Stranded (2019) - full transcript

It follows a career-oriented girl whose priorities have always been clear for her, even if it compromises the things she really wants to do. When a typhoon worsens while she's at work, she ...

[gentle music playing]

[woman] As of 9:15 this morning,

Typhoon Ligaya was spotted
47 kilometers east of Quezon

with winds of 176 kilometers per hour
near the center.

Ligaya's expected to make landfall
at around noontime today

and cross Metro Manila
and nearby provinces shortly thereafter.

[phone chiming]

Oh, my gosh!

- [thuds]
- Sorry!

Dad? Dad?

[man] Spencer.

Yeah, Dad? Dad, Dad?

I've been calling you.

Janus texted me.

He's been trying to call.
He's asking where you are.

[exhales, groans]

I'm on my way. I got stuck in traffic.

Don't drag me into your mess.

[in English]
Son, you have to be responsible.

I know Janus is your friend.

But you have to be on time.

Aren't you going to be late?

[Spencer's dad]
I'm feeding our dogs.

You're getting on my nerves.

You're not young anymore
to be behaving like this.

Go get ready!

Dad, I'm...

[Spencer's dad] Spencer, go. Get moving.

Get your act together.

Even if Janus is your friend,
work is still work.

Show him some respect.

[chattering on TV continues]

[blows raspberries]

Good morning, Mom.

[heavy rain falling]

[woman] I'm looking at it.

Last week, we had
denial-of-service attack. Now this.

- They try my patience.
- [man] Excuse me.

- You can't use your phone here.
- I'll just fix it

in time for the mega sale tomorrow.

I'll update you later.
I can't use my phone here. Bye.

[teller] Eighteen!


- Good morning, ma'am.
- Morning.

Ma'am, is this your account?

Have you checked the number?

Yes, of course.

It's not mine.

It says Perez-Rubio Dress Shop.

So it's not my account.

The account number is invalid.
Can you please double-check it?

Okay, let me check.

[guard] Ma'am.

Ah, sorry.


Sorry, um...

I'll check again, and then
I'll get back to you later. Okay?

Thank you.

[teller] Nineteen!

[man] Everybody.

Memo from the head office.

Half day today because of typhoon.

[bank manager] Go home safely.

[ATM beeps]

[money rustles]

[phone chimes]

Hello. Sorry, there was
a long line at the ATM.

[man] You don't answer.

Mr. Valerio's following up on his order.

He's waiting for the delivery.

I'm on my way. Relax, bro.

We can't just sit back and relax.
You're not taking the heat from clients.

Do your job right.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I quit my corporate job
because of being bossed around.

- And now...
- Fine, fine.

I don't want people
to say anything about you.

They might think I give you
special treatment.

By the way, don't forget the 10,000 pesos.
Marlon needs to go to the market.

[keys jingle]

[soothing electronic music playing]

[tires screech, horn honks]

- [man] Asshole!
- You're the asshole!

[Julia] Babe, let it go.

Too many assholes on the street.

Let it go.

Anyway, everything's set for tonight.

All you have to do is bring
your handsome face and cute smile.

Hmm? Come on, smile.

Are you seriously going to work?

[indistinct voice on radio]

Oh. You heard that?

Typhoon Ligaya will make
its landfall this afternoon.

I need to go to work, babe.

Our website was defaced.


You're not even growing
in that lousy job of yours.

You're selling second-rate crap.

Babe, when we get married,
you should quit that job.

[man on radio continues indistinctly]

Pick me up at 5:00 p.m.?

Then we can go straight to the dinner
with our parents at 7:00 p.m. Okay?


[door opens]

Sorry, I was stuck in traffic.

I don't mind, actually.

How can I get mad
at someone as cute as you?

Are you in a hurry?

Yeah, I am.

Do you need anything else?

- [phone chimes]
- Hold on.

- [man] Hello, Spencer.
- Uh...

- Your girlfriend is here.
- [woman] Bring him out!

What will I do? She's very angry.

I can't ask her to leave.

I don't know. Just ask her to leave.

Where are you now?

One day,

you're going to lose your balls.

[woman] Is that him?
Tell him he's an asshole!

I'm caught in the middle, bro.

I'm on my way back.

- One more delivery.
- [elevator dings]

I'm getting inside the elevator.

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello?

Ha! Hello?

[heavy downpour]

[woman] Congratulations, Julia!

Don't get ahead of yourself.

But thank you.

- Okay, go ahead.
- Okay.

- Did you double-check?
- [man] Yes.

