Stranded (1935) - full transcript

Stranded is a 1935 American drama film starring Kay Francis, George Brent and Patricia Ellis. It was directed by Frank Borzage.

I was born in this town.

I'll probably die here.

I don't know what to do.

Where to go.

Well, why don't you try the
Travelers Aid, old man?

Ask the lady with the badge.

- Yes, sir?

Take the little lady to
the Travelers Aid desk.

I had already made the date, sir.

Ain't I, baby?

I get a chocolate bar.

Sure enough, honey.

I'll leave her with the
lady with the badge.

Now, for instance.
You take this, Roosevelt.

Well, what about Taft?

I tell you I want to Sacramento.

You say you went to Sacramento.
What's her first name?

Let's not argue about it.

Travelers Aid. Lynn Palmer speaking.

Yes. We put your mother on the
Sunset Limited at 7 o'clock.

You're welcome.

Good evening, Miss Palmer.
I brought you a customer.


You are a brave little tyke to
be travelling all by yourself.

Where did you come from?

My name is Diane Nichols.

I am going to Portland to my daddy.

And my mama says that
you should take care of me.

You bet I will, sweet.

You want a bite?


Do you want a bite?

No thank you, baby.

I got enough chocolate
in my system already.

Is that really chocolate?


Trains are fun.

Mostly when they whistle.

Are you going with me?

Sorry, darling. I can't.

I wish you were. Who is
going to put me to bed?

Her she is right now.
Good evening, Blanch.

Here are Diane's tickets. See that her
father gets her in Portland, won't you.

Yes, ma'am.

She likes chocolate too.


You want to kiss me goodbye?

You want to?

Take good care of her, Blanche.

Don't forget to tell the
engineer to whistle.

I won't forget.

- Bye.

May I help you?

I was told to come here.

I don't know how you can help me.

I don't know why I came here.

I have no money.

I have nobody.

Well, you are welcome to spend the
night at our guesthouse if you like.

Things will be better tomorrow morning.


That is another name
for charity, isn't it?

No thanks.

I have had my fill of charity.

[ Gunshot! ]

Emergency hospital.

Hello Grace.

I'm just filing my last report.

Have a good day?

Something pretty awful happened but ..

I won't bother you with it tonight.


I am going to impose on you.

It will be the first time.

Mrs Tuthill is in there
with her daughter Velma.

Velma has suddenly been seized
with the desire to serve humanity.


I don't know whether it is Junior
League credits or just boredom.

But Velma is to be a volunteer worker.

More volunteer than
worker if I know the type.


Her mother doesn't
want her to live alone.

She is moving into town?

My poor dear.

She is moving in with you.

In my apartment? Oh no, Grace.

I don't blame you a bit.

I'll tell her.


You wish I'd say yes, don't you?

I do.

She gives us so much money
and we need money.

You know how badly we need it.


You will?
- I will.

You are a darling.
- But you cannot make me like it.

I think you will both benefit by
being roommates, Miss Palmer.

And I want you to teach Velma the work.

It is going to be fun.

Not all of it.

Are you sure you'll be happy here, dear?
- Oh perfectly.

You are being very unselfish
darling, and I admire you for it.

Of course Velma will share your expenses
and that will make it easier for you.

Goodbye, dear.

- Goodbye.

May I use your phone?

Of course.

There it is.

Hello, Jack?

It worked.

Mother has nothing but admiration
for me. She doesn't suspect a thing.

No. No, not tonight.

Maybe tomorrow night.

I have a roommate now you know.

Maybe she will like you
better than mother did.

No, you can't.

But everything is
going to be easier now.


We'd better go to bed. We get up at six.

You don't really think you do any
good in this silly business? Do you?

Sometimes we help a lot.


Miss Palmer?

The old man from the station.
You wanted to know.

He died on the operating table.


We fail.

Meet the canary.

Better take the birdseed along with you.

Miss, can you tell me where
I can get a seafood dinner?

The prices here are something fierce.
- I'm sure I wouldn't know.

Ship's Caf? by the docks.

Thank you, Miss.

It's our business to
help everyone, Velma.

Even if they are looking for
Mexican jumping beans.

Where is your badge?

I'm looking for a named Janauschek.
Stan Janauschek.

What have you done with him?
- Stan ..?

I traced him here.
What have you done to him?

Well, if you fill out this blank ..

Fill out nothing. I want Stan
and I want to get out of here.

Where is he?
- May we help you?

No. I just want you to stand there
and watch me do handsprings.

I am looking for a man named Janauschek.
Stanislaus Janauschek.

He's a naturalised American citizen with
a negro tattooed on his Adam's apple ..

He's Probably drunk as a Lord.

Now where is he?

Any idea where he's coming from?

He's not coming from a place.
He's a hardworking guy with a job.

The best steel man around. I need him.

I just heard you dumbbells are trying to
send him back to a farm in Wisconsin.

Now where is he?

And listen.

It's now twice in six months you people
have stuck your nose into my affairs.

You should mind your own for a change.
- I'm new here.

Then get out now if you
wish to retain your sanity.

Miss Tuthill, you take care
of this gentleman please.

He is not in today's file. Now,
what you were saying about him?

I was saying.

That I am looking for
a man named Janauschek.

He has a wife in Wisconsin.

And every time he goes on
a bust and feels sentimental ..

You nitwits try to send him home.

And then the moment he sobers up
he'll scram again. Where is he?

Your name, please?

Mack Hale.

Mack Hale.
- Yes, Mack Hale.

Fill this out please, Mr Hale.

If you need help, ask Miss Tuthill.

I didn't come here to write
the history of my life.

I want Stan Janauschek.

