Stranded (2010) - full transcript

A platoon of French soldiers on a rescue mission in North Africa confront invisible evil creatures. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Military police patrol found the soldier.

They took him to the hospital.

This was with him at all times.

Was it opened?


Bring me to him.

The patrol was dispatched a week ago.

Communications was severed the next morning.

He was found about 100 km from their destination.

They must have got lost.


Where are the rest?

Can you say?


Tell me what happened?

Is this a toy?
- Yes, batteries not included.

My father was like that.
- Really?

What are you filming?

Well, ... you, the desert.
In general, the whole patrol.

For what?
- For television.


Film him, he looks handsome.

Bite me.

You do look like a crooner, Sinatra.

Sina... who?
- Sinatra.

Alright! Look alive!

Move! Move!

Move! Move!

Gentlemen, the General lost an
aircraft with ten passengers.

We must find him.

before its covered with sand.

No known threats within these
sectors, but exercise caution.

Alright! Let's commerce!

Single file! Move!

Djinns (Stranded)


John Ford looks really tired.
- Rest!

Listen up...

I don't know how you
got posted here.

But you part of the unit now.

And You WILL follow like the rest.

Yes, Sergeant!

Cut him some slack, sergeant.
-You're right, Malovitch.

You carry his slack.

Get your ass up.

- Hey?

Damn cherry.
- Leave him alone, Louviers.

Here, drink.
- Thank you.

Not so much. Enough.

Give me the rest of the equipment.

I need these.
- You're carrying too much.

I'll return them later.
- Alright

What's you name?
- Michel.

- Nice to know you.

Come on.

Come on! Girly! Pickup the pace!


Groups of two, place one guard
on the dunes with machine guns.

Change every two hours:
First Malovitch and Lucas

Saria, Ballant followed by
Louvier and Max.

Alright. Come on, Lucas.

Shit! I got Ballant.

Who's this Ballant?
- Frontier Elite.

Frontier Elite, trigger happy Ballant.

He has killed more Arabs than
all of us combined.

A butcher.


Tell us something
about your exploits.

Last year, while drinking
with the sergeant...

Drunk, he spilled his story.

Together with whom?
- Vakard?

- He's a veteran.

He served throughout the
whole failed African campaign.

He only knew one thing.


He went through war in Indochina.

Tough bastard.

He'll remain calm even if
people are dying around him.

Stick to him and you'll survive.

But not this ace from
the military academy.

Oh him..

Must be hard to sleep
with a stake up his ass.

Any cigarette, Louvier?


We need to get out of here. Fast.


Eight corpses.
But the report says ten.

Let me do it.

Two's still missing.


Want me to report it in?
- No, we need to find the rest.

Max and Saria, bury them.

Search the area!
- Private Michel.

Bring the camera. Shoot the
plane, then the dead.

Yes, Lieutenant.


Well. Stay.
Put down the case.

Sit on it.
Remove your weapon and clean it.


Next is to place someone in the background.
Any volunteers?

Why? To drag your bag?

With someone in the background,
it would look better.

Fine, Remi.
- Why me?

Hurry up. We still have cases full.

What should I do.
- Stand next to the heap of sand.

Excellent, very good.

When I say "Action",
Start drinking from the water flask.

Lucas, you stand over there.

Stop. Good.

Get ready...


Louvier, Gun!

- Lucas! Lucas!


Move! Move!

On the ground!

Malovitch! Cover fire!

Quick! Move! Move!


Get a move on! Move!



Time to leave, Lieutenant.
Follow them!

They shouldn't be here.
- They were trailing us.

Lieutenant, the radio's out.

French army.

They cannot get away.

Inform Karim.

Bury him quickly.

French - are the best.

No trace of the suitcase.
- Captain!

They went south.

Captain. Look at this.


This will slow the french.

- What is it, Max!?

God damn sand is going everywhere!

I just swallowed 2 kilos of it!


We will wait out the storm.

Keep your bags closed!

Don't smoke, you idiot!
- What!