- How about this one?
- [man] Yes, ma'am.

I'll just come back later.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

Boss is fuming mad.
She's been calling nonstop.

She's worried about the mega sale.

Said she can't enjoy
her vacation in Maldives.

What did you tell her?

I told her IT is already on it.

We know you're the only one
who can solve it.

Can you do it?

Yes. Thank you. I'll get back to you.

[news update music]

Weather update.

As of 12:45 in the afternoon,

Typhoon Ligaya has already hit land,
crossing over Aurora

and moving towards parts
of Laguna, Rizal, and Metro Manila.

- [man] Bye, ma'am.
- Take care.

The rain is getting stronger.
Girl, what's your plan?

It's half day because of the typhoon.

- Hmm.
- [news reporting continues indistinctly]

I still need to fix the graphics
that weren't saved in the backup.

But I'll go home in a bit.

You'll be alone here.

Didn't you see our boss' memo on Outlook?

I did.

But like you said,
I am the only one who can fix this.

I'm fine here.

I'll just fix this, then go home.

Everything will be okay.

You can do it at home.

Fine, I'll go ahead.

- Mm-hm.
- [Alex] Text me.

- Take care.
- [Alex] You, too.

[news reporting continues indistinctly]

[woman] Let's go.

Jeez, Jumbo.

[Spencer] Excuse me.

[keyboard clacking]

- Yes, can I help you?
- Uh...

- Yes?
- Spencer, from Healthy Eats.

Is there anyone here?

I'm here.

I mean, where are the rest?

They went home because of the typhoon.


Do you know where Alex Miranda's table is?

Thank you.

- [thuds]
- [Spencer] Sorry.

[keyboard clacking]


Are you just going to leave that there?

That will spoil.
Alex won't be back until Monday.

You should come in early,
so you'd catch your customers.


- Free sample for you.
- No, thanks.


[softly] Where could it be?

It's wet. Sorry.


Our vegetarian food is really good.

Scheduled meals delivered all day.

Scheduled but late.

Just go ahead and try it.

Again, no thanks. I plan my own meals.

All right, I'll go ahead. Have a nice day.

[heavy rain falling]

Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!

[metal clanking]

No, no, no...!

[news update music]

PAGASA has raised Ligaya
into a Category Three storm.

Now packing winds
at 190 kilometers per hour

as she enters the area of Metro Manila.

Several low-lying areas
are now on flood watch

as waters from nearby rivers and canals
reach critical point.

- People from the area...
- [phone rings]

- ...are advised to monitor updates...
- Hello, babe?

You shouldn't have come to work.
You're so stubborn.

- Wait for me. I'll pick you up now.
- No, babe. I'm okay. I'm fine.

I'm safe here inside the office.
Don't go out. It's dangerous.

No, I'll pick you up.

Let's cancel the dinner tonight.

Babe, we can't.

Your parents are expecting us.

We've been planning this for a long time.

No, cancel it. Wait for me.

[car honking]



[sighs] Fine.

Why are you still here?

I forgot my cell phone on your table.

Let me get it for you.

Actually, you're not allowed in this area.
So, wait for me.

Hurry. I don't want
to get stranded in the typhoon.


You know, Miss...

Julia. It's Julia.

You know, you're pretty.
But you have an attitude problem.


How rude for someone asking for a favor.

I don't need your help.

I can get my phone on my own.


[clears throat]

Are you deaf? Or you just didn't hear me?

I said you're not allowed
on the production floor alone.

Okay, fine.

Julia, can we proceed?

Say please first.


[deep sigh]





[indistinct news reporting continues]

Oh, shit.

Do you really need to go out?

It's flooding outside,
you'll drown out there.

Is my sense of humor off?

Or you just don't get jokes?

For someone as pretty,
you aspire to be a comedian?

[ominous music]

[newscast continues in Filipino language]

How will I go back to the shop?

Well, the news says otherwise.

Don't worry, everything will be okay.

The rain will go away.
And besides, we're on the third floor.

The flood won't get to us.

[metal clanks]

Oh, shit.

Hey! Your... [groans]!

You left your phone again.

No! No! No!

Why is it locked?

The guard locked it up.

That's why I came back for my phone.

You knew it was locked all along?
Why didn't you say so?

Call someone.

I don't have call credit.

Can you share?

You don't have call credit?


What a drama queen.

[Julia] You forgot to check?

You know I don't get mad easily,
but seriously?

Didn't the guard think
there may still be people inside?

