Stranded (2013) - full transcript

The Lunar Base Ark is hit by a meteor shower and has severe damage. Colonel Gerard Brauchman sends Ava Cameron to repair a wing that is full of carbon monoxide. Dr. Lance Krauss warns that the gas may cause paranoia and hallucinations. Ava brings a sample of the meteor for analysis and Dr. Krauss finds that there are spores attached to the meteor. Ava accidentally cuts her finger in a sample but she hides the cut from the doctor. Soon Ava gets pregnant and delivers an alien offspring. Brauchman and Kraus believe that Ava is delusional. The offspring bites the crewman Bruce Johns and produces a clone of him. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
COMPUTER: Alert! Incoming storm.

Alert! Incoming storm.

Alert! Incoming storm.

We've got an emergency situation,

incoming meteor shower.

It a rogue meteor shower

Were just picking it up now

How come we didn't get any indication of this?

I'm in the dark as much as you are...[breaking up]

Gimme a Damage Report.

Decompression in our Outer Supplies Building

It looks like our second Escape Pod has been hit.

What the Hell?


Do you read? Over.

Communication's dead..


COMPUTER: Emergency Alert!

Crews back to The Station.

Emergency Alert!

Crews back to The Station.

Johns, Come on...Hey Wake up!

Wake up. Come on, we've got a situation.

Shake a goddamned leg and get up!

Power outtage in Bay 1 and 2

Power's dropping.

This is Commander Gerard Brauchman,
Moon Base in ARK

official request, code 9.

Immediate evacuation of all crew to Earth

I repeat, we have a situation up here.

Immediate request of shuttle launch

Evacuation of all crew members to Earth.

COMPUTER: Oxygen Filter failure in Bay 3

level 4 and rising.

What the hell happened to levels 1 to 3?

We got hit by a meteor storm.
Communication's down.

We're losing power.

We're on Emergency Back-up,
and lost an Escape Pod.

Looks like Thermal Control's been hit,
damage to both solar panels.

Will somebody turn that thing off?

Handing over.

Brunough, see if you can get us
back online with Ground Control.

Copy that.

I can't breathe.

Come here.


Bruce, take oxygen back-up.

- Johns, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.

COMPUTER: Back-up Systems online.
Limited functions available.

Oxygen stabilizing.

That meteor ripped a hole through...

... the roof of Bay 3.

Carbon Monoxide Filtration's been hit.

Johns, get down there,
we need to seal off that area

And fast. It's leaking
poison throughout The Station.

Take a welding kit, seal off the airlocks.

On it.

- I'll go.
- No, you can't...

I did the last CVL, I'll be fine.


Close every hatch

and Bay, as you enter.

Otherwise you could start a chain reaction.

and decompression would blow us all to hell.

Oh, so no pressure then.

Doctor, I need you
to get down to the fuel cell.

See if you could buy us more time by

activating the Emergency Filtration Clamps.

I'm on it.

Ready, Cameron?


When I open the airlock,
there's gonna be a ton of debris

and compressed carbon monoxide.

So suit-up as fast as possible.

Got it.

Cameron, do you copy? Over.

All EVA Suits have been
destroyed, except for one.

It's a bit burnt...It's fine.

It's too risky.

Cameron, the smallest tear in the EVA,

you get sucked out into the vacuum.

Should we cancel the mission?

I'm at airlock, Bay 3

Anti-gravity override on.

We're running out of time...

Let's go.

No heroics...

If it looks bad, just abort.

It's holding...I'm going in.

I'm opening the airlock, then
I'm handing control over to you.

Yes, sir.

The airlock's jammed!

Lockdown cells!

Shouldn't we abort?

That'll be leaking into The Station.

Lockdown on Door 2 is holding.

Proceed with the mission.

Accesses the damage for me.

Gate holding.

Carbon monoxide is off the charts.

There's been serious impact.

Bay 4 must have been damaged.

Okay...Seal is an immediate concern,

she's gotta shut that thing down.

We gotta shut down that filtration unit

and get you the hell outta there.

You see what we've got here?

Nothing...We can't see anything.

You're on your own.

Where's the meteor impact?

It's back by the filter.

Meteor's lodged.

Hang on, I'll try and weaver it out.

