Strange Behavior (1981) - full transcript

Widowed John Brady is the Chief of Police in small town Galesburg, Illinois, where he has lived most of his life. His only offspring, Pete Brady, is a bright high school senior. John has been in turmoil since the suspicious death of his wife Catherine years earlier, which he always believed had something to do with her boss, Dr. Le Sange, who himself died shortly after Catherine's passing. Only recently has John and Pete's home life gotten back on track with John dating Barbara Moorehead, a waitress at the local hangout, she who has known John for some time. John's life takes a turn for the worse when he has to investigate the brutal slashing murders of four townsfolk in four separate incidents. A brief eyewitness statement to one of the murders before the eyewitness herself is murdered is the only substantive evidence. However, the three other victims were the sons of long time friends of his. Those three friends have a special connection to John's past. As such, he believes if the pattern holds true that Pete may be the next intended target. What John is unaware of is that Pete, who has been trying to earn a little extra money in nearby Galesburg College in the Psychology Department with Mrs. Gwen Parkinson, is not the next target but that he unwittingly has a connection to the next intended murder.

We're leaving now, Bryan.

Okay, Mom.

Okay, all you cats out there.

Well, it's 9:00 in Galesburg

and apparently three or
four of those big trees

are already down on the
Cullum Avenue way.

I guess you could say
it's real dangerous,

woo, out there tonight
so watch out.

The college even reports
some students have drowned.

So for all you kids that didn't
make that drowning scene,

here's a song from
the Pop Mechanix.

Oh, shit.


Is that you?

Here, girl.

Hey, Jerry!

You know what it's
like to dry your hair

when the electricity
keeps going out?

Yeah, we know, Barbara.

We're trying to fix it now.

Well, if your boys are
counting on breakfast,

you better hurry it up.

You just keep it hot for us now, Barbara.

Well, Jerry Hendrix, I may blush.

I'm awake.

I swear to God I'm awake, Dad.

And Donovan, call the
college, will you,

and tell those guys to start
taking down the bleachers.

This town's gonna be a mess
for a couple of days, huh?


Oh, shit.

Yeah, here, too.

Yeah, probably Paul
up at Water and Power

screwing big Annie again.


Toss me a town, will you?

I cut my lip here.


Okay, look, call Chicago
and get a weather report,

will you?

If this thing's gonna
turn into a monsoon,

I want to know about it.


Do you have to do
that at the table?

It's gotta be done.

One of life's little
chores, you know.

It's enough to gag a maggot.

You were rolling around
here kinda late last night,

weren't you?

Had to fill out my application.

Dad, I still want
to go to Galesburg.

Yeah, you know the
old expression,

I know what's best for you?


Well, you don't seem to
be getting the message.

But I like it here.

It's our home.

You like it here, you
come back and live here.

I want you to get away,

see some things,
get an education,

then come back and stay.

But you know I won't.

No one ever does.

Morning, boys.

Morning, Mrs. Haskell.

I don't know what's
happening to this town.

The electricity doesn't work,

the phones don't ring.

Do you know I did the
Bailey house yesterday

and all four of their
TV sets were out.

Mrs. Haskell, a guy
could get a disease

walking around on this
floor, you know what I mean?

You wouldn't know a clean house

if it bit ya.


Did you know the um,
Hoffmans have gone away again?

They must leave those kids alone

for six months out
of every year.

I buy the food and
let me tell you,

it just rots in the icebox.

All those kids ever
eat are Twinkies.

They're just like animals.

Except for young
Timothy, of course.

And there's an orgy
there every single night.

Let me tell you,
one night when...

Morning, Mr. McNally.

See you later!

Why all the books, Oliver?


Uh, just a little
extra studying.

The lights, please.

Jesus, Mildred,
answer the phone.


Here are your messages
according their importance.

Oh, great.

Picked up Ralph Festerman again.

Ugh, Flo is on her way.

Did you call the college
like I asked you to?

John, the mayor's been calling.

His son is missing.

I need a beer, Donovan.

You know, they're a little
bit more than worried.

They went out last
night, came home late.

He was gone.


The son, Bryan.

His bed wasn't slept in,
that's how they noticed.

Oh, I'm sure he's all right.

Now, what about the
trees that are down?

Garbage is taking care
of that with Nelson.

Have 'em out of there by noon.

You got that thing
cranked all the way up?

Look, John, if you
want that any colder,

you're gonna have
to buy a new one.

Jesus, Donovan, I was just asking.

We know you speak
phonetically, Waldo,

it doesn't mean you
have to write that way.

Cindy McDonald.

Believe me, Cindy,
sleeping on it didn't help.

I agree with you,
Tommy, that Jane Eyre

is a woman with many problems,

however to suggest
that all she needed

is a good roll in
the hay is perhaps

missing the point slightly.

Ah, nice work, Roger.

Now, here's a paper that
had me completely baffled.