- Does he think I'm a ghost?
- [phone chimes]

Yes! Of course I got the memo!

But I'm finishing codes for the website.


I just wish he came and checked.



[deep exhales]

- [line tone]
- Hello, babe.

Where are you? I need you.

[Von] I'm on my way.

I'm just trying to navigate
around the flooded areas.

Our sewer system is messed up.
There's flood everywhere.

Babe, please, hurry up.

Don't worry, I'll call someone.

What about the dinner tonight?

Babe, are you hearing yourself right now?

Do you think our parents
can go out with this weather?

Then what should I do?

Babe, just stay there and be safe.

And if something comes up, just call me.

I will get you.

Just take care of yourself, okay, babe?


Sounds good.


[phone shutdown]

Do you have a charger?


Can't you find a charger
in this warehouse?

Nothing? At all?

I found one.

Then why are you asking me?

[storm raging]

[metal clanking]

[operator] The subscriber
you are calling is not available.

Please try your...

It's Signal Number Four.
The signal must be gone.

[call drops]

[wind howls]

And you? Aren't your kids looking for you?


Wow! Do I look like I have kids to you?

I might have a slight dad bod.

I don't even have a girlfriend.

Why am I not surprised?

[glass breaks]

[electrical crackling, beeping]

[bell dinging]

Oh, my God.

- Save, please!
- [keyboard clacking]

No! [Moans]

[deep breathing]

Now what?

What do you mean?

What are we going to do now?

I'm sure Von is panicking
because he can't contact me.

And that? We need to get out.
What if another window breaks?

- Can you...?
- The water will get in.

Can you please calm down?

How are we going to get out?
And if we got out,

how could we dodge the flying debris?

You're just going to sit around?

I think so.

Suit yourself.

Do you have an extra flashlight?


- Hey, let's go back.
- Oh, my God.

[ominous music plays]

- Hey.
- Oh, my gosh.

[water gushing]


- No. We need to find a way out.
- Let's go back.

[water churning]

Oh, my God.

- [water burbling]
- [muffled yelling]

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

This is our only way out.

[water burbles]

[water gushing]


What happened to you? Come here.


Are you all right?

What happened to you?

Talk to me.

You were so brave a minute ago.

But now, you're frightened of the flood?



[gentle piano music playing]


Take deep breaths.

My mama told me...

when you're afraid, take deep breaths.

And count to ten.

That works for me.




What about this?

Can your boyfriend do this?

He studied in the States.
He's good at math.


Tell me what has math got to do
with the generator?


What are you good at?

A lot of things. Want to find out?

No, thanks.

You're really going at it.

Just a while ago,
you were scared of the water.

Let me tell you.

My mother died
while saving me from drowning.

It was a family trip in Pagudpud.

She told me not to go too far.
But I was such a troublemaker.

You know how kids are.

I didn't notice the water
had taken me away.

I just woke up on the shore.

And they told me my mother...

saved me.

But she took my place.

So, there.

[lonely piano music plays]

I'm sorry.

You don't have to say sorry.


This is hopeless.

It's hopeless.

We don't have signal and landline.

How do we find out what's going on?


[stomach growling]

Let's eat.

Not that. That tastes awful.

You're selling your products short?

So, where else are we going to find food?

- Hmm?
- [Julia] We have no choice.


- Let's go. I heard your tummy growl.
- Huh?

Isn't this considered stealing?

Don't you own any food here?


I told you, I always eat out on Fridays.

Here we go.

They don't want people to eat.
Too many rubber bands.



Eww. Karma.

It's been in the fridge for a week.


Try it.

You have no choice.

There you go.

On Monday, apologize to Jumbo.


Want dessert? Something sweet?

- Do we have?
- Yes, we do.

Here, I found one.

- Where?
- Here.

Where is it?

You're looking at it. Something sweet.

Don't you agree?

You're not sweet.

- You're corny.
- [chuckles]

- Knock it off. Just sit down.
- Oh, well.



Try it.

[keyboard clacking]

[computer shutdown alert rings]


Wow, how mature.

I'm just entertaining myself.

I'll tell you a story.

When my mother passed away,

my father became quick-tempered.

He would always throw fits.

He would shove us inside a water drum.

Water drum? For real?


With water inside?


You're crazy.

[chuckles] You fell for it?

[gentle piano music playing]

You fell for it?

You're so annoying.




Unbe... Unbelievable!

You forgot my name after you hugged me?

Whatever, Spencer!

[soft groan]

But, seriously, what do you do here?

IT. Marketing.