Just put the necessary
information on that blank.

We will try to find him for you.

I'd like to help you.

I'd like to help you too.

Where do you live?

2250, Gary.

Then take my advice.

If you don't want your address
changed to the state insane asylum ..

Get out of this racket.

Is that alright?

I don't know. I am new here.

Hello Lynn.

Wes, how are you?

I was over this way so I stopped by.
- Come on in, won't you.

Would you excuse me a moment, please.

Sure. Take a year. Take ten years.

Are you the Mack Hale on the bridge job?
- Yeah.

My name is Tuthill.

My father is on the
bridge executive board.

Tuthill? Then what are you doing here?

Can I get your help here, Velma.

See you later.

Any news of Jenny Holden?
- Nothing yet.

But we will find her.


I have two tickets for the
Dewey lecture tonight.

Would you like to go?
- I'd love it.

I thought you would.

I'll be working at the office until
eight. Meet me there? - Uhuh.

- Goodbye.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Janauschek. Stanislaus.
From Wisconsin. No funds.

Money for ticket wired from his wife.

That's the guy.
- He left on the 7 o'clock train.

Holy smoke. Did it take you all
this time just to tell me that?

You people are impossible.
- Boo!

I bet my father can lick your father.

Who are you?

Don't you remember Lynn Palmer?

Who lived next door to
Ted Sterling in Pasadena.

And you visited him that first
Christmas you were at Caltech.

I was completely humiliated.

You were the first man
who ever kissed me.

I was only fifteen.

I was so thrilled that day.

Oh, I remember.

And when I found out you were
only fifteen, I went home.

Yes. And I cried and
glowed all night long.

Because I was fifteen.


I say, that makes you ..
- Yes, yes. It certainly does.

What are you doing tonight?
- I got a date.

What are you doing up here?

The Superintendent of
Construction on the new bridge.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

Well, I won't know until tomorrow.

Do you really want this Janauschek?

I am building a bridge.
He is my boss rigger.

You couldn't call off that
date tonight, could you?

Sorry. I couldn't.

Well, if you pay his fare back.

I'll wire the office in Salt Lake.

Then he can make up his mind
whether he wants to go on or return.

If he sobered up enough to think of his
wife, he's probably jumped off already.

Here you are.

Anything else?
- Plenty.

Dinner, a show, and a dance.

Tonight. Listen, lady.

I am a stranded traveller needing aid.
- I've got a date.

I am a stepchild and a social
problem. Alone in the big city.

If you respect the name
of your organisation ..

I have a date.

Expect me at eight.

I can't do it. It is impossible.

That is what they said about
our bridge. But we are doing it.

See you at eight.

I'd have an awful hard job turning
down a date with a man like that.

Me too.

Hello, Mr Hale.
- Hello.

My name is Sharkey.

Yeah? What can I do for you?

I represent the Builders
Protective Association.

The what?

The Builders Protective Association.

This is a union job.

Our association is not a union.
It is nothing like a union.

What do you mean? Watchmen?
Special police?

You might call it that.
- We've plenty. We don't need any.

This is a special service, Mr Hale.

For five thousand dollars a
month my outfit guarantees ..

My outfit guarantees if any professional
agitators under any name you pick ..

Start your racket around here ..
- You got the league all wrong, Mr Hale.

I have, huh? Hmm.

And I wouldn't try to laugh it off.
- It is no effort.

You'd better listen, Mr Hale.
- Now, look.

Let's understand each other.

This is a union job and
we pay the union scale.

And jobs are scarce.

There is as much chance of
me having trouble on this job ..

As there is of you being chosen
as Miss America. Now get out!

There's an aroma of polecat
around here I don't like. - Alright.

Five thousand dollars before
the first of the month or else.

Or else what?
- Else, plenty trouble.

Outside, mister.

Remember that bridge
engineer today, Mack Hale?


I have a hunch I'll be hearing from him.


I know men and I am going for that one.

You should have seen his face
when he found out who I am.

He asked me where I lived.

What did I tell you? The boy works fast.

Aren't they lovely.
Is there a card in it?

"Special Requisition Order."

"Tonight 8:15 pm Table number 1."

"St Regis Hotel."

"Lynn Palmer."

"Needed. Urgent."

Signed: "Mack Hale".

Go ahead and laugh.

I'm not laughing Velma.

Anyway, I have a date with John Wesley.

Are you going to keep it?

I don't know. Would you if you were I?

I certainly would if you
value his friendship.

Well, I value it enough
to tell him the truth.

Look at everybody looking at you.
They think you are a goddess.

So that makes me a god
or something. Hey, boy.

Yes, sir?

Buy your best girl a box of candy.

Yes, sir. You bet.

She is a sucker for peanut brittle.

She is, huh? How old is she?

- Fifteen.

Have you kissed her yet?

Yes sir. That has been took care of.

Yes, well don't take nine
years to kiss her again.

Nine years?

Gee lady, we'll be married
with kids by that time.

You see. We have a lot to learn
from the younger generation.

Come on.

It's over a mile to this point here.

When I finish this job I'll be made.

It is the biggest thing in my life.

When I do finish it I'll still be ..
- You'll still be Mack Hale.

I don't mean that.

I won't get a swell head.
The job is too big for that.

I mean, I'll still be a bachelor.

And proud of it.
- Not on your life.

For the first time in my life I'm
fed up with it. Tonight. Right now.

I've got ideas and they are coming
so fast that it is making me dizzy.

And you're getting all mixed up in them.
- Me?

No wonder your bridge
is ahead of schedule.

And don't forget.

That I am nine years behind on this job.

Do I come up to specifications?

