Stranded (1987) - full transcript

A young woman and her grandmother living in an isolated farmhouse are kidnapped by aliens.




Oh, Charles.

I was hoping she'd pick up the phone
but she's probably still doing her homework.

Hang on, then.
I'll try and get her.

Deirdre, telephone!

Telephone, Deirdre.

You have a phone call.

- Who is it?
- Charles.

I'm busy.

This is the 3rd time
he's called today.

Be a little kind.

I didn't ask him to call.

You can't keep on living
like a crab within a shell.

Charles is very nice.
I don't see why…

That's exactly why, grandma.
Don't be so dumb.

All right.

I'm inviting him anyhow.

I won't be here.

You're being silly.
It's all been planned.

Don't do this to me,
I mean it.


I'm afraid she can't come
to the phone now.

She's still studying.

But we'll see you
on Saturday night for dinner.

I can't believe it.

She can't just
invite him over like that.

She knows how I feel.

What does she care
what I want?

Oh, come on over.

Wasn't it lovely, Deirdre?
Isn't he nice?

God! What a life!


Grandma, are you all right?

Where are you?

Answer me!

Did you feel that lightning?
It hit the roof.

What is it?

Is there someone there?

Vern, is that you?

- Hold the lamp, will you?
- What are you doing?

I've lived in this house 46 years

and I've never had a stranger
in here without an invitation.

If I have to use this
I'm gonna use it.

Don't go down there.

Go to your room
and lock the door.

Don't be crazy.

I'm not gonna be intimidated
by a bunch of common thieves.

There's nothing common about that,
let's call the police.

It's not working.

Grandma, let's hide.

It's a good idea.

Which one you think.

Give them that bag.
We've got plenty.

Grace's got nothing to do
but clean fish, anyways.

- Do you think it is late?
- 7:30?

The only person to sleep
for this hour is your mother.

They might be around the back.

What the hell are you doing?

Damn, Jerry,
that girl is only 17.

So what?
She's old enough.

She ain't gonna be interested
in a "no can" like you.


- What's the problem, boy?
- Something's wrong.

Hold on,
I'm going with you, son.



Anybody home?

What the hell?

Who are you?

Jerry, look out!

Get back!

Oh, my god!


Speak to me, son.

We've got to go
before he comes back.

Grandma, we've got to go.

Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!

They almost look like angels.

I don't think so.

She's been shot.

GRANDMA, let's get out of here.

We must be dreaming.

This is no dream.

This is incredible.

They're really here.

I must try to help her.

Grandmother, please!

Lovely lady,
I'm just

I've come to help you.

Is there anything
I can do?

She should be at a hospital
where she could get better care.

Grandma, they can't go
to a hospital.

Just sit tight.

Let's see what we got here.

Wait a minute.
What about the sheriff?

He's gonna be real pissed
if we don't wait for him.

This is pretty serious.

He shouldn't be playing politician
at the Rotary Club.

He's supposed to be on the way.

He ain't here now, Sweeney.

You, Robert.
You gonna round back.

You slip in the kitchen.

I'm gonna distract them
at the front.

What are we supposed to do
in the house?

You find out what's going on.

Now do it.

I'll cover you.
Go on.



What the hell was that?

I don't know.
Just do it.

What's wrong?


You have 30 seconds
to come out with your hands up!

It's locked.

Kick it in, Sweeney.

15 seconds!

Kick it again.


I'm still over here!

Are you trying to kill me?

Where's Sweeney?

I'm at the location.

You be careful in there.


What's the word on Sweeney?

He's dead, Hollace.

His wife been called?

I took care of it.
My wife is over there now.

We were really careful

Sweeney just screwed up.

I told him to be really careful but

he kicked the door in and that was it.

Roberts, you set up
by the end of the road.

Nobody goes in or out.

Sure thing.

- I wanna hear "yes, sir".
- Yes, sir.

I'll talk to you
about this later.

I've got Vern Burdett
in the back seat.

You're all right?

How do you feel, sheriff?

I'm sorry, Mr. Burdett.
I'm really sorry about your son.

That ain't gonna bring
my boy back, is it?

I know this is difficult.
Did you see what happened?

I was standing right behind him.
He fell in my arms.

Did you get a good look
of who it was?

It was like nothing I've ever
seen before, I know that.

Don't worry, Mr. Burdett,
We'll take care of everything.

If you don't I will.

I will blow that thing's head off.

He is gonna drive you
home now, Mr. Burdett.

They have no escape, sheriff.