My team handles the company site

and the programs used
for inventory and sales.


Can you repeat that from the start?

You lost me at IT.

I knew you wouldn't get it.

How about you?
If you don't vouch for the food you sell,

who are these
unlucky customers you've fooled?

Uh, your friend, Alex Miranda.

What exactly do you do in Healthy Eats?

I am a...

uh... delivery...

delivery... supervisor.

But my friend owns the company.

And I'm trying to fix my life,
trying to fix some things.

And, eventually, buy in
the company or be a partner.

You don't believe me, do you?

Suit yourself.

At least I'm not like you.

Corporate slave.


You know what?

- You don't have any direction in life.
- You're so judgmental, aren't you?


You've only known me for a day.
How dare you judge me.

- Do you love what you do?
- Of course.

- I am a big shot here.
- Big... Wow!

- [scoffs]
- Whoo!

That's why you chose
to get stuck here with boxes.

How exciting.

Yes, very exciting.

And stable.

Not like you.



[metal clanging]

Is there a safer spot in this building?

[Spencer] What's in here?

- This area?
- Yeah.

Accounting offices. Management. Designs.

What about this?


Itemization. Packaging. Storage.


- Cool. Is this a scooter?
- [plastic rustles]

Don't touch it.
It's probably for delivery.

But there's no one here.

Let's take this to the trading house.

There's nobody here.

This is so cool.

[Julia] It's dangerous outside.

[Spencer] Let's go.

What else can we see here?

So, here, you can find our outdoor gears.

Grills. Chairs. Tents.

Basically, anything
that you need for camping.

So, this is the décor section.

Obviously, this is where
the decorations are.

How about these? What are these?

Duh! Beach stuff.

Surfboards. Beach chairs.

But don't worry. You won't need them.
You're scared of water, right?


If this were your last day on Earth,
what are the things you wish you could do?


Uh... Do I need to repeat my question?
Or are you going to answer it?

Um, no.

Don't be unfair.
I shared personal stuff with you.

Come on!

Fine. Let's go upstairs.

Why? What are we going to do?

You're out of your mind.

[anchor] Winds ranging
from 175 to 195 kilometers per hour

are now ripping through the city
accompanied by rain,

thereby sending alarm to low-lying areas
especially along the riverbanks.

As of 7:00 p.m., Marikina,
Malabon, San Juan,

and various parts of Cavite and Laguna

have all been placed on high alert

for floods and storm surges.

This is classified.
Even my best friend doesn't know of this.

I won't tell anyone.

Cross my heart. I swear...

On your boyfriend's grave.



[Spencer] "Surfing.



This is a lot.

Have you done all of these?

Let me guess.

[both in unison]

I told you, I know you well.

In 15 minutes, go to the warehouse.

Huh? Why?

Just do it.

[soft, upbeat music playing]

[blows raspberries]

Oh, my gosh! You opened all the packages!

You're gonna get me kicked out of work.

It's our last day on Earth, remember?


[irked moan]

Wait. How were you able
to turn the lights on?

These are all battery-operated.


- Surfboard?
- Mm-hm.

On bubble wrap?

Just use a little imagination.

Look at me, I'm surfing.

Don't I look cool?


Is this okay?

What are you doing?

- Surfing.
- Really?

That's how you surf?

This is how we do it.

- With a mask on?
- Yeah.

And you use your feet?


- For safety purposes.
- I thought you were scared of the water.

Not when you're around.


[whispers] Sometimes.

Come on, let's surf!

The waves are crazy.

Surfing is so exhausting.
Oh, right. No feet.




- [Julia] Where are we going?
- We're here.

- [Julia] This VR is not working.
- We have no other choice. Stay there.

What's that smell?


- Why?
- You lit the scented candles.

These are probably for delivery.

Your bucket list says...

you want to catch fireflies.


So, here you go.

Dance with the fireflies.

["Bawat Daan" by Ebe Dancel playing]

- [Julia squeals]
- [Spencer gasps]

[fire crackles]

Put it out!

You're going to get us burned!

- Why is there no water here?
- It-s fake, stupid!

Blow it out!

[both huffing, puffing]

- [heavy downpour]
- [Julia screams]

[music stops]


Let's get out of here.

Come on, let's get out of here.

[downpour continues]

[gentle piano music playing]

Here. See if this fits you.

Why do you have
your boyfriend's shirt in your locker?

That's Jumbo's.

That's strike two with Jumbo.


- You like it?
- Huh?

You're delusional.

