I take Visa and Mastercard.

Oh, can I help you?

Hi, I'm looking
for Melissa Moody?

Her cottage is in the back,
but she's at work right now.

Oh, okay.
You would be?

I'm Charlene Chase.

Ronnie is-- was my son.

Melissa's boyfriend.
I'm so glad to meet you.

God, Melissa's...

really a wonderful girl, and she
speaks very lovingly of Ronnie.

Thank you. Everything that
you have done for her...

Above and beyond
the call of duty...

I'm sorry?
The rent for the cottage.

Dr. Chase sends that
cheque every month.

Right on time.

I'm sorry...

I get confused.
Mrs. Chase? I'm sorry...

Calm down, or I'm hanging up.

No, no, no. You don't get
to tell me what to do.

Look, I have done nothing
to you, not a thing,

if you want Richard to call you back...
Listen, you little tramp,

you put that lying sack of shit
on the phone right now.

Or so help me god,
I will come down to Florida

and shove a palm tree up that

perfectly bleached
asshole of yours!

He's gone to New York!
He's gone to see you!


Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Thank you for stopping by.

Who's that?
It's Gail.

If it isn't my favorite person.

Yeah, so, I was just down in the
basement doing some laundry...

Rafael! You need
to restock the mops, okay?

Sorry, hon, go on.

Yeah, and then
I was coming back out

and a sock rolled on the floor.



Yeah, and I don't know,
I did something to my back.

When I went to pick it up,
I heard it, so

I rather not make
dinner tonight,

if that's okay with you?

Whatever you want, hon.
I'll bring something home.

Anything in particular?
Oh. You decide.


You're feeling okay, right?

Yeah, strong as an ox.

You would tell me
if anything was wrong.

Seriously wrong, right?

Of course.
What's gotten into you?

Oh, nothing. I'm just...

Forget it, I'm just tired.

You go lie down, take it easy,

and I'll be home
before you know it.

Love you.
Love you.

Miss me?

What are you doing here?
You took the words right out of my mouth.

I'm here to see Philip.

Oh, so you didn't bring
a big fat cheque with you?

The alimony's direct deposit.
I've never missed a payment.

Do you use the same account
to pay Melissa Moody's rent?

Why would you do that?

What else are you
keeping from me, Richard?


You just have this big
web of deceit going on,

and now I have proof.

You son of a bitch!
Okay, I am not doing this right now.

I can't think of a better
place to do it. Enough!

I'm here
to see Philip. That's it.

Well, he's on my sofa, so you
might as well get in my car.

That false labor again?


What's it feel like?

Feels... tight.

Like everything's clamping up.

Doctor says
I'll know the difference

when it actually happens.

When the baby comes, what then?

Then I'll be a mom.

Best job there is.

Me and Gail
have tried to have kids.

Gail's body just wouldn't take.

We tried a bunch of times, but
she just kept losing them all.

I didn't know that.

I'm sorry.
It made it hard on us,

as a husband and wife...

as a couple.

Ah, it's a beautiful thing,
having kids,

raising them up.

A man has
a lifetime of experience

that he wants to pass down,

something to leave behind.

You know, um,
Gail will never say it, but

she looks at you like
God brought us a little girl

we never had.

Okay. Here...

Where are we?
No, no, no. It's a surprise.

Okay. No peeking.

You sure you don't wanna
go back to prom, and

see the king
and queen announced?

Think I'll live without it.
You want to?


Little further. Little further.
Okay, right here.

One second.

Eyes closed.

Okay, open your eyes.

I still can't see anything.
I know, just one more second.


You like it?

Did you do all this?
Phil helped a little.

All right.

I'm ready.

It's perfect.





You might wanna slow down.

That's how you wanna start
this conversation? Try again.

Yes, I have been
paying Melissa's rent.

Oh, look at that?
A bit of truth.

So, what makes a grown man pay
the rent of a woman... a girl,

he hasn't seen in five years.

You have seen her.

Holy hell, Richard. You are
a regular bullshit factory!

I come up to the city a couple
of times a year, Charlene.

Barry and I still have
a stake at the medical plaza.

You come in
and you don't call me?

No! No, I don't tell you.

You've made this impossible.

You made it clear
you want nothing to do with me.

Philip's in the city,

and yes, I have seen Melissa.

I knew it.
Oh, calm down, Charlene.

I'm trying to help.
Maybe explain if I could.

Can't wait to hear it.

After Ronnie died, I wanted
to talk about it, Charlene.

I couldn't do that
with you, could I?

You were either curled up
playing dead, or lashing out

and I sure as hell couldn't
lay my grief off onto Philip.

So, everyday...

my bubble just
got a little bit smaller.

And I had no idea
how to make it stop.

One day I was out jogging,

down by the ravine,
not far from where Ronnie died,

I saw her...


And I...

I could have kept going,

let her deal on her own,
but I didn't wanna do that.

I wanted to talk
to her, I want to...

to be with her. And somehow,

I knew she needed me
in the same way.



Come in.
Thanks for meeting me.