You have got "Grade A Number 1"
stamped all over you.

Hmm? And it took such a
nice long shower too.

Now listen.

In my business I've got to make quick
decisions and I'm usually right.

Now, you can find out all you need
to know about me in ten days.

But, I will give you two weeks.

Hey, wait a moment. I've got a job.

I work some nights.

How long have you worked
in this sob-sister racket?

Six years.

No club feet?

The chassis looks alright.

You got a face like a sweet dream.

I can't understand it.
- What?

This job of yours. Do you like the work
or is it the money you get out of it?

I've got an income of my own.

Well then, why?
- Because I like it.

That's all.

I am not going to argue
with you about that.

Now you are going to take two weeks
vacation and you will size me up.

If I am okay with you, we are
going to do something about it.

Are you taking a vacation
from the bridge?

Me? No.

I should say not.

I guess I will stick to my job too.

Then how are you going to size me up?

I need a vacation to do that.

What do you mean?

Oh look, Jack.


May we?

This is Jack. And that's
Lynn and this is Mack.

And how do you do.

Charmingly informal, isn't she.

Oh, I say. I bet you've been
having fun, haven't you.

I like to draw things
on table cloths too.

You know, I do one with the three little
pigs that is really terribly funny.

May I borrow your pencil a minute?

Oh Jack, why don't you dance with Lynn?

May I?

Do you mind?

Yes, I do mind.

If you want to dance with anyone
I'd like to have the pleasure.

Do you mind?
- No, it's quite alright.

I assure you. Quite alright.

Extraordinary people aren't they?

Well, he certainly made
a fool out of me alright.

Imagine his coming right out and saying
he minded my dancing with that girl.

As if she meant anything to me.

I felt like a fool.

You must have. You looked the part.

Now really, darling. Don't tell me that
you are falling for this he-man stuff.

I could use a little of it.

There is the door and we
are heading right for it.

My wrap is at the table.
- I'll have it sent to you.

We are leaving here right now. Come on.

Fifteen years ago the man
who designed this bridge.

Stood on this cliff and said:
"I think I can span this Golden Gate."

Of course, the world laughed
at him. But we are doing it.

Just imagine.
Dreaming in terms of steel.

Just imagine living to see
that dream come true.

With his own eyes, as he is.
- Oh, it is magnificent.

Take a good look at it. It may be
our job in a couple of weeks.

I am going to make up for the
nine years since I last saw you.

Fifteen years old or not.
I chose a winner.



We'll pick up from here
tomorrow night, darling.

No, but I can't .. I have to work.

Expect me anyway.

From now on your job comes second.

It is just you ..

And me.

Can I trust these men?

For a hundred bucks extra a week?

I don't shell out 400 bucks a week
for nothing. Remember that.

You leave it to us.
- No alibis. Only results.

I want trouble on that bridge.

For a hundred bucks you'll get it.

We are finished on the 1st anyway.

Alright, go to it.

Alright, come on, you birds.


Yes, sir?

You've been drinking. Get your time.

But Mr Hale, I wasn't feeling ..

Never mind. The rest of you
fellows go on down with him.

Mr Hale.

We are okay. I need the day's pay, sir.

No work, no pay.

But as soon as you break in a
new heater I'll hire you back.

O'Leary arrived on the job with
liquor aboard so you're all laid off.

It's tough. But this is a bridge
and not a charity institution.

Good morning, Miss Palmer.

I found this kid on the morning freight.
He came down here to look for his dad.

Thanks, Pat.

Take off your hat, son.
- Yes, sir.

What's your name?
- Jimmy.

I mean James Rivers.

Now, tell me what has
happened to you, Jimmy.

Well, I was living with
my dad in Seattle.

And after mum died he couldn't
seem to find a job there.

So he thought maybe he could
get something in Frisco.

So I stayed with some
friends for a while.

But I didn't hear from him.

And they were having enough
trouble taking care of themselves.

So I thought maybe I'd come
here and try and find my dad.

Have you any idea where he might be?


But I thought maybe I can get some kind
of work and sorta keep looking for him.

What is your dad's name?
- Mr Henry Rivers.

Can you describe him to me?
- Yeah.

This used to belong to Mom.
It's got her and dad in it.

Of course, he don't look
much like that now.

But it might help.

That's all I got to remember Mom by.

But I think she'd say it was okay to let
you use dad's picture to find him with.

We'll do our very best for you, Jimmy.

In the meantime I think
I can get you a job.

A job?

Gee, lady.

What can you do?

Anything, mister.

Can you lift that steel girder?

I'll try, mister.

Whoa there, Napoleon. You will do.

Come round in the morning.
I'll spot you someplace.

You betcha, mister.
I'll be here right on time.


Well, don't be so
presumptuous next time.

What do you think I am,
the Travelers Aid annex?

Sure I'll give him a job. But don't you
pull that stuff on me again. You hear?

Yes, sir.

By the way, I received my coat.

Thanks a lot for having it sent around.

No. I can't make it tonight, Mack.
I'm working on immigration.

I told you.

You've got a date with me. Do you hear?

I've got a date with some immigrants
and a few undesirable aliens.

Goodbye, Oh Mack. Mack, wait a moment.

I think I got another present for you.

Miss Palmer.
- Thanks.

Are you Stanislaus ..?


Well, your wandering boy
is fresh in from Salt Lake.

Mr Hale wants to speak to you.

Who? My boss?

Hello. I was just thinking ..

You shouldn't talk such words at me.

You speak worse than my lady.

Yes, boss. I come quick.


I go back to work.

Work better than wife.

Well, there are points on both sides.

Give me your unused your ticket.