Would you like to see the rest?

Yuck! Where did you get that scar?

I had a motorcycle accident.
Maybe two years ago.


So it's only the waters you're scared of.

You really are something.


- This really is Jumbo's.
- [Julia chuckles]

[gentle piano music playing]

You look good with your hair down.



- I'm out of here.
- Uh-huh.

[Spencer] Careful. Sit here.

- Wow.
- [Spencer chuckles]

You used all of our products.

Remember, this is your last day...

- On Earth?
- Mm-hm.

And I'm sure on Monday,
it will be my last day at work.

[chuckles] Sorry.

Hold on.

- Uh...
- Ta-da!

We have stars.



On the ground?

Falling stars.


Falling stars?

Okay. If that's your thing.

We're missing something.
We don't have beer.


Beer? Stay here.

[light piano music playing]

What are you doing?

Grilling. So we can munch on something.


I found beer. But just one.

Scared of sharing drinks?

Do I have any other choice?

- No.
- Then, no.

[can clacks]

Wow, fish.

Hey, we...

We can do skydiving
when you're ready to jump.

- Headfirst.
- Depends on where I'll fall.

Maybe you'll fall for... me.

- Wow!
- [giggles]


- Your pickup line is so corny.
- But it works for some.

Well, not for me.

[Julia] Oh, my gosh!

- You really are different.
- [scoffs]

Have you ever had a serious relationship?

Never. I don't think I'll ever have.


Just one.

My first and only boyfriend.

He's my fiancé now.

He's the man of my dreams.

He's the man I'm planning
to spend the rest of my life with.


enough about him.

I'm sure he already bit his lips.

That's one huge rock.

[Julia] It's lab-grown.

Which one?

This diamond.

- It's man-made.
- Ah...

So he gave you a fake one?

Of course not.

It's just not natural.

Why are you suddenly quiet?


Nothing? Tell me.

- Tell me.
- Fine, I'll tell you.

Well, I guess I'll never give something
to someone that's not natural.

It doesn't matter.
As if I have someone to give it to.

I'm not the marrying-type.

- [chuckles]
- Duh!

I don't understand people these days.

Why do they choose to commit
at this day and age?

That's what they still choose?

It's accountability.

Two people vowing to each other
for the rest of their lives.

You believe in the idea of forever.

Forever is for those who deserve it.

I would like to believe
I have my own forever.

I don't want to end up like my parents.

I would never give up that easily.

[roof rumbling]

Wow, that was loud.

It sure is.

The storm is getting stronger.

Let's get inside.


Over there.

- There?
- Yeah.

The storm is crazy.

- Come on.
- Okay.

Ligaya was spotted
100 kilometers east of Manila,

moving northeast
towards the island of Palawan.

Winds have diminished to 80
to 100 miles per hour near the center.

[Julia] And you?
Don't you have any plans in life?


Live life to the fullest.


- Live life to the fullest?
- Mm-hm.

I don't want to be disappointed.
Less plans, lesser disappointments.

Don't you have any dreams or goals?

Of course I do.

Okay, if you say so.

I just can't seem to get over
your opinion about marriage.

What do you want to know?
Do you have a question?



Is there any other reason behind that?

Besides your disdain
for the concept of marriage?

[deep breath]

I don't want to depend on anybody
for my happiness.

Like my father.

He was able to single-handedly raise us.

He didn't commit to any relationship
after my mom died.

- But he found his match in the end.
- Mm...


Good for him.

- Good for him?
- Yeah.

Not good for him.


The woman is a drama queen.

She's unstable.

She even gets jealous
over my father's Labradors.

- Seriously?
- I swear.

- Weird.
- Super.

But he fell in love.

How about you? Have you found your match?

I don't intend to find her.

Because I already found her.

[delicate piano music playing]

I... need to pee.


[computer starting music]

Aren't you finished with that?

Where did that come from?


For delivery. I just unpacked it.

Since it's our last day on Earth.

[keyboard clacking]

What's your email address?

- Email?
- Mm-hm.

- Spencer.
- Spencer...








Handsome, huh?

- I was still in college when I made that.
- [laughter]

Okay. No judgment, Mr. Handsome.


I will make you a simple website
for Healthy Eats.

It's indicated here
all your pricings and products.

This is just free hosting though.
But you can request for your own domain.

Then you can also...

Take online orders.

Why don't you tell your friend that this
will be your investment in the company?

He might make you his industrial partner.

Wait, do you already have one?

- Hmmm. Never got there.
- I knew it.

