Stranded in Paradise (2014) - full transcript

When a driven HR exec loses her high-powered job, she travels to Puerto Rico in an attempt to save her career at a business conference. But as the trip quickly becomes a disaster and a hurricane shuts down the whole island, she meets a handsome world traveler who gives her a new perspective on finding passion in life-and love.

[upbeat music playing]


[beeping stops]

[upbeat music playing]

-You are going to paradise.
-For work.

If you don't go, I'll go.

Please tell me you won't spend

the entire time working
at the conference.

Have a little fun for me.

Now, that would not be a
good use of company resources,
would it?

Erin, why is this so thick?
Is this non-conference options?

In case you change your mind.

Think about it, Tess.
The sun, the sand,
the opportunities.

Anything could happen.

I'm so jealous.

Don't be.

-[Clara] You wanted to see me?
-Hey, Clara.


Yes, I have some bad news.

[Tess] Really though,
this isn't personal.

-It feels personal.
-No, of course not.
I mean, if it was up to me,

-this would
never even be happening.
-[Clara] I know. I know.

Listen. Restructuring a business
is never easy.

You see, they call these
tough decisions because
they're just that... tough.

And... and you're the toughest
of all for me. Just know that.

I thought you were grooming me
to be your replacement
when you got your promotion.

I... I am... I was.

You're the only person
that should head up
this department after I leave,

but you know Len's
taken over everything.

Everything's different now.

I don't like change.

You know, I'm headed over
to the H.R. conference
in a couple days.

Oh, yeah.
The one in Puerto Rico.

These things are like gold mines
when it comes to
finding new jobs.

I'm gonna see
what I can dig up for you.

Thank you, Tess.

[Erin] I'm glad that's
the last one.
We were running out of tissues.

Can you call Mona
and confirm lunch today?

You have lunch with your mother
every month
at the same restaurant.

-Yes, well, you know Mona.
She's a stickler for routine.
-I'll call her.

I told Len you'd be up as soon
as you were done
with your meeting.

-Oh, thank you.
-Are you gonna ask about the--

No, I'm not gonna be asking
about promotions today.

-[Jeff] Tess, uh...

My sciatica's acting up again.

I think I need a new doctor.

But you just got that new one.

Yeah, well, he's great and all,
but I think he thinks
I'm a hypochondriac.

-Oh, really?
-[Burt] Tess, I really need
to talk to you

-about changing my deferral.
-Yes, you do.

[woman 1] Oh, do you know how
many vacation days I have left?

Rod and I decided to take our
second honeymoon this summer.

-Thank you.

I'll get those dates for you.

Ah, Burt, I need you to set up
a meeting with Erin.

I want to know exactly
what percentage

we need to take out
of the budget

to make sure that it works
the best for you.
But do it right away, okay?

-Thanks, Tess.
-Jeff, guess what?

-I figured something out
for you.

-Standing up desk.

[Jeff] No way. Thanks, Tess.

Hey, Len. Sorry.

Oh, Tess. Please, have a seat.


Oh, no, I just had my
conversation with Clara, so--

[Len] Oh, and how did that go?

It's difficult, you know?
They all are.

Yeah, restructuring
a company isn't easy.

That's exactly what I said,
of course.

-And tough decisions are tough
for a reason.

That is why without question
you are the toughest one of all.

When I took over this company,
my father's company,

to go beyond
a local online retailer.

[clears throat]
We're more than that.

But while going over the books,

I realized that
although some departments

would have to address
some cutbacks,
one was fully expendable.


It's all about streamlining now.
Erin will come work with me,

and Jeff from accounting
will handle the micro tasks

such as payroll, vacations,
blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. "Blah, blah, blah."

You know, you can't have
a company without
a human resources department.

It's impossible, actually.

There's issues that come up
with humans daily, hourly--

Which is why we will be hiring
a H.R. consultant to manage
the macro issues, monthly.

By the way, Tess,
you are welcome
to apply for this position.

Oh, that's great.
I can apply for a position?

Here at this company?
That I've worked for
for 15 years?

You know, your... your father
hired me right
out of business school.

And that is exactly
why your name would go

to the top of the list.

Dad always spoke
very highly of you.

I hope you understand.
This is nothing personal.

-[Tess] This isn't happening.
-[Erin] It shouldn't be

This is actually happening.
I've been fired.

-I'm so sorry, Tess.
-I'm a straight "A" student.
I got my MBA with honors.

-Len doesn't know
what he's doing.
-What am I gonna tell my mother?


[door opens, closes]

[Mona] I had to order
without you.


You look pale. Are you eating?

There's some stuff going on
at work right now and--

Like your promotion, I hope.
-[Tess] No.


No? Darling, you've worked there

You've... you've worked
your way up from secretary.

Mom, it's... it's "assistant."

Assistant, secretary. Who cares?
You're head of human resources.

The next natural step
is vice president.

Listen, restructuring
a business is
really complicated sometimes,

-so that's just something
I want to--
-[Mona] Which is why...

your experience
is so vital right now.

You need to make that point
clear to that "Len Person."

-In times of chaos,

you have to be the one
to take charge.

I know.

[sighs] When your father left me
and you were just a toddler,

I could have sat around
watching soap operas and crying.
But I didn't.

I got three jobs, I raised you,

and I didn't take
a single nickel from anyone,
not family, not federal.

-You know I'm right.

-No. No, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
-If you can--

Excuses are for people
who don't succeed.

You succeed 'cause
that's the way I raised you.


Now, here is what
you're gonna do.

You're gonna go back to
the office and you're gonna do
what you need to do.

You have to make it happen.
Okay, you have to take--


You'll find a way.

You always do.



What's... what's going on?

-Don't cancel my trip
to Puerto Rico.

-Put the charges on that card.
-Wait. What?

-Are you taking a vacation?

-Please tell me
you're taking a vacation.
-Not a vacation.

I'm doing something better.
I'm gonna find a new job.

[upbeat music playing]

[Tess] Oh, no, no. Excuse me.

Hi. Excuse me.
Hi. I'm running late.

Change immediately.