I tried the phone.
It's dead.

There are 3 exits.

There is the front door
up the porch you see here,

a kitchen door on the west
and a service door here on the east.

All exits have visual coverage.

Where do you need me?

I think I will need you
on the other side.

I'm gonna make contact
with the house.

The sheriff is gonna attempt
to make contact with the house.

This is sheriff Hollace McMahon.

To whoever is inside the house,
please, identify yourself.

I repeat, identify yourself.

Then come out the house.
Let the two woman out first.

To the front door.
Slowly, with the hands in the air.

All is surrounded.
Repeat, all is surrounded.

Come out the house.
Let the two woman out first.

And back to the front door slowly.
With your hands in the air.

Honeycut, leave Jenkins in position.

Tell everybody got out to
command post, on the double.

What were you thinking
about going in that house without backup?

What the hell do you mean?

I feel the right thing to do
is going in as soon as possible

- and save those women.
- You got a man killed.

And we still don't know
what's going on in here.

That's easy for you to say,
you weren't here.

That's right, You were in charge
and you violated department procedure.

But you know what?

It's gonna be followed from now on.
You got that?

Yes, sir.

- Tha't it?
- For now.

We've got a hostage situation here, men.

Whatever happens, remain calm.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

Stay cool and don't fire
unless you're fired upon

and you're certain of
a clear and asserted target.

Otherwise, innocent people get killed.

Exactly, what are we gonna do, sir?

We are gonna do exactly nothing
but sit tight and stay alert

until I have more information
to work with.

I don't want anybody else killed
and specially the 2 women in that house.

Let's do this thing right.

This is sheriff Hollace McMahon.

This is the last time
I'm gonna ask you.

Please, let the two women out first

then come out the front door
slowly with your hands in the air.

What the hell was that?

Mrs. Clark, are you all right?

You've got 3 minutes,
then we're coming in.

We better answer him.
If we don't

we might all be killed.

He doesn't understand you.
You're wasting your time.

Mrs. Clark, are you all right?

Let me try.

I'm all right, sheriff.

- Is Deirdre with you?
- I'm here.

Have you been hurt?

Take it easy.

We're going in when I say
and not before.

And that we're doing like police officers
and not some trashy gun-waving mob.

Now clear it, sergeant.

Deirdre, can you hear me?

If you're all right
give me some kind of sign.

I think he wants me to talk
to the sheriff.

Do you want me to talk outside?

We're all right in here,
we're safe.

How many people are
in the house with you?

They're not people, sheriff.

They ain't human.

Can we talk to them?

Do they know we want them surrender.
We want them let out the house.

They can't understand you.
They're not like us.

They're from somewhere else.

Do you think they'll let us go?

I don't think so.

We are their security.

You mean "hostages".

I need a drink.

- How is it going?
- It's gonna be a long night.

And buzzy is not going to be
happy along he's working for you.

But you've got some good men.

Yeah, well.

It's not get to me, is just,
anyone in side other, no me.

I think you're just
a little bit out of shape

because you got the job
after sheriff Wallace.

But I'm with you.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Those my goldfish.

We named them both Bob.

It's me and my parents.

They were killed
in a car accident last year.

Who are you?

Do you understand anything
that I say to you?

What are you gonna do with us?

Grandma, I have
to say something.

I know who they are.

What do you mean?

Show her.

What is this?
What's going on?

We've got business up there.

I got orders from the sheriff
not to let anybody through.

They don't make no sense.

These folks are your friends,
we just come to help.

You let us through or what?

I'm sorry about Jerry.
But I can't do it.

I've got orders from the sheriff
and I've got to follow them.

Would you follow them if your brother Tim
got blown away by god knows what

and then some little black boy
come up and tell you

you've got to go home
and stay there

while he sits on his ass?

We just wanna be there.

Think on the best
for your boys.

- Cream, right?
- Thanks.

Department of defense
has someone on the way.

Good, what they send him?

Airforce, small unit.
No E.T.A. yet.

- This is yours
- Sorry.

- What do you make of this?
- I don't know.

This is something else.

It's definitely not
your standard hostage situation.

There's nothing standard
about it.

We've too be in held hostages
by something with no demands.

At least none we can understand.


Yes, Ma'am.

- Where are you?
- I'm here.

Are you all right, Mrs. Clark.

They want to talk to you.

Tell them to come
to the front door unarmed.

I don't think they'll do that.
You better come inside.

Have either you or your granddaughter
been harmed, Mrs. Clark?

No, we're both fine.