Cameron? Come in.

Cameron, can you hear?

I'm not going anywhere.

I need you to guide me to the shutoff valve.

Okay. It's right underneath.

It's right underneath.

The valve should be right underneath,

to the right side.

The valve's damaged.

We still got leakage.

Carbon monoxide leakage causes

the unit can't keep up.

We're close to catastrophic collapse.

Cameron, get out of there!

Do you hear me?!


Do you hear me?

Cameron, do you copy?

Come on, Lieutenant!

I'm at Airlock, Bay 3.

Get out of there if you can't close the airlock

seal Bay 2 door.

Colonel, it is heating up!

This would not collapse.

Alright, Cameron's still there.

There. Get your mask on.




Where are ya?

Over here.

Hey, Hey! Ya hear that?

You okay?

I can try to pull from behind.

-Let's lock this thing.

Alright. Come on, let's go.

You okay?

Thank Goddess thought we lost.

It's okay.



You gotta take a look at this.

There's some kind of spore on it.

Come on you two.

Let's get outta here.

The less of this crap
that leaks onto the station,

the better off we'll be.

Okay, go!

Okay, the seal is holding...

That's to prevent
leakage into the living quarters.

You put on quite a show for us.


Lieutenant, you've been exposed to chemicals.

Hit the showers.


Good job.

You too.

How it looking?

Yeah, let's go.

That was close.

95% of the Base is powered off so...

until we can get
the emergency lights back

we're gonna have to get used to working in the dark.

That gives us only 72 hours.

Mission Control, follow
standard Emergency Procedures.

It takes 92 hours to clear for an assent.

Another 72 hours to launch a rescue for us.

So we have to buy some time.

What about the escape pods?

It only handles 2, not an option.

We still got traces of gas leakage.

Carbon monoxide levels abnormal.



C.O. is odorless.
It's colorless, it's tasteless.

Neurological signs of C.O. poisoning include

hallucinations, disorientation,

headaches, death, gangrene...

visual disturbances and death.

Great. More good news.


We stay vigilant.

We keep a close eye on one another.

If anyone of you sees anyone else

exhibiting any one of these symptoms

you report it to me
immediately. Understood?

Alright, I wanna try and clear out as much

of this carbon monoxide as we can.

opening the filtration
devices that are still operational.

Seal the airlocks.

COMPUTER: Danger, airlock open.

Okay, that worked. Good news.

Carbon monoxide levels are at a minimum.

Bad news, it drained
more power from the fuel cells.

What about repairing the solar panels?

The suits are toast.


We really are stranded.

Johns, you're the engineer,
figure something out.

Maybe you can breath in space.

Lance, why don't you
shut down the drilling rig,

they're draining power from the vitals.

Alright, I'm on it.

I'll go. If Doc can
take a look at that meteor.

There's some kind of spore attached.

What are you talking about?
'Some kind of spore"?

That sounds like a foreign contagion.

Did you go immediately into quarantine?

None of us here gets to play 'Happy Scientist'.

Our first objective is
to save our own asses.

- Do you understand?
- I'll deal with it.

And...Listen, I can't stress this enough.

If any one of you starts feeling confused

or anything abnormal,
including mild auditory

or visual hallucinations

you come see me immediately.


Drilling rig's going to sleep.

We should reduce that power drain.

Ava, could you come up here?
You gotta see this.

You got it contained?

Yeah. Come and take a look at this.

I've never seen anything like it.

It's some sort of ancient cell structure.

It's reproducing at an incredible rate.


Got a sample there.

Why don't you run it through
diagnostics, see what you can find.

This is Moon Base ARK,
Colonel Brauchman to mission control.

Come in!

Madsen? Are you there?
Can you copy?

If you can hear me,

I've closed down all mining work.

Power is reduced to emergency lights only.

Please confirm rescue shuttle request.

This is Moon Base ARK,
Colonel Brauchman to mission control.

She's ran 3 different diagnostics.

All with identical results.

Spores from the meteor can reproduce themselves

without carbon monoxide, oxygen, hydrogen.

It seems exposure to light is what triggers them.

Holy shit, if this is what you say it is

We've just joined Banning, Fleming and Edison.