Thank you.

I got it.


My shoes... here?

Ma'am, is this yours?

Oh, that's okay. That's okay.

I just need my shoes, please.

-Could you get my shoes?
Did you see where my shoes went?
-No, sorry.

Did anyone see my shoes?
I just came over here,
and now my shoes are gone.


Hi! Hi!

Ms. Nelson, didn't think
you were gonna make it.

-Oh, yeah.
-There you go.

Thank you.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, wait, here. Let me help.

-Oh, no, thank you.
-I got it.

-Yeah, it's--


-Excuse me.
-Sorry, that's my seat.

That's mine. [clears throat]

I always have the window.
Yeah, that one, it's mine.

I don't want to fall asleep
on some stranger,
so I just lean against the--

Yeah, me too.
That's why I always pick
the window,

-but this is mine.
-Oh, yeah.
But that's my window seat.

Just in case I want to look out
at the ocean or--

-Pretty sure.
-I'm quite s--

Yeah, I'm quite sure.

-It does--
-See, that says "A."

It does say "A."
That's the window.

-Yeah, it's okay.
You can just get up.
-Of row 23. This is 22.

[Carter] That's you.

-You get a window. [chuckles]
-I'm sorry.

Excuse me. That's my seat.

This has been
a rough 24 hours, so--

For me.

[man 1] Ladies and gentlemen,
we are preparing to depart
Denver International Airport

with the destination
in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

At this time we ask you to
please turn off all electrical appliances including cell phone.

Thank you.

Where's my cell phone?

No, no, not my cell phone.
Not with my--

Oh, ma'am,
please take your seat.

Oh, I just need to check
really quick
in my bag for my cell phone.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, ma'am.

-I'm sorry.
-I'm gonna have to ask you
to take your seat.

-I'm just gonna check
my suitcase really quick...
-Oh, no, no.

-...for my cell phone.
-We're about to take off. Ma'am.

-No, you don't understand.
I have to have my cell phone.
-I'm sorry, please.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
We'll search for your cell phone

[woman 2] Thank you very much.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Don't worry, honey.
These things are
as safe as houses nowadays.

Want me to talk to you?

I find having someone to talk to
helps me
get over all my flying nerves.

[woman 3] Want me to tell you
a story?

You know,
this is my first flight.

Are you nervous?

[airplane hovering]

[upbeat music playing]

Excuse me.

Is there any other place
that our luggage could be?


Looks like the love of
the window seat is not all
we have in common.

Your luggage is gone too?

Mine's in Boston. Great city.

Hope it's having fun,
but I do wish it were here.

-It will be, Mr. McConnell.

Your luggage is also in Boston.

-Well, maybe
they're having fun together.
-They're not.

I need my luggage
before tomorrow morning

because I have a conference
I have to go to,

so I need to have my suits,
you know?

Which conference?

The American Human
Resources Association?

-Are you going to that one?

[laughs] No, I don't do suits.

-Good luck.

As soon as we get them,
we'll bring them right to you,
Ms. Nelson.

This is a $20 voucher
for anything else
you may need until then.

-[Carter] Here you go.
-[man 2] All right.

-[Carter] That's all I need?
-[man 2] Yes, sir.

Great. Whoa, Denver.

Oh, you got to stop trying
to take what's mine.

-Oh, I was here first.
-But I'm here officially.

- Si.

Si.I can get another one
for you.

How long will it take?

10, 15 minutes. It is late.

Hola, hola.
Where may I take you
two beautiful people tonight?

They are not...

-Paradise Hotel.


Ahora, si.

Thank you.


Carter McConnell.

Oh, hi, I'm Tess Nelson.

[Carter] Nice to meet you, Tess.

And I'm sure our bags
will show up
first thing in the morning.

I really hope you're right
because I just kind of need

to go well on this trip.

Paradise Hotel? No problem.
It is sure to been fixed by now.


Well, the good news is
we both have a window seat.


[upbeat music playing]

[Tess] Does it say canceled?

Yes, yesterday by a...


-Jeff Jackson.
-Oh, Jeff. Jeff Jackson.
Jeff Jackson.

Was that a mistake?

Mistake, yes.
I just need a room,
'cause, you know,

-the conference...
everything's booked up.
-Yeah, the beach bridal show.

-Oh, no.
-The new horizon for singles.


The... the divorce expo?

No. No,
it's the American Human re--

Yeah, the... the human recording
Administration, yes.

I... I remember.

Uh, [inaudible]
And we have a room for you

on the third floor,
and no problem.

-Construction going on?

Don't pay attention to that.

We only do construction at night

so we don't disturb
our... our guests.

But don't... don't worry.

We're very, very quiet.

-[loud drilling]
-[laughs] You will not
notice a thing.

It's okay.

Let me help you with the...

[mouth words]

We will... I will help you.
I will help you.

[Inaudible] it's just fabulous,
you... you seem to pack
very light.

-Yeah, I have it.
-But I... I can.

-Just... just my key.
-Yeah, okay.

Oh. There's your key... Here.

And welcome to Paradise Hotel.


You're on the same floor as me?

-Um, I'm right here.
-Of course you are.

Ice machine's down too.

You know,
I'd fire my travel agent,
but that's me.

Yeah, well...

[Carter] Night, Denver.

[door closes]

[serene music playing]

[seagulls chirping]

[imitates rooster crowing]
Rise and shine.


-Here's your luggage.
-Ah. Great.

You know, that it's... it's...
it's cook a doodle doo
in English

-but it's qui quiri qui here
in Puerto Rico. Qui quiri qui.
-Thank you.

-Good morning.

[knock on door]

No. I don't... I don't--

-Hey, Señora Tess.

Good morning.

I hope you have a nice...
a good night rest.

Here's your maleta.
That was luggage.

[speaking Spanish]

[stammers] I, uh--

I can do this.


-Melissa. Hey.
-Tess. I wasn't expecting
to see you here.

Oh, I come every year, so--

Of course, of course.
I just didn't...
Good to see you.

[Tess] You too. Hi.

How great is
this year's location?