Mr. Myerhoff.

Nice work, an A.

It's incredible, an
A with my name on it.

Well, maybe he
got his mother to

stay home last night and help him.

Maybe I should get my
mom to come down here

tomorrow and beat the
crap out of you.

Oh, yeah, well maybe
you'd like to come out

later and try it, huh?

Oh, no problem,
Waldo, no problem.

Come on, this isn't free school.

Pete, Pete, can I
have a word with you?


Oh, yeah, right.

I'll just be cooling my heels
out in the hall or something.

You want anything?

One of these?

No, thanks.

Yeah, they get
smaller every year.

I saw Bob Cartwright yesterday.

He told me that
your class is doing

extremely well in
college applications.

The problem is my best student

hasn't submitted one yet.

You've got to get
one in soon, Pete.

Don't worry about it,
I'm working on it.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

No, it's my father.

He uh, he won't
help me out with my

application to Galesburg.

He has this thing about
Eastern schools.

Did you know that
he'd been accepted

to several Ivy League schools?


Yeah, it was a big
item in our class.

Why didn't he go?

Well, he met your mother.

Listen, I gotta go.

Pete, how's he
doing these days?

Oh, he's fine.

I gotta go, um, I'm in a hurry.

Uh, don't worry about it,
I'll get something in.

What's up?

Oliver, I need
some money for that

goddamn application
to Galesburg fast.

Yeah, you got no problem.

I know where you can
make lotsa money.


Yeah, no prob.

Oliver, who wrote
that paper for you?

I did, honest to
God, I swear to God.

I mean, I don't
know what happened.

Oliver, you couldn't
get an A on Sesame Street.


Hiya, John.

How much?

19 cents.

Where's the mayor?

He's in the back,
go on through.

Hi, Randy.


Listen, I hope you're not
too worried about this now.

I got Donovan out
snooping around.

You know, everybody's
keeping an eye out for him.

He'll turn up.

Thanks, John.

You and Linda didn't
have a beef with him

or anything, did you?

No, nothing like that.

He was just doing his
homework when we left.


Well, I'll call you about six.

Look, there was something.


A bit strange, I thought.

As we backed down the
drive last night,

there was a car parked in front.

See anybody in it?

I don't think so.

Guess I should have looked.

Don't worry about it.

I'll call you about six.


A clear and unnatural picture

begins to form in my mind.

They're gonna strap
me into some chair

and poke around with
my gray cells, right?

Would you just wait a
minute and listen to me?

Two sessions, two days,
a hundred bucks a day.

Listen, I did the first
one already and look at me.

You're very ugly.

Very ugly, you know, the
biggest question in my life

is what to do with 200 dollars.

But no problem, buddy,

I just thought it may be a fast

and easy way to make money.

This view of human behavior

was first put forward
by John Watson in 1912.

Of course, as one might expect,

Mr. Watson was not
a popular fellow.

His impact was not
felt until much later.

As always, the combined
forces of the Freudians

and the so-called
humanists had served...

What is this character?

- Shh.
- At least temporally.

The realists who
were saying, "Look!

"Look at the data."

So, let us have a
look at the data.

May we set up the
demonstration, please?

When I was doing
graduate work in Munich,

about a hundred years ago,

the faculty were
extremely unsympathetic

to what we were trying to do.

Impatient staff.

Is the demonstration ready?


Now, you will observe
that this is

an ordinary chicken.

However, this is no
ordinary professor.

He's dead.

They keep his lectures on tape.

But as described in
the Golub monograph,

our little friend here
can show us clearly

that behavior is nothing more

than the sum of the
mechanical activities

of our bodies.

All right, now.

Mr. Chicken,

please raise your right leg.

He's kidding, right?


Raise your left leg.

And now, please,

turn so that you are
facing the class.

If anybody wishes to know more

about operant conditioning,

I suggest that you read the
Golub monograph tonight.

Excuse me, Miss Parkinson.

Hello, Oliver.


You ready for today's session?

Yes, ma'am.

Uh, remember, you told
me to spread the word

about the experiments
to all my friends?


I'd like you to
meet Pete Brady.


We always welcome the
chance for new blood.

Well, are you busy
in the afternoons?


Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?


Good, then I'll meet
you in my office at 3:00.

Now, Oliver, your turn.

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, see you later, Pete.

Uh, Pete.

Are you by any chance
related to John Brady?

He's my father, why?

Does he know you'll be
up here working with us?

No, that's the idea.

Okay, good.

After the biggest
storm that you've ever seen,

we're still here making
tunes and news for you today

in your radio station.

As the sun shines...

We want to advise you to watch
out for those road patches...

We'll be here with these
tunes to keep you happy

and news...

Hi, Pete.

Oh, God, I was looking for that.


He sleeping?

I just came by to
fix him some dinner.

Otherwise, I don't
think he'd ever eat.