I'll send the money back to your wife.
You'll still owe her 18 dollars.

I send her a hundred and 18 dollars.

I send a thousand dollar.
- You'd better get back to work then.

You bet I had better.

You know my boss?

Yes. I know him.

Maybe he like you, huh?



I kid him plenty.

Hey. Come back here.

I only make fun.

You forgot your package.


You kid Janauschek.

Hello, Miss Palmer.
- Hello, Dan.

How is business among
the waifs and strays?

The business is fine, thank you.
How is the Bureau of Missing Persons?

Missing on all four.

No. We are going good.

We checked up on that kid's
father for you. Rivers.

You found him already?
- Oh, it was easy.

That is grand, Dan.

It is not so grand. He is in jail.

He's serving six months for a stick-up.


I hate to tell the boy that.

He's such a nice kid.

The old man didn't want the
kid to know it either. He ..

I just come by to tell you I am all set.

Mr Hale was swell.

I go to work on the bridge tomorrow.
- You are all set, huh?

Yeah, but ..

If we could only find where Dad is ..
- We've located him, Jimmy.

Mr Archer here found him for us.

Swell. Where is he?

He's on a freighter going
down to South America.

He won't be back for several months.

Several months?

Well, that is not bad.

We've both got jobs now.

When he comes back we'll have
the world by the tail, the two of us.

Right by the tail, Jimmy.

What do you do all this for?
Do you get rewards or something?

No. At least not the kind of
reward that you mean.

Good luck.

Thanks, lady.

And I'll make good for you.

At anything.

I know you will.

So long.
- So long.

Mr Hale, could we talk to you?

We are talking now. What is the matter?

The boys have been talking about
you laying off that riveting crew.

They asked me ..
- What do they say?

Well, it's just that the rest
of them didn't do nothing.

They had been laid off for a long
time until they got this job, see.

So let's get this matter settled.

The riveting crew reported for work.

O'Leary, the heater and key man was
crocked, so I told him to get his time.

What of the others?

You can't replace a
heater in five minutes.

They're hired as a crew
and fired as a crew.

Use your head.
- The boys thought ..

They didn't think! They just beefed.

Did anyone tell the boys what I said
to Sherman and whatsisname?

We heard you tell them to
get their time and that's all.

I told them as soon as they broke in
a new heater I'd hire them back.

They're no good on the job today.

That is fair enough, isn't it?
- That sees pretty hard.

Alright, it's hard. I'm hard.
It's a hard business.

And get this.

There's just one boss
on this job and I'm it.

If you don't like it ..

You find yourself a construction job
somewhere run by a gang of old ladies.

And another thing.

When I am right, I'll clamp down.

When I am wrong I'll admit it.

Is that okay?

Because if it's not, you can
all quit. It's all one with me.

That's okay.

Good enough for us.

Okay, boys. He told us
where he stands. Let's go.

- Hello.

Through for the day?
- Yes, and glad of it.


Mack Hale. How did you get in here?

Walked in. I got a drag.

You walk on out again.
I've got work to do.

And we've got a date.

Mack. You must wait in the waiting room.

When we've got a
date I'll wait right here.

What is that man doing here?

Who are the men talking to him?

They are today's immigrants.
His name is ..

I know what his name is.
What is he doing here?

Hello Hale. They deporting you?

I'll see you later. Before the 1st.

Right. Come right through.

He befriends a lot of immigrants.

Gives them money to get started with.

He gets them started as plug-uglies,
racketeers and muscle men.

He helps his countrymen.
I don't see anything against it.

Soon, I'll tell you what Sharkey and his
mates are trying to do to our bridge.

Mack, you must wait for me out there.
- How did Sharkey get in here?

Mack, please dear.

Alright. I'll wait.

See that the relatives
reach their trains.

Are you taking care of the new crop of
brides that came in? There are four.

I'll collect the brides.

Here they are, Miss Palmer. All okayed.

Are the Orientals born
of naturalised parents?


Mr Wesley is waiting for
you in the lodging house.

Thank you.



Come on.

Come on, come on.

Can't any of you speak English?

Wait a moment.


Get your bags.

Come on.

That's the way. Now walk out there.

Out the other way. Through right there.

I wish my car would
hurry up and get here.

What a day.

Been working hard?

I find this very stupid work, Mack.


I guess you get out of
it what you put in it.

Good grief.

What are you doing,
starting a doll shop?

Mack. I have to stop
at the lodging house.

And take the brides to be
married at the guest house.

Maybe you'd better meet me later.

I've been waiting for my car.
It should be here now.

I can drop you off wherever you wish.

You don't mind, do you?

Of course not.

This way.

Over there.

You had better get in the back, John.

Are you coming?

I wouldn't think of taking you out
of your way. Thanks just the same.

Move over.

But Mack.
- You are not ditching me.

After waiting an hour. Not on
your life. We have got a date.

But I'll need at least an hour or more.
- No you won't. I'll take care of that.

Step on it, buddy. We've some
brides to get off our chests.

Yes, sir.
- Then we'll go places.


I'll just be a moment.
Take care of the brides.

Miss Rand?


I am from Travelers Aid.


I don't need anything.

We want to help you.

You must go to the hospital
to have your baby, you know.

Where you'll be comfortable
and have the things you need.

You're from the Travelers
Aid, aren't you?


It was always my favorite charity.

So worthy.

Caring for the wandering girls.

Five or ten thousand dollars a year I
used to give so the good work may go on.

You remember my lawn f?te in
1912 at the Burlingame House?

I am sorry.

I am afraid I don't.

No, of course.

You wouldn't remember.

You are only a child.

But it was gorgeous.

Everyone was there. Everyone.