They can replicate,
reproduce nutrients entirely by themselves

- Like a bacterium?
- Only a whole lot smarter.

Spores are essentially dormant code

and no one knows what the
replication of the spores will look like.

I mean it can transmogrify.
It can mutate, it can evolve.

Evolve into what?

Who knows...

But at the rate of growth,
that's absolutely extraordinary.

I mean they're 100 times faster
than any cell found in the Human body.

You okay?


I'm just feeling a bit nauseous.

I'm gonna go lay down.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You should drink. Slowly.

Where am I?

Medical Bay.

Why are you all here with?
What's wrong?

- No! Don't, Oh God.
- It's okay!

What's wrong with my stomach?

-What are you doing to me?
-Calm down!

Oh, God! Oh God!

What's going on? Hey!

Get the flight coolers on.

Come on, Johns!
Out in the hallway, now!

It's okay.

Just look at me.
Hey, hey hey...Listen.

You gotta breathe..breathe for me.

Slowly. Calm down...calm down.


- Okay, I'm here.
- Okay.

Ava, you got to listen to me now.

It's okay.

You have what appears to be
a massively accelerated pregnancy.

Ava, okay, I can't explain it.

But...I mean it can't be this fast.

-It can't be.
- Okay.

What are they fighting about?

- What?
- Gerard is being overly cautious as usual.


I'm gonna get to the
bottom of this, I promise you that.

Do not worry about it.
You gotta rest. Okay?

Here...hold on...


- I gotta leave now.
- No, don't go.

I'm gonna be right back,
you're safe here. It's okay.

He wants to put her in lockdown.

Lance, she's gotta go into quarantine.
You've gotta back me up on this.

She's got some form of massive growth.

Without power to the equipment,
I can't make a correct diagnosis.

Did you and her...? Did you...?

Oh, come on man! 6 months pregnant
in 24 hours? give me a fucking break.

She's gotta be reacting to chemical
exposure and we need to have access to treat her.

She is going into isolation.
I'm not gonna risk station safety.

You're not putting her on lockdown Colonel.

She needs constant medical supervision.

She has contagion.

Rules state 'contagion requires
48hrs lockdown in observation'.

And if she dies in there?

You will have supervised access...

But that bay door will stay locked.

COMPUTER: Access is denied.

Colonel, this unacceptable protocol.
I need unconditional access to Ava 24/7

Colonel, do you hear?

I'm just as concerned about Cameron as you are.

As a commander, I'm bound by regulations.

She's gonna remain in isolation.

You'll have access to her
whenever you need, just let me know.

Well, how about now?

Well, I'm not a medic Doc,
but according to your notes she's late

into her third trimester, and her
baby's organs are almost fully formed?

How the hell's that possible?

The rational diagnosis,
is that it's some form of cyst.

It might even be...
accelerated cancer replicating pregnancy.

That's been known to happen.

But what if these spores have somehow infected her?

Well then, we'd be in deep shit.

- AVA: [screams]
- Ava!

Oh God!

No, no no...Don't touch her!

She's dying, Man.

Cameron...Cameron, come on.

Ava? Ava wake up.
Ava can you hear me?

Come on.

- Come on...
- We got her. We got her.

What the hell are these things?

Colonel, I need a light!

- Bruce!
- Gimme a light.

What happened?

Whatever caused the swelling burst. You passed out.

Hey, she's hemorrhaging
I need mephenesin top shelf.

Gentlemen, we need to leave.

She'll die unless we do something.

This room is officially under quarantine!

You can't lock me up in here?

Lay down, lay down. Ava let me help you.

I'm not leaving her.

Why do you wanna lock me in here?
What is wrong with you?!


Bruce, go!
I will stop the hemorrhaging.

Colonel, you have no jurisdiction here.
I'm the Station Doctor.

The Medical Bay is yours.
Report to me when you're done.

Can't do this to me you son-of-a-bitch!


Come on!


She's infected, you could be now!

She put her life on the line for us,
and this is how you repay her?

Look, you concentrate on
fixing the communication device

and command can figure out
what they want to do with her.

Until then, you follow my orders.


How the spores?

I fear we've all got a bit of Cabin Fever

maybe a touch of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our Captain ordered to lock Ava up and...

