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The Stranger

Part II

- I have a letter to the chief of staff.
- Leave it here.

- It's from mister Varga the counselor.
- Leave it here.

- I have to give it personally.
- Don't be a smart ass.

You can't come in without an authorization.

This is not a chocolate factory.

It's very important sergeant.

Keep an eye on him guard.


Be so kind and answer the phone.



How can it...

This is doctor Salvator Varga,

Free him at once, how dare you...



Move it, hey!

Not fancy working eh?

Do you want the solitary?

I brought you this new one.

Come on boy, go ahead and sweep around.

Put them down.

If you want some trouble just tell me.

Look at the gentleman with his soft skin.

Go ahead, strike!

We've all started like that.
It's how you learn the trade.

Good day mister doctor.

I'll inform the office.


I will have to.

I'll have to inform the office.

Oh dear.

What would you do in my place mister Pop?

I overlooked so many times and things.

I'm also Romanian,

but there's a limit, a limit.

Mister counselor,

Please have a look at this doctor.

For God's sake...

Tell me, what can I do
in such dire straits?

You play with the army?
We'll get the wall.

Oh dear.

I'd understand something small,

but to dismantle the inner rails
it's unbelievable.

I'll go mad doctor.

Look at this...

I'm sick of it.

I've been living for two years
in the gun's sight.

I've had enough.

- Mister engineer you don't have to...
- Don't have to what?

Spare me this stupid advice.

What do you care.

Good salary, a car and no worries...

You'll only have something to do
after deciding that I've done sabotage.

Please don't cross the line.

Go hang yourself.

- You didn't bring anything?
- No.

- Have some from me.
- No thanks.

- Can I go outside?
- You can.

Classes are dismissed, we're in holiday.

I'll be right there.



- You shouldn't have mother.
- I've brought a snack.

Eat some.

How did you get by?

Very good, I work in an office...


Mother, you can't understand.

A mother understands plenty.

Just one thing,

apologize to your father,
you know how he's stubborn.

You look alike so much.

What are you doing there?

What's that there?

You don't know the orders?


Where do you work?

In the workshop.

You'll see what's coming,
bringing outside things.

- Scram lady.
- He's my son.

Scram I say, go on.

Go on, get.

- Come in.
- Right.

- Pleased to meet you doctor, we're finished.
- What happened?

I can't say.

I've been visited by some men.

What are we going to do mister Varga?

- The Germans are here.
- I know.

How do you know?

- How do you know?
- A few years now.

They want to take apart the entire factory.

Take it to Germany by September the 3rd.

- I didn't hear a thing.
- I didn't say anything either.

- What will we do mister Varga?
- I don't know anything.

They are watching everything.

I'm only a legal adviser to the factory
mister managing director.

That's exactly why!


How are you?

I looked you before, here.

- My mother brought it.
- I already ate.

We met at the station after the bombing.

Don't you remember?

We had to go fishing next day.

Ah, you're that student...

Couldn't come then.

Neither did I.


- I was busy.
- With what?

With a thing.

And what are you doing here?

I was hired. In the workshop.


I'm a welder here.

Couldn't you take me with you?
It's terrible.

- What's terrible.
- The entire scene.

You're the only one I know.

Take me with you please.

It's not up to me, talk to you later.

Do you know why Andrei did what he did?

You are friends.

He's so self-contradictory.

But together we form the right angle.

Our friendship is the
best thing in this life.


I don't know if that's alright.

It's difficult to understand him.

I sometimes think he is too old,
much more so than myself.

And sometimes that he's only a child.

How's it going?

Harder than school?

I feel very lonely.

If it weren't for my
folks I'd just forget it.

Let's have a beer.

I'm a bit skint.

I'll get it.

Here it comes.

- Two more pints?
- Yes, two more.

Do you understand?

I'm reaching an end.

We just take it as it is.

Damn this patience.

It's a war out there,
people have families.

- The factory as well.
- Here you go.

I only needed a day to figure all out.

What did you figure?

What did I figure out?

Everyone is scared.

Why add salt?

- It's better like that.
- Really?

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Have you heard about Marxism?

No, what's that?

The communist's theory.

This theory says that the working
class has a tremendous power,

when it realizes its own strength.

You're young.