Such color in the booths.

Such beautiful music
and food and dancing.

Hire a hall.

Cheap frump!


For listening.

Come along. We'll get your things.

Mike Gibbons.


What do you mean getting into a
state like this? And you a steel man.

I finished the Seattle job.

I ain't had a quarter I could
call my own for six months.

No more jobs.

Nobody builds nothing no more.

They don't, huh? Put your hat on.



Go to the workman's hotel and sleep.

Janauschek is there.

And you report for work in the morning.

If I find you with a bunch of tramps
like this again I'll break your neck.

Now scram.

Okay, boss.

So, you've joined our ranks, have you?
I'll see you get your badge tomorrow.

This is Mary Rand - Mack Hale.

How do you do.

In you go.

Hey, listen. We've got a date.

I get it, it's a relay.
A continuous performance.

Where are the rest?

- The rest.

The hundred other women you left there.

You will not leave them there all alone?

Just with each other.

Why, we can hire a bus or a
fleet of buses and have a picnic.

Mack, please. I'll explain later.

Maternity hospital.
- Oh.

What next?

So you are a Travelers
Aid worker too, Mr Hale?


I am just a sap.

Don't get out, Mack. I shan't be long.

I am laughing.

It is nice here.
- Of course it is.

Your sister will be glad
you are taken care of.

My sister?


I am Lynn Palmer.

Alice wrote me and asked
me to find you and help you.

Then ..

You know I am Jenny Holden?

Of course.

But they mustn't know. Ever.

They told me not to marry him.

We ran away.

I'll kill myself before I let them know.

They know already.

The doctor told them.


And he promised.

They don't condemn you for it. You
are not the first girl to have a baby.

They still love you.

People will know though.

You've been away, been married,
had a baby and your husband died.

That is all that people have to know.

I won't even tell Alice where you
are if you don't want me to.

I will just write her and say
that you are safe .. and well.


You make it all seem so ..

I'm going to run along now.

You call me any time you want to.

- Goodbye.

You're not alone.

Wasn't there anybody in that great big
building you could have brought along?

The nights are young and me so hungry.

Only one more stop, Mack.

We'll get these brides married.
And then we'll eat our heads off.


I'd like to have that giggling
one fried in a fricassee.

Come on.

Thanks, Mack.

Which one is yours? Right?

You had them all mixed up. Alright now?
- Yeah.

Come on. Let's go.

How much?
- $5.85.

What's that, a down payment?

I waiting around a lot for you, buddy.
- You are telling me.

That's right. Straight up.

Miss Myers.

Here they are.

If we're not out in 3
seconds I'll drag you out.

But I must congratulate the brides.

With them not understanding a word
you say? Come on. We got a date.

- Mack, you've been swell.

You sure there's no stray orphans
or widows around to get busy on?

No. Come to the apartment.
I'll change, fix you a cocktail ..

And I'll get busy on that
one great big juicy steak.

The woman is human.


Come on.

Anything wrong, Monsieur?

You look for something?
- I'm looking for an immigrant.

Oh. I assure you Monsieur,
we keep our place sanitary.

Not even one dinky little immigrant?

We have the men.

He clean with an exterminator.

Psst, psst, psst.

And the bugs?

They go.


Bring us dinner and
don't leave anything out.

Yes, Monsieur.

Here you are. Dive in to the celery.

Is this racket of yours
like this every day?

Not usually.
- Huh?

Not usually.

Do you like dealing in muck?

Human beings aren't muck.

Who are you getting?

What can you do with
worn-out damaged material?

If they had it on the ball they'd
get out of their own jams.

Those are the only people who need help.

I saw you give money to the
man by the lodging house.

Was he worn out and damaged?

No. But that is different.
- Hmm.

I think perhaps the people
I help are different too.

No. You're crazy. Wasting your time.
- Just a moment, mister.

Now don't get mad, baby.

After dinner I'm taking you out to a
lake where not even Travelers Aid ..

Or any of the other dark
angels can reach you. Ha!

What do you want, folks?
- What you got?

16-footer, 17-footer, 18-footer.

I get it. 19-footers and 20-footers.

Ain't got no 20-footers.
Got a good long 19-footer though.

How long is a good long 19-footer?

Just under 20-foot. She handles easy.

You can't get no speed in her but then
you can't turn over in her neither.

We're not looking for speed.
- Not us.

For what you folks want there is
nothing better than that 19-footer.

I guess we'll take the

She is in the water.

Got plenty cushions too.

Need two paddles?

Nope. I am paddling this canoe.

If it ain't being forward, Miss.

Don't you remember me?

I was busted flat.

And you got me this job.


Well that is just too ducky, boatman.

But we are paying for this by the hour.

And then reunion is over.
- Yes, sir.

Say. No chance of anyone
reaching us out there is there?

Not until 2am.

And you had better be back by then
or I got to come out and get you.

But for you Miss Palmer,
I'll make it 3am.

Okay. Shove off.
- Yes, sir.

Just imagine. We are alone.

And there is nobody butting in.

"Calling Miss Palmer."

"Calling Miss Palmer."

Calling Miss Palmer.

Call Travelers Aid at once.

Alone at last, huh? Phooey.

I'll never do this waiting
stunt again as long as I live.

Oh, Mack. Wesley is walking our way.

Can I walk with you?

Well, they're still building sidewalks
eight feet wide. Plenty of room.

So you don't think much
of social workers?

So much sweetness and
light gets on my nerves.

There are only two kinds of men.
Workers or non-workers.

You are off on the wrong foot putting
your noses into other people's business.

My guys have to mind their own business
or soon they haven't got any business.