Oh, no, of course.

I'm really glad you called. It's nice
getting off work early sometimes.

Sit down. Can I get you
some tea or something?

I just have herbal, but...

No. Thank you though.

Sorry about the...


We're quite
the pair, huh?

The blunder twins.

You know, I lied.


About my leg.

It wasn't a bike accident?

It was a bike.

Ronnie and I,

we were supposed
to move to New York.

I remember, yeah.

He talked about it a lot.

So, after...

what happened,
once I was finished with school,

I figured, you know, this is
what Ronnie and I said we'd do.

So, I got a place...

moved to New York. My dad
sent money to cover the rent.


You know, we were supposed
to make it, you know?

On our own,
so in comes the day job.

Bike messenger.
In Manhattan?

In Manhattan.

I was actually
pretty good at it,

but at the end
of the day I was alone.

I met people,
but it wasn't the same.

It wasn't what we planned.

So, one day I got a package and
I'm cruising down Fifth Avenue,

and, uh,

in the corner of my eye,
I see this yellow

Honda Prelude

cruising alone,
20-30 miles an hour,

and all I have to do,

is turn the bike
a little to the left,

and I miss him by a mile.

But I don't turn.

You weren't trying to...

No, I wasn't
trying to kill myself.

I guess I just needed
a reason to leave.

You know, to give up,

without giving up.

I should have tried harder

with you.

I know that now.
You left us.

I did. I found a way
to move on, and you hadn't.

I knew I'd fall
right back into it.

So, I got the hell out.

And I know what it did,

to us, to Philip,

we crumbled.

I live with it everyday.

What did you do to her, Richard?

What did you do, Richard?

Thank you

for trusting me.

The fact still remains I quit.

I took a way out, but...

God, here you are!

As big as a house...

...on the edge
of this giant step, and

you still have the guts
to go toe-to-toe with my mother.

And the whole goddamn town.

You didn't quit.

And I want you know
that you're not alone.

I might not believe
that this is Ronnie's baby,

but I believe
that you believe it.

And I believe that Ronnie
would have believed it too.


if that makes me an uncle,

so be it.

I mean,

it's not like...

it's not like I'm so sure, 24/7.

Some days it's hard enough just

waking up.

Some days I wake up, and

I don't remember
much of anything.

I pass out,
and I dream about Ronnie.

And the night we made love.

But, when I come
to the next morning,

everything just feels off.

It feels different.

So, I make mistakes,

I get confused,

Join the club.
And I know...

I know everybody talks about me.

The psycho
pregnant girl with the

dead boyfriend.


But it's okay.

Gail? Can you
come down here for a sec?

did you do to her?

Nothing. At first,
we just talked...

About Ronnie,

and that silly accent
he used to do.

His clothes, anything.

After a while,

we filled in the gaps where
our normal lives fell apart.

Melissa's parents found out.
They didn't approve.

I guess it got heated
and she moved out,

and I felt like I
owed it to Ronnie to

take care of her.

Got her a place, paid the rent,

gave her some
spare cash the first year.

And the next.

After a while,
it just became a habit.

Like anything else.

So, you didn't sleep with her?

Christ! No, Charlene.

Of course not.

Who would do that?

It's like I'm trying
to find my way out

of one of those corn mazes

that they put up
at Thanksgiving,

and I'm going down a different
path than everyone else.

But I know it's the right one.

Meanwhile, everyone else is

going down their
own paths thinking about

how wrong everyone else is.

But, I figure if I go my way,

and you go yours,

we're all gonna wind up
in the same place at the end.

I wanna apologize.

For what?

For the cigarettes.

I see you found 'em.

That's an old stash, before our
conversation the other night.

That's all right, Bill.
I understand.

It's over now, I swear it.

Forgive me?

I went to the pharmacy

to find out what they were
because I thought you were sick.

You... you son of a bitch!

Now wait a minute,
let's not get unhinged.

How should I react? You tell me!

It's not like that.

God! 30 years!

Under the same roof.

The whole time, I was the idiot!

I don't know what it is
you think you know.

Rohypnol, Bill! Roofies!

Yeah. I know what they
are, I've seen the news.

Melissa doesn't
know who the father is

because she was passed out.

Now, let's just take a breather.

Step back for a second...
She trusted us!

How long?

How long?

I found the pills
in the evidence lock up

right before I left the force.

I don't know why.

I just took 'em.

I didn't even
plan on using them.

It was just...

It was supposed to be

less complicated.


You did?

You did...
I didn't want to, I...

I couldn't control it.
I tried, but I kept...

Gail? Gail, please.

Bastard! You monster!

Gail! Stop!


Oh, God! No.



The car.

What about it?
It's gone.

Well, he probably went
to meet up with his friends.

He can barely walk,

much less drive.


It's dad!

The keys are gone.
He took the car.





Hang on. I'm coming!


Hang on, I'm coming.

You okay?
It's the baby.

What, did you fall?

The baby's coming.

All right, can you stand up?

What's wrong? What's the matter?