Do you know there where
strikes in here before?

I've heard, now it's something else.

- Now it's when we should do something...
- Caught any fish?


You don't even care what I'm saying.

- You're also scared.
- Only once did I catch a 3 kg pike.


Let's go.

Let's go.

It's gone.

- How do you know about these things?
- I read, I have a book in french.

I can translate it for you.

We need to do something,
make a move somehow.

Listen here boy.

Get some sense in your head.

You might end up in a camp.

I prefer the camp.

Rather than being part
of this dead end activity.

What do you want?
Scram or I'll smack you.

Hello lieutenant, he came from there.

[speaking German]

The punks are starting
to mess around just now.

[speaking German]

You think this is only a coincidence?

[speaking German]

The communists are working
right under your nose.

[speaking German]

You'll inform us by tomorrow about
the number of arrests, understood?

Verstanden [understood].

What on earth will I do?

What should I do?

If I sign, I'll be known as a war criminal.

Can be.

What should I do?

Let myself be shot by the Germans?

So I'm not shot by the communists later?

Where are...

...your English troops?

In London I believe.

Until other things, the
communists as you call them

start things, stir things, they live.

- What do you make of it?
- I don't want to make anything of it.

That's all that we need right now.

- I think it's a trap.
- It looks like it.

None of our boys wrote on the wall.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.


Sabin the young lad. The one
who was kicked out from high school.

He works in the workshop.

His family stopped
talking to Gheorghe Jurca.

He was in the lockup and
they released him in a moment.

Yesterday he was asking
if I know about Marxism.


We need to see about him.

I think it's our birds.

The manifestos are ready.

We'll spread them tomorrow
in the factory and station.

Befriend the devil
until you cross the river.

If they want to confer, we shall confer.

I will soon meet with an anarchist.

I don't know anything, that's the siren.

I'm going down the shelter.

I'm not interested!

Sing it!

Mister Timoc!

♪ Maybe I'll cry, cry with this road ♪

♪ until... ♪

Until when?

♪ My heart is... ♪

Don't worry Tavi, it will be okay.

They're going to bring back
to Germany their own mother!

- They'll bring whatever they want.
- That's what you think.

I have my sources,
don't think that I'm lying.

Mother asks you to come home.


Have a seat.

Whatever it is.

- Mister Timoc, check please!
- Coming up!

Thank you.

- See you Tavi.
- See you.

Why won't you speak with me dad?

You asshole, can't you
see with your four eyes?

You want to conquer the world
without any manners.

The time will come for us!

We'll drag Hitler in a cage
throughout the country,

so people can spit on him, goddamn it!


- You think your dad is afraid?
- No dad.

You'll see.

Soon enough you'll see who your dad is.

You think that he is afraid?

He's only afraid for you and your mother.

If I'd be on my own, I'd show them around.

You take after your dad.

Everybody in our family was like
that, fearless. Let's grab a drink.

Don't be sad.

It's alright.

I'll show those who dared to ban my son.

He'll take care of everything.

You don't fully know him yet,
but a time will come when...

I shouldn't give it to you.

You're inflated enough.

You take after me.

Stop the factory dismantle.

Calm down for Christ's sake.

- You don't know what they're after.
- I know.

That old dog did it to us.

He thinks he understands politics.

Just like in Maria Theresa's time.

- Be brave father, I'll wait for you.
- Dear God Almighty.

Good day, come in.

The chief administrator is very busy,
he asks you to wait for him.

Up the stairs, on the right.

Come in please.

I'd like a glass of water.

- Maybe a brandy.
- Thank you but my liver...

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Mister doctor,

have you made any
contact with the communists?

Dear God.

- Shall I take this as an answer?
- I haven't.

I give you my word.

You know, safety is governed
through other means.

As for yourself doctor,
if everything goes as we expect

you'll continue to represent us
with pride after we're through.

I don't understand.

That's why I'll be frank.

In this area, where we are blessed
with many factories close to the border

there unfortunately operates a
strong communist organization.

God knows how they've managed,

to find out about the German’s plans.

The city is covered with manifestos.
The people are concerned.

What does that have to do with me?

A few days ago, a number
of convicts have escaped.

A quite remarkable operation.

They where members of the party.