I had no idea
this place was so gorgeous.

Yeah, I just got
in last night, so--

-[Melissa] Oh.
-Tess Nelson.

It's amazing. You have to
check out the beaches
before the storm hits.

-They'll be a mess after.
-Is there a storm?

A tropical storm,
didn't you hear?

-Well, it's nice to see you.

I show your reservation was
canceled yesterday by Jeff--

Jackson, yeah.

Just... that's a mistake,
so you can just put it on this.

I wish I could,
but the conference is sold out.

Well, nothing's ever
really sold out, right?

San Juan has been very popular.

Well, there's always
a little room somewhere.

We did advise everyone
to register early.

I did register early,
and Jeff Jackson canceled--

it doesn't matter.
It's just a little mistake.

So, if you could put it
on this card,
I'll just pay double.

-I wish I could.

Oh! A cancellation. [typing]

Thank you.

[Gloria] Here you go.

All the sessions full?

[background chatter]


[Tess] Danielle.
Ms. Ellerbee, Tess Nelson.

Yeah, exactly.

Anyway, I... I missed
your session,

but I thought maybe
you have a second
to chat with me about--

I don't. But here's my card.

You can have my assistant
set up an appointment.

-Oh, that's okay.
-Restructuring a company,
never easy.


[mouth words]

[background chatter]

-Hey, guys.
-Hasn't this been awesome?

It's... yeah, it's awesome.

[low voice]
What are you doing here?

Oh, just the same thing
you're doing here.

Oh, you already got a new job?
Good for you.

-No, I didn't.

Well, um, hey,
I saw a job listing

that Connor was looking to hire
an H.R. consultant.

-Is that true?

It's okay.
Yeah, it's... it's true.

Oh, God, could you put
in a good word for me?

I would love to work there.

Okay, that's tactless,
even for you.

-I know.
-[Tess] That's all right.

I'm actually about to
have lunch with Bill Lewis.

-Bill Lewis?

-Does he have an opening?
-Well, you know
how these things go.

-I could check.
-Oh, yeah, sure.

-That's awesome.
-Yeah. It's awesome.


-She always lands on top.

More coffee?


Hello. So happy to see you.

You know, I'm so sorry I didn't
call to confirm first.

Can you believe that
I lost my cell phone
on the flight over? So--

You look great.

Thanks, Tess.

But when I heard
about Connor letting you go,

-I mean, I assumed--
-Oh, yeah.

Well, you know, that's been
a little rough,

-but, you know,
everything happens--
-[Danielle] Hello, Lewis.


-Hey, again.

It's crazy.

Are we all three
having lunch together?

Um, are we...
Oh, no.

No. No, we're not.
I just wanted to make sure

that I said hi to Bill again.

-Nice to see you, Tess.
-Great to see you too.


Well, you guys have
a great lunch.

So how have you been?

[Carter] A billion people
in the world lack access
to safe water.

Now, some people may say,
"it's not my problem.
Let those people figure it out."

And it's their right
to think that.

I happen to believe that I am

my brother's
and sister's keeper.

And when you see somebody
in need,

you should reach out,
the same way

that someone's probably
reached out

to each of us in the past.

That's the personal
of living in a community.

A greater community,
full of all kinds of people.

And I'm here to show you
how we can bring those people
the help they need.

[serene music playing]

[Stella] Come on, Henry.
Come on.

"Man cannot discover new oceans

unless he has the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

My late husband
always loved that quote.

And when he'd say it to me,

I knew we were about to
embark on another adventure.

-That's a cat...
-That's Henry.

On a leash.

He loves walkies.

Why did you say
that quote to me?

You look like you could use it.

Whatever it is, dear,
it's not as bad as it seems.

I feel like my life might be
going in the wrong direction.

Direction is relative.

As my late husband used to say,

"Wherever you go,
there you are."

-Come, Henry.


So, as all of you know,
in two weeks,
we have our board meeting.

As I understand it,
there's been some changes

to the company's
benefits package.

That's the kind of thinking
I like.

What's the status of that?

Well, Mr. Connor,
Tess had actually taken point
on that development.

But do we have a status or not?
Jeff Jackson.

Not yet.

"Not yet" is not something
I like to hear.

I'm going to encourage you
to get on that
and find out where we're at.

-Yes, sir.
-All right, moving along.

Reginald Green is
a marketing genius

and exactly
what this company needs

to get on to the next level.

So why is this man still
in London?

Guys, this is a staff meeting,
not a monologue.

Jeff, didn't I ask you to talk
to Tess before she left?

I... I did. It's just...

she was responsible
for a lot of information.

I have my first board meeting
as a president
in less than two weeks.

I need to have a lot of
information at my fingertips.

-I... I understand.
-Do you?

Yes, it... it's just she's--

Tess was your father's
right hand for a long time.

I'm... I'm an accountant.
I'm a good accountant,

but I'm not able to learn
in two weeks what she's learned
in more than 15 years.

Uh, sir.

[upbeat music playing]

[birds chirping]


Hola, Denver.
What are you doing out here?

I thought you'd be showing
off your power suit

-to the other corporate types
till the wee hours.
-I bombed.

-[Tess] Yeah, I bombed.

[laughs] How do you bomb
a conference?

I didn't really get a job and...
or a lead on a job,

and the truth is, um...
I need a job.

You don't have a job?

Well, of course, I had a job
a couple days ago.

And then I got fired,

so it was just kind of
a surprise

'cause I thought I was about to
get a promotion.

I think everyone thought that
I was gonna get a promotion,
especially my mom,

and, you know, she likes
to think of me as successful,
which I have, you know,

really been my whole life,

but then now I'm just--

-Kind of lost?


Yeah, I guess so.

You know, I... I just...
I guess I thought
I was coming out here

to take charge 'cause
that's what Mona always says,

that when things go wrong,
I should just take charge.

Oh, that's my mom.

Well, maybe you shouldn't.

-Take charge.

I mean, just not right now.

-You seem a little frazzled.
-I sound frazzled?

Why don't you think about
what you want to do

instead of
what you ought to do next?