But don't you see that all the beautiful
things built of stone, steel and wood ..

Are for the use of humanity?

Don't you go sticking beauty and
art and humanity into my work.

It is a sweaty, dirty job of rigging
steel, boring holes and driving rivets.

It will stand against a 90 mile an hour
gale and all the strain she'll pack.

Remember this, Mack.

After you've finished
this job and gone ..

There is only one thing that will
keep that pile of steel and rock alive.

What's that?

The people who use it.

I thought you would throw him in
there before you'd finished with him.

I would have .. if that was the only
way I could be alone with you.

Building that tower is child's play
compared with getting into myself.

Let me powder my nose
and victory will be yours.

Now it's powderpuffs
I've got to contend with.

Say. No chance of anyone ringing
that phone tonight, is there?

Just one in a thousand now.

One too many.

I hate to see you looking so tired.

If I were a gentleman I would go home.

But you aren't a gentleman, are you.
- Certainly not.

Do you mind?
- Uhuh.

Whatever you are, I like you.

I like you too.

Very much.


Are you really fond
of this job of yours?

What do you think?

Yeah. I know.

You are.

You just can't understand it.

Well, I am not in sympathy with it.

It is just my angle on it.

To me, it is based on a
phony premise. That's all.

What's phony about helping people?

Because you are working with
material that has a flaw in it.

It is not up to standard and
it should be thrown out.

That is hard, but it is sense.
- It isn't sense.

Those people aren't flawed.

Sure they are. They need help.
That proves it. - Nonsense.

If you fell off a bridge and broke your
neck you'd get a doctor to look at it.

According to your theory, you ought to
be shot or thrown on the dump heap.

You have the nicest
mouth I have ever seen.


What has that got to do
with the argument?

I think it is an excellent
reason for dropping it.

Darling, you are sweet.

[ Telephone ]


I thought I had that thing fixed.

You did.


Yes. He is here .. it's for you.

Me? But nobody knows I am here.

This man does.
- The job.


A man named Sharkey is here.

And two other men.

He wants to see you.

Tell him it is his last chance.

Right now.

He says this is your last chance.

Right now?


I'm on my way.

What happened?
- Trouble at the bridge.

I'm going with you, Mack.
- You stay here.

- You stay there.

[ Whistle ]

Send an ambulance now.
Someone will need it.

Okay, boss.

Did you want to see me?

This is your last chance, Hale.
It is the 31st.

I told you to join my League if you
want to finish this job without trouble.

Now this is a big job, Hale.

If you don't chip in, the guy
who takes your place will.

Tell that to the contractors
who hired me.

Maybe they're interested. I am not.

Okay Tony, tell your boys to go ahead.

What do you mean?
- The top girders aren't riveted yet.

If they fell through you won't be
finishing that tower on time.

It will cost more to fix
it than paying our dues.

We want $5,000 a month.
You can take it or leave it.


What happened?

I told you to stay home.
- What's happened?

Sharkey pulled a knife on me.
- You got a bad gash.

I'll call the police.
- No you won't.

This is only an invitation.

If Sharkey bothers me again
it is my gang against his.

Scrape him up.
- You better go to hospital, Mack.

Yes, you got a pretty good slice.
- I am alright.

- Yes, boss?

Tell Ryan to send us a
couple of cops for tonight.

Alright, boss.
- You alright?

Fine. A grand scrap.

And Tim.
- Yes, boss?

I'll give you a raise.

Thanks, boss.

Should we take him to the hospital?
- It would be wiser not to disturb him.

Let him get his sleep.

He'll be alright in
the morning, I think.

Oh, can he stay here?

Yes of course, doctor.

It was a glancing blow.

A fraction more and it would
have broken his skull.

Keep applying those compresses during
the night and call me in the morning.

Yes, sir.
- Goodnight.


Oh, my darling.

What happened? Did I pass out?


A fine thing.

What time is it?

Three o'clock.

Oh? You go to bed.

I'm alright.
- Sure?

For sure.

Goodnight, darling.
- Goodnight.

[ Kitchen noise ]

Good morning.

Morning, nurse. Did you get any sleep?

- Your patient is hungry.

How many eggs, patient?
- Oh, five or six.

You'll settle for four.
- But I'm not a patient any longer.

I am a somewhat battered

You know what you are?
You are a man with your shirt off.

I'll get it for you.

I washed it, ironed and sewed it up.

Well, you passed your final examination.

Meet me at the marriage
license bureau at 1 o'clock.

1 o'clock?

I'll be at the bus terminal then.
- No that's out. Over with.

After last night I take no chances
in not having you as a wife ..

To love you as long as you are on earth.

From now on, you are just the
wife of a construction engineer.

Well anyway, you had better
get into your shirt, Mr Hale.

Now that breakfast is almost ready.

Unless you want your eggs as
hardboiled as your field workers.


You see, everything seems so right.

You and me. Breakfast waiting for us.


I ..

I love you so darned much.

I love you so darned, darned much.


When will we be married?

Well, I have two weeks' vacation due me.

I think I can likely get
Miss dean to fix it so ..

You are going to give
up that job of yours today.

Are you giving up your job today?
- Oh, you can't compare our jobs.

I want you to put us first.

Mack. I put you first.

But I like my job.

It is part of me.

Oh Mack, I want you. Certainly I do.

But I want you on a
self-respecting 50/50 basis.

One that is fair to both of us.

You mean you want your work
and you don't want me?

I do want you.
- But you have me.

And Lynn, there is work to be done.

I'll work so hard that I will need
all of you when I come home.

What kind of a life would we have if one
night I work and the next you work?

And the next night we are both all-in?

You will have everything
you need or want.