So, anyways, all you need
is someone to maintain this.

I feel like you can do this yourself.


you can track your orders and marketing.

Sorry, this is very basic.

Let's just fix this
when we get out of here.

No, that's really awesome.

That's awesome.

Why don't you do that
in our store every weekend?

And do you know how to hack
my ex-girlfriend's Facebook?

- Nice try, Spencer.
- [laughs]

Here, drink up the rest.

I haven't had beer in a long time.

I feel so irresponsible right now.

My world is spinning.

Mine, too.

[phone rings]



- [Von] Hi, babe.
- Uh...

Hi, babe.

- [Von] How are you? Are you okay?
- Uh...

Yes, I'm okay. I'm okay.

- [Von] Are you sure?
- No, no. Don't worry. I'm fine.

I can't pick you up.
There's flood everywhere.

It's okay.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah.

Pick me up tomorrow morning.

- [Von] Are you really okay?
- I'm fine. I am.

Are you sure?

- Okay. I love you.
- I...

love you, too.

Okay, bye.

[Von] Bye, babe.

[in mocking tone]
So, how's the man of your dreams?

Oh, Von?

He's okay.
He's just a bit worried about me.

But he's all okay.

Where is he?


He tried to come here.

But not only is it flooded,
but there's debris everywhere.

I told him to come get me tomorrow.

He should stop trying to save me.

He can't.

[mellow music playing]


Hot sunny weather forecast today

as temperatures are set
to reach 27 degrees

with Typhoon Ligaya leaving
the Philippine Area of Responsibility.

[gentle music playing]

[Spencer] Mama.



Ma'am Julia?

[guard] I'm sorry, ma'am.

Ma'am, the rescue team is here.

- [Julia] Thank you.
- [guard] Excuse me.

Uh, Julia, can I get your number?



Yeah, sorry.

All right.

[delicate piano music playing]

[man 3] Are you all right?

- Are you in any pain right now?
- [Spencer] No, I'm all right.

[man 3] Do you have any injury?

- [man 4] Sir, your bike.
- [Spencer] No.

Ma'am, are you feeling okay?

Do you want to rest?

Who can we call to inform
that you're safe?

[Von] Babe! Are you okay?

Sir. Thank you.

[man 4] June, just go around the area.

- Babe.
- [man 4] Thank you.

Are you okay, babe? Thank you, sir.

Let's go home.

[engine starting]

[metal crashing]

Bro, where have you been?

[Janus] I thought the storm took you away.

The storm ripped through our store.

Sorry, bro.

I won't be able to give you
any work right now.

I'll just help you out.

[metal clanking]

[Von] How are you, babe?

Drink some water first.
I'm sure you're very tired.

- Are you sure?
- Mm-hm.


Anyway, I just talked to my mom.

And I told her to go back
to Bacolod next week.

So meaning our dinner will be rescheduled.

- Mm-hm.
- Tell your mom about it, okay?

- Mm-hm.
- And one more thing, babe.

I also told my mom to reschedule...

our wedding date.


I think you're right.

- Yeah.
- We need more time.

It's too soon.


I moved it earlier.

You know what? Don't worry about it.

I got it all figured out.

I'll talk to our coordinator, okay?

Just relax, babe.

[phone chiming]

[Spencer's dad] Hello, son.

We're worried about you.

Janus told me he can't contact you.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm...

I'm okay.

How are you and Aunt Rachel?

We're fine.

Anyway, your stepmom is inviting you
for lunch this weekend.

I think it's about time
you get to know her.



your stepmom is kind.

She takes care of me.

I'm just trying to build a bridge
between you and her.

She wants to get to know you.

Where will it be?

Thanks, son.

Well, there's this new place in Marikina.

We go there every Sunday.

We can have lunch there.

Rachel is scared of cooking for you
because you might be better than her.

All right.

Bye, Dad.

[man] I talked to the chef.

He sent me samples of the cakes
we can choose from.

So, Julia, when do you plan
to schedule our food-tasting?



- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

- [Von] Are you sure? Okay.
- Yes.

- Get this.
- Thank you.

I think it's too tight. I can't breathe.

Is that so?

- Please note the adjustments.
- [assistant] Okay.

[wedding coordinator] Always check
her waistline. It should be perfect.

The waistline is important.

We need to emphasize her body.

Especially while walking down the aisle.

That's the selection of our main course.

- I hope you enjoyed them.
- [Von] We did. Thank you.

Good food.

So, babe, have you decided?

Maldives or Phuket?