Please, come inside
without a gun.

I'll answer the door.

All right.

If you haven't heard from me
in 10 minutes

do try and make contact
and if you can't you come on in.

Sir, good luck in there.

I'll show you Real slow now.

I'm unarmed.

There's nobody with me.

Get back to your positions,
we're covering the sheriff.

Everybody just
take it nice and easy.

You okay, Ma'am?

Don't worry.
They won't hurt you.

What on earth is that?

I don't know but it's got
tits and __

Please, take your policemen
and leave.

We're going to be fine.


There's no way I can do that.

I don't think there'd be a problem
if you and your men were gone.

Two people—one of them
a police officer—are dead.

Due to these creatures.

We do have a problem here,
a serious one.

They don't mean to hurt
any of us.

They just want to leave.

I don't understand.

Are you able to communicate
with them?

Yeah, sort of.

Can you tell them
that you're all in danger

here as long as they
hold you by force.

But they're not
holding us by force.

Sheriff, they're already
in great danger.

Something you don't know
anything about.

What are you talking about?

There's an assassin
that is trying to kill all of them.

That's why they're here.
To get away.

Sheriff, are you there?

It's the radio!

Let him go!

Sheriff, are you there?

If I don't answer
they're going to come in here.

Sheriff, do you copy?

McMahon here.

You'd better get out.
We've got a problem.

What's the problem.

Burdett is back and this
time he's brought friends.

For god's sake
don't let anyone out of this house.

I'm gonna try and protect
all of you.

Hold on!

I want you all to know
I understand why you all came here.

We don't think
you understand at all.

I understand all right.

I understand
you want your revenge.

I also understand
that if you do that

maybe those two ladies inside
will get killed.

Maybe those creatures
or maybe some of you.

Maybe you'd better stop
sticking up for them.

Cause we don't want
any more people getting hurt.

That's why we're here, Mr. Burdett.

What about Sweeney?

And what about my boy?

God Damnit they
gonna steak us. I say,

we're go in there and
dry your asses out.

The best thing for you all to do

is get back in your vehicles
and go home with your families.

You better get
on the right side, boy

'cause we are the humans
in case you didn't notice.

Then act like it.

Think before
something terrible happens.

Leave peaceably.

or I'll be forced
to disarm all of you

and place you
under protective custody.

That's gonna be very hard to do

'cause if you look around you'll see
that your men ain't either with you.

What are they gonna do?
Shoot us?

I say we go in there
and do what we came for.

What have you come to do?
get your friends killed?

Mr. Burdett is grieving.

You all can do yourselves a big favor
Just go on home.

Come on. Let's get going.

Get your hands off me.

What are you gonna do,
let a nigger run you off?

Goddamn it!

You're all traitors, all of you!

You ain't no better than
that things in there.

Goddamned fools!

You ain't heard
the last to this, boy.

You can bet on that.

Good job with the road block, Roberts.

two hostages,
a young girl and an old lady.

Sheriff McMahon,

I'm Helen Anderson,
Department of Defense.

Sergeant Hawk's been briefing me.

It was nice to meet you.

Don't tell me you're the only thing
the Air Force has sent.

No need to worry.

We're bringing in
a containment extraction team

from Roy Patterson
arrival at 8 a.m.

Good. It's been
quite a night.

From what I've heard so far
it sounds like you've been handling this

like an ordinary
hostage situation.

You have a better idea?

What we have here
is an encounter

with alien lifeforms
of unknown origin and capabilities.

Ordinary rules and procedures
don't apply.

There are still 2 women
being held in that house.

They're not the most important
thing at stake here.

Maybe not to you
but they certainly are to me.

You simply must understand.
The creatures have to be contained.

If the situation becomes unstable
before my team arrives

they must be destroyed
regardless of the consequences.

Let me tell you something, lady.
When your people arrive

I'll be happy to sit down
and discuss your plans.

but in the meantime
those women responsibility

I've made some real headway
in ending this thing

without any more blood shed.

And I certainly
don't intend to stop now.

So if you'll excuse me
I'm gonna go back to work.

Burdett's people have gone.
We're clear for now.

We've got a problem.

That woman wants to take over.

She wants to assault the house
when her people get here.

We do anything to stop her?

Let's get some buddies down here
and get the work for us.

You call SBI you get a
SWAT team down here.

A lot of people here
want to see you fall on your face.

If you call on outside help
that's gonna make them think

that you can't handle it.

I can worry about that.

I just don't want
those 2 women to get killed.