And you won't have to be mixed up in
this useless, madhouse job of yours.

It isn't only my job I
am fighting for, Mack.

Anybody could take care of that.

It isn't the job at all.

It's you and I.

We just don't see things
the same way. That's all.

That's what scares me, Mack.

You see, I ..

I have learnt to think of life
in terms of human beings.

You don't call those misfits
human beings do you?

They have had their chance and lost.

You have wasted every
hour you have given them.

You'd better eat alone, Mack.

I am late now.

Now wait a minute. You think I
have just been talking, don't you?

You'll not go down there. You are going
to give up that job of yours right now.

So get on the telephone and
tell them you are through.


Lynn Palmer speaking.

What is my assignment for the morning?

Main office?

I'll be there.


I guess this is goodbye.

For keeps.

I guess so.

I .. I am sorry.

I didn't want it to end this way.



Hey, Updyke.

This is Mike Gibbons. He's new
on the job. He's hoping for dough.

Can you use a hundred bucks?

Can a fish swim?
What do I have to do for it?

Just treat your crew to a drink
and keep your mouth shut.

Count me in, Mr Sharkey.

Dump the coffee out
of your thermos flasks.

Hold it, you guys.

Hey, what do you think you're building,
doll's houses? Look at those rivets.

If you don't like 'em Hale, bottle them.

Paint 'em green.

You and your crew are through.

You're fired.

You got breaths on you strong enough
to blow the bridge down. Get out!

I'm coming back Hale
when they get you out.


Who let those drunks in?
- The checker, I guess.

Well, fire him. One drunk up there
can kill ten men down below.

Okay, boss.

- Yes, sir?

The boss says you are fired.
Go pick up your check.


What did I do?

Run along, son. Give me the list.

Full up this time.

Hale ain't got me buffaloed.

If he gets tough with me I'll
throw him off the bridge.

I don't know about that. I've seen
him handle them bigger than you.

Have a drink, Janauschek?
- Oh, no. None for me.

I could throw Hale across the bay.

The blowhard.

And I have a mind to do it.

He's earned it.

He's sure been firing the
men right and left. - Yeah.

Firing buddies because they got
a whiff of alcohol on their breath.

I'd like to blow mine in his face.

Any signs of drinking on this tower?
- No, sir. I checked the men myself.

Finish your drink.
The skip is coming up.

Hurry up, boys. The skip is coming up.

There is the boss now, Quinn.

Yeah. I don't see you blowing
your breath in his face.

Thought I was bluffing, he?
- Yeah.

Watch me,.

Johnny Quinn has fallen. Get the men off
the towers and hold them at the gates.

Everybody off the bridge.

Off the job!

Everybody down!

They won't need an
ambulance for Johnny now.

They need a shovel.

Did the boss sock him?
- What do you think?

What happened, boss?
- Johnny Quinn was drunk. He fell.

I'll fire every man had a drink
on the job and his crew with him.

Come on, one at a time. Okay.


Hey, what's your name and
what crew are you on?

What do you think I am, a stool pigeon?
- Dry up, Haines.

Crew Number 3 with the men behind him.
- Then you are fired. Get out.



Out. Hey.

You guys were on Quinn's crew.
You are all fired. Come on.

No, boss. I tried to stop them.
I got to talk to you, boss.

Get out.

Come on.

And as for you, Gibbons. I should
have left you where I found you.

I quit the minute I saw you shove
Johnny Quinn off the girder.

Hey, Janauschek.

Come here.

Was I within 20 feet of
Quinn when he fell?

No. No, boss.
- Okay.

Go ahead. Beat it.
- Come on.






It is Miss Walsh you want to see.

No. Miss Palmer is the one.
The lady in charge.

Miss Palmer. You remember me.

You helped us when we came here.

We need help again.

Miss Walsh will help you.

My man works on the bridge.

They are having a mass meeting tonight.

The bridge workers.

We've had steady food in the house.

And after 6 months of wondering
how to feed the kids ..

I don't want it to change.
- What are they meeting for?

They want to get Mr Hale out of there.

There is no real working trouble.
Somebody is using the men.

I am afraid there is nothing we can do.

Do you know what "walkouts" mean?

My brother was killed in one.

My kids went hungry through one.

I am sorry.

This is out of our jurisdiction.

Mr Hale.

I know you fired me but ..

I've been listening to the men.

They're having a meet. They're going to
walk out on you. All of 'em are going.

Thanks, Jimmy.

Well, aren't you going to stop them?

No. They're free, white and 21.

There's more men going to the
meeting than you think, boss.

What if they walk out on you?
What about the bridge?

My guys won't walk out on me.

But any man who wants to
swap his job for booze can.

There will be a lot of speeches made
agin you, boss. And maybe none for you.

Well, I am not going to that meeting.

I'll leave it up to my men.

It's up to them.

If we can swing a hundred
percent walk out tonight.

The delay will not only
cost Mack Hale his job.

But it will cost his company a fortune.

And their contract.

Now, wait until they get liquored up
before you start your speeches.

What if the union
representatives try to stop us?

Sock 'em.

You boys are through building bridges.

You can retire on your bonuses.

Don't worry about the boys
walking out a hundred percent.

Johnny Quinn being killed
was all we needed.

You know, the boys liked Johnny
and they blame Mack Hale.

Okay. Get in there.
- Alright.

I'll wait at the office
with your bonuses.

Right. Come on, you.

Well, what are you waiting for?

I gave ..

Johnny Quinn those drinks.

And the boys on the job know it.
- Who knows it?

Janauschek and .. Brody.

Well, Hale fired those guys, didn't he?
What are you snivelling about?