When are you two getting
married, anyway, huh?


Well, I don't think
it's gonna be this week,

if you know what I mean.

Pete, can I fix you something?

A BLT or...

No, thanks, I gotta
go to a party.


Well, have fun.

Did you hear about
the mayor's son?

Been missing a whole day now.

Yeah, I heard.


See you later.


Hey, slow down.

Slow down.

That's the house the
Browns moved into.

So what?

So what?

Lucy Brown gets around.

She's only 13, for
Christ's sakes.

No problem there.

Olly, you've got
a very sick mind.

A very sick mind.

And naturally when the

gross operating revenues
rise above 7.8 level,

we're faced with a diminishing
return on our investment.

I'm still waiting to
hear what that means

in plain, simple English.

It means we gotta stop

paying out so much gratis.

Mr. Richards is quite right.

The cost of doing
business is rising.

And that's the way
it's gonna be.

Anybody who doesn't do
business officially,

the boys'll have to pay for it.

We're getting a smaller
cut of the pie.

Any beefs?

Who's there?

Stay there, dear.

You're always hearing things.

We better go back to the old ways

and start breaking
a few heads again.

Go on, beat it.

Go on.

Hi, boys, you're late.

Christ, Sarah, you look good.

Aren't I great?

This party is in honor
of independence.

Do you know what that means?

I'm not wearing any underwear.


Really great, Sarah.

That's real good.

♪ Listen to me baby you
gotta understand ♪

♪ You're old enough to
know the makings of a man ♪

♪ Listen to me baby it's
hard to settle down ♪

♪ Am I asking too much
for you to stick around ♪

♪ Every boy wants a girl he
can trust to the very end ♪

♪ Baby that's you
won't you wait ♪

Ooh, come on, Pete,
you'll make it grow!

♪ When I see lipstick
to be kissed ♪

♪ I can't stop see I
can't stop myself ♪

♪ Lightning's striking again ♪

♪ Lightning's striking again ♪



What are you?

I came as Joe.

Joe who?

Joe Mama!

Very strange looking
people at this party.


Especially you.

Look who's talking, you know?


Don't you think it's
about time we danced?

Oh, come on, you jerk!

♪ Forgive and forget ♪

♪ And I'll make up for
all the lost time ♪

♪ If she's put together fine ♪

♪ If she's reading
my mind stop ♪

♪ I can't stop I
can't stop myself ♪

♪ Lightning is striking again ♪

♪ Lightning is striking
again and again ♪

♪ And again and again ♪

♪ Lightning is striking again ♪

♪ Lightning is striking again ♪

♪ There's a chapel
in the pines ♪

♪ Waiting for us
around the bend ♪

What's up, sister?

Pete is ignoring me.


Just doesn't like
you anymore, Sarah.



Well, well, well!

Try to make it in the
hole, huh, Waldo?

Shut up.

Quit it, Waldo!

I don't have time for this.

Hello, Lucy.

I'm sorry.

I missed you.

Come on.


Ass yourself.

What's wrong with
you tonight, Lucy?

Gotta go home.

Come on, honey, hmm?


♪ But it really doesn't
suit my style ♪

Jeez, this is a
real nice place.

You know they got a golf
course and everything?


♪ So I think I'll just
act bored instead ♪

♪ And contain the blood
I would've shed ♪

What the hell do you
think you're doing, Waldo?

That's it, let's get going.

Oh, now, wait a minute.

Five more minutes, okay?

After the song.

No, I'm not kidding.

They're gonna check my
room after the news.


♪ That even mother
couldn't tell ♪

♪ But my baby's so vain
she is almost a mirror ♪

It won't move.

♪ Shiver down my spine ♪

I think it's stuck in the mud.

That's just great,
now what am I gonna do?

Look, I'll fix it.

Sit over here and gun
it while I go back

and push, all right?

Look, I told you to stay
up there and gun it.

I'll tell you when.

Tell me when, Waldo.

Come on, I gotta get going.


I can't swim!


No, please, no!

♪ Whoa whoa yeah yeah
this is the Ritz ♪

Jason and Mike were
telling me about

some of the things
that you like to do.

Oh, did they?


Wait a minute, did
you hear something?

I don't think so.

♪ This is it ♪

Well, I'd like to
believe that they're true.

Oh, well, it's not.

♪ And I don't want
to depend on it ♪

I did hear something this time.

Jesus Christ!


Oh my God.

Oh, no!

♪ This is it whoa
whoa yeah yeah ♪

♪ This is the Ritz ♪

♪ Whoa whoa yeah yeah ♪

♪ Yeah love's like the Ritz ♪


Oh, my back!

Quiet, Jasper.

He's just saying
good morning to me.

Mm, mm, mm!


You boys can come up now.

I know that, Randy.



Yeah, I'll call you later.

Yeah, bye.

You wanna get me some coffee?