Maybe one of these spores
infected her and created some



And we've yet to find out what that is.

Heating has been off for 7hrs

Starting to feel the chill.

Back to work.

Senior Engineer, Bruce Johns, Moon Base ARK.


Ava, are you doing?



Ava ! Let go!

Hold it!
Hold still!

- Calm Ava, calm down!
- Hold her down!

No! Please.

- What the hell is wrong with you?!
- Stop it!

Calm down!

Johns! Johns, we need your help!

It bit me!

What the hell are you talking about?

- bit me
- Alright...alright.

Something was in here!

Hey, hey! Something was in here.

There's nothing in here.

Yeah, well...

Something took a
Goddamned bite outta my leg.

Ah! Look!

Bruce, listen to me...

You probably just got cut by some
glass from the cabinet or a broken bottle.

There is nothing...

No, no, no. Listen.

Listen there's something that got down here.

There. Right there.

I swear. Look!

Go on...Look!

I'm locking this room down.

Let me know when you're done.

Look him over.

He's clearly got all the signs
of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Something...was on top of me.

I felt the weight of it on my chest.


This thing...this creature...

was feeding on my breast.

It wasn't real.

There is nothing, Ava.

There's nothing here.

Do you understand me?

You are hallucinating.

Lay back down...

I gotta take a look at Bruce's cuts

and I will be right back.

Bruce, meet me in the Surgery Bay.

I'll take a look at that cut.

I know something was in here with me.

I know you saw it too.

Is it possible I gave birth to something?

I do not know.

Close your eyes,
and it's 25yo Single Malt.

Oh God!

The glass cut you pretty deep.

Something bit me.

Lay off that stuff will ya?

It's not helping.

Listen, I swear I saw something in there.

Are you hearing things as well?

You do not believe me.


You and Ava, you have
a lot of the same symptoms.

Yeah, well...

What if something used Ava

to reproduce itself?

A creature that's got no DND.

Are you thinking about spores again?

Come on...

admit it is possible.

Once I have had a chance

to examine systemic fluids from Ava

I can make a clear determination.

But until then, the most
logical and reasonable one

is that it was an
ingrown fibrosis cyst that burst.

There is nothing in
that room to prove otherwise.


I want you to go get some rest.

And that's an order.


Colonel wants communications back.

You know, If you ask me,
we don't have a hope in hell.

Antenna's destroyed.

What the...?


Are you working on those solar panels?

We need power.

Come on, come on!

Oh God.


Come on.


Aw, Jesus.

Look at this!

We re-established communications,

we can figure out
a way to get off this rock.

Johns just informed me

the antenna is destroyed.

What's his condition?

Is he fit for duty? I need him.

He's worrying me.

He's showing signs of paranoia.


Is he drinking?

Out of control.

But he is clearly suffering

from some sort of chemical exposure.

and I don't have the necessary resources

to treat him properly.

never mind make a correct diagnosis.

Doc, looks like it's
just you and me then.

For now.

I'm not going insane.

I'm not going insane!

I am not going insane!

I'm not going insane!

I'm not going insane!

I'm not going insane!





Johns, listen....


I want you on that treadmill

sweat the alcohol outta your system.

then I'm gonna treat you
for monoxide poisoning.

This...this sauce here...

I need you back and functioning.

Come on!


I knew it.


- What are you doing?
- I need to see your finger.


You have direct contact with those spores.

Why didn't you report this to medical?

You know the rules.

Oh yeah. You're all about
the rules. Aren't you, Colonel?

We have to follow the rules of this station
guidelines for a reason.

Station Guidelines?

You mean like what to do when a crew member
is as sick as a dog after saving all of your lives?

Fuck you!

Cameron, until Dr. Krauss can
figure out what the hell is wrong with you

I am forced to keep you under surveillance.

You mean locked up?

If you don't release me,
you're putting your own life in danger.

You know I don't take threats lightly.

You're gonna be facing
a Court Marshall after this.

I know I saw something.

- It's wasn't a nightmare.
- Cameron.

If you do not let go, you're
putting your life and everyone else's in danger.

Cameron, there is nothing there!

You are suffering from Contagion

I'm gonna have to put you in an isolation cell.

Get back here!

Let me go!



Let me take a look.

Not yet.