Go and change out of that
and enjoy the sun,
all this, relax.

That's what I'm doing.
I'm relaxing.

And you're right. I, um...

I just need to buy
a bathing suit.

And then I'm gonna come back
out here and really relax.

I'm just gonna forget
that this week
ever happened, actually.

-So that would be good.

-Yeah. Thanks.

-I feel better.

-So anyway, thank you...
-[Carter] Carter.

Just Carter.



[keys clicking, beeping,
register humming]

[upbeat music playing]

[Tess] What-- Oh.

[loud construction noises
in background]


Hey, how did
that relaxing work out?

I forgot to put sunscreen
on my feet.

[laughs] Yeah, you sure did.


So are you just everywhere
all the time?

Well, I could say
the same thing about you.

I was here first.

I'm just getting some water
before I head into old San Juan.
You ever been there?

I haven't. I'm actually
headed home to lock myself
in my closet.

-At least you have a plan.

You know, old San Juan really is
one of the most
beautiful places.

I need to catch
the next flight home

before the next catastrophe
happens in my life.

-Well, good luck.

[Luis] Hey.
Update on the construction

which is a tiny bit
more frequent
due to some circumstances.


Not to worry. Not to worry.

Here's the schedule of
when this gentle construction

will be taking place,
so thank you for your patience.

construction sounds continue]

Wow, I... I literally thought
that there was no way

this week could get any worse,
and it--

Don't say that.
You're tempting fate now.

-That's a bad idea.

You know what's a good idea?
Getting out of this racket.

-Come on, you can't stay here.

[upbeat music playing]

[Carter] You know, this is one
of my favorite places to travel.

There's so much history.

You know, I don't...
I don't really know

what my favorite place
to travel is

'cause I haven't really
traveled, unfortunately.

-Why not?
-I don't know, I guess...

We didn't really have the money
when I was growing up,

and then suddenly
I did have the money,

and I just didn't.

What... Oh, the job.

[Carter] Thank you.

[man 3] Thank you, sir.
Have a good day.

[Carter] You know, in colonial
days, they used to race horses

from Fortaleza Street
right through here.

And the story goes
that there was a young guy

who accidentally missed
this turn

and rode his horse
straight off the cliff.

And when he was falling,
he screamed out
for God to save him,

and he did... the guy lived.

So they built this chapel to,
I guess,
commemorate the miracle.

And maybe to keep other people
from riding
their horse off the cliff.

[both laughing]

[birds flies]

It's called
Escalinata de Las Monjas,

which means "the Nun Stairs."

This used to be a convent.

And there's a really great
old cafe
right around the corner,

which is probably
where that music's coming from,

especially on sabado.

- Sabado.

-Yes, Saturday.

In fact, if you weren't
so dead-set on leaving,

you could stay for the weekend
and really have some fun.

Oh, well, there's this storm,

-It might not even hit us.
-What if it hits us?

-Well, it might not.
-I'm saying it might hit us.

Well, it's possible,
but it's also a simple fact
that it might not.


[Carter] You seem to really want
this job back.

So did you love it?

Um... did I love it?
I was good at it.

-[Tess] And, you know,
I wore a suit.

-Every day.
-Ah, more suits.

[both laugh]

I think my mother always
taught us growing up

that if you're successful,
you wear a suit.

So you did it for your mom?


I don't know,
but I have to tell you,

I sure did like feeling


I liked knowing she was
proud of me, you know?

You're definitely
not a suit guy.

No. No, not at all.

So? What do you do?

I do lots of stuff.

But right now I'm volunteering
for UNICEF's
clean water initiative.

[Carter] So, that's why
I'm here.

And it lets me travel.

I'm going to the Philippines
from here
when the storm gets through.

So, why do you do it?

It makes me happy.

You know, I guess
at the end of the day,

knowing that I had just
a tiny impact

on somebody's life
somewhere in the world,

and it brings me joy.




Yeah. Joy.

-[upbeat music playing]

Come on, learn something.

-[Tess] Oh, no.
-[Carter] Take your shoes off.

All right?

[singing in Spanish]

-Come on, get out here.
-[Tess] You first.

-[Carter] Watch this.

-[Tess] Okay.
-[Carter] Hey, guys.

[singing in Spanish]

[Tess] What is that?

Nice and easy.

[singing in Spanish]

-[Carter] You got it.
-[Tess] Oh, no.

-Oh, yeah, like that.
-Thank you.



Oh, no.


[singing in Spanish]

-Okay, ready?

[laughs] I'm too old for that.

[Carter] And here, you back up.

[singing in Spanish]

And seriously, after that,
I didn't care if I never saw
another Chihuahua.

-[both laugh]

-I had... had enough--
-[Luis] Hey,
what a beautiful sight.

The magic of San Juan seems to
agree with both of you.

[both chuckle]

We actually went dancing
in the streets.

Yeah, it was bomba or salsa?

-I don't know.
The barefoot bombadeers.
-I hope I didn't do that.

Ah, yes, of course.

-Oh, you know?
They're... they're my cousins.

-[laughs] Of course.
-We got a... we got
a big family.

Let me know if... if you want me
to arrange another excursion

I... I'm going to bed actually.

-[Carter] Yeah, but thank you.
-[Luis] Okay.

-Good night.
-Thank you.

Ah, de l'amour, de l'amour.

-[Tess] [Inaudible].
-Depends on the topic.

-Yeah, I guess so.
-[clears throat]

-Anyway, so, thank you...
-Yeah, there you go.

...for showing me those--

Some pretty crazy moves
you have.

-I mean--
-[laughs] Yeah, well,
you can tell I'm a bombadeer

-from way back.

-Good night.
-Good night.


[electricity explodes]

-[knock on door]
-[alarm buzzing]

[Carter] Tess! Tess, get up!

Open the door.

There's a fire somewhere.
They want us out of here.

Come on, we got to go.

Let's try just following
these guys.

[Tess] Yeah, you know what?
I'm gonna grab my purse.
Go ahead.

-[Carter] You what?
-[Tess] I'll find you,
I'll find you.