Mrs. Haskell get in all right?

Yeah, she needs to be paid.

It's so weird, all
of this happening here, huh?

How's Lucy doing?

She's okay.

Get your feet off my desk.

What about you boys?

Anything about that party
I should know about?

Nah, it was a
pretty normal party.


What about you, Oliver?

I don't even remember
anything, you know?

Why not?


Guess I drank too much beer,

'cause I slept through
the whole thing.

How'd you get home?

I don't remember.

Just a total blackout.

You and Waldo weren't the
best of friends, were you?

Well, no, but...

Nobody liked Waldo.

Yeah, nobody did.



You got a phone call.

Well, who is it?


She says it's urgent.

What is it, Barb,
I'm busy up here.

All right.

Okay, yeah, I'll be right there.


All right, you guys try
to stay out of trouble

till I get to the
bottom of this.


Tell Collins to get out to
17 just beyond the plant.

Tell him to put
some goddamn film

in his camera this time.


Stay by the radio.

Ah, man.


You feel like going to
the gym and working out?

I feel like I've been in a
train wreck or something.

What time is it?

Man, I gotta go to
the laboratory.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that's right,
that's right.

They look great, Paula.

I spent all last night baking

and I didn't eat a single one.

Have one.

Maybe I should wait.

No, no, it's okay,
it won't bother me.

I don't know how you do it.

They took all the
fun out of it.

I just don't enjoy
eating anymore.


You can go on in now.

Go on, have one.

She used to weigh 300 pounds.

A real balloon, if you
know what I mean.

Pete Brady.

Have a seat.

Can I ask you something?


What are you doing here?

Making some money,
the same as you.

No, I work out here,
not back there.

They kill little
rabbits back there.


You can go on into her office.

Just follow the yellow line.

I'm sorry, sir,
that's restricted.

They never allow us in there.

Sorry to keep you
waiting, Pete.

Um, I'm finished
in Room 5, Nagel.

Well, have you been
having a look around?

Did you teach them all
those tricks in there?

I wouldn't exactly
call them tricks.

Hello, Jamie.

How are you doing?


Keep up the good work.

I want a Coke and
a pinball game.

Well, just a minute, I'll check.

That's okay, it
looks like you have

a sufficient amount of points.

Does he live here?

No, he just spends
his day with us.

What's wrong with him?

Well, two years ago there
used to be a lot wrong with him,

but he was a very interesting
case, quite unique, you know.

He couldn't walk,
he couldn't talk,

he could only vaguely
imitate sounds

he picked up from others.

He'd been tested
for intelligence

and scored very, very low.

Naturally, his parents
have taken him everywhere,

but he was labeled a vegetable.

Until he was brought to us.

What did you do?

Well, we discovered
that his parents

were actually encouraging
his antisocial behavior,

so we ignored him
until he decided

to do things our way.

You know, it's
extraordinary about parents,

you know, they really
should go into training.

You know how they are.

One minute they reward
you for something

and the next minute
they're slapping you

if you do something wrong.

I mean, these people, they're
just sort of amateurs.

I'm not sure they should even

be allowed to have children.

Yeah, it's very bad.

We're gonna have to go
see Randy right away.

And Donovan.

I think you better call Chicago,

we're gonna need
some help on this.

Did you manage
to sign the papers

that Mrs. Wiser gave you?



Good, then we can begin.

Today I'm going to
make you smarter.

Much, much smarter.

This is a drug called PRL-B58.

It works on the central
part of the brain.

It helps to firm up
the connections.

Everybody has a lot of
information in their brain,

they're just not
in touch with it.

It's harmless.

Is it?

Let me put it this way, Pete.

With this little pill,
the world will be yours

for the next few days.

You'll be smarter, you'll
be more in control,

in fact, you'll be able
to do anything you want.

Now, stick out your tongue.


Hmm, nice healthy red.



Come on.

Come on.

The sooner you do, the
sooner Mrs. Wiser

will have your check ready.

You see?

Little behavior
modification right there.

You're doing fine.

Is that it?

Yes, for today.

Well, perhaps we should...

Perhaps we should do
a little experiment.

Try and repeat this
word after me.



Very good.

Right on the nose.

I feel good.

I feel a little high, am I
supposed to feel a little high?

I'll see you tomorrow, Pete.

Very good.


Listen, Felix, I'd just as
soon read the reports here.

Oh, no, you should
see the difference

between the way Waldo was cut up

as compared to Bryan.

Waldo's got these
classic knife wounds,

probably done with
a butcher knife,

big kitchen knife,
something like that.

Bryan, on the other hand,
has what appears to be

surgical incisions
around his eyes.

It looked like they've
done with a scalpel.

As a matter of fact, if
I didn't know better,

I'd be inclined to say that
they were done surgically.

Anything else?

Would you like to look
at the wounds on Waldo?

No, I don't think so.

Well, it might be interesting.