Shut up!

Get up on the dune and
man it!

What's the use?
- What?

You're lucky Malovitch. I'm pretending,
I didn't hear that. Move!

Good luck with your dream, Asshole.


Ballant. Ballant!

What are you doing?





Saria! Saria, get up!
- What happened?

Get up! Ballant ran away.

He tried to take the suitcase.
Wake Vacard!

-- We have a problem.
-- What?

Ballant ran off.




Damn this storm, it's
messing my navigation.

We need to find our way back.
- Compass' usesless.

I must return with the suitcase.

I understand but right now
that is the least of our concerns.

Of course. But the suitcase remains a priority.

In any case, no one except me
gets near the suitcase.


Ballant? How about him?

What happened Malovitch?
- I shot at a rebel.

Isn't he too young,
for a freedom fighter?

Calm down.
Hold him.

Pack your stuff!
There should be a village nearby!

I saw something last night.
- Are you delusional?

I saw this kid in my dream I had...

It's just a dream, Michel. Relax.

I'm not so sure.

Don't you believe me...
- Well.

Village in the desert...

We need to go in.
- Yes, we'll clear it.

Maybe Ballant came here.



Come back!




Get out of here! Come on!

Get out of here!


Get out of here! Come on, move!


Get out of here!

What are you doing here?


Move forward!

Come on! Hurry up!
- Get a move on!


Get out! Out!

Come on, go with the others.


- Hurry! Hurry!

-Join the rest!

No dirty tricks!

Hurry up! No dirty tricks!

-Move it!

Come on, faster! Move it!

Go ahead!
- Faster, faster!

Come on!
- Go ahead!

- Come on!

Come on!
- Move!



Sit down!

Sit down.
- All of you down!

Sit down!
- Down!

- On the ground!


On the ground!
- Sit down!

- Come on! Down!

- Down!

On the ground!

Sit down
- Sit!

Sit down!



She frightened me!

She suddenly jumped out of the shadows.

I thought she want a threat.

It... It was an accident.
- Shut up, idiot!


Move corpse away. Go!
- Alright...




Turn around.


Lay down your arms!

Lay down your arms!


Drop your weapons!

Throw down your arms!

Throw it to your right! Now!

So, okay.

Anybody speak French?

I repeat, anyone speaks French!?

We are in unfamiliar grounds.

- Enough with this nonsense!

Speak up!

Who speaks French!?


Come here.

What's your name?

- Daouïa?

What's the name of this village?
- Atmis.


Tell me, any terrorists here?

Only old men and women, no terrorists.


So where are the local men?
- Working.

In the neighboring towns.

You say there are no terrorists...

You are lying!

Where are the terrorists!?

Vacard! Enough...

Ask her about the plane and Ballant.

You heard him? Seen any
French soldiers recently?

In the desert a week ago.

Dead for several days.

He will lead you to their bodies.

Bring them to the cemetery.

You're in charge here?
- The Guardian.

Well, guardian. My eye's on you. Understand?

Now go sit.

Malovitch, listen up?
- Yeah?



Is it always me?.
- Yup.

Souvenir from the General.
Check it out.

General Lange, the Air Force.

And the senior lieutenant.

I can't ascertain the cause of death.

Alright let's return and
pinpoint our location.

What are you waiting for?
Cover it.


Sergeant, you should come see this.

What do we have here?

You alright, Michel?
You look pale.

Drink up.

Bring him there.
You! Leave him.

I'll take your weapon for you.
- Thanks...


On your knees! Now!

Over there. Didn't you hear?
Over there!

You shot them?
- I had no choice.

Fine. Neither would they show mercy.

I did well?
- You did good!

Alright! Guard them carefully.

What shall we do with the villagers?

Leave it.

We'll decide later.

You earned your respect, soldier.

Good, didn't shit your pants eh?

I'm alright.

Great! It'll become a campfire story later.

Get up. Move!

What does the tattoos mean?

I was marked by God...

They call me a witch.

And together with these tattoos.