You okay? Just keep walking.
It's okay, it's okay.

Put your arm
on my shoulder, okay?

Okay. Almost there.

Please tell me you have the key.

You can just move that fence.

Move the fence. Okay.

Back door's unlocked.
Back door.

Deep breaths.

You good?
Yeah, I'm okay, okay.

Wait, wait, wait. I need Gail.

I need Gail
or Bill to come, please.

They're my guardians.

Please will you go get them?
No, we'll call them from the hospital.

No, I really need them. They're
just down there at the next cottage.

You just have to go down there.
They're right there, please?

Okay, yeah.

No, yeah. You just wait there.

Thank you. Sorry.


Couldn't just accept the ride.


Anybody home?


Grow cold so we'll
then get to cover it.


Where the hell are you?

listen, I'm at Melissa's okay.

You shouldn't be driving, you know that.
Listen... fuck!

I don't know what
you think you saw.

It was an accident.

What the fuck!




Hey, guys.
Yo, yo!

Dude! Dude, you missed the end.

The prom king got wasted

and fell of the stage.
It was hilarious.

Yeah, it's a shame to miss it.

Oh, yeah? Real shame, huh?

Driver, the lovers
have arrived. Onwards!


It's not connecting.

Reception's bad out here.
He's in trouble.

I heard it in his voice.

It's the baby, she due.

Well, then why doesn't
he pick up his phone?

He's driving.

He doesn't wanna talk
on the phone. He's a smart kid.


We'll find him.

You remember when Ronnie was born?
Of course.

God, that labor was so painful.

Screaming my head off.

But then when the doctor put his
little body right on my chest,

I just started laughing.

Do you remember?

He was so happy.

I think about that a lot.


the gate.



Forget it, nobody's here. Come on.
No, no. Let's look around.

Dr. Chase.

Nice to see you again.

Hey, Bill. Yeah, I moved
my trip up a couple of days.

Um, sorry to bother you,

this is a little odd. We're
looking for our son Philip.

He's 21, brown hair.
He's on crutches.

We got a call from him. He was
gonna meet up with Melissa,

but nobody's at the house. So...

I've been here for a bit,
and I haven't seen anyone.

You don't think
the baby's come? Do you?

I think that's a real
possibility, yes.

It's probably where he is,
down at the hospital.

You should check it out.

Gail's gone down
to the store for some food.

As soon as she's back,
we'll be on your tail.

Okay. Okay, good.

Sorry to bother you,
we'll see you at the hospital.

You head. What happened?


Number one rule in carpentry,

don't daydream.

I should take a look at that.
Oh, no, it's nothing. It's just a cut.

Nothing I haven't
done a thousand times.

So, I'll see you
down at maternity.


Something's not right.

Charlene, you don't
know that, all right.

We're gonna go to the hospital...
Why the hell are you so calm?

Because I'm not
jumping to conclusions.

You didn't hear him,
Richard, he's in trouble.

We will find him.

You didn't hear him, Richard.
He's not safe!

Okay, Charlene.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay,
somebody get me a wheelchair.

Wheelchair, now.

Okay, okay. Put her in there.
Okay, breathe.

Easy does it. There you go.

Okay. How far apart
are your contractions?

I don't know, a minute.

Okay, is there
someone we can call?

Gail Herman...
Can you tell me your name please?

Wait here.


Where are you?

Where are you?



She's dead.

Snapped her neck.
Oh, my God.

Outside. Outside. Call 911.

- I'm not getting a signal.
- Try again.

We have to find Philip.
He's not in the house.

What do we do, Richard?
I'm trying 911.

What do we do?
I don't know, it won't connect.

I'm not leaving without him.

Okay. That's it, that's it.
Big breath.

And bare down.
Push, push, push, push.

Come on, you can do this.
Push, push, push, push...

I'm so sorry.



I heard it.


Please be quiet.

That was Philip.


The woods.

He's in the woods.

Oh, God.




I never meant to hurt her.


I love you, Ronnie.

I love you, too.

You don't sound so sure.

I love Melissa Moody.

You know,

saying it to three people just
really isn't that impressive.

What you doing?

I'm going to tell the world.

Hey, world!

I love Melissa Moody!

Dude, you're insane.
You're insane.

Get back in the car, please.

Ignore him. One more time.

So, is your brother
coming tonight?

Yeah. Yeah, after prom.

At least he said he'd show up.

Hold on, I got to take this.

Okay. No problem.

Hey, mom.

What's his GCS?

All units south of Triphammer
respond to a 415 vehicle crash.

Officer Herman responding.
Three minutes out.

Goddamn Prom Night!

Every year.

And all of us at the library are

thrilled that he's
here with us again.

So, without further ado,
Mr. John Kendall.

Will you get back
in the goddamn car!

As children,

we ask big questions to try
to make sense of the world.

As adults, we offer
answers without proof.

I now understand
there isn't any single answer.

We must all walk our own path,

and find our own truth.

But I figure,

if I go my way,

and you go yours,

we'll all wind up
in the same place in the end.