[Carter] All right.
I'll find out what's going on.
-[Tess] Okay.

[alarm continues buzzing]

[siren wailing]

So Luis said it was
an electrical fire,

mainly just a bunch of smoke,
but the power's out,

and they don't think
they'll have it back on
before the storm.

So, what does that mean for us?

Well, they're gonna relocate us,
it sounds like.

They're working out
the logistics right now.

-Maybe just one night.
-Maybe all of this is because
I tempted fate, isn't it?

I don't think fate
works that way.

Yeah, at this point
you don't realize

that the universe has
something against me?

I hope the universe is worried
about bigger things,

you know, like who wins
a Grammy or the Super Bowl.

Wait, where's my wallet?

Buenas noches,wonderful guests.

[Luis] But don't worry.

You will be taken care of
and, of course, compensated.

-[man 4] Where are we going to

We... that's...
that's why I'm here,

to try... you know,
to let you know.

So, thank you.

As I was saying,
we're working with some hotels,

nearby hotels,
to find accommodations
for each of you.

There are some restrictions
due to the storm

which is now a hurricane,
and all flights are grounded.

-Wait. What?

-What was that?
-No, no, not to worry.

[Luis] Not to worry.
We have a plan.

So here's the list of guests.

Um, until we get the todo claro,
the all-clear, share, please.

Looks like I'm staying
with Mrs. Demur.

-I don't see my name.
-[Carter] Me either.

[Luis] Eh? Share. Share it.

-Yes, Tess?

-I'm not on here.
-Your list?

-She's not on the list.
-Yeah, she's... of course.

Of course she's on the list.
Tess, Tess...

Oh, right here, Tess.

No, that says emergency test.

Ah, okay, test. Tess. Tess.

Ai, bendito.

Señora Tess,
I made this... this list

when the...
with the backup drive from...
from a couple of days ago.

When my reservation
was canceled?

Yeah. Yes, but don't worry.

So I'm basically homeless
during the hurricane?

No, no, no, you're not homeless.

Of course not.
You're just hotel-less,

'cause home is where
the heart is--

Luis, can you do...
you got to do something
for Ms. Nelson.

Yeah, naturally, Señor Carter,
I will do immediately,

but this is gonna
take some time.

-But I... I'll be with that.

-I'll take, uh, the list...

-I'll take care of this.

Share, please. Okay.

[line ringing]

[phone ringing]


Hi, mother.

I'm sorry I had to call you

-Are you in jail?
-What? No. I'm not in jail.

[scoffs] Have you been

Yes, mother, in fact,
I was kidnapped

in Puerto Rico
at the conference.

Oh, right.
The conference. Right.

Listen, can you do me
a really big favor?

Can you overnight me
my passport?

So... there was a fire
at the hotel, you know what?

It doesn't even matter.
I just need my I.D. to fly.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Fire? There was a fire?

Yeah, I'll tell you all about it
when I get home, okay?


So, where do I...
where do I send it?

Send it to the Paradise Hotel.
Write "attention Luis."

Luis? Okay.

I'm really sorry I have to
ask you for another favor.

Go online and book me on the
next available flight home.

Oh, you know,
I don't understand.

Is the conference canceled?

[Mona] I mean,
isn't Connor gonna get upset
if you leave early?

I don't work there anymore.

-[Tess] I was let go.

So, what I decided to do
was come out

to the conference on my own
and, um, take charge.

Tess, what did you do?

No, mom, I didn't mess up.

They're restructuring
the company,

-and my position was eliminated.
-[Mona] This is awful.

This is just awful.

Yeah, I'm aware of that, mom.

[sighs] I'm so disappointed.

Okay, mom, thank you.





-The good news is
I found a place for you to stay.

It's the woman with
the cat on a leash.

That's right.

Though most people
call me Stella.

-Mrs. Demur here has--


has volunteered
to let us stay at her place

until other arrangements
are made.

Well, it's not the four seasons,

but it's better than the beach.

Though sometimes
the beach is divine.

-Thank you so much,
but you don't--
-[Stella] Oh, wonderful.

If Edgar were here,

he'd say it's the beginning
of another adventure.

[laughs] Let's go.

Let's go before
that big storm hits.


[engine starting,
car door closes]

[serene music playing]

-[Stella] Here we are.
-[Carter] Beautiful place.

[Stella] Come in.

-[Carter] Wow.
-[Stella] I'll show you
the guest room.

[Carter] What a view.

This is where
you'll be sleeping.

-Is the hurricane--
-The outermost edge, yes.

So, it's gonna get worse
than this?

[laughs] Oh, yes, much worse.
The bathroom is over there.

The towels are in the bathroom.

Is there something
more proactive

that you think we should be
doing to prepare, maybe--

There's time.

Next stop, the kitchen.

I'm gonna make you
some chamomile tea.


Thank you. For everything.

Really, this place is amazing.

Um... feels like home,
not just another house.

[Stella] Thank you.

Edgar and I were
very happy here.

I like to think that
happiness echoes on.


What's your home like?

It's a good question.
I haven't been there
in a long time.

Guess I've been kind
of a vagabond lately.

Travel is good and important.

But so is having a place
to come home to.

You're right.

I guess I just haven't...

had much of a reason
to stay put for a long time.

When the time comes,
you'll find one.


[theme TV music plays]

[woman 4] The National Hurricane

has upgraded Alana
to a category 2 hurricane

with winds capable
of 96 to 110 miles per hour.

And unless there's
some sort of miracle,

Alana will reach Puerto Rico
later tonight.

It's time for Frasier.
I love Frasier.

They're still talking
about the hurricane.

-[Stella] Yes, I heard.
-[Tess] So don't you think
we should just listen

-to what they have to say?
-Don't worry, honey.

You'll be safe.

I've gone through
these storms many times,

and it's my experience that
they're more frightening

in anticipation than in reality.

So you're not the least bit
concerned about this at all?

Oh, I'm mindful
of the danger, yes,

but I also know that there's
no use worrying about something
I can't control.

If God wants the hurricane
to hit us, it's gonna hit us.