Johnny Quinn and me were partners, see.

Ah, forget it.

I ain't no murderer. I'm a steelworker.

If anybody killed Johnny Quinn, you did.
- Shut up, Mike.

You had better not go in the meeting.
You had better come with me.

What you need is a drink.

Is Mack Hale there?

Mr Hale has not come in.


Neither Mr Hale, nor nobody is here.

He ain't come back, lady.

No, ma'am.

Thank you.

Jan, what can we do?

You find the boss?
- No.

Sharkey is still in his office yet.

Miss Palmer.

I'm from the office. Mr Wesley said you
are looking for the boss. - Yes, Jimmy.

He left the bridge with
Miss Tuthill after the shutdown.

- Yeah.

You stay here with Janauschek in case he
has to follow Sharkey. I'll take a taxi.

[ Whistle ]

Do you happen to know what
your father wants me for?

Never mind what Dad wants you for.

Tell me what you think of me, Mack.

You would be okay.

With a spanking or two.

I've never met anyone
who could give me one.

You think you could?

Say, does your father know about
the walkout meeting tonight?

He is with the directors now.

Is Mr Hale here?
- Yes, Miss Palmer.

In the drawing room.
- Thank you.

Know what's happening
with your men tonight?

You mean the meeting? Sure I do.

Then why aren't you there?

My men wouldn't walk out on me.

And I can't stop them going to meetings.

You can stop Sharkey's men controlling
the meeting when they get there.

Listen. My men get eleven
dollars a day for their work.

If they want to allow Sharkey to
talk them out of their jobs, why ..

Why, they have got more sense than that.

[ Telephone ]


Father is waiting for you upstairs.


Will you excuse me.

Sorry I intruded.

Directors are in accord.

A shutdown on the bridge at this
time for any reason is impossible.

Mr Tuthill.

I'd make a fool of myself going to the
men's meeting just to argue with them.

That is what they want.
- Which is more important?

The construction of that bridge
or your personal feelings?

Gentlemen, this is
a matter of discipline.

I've handled those men for three years.
- It's more than just discipline, Hale.

We are building the biggest suspension
bridge in the history of the world.

We are putting out trust in you.

I realise that, Mr Tuthill.

Then we leave the
decision in your hands.

We all know what we're here for tonight.

Some of you stiffs are
still holding your jobs.

But for how long?

Do you know how many
guys Hale fired today?

And I ain't so sure that he didn't push
Johnny Quinn off the bridge either.

You think I got a square deal?

After eleven months
on the job, kicked out.

I could pour all the rivets they need
on that bridge if I was dead drunk.

And Mack Hale knows it.

Take off your hats for Johnny Quinn.

One of our buddies
ain't with us tonight.

I saw Johnny Quinn hit the ground.

They are planting all that
is left of Johnny. Tonight.

Johnny would be with us.

If it wasn't for Mack Hale.

We owe it to Johnny to
get Hale off that bridge.

I am asking for a hundred
percent walkout!

Do you men know what you are doing?

Do you know who is behind this meeting?

Or are you all being paid by Sharkey?

What do you want here?

Who are those men?

They're not looking for Mack Hale.

They work for a professional
agitator named Sharkey.

What's the dame doing here?
What does she know?

This is man's business.

Sharkey isn't a bridge worker.

He doesn't care what happens to you men.
He was just demanding protection money.

He didn't get it with Mack Hale
so he's out to get it through you.

Now, go on home!

Every one of you, be quiet!


And listen to me.

You men who were fired.
You know why you were fired?

Because a mister Sharkey hired a guy to
give you liquor when you're on your job.

We saw Sammy Blake with the Sharkey man.

Sammy slipped me my drink.

He ain't no Sharkey, ma'am.

I'm not taking any more of your lip.
- I tell you.

You can't crucify
Mack Hale because of me.

I'll not let you. I'll go down there.
I'm going to tell them the truth.

You've said enough already.

Maybe this will keep you quiet.

I am telling you the truth.

Sharkey is out to get Mack Hale
and he is using you to do it.

He .. he has killed a man to do it.

Hale didn't have the
nerve to show up himself.

He is sending his dame
here to lie for him.

Come on, get out.


I tried to tell them about Sharkey.


I told you if I was wrong I'd admit it.
I was wrong. About you.

Now, you've been hearing
about Sharkey. Well, here he is.

Sharkey tried to collect protection
money from me and failed.

So he tried to get me out.

Sharkey paid several of your fellow
workers to feed you drinks on the job.

He got you drunk and I fired you.

He's lying.

I am lying if any of the men I fired
got their drinks from any man ..

Other than Updyke, Rollins ..


- Boys.

No need to tell you who I am.

Sharkey gave me a hundred dollars.

And some liquor.

He told me to get my crew drunk.

I did it.

I got Johnny Quinn drunk.

I killed .. Johnny Quinn for Sharkey.

I want all of you men except the ones I
named to report for work in the morning.

I'll not turn Sharkey, Updyke, Rollins,
Bleekman and O'Leary over to the police.

I am turning them over to you.

As a reception committee.

Okay. I stay, boss.


I deserve anything that may
have happened tonight.

And it was you.

You and the people who had been
helped, who came through for me.

I told you once you were
wasting your time.

But tonight you have cracked
my heart and my eyes wide open.

We're practically in the
same business, Mack.

You build with steel.

And I try to build with people.

I understand.

I know what you mean now.

And Lynn.

There is no reason why
you should forgive ..

What I have said and done.

But I want you.

On any terms you say.
- 0h, darling. Don't.

Don't be humble.

It would break my heart
if you were ever humble.

Never lose your arrogance.

That is the "you" I love.