God forbid...

We where supposed to forbid.

Among them, someone called
Jurca, well known in the city.

And the former and probably future senator,

had or probably will
have a contact with them.

What do you want from me?

- Here.
- No.


In that case, I will be
forced to detain you.

Alright, sign.

Sign doctor.

Rest assured doctor.
I'm not stupid either.

I wouldn't want to end up
hanged when the allies arrive.

I'll give you for this statement,
not just my word so we don't play games.

I don't have any interest
to use this statement.

I won't use it.

But if the Gestapo comes rushing in

well then you see,

I wouldn't like to be hanged
by the Germans either.

I'd rather not be hanged by anyone.

- Please.
- Thank you.

I can tell you from my direct sources

that at least in a month

Deutschland kaputt
[Germany is finished].

However mister Senator
should still be cautious.

What do you want chief?

It's a shame, that at his age
all that intelligence...

- Senility.
- Who knows.

Maybe he's outsmarting us all.

What do you mean?

Come on.

When you lose your nerve...

What did he want?

A legal matter of the factory.

You know how they are,
they use all their available resources.

- Good evening mister Salvator.
- Is father home?

- He left.
- Where?

I don't know.

When is he back?

I don't know.

He took everyone, including the chef.
I'm the only one left home.

What do you mean?

- Can I help you?
- Leave me.


Lucian, pass me Lucian please.

Yes, now.


-I'm glad you came.
- What happened?

- I was worried.
- What's wrong?

The old man is gone, he's hiding.

If he did this, he must know something.

- You know how smart they are.
- What will you do?

- I have to hide.
- Where?

For now no one needs to know.

You might be questioned.

Tell them I've disappeared.

Take care of mother and be safe.

I'll think of you both.

Go now.


I've got a difficult mission
from the resistance.

We might...

We might not see each other.

Go now, be cautious.

Be cautious!

Mister Sabin, a young
lad is looking for you.

Mister Lucian, haven't seen you in a while.
Andrei was just wondering.

He needs to hide as soon as possible.
My grandfather asked me to tell you so.

- What did he do?
- Nothing but...

Please forgive my meddling,

His uncle mister Jurca has... he escaped.

He's wanted.

The authorities might...
considering Andrei's attitude

I don't know,
that's everything my grandfather said.

Thank you mister Lucian,
I'll never forget this.

Darling, this late?

- What do you say?
- Come on.

I'm followed by the Gestapo.

I've done something illegal.

- Really?
- Really.

It's alright.

Sleep here?


I'll stay here for a few days.

- Yes?
- Yes.

You'll stay here with your sweetheart?

That's it.

No one will find you in Bucharest.

Big city.

I have enough friends there.

Tell mister Sabescu the following:

'From Tavi Baci'.

Have no worries, you know?

Father is smart enough,
to get around.

Now off to bed.

Come on mother.

Off to bed.

Tomorrow at five you're
on the train and that's that.

You haven't seen the
best of train workers yet.

He's asleep.

Just a child...

Woe to the country
that offers its children such worries.

Don't worry mother.

As long as I'm alive...

Don't worry.

Father is here.

Mister Sabin!

It's truce.

Antonescu has been arrested.

Didn't dad tell you not to worry?

He knew it all along.
Think that I'm not informed?

What are you doing?

How did you get here?

Grandfather told me where to find you.

It's peace.
Antonescu has been arrested.

Have the English arrived?

I'm so happy.

- Everything will now be...
- Yes.

Our efforts have been successful.

It's a difficult moment.

Against the decisions
of the patriotic force commandment

the prefect wants to reach
an agreement with the fascists.

In all these years people
have learned the hard way

that the only way of dealing
with the fascists is by disarming them.

That's your uncle.

We call for all patriots
to defend their jobs.

To defend their future, dignity
and honor of our country.

Get in touch with the armed
forces from your factories.

Join the groups from UVA, ASTRA,

- Deva over here.
- CFR this way!

Andrei, what about the theory
that no one moves a finger in this country?

I'm a boundless moron.

- They're here.
- Mister major!

- Good day.
- Hello.

- Alright?
- Everything good.

This way.

If the Germans attack us
we are doomed.

They'll shred us to pieces.
I have an old retired battalion available.