But, if it makes you feel
any better,

there are supplies out back
next to the garage.

Do you know how
to use this thing?

What, a hammer?
It's not a nuclear trigger.

You'd be surprised
how many city girls
don't know how to use a hammer.

Are you impressed?

-Actually, I am, yeah.

Finish putting that up
before we meet Alana

I actually like doing this.
It's very therapeutic.


[laughs] Any time you want
to go on a well dig,
you're welcome.

[Tess] Why? Is it super joyful?

It's... yeah, it was.

Have you always done that?

No, I was an air traffic
controller for years.

Wow, so you traveled a lot.

Yeah, you'd think so.

I could have gone anywhere
I wanted,
but I never went anywhere.


My ex-wife said it's because
I went through life
on autopilot.

Is that why she's your ex-wife?

[chuckles] Among other reasons.

But she was right about that.
That's what I was doing.

-Not anymore?
-[Carter] Nope.

Life begins at the edge
of your comfort zone.

[continues hammering]

[serene music playing]

How does it fit?

Perfectly. Thank you.

I should be thanking you
and Carter
for putting up the boards.

[Stella] I feel safer already.

-Ah, you're teasing me now.
-Yes, a little bit.

You know, my first storm here
was pretty unnerving.

I can't pretend otherwise.

This is you?

Long, long time ago,
in a town far, far away.

-You're a movie star.

Now I'm just the cat leash lady.

-[laughs] Sorry about that.
-No. I like it.

But, yes, I had my fair share
of acting back in the day.

That's where I met
my late husband.


He was the director of
Seldon Seals The Deal.

How long were you married?

48 years, 7 months, and 2 days.

Oh, my. You miss him.


But I will see him soon.

Hopefully not today.


It's so hard for me
to understand

how casual you are
about hurricanes and--

Like I said,

if God wants the storm to hit...

-It'll hit.
-It's gonna hit.


No use in inviting worry.

[Stella] Come, Tess.
Come sit down.

Have some tea.

So, did you move
to Puerto Rico to retire,
the two of you?

Well, in a manner of speaking,

although we were both
in our 30s at the time.

We left Hollywood
right after we got married,

gave it up like a bad habit.


It wasn't how we wanted to live
or who we wanted to be.

We went to Hollywood because
of our love for films,

but when that was over,
why stay?

And when I inherited
this place from my uncle,

we decided to come here

So you gave up being famous.

I wasn't exactly Rita Moreno.

[both laugh]

Still a risky move.

I like to think of it
as a leap of faith.

Of course, we didn't know
what we were getting into

when we came here,
but sometimes you have
to say a little prayer

and trust in something greater
than yourself.

If it's meant to be,
you'll find a way.

[thunder cracks]

[deep exhale]

You think it's okay
for us to panic now?

-[Tess] Because it's--
-If you like.

Stella says it's okay
for us to panic now,

so maybe we could do something.

No, I said, "if you like."

You know what my husband
and I used to do
during these storms?

[Stella] Dance.

It's marvelous
how a little music
can make everything better.

[whimsical jazz plays]


[both chuckle]

-Wow, you're good at this.

[Tess] Wait till you see him

Carter, bomba for her.


It's Miss Shelly's
School of Dance.

My mom wanted me
to be well-rounded.

Smart lady.
What about you, Tess?

Oh, no, there's no
Miss Shellys for me.

Oh, you should see her bomba.

[Stella] Oh, well, then maybe
she should take over.

-[Tess] Thank you.
-[Stella] Come on.

-Oh, no.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Come on. [laughs]

-[Tess] Sorry.

[jazz music playing]

[thunder rumbles]


[Carter] There you go.

[jazz music playing]

[rain pouring, wind howling,
creatures chirruping]

Are you ever gonna want
to wear shoes again?

Oh, I don't know.

Well, it's a good look for you.

Yeah? Thanks.

So, um...

-Well, where are you from?
-Tulsa, Oklahoma.

-No, you're not.
-Yeah, I sure am.

Really? I... I never would
have expected that.

Well, I mainly live in hotels,

but that's where I'm from.

[Tess] So, you're homeless?


I guess that's
one way to put it.

You know what I find
very interesting is you used to
have a job, right?

That kept you in one place
all of the time,

and now you have a job
that keeps you traveling
all of the time,

so I don't know,
is there anything in there

that's possibly
a little bit extreme

or some sort of
avoidance of life?

The pot asks the kettle.

Well, at least I know I am.

I don't know, maybe I just
haven't had a reason
to stay put for a while.

Well, why don't you let go,

Oh, okay, just to clarify,

this whole letting go
doesn't mean abandoning
everybody and everything.

I just... the last I checked,
you only get one go-around here.

So I figure, it's a shame to
just go through the motions,

you know,
or live somebody else's dream.

You got to find your own.

You know, just so you know,

it's not that easy to just,
you know,

drop everything and change
your whole entire life.

And I think you're making it
a little harder than it is.

You just ask yourself,
"Am I happy?"

And if not,
is there something I could do
that might make me happy?

It's not selfish
or narcissistic.

It's just honest.

But you have to
find it yourself.

And when you do, you'll know.

Do you know that
I've never even thought

about whether or not I'm happy?

I'm asking you.


Who's up for huevos rancheros?

Hey! [laughs]


[birds chirping]

[birds twittering]


Oh, my.

Oh, it looks
a lot worse than it is.

I'll clean this up and have it
fixed in a few days.

But you're supposed
to go to the Philippines.

Well, that's one of
the big bonuses
of being a vagabond.

I'll just go next week.

You're too sweet to be
a vagabond forever.

[news theme playing]

[woman 4] After an intense
evening of wind and rainfall,

Hurricane Alana has finally

-By the coast of Puerto Rico.

-Local authorities are taking---Well?

The news is saying that
the hurricane has veered off
into the Atlantic.

The worrying about
how something will turn out

is almost always worse
than the actual outcome.

Yeah, I'm really
starting to get that.

If you'll excuse me,
I'm going to go next door

to check on my neighbors,
see how they fared.

-I'll be right back.
-Okay, can I check my email?