For me, Maldives is more romantic.

What do you think?

I'll go with whatever you want.

- Babe, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm okay.

It doesn't seem like it.

I'm making all the decisions here.

[deep sigh]

Okay, babe. Let's go to Maldives.

Like you said, it's more romantic.

- Okay. Maldives it is.
- [utensils clanking]


Healthy Eats.

- Are you making another delivery?
- No, no.

- Is Julia here?
- She's on leave.

She's doing some wedding preparations.
Her wedding was moved earlier.

Oh, okay.


can you please
give this back to Jumbo?


Thank you.

[delicate piano music playing|

It was good...

while it lasted.

[Janus] That's life.

We need to move on.

[mouthing words]

Girl, our boss is calling for a meeting.
Let's go.

- Right now?
- It's urgent.

- There's no scheduled meeting.
- He scheduled it now. Come on.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- [all] Congratulations!
- [applause]

Thank you.

- [Julia] Thank you.
- Congrats!

[Julia] Thank you!

Congratulations, Julia.

You're now the new head
of our IT department.

Thank you, ma'am. Thank you.

I know you've been lending
my shirt to someone else.

But congratulations.

Good thing he gave it back.

The guy was looking for you.


[Von] I've been waiting for this day.

Uh, babe, can you put your hair up?

[Von's dad] To a long and happy life.

- Cheers!
- Cheers.

And cheers also to my Julia
for her promotion.

- You really deserve it.
- Thank you, Mom.

You know my son can take care
of your daughter.

I mean, after all,

Von has been preparing all his life
to take care of Julia.

Ma'am, I promise you that
I will make your daughter very happy.

Thank you, Von.

As long as my daughter is happy.

I'm not.

What's that, babe?

[Julia] Um...

[deep breath]

I don't think I am.

What do you mean?

You don't think you're what, Julia?


Babe, what are you saying?

[heavy sigh]

Von, I love you.


But what?

Babe, don't do that, please.

[Von] Babe.

I don't think it's enough.

For me to spend
the rest of my life with you.

Babe, please put that back.

I'm sorry.


- [Julia's mom] Excuse me.
- [Spencer's dad] Stop her!

[Julia's mom] Julia!

Please don't do this.

Ma, I need to do this.

I'm sorry.

Be safe.

[Von] Babe! Babe!

[Julia's mom] Von, let her go!

Let her go.

[gentle acoustic music playing]


[phone chimes]

[Von sighs]

I understand, Jules.

I'm sorry.

[Julia's mom] Those pictures are nice.
How many days will you be gone?

It will just be a short trip.
I can't take a long leave.

You know, I think you're really
starting to find yourself.

I think that's good for you.

I just feel I missed out a lot in life.

Ma'am, delivery for Miss Julia.

- Here she is. What's this?
- That's me.

God, is that your wedding gown?

Haven't you canceled it?
I'm going to call Von.

- He should be the one canceling this.
- Ma, no. It's okay.

I've already talked to Von, remember?
We are sharing the cost.

[phone chimes]

Hold on, Ma.

- Hello.
- [woman] Miss Julia. We regret to inform

that our policy has no cancellation
two months before the wedding date.

Therefore, you have no choice, but
to settle payment for the expense.

It's okay.
I understand. I'll settle everything.

[Julia] Thank you.


I'm okay.

I can do this.

Don't worry too much.

[sigh] Okay.

Friend, I still can't believe
I'm hanging out with on a Friday night.

Get used to it.

But are you sure you're all right?

Crying is not allowed here.

My gosh, girl!

Let's call Healthy Eats guy.

You like him, right?
Let's add him on Facebook.

I don't have a Facebook account.
And no thanks.

All I need right now is my personal space.

- My... me time.
- Me time?

I'm not ready to fall in love and commit.

So, no. I'm planning to do skydiving.

Skydiving? Soul-searching?

You're quite something.

I will add him instead.



Never mind.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!


Where are you planning to skydive?

But isn't that scary?

When you fall, who is there to catch you?

["Bawat Daan" by Ebe Dancel playing]

Where is it?

You're looking at it. Something sweet.

Take deep breaths.


I told you, I know you so well.

In 15 minutes, go to the warehouse.

Don't I look cool?

Because I already found her.

Hold on.

[Janus] Bro, I got good news.

Healthy Eats is capable for reopening.

[woman 3] Hi.


[woman 3] Goodbye.


[soft chuckle]

Did you see that? Women walk up to you.

But when it's my turn, they turn me down.