Don't lose your temper mister prefect.

It wouldn't hurt to put
your decorations on.

It sets a tone.

Do you believe in general Von Echt's word?

He's a military man mister Senator.

Then he should retreat
like brave soldiers do.

The city will be spared.
We'll deserve it.

Put on your outfit and medals.

You can spare the iron cross.

A communist gentleman.

We'll be out in a second.

I don't agree.

What is the guarantee of a fascist officer?

It's the word of an officer.


I don't really understand
these nuances.

Shouldn't they leave
the same way they came?

What commitment can we take?

I don't know about your commitment.

I do know about our commitment.

The fascist garrison needs
to lay down their weapons.

And it will.

We salute you.

God help Antonescu.

If he started getting rid of them
he should have completed the task.

Three more battalions are ready.

Very well.

- Dear mister Jurca.
- Keep them ready.

Yes sir.

Dear mister Jurca

I think that... would be better

in silence.

Comrade Jurca, the
Deva divisions are ready.


Mister Jurca let us not be swayed
by the euphoria of the moment,

let us properly weigh our responsibilities.

For half a century we have
the responsibilities of destiny...

- We've seen it.
- We'll take it from now.

How, for God's sake?

We'll disarm the fascist garrison for now.

The positions are to be filled,
Pop's division leaves for UVA.

- The ammunition trucks have arrived.
- That's it.

- That's my uncle.
- I know.

Stop the engines!

Bring it to the gates.

Come on brothers!

- Shoot only after the signal.
- Got it.

Come on now, where are we?

Come on dear, faster, faster.

Hurry up now.

Who knows?

Maybe all of this was needed.
Maybe it helps to find ourselves

Andrei must be over the moon,
it's his element.

Chaos and the possibility of grand moves.

That's on your mind now?
Come on, we're leaving!

Get a move on.

Don't worry, everything
will be kept intact.

- They won't touch the church garments.
- Thank's a lot, goodbye.

- What will I do here on my own?
- Pay attention and be careful.

So long.

Don't worry, have a safe journey.

[speaking German]

They are gone, the coast is clear.

[speaking German]

- Everything's alright.
- The whole thing will blow up.

[speaking German]

Get out! Group one to the right,
group two to the left

the rest to the other entrances

What are you doing there,
want to die? Come here!

We need people alive, you hero.

The military students have
started fighting at the station.

Come on.

Get in position and follow me, charge!

Get a move on Andrei.

Leave me dear boy

my shoulder is hit,
give me some water.





How are things?

You have to take it easy
for a while and relax.

You almost died four times
in these last two weeks.


I'm home!

has left us.

Father will take care of you.

Give everything you need.

As long as I'm alive.

Are you hungry?

Don't worry.

Father will make us food,


Just give him a moment.

He's drunk.

Drinking a bit too much.

Now you're grown up.

Father is all by himself.

He'll prepare good food

so you can put on some weight

so you'll become beautiful.

Don't get used with drinking

it's not good.

Her life...

was filled with so little joy.



Many thanks, how are things?

- Do you need anything?
- No.


This is it.


Finally at home.



Sonia would you like me
to come along?

I know Sonia.

These last two weeks...

...please forgive me.

I hung up on you.
I waited and thought that...

Help me father.

I love her.
I'm crazy over her.

Like a vermin.

Don't leave me alone father.

You must know that
I have the right to love her.

Help me.

There must be something holly,
in this crazed up world.


We're going together.

I think you know where I'm heading.

I know.

Come on.



We're looking for Andrei.

I'm Father Potra.

Latin professor.

Andrei's friend.

He's not home.

She is Andrei's future wife.

Have a seat.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.



I'm sorry that the boy isn't home.


- Let me offer you a drink.
- Thank you.

I'm sorry that the boy...

...isn't home.
But he's coming.

Any minute now.

Any minute.

He should be here soon.

Let me get something for you.

Mister Sabin, doesn't even know your name.

Sonia Muresan.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Thank you father, please.

They love each other a lot.


Mister Muresan is well off.

A furniture factory in Cluj, two houses.

You also have some vineyard Sonia?

I will make sure

that Andrei will have

everything that I can offer.

In my situation as an office clerk.

You must understand her, right?