They're very erratic.

I've gotta give
this some thought.

Uh, just send me the reports.

Well, whatever you want.

I thought you should
see these yourself.

Just send the reports over.

I was just wondering, are
you doing anything tonight?


Well, I have to
tell you about Tad.

Now, he was a mouse, but I
got sort of attached to him.

Maybe it's because
he had a name.

I don't know, anyway,
they dyed his hair,

then they scraped it off.

They fed him till
he couldn't move,

then they starved him.

They castrated him.

They even refrigerated him once.

They cut him open twice,
once to take out a pancreas,

once to take out a lung.

They even cut out his eye.

I mean, that's incredible.

That's incredible.

Would you like to order now?

I'll have the liver, please.

No, um...

We'll have the Chateaubriand,
we want it rare.

Um, sauteed in lots of
mushrooms, lots of onion,

keep the butter out, okay,
we don't want any fat.

You know what I mean?

I'll have the
liver, thank you.

Just bring me a
cheeseburger, okay?

I feel weird, but I feel pretty great.

Are you sure you're okay?

Oh, I never felt better.

You got great legs.

How do you know?

How long you been
going to this school?

About a year.

'Cause I'm going to
be going here next year.

Got a basketball scholarship.

Aren't you a little small
to be playing basketball?

I have brains, talent,
135 pounds of twisted

iron and steel.

What's the matter, don't
you like basketball?

No, not madly.

You will, honey.

You will.

You know, you're
making me really nervous.

Are you sure Parkinson
didn't give you something?

No, it's probably
you never had dinner

with a gourmet shrimp before.


So do you have any
brothers or sister?

No, it's just
my father and me.

Well, what about your mom?

She's dead.

Died when I was a year old.


I'm sorry.

Oh, no, no, it's been
great with my father.

Hey, I remember
when I was a kid.

My friends, they practically
lived at my house.

And if anybody ever did
anything really horrible,

they always got away with it.

You see, my father is
the top cop in this town.

Ooh, trouble.

Here we are, this
is where I live.

Do you live alone?

This is Margie, Joanna, Carol.

Get the picture?

This is Pete.

His dad's the top cop in town.

I thought we'd all feel safer

if I brought him home.

Oh, that's a great idea.

You wouldn't mind
checking under my bed

near my closet would you?

Not at all.

Not at all.

Well, the house is clear.

Why don't you lock
the door, Pete?

I wish we could turn
back the clock, Donovan.

I got a real uneasy feeling
about tonight, you know?

My stomach won't sit still.

Now we got the medical
examiner's report.

He thinks we got two
lunatics out there

cutting people up.

Where'd you get that necktie?

Monkey Wards.

Oh, yeah, you sure?

You're slipping around
again, aren't you?

You got a new girl I
don't know about, huh?

Oh, no.

You do, don't you?

- No.
- You old fart.

Are you holding out on me again?

Who the hell are you?

Detective Shea,
Chicago Homicide.

I understand you
guys need some help.

Yeah, well, you
could say that.

We've never had anything
in this town before.

Probably routine for
the likes of you.

Kinda routine, yeah.

Hey, uh, you guys got
a shot of bourbon?

That's a long tough drive
down to this jerk town.

Yeah, took Route 66 all the way.


Well, good luck.

Yeah, it gets routine.

We've seen plenty.

Hell, back in '55 we found
nine bodies in one house.


You wouldn't believe it.

I tell you, there
was different parts

of different bodies
in different rooms.

You get the picture.

One nurse, we couldn't
find all the parts.

Had to make up kind
of a composite

of bits and pieces missing
from all the other bodies.

You know, a nice
little ass here,

a little tit over there.

It all added up.

One guy did 'em all.

Yeah, he's back on
the street now.

Oh, sure, got out of Joliet
a couple of years ago.

I'll be back in an hour.

It's three minutes after nine

and my name is Roger Maynard.

The question tonight
on Talkathon,

what will you do if the big bomb

hits Chicago tomorrow?

My number is six...

Leaving the boy alone
in an empty house.

What a mess.

Timothy, I'm here.

Kid never listens.

Not that that's surprising.

Parents been away so much.


I can make you a snack now.

Never saw such bad
table manners.

No wonder.

Parents like that.

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

Hey, Timothy.

I think the least you can do is

come down here and
say hello to me.

The things that kid makes me do.

♪ Every year the
same migration ♪

♪ Take the elevator up ♪

♪ Now we've got lemmings
on the concrete ♪

♪ And some girl had her view
spoiled by what was going on ♪

Okay, Timothy, you
can't get away now.

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

I don't have to scream
above that noise.

Not clever enough, young fella,

I know you're in there!

Still the kid doesn't answer me.


Is anything wrong?


I'm coming in.

Eleven years old and
still leaves the water...

Oh, thank God, Mildred!

Where's Mr. Brady?

Get him!