[speaking in Spanish].

Well, well, well.

[laughs] What?

-Something interesting?

Oh, guess what.
Luis found my wallet.

-[Tess] Yeah. He's gonna send it
over with our luggage.

I have about five emails
from Len Connor.

Who's Len Connor?

He's the guy who took
over my company.

-What does he want?
-He's not exactly saying.

I think he's going
for intriguing.

Are you intrigued?

I was there a long time.

Until they fired you.

-He eliminated my position.

What do you think he wants?

He's not saying of course, but--

Oh, my gosh. Wow.

What else?

My mother actually
pulled this off.

What did she do?

She got me a stand-by ticket.

Wow. For when?

It's for tonight.


-Oh. Good.

[serene music playing]

When Carter said
he was staying longer
to the help with the repairs,

-I thought you were gonna
stay longer too.

But I understand.

Just know that
you're always welcome here.

Oh, thank you. For everything.

I had such a wonderful time.

I haven't had so much fun
in years.

[Stella] And I really meant
what I said about
you coming back here.

Sooner rather than later.

You promise?

-I'll do my best.

[Tess] Bye, Stella.


[engine turns]


[serene music playing]

You know,
I could have grabbed a cab.

Well, the island almost
got pounded
by a hurricane last night,

so cab service is not really
a high priority today.

I... I got to ask.

Is it really that important?

To find out what your old boss
has to offer?

[Tess] Well, yes.

Wouldn't you want to know?

I feel like you're saying it
like it's a bad thing, kind of.

Well, it's the safe thing.

Some people like safe, Carter.

Change your ticket. Stay.

Just a little bit longer.

Then what?

-We figure it out.
-I'm not like you, Carter.

Actually, you're a lot like me.


So then maybe there's hope
for me, right?


Tess, I...

I wish you were staying.

Well, take care of yourself,

Okay, yeah, you too, Tulsa.

[up-tempo music playing]

-[gasps] Tess!

Wow, you look great.

One week without you, Tess,
one week and--

-Is he in?
-And waiting for you.

Okay. See you.

[knock on door]

Hi, Len. Hey.

I'm glad that you could make it
on such short notice.

Well, I was intrigued.

Sending flowers didn't hurt.

Puerto Rico clearly
agrees with you. Here.

Think so? I don't know.
I lost my cell phone
and my wallet,

and there was this
electrical fire at the hotel
and a near-miss hurricane.

you don't care about that.

I got this horrible
sunburn on my feet,

so I'm just a little--

[chuckles] Ouch. Um...

I'm sure you already know why
I called you back, right?

I actually don't,
so maybe you could be clear,

and then that way
there's no misunderstanding.

Very well, um... Thorough.

I didn't realize
how thorough you are.

-Oh. Well, you should
have asked me.

I also didn't realize how much
more than H.R.-related work
you did around here.

Every time I asked
about the status or the progress
of anything,

the answer would almost
always be,

"Tess was on that,"
or, "Tess would know."

You see, your review file
didn't include
all your contributions.

Yeah, I used to just report
to your father, so he... he knew
all my contributions.

[Len] Then I used the
review file to make
my initial decisions.

Oh, you shouldn't do that.

You know, people are a lot more
than what you can fit
into a file

or even what you can talk about
in a handful of conversations,

I understand.
More now than ever,

which is why I would
like to take steps

to make amends over
what I did last week.

You mean firing me?

Eliminating your position.

Right. Correct.
Sorry about that.

I know that you put me
at the top of the list
for interviews as a consultant.

Look, Tess, I want
to be very clear here.

-I don't want you
to come back to your old job.
-You don't?

I want you to come back
as vice president
of corporate affairs.

Don't take it as a promotion

as much as an overdue

of all the good work
you've always done.

Listen, I'm pretty new
around here, Tess.

And that means that I'll make
a lot of mistakes,
some big ones.

But I think I'm smart enough
to learn from those mistakes.

I'm impressed.


Because we want you back
as soon as possible.

Which is why I've taken steps
to make that happen today.

To... today?

Want to check it out?

[laughs softly]


-Well, what do you think?
-It's everything
I've ever wanted.


See, now, that's what
I wanted to hear.

Well, you already know
what we can offer,

but I want you to know
that we will exceed it.

I just need you to
start immediately

because we only have one week
before the board meeting,
and we are crushed.

Okay, you know, I did give Jeff
all the information.

Well, it's one thing
to have all the information

and another thing entirely
to know what to do with it.


Oh, and, Tess,
great having you back.

-[Erin] How cool is this?

I was so afraid you were gonna
get another job
while you were gone.

-No, not even close.
-So, please tell me

you got to see some
of the island
while you were down there.

Oh, yeah, I saw
the beach and a hurricane.

I was hoping
you'd have a good time.

I had the time of my life.

-Yeah. Really.

Well, good.
I'm glad. You deserve it.

I'm glad you're finally
getting your due.


[light music playing]

[Jeff] Tess?

-Man, you cannot believe

how glad I am you're back.

I seriously thought Len
was gonna fire me.

This... this board meeting
has got him absolutely bananas

like you would not believe.

-Well, are you okay?
-A lot better now
that you're back.

I swear this has been
the most awful week of my life.

I have a tic in my eye,
and I swear I have
a possible ulcer.

Please, Tess, don't ever
get fired again, okay?

Hey, Jeff,
let me ask you something.

Are you happy?


You know, just, like,
happy in your life?

[stammers] Well, I mean,
I guess I... I don't know.

I... I mean...
I guess I'm okay.

-You okay?
-Yeah, I've never been better.


Yeah, hold on to these boxes
for me, okay?


Hi, Tess. Is everything okay?

Everything's actually fantastic.

Listen, I just stopped by
to tell you that I'm not gonna
be able to take the promotion.

It's nothing bad. I'm not upset.
Everything's fine.

I just... I feel like it's...

it's not gonna make me happy.


You haven't even...
even heard your salary yet.

Oh, trust me,
that's not the point.

It'll make you happy.

Well, I don't think it will.