I'm glad we met mister Sabin.


Stop the bus! Hold it!

Come on let's go.

We need to stop a reactionary
movement that took over Transylvania.

Don't worry, the comrades understand.
Off we go everyone, thank you!

I just got in mister...

Everyone from the back
let's get a move on.

There is no more respect for artists.

What are you doing...?

Everybody get on board!

Come on, steady lads!

Move all the way to the back!

♪ Forward dear comrades... ♪

♪ ...with your hearts of steel ♪

This isn't right Andrei.
What do you want? I'm confused.

You won't stop.

You ruined your life for what?

For the only thing that I'm certain of.

♪ ...ready for battle. ♪

I went to your home today.

You know that I...

- That us...
- I could never take it away from you.

I know.


We are both so young.

I'm not even nineteen yet.

Ahead of us...

Come on lads!


We will meet again.

If you are what I think you are,
there is no other way.

Come on Andrei.

Thank you for your courage driver!

Whoever will allow

for communists to put their hands
on our beloved country...

...of which our ancestors
have fought with their own blood

for many millennia and that which today...

Now my dear boy,

the time has come to show
that your seed was not in barren land.

You where given everything,

and need to pay.

For the books,

the love and warmth,

the hope that was placed in you.

I don't believe in all of these father.

No one cares what you think dear boy,
but what you do!

Look among yourselves,
we need to become as one.

Silence, silence.

Move along so you don't get dirty.

He can do it.

Can you?

Like I was saying.

Our beloved country,
for which we all...

Such superfluous words.

Half the city is ruined.

People are starving.

What good for such words?

We have come to ask you to work with us.

For instance just five hours today.
To clean up the rail station rubble

if the soldiers are gone...

Defeat him.



We live in a world

that looks like a brothel on flames.

An ongoing irrationality

that keeps attacking, stirring people up.

Can we oppose them,
the shadow of a doubt?

Speak in Romanian!

Apprentice, cat got your tongue?

Quiet everybody!

Don't interrupt the speaker

it's a democracy!

I'm asking you all.

In the station area there
are a few tons of debris,

that need to be removed.

- Are we going to be intimidated by them?
- Get 'em!

That young lad

I've miscounted him.

I cared for him,
more than...

Politics isn't done with
feelings my dear boy.

That only works with girls.

Yes, yes.

We'll take care of him.

Isn't it better if we do that?

We get the boys, wait for him
during the night...

Let's refrain our impulses,

even if they are noble.

Dumbraveanu boy!

The car.

I have the honor to say hello mister Sabin.

I am the senator Varga.

I wanted to meet you for a while now.

I have come to discuss
about a delicate subject.

It's about your boy of great future.

Please come in.

I won't return, what should I
do around those schmucks?

Of course you'd just waste
ammunition, nothing else.

What should you do there?

Around professors, doctors and engineers?

Listen Andrei,

I don't have the time to
speak nicely or do psychology.

You've put on some clothes that
you believe to be very revolutionary.

You know perfectly well what I mean.

You try to put on
something hard and difficult,

that doesn't suit you well as a man.

And that one day...

... can separate you from the people.


We pay because of the
suffering and pain Andrei.

We've all experienced it.

For the moment I think that
we're just fighting and not building.

We're fighting so we can build.

And another thing

many of those that we are fighting today,
will agree with us one day.

Because we are right.

- I'd like to...
- I know.

I was about your age
when I got into prison.

I also wanted to...

and suffered because I couldn't...

But then I realised that
politics needs its time.

Scribbled down hundreds of times
on cigarette rolling paper.

We need to take care of
the comrades well being.

We need to know what happens out there.

We need to conquer our adventurous spirit.

There are plenty to do in this country.

Because of that, everything is important

much more important
than shooting your riffle

pretty bad also.

I understand.

I'll sell newspapers on Sunday.

I congratulate you ahead of time.

One last thing.

To sell some papers you
don't need to overtake a bus.

Not even a bit.

Go ahead.

- Are you hungry?
- Starving.


I had a great honor today.

Senator Varga paid us a visit.

He wants to speak to you.

He cares for you a lot.

You're the only one I have.

Nothing else in this world.

Everyday I fear that
something might happen to you.

Andrei, have sympathy
for your father.