Please, hurry.

Oh, thank God, Mr. Brady!

There's been the
most horrible...

The Hoffman boy.


Yes, I will.




Who are you?

Oh, stop, please!

Oh, oh!

Shut up, Mildred,
and listen to me.

She's about 20 years
old, brown hair, fat!

Yeah, well, put
him on, will you?

Hello, Jordan, listen,
get that goddamn stuff

down here, will you?

We're waiting for it.

All right.


Randy, these guys are
detectives from Chicago.

This is Randall
Morgan, our mayor.

Oh, Mr. Morgan, now listen,

we're gonna do
everything we can.

The scientific stuff is on
the way down from Chicago.

I don't know if it's
gonna do any good.

Right now all we got to go on

is the description of the
killer from last night.

That was um, young
overweight female.

Look, I just hope we
got enough troops

to get us through tonight
without an incident.

That's it?

Four people killed in this town

and that's all you know?


I'm gonna find out who
did this, I swear to God.

I promise you that.

I know, John.

I'm sorry.

I just buried my boy.

Where's Caroline?

She comes in at four today.


Well, there they
are, 2000 girls.

May I ask what you're
gonna do with them?

We're going to
find the fat ones.

Here are the files
from the college.

135 overweight girls.

All right, let's get started.

Pete, would you
follow me, please?

Well, so far I've
come up with five

dark-haired ones, all
sharing the same dorm

and I got about some eight
in the psychology department

and three lacrosse players.

- Lacrosse?
- Yeah.

What's that about the
psychology department?

I don't know what it means.

Some program called
104 or something.

Let me see that.

I think we should go
up there right now

and check this out.

Oh, what a minute.

We haven't even seen
all the profiles yet.

They been running
wacko experiments

up there for years, the
government pays for everything.

It's bullshit!

Well, whatever they're doing,

they've got girls that
fit the description.

There are four more.

I feel like one of the animals.

Now, I'll just
strap your arms in.

Do you have to?

It's for your own protection.

What we're going to do
today is a little delicate

and I need you immobile.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, I'd like
to know a little more

about what's going
on before you start.

This is a very, very
exciting experiment.

How did you feel after
your pill yesterday?

Anything strange?

No, I felt pretty good,

but what are we gonna do today?

Could you be a little
more specific, please?

Well, we're going
to do an experiment

on the chemical reaction
of the limbic system.

Could you look this way, please?

What are those needles for?

What are you sticking me with?

Yesterday we worked
on your memory,

today we're going to work
on your motor responses.

Like that chicken
in the classroom?

In a way, yes.

No fuckin' way, lady!

I'm not doing this shit.

Now, Pete, just relax.

Forget it, come on, please.

Just relax.

Please, listen, I
won't tell anybody.


Oh, really, you won't
remember a thing, really.

Just let me, let me go!

Pete, I...

Let me go!

See ya, Brenda.


Can I help you?

Yeah, you can get
Mrs. Parkinson out here.

It would help if I had a name.

Brady, John Brady.

Chief Brady.

I'm sorry, but she
won't be available

for the next few hours.

Let me put it to
you this way, honey.

You either get her
down here or I go in.

Now, just relax, Pete,
it'll be over in no time.

It'll be just like yesterday,
you won't feel a thing.

Excuse me, Pete.

Help, somebody, help!

Thank you.

Brady's here to see you.

I don't know, Brady.

I've been working
homicide for over 20 years

and why you're up here
looking at a bunch of

pigeons and rabbits
and ducks and rats

beats the hell out of me.

Mr. Brady.

Haven't seen you in years.

What can I do for you gentlemen?

You been doing
experiments on fat girls

up here, Parkinson?

We have a small student
program for obesity, yes.

Even some of the faculty members

and their wives have joined in.

It's a little informal,
but it's been very

successful in helping
them all lose weight.

Save the crap for
somebody else.

You got a list of the
people in the program?

We've heard your
views on our work

in the past, Mr. Brady.

I won't have you
maligning us again.

And now, gentlemen, I
presume you're here

to make some inquiries
about these

murders in Galesburg.

How can I help you?

You got a list of
people in the program?

Well, as I said,
it's very informal.

But I'm sure we do, yes.

Now, bring up what you've
got on the weight program,

would you?

Thank you.

Thank you.

May I ask what this is for?


Listen, Mrs. Parkinson,

now we happen to know
that last night's killer

was a young, overweight female.

Certainly not very
much to go on, is it?

Well, if you'll
excuse me, gentlemen,

I really was in the
middle of something

rather important.


What the hell's this?

That was left in
honor of Dr. LeSange,

when he died three years ago.

Yeah, I know when
he died, Parkinson,

I want to know what
it's doing here.

It's not doing
anything, Mr. Brady,

it just happens to be there.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'm really very busy.

Open it up.

Oh, Doctor.

Open it up, Parkinson.