I am to protect the village.

Do you protect the desert?

See and believe for yourself...

I don't understand.

I need to go. Goodbye.

He's the one who captured the Mujahideen.

I have seen him in my visions.

Who's the commander?

I repeat. Who is
the commander!?

You're the commander of this unit?

Captain Arui.
- I do not care of your rank...

Why are you speaking French with an accent?

I'm talking to you!

Ten years with the
Foreign Legion, in Indochina.

Then that makes you a traitor.

You know, how we treat traitors!?
You better speak up.

How many of you altogether!?

The silent treatment, eh?


There isn't anymore.


- No one else.

No one else!

What are you doing?
- Backoff! I'm extracting information!

Stay away if you don't
want to stain your hands.

Are you from this village?
- No.

Which village then?

I've no idea. We've just arrived.

Again! Where are the others!?

Where are the others!?
- There's none!

Just kill us...

Not a problem.
- Go ahead.


Stand down!

Shit, is it Ballant?



Leave us.

Looks bad?
- Yes.

He's not injured.

It isn't his blood.

Why did he dragged the corpse here?

How did he find us?
- He's an excellent tracker.

Must have tracked our trails.

Must have caught the enemy at night.

What will happen to us?
- I'm not sure.

As an Arab you won't suffer.
With some luck...

Most probably a short jail time.

And you?

Military tribunal...

They'll most probably
sentence me to death.

Such is the punishment for deserters.

This is the cost of our rebellion.

Then we escape.
- No.

There's no way out.

The girl, this morning ...

I can't stop thinking of her...

You cannot blame yourself.

I can't talk to you.

I'm going to stand guard outside.

Give me a couple of cigarettes.

Save those! It's my last!

Well, thank you very much.

This is a real maze.

Didn't we just came through?
- Yes.

Both streets lead to the mosque.

You go this way and I'll go there.
- Why?

Are you scared?
- Yes.

Then return back quickly.
See you soon.

See you soon.

Release the lever!

Let go!

This is a jinn.

The inhabitants of the desert.

The forgotten people.

Most people do not see them.

What do they want?

They try to talk to you.
They are also afraid.

In the end you'll understand.
- What?

I saw it.

What happened?

What is she doing here?
- Let's go.

I saw something.
- Enemy?

No, I'll explain.
- Don't go there.

Nothing you can do.
- Leave us alone.


Are you looking for me?

I didn't mean to kill you.

But you did.

I didn't mean to.

No, wait.


This is my new home.

With the sand...

Come closer.

We were exhausted.

I shot because I thought that
you wanted to kill me.



It cuts my eyes.

It chokes me.

Get me out of here.


I understand.

He has a fever.

Stay still.


Stay still, Ballant.

Stay still.

Ballant! Ballant!


Trust me. This will help you.

Stop, Ballant!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Leave him alone!

Let him go, Ballant! Let him go!

Stop! Who is there?



What the hell!?



What are you doing here, buddy?




What have you done?
Why did you do?


Why did you do?




Dirty bastard!
- Stop!

Machine gunfire.

Take care of the
lieutenant. Saria.

Who is there?


- I heard. Stay!


What's going on here?


He had gone mad.

He was brought here by the dead.

He tried to kill me.

We'll leave. Let's get out of here!

- Get out of my way.

First, listen to what I have to say.

Shut up or I'll beat
all of you to a pulp!


You really think that's a good idea?

It'll only become more complicated.

Why would Ballant need the case?
- And you?

Why would you want to open the suitcase?

Because it's confusing!
Ballant's from the General command!

We do not know what the hell is in the case!
And my men are dying around me!

Calm down! You are no good to us this way!

These are my men!

Where is Vacard and Durieux?
We need to get out of here.

One more night and we'll all perish.
- Nonsense.


Look what happened to Max and Ballant.

Max just lost his mind.

Then Ballant? You saw him.

You think that's normal?
- What do you expect me to do? What!?

Right, play the obedient soldier. Bravo.
- Stop saying that...

What!? What!?
- Hey! Hey!

Cool down!

Isn't that enough?

Summon Louvier and the traitor.

For the last time...

Spill it?


Since you have nothing else.

You know what?

Saying you've served in
Indochina makes me wonder...

Oh yeah?

Did you know sergeant Martinez?

Martinez? The Spaniard in the 4th foreign regiment.


He died over there.


Weeks in captivity
And he couldn't endure.



Look at me.

You know what's inside?


Stop. Stop.


Back to the cell.

I said, No!

Thanks to your intervention...

We got zero information...

You have no right to speak
to me with that tone.

You need to comply with my order.

Don't threaten me.

Sit down.

Louvier, enough with
this nonsense.

- You know it's your fault?

He wanted to kill me.

What would you do, if
you were in my place?

He was your friend.

Max lost it.
- Shut up!

C'mon, enough of this...

I just want to find out about Max.







Are you okay? Hello? Hello?

You know he's just sadden...

Who are they?

They are Jinn. Extremely dangerous.

They mess with the human mind.

When you come here,
you have invaded their territory.

They think you're a threat.

You can see the jinn, as I do.

You will become a guardian.

You will become my successor.

I think that's unlikely.

I just want to survive and
leave with the rest.

All the soldiers will die.

- What if we leave?

The Jinns will not let you.

When they come, take refuge in the mosque.

There you are protected.

I am not a Muslim
- It does not matter.

You will still become the guardian.

You see him?


It seems calm.

Storm or not, tomorrow we leave.

How about them?

I can barely walk let alone run.

Stop talking, it'll hurt more.

Got any smoke?

Someone's here.

Quiet, Martinez.

Shut your mouth!
Didn't you hear me?

Keep quiet!

Can't you die quietly!

Why are you here in Indochina?

Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

Damn! Quiet!

Shut up!

I'll kill whoever opens his mouth!


I want silence.


What? What did you say?

Silence, does not exist.

Who are you?

Who are you?


Vacard! Hey!

That case is a thing from hell!

It's dangerous!

I had shit up to my neck!

My mother couldn't get to see me!

Don't you understand...

Hand me the case!


What are you doing?
Release the lever!

Let go!

Open the damn door!

Open up!
- Louvier?

Don't let him in.

- Calm down.

I'll perish if I stay outside.
- What happened?

Let me in, Saria.
Don't you hear me?

I'll let you in but leave Malovitch alone.

I won't hurt him, Saria!

I'm afraid out here!

Don't leave me alone!

Please do not leave me alone!

Open! Open!

Open up!

Come in...

What happened? Why
are you so afraid?

There were ... dozens of corpses.

And then no more.

What are you saying?

I stood in the midst.

Bodies everywhere.

I saw Max.

He asked me a question..

You know what he asked me?

Want to know what asked?
- Louvier, you promised.

"Don't tell me this dirty Jew is still alive"


We need to go to the mosque.
We'll be safe there.



Let's go. I'll take care of him
Go on ahead.


Help him.
- What are you gonna do?


What are you doing?


Go, go, go!

Shut the door! Close!

Daouïa ? Daouïa !

Daouïa !

Daouïa !





Daouïa... Daouïa...

Hey! Michel!


Michel! What's happening?

What happened?

Feeling better?
- I'll survive.

Stay here.

Let him!

Sure you won't follow me?

Together our chances are higher.

I have to stay with them.

We'll leave in a few days.

You're crazy.

I'll tell the General what happened.

Shit, look at your face, Michel?

Good luck my friend, be well.

You know no one will believe right?

This I understand, Colonel.

Zone A was searched thoroughly
but no village was ever found.

But finding the case validates your story.

What's in the case?
- I'm not at liberty to say.

You'll know in a few days.

Get some rest.

Thank you, Colonel.


Yes, Colonel. Confirm the authenticity of the message.

Kill order confirmed.

It was predicted.

April 12th, 1960 France, the first ever
nuclear bomb explosion in southern Algeria