[laughs] I feel like I need
to do something really
different with my life.

Which is what?

I don't even know yet.

Look, trust me,
don't get me wrong,
it's... it's not you guys.

gave me a home
after business school.

I just feel like...

I... I don't want to play it
safe anymore.

I'm sorry.
I don't think I understand.

I know. Kind of had to be there.



The edge of a hurricane.


Hey, you know what?
Let's talk business.

I am not gonna leave you
in the lurch,

and I know exactly
who you should replace me with.

Hey. I told you
I'd find you a job.

I don't know what to say.

Well, clearly, you can say,
"I'll start today"
it looks like.


-I can.

Listen, I stopped by
to get you up to the speed

for the board meeting,
but there's something else
I need you to do for me...

I need you to do me a favor.
I want you to take care of Erin
the way I took care of you.

That's the way Mr. Connor
took care of me.

Of course. You know
I'm all about leaning in.

I know. That's why you're here.

But, Tess, I don't understand.
Why aren't you here?

I have somewhere I need to be.

[birds cooing]

[doorbell rings]

-[Tess] Hi.
-Oh, hi.

What are you doing here?
It's not time for our lunch.

I just stopped by to say hi.

-Come on in.

-I brought you flowers.

Darling, flowers die.
It's a waste of money.

Yes, but these are in
a practical pot for you.

[sniffs] Thank you.

You're welcome.

I also brought you the money
that I owe you.

Darling, wait
till you get a job.

Seriously, you have to be
careful about your finances.

Mom, I am careful
about my finances.

You taught me that.

-Well, it's important.
-I know.

You can't rely on anyone
in this life but yourself.

Believe me.

Mom, everyone knows
the story at this point.

Daddy left when I was a toddler,
you had to raise me by yourself.

I know. I know how you feel.

Mother, I know.

I carry around this pain
and this anger

and this disappointment
over everything,

and I think I'm just
finally realizing,

you know,
that it's not even mine.

Of course it's not. It's mine.

It's always been mine.

So, have you looked for a job?

Don't dawdle on these things.


I, uh, actually turned down
a job.

Excuse me?

Connor offered me a promotion,
and I said no.

[Mona] You turned it down?

Yeah. I don't want it.

Well, you don't want
to be employed?

No, I just don't want
to be employed
just to be employed.


I don't even know what to say.

-Really. Hard to believe.

Mother, I'm gonna--

I'm gonna take some time off.

Off from what, being jobless?

I understand.
I... I get that you don't think
that me losing my job

is an opportunity,
but, you know,

I kind of feel like it is.

So, you know,
everything in my life

has always been so planned,
and I'm not saying
there's anything wrong

with making plans, but you know,

maybe for once I could
just let go for a minute

and kind of just see what I find

or... what finds me.

But what if what you find
is bad?

It might be bad what I find,
but what if what I find is good?

I don't know.
It's just the idea, the...

That way of thinking
just scares me.


Scares you?

It just does.

Wow, mom.

It scares me too.

-But I might just try it anyway,
you know?

See what happens.

Well, anyway,
I can't tell you what to do.

[laughs] Since when?

Okay, okay, I'm a mother.

-It's what we do best.
-I know.

Got any good stories
about Puerto Rico?

Just one.


-I do have one.

[Stella] Oh, I feel terrible
you had to get a new flight

just to help me
with the repairs.

Oh, don't.

Really, it's...
Don't at all.

It's been nice,
being at home again,

even for just a little while.

I thought vagabonds
like to travel.

[laughs] We do. We do.

And you know what's nice?

Being able to help people.

Best decision I ever made.


But I think this old vagabond
might be a little more homesick

than he was ready to admit.

Problem is, I don't have a home.

You know what they say
about home, right?

It's where the heart is.

That could be anywhere.

Denver, perhaps?

You heard from her?

An email saying
that she landed safely,

but she doesn't have
her replacement phone yet,

so, I'm sure
she'll get in touch.


I'm surprised you let her go.

Well, last I heard,
kidnapping's illegal.

[laughs] Did you even make
an effort?

I asked her to stay.

I did.

You know, she's got
a lot of stuff

she has to work out on her own.

Don't wait too long, dear.

God provides the opportunities,

but it's up to us to take them.

[upbeat music playing]

[Tess] Stella!

I took a leap of faith!

Oh, dear.


Carter finished
the repairs early.

He left today.

[Luis] Señor Carter.

-Señor Carter! Señor Carter!

Uh, sorry.

Permiso. Permiso.
Excuse me. Uh...

Excuse me, excuse me.
Señor Carter!

Señor Carter! [laughs]

-Señor Carter?
-Ah, Luis.

What are you doing here?

After this week?
Phew, I need a vacation.


Everybody loves Señora Parton.

Good for you. Have fun.

Yeah, but what are
you doing here?

I thought you'd be
with Señora Tess.

-I'm going to the Philippines...

I thought... Excuse me.

I thought you'd be with her.

She went back to Denver, Luis.

Well, she must have
came back again.

-No, she went home.

No, I just saw her
getting in a taxi,

I thought to be with you.
You got this wonderful magic.

Wait, wait,
you think you saw Tess?

- Si.

- Si.
-[Carter] You saw her
here today?

- Si.
-You're positive?

- Si!
-And she was leaving?

Well, she was alive.
She was not dead--

-No, not living, Luis. Leaving.
-Yes! She was leaving.

-She was leaving here?
-She was leaving in a taxi...
I saw her.

-Just now?
-I just saw her, yes.

-It was silly.

It was what you said,
"a leap of faith."

That ended badly.

Only if you let it be
the ending.

I think in... a recalibration

is in order before
my next leap of faith.

[soft music playing]

Howdy, Denver.

Hey, Tulsa.

I thought you were
in the Philippines.

I thought you were at work.

[Luis] Whoo! Ha ha!


Hey, Señora Tess, Señor Carter!

Stella, come on. See them.

[bomba music playing]

[Luis yells in Spanish]

[singing in Spanish]

[music playing,
Luis shouting in Spanish]


[speaking Spanish]

[serene music playing]