John, this is all in the past.

I know you're in a great
deal of pressure,

we all are, but...

Quit stalling and
open the fucking door!

Happy, Mr. Brady?

Help me!

Excuse me!

What are you doing back here?

Well, I was just
taking my break.

Well, just go back to work.

Go on.

Now, we're running very late

and I wish you'd stop all this.


My pop has a permit...

No, no, no, it's
okay, it's okay.

Let me have one of those.

What color would you like?

Uh, pink.

I know she'll love 'em.

Yeah, she'll love 'em.

How do you feel?


A little weak, maybe.

Well, Pete, our work is over.

Thank you for contributing
to the program.

I have a slight headache.

It'll pass.

You can collect your
check from Mrs. Wiser.

What time is it?

Almost seven.

It's funny.

I don't remember falling asleep.

Goodbye, Pete.

I don't know why, but I've been

hungry ever since I met you.

Could you eat?

Well, depends.

I got an idea, let's
go over to Steak N Shake.

You can meet Barbara.

All right, sure,
I'd like that.

Can I fix you something?

You sure?

I bought a new dress.


I know it's crazy, with
all this going on,

I just thought it might
make me feel better.

It's got this beautiful slip.


John, stop thinking about it.

Doesn't do you any good.

I know you think it's crazy,

but it's the only
way I can see it.

Last couple of days
I've been trying

to figure it out, you know?

I mean, why would anybody
wanna kill Randy's boy,

Jake Davis's boy?

Now Frank Hoffman's.

Three of the best-liked
men in this town,

all of them born here.

Don't you see?

See what?

These were the guys
who sided with me.

LeSange is getting his revenge.


Oh, John, please.

You know, when I first
read that he'd died,

I wondered why I
didn't feel happy.

Relieved, vindicated, you know?

And then I realized
it was 'cause

I just didn't believe it.

I mean, I knew that
he wouldn't just

disappear like that without
trying to get back at me.

He's too...

He's too evil, too smart.

You know, I actually had
a chance to kill him once?

It was about six months
after Katharine's funeral

and I was alone in
a room with him

and I couldn't do it.

John, I can't listen to
you talk this way anymore.

It's over.

I sat here and listened
to you talk this way

for five years.

Five years and it
was hard on me.

Very hard.

But you started to come back.

I can't go through that again.

I can't watch you go
away from me again.

She's dead.

And he's dead and the
dead don't come back

and take revenge, they don't.

He isn't dead.


He isn't dead.

I know it.

John, where are you going?


Oh, no, Barbara's not here.

No, it's just me tonight.

Can I fix you anything?

Yeah, I guess we'll
have something.

Pete, what's wrong?

I don't feel so good.


What's the trouble here?

Are you okay?

Yeah, somebody help
me to the bathroom.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.


You okay in there?

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'll be right out.

I'm sorry.

Oh, it's okay.

I gotta go.

I'll drop you off.

No, I'll take you home.







They buried the sumbitch
in a three bedroom house.


This is crazy.

Stay out of the way, Barbara.

What do you think you're
going to find, John?

Think you can get
your fingers in there?


Can you get your
fingers in here?

In there?

Never mind, I'll
get it with this.

Just get out of the way,

this thing could
take your foot off.

Come on, you fucker.


Look at this.

Who are you?

I'm Caroline,
Mr. Brady, I met you...

Don't you kids leave this house.

Pete, where is he?

He's upstairs.

What's going on?


Tell me what's happening.

You need to stay here with the girls.

I'm not kidding.

Don't leave the house
till I get back.

John, be careful!

John, do you want
me to call Donovan?

Do you want me to call
the state police?

Do you want me to call anybody?

Oh, God, what can I do?


What's going on,
where is he going?


It's started all over again.

Barbara, where is he going?

Anyway, she found it
hard to give it all up

when she married your dad.

She was so devoted to her work.

'Course, people in town
said it was the doctor

she was devoted to, but
I never believed that.

Anyway, they were
very happy together,

especially around the
time you were born.

But your mom wasn't the kind
of woman to stay at home.

So she went back to
work about a year later.

And that's when all
that scandal started.

All that whispering
in town about

things going on at the college

and all those crazy experiments
Dr. LaSange was doing

with all his people.

And about that time,
your dad noticed

some changes in your mom, too.

She'd come home from
work and she'd be on edge

and she'd be...

Upset about her work.

And so she decided to quit.

Well, then the last few weeks,

she would stay up
there late at night

trying to finish her work.

And one night...

She didn't come home.

So he went up there to find her.

She was lying across
her desk, all pale

and unconscious and she
couldn't get her breath.

And later, at the hospital,
we were all there,

she said it was like she
was drowning and like,

like somebody was...

Smothering her.

And it took over an
hour and then she died.

And um...

Your father just wouldn't
believe the reports,

you know, she had this
history of asthma,

but he wouldn't believe it.