- Let's get that checked out.
- Yeah.

What happened in the corridor?

Well, it would appear
the chain of command is broken down.

Bruce attacked me.
He's lost his fucking mind.

Go find him. I want an explanation.

Shit! The door!


Ava I...



I know you're in here.

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

Oh God!



What is happening to me?

What the fuck is happening to me?

Fuck...fuck...fuck...oh God...



Come on, wake up. quit screwing around.

Who released you?

I'm not gonna let you harm me.

Ava, look I'm not here to harm you.

It's company rules. They state
that I have to place you under lock and key.

You're not going to put me in that cell.

Something happened in here

and you don't believe me.

Please don't make me do this the hard way.

No! No!


What the hell happened?!

She attached me.

Come on. Let's restrain her.

Come on.

Come on. You're okay.

- Take a look at this.
- Oh shit.




What do you want?

Stop it!

Stop! What do you want?



You have an answer for this?

Yes I do.

She threatened me, and Station Guidelines...

Rules...require that I
place her in an isolation cell

She's not seeing things clearly.

She was contained.

Until you went in there without consulting me.

Well, who released her? Huh?



I looked at the surveillance tapes.

Cameron cut her finger

on test-tube containing those spores.

You don't believe me?

Take a look at her right forefinger.

She's infected.

- What's this?
- An alarm.

I know what this is. Why?

As an extra precaution.

I'm keeping you under observation.

The antibiotics I gave you are fairly strong


I had to protect myself.

Okay? I am not crazy!

Why would you hide that from me?

I was scared.

Something came out of me. Didn't it?

Tell me.

I saw something here.
I wasn't dreaming.

You have to release me.

I can't do that now.

You are making...a huge mistake.

Ask Bruce.

Bruce, open the door!


Bruce! Open!

Whatever came out of Ava...

It's here.

I can see it.

The fucking thing...

It's stalking me...

It's studying me...I..

It's driving me fucking crazy.

I think that we're gonna die.




Aw Jesus!

What happened?

It's Bruce...

He's trying to kill me.

- When?
- Right now. Just a second ago.

Bruce is dead.

What? Impossible. He was just here.

Whatever you think you saw...

think again.

If it wasn't Bruce


There is something else
inside this Station with us.

And it bred itself in Ava,

and now it's transformed
itself into a replica of Bruce.

They were both infected by spores.

It's been using the air shafts...

to move around.

...And we're gonna have to kill it.

And we're gonna need Ava to help us.


Bruce is dead.

How do you know that?

I'm sensing what it's doing.

Ava, we need your help.

You may be the only one who can control it.

Not anymore.

It might have used me to breed.

But I'm as much of a threat to it now as you are.

My guess is...

is that it sampled Bruce's DNA when it bit him.

It figured out that the male was psychically stronger,
so it replicated itself into him to survive.

We still need your help.

Can we trust you?

You can trust me.

This is Moon Base ARK, log entry 184.

We have evidence of an Alien Lifeform

used Lieutenant Cameron's body as a host.

And now it's mutated into a viable lifeform.

It seems hellbent on killing us.

It's taken on Human form and should be easier to find.

Something's wrong.

Compressor 4 is failing.

It's cut off all our Oxygen.

Air Vent 3 is not responding.

He's trying to collapse the system.

It does not make sense. If
the Station implodes it's die right along with us.

He knows where the escape pod is through Bruce.

I'll try the override system.

So, see if you can find it.

I'll come with you.

The compressor's failing.

Give the light.

The line's been cut.

Can you bypass it?

How's this?

Oxygen's down.

Let's go...let's go...let's go...

Move! Come on...come on.

What are you doing?

He's out there trying to kill us.


3 our position's through me..

- Cameron! Stay with us!
- Ava!

Come back!

Fuck, come out.

- Ava!
- Wait!

COMPUTER: Danger! Airlock open.

System malfunction

Hey, get Ava to safety.

Alright? I close the door and lock.

That's crazy!

We can't override the door from here.

COMPUTER: Danger! Airlock open.

System malfunction


COMPUTER: Danger! Airlock open.

System malfunction

Give me your hand.

COMPUTER: Danger! Airlock open.

System malfunction

System override.

- No!
- System Locked!