How does mister Varga want me
to have sympathy on you?


Forgive daddy, he's tired.

And you're much smarter than I am.

But you lack experience.

Mister Senator understands.

You're young.
You need to make your path in life.

Tomorrow everything will change again.

Who knows... Romanians have to stick together.

Mister Senator would
like to send you to France,

to study.

With Lucian your friend.

Can't you see that the
proper people will avoid you?

Tell me

has anybody gotten
anything out of politics?

Mister Varga.

and all of his people.

Andrei, your father doesn't
want to tell you what to do.

You're the only one I have left.

I took out some of your books.

I'll start reading.

I never had much time for it.

Always working...

I don't want...

...for you to be embarrassed with me.

You won't be embarrassed with me either.

I find your opinion important.

Never halloo till you are out of the woods.

It wouldn't be very easy in Bucharest.

Leave it.



You depart from us,

leaving the memory

of a great parent to the city.

That in difficult times,

in which the true...

...all the true democrats

were oppressed,

you helped us.

You saved us.

And now,

mister general, now

when you are taking a higher step,

we wish you
a glorious journey.

to the highest position of the country

We here...

...will know how to
defend the Romanian-ism,

threatened by the jewi...

...I mean

the lunatics with no country and God.

We'll know how to resist,

and fight.

The same way we knew how to resist

the crazed Antonescu.

We resisted my ass.

Come on dad, seat down.

Have something to eat.

Romanian-ism, democracy, forget it.

- Salvator!
- That's how we end up!

If you are hysterical
you should get a doctor.

Same to you.

Here you go dear.

It's your police statement.

Benea sold it to me.

Rather cheap.

You haven't heard the last of me.

You haven't heard the last of me!

Back to bed, march!

How dare you young lad?

Whom do I own the pleasure?


...the young lady's uncle.

Nice to meet you, Puiu Florescu.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

The communist disease gotten in all of you.

- You know...
- Instead of defending the nation in these times!

The uncle is drunk, let's go dear.

Don't you want to...?

You haven't heard the last of me!

Go on dear and receive the condolences.

- You have to.
- Grandfather.

We are guilty,
how could we?

He died like a fool.

The same way he lived.

Go on Lucian, go.

Grab your Tribuna, the Romanian Tribuna.

With details about the
death of lawyer Salvator!

Killed by the anarchists, grab Tribuna!

- Buy the Patriot.
- Tribuna, breaking news!

- Patriot.
- Tribuna, money, fights!

- Tribuna!
- Patriot please.

Hey competition, did you see that?

- Give me a patriot.
- Yes, here you go.

Maniu's mistresses,
Maniu's murders!

Big sensation!

Let me teach you.

The patriot paper,
for all the patriots!

Only the enemies of
the state are against it!

Grab your Patriot!

Tribuna please!

Have the Patriot it's better.


What do you think,
anything for the lesson?

You stare like a goat... you go

so the bourgeois think that you have a gun.

They're really afraid of guns.

- How much?
- Thank you comrade.

Oh my, not to worry comrade, I'm off.

- Big funeral!
- The Patriot, Germany's situation!

As he now returns to dust,

my only son

the hope to my old age

this is not the father speaking,

but the leader of the Romanian party,

that will have to carry forward,

his battle.

A battle in which
he was the first sacrifice.

In your name I leave,

my boy Salvator,

as a symbol

of the great national salvation,

that needs to be taken forward
in the upcoming difficult times.

Thank you.

The Patriot!

Grab the patriot.

Look at the traitor.
What's up?

Glad to see him, we
can spit in his face.

- Get going.
- Why, you'll club me to death also?

- Give it to him.
- Like that!

Come on boys!

Come on dear.

It's not worth it.

Against such people,

from now on no more words but weapons.

We want a democratic government!

Working for the people!

We want a democratic government!

Working for the people!

We want a democratic government!

Working for the people!

I don't know, I don't
understand any more.

I pity myself, Sonia!

You're the only one left for me.

You are alive.

You are here.

Maybe together...


Have you seen my boy?

He's a beautiful child.


Haven't you seen my boy?

We want a democratic government!

Working for the people!

We want a democratic government!

Working for the people!

Subtitles by AlecsuL@Karagarga

The end