He always believed that
there was a connection

between LaSange and her death.

Well, I moved away to
Florida after that

and got a lot of
letters from your dad.

He was always trying to
come up with something new,

but nothing ever
turned up till now.

I've gotta get to him.

Pete, you can't help him.

Nobody can help him.

Pete, don't you think
we should call the police?

We don't need them.

Look, you can't drive
in that condition!


Mr. Brady, I see
you've found your way.

Can you hear me all right?

Yeah, I can hear you.

Pete, what did they
do to you up there?

They're waiting

What is wrong with you?

You're acting so weird.

Pete, stop the car,
just pull over.

Please sit down, Mr. Brady,

I assure you there
is no way out.

There's no way out for you

this time, sweetheart.


I know you're in there, asshole.

I know you can hear me.

Relax, Mr. Brady.


You cold-hearted bitch.

You remember me, don't you?

I'm gonna take good care of you.

I'm gonna give you the
big one this time, honey.

I'm gonna do these
rabbits here a favor,

I'm gonna blow the two of
you off the fucking planet.

My God, kid, what
did they do to you?

Oh, shit, what did they do?

What did you do?

Now, before we begin, Pete,

I want you to take the
gun from Mr. Brady.



We can take 'em,
we can stop 'em.

Peter, don't do this.

The choice is
yours, Mr. Brady.

Either give him the
gun or shoot him.

I can't stop you.

I don't have a gun.

The choice is yours, Mr. Brady.


That a boy.

Let me have it.

That a boy.

Well done, Pete.

Now let's get him ready.

Come on, guys, this isn't
the night to be out playing.

She looks dead.

Oh my God, she's dead!

Would you shut up, she's
breathing for Christ's sake.

Oh my God.


It'll be all right.

We'll take you to the infirmary,

it's just down the hill.


Gotta find Pete.

Shh, everything'll
be all right.

Come on out here
where I can see you.

Hello, Mr. Brady.

Surprised to see me?

The shock.

As you can see, my
legs have gone,

but I live on.

I would give up my
organs one at a time

if necessary to
continue my work.

Since I have been buried,

since I have been
officially dead,

I have been able to
make great progress.

I shoulda killed you
when I had the chance.

Ah, but you didn't.

That's the difference
between us.

Your pathetic,
sleepy little town.

You people know nothing.

You know nothing about
the real world.

What did you do to my kid?

Quite an impressive young man.

He has his mother's genes.

Now, there was a woman of
great intelligence and talent.

I was sorry to lose her.

She was so happy
before she met you,

so dedicated.

I miss her.


Oh, you better
shut your mouth!

And tonight, Pete
will be the beneficiary

of our years of research.

My new drug.

You're about to see
a demonstration.

A forceful demonstration, I hope,

of just what it can do.

It is remarkable.

In time it can be used
to empty out prisons,

to teach backward children,

to help the disturbed.

Our society can be rebuilt.


Don't hesitate, now, do
exactly as I told you.

Oh, Jesus.

The other carve now.

Don't do that!

Oh, Jesus.

LeSange, this is
between you and me,

this doesn't have
anything to do with him!

Leave him out of this!

I assure you, Pete
will not be harmed.

I could not do that
to Katharine's son.

My drug will wear
off in a few hours.

There will be no
memory, no guilt.

Pete, are you ready?


Kill your father.

Pete, don't.

Don't do it.

Pete, don't.

Don't do it, don't.


Pete, finish up, please.

Kill your father now.

Pete, don't, don't, don't.

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

Do not stop again,
kill your father.

No, Pete, no!

No, Pete, your father,
kill your father!

You are my father.

Stop it!

Come on, over there.

Come on.

Move these people back away
from the rear of the car.

Ah, step back, folks.

Back, please.


Where the hell is that guy?

We gotta go.

It's late, they'll
be there by now.

What'll it be, guys?

Congratulations, John,
I heard the good news.

Oh, thanks, Alvin.

Uh, let me have a
beer and a little

taste of that bourbon.

Me, too.

I'll just have a beer, thanks.

Do you have an ID?

Alvin, this is my kid.

What's the matter with you?

Didn't recognize
you in your suit.

Dear friends, let us turn
to the Lord and pray.


Were you nervous?

Well, it's over now.

He looked great, didn't he?

I just kept looking
at him and thinking

he looked just great.

♪ Maybe it's the winter ♪

♪ Cold can get to you that way ♪

♪ But you don't find
and that's the symptom ♪

♪ You just hide yourself away ♪

♪ Waving ahead in traffic ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Hanging in a horror film ♪

♪ Every year the
same migration ♪

♪ Take the elevator up ♪

♪ Now we've got lemmings
on the concrete ♪

♪ And some girl had
her view spoiled ♪

♪ But what was going on ♪

♪ Now your clothes are worn ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪

♪ Jumping out a window ♪