Evacuation in 30 seconds.

COMPUTER: System locked! Access Denied.

Oh, hey!

I'm locked in here.

System locked!
- You gotta open the right...

Access is denied.

- Try again.
- 10.

- It doesn't work.
- 9.

- Please, please.









Oh God...

Oh God.

It's coming back.

I can't stop it.

Alright, let's get to Bruce's quarters.
Maybe he discovered something about it that can help.

Come on. No...go!


Holy shit.

He's got someone's journals.

This thing grew in Ava.

I...I couldn't reveal to
the crew I was infected with it.

I can't risk being put in isolation.

I don't know what to do.

Cloning itself into me.

I'm the one it's replicating.

I'm afraid of what it could become after.

What it's original form might be.



as it's evolving into the
Human form, it'll be easier to kill.

I'm thinking carbon monoxide.

If you're watching this right now

The only way any of you can survive...

is to leave in the escape pod.

How long does it take to prep the pod?

Too long.


We sacrifice the entire station divert all the remaining power to her.

It should give it a kick start.

Let's do it.


Once we do this, there's no going back.

We only get one shot at it.

Then we better make it work.

You need this to prepare the pod for final ascension.

The an emergency power pack in the Bay door,

plug this in.

It's coming back this way.


We can do this.


Let's see what we got here.

I've diverted the fuel lines.

Kick in the power when you're ready.

I'm on my way.

It's coming back.

- Ahhh!
- Christ!

- Don't kill me
- I can't see a goddamned thing.

- We prepped?
- Pod's rating will be 80% by the time we get back.

Okay, let's go.

- Come on.
- I don't like this

Alright. I gotcha...gotcha come on.

COMPUTER: Danger! carbon monoxide
level 4 and rising.

Danger! oxygen levels.


Carbon monoxide, doesn't
make any sense. He's gonna poison us all.

It's trying to do what
Bruce said we should do to kill us.

He's opened the airlock to Bay 2.

Get to the pod and
initiate the launch sequence.



We have to stick together.

I can't coordinate the
launch without you being there.




oxygen levels compromised...

carbon monoxide...level 2 and rising.


There we go.

Launch sequence initiated.

Ava, I've initiated the launch.

Punch in your code.

Ava, did you copy?


COMPUTER: Carbon monoxide at level 3.

Launch in 3 minutes.

We're at 80%.


Get down here.

COMPUTER: Danger! Oxygen level compromised.

Gerard! It's here!

In the Launch Bay!

COMPUTER: Launch in 2 minutes.




Get in! Hurry!

COMPUTER: Launch in 1 minute.


- It's locked.
- Shit!

We can't override it.

We have to stop the launch.


COMPUTER: Launch in 30 seconds.

Come on, get in!

- Come on.
- COMPUTER: All systems go, launch initiated.

Code to the roof to the pod silo.

I'm trying to.
- 10...9






We're done. Unit's dead.

Check the emergency text.

Go on.

We have 17 minutes.

Is it real?

This is Colonel Brauchman.

I have an urgent message.

We have lost contact with Earth control.

I need to get an urgent
message to Captain Madsen.

This is an urgen transmission
from Colonel Brauchman.

Come in!

- Shuttle beacon.
- Oh my God, about fucking time!

It's landing.

Do you think they'll make it?

50 / 50.

Either stay here and
pray to God that they make it to us...

or it's 3 and a half minutes to the landing dock.

Can you hold your breath for
3 and a half minutes and run?


Tails, we wait...

heads we run our ass off.


Come on!

Still no communication from the Moon Base.

All we have is an escape pod landing beacon.

The door must have opened on impact.

No sign of life.

No one came outta here. We'd see tracks.

Rescue shuttle should have docked by now.

Hopefully we'll get some answers.

Until then, we keep this low profile.

- Have you called Ops?
- What is your intent?

Take this pod back to Base under wraps.

The new hounds get wind of this...

It'll be all over the networks.

Seal off this area. No one gets in or out.


You should see this.

Control mission, here Colonel Brauchman
reporting from the USS Shuttle Magellan.

Madsen, whatever comes outta that pod...

kill it!

It's not friendly. It killed Krauss and

and Johns. It is clearly a threat to mankind.