Now you get on the phone.

Yes, sir.

Sorry I blew up at you tonight
I didn't mean it.

I know you didn't, darling.

It hurts me
I think of mom and dad.

Of course it does.
It hurts me too.

I keep thinking if it wasn't for me
they'd still be here.

They wouldn't
have been in that car.

There are lots of things
we'd like to change.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This is just beautiful.
I love it.

You are like
a little jester.

You always try to
make things better.

What do you mean
I've lost my SWAT team?

We are sorry, sheriff.

Can't you handle it
with your department?

I guess I don't have
any other choice, do I?

just told me he found Burdett's pickup
down the road in some bushes.

No sign of Vern.

We're bad in a thousand.

SBI just cancelled our backup request,
Burdett's running around loose

and our woman from DoD
is playing Rambo.

Where is she anyway?

Talking to Hawks again.

That boy is gonna get himself
into a world of trouble.

So what's our game plan?

I'm going back in.

You need cover?

I need cover from what's out here.

All right, gentlemen, the sheriff
is reentering the house.

Where are you going, sheriff?

We'll talk when I come back.

You can't go in there.

They're gaining control
over those women. It's obvious.

They'll do the same to you.

I don't think so, lady.

I'm overruling you
on that, sheriff.

You'll endanger all of us
if you go back in.

You don't have any authority here.
So just back off.

Mrs. Clark!

This is sheriff McMahon.

I'd like to come back
into the house.

I was just making some coffee.

Would you like a cup?

Thank you.

Do they understand what we say?

It seems so.

I guess I'll just address this
to everybody.

I want you all
to come into town with me.

To the sheriff's station.
I can better protect you there.

You can't arrest them

Not arrest them.

I want to place them
under protective custody.

They can't do that.

Why not?

You have to let them go.

I'm sorry, I can't do that.

You must realize that our laws
can't possibly apply to these beings.

I can't just let
anybody go,

just walk away
like nothing's happened.

If you knew
what we have seen,

I think you'd feel
a little differently.

What the hell
is going on in there?

This is what I was afraid of.


They're probably subjecting
your sheriff to a form of mind control.

Hold on, Ma'am.

We don't know anything for certain
but we can't take any chances.

You should be prepared to take charge.
To relieve him.

You're trying to tell me
that they got control of his mind?

We've encountered it before.

Get your men together
while we still have time.

Will you have them get away?

Frankly, I don't know what I can do.

It's not entirely up to me.
There are other people involved.

Let me just go out and see
if I can negotiate

some sort of resolution
with this federal woman.

I knew you'd help us.

I'd have a much better chance
of working something out

if they would let the two of you
go out with me as a sign of good faith.

If we leave there's nothing to stop

them from coming in
and killing all of them.

No, we're staying.

Deirdre is right.

We can't desert them.

Cause when the sheriff comes out
he ain't be the sheriff any more.

She says those outer space people
got control over his mind.

The sheriff looks the same to me.

No. He's acting kind of funny.


Get me to the house

and keep everybody else
away from the house.

Put him in that chair.

Oh, my god.

Deirdre, I need bandages.


Get some assistance
as fast as you can.

Are you sure
you're gonna be all right here?

I'll be all right.

Nobody comes in.

This is gonna help.

Step away from the window.

Step away from the window!


This way.

Go find Deirdre.

Don't let anything happen
to my granddaughter.

I won't.

Don't worry.


Stop, please.

I can't leave grandma.

Where are you taking me?

What is this place?

What the hell is that?

Take that thing off.

Put that down there,
on the table.

I said,
you put that down

and then you move away
from the table.


You can't wait.

They'll kill you
if they find you.

I can't go with you.

Deirdre, wait!

But he's gotta go,
is time.

I can't just let him go.

Why not?

He's a witness.

He's the proof that this
isn't just some kind of craziness.

You can't keep him for that.

I've got to,
it's my job.


Lord forgive me.


Sheriff, please.

Let's go. Come on.

I'll miss you.



Good bye.

Did you hear?
He called me grandma.

Maybe it was the wind.

He called me grandma.

Anything's possible.
I suppose.

How on earth do you explain
things like these?

I don't know.

The only way
they could have just disappeared.

Mrs. Clark,

do you mind if I use
a tape recorder?

Could you please make this short?

We haven't even gone to bed.

You're Deirdre, the granddaughter.

I heard that you had
a lot of commotion here last night.

Some unannounced visitors.

After all the chaos
how do you feel about that?

I'm tired.

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