Let's cheers to that.

- Whatever.
- Bye!


[gentle piano music plays]

[doll squeaks]

- [Alex] Guys, the delivery is here.
- [Jumbo sighs]

- Hi, good morning.
- [Jumbo] I'm starving.

[Alex] Good morning.

- Jumbo, let's eat.
- What?

[delivery guy] Thank you.

[Alex] Let's eat, guys. I'm hungry.

Have some more, Spencer.

Thank you.

So what's your plan now?

Humm... Actually, not sure.

Some good ideas, though.

Are you still going to work for Janus?

Not right now.
He's still trying to recover.

- [Spencer's dad] Okay.
- Sit up straight.

Just let me know if you need
to get back on your feet.

Get back on my feet?

As they say, "When you hit rock bottom,
there's only one way, and that's up."

[Spencer's dad] Here, have some pizza.

Have some pizza.

[Mike] Congratulations, Spencer.

I really hope that this gives you
the jump-start you need.

Thank you, sir.

Call me Mike.
Your dad has high hopes for you.

Excuse me, Miss, Ferdinand Necandro.

- Sir, here's your shirt.
- [Ferdinand] Yes.

Thank you very much. See you at the tour.

- [Ferdinand] Thank you.
- Take care.

Any representative
from each booth, please.

- I'll leave you in charge.
- Okay, sir.

Thank you.

[gentle music plays]

- Hello.
- Hi.

Any travel package with surfing?

[booth assistant] Yes.
We have special travel packages.

- Just sign here.
- [Julia] Okay.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Here you go.

Yes, ma'am.

- Any problem?
- Oh, nothing at all.

- [camera shutter clicking]
- [message alert chime]

[upbeat music grows]

Excuse me.

- Who was that?
- Which one?

Sir, I'll just go to the restroom.


[gentle piano music playing]

[call error message tone]

[phone ringing]



Hello, Julia?


- [low battery alert]
- Hmm?



My battery's dead...


To fireflies and to the sunrise tomorrow!

Jeez. [Burps]

[man 6] What time is the sunrise tomorrow?

[chuckling] Why did everyone go quiet?


[notification alert chime]

[notification alert chime]

[keypad clacking]

Good morning.

- [woman] We're good to go, sir.
- Everyone here?

Yes, sir. But some clients
canceled at the last minute.


That's fine.

- Let's have fun, guys!
- [clients] Yes!

[engine starts]

[upbeat music playing]

[engine rumbles]


[man] Three, two, one.



Oh, my God!

- I was crying!
- It was fun. Yeah!

- I was crying, laughing at the same time.
- High five.

That was amazing!

[gushing waves]

Okay. So please be mindful of your safety.
Each one of you have your own instructors.

You have three hours to surf.

Walk around. Hang out.

After that, we all meet here.

Because our next activity
will be island-hopping. Okay?

- Yes, sir!
- Go ahead.

How about you, Spencer?
Aren't you going to surf?

I'll join you, guys.

Okay, see you!

See you.

Okay, here we go.

[gentle music playing]

- [surfer] How are you, man?
- Good.

The waves are solid.

- [surfer] How is the ride?
- Good.

- [surfer] Stoked?
- [Solid.

Nice one.


[woman] Kristel, let's go! They're here!

[mellow music playing]

Over here, guys.

Let's gather.

You guys have 20 minutes
to explore the island.

You can take photos,
but you can't take anything.

Especially the sand or the seashells.

And the most important rule
in this island is do not litter.

- Are we clear?
- [all] Yes, Spencer.

Okay, now, in 20 minutes,
the boat will leave.

Just to remind you guys,

this is the last boat
that's leaving the island.

If you're not back in 20 minutes,
you will be left here.

So please be here. Okay?

Go enjoy. You have 20 minutes.

Thank you.

For weather update,

there's no El Niño,

but the hottest day
has been recorded in four years.

The most affected areas are
North and Central Luzon,

including the provinces of Pangasinan,
La Union, Cagayan Valley, and Nueva Ecija.

The temperature is expected to rise
to 41 degrees Celsius.

According to PAGASA, this has been placed
under extreme caution level.

Because of extreme heat,

the Department of Health is advising
everyone to take precautionary measures.

[gushing waves]


Oh, shit!


Oh, my God.

[irked grunt]


Miss? Miss.

- Miss...
- Who are you calling miss?



[both in unison]
What are you doing here?

[delicate piano music playing]


["Bawat Daan" by Ebe Dancel playing]

[gentle